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AC4 Black Flag Reply to this Post
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Anyone played AC 4: Black Flag. I Didnt think much about this in the past, read the reviews then bought it. Its a pretty slick game, and has pulled me away from cerulean poker for quite a few nights (lucky you, = P) I love this game and below is a few details for those who havn't played it. Anyone else like or hate this game?? please comment.

Why its great:

1. I love the realistic feel of this game. You are sitting out in your pirate ship for a large portion of the game, the waves will rock your ship and your mates are singing shanties (spanish ladies is my fav). You see some ships on the horizon and pull up the spyglass and can see the enemy ships and what they are carrying. You go after them and can adjust your cannons to fire chasers or hit them with a broadside from long range. When you get in close you use your heavy shot broadside and blow the bad pirates into oblivion. You can think sink em or board them for more loot.

2. your ship is highly upgradable. you can also customize its appearance.

3. Go into town and climb all over everything and do assasination by lunging on someone from high up or sneak up behind them and assassinate. Also you could just directly confront a mob or better yet just shoot your target with a rifle. Lots to do here. Super realistic appearing towns, and some towns such as havana have real life structures like the beautiful old catholic church there.

The bad:
1. the main story line is scripted and somewhat linear, although still beautiful in game rendered cut scenes and full voice dialogue. EDIT: occasional your guy will go back into "real life" where is sitting in an office in present day. The pirate part of the game is some sort of software? he interacts with. The "RL" parts so far in the game are short but extremely dull.

2. EDIT#2 the wind seems to have little affect on your ability to direct the ship. This makes the game easier but less tactical.

Below is an image linked directly from the developers website. Its an actual ingame image, not a film clip. enjoy.

- Jublain (Cerulean)
- Captain of Knot Working
- Avatar By Jublain
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