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[CLOSED] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! Reply to this Post
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This is the entry thread for the Piratical Pourquoi Storytime contest.
For more information, please see the thread in the Events Forum: Link to Contest
In your entry post please include:
  • You pirate name and ocean
  • A title for your story which also summarizes the story you are about to tell. (This will not count toward your word limit) Ex: How the Pirate Lost His Nose
  • Your story!

Good luck!
Dexla d'Midnight
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Palemaka of Emerald

Word Count is 500-something? :D Personally, I've always wondered where the monkeys came from, as we have regular monkeys as well. So I decided to do a little research and this is what I found :P ......

How the Skeletal Monkey Came To Be.

Long ago, the developers of Puzzle Pirates introduced the famous Atlantis. Rumors had gone around the oceans about the mysterious conches that had been passed around. When maps to these places were finally discovered, crews fought their way through the masses of monsters, taking all the treasure they could see along the way. At the end of the day, and with bellies full of rum, they would make their way back to port to open these glorious chests. To their surprise, they had found tiny creatures inside: the Ippolito. The pirates then started planning a mutiny against the OMs when there were no other familiars to be found in chests. The day the attack was to take place, a lone cabin person from one of the crews ran up to them, speaking of a building as black as night in the middle of the town. Curiosity got the best of them and they decided to check it out. There they found the first Black Boxes. The crews sat cramped in this tiny Shoppe for hours, not knowing how to obtain such a unique box. Eventually, someone stood and read the sign next to the box (what pirate reads?): “Purchase a Black Box for 10,000 PoE.” With some evil mutters, all but one left. Staring at the box, a pirate named Bob reluctantly handed over his hard-earned gold. Ready to enjoy his prize, he opened it to find a Skeletal Amulet! “Billions of blue blistering barnacles!! 10,000 for this piece of ****?!?” Cursing, he threw the amulet back in the box and stormed off to join the rest of his crew. After he had left, a small monkey wandered into the open shop upon seeing the shiny necklace from his spot in a tree. Curious as he was, he jumped into the box and began to play with the amulet. The monkey was enjoying his new toy and eventually put it around his neck. Suddenly, he changed into a skeleton, which freaked the poor thing out (If you were a monkey wouldn’t you be scared too?). His sudden jumps caused the chest to close and lock his skeletal self inside. Months later, he was finally released from his dark imprisonment. How? Bob had returned when the market reappeared in hopes of selling the amulet in which he had learnt about from others. Opening the chest, the monkey sprang onto Bob, desperately clutching his shoulders. He recovered from the shock of a skeleton monkey and looked for his glorious prize, but found only dust. Unknown to him, the amulet had dusted while the monkey was locked inside (He couldn’t figure out how to take the darned thing off!). The amulet had been designed for the pirates, not familiars. The result was that its effect became permanent. Bob decided that this monkey was now worth more than any amulet and showed it to all he encountered. Upon hearing of this unique monkey, more were given amulets and shoved in boxes. So the skeletal monkey came into existence!
[Now it is unknown as to whether or not others have been thrown into the box as experiments.] *Side Note: 1. Yes, I used Bob. 2. While the amulets last 5 days, my story is based on when the releases were (thus them not knowing only Ippolitos came from Atlantis & Bob not knowing what the amulet was/did) 3. The monkey picture is OOO's from Yppedia
Palemaka on Emerald~
&& is too lazy to make her own decent avy <3
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Disintegrate of Meridian

Drunk- The Story of Rum

Haven't you ever wondered why we drink rum? Is it the culture or our beliefs that we are here drinking it?

Thousands of years ago people were all helpless and in need of water. Although many other thousands of pirates go scurvy up the road of the island of Lima finding things they have never seen before, they often just come back empty-handed and were often just dozing off beside the old and salty waters of the high seas. That was in the late 18th century though! Since then, the governor of Lima has hired scouts and explorers that'll cure them of their needs. Since there was a big bounty behind the so called 'treasure' that everyone sought, the word got out immediately. Famous pirates from all over the world like Blackbeard, Anne Bonnie, and Calico Jack have yet to find this amazing nectar of purity. Eventually they all gave up of this scavenge hunt. But, a pirate so mighty and fine struck gold! While he was on his days digging for something to eat, he found a wet substance swirling about beneath earth's crust. As it often does, curiosity got the best out of him. He stroked his hairy beard and sat in the sandy beach while examining the undefined taste. When he felt for his first sip of this 'treasure', he was dazzled! How could water this good be lurking around this waters! Water, a colorless tasteless substance and yet we crave for it so much! He wanted to keep it for himself and that's when he had the idea. There was an old myth that the Lady of the Night grants any wish given that you were in a place in the exact time. But, what was it? He couldn't remember! He decided to asked the elders of the community but still he didn't find anything. In the next night, when he was out alone gathering food, he thought he saw something. He decided to investigate as he thinks he's courageous enough for this simple task. And out then and there, there she was standing high and mighty. She was literally wearing all white: white dress, heels, and all her facial features were also white! An eerie cloud of smoke started to disperse around her while she talked.

"I have overlooked your past and saw how you're deemed trustworthy by not only your friends but also people that you've helped when they were in need and with that I grant you a wish."

He didn't know what to ask for since he was too astounded by what he had just seen. He seemed to calm down after a few minutes though and that's when he had an idea. Before, he wanted a lifetime supply of water, the freshest of them all, for himself. But now, after thinking about it, he noticed how he should share the water he found with the townspeople. No, for the whole world to see that he had finally found the long lost treasure. That's when he realized that he shouldn't be greedy of what he finds but rather, he should use these resources for the greater good. And that's what he asked for, for everyone to know that this kind of water exists.

The water then started emerging from the rocks covering a vast majority of land submerging them in water. All were amazed by this beautiful sight. And that's when they saw what a lucky life they have! The water started to form springs, lakes, and ponds where the land you thought was infertile and had dried up.

In the next day, someone asked what would happen if they mixed it with sugarcane and so, they decided to try it. They crushed the sugarcane taking out every drop of sap inside it as they don't want this fine plant to go to waste. They mixed the sap and the water while everyone tasted it. It was so delicious that they wanted to have more. They all cheered for this discovery and for the more to come! That's when they called the drink Rum, for the pirate that discovered it.

Every year they would celebrate Rum day and that's when people would reminisce of this old experience and share the story of their lives, the old past of which they all shared their happy experiences of the lifetime!

Rum, a tasty alcoholic drink that's always here in any pirate occasion! You may think it's harmless but beware of being drunk!
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Bisca, emerald ocean

How Occy found his color

Once upon a time, long ago, there was an octopus named Occy. He was a tan octopus. His family was lost, in a place where monsters such as Archelons and Gorgonyx's live. With the terrible goons that were always around. The bellator who'd throw a spear through them and pull them up for dinner. Always he had to run and hide. He decided to go away, he believed there was more, more to do in this life than always hiding in fear. He dreamed, of an emerald sea, filled with beautiful colored fishes, turtles swimming in peace, seahorses living in freedom. Corals in all the colors of the rainbow. But the most this little octopus dreamed of, was seeing a mermaid.

He remembered it well, hearing stories from that weird silly old octopus. Mom always said not to listen, but he couldn't help it. When he saw that the old octopus went out of the water, and stayed there for as long as he wanted to. Not that anyone ever believed the old crook. But Occy did. He saw it himself. But believing it, made him different. His friends stopped coming around, and eventually even his family told him that they would not accept him anymore. He went to the old octopus and the octopus started telling Occy more. The old man told him it was a mermaid, who helped him. He would tell about the beautiful creature, a creature with a fishtail, in different colors, sparkling green or yellow or purple. Colors Occy had never even heard of! And then the upper body. "A human, son.. On land they walk on two big sticks. They only have 4 tentacles. But they call it arms and legs. Their skin is pale, or dark. Nothing like us. And some, have seaweed on their heads boy! In black, or even a light yellow color, or red. Like the mermaid had. It's the most beautiful thing you'll ever see." The old octopus would always look sad when he talked about the mermaid. He told Occy that he came back here, to tell us about that beautiful place. However, when the old octopus returned, he was attacked by an Eparchos. He lost 3 tentacles and 2 tentacles were cut in half. Also he lost his eye. Now the old octopus wore an eyepatch. He couldn't go back. His strength wouldn't let him. "Occy," he said "You have to go in my place, go to the mermaid, tell her I send you, that nobody would believe. Tell her I'm sorry that I couldn't come back myself. Tell her, to bless you with the same gift she gave me." The old octopus died shortly after that. For a long time Occy was afraid to go. But when he was hiding once again for a triketos that was roaming around his house he thought to himself; It's been enough. I will go.? And so he did.

The little octopus swam away. He avoided all the foul creatures. Hid from the terrible alligators and serpents he crossed. He ducked when a ghost ship passed by. He swam on, towards an island, where he first saw a human. It was fishing, so the octopus swam around it. Litte Occy stared. He didn't see the "hair", but he did see an eyepatch just like the old octopus. It had indeed only 4 tentacles. Also it had a bird on its shoulder. The human talked to the bird and fed it. It seemed so loving and caring. An amazing sight this was for the octopus. But it didn't have a fishtail. So he moved on. He swam passed seals on the everlasting ice. He saw birds fly high and monkeys in trees. Then, in the far distance, he spotted a seahorse. And another one, and another one! They were blue, and lighter blue, and darker blue, and white! He swam further and came across some colorful coral. He stopped and looked at it. So much colors, he couldn't name them all. They were even brighter than the old octopus had told him. The little octopus could not keep his eyes off the coral. It hypnotized him, until his eyes were drawn to something else. He saw a really, really big fish swimming by. But it was not a regular fish. This fish had 2 tentacles and seaweed on its head!

"Hey! Hey wait up!?", Occy said. The fish turned around and looked at the little octopus. The voice was surprisingly soft and sweet. "Who is it asking?" Occy stared. "Are, are you a mermaid?", he asked. "Yes I am, and who are you?", the sweet voice asked. Occy replied; "I'm Occy. The old octopus told me to search for you." "Do you mean that sweet old man that visited me a year ago?", she replied. Occy nodded. "Yes, he told me amazing stories about you, and about this ocean. He told me to go find my dreams here instead of in that dangerous country I have lived in." "I see, well, come follow me to my home then, little one.", she said in that sweet voice of hers. Occy followed her and tried to keep up because she was a fast swimmer. He kept looking around and saw the most beautiful creatures swim by in incredible colors. He followed her into a shipwreck. He knew what it was because there were thousands in the ocean he came from. She went inside and Occy followed a little bit scared. "Don't be scared little one", she said. "The only other thing in here is my sweet turtle." He looked and saw a beautiful turtle on the bottom of the ship just looking lazy and relaxing. She asked him what the old octopus had said, so little Occy started telling everything the old octopus ever told him. The sweet mermaid let him talk and listened and laughed now and then. But she also cried when she heard the old octopus had passed away. When she calmed down she said; "Do you wish to live upon the land like the old octopus?" Little Occy nodded. He saw how beautiful it was up there. But he was also afraid. "I don't think the humans would want an octopus like me. I've seen their birds. They have such beautiful colors. I've also seen the seahorses there, in their beautiful blue. I'm just a stupid tan colored simple octopus. Sweet mermaid, I'd so wish to have a color too." The mermaid smiled and replied; "The humans will love you none the less, but I can see it is a very deep wish of yours. So I will tell you how you can become colored, because it is indeed possible!" She swam away and Occy followed her. They went to a very special and bright colored coral field. "Do you see all these colors Occy? You may pick one color." Occy looked and he saw a blue, a blue so beautiful, so bright and clear. He swam towards it and pointed it out. "This color is the most beautiful blue I have ever seen, miss mermaid. Could I even be this color?" The mermaid nodded and said; "Yes you can. But I have to warn you. Once you go up to the humans, you will not be able to come down here easily. They will hold you close and they will be your family. If you regret your color you cannot change it, only they can. But it is very expensive and rare for them. Also they will not understand your wishes. Your language is not the same. Do you understand that, little octopus?" Occy thought about it and then nodded. "Yes. I am sure I want this." The mermaid took some of the coral, mashed it into a powder and let Occy eat it. Occy shivered and looked at his tentacles when they slowly became blue. The feeling was tingly but not painful. Then the mermaid gave him a kiss, a kiss on his forehead, and suddenly he felt the urge to go up! So he swam up, up to the island, and crawled on the sand. He could breathe!

A little human saw him and walked up to the beach. It picked him up. "What a beautiful creature you are! I want to keep you!" And he put little Occy on his shoulder, and walked away to his home. Occy stared at the ocean and saw the mermaid, she waved. Little Occy waved back and thought, this will be my new family. This is where I belong. He put his tentacle around the shoulder of the little boy, who, he would later find out, was named Jack. They became friends, and Occy would go into many more adventures. But this time he wouldn't be alone. Occy was home.

I hope you like it! Was the first story I ever wrote about PP.
Bisca - Emerald & Obsidian

Avvy by: Jellyx
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Encroachment - the sea horse story
by Sokol from Meridian

He awoke. In the darkness, all was silent. He looked around his cave. What had awakened him?
He pushed off the floor and floated out into the open water. The sea outside, too, was still, his brothers motionless in their own lairs. He paddled toward the surface, the water around him gradually lightening as he rose.
As he neared the surface, suddenly the sunlight above him was blocked by a large, looming shadow. He knew every inch of his home sea - this shadow did not belong. His legs moved faster, webbed feet propelling him toward what he recognized as the hull of a vessel, a vessel of wood and iron. A slow, hot rage began to burn in his chest. He had seen shadows like this before. They were back.
Several feet away, he saw a triketos, rising to break the surface close at hand, enraged as he at the encroachment. Allectus circled the vessel, wrath rising with each crash of waves against the ship, the water trying vainly to fight the displacement of the wooden hull. He sent a message back to the caves, rousing his brothers. Then he moved in closer, until his webbed hands suctioned to the side of the ship. He crept upward until he reached a porthole and slipped through. Revulsion added another dimension to his rage as he spied them - the land-dwellers, with their horrible separated digits and cascades of wispy hair falling from their heads. They worked to keep the ship afloat as steadily as the triketos worked to send it to the depths. He padded to a station where a man worked at a bilge pump, battling the attack of the water as it crept steadily in the crevices and spear holes made by the attack of the...
No! He watched in horror as the final iron ball hit the triketos, and the mighty creature wrenched in agony before sinking to the depths from whence it came, the gold and jewels that had filled it left glittering just below the surface of the water.
His rage intensified into a hard resolve. Allectus drew his trident. He knew the rules of engagement. He sent a challenge to the creature on the pump, daring him to match his prowess in combat. The creature would not leave the pump, but as the challenges continued, Allectus watched in satisfaction as the pump slowed slightly, the man's attention wavering between the rising water and the threat of the trident before him.
Suddenly Allectus heard another call, coming from behind him. He turned to face the challenger who stood ready, sword drawn and reflecting the dancing water patterns below deck in the dim lantern light. He sneered for a brief second before his trident met the falchion with a clash and the battle was on. He rained blows on the intruder, anticipating a quick victory, but to his surprise, he was matched blow for blow. The sound of his brethren battling around him faded into the background as the fight grew fiercer, falling back, then driving the swordsman back, blows raining with constant fury.
As the battle continued, his contempt diminished, replaced by a tiny niggling doubt. He pushed it back and fought harder than ever before.
Finally he had his opponent cornered, nearly spent. He raised his trident to deliver the finish, but at that moment his opponent struck quickly, unexpectedly, and his trident shattered from his hand. He stared at his conqueror, shame mixing with disbelief at the defeat. The man turned away to continue the battle against other foes, but Allectus felt himself begin to diminish. He was shattered, no longer a warrior - the defeat had changed him. He followed the warrior, now small enough to travel unnoticed among the battlers.
He could never return to his home. Allectus he was no more. He was small, tiny now, and weak. He had only one purpose. The one who vanquished him would be served, watched over, revered. The conqueror was worthy as none before him had been worthy. The respect, awe, and devotion of the mighty Allectus had been purchased by the proving of worth in battle, by the shattering of a trident.
Finally the battles ceased. The warriors sailed to a safe haven and began to divide their winnings, chests and gold and treasures of the deep. The tiny vanquished sea creature crept into the chest claimed by the one he knew now as master. The swordsman opened the chest and spied him. His mouth and eyes opened wide. Speechless for a moment, the man finally broke out with loud cries: "Ippo! Ippo!" Others crowded around as the man lifted the Ippo from the chest and placed him on his shoulder. Ippo remained in his place, no longer a creature of rage and battle, his passion turned to adoration of the one who could defeat in battle the mightiest of all creatures, he who was once, but nevermore, the invincible Allectus.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Looks like I'm on the Atlantis-themed story train too!

Sibyl of Emerald

Why the Karkinos Comes in Many Colors

Young pirates, have you ever wondered why the Karkinos pets got their colors? It is not so simple a story.

It started many years ago, around the time when we began to invade their lair, the Citadel. Contrary to popular belief, modern pirates believe the immortal Athanatoi has always ruled Atlantis. This is not the case. It was his brother, Karkinos, who was the original King-brother, and this is the story of his fall from Atlantean King-ship.

Athanatoi and Karkinos were half-brothers. Karkinos was the offspring of his father and his father's first love, the "Crabstress." After her Crabstress passed, their father found his second love, a human, on a weekend getaway to Admiral Island that might have involved one too many games of drinking. Karkinos, being the eldest, was first in line for the crown. Many millenia went by under their father's rule. But all things must come to an end, and not too long ago their father passed the crown to Karkinos, as he was no longer capable of leading the Citadel and its Dragoon army against the ships that had begun to invade after following treasure maps he had believed were hidden millenia ago. Karkinos as King, the father knew, would be the best leader for the Citadel in these harsh times. As the crown adorned his head for the first time, Karkinos was delighted. "Awwww yeaaaah," he exclaimed gleefully.

Despite being a giant crab, Karkinos was amazing. He had super-strength in his claws and a bright, pearlescent shell that reflected the sunlight in interesting ways. Athanatoi, on the other hand, was quite measly. He hid his face and body behind Atlantean armor. Athanatoi was understandably jealous, but still held much love for his brother-King.

"Brother, how do you get all the beautiful Atlantiladies?" Athanatoi asked.

"It might be because I am King, but honestly I could not tell you, young Athanatoi, because let's face it...I'm a crab. But you must have ladies! I know plenty that have a thing for humans." responded Karkinos.

Athanatoi wanted to believe his brother, but he had nobody that wanted his puny human body. He held plenty of awesome magical powers, much more than Karkinos, but the ladies didn't know that. Over time, Athanatoi's jealousy turned to resentment, to anger, to rage, and then finally the only thing he thought for his brother was how to overthrow him. That way, Athanatoi thought, at least he would have power. Karkinos was none the wiser; Athanatoi was a wonderful liar.

"Haha, and then she said, no kidding, she said, 'I only date Atlantimen with mullets'!" Athanatoi finished. "What self-respecting
Atlantiman has mullet? They are the stupidest fish I've ever seen! Cute, but always getting themselves eaten by even the lowest ranked Triketos!"

The Dragoons exploded in laughter at Athanatoi's story, slamming their coralline algae-covered tankards on the ornate table. Just another day in the Citadel it seemed, but Karkinos felt something off in his brother. It had been like this for weeks, but Karkinos reached the point of wanting to talk to his brother about it.

"What is wrong, brother?" queried Karkinos after their feast of sea turtle,starfish, and coral heads.

Athenatoi glanced at his brother and calmly said, "Oh nothing, my mind has just been preoccupied lately. Do not worry yourself over me."

"Alright, but you know you are always welcome to come talk to me," Karkinos offered as he left his brother's room.

Athanatoi stared at the door as it shut, thinking 'Yes brother, preoccupied with how to deal with you!' On the inside he was laughing insidiously. If he had done it actually, no doubt the entire Citadel would think he was mad. But, then again, he kind of was crazy. Oh no, he wouldn't make this easy. Both he and Karkinos were immortal, so there was no way he could kill Karkinos even with all of his magical abilities. No, he would have to think of something more clever.

A few days later an idea came to him, straight out of his own brother's mouth-parts. "Ugh, pets. I can't stand them! So dependent on others, so weak! I see Atlanteans carrying them around in their purses. It's ridiculous!" said Karkinos.

"Bwahahahaha!" Athanatoi roared.

"Uhhh, brother, that was pretty creepy."

Oops. Athanatoi didn't mean to laugh out loud, but there is was. He was getting worse at hiding his creepiness. "Just ignore me," he replied, feigning embarrassment, "it just reminded me of the mullet story I told not too long ago." Phew, good save.

Athanatoi retired to his room for the night, exhausted from plotting. He had the perfect plan for Karkinos.

Weeks later, his plan was put into motion.

There was an invasion of the Citadel and those crazy pirates were running rampant through the hallways. Dragoons were falling like flies! 'These must be elite pirates,' Athanatoi thought, 'the perfect time to catch Karkinos off guard!'

At that moment he heard a cry, "Karkinos!" he yelled.

"Athanatoi, can you heal me?" Karkinos asked. He had been stabbed with a rapier in his delicate abdomen. Not to mention he was in soft-shell. All crabs must
shed their shells and make a new one that allows for their body to grow larger, but first the new shell must harden and he had not had time for that before
the pirates attacked. He was in his weakest moment.


"There is that disturbing laugh again, what is wrong with you? Are you thinking about that stupid mullet story again?"

"Oh, nothing, brother," Athanatoi said, chuckling. "You see, it is my turn to take the throne."

"What? What are you talking about?" Karkinos whispered. This was completely unexpected despite Athanatoi's previous weird behavior.

"For too long have I sat by the sidelines. I'll never be as strong, good-looking, or powerful as you, but tonight that ends because I do have one thing you do not...magic."

And with that, Athanatoi made some funky hand gestures and twitchy eye movements and Karkinos fell apart into thousands of smaller crabs which scuttled off in different directions.

"Yes, you will live forevermore as something you hate, pets to these despicable pirates that terrorize us." Athanatoi said as he noticed something rolling across the ground. He picked up the crown and set it upon his head and laughed and laughed. One crab remained. If it could narrow its eyes it would. 'You betrayed me Athanatoi. I will spite you at every turn.' The crab turned and scuttled off.

Karkinos came up with a plan very quickly. He would find the treasure chests with armor and trinkets and then be dragged up by treasure-hauling pirates. Poseiden, he sure was a genius! This would accomplish two things. First, Athanatoi's chests were where he hid his Atlantean armor sets. Atlanteans fashioned their armor out of Calcium, the same mineral Karkinos' shell was made of. But unlike the armor, Karkinos could consciously absorb Calcium to make his shell stronger. Karkinos knew that he could absorb the armor and not only would it make his shell stronger, it would also make Athanatoi's armor weaker. If he absorbed enough, he could make them disappear. It would be so easy now that he was thousands of individual crabs. Athanatoi would really hate not being able to hide his face! The side effect to this is that the shells of all the Karkinos crabs would become the color of the armor they absorbed. Second, he vowed to accompany the humans on their journeys into the Citadel, which would show Athanatoi that he will never forget his betrayal and that he was the one making the armor so weak and brittle or destroying it completely. It wasn't long before Athanatoi saw a Karkinos crab on an enemy ship, but they looked...different somehow. Over time he began noticing that Karkinos crab shell colors matched his armor colors. And then not too long after that, he began noticing that he armor wasn't lasting as long as it used to; it could not hold off many blows. At some point he realized there was no way he could fight elite pirates anymore, then...nobody within the Citadel saw him roaming the hallways anymore.

And what happened to Athanatoi you ask? He may have had power, but without his helmets he had no confidence. Instead of going out and attempting to meet Atlantiladies, he stayed in his chambers, cursing Karkinos. He knew now that Karkinos' confidence is what had attracted Atlantiladies, not power or strength. He was a moron. A poor, brother-less, moron. And still, to this day, does he only battle greenie pirates and only roam the halls at night so nobody sees his face.

And that, young pirates, is how your Karkinos pets get their color.
Sibyl of Emerald
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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imp, Meridian

How the Elephant got an arm on its face.

Long ago in the darktime of coding in Mom's basement, before Steampunk, before Adrielle brought us rainbows, well before the Crimson ocean was so much as a tadpole in Cleaver's pond and there was still much work to be done to tidy the place up a bit, Arcturus was in a spot of trouble.

Hidden away in his modest periwinkle shack of pre-Malachite, he stared out at the monstrous abominations Nemo had left sitting on his doorstep.
"Pets" Nemo had said.
"Your turn, many as ye can, ye've 'til the mornin', aye?", he had said.
"Righto then, all yers, no buts, I just do the ... er ... thing. With the... bun! And the oven. Creating! OK Bye!" he had said, before whisking off so quickly that he left several confused drawings and a half-eaten crayon spinning in his wake.

Arcturus had barely escaped with his feather intact. "Pets?!" he swore. Ruffles torn to shreds, claw marks in his lovely new shoes - one of them had even taken a bite out of the seat of his favorite pantaloons! Arcturus was mortified. The dogs and cats hadn't been nearly this much trouble!

Abandoned by their quarry, the creatures turned their glares and growls and squeakings upon one another, so Arcturus had a moment to observe. The smaller two, large feline-ish things with many teeth and claws, paced menacingly around the third. The third one appeared to be an enormous mouse. It had four tree trunks for legs and large floppy ears, and was cowering in fear of the smaller beasts like only a mountain can cower.

Without taking his eyes away from the scene playing outside his window, Arcturus dragged over his stool and a new Banana (TM) TabSlate II and got to work. He thanked Cleaver for the intuition built into the new MicroBead Abacus. Not having to watch what his fingers were doing meant that he could continue to observe the goings-on outside for any sudden movement or stair-building in his direction. They probably couldn't jump through the window. Could they?
ID: Pet#313064 M7
new pet=Enormouse; #colors=1
manufacture=unlimited. No gold, black.
basecolor=bronze, grey, silver, steel and poe sink=yes
size=48 #legs=4 #ears=2 #noses=0
timid:if predator=any near then +alarm on face
speak = "Peep." or "Too cute!" or "Well, I never..."

The dedicated Arcturus worked through the night. By sunrise, the giant mouse and the two less-giant but still really big cat-things had almost faded from view as his programming forced them to make their pixellated way into the Palace Shoppeyard. Arcturus congratulated himself on a job well done, and settled down for a nap.

KABOOOM! came an uninvited clap of thunder.
"Huhwaht? DO YOU MIND?!!" Arcturus shouted. "The Valkyrie... she... GODS, I'm never going to get that dream back again now, am I? WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"
Cephalopod stood there looking irritated. "You've made a mess of this one, where's the code?"
"Don't be ridiculous, what mess?" Arcturus asked. He thought it would be best not to stand up.

Cephalopod snapped his suction cups together, and a pony-sized giant mouse appeared, with a somewhat lesser accompanying clap of thunder. Arcturus took a step back.
"What? That's not... Why's it so small? I mean, not small, it's big, it's still a big mouse but not as really big as the mouse that was here this morning, did it shrink? And what's that thing waving around on the middle of its face, right where a nose shouldn't be?"
Cephalopod tapped a tentacle impatiently. "The CODE, Arc."
"What? Oh. Yes, right." Arcturus grabbed his Banana (TM) TabSlate II and brought up the relevant files. "Look. See? It's exactly ... as... uh..." he trailed off, frowning.
ID: Pet#313pH4N7
carpet=on mouse; #colors=2
manufacture=some limited: gold, black.
basecolor=bronze, grey, silver, steel and pink=yes
size=8 #legs=4 #ears=2 #noses=0
timid:if buy date=any year then +arm on face
speak = "Toot." or "Tooooot!" or "Oh, I remember!"

"Uhhhh... I can... fix this...." Arcturus started, reaching for his abacus.
"You've done quite enough already, thank you," Cephaloped admonished. "Besides, the players have seen it, it has to stay, they've already named it Ellie Pants, or something, did you put underwear on its head? Honestly. We put a lot of research into this. Focus groups. Committees. There was even a survey! Everyone wanted mice! Nice mice!! Maybe even wearing boots! Cute! Fluffy! Bigger is better so more bigger is more better!!

"Well, on the plus side, I get to dictate your punishment regime. For the next 6 millennia, you will be relegated to basic maintenance tasks, checking for bugs, spraying for bugs, polishing The Fork, clipping Hera's Toenails, sweeping up The Toenails, etc. etc.," Cephalopod continued.
"Consequence of inattention!" Cephalopod snapped. "You should know that as your direct supervisor, I have to take the blame for this catastrophe from higher up, now get started, Hera's waiting. Must be off, those awful things are selling so well that Cleaver's taking me on a cruise. Toodles!"

    ... And that is how the Elephant got an arm on its face.

Edits = tweakings, 'cos I can never leave well enough alone :)
Imp, totally sane mermaid-siren of Meridian.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Haleybailey Emerald Ocean
The Starfish with an attachment issue.

Once Upon a time, a big girl pirate named Haleybailey had some doubloons to spend! She waltzed into the Palace Shopee and bought herself a brand new Bravery Badge. She than walked onto the Admiral Docks and was looking for a ship to sail with to kill some sea monsters! Haleybailey found a nice War Frigate, she showed her badge with pride and climbed aboard. Sailing at 20 knots (It was a very fast ship by the way!) they arrived at the gates of, Remote Oracle of Nereus and entered. They were greeted by the normal 5 Scout Triketos, they sailed to a nice spot to plop and kill some Gorgonyxs, they hauled and hauled! The Momma Gorgonyx was upset seeing pirates, yes pirates, looting her children. She joined forces with fellow Triketos and Archelons and swarmed the War Frigate! Haleybailey was frightened by this and carped her pirate heart out to help keep the ship afloat. Sadly, the ship was sinking, and Haleybailey climbed up the crows nest, trying not to die. When she finally hit the water, she got sucked down by the boat. All of the remaining pirates took shelter at one of the temple like buildings near by. When Haleybailey climbed out of the water, the rest of the crew gasped!
"What is that on your face?!"
She felt her face and felt something slimey and squishy. Haleybailey tugged and tugged but it would not move, in the corner of her eye, she saw a little blue starfish staring at her. It shook its head and smiled.
"I guess im stuck with you!" She said and smiled back at it.

And that is how, you get a starfish on your face during a sink at Atlantis!
Emerald Ocean
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Piratename: Lowstandrd
Ocean: Emerald

How the octopus saved Chimichanga from being a snack

It was a warm summer morning. After a long night with the rum jug (as pirates are know to do), Clotho found herself spending the morning at the railing, for the seas were rough that morning and it had made her sensitive gastrointestinal system uneasy. Just as she bowed over the rail to expel the offending foreign material, a giant rogue wave came over the ship, and washed her beloved Chimichanga right off the deck. The ill deity was beside herself. What fate would befall her beloved monkey? He wasn't a good swimmer, and he too had been hitting the rum jug late into the night.

She immediately convened all of the ocean masters she could find to devise a plan to save her beloved rum love'n monkey. As the ocean masters stood there on the deck they each gave their suggestions as to how to retrieve Chimichanga from the deep blue depths.

Apollo chimed in, “Hey, does anyone have a mirror so I can check my hair? I only see this one where my reflection looks like a skeleton.”

“How is it that every year they fall for the same April fools joke with the forums posts?”, said Hera.

“I was bored and changed 65 pirates into all pink outfits on my shift last night. If Demeter asks, it wasn't me.”, said Cronus.

“What are you all talking about, we are supposed to find a way to get back Chimichanga!, exclaimed Clotho.” Alas, she realized the only thing that happens when ocean masters get together is drunkenness and idol gossip.

All the while, little Chimichanga was having quite the adventure, or misadventure as it were. For as he fell overboard, into the oceans depths, danger was waiting below. Chimichanga knew he wasn't a good swimmer, and as most inexperienced swimmers do, he panicked and flailed about as he hit the water. However, it was to no avail. Being a rather svelte monkey, with little body fat, he sunk like a rock. It would only be a matter of time before his little lungs ran out of oxygen. Just when it seemed as though things could not get worse, a kraken rose from the depths after sensing the commotion of Chimichanga's thrashes. The kraken shot upwards like a rocket. It was set on tasting his its first Chimichanga. Just then a tiny creature appeared. A little blue unnamed octopus named. He had been there all along, but his blue color provided great camouflage from dangerous monsters like the kraken. He had seen Chimichanga hit the water, and knew the kraken would surely eat him if something were not done. The little blue octopus was smart and knew the kraken, while enormous and intimidating, was not without weakness. The little blue octopus surged forth with all his muster on a course to intercept the kraken. Just as the kraken was about to snatch up what it thought was surely a delicious Chimichanga, the little blue octopus arrived at the kraken's side and poked the gargantuan eye of the kraken. This injured the kraken, who swam off slowly sulking as it did not, this day, get it's first Chimichanga. As the kraken retreated to the depths in search of the largest of eye patches, the little blue octopus latched on to the terrified and barely oxygenated monkey pulling him back to the surface.

Sobbing uncontrollably over the loss of her friend Clotho was completely unaware of all that had transpired. As she stood by the railing looking down at the water where her monkey had disappeared, she suddenly saw something bobbing on the surface. Could it be? Is that Chimi? At first she wasn't entirely sure. In such an oxygen deprived state Chimichanga had temporary turned blue!

“Hard to starboard!, she exclaimed.” As the ship pitched right to swing and pick up the little blue octopus and Chimichanga. After a few moments back on the ship Chimichanga was back to white and busy recanting his adventure to Clotho.

After hearing the tale, she turned to the little blue octopus and said, “And what is your name?” The little blue octopus just shrugged it's tentacles. “Unnamed, huh? I will call you Mitos. You were quite brave down there. To take on that dreadful monster and save my Chimichanga. To repay the valor ye displayed in the deep so my Chimichanga could survive, I will grant your kind the ability to survive on land.” For, as one of the fates Clotho held the power over life and death. And it was, from that day forward the little octopuses could survive and thrive on both land and sea.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Waterspout on Cerulean

The Story of the Rats

A bit of time ago the crusty old Pirate King walked through the cargo hold of his sloop watching the crew unload the booty from his latest pillage. He espied several smelly, rats that were trying to eat from the few crates of fruit taken from that plundered brigand. Some even looked cross-eyed drunk from licking up swill leaking out of the barrels.

"Arrr!" he thought to himself, "There must be a way of gettin' these annoyin' beasties off me ship."

Going on deck and peering through his one good aye at the other ships berthed nearby he saw even more rats scurrying up and down the mooring lines. Every ship appeared to be infested with rats.

"Hmm, indeed this will take some thinkin' it will." he said. He strode down the gang plank, his peg leg making a solid thudding sound, and headed to the nearby Inn. Parking himself down at his favorite table he ordered a tankard of the tavern's best.

The Pirate King sat back and scratched his beard with his hook, and pondered what to do about the rats. Reaching down with his good hand he scratched behind the ears of his old dog, a favorite in the tavern as the pooch had one eye and a wooden leg just like himself.

The Pirate King let his gaze wander across the bar to all the pirates carousing about. He noticed three new pirates; you could always tell as they were just a little too clean and neat. The three were awkwardly trying to fit in but were clearly being over-matched by more experienced pirates in drinking challenges and friendly rumbles. He watched as one of the three carrying a plate of food and a tankard of grog was jostled in the crowd, with some of his plate of food ending up on the ground. The dog got up and went over to help himself to the spilt food.

"By Calypso!" he exclaimed banging his tankard on the table as inspiration hit him. "Why didn' I think o' this sooner!" he thought to himself as he got up and left the Inn heading back to the dock.

Pounding back up the gang plank to his trusty old sloop the Pirate King shouted to his crew "Arr Maties! Weigh anchor and set sail t' th' west-sou'west!"

His first mate looked surprised and said "But Capn', thar be nothin' out tha' way." The Pirate King gave his first mate a look that sent the shivers down the spine of even the oldest pirates and said "I be knowin' whar I be goin' mate, take us out!" "Aye, aye Capn'! " Shouted the first mate as he scampered to the helm and set the course. The Pirate King leaned against the rail and hummed happily to himself "Yo-ho-ho, a pirates life fer me!"

Two days later after sailing routes not even know to the brigands and barbarians that infested these waters, the Pirate King?s ship approached a dreary looking island with very little green growing on it. The sloop sailed smoothly into a rocky, barren cove with an unpleasant looking gray sand beach.

"Anchors aweigh mates!' shouted the Pirate King. "Break out th' small boat fer me t' go ashore!" "Aye Cap'n, but whar be this blighted place? Ye sure ye don' wan' a shore party t' go with ye?" answered the first mate. "It be me own business mate, and fer yer own safety remain here and see t' th' ship!" the Pirate King ordered.

Soon thereafter the Pirate King arrived on the desolate beach, and he spotted a very large rat approaching the beach. Just a few feet short of the Pirate King, the rat rose up on its rear legs and shouted in a shrill voice, "Halt! Who dares to set foot on the Island of the Rats?"

The Pirate King stopped and adjusted his weight to his remaining foot so that his peg would not sink deeper into the slimy looking sand and looked down at the rat and replied, "Tis I th' Pirate King!"

"A pirate!" cried the large rat, and then turning its head back toward the island it shouted "Get him!" From out of seemingly every crack in the ground, hole under a rock, or sickly bush erupted rats of all kinds! Big rats, little rats, black ones, grey, brown, and tan ones; the ground seemed to flow like a river of rats all toward the Pirate King!

The Pirate King stood still and just as the first of the rats closed in he shouted in a booming voice clearly audible above the sound of the horde, "I am th Pirate King and I be here to PARLAY!" Hearing this, the mass of rats came amazingly to A sudden stop and the Pirate King stared back at the thousands of small beady eyes staring hungrily back at him.

"Parlay is it"? screeched the very large rat, "Very well come ahead 'Pirate King' and we shall see what our Queen has to say about your parlay. You may yet regret setting foot here!" At this the big rat turned and the Pirate King followed, the sea of rats parted before them forming a path toward a large pile of rocks in the shape of a low hill. The massed rats closed in behind the Pirate King and followed to a bowl shaped area of sand and gravel at the foot of the hill. A large hole about halfway up the hill opened onto a rock ledge.

The Pirate King moved to the center of the bowl, just eye-level with the ledge. The rats flowed into the bowl behind him filling it like a rat-sized arena. Soon an immense rat with long brown fur with golden tint emerged from the hole above the ledge, accompanied by several stately large rats. This rat bore a tarnished gold crown and screeched in a high voice, "I am the Queen of the Rats! You have invoked Parlay, state your business Pirate King!"

The Pirate King removed his hat and bowed with flourish to the immense rat and exclaimed, "Yer magnificent and most beautiful majesty! Tis me great pleasure t' be able t' speak with ye! I wouldna bother yer magnificence excep' t' discuss a urgent matter of urgent tha' only just came t' me attention!"

The Queen of the Rats smiled in her vanity and gestured with one paw for the Pirate King to continue.

The Pirate King spread both his arms with his hat in in his hands and spoke, "It has come t' me attention that yer fellows eke out a harsh livin' in th' bowels of ships, ships that suffer cannon ball damage and often sink at th' hands of vile creatures and harsh foes. How many of ye drown or face other unmentionable hardships in this existence?"

The Queen of the Rats took on a thoughtful expression and screeched in reply, "If you are so concerned with the well-being of my kind Pirate King, what do you suggest?"

"When I be a youngun I had a pet dog tha' followed me around always and even sat behind me when I ate." said the Pirate King. As I grew older and me brothers and sisters be born I noticed me dog attendin' in th' same manner t' th' youngest. Every dinner thar be the dog sittin' behind th' youngest."

"What does your pet dog have anything to do with this?" screeched the Queen of the Rats.

"Just this me Queen," replied the Pirate King. "If yer ever observe the eatin' habits of our younguns most of th' food ends up on th' floor rather than in our mouths. That dog lived a long, fat and happy life!"

The Queen of the Rats screeched, "So what are you suggesting Pirate King?"

"Why instead of livin' in a foul hold, whenever a new pirate shows up on th' docks t' begin their pirate career, you attach a rat t'' him/her! Yer rats will have a much safer and easier life, livin' long and happy!" exclaimed the Pirate King.

The Queen of the Rats looked thoughtfully for several minutes, and slowly nodded in agreement. She suddenly laughed in such a shrill, high note that it made the gold filling in the Pirate Kings mouth vibrate painfully. Then she rose up on her hind legs and pronounced, "Your idea is a good one and I accept! Thank you Pirate King, now be off of our island, this parlay is over!"

The Pirate King returned to the beach and his sloop anchored in the cove and sailed home with his trusty crew. And from this point on no pirate ship would ever been infested with rats, and every new pirate that shows up on the dock is soon paired with a rat!
Waterspout on Cerulean, Captain of the Mad Mutineers
Prince in Flag Otherworld

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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Bunnylaroo, Emerald

How the Octopus Came to Live on Land

Our story begins, like many good stories do, with a surprise: all octopuses can naturally breathe air. (They're also fantastic jugglers, but that is a tale for another day.) So why don't more of them choose to live on land? That is the very question that one little octopus named Pulpito asked himself on a lazy summer day in the way-back-when time. Weary of the monotony of swimming to and fro, Pulpito decided to give air-breathing a try. And so when the high tide began its ebb, he remained behind on the damp shore, ready for his new life on land.

It took some trial and error for Pulpito to get all eight of his appendages coordinated, but in time he was slowly crawling along, leaving behind a trail that looked as if someone had been swabbing the shoreline. He was quite pleased with himself; the salty air tasted fresh and new to him, and he enjoyed feeling the warm, moist sand beneath his tentacles. Sadly, this satisfaction proved to be short-lived. You see, this particular lazy summer day had been swelteringly hot, and so as Pulpito advanced from damp sand to dry sand, he felt the temperature advance from pleasantly warm to molten-lava hot. If you've ever been caught barefoot on the beach on a hot summer day, you can sympathize with how Pulpito was feeling. Suffice it to say that pirates who happened to be on the beach that day swear that they smelled someone frying calamari.

With difficulty, Pulpito managed to crawl his way to a patch of sand shaded by a palm tree to rest. While catching his breath, he assessed his situation. One glance at his burned and blistered tentacles told Pulpito that he wouldn't be able to crawl much farther inland. But an expanse of white-hot sand stood between him and the sea, making it impossible for him to return home. For the moment, he would have to be content with staying still. To pass the time, he decided to observe the hustle and bustle of the beachfront town that lay several yards ahead of him. As the afternoon wore on, Pulpito noticed something curious about one building in particular. He saw many humans enter this building with uncovered feet and leave it with covered feet. A sudden inspiration struck him: if he could find something in that wonderful place to cover his tentacles, perhaps he would be able to crawl on the land with ease! At any rate, he thought it was worth a try. His tentacles too sore for crawling, Pulpito rolled himself toward the open door of the building.

By now, the reader may have guessed that this mystery building was a Tailor Shop. The tailor, though understandably nonplussed by the sudden appearance of a tumbling cephalopod in her store, politely asked, "Is there anything I can help you with?" Pulpito said nothing, as octuopuses, despite being very intelligent creatures, cannot speak. A talking octopus would, quite frankly, be ridiculous. But, with their eight limber tentacles, octopuses are renowned charades players. So, through a series of elaborate gestures, Pulpito was able to make the tailor understand what he was looking for. In short order, the obliging tailor had brought out every pair of shoes she had in stock and was ready to begin the most bizarre fitting she had ever been a part of.

Alas! Try as she might, the tailor could not find a shoe that would adequately cover poor Pulpito's tentacles. The boots were far too heavy; as soon as Pulpito lifted his tentacles, they fell off. The buckled shoes were so wide that two tentacles fit in one shoe, but this made it impossible for Pulpito to move. The tailor thought a curled slipper might suit the tapered end of the tentacles best, but Pulpito found the slippers too awkward for crawling. After trying on every shoe in sight, Pulpito was ready to lose hope, but the tailor, eager to help the octopus, was not beaten yet. "I think there may be one more shoe on this top shelf, but I can't quite reach it," she said. "Maybe if I put you on my shoulder, you can grab it. Do you mind?" Pulpito indicated that he did not mind, and the tailor gently lifted him and set him on her shoulder.

At this opportune moment, a crew of rowdy yet fashion-forward pirates was passing by the tailor's shop. The pirates stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of the tailor and Pulpito. In a moment they had crowded into the shop, their voices an enthusiastic jumble:
"Hey, look! It's an octopus! And it's breathing air!"
"Is it a new accessory? Are you selling it?"
"I'd pay a million pieces of eight for one of those!"
"I'll give you two million!"
"I'd pay an arm and a leg! Seriously, will you take an arm and a leg? Because I've been trying for a hook and a peg for a while now..."

Startled and a bit annoyed by the hurly-burly these pirates were causing, the tailor shuffled them out of her shop and closed the door. But by this time a crowd had gathered at the shop window, their eyes fixed wonderingly on the shoulder-mounted octopus. The obvious excitement of the crowd gave the tailor an idea. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you find a shoe, little fellow, but perhaps I can help you in another way..." And so it was that the tailor proposed a very equitable arrangement to Pulpito: If he was willing to ride on her shoulder, she would carry him anywhere he wanted to go! He wouldn't need shoes, for there would be no crawling, no hot sand, no stubbed tentacles - just an easy ride! In return, the tailor would get credit for starting the hottest fashion trend ever to hit the oceans. Pulpito readily agreed to the tailor's proposal, and that is how the octopus came to live on land.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Pirate Name: Sweetkaya
Ocean: Meridian
Story is long but under 1500 words (i checked!) and talks about how pirates got introduced to Parrot Feathers

The Legend of Marian, the Multicolored Parrot

In most lore, birds have been symbols of power and freedom in myths. However, one exception of this is the legendary multicolored bird known across the greatest oceans and islands. Hidden from civilization, legends say a parrot with enough colors to paint the world vibrant sits in a concealed cave. Covered in one thousand radiant parrot feathers with each a different color, it had the power to grant humans any wish they desired with each feather. Pirates and landlubbers long sought for this legendary bird for riches and fortune but none had come back with any of its feathers.

Somewhere far away on a small inlet near Prolix Purlieu...

"Dexla, sweetie, dinner's ready! I made pineapple chicken, hurry up and stop playing or your food is going to get cold."

A young girl was running along the shoreline covered from eyepatch to boots in sand from playing with the crabs that washed up ashore.

"Five more minutes mom! I promise!" the young girl called back.

Dexla loved finding new things to play with but rarely had the chance to; her parents ran a small distillery on Lima Island that constantly required her help as business was slow. Dexla took out a small pirate codex that she found long ago and with a feather and ink that she kept tucked under her gown she drew small crabs on a blank white page. Dexla's codex was one of the most precious items out of the few things she owned and she recorded everything she saw in it.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a gust of wind blasted Dexla off her feet and left her breathless. Disoriented, she struggled to get up and after dusting the sand off her corset, she realized something was missing.

"My pen!" Dexla cried, as she saw her feather pen being carried away by the wind. Dexla grabbed a fistful of her gown and ran after it, stumbling on the sand along the way. After much frantic chasing, the wind finally died out and her feather pen rested on the top of a mountain of sharp rocks just large enough to be out of her reach.

"Of course," Dexla grumbled, as she took off her boots and carefully began to climb the rocks. She was near the top with her hand just inches away from her pen when suddenly the rocks caved in under her. Dexla screamed as she fell down into the darkness.

After a few seconds of the most terrifying moment in her life, Dexla landed roughly on the ground with a soft thump! having her gown cushion her fall. She slowly got up and tried to assess what was around her. She realized she was in a small cave and the hole she fell in was impossible to climb up.

"Okay, okay," she thought. "I'll just try to keep calm and find an exit. There must be one." Dexla only took a few steps till she felt breathing that was not her own. She was not alone.

"Whose there?" she whispered. No one answered. Dexla turned around only to find two red eyes staring back at her. Dexla gasped in shock as she fell over and the creature came closer to the light.

A multitude of shining colors burst forth from the creature as it walked closer to the light. A magnificent parrot appeared, decked in the colors of the rainbow and wings stretched out twenty feet wide.

"Why have you come to my lair, human?" echoed the bird in a fierce tone. Dexla realized it was not speaking from its beak but with its mind. "I I'm so s..ssorry for intruding!" Dexla stammered, "I merely fell in from that hole up there. I mean no harm!"

"Lies. Humans always want something. They want my feathers to grant their wishes of fame and fortune for themselves. I have yet to deem anyone worthy in my presence. They are all forever swimming in Davy Jones Locker. Do you wish for the same fate, human?" echoed back the bird.

Dexla was shaking, still recovering from the shock of seeing a telepathic bird. She gathered the little strength she had left and tried to make a run for it but tripped midway on another rock and fell tumbling over. The bird squawked angrily at Dexla and flexed its majestic wings till the codex that fell from Dexla's gown opened up in front of it. Dexla watched in surprise as the bird settled and stared quietly in front of her drawings: a modest seaside shack where she lived, daffodils that grew near her home, and the crabs she drew that afternoon.

A sad-longing face appeared on the bird as it flipped slowly through Dexla's codex with its wing. Dexla didn't realize till now that the bird's feet were tied by tree roots connected to the walls of the cave. Its body, though heavily concealed by a mass of feathers was very thin as if it hadn't eaten in months.

"How long have you been here?" whispered Dexla. The bird snapped out of its trance and turned its head towards Dexla. Dexla twitched but didn't move from her spot. "I've been in this cave for five hundred years human, since I was hatchling. I cannot leave on my own. You, who has the freedom to roam the land and seas will never understand my suffering," replied the bird.

A light bulb went off in Dexla's head. "Bird, I wish to get out of this cave with you." For once in its five hundred years the bird looked surprised. "Is that your final wish?" echoed the bird. Dexla nodded. The roots that once tied down the bird receded into the darkness and its feathers glowed a brilliant hue. The bird grabbed Dexla's corset with its beak and readied itself to lift off. "Wait!" Dexla cried. "My nn...name is Dexla. I've..I've yet to know your name." The bird looked bewildered for the second time in its life. "My name...is Marian."

With a great force from her wings Marian flew from her dark home and out the hole that Dexla created. Her wings took the two of them over Prolix Purlieu and across the vast Jade ocean. Dexla watched in amazement as they flew over islands that she never seen, some looking like starfishes and others like a typhoon. At one point Marian dipped so close to the water in the sea that Dexla saw and almost touched a dolphin swimming near the surface.

Marian was just about to turn back and drop Dexla back at her home when three pirate ships started honing in. "It's the legendary bird that grants wishes!" cried one of the pirates onboard. "GET IT!" A roar of excited pirates readied their weapons and cannons at Marian. However, before she could fly away a net encased the two from the south. An archelon and several triketos and gorgonyxes stopped them in their path. They too knew about the legends of a wish-granting parrot and wanted to capture Marian. Marian turned toward the north for land but it was covered by zumbies and skellies hungry for flesh.

"Were surrounded!" Dexla cried. With no other choice, Marian dropped Dexla gently on the net. "I am sorry Dexla. This is where we part. I was never meant to leave my home for a reason. My presence causes war among the seas animals and land creatures. However, I am grateful that I met you because for the first time I have seen the world outside my cave. This is goodbye Dexla, and will be the last time you will ever see me. I will never forget you," echoed Marian.

"No!" screamed Dexla between the roars of the pirates. A burst of blinded light came forth from Marian's wings and the pirates hid in terror. Dexla saw flashes of the most vibrant colors she had ever seen, then whiteness...then nothing.

"Dexla, you are in big trouble now missy!" called a familiar voice. Dexla stirred as the familiar voice got louder. "Get up this instant!" cried the voice. "Heavens know where you been, your food is as cold as a ghostling's head." Dexla opened her eyes to be greeted by her flustered mother. She looked around and saw she was at the seaside of Prolix lying on the sand. She couldn't remember anything that happened after she tripped on the rocks.

"Sorry mother! I'm coming now," replied Dexla. Dexla dusted off the sand on her gown as her mother rolled her eyes and headed back to the house. Just as Dexla was about to follow, something caught her attention. A parrot feather with a brilliant blue hue lay at her feet. "Ah I remember now! I lost my feather before, how convenient," said Dexla as she pocketed the feather. Right before she put it away, the feather glowed for a spilt second but Dexla did not see.

A silent laughter echos from a cave far away.

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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Cerulean Ocean

The Story of Olivia (Island)

Have you ever wondered why there is an island in our fair ocean that is shaped like an octopus? Well, it is quite an interesting tale, so settle in to hear how it came to be.

When the ocean was young and there was little contact between the pirates and the other creatures, there lived in these waters a bright blue octopus named Olivia. She was known to be intelligent, strong, and beautiful. However, she was also arrogant, stubborn, and spiteful.

As time passed, pirates became familiar with the animals that shared their world and the various species began to mingle. Some creatures chose to walk beside their pirate companions as they went about their day, while others had the privilege of being carried on the shoulders of the pirates. The pirates took care of all of their needs and shared great adventures with their animal companions.

"Your father and I are too old to adapt to living on land, but you should live among the pirates, Olivia," her mother would say in an encouraging voice. "You would never have to worry about finding food or avoiding enemies again and you would get to see sights that we have never known."

"Why should I go where the pirates go and do what they want to do? I am better than the pirates. I have eight appendages and each one is capable of helping me move from place to place as well as carrying things. They only have half as many appendages and theirs are divided into pairs that either move them or carry things, but cannot do both tasks. Besides, I am much stronger than they are. I have heard tales of other octos that went to live with the pirates only to be left in a closet with many other animals because their pirate companion was too weak to carry all of them at once. If anything, I think that the pirates should follow me or be held by me." Olivia stormed away, spewing an ink cloud to show her contempt for the idea of being a plaything for pirates.

Over time, more and more of her friends went away to the land of the pirates and soon Olivia was the last of her generation remaining in the ocean. She had to do something to make things as she thought that they should be. While contemplating what to do, she recalled hearing tales of an old ray that could do magic.

"Maybe the old ray can stop this madness," she thought, as she sped off to the area of the ocean where he was said to live. She searched for a long time but could not see him. She was startled to hear a sudden voice that seemed to come from nowhere.

"Why do you swim back and forth here, young octopus, instead of joining the others in the land of the pirates?"

"If you are the old ray, I came to tell you that I do not like things as I see them and I want you to use your magic to make changes."

"Child, you do not see things that are plainly in front of you, so how can you ask to make things different?" The old ray slowly emerged from the sandy ocean bottom where he had lain motionlessly watching the young octopus swim around.

"I do not want to be the plaything of pirates. I am better than they are in so many ways. I have heard that you can do magic and I want you to make things my way, so that the pirates come to be my companions and I hold them."

"If you truly desire this, you must give me your most prized possession to show that you are determined to bring this about."

Olivia's most prized possession was a giant pearl that she had pried from an oyster when she was very young. No one else had ever found a pearl that large at such a young age and Olivia loved to brag about it to everyone. But, now all of her friends were with the pirates, so her pearl was useless to her. Besides, if the old ray's magic worked, she would be able to brag about being the first octopus to carry pirates on her shoulders or have them walk by her. She quickly agreed to the condition the old ray had given her and sped off to get her pearl.

When she returned, she saw that the old ray had set piles of various objects out in an odd pattern on the sand where he had previously hidden. She saw pieces of several plants that she had never seen in the ocean before, but she recognized the tellurium, sincosite, gold, and various gems. There was even a pearl, smaller and less iridescent than hers. As she gazed at it, she thought of how much better she was than even the old ray with all of his magic. Her thoughts were interrupted by the old ray instructing her to touch each pile with one of her tentacles and state what it was that she desired.

With a huge smile on her face and her eyes shining bright, Olivia twisted her tentacles to touch each of the piles and shouted in a loud voice, "I want the pirates to be held by ME!"

Suddenly, she felt the tips of her tentacles begin to stiffen and she could not let go of the objects she touched.

"Why are my tentacles becoming so stiff?"

"So that you can hold the pirates as you said. But, due to your arrogance, things might not be as you had hoped." With that last comment, the old ray dropped Olivia's pearl in the sand and swam away.

The stiffness spread throughout her body. When she could no longer speak or even blink her eyes, Olivia felt herself floating quickly upward. She could see the light above the surface of the water becoming brighter. She surfaced, causing large waves to cascade away from her. Time seemed to stand still for Olivia, but she could feel herself changing. Her blue skin turned brown as it dried in the sun's hot rays and changed to sand and soil. Plants of various types sprouted and grew over much of her. Aside, from her stiffened octopus shape, only her eyes and mouth remained, yet even those became just pools of fresh water among the trees and bushes. But, deep inside, she was still Olivia.

"What have I done?" she thought. "I did not want to go to the land of the pirates and now I AM land for the pirates." But there was nothing Olivia could do about her fate. She could not even call out to the old ray to make things as they were.

As she had desired, many pirates did come to her and they were held up by her. They stood on the hills of her shoulders and they were fed with the fruit that grew on her many plants. They sought safe harbor with her when the nearby waters became too dangerous for their ships to continue on their journeys. Eventually, the pirates, ported ships of various sizes by her and took the sincosite, tellurium, lily of the valley, and sugar cane that they found in abundance there. They even found some rare gold and gems while foraging for her limes and passion fruits. However, none of the pirates ever stayed with Olivia for very long.

As time passed, her memories of her life swimming in the ocean disappeared and all that was left of the essence of Olivia the octopus faded away. She became nothing more than the island we see today.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Jisei of Meridian

Monkey Boats of the Seven Seas

Ahoy me matey! Have ye ever heard of those so-called “Monkey Boats”, those ships that carry a crew of hairy fruit-stealing scoundrels? Tales have been spreading throughout the seven seas of crews that were left devastated after being boarded by monkeys, leaving their ships’ holds empty. Legend says that these monkeys gained power a decade after the golden age of piracy began.

Long ago, there was an illustrious merchant crew led by Captain Rey. He was very well-known as a master forager, a wealthy man, and the very first merchant accompanied by a monkey. He considered his monkey familiar as his best friend and he even gave the monkey the title of “First Mate”. The name given to the monkey was Amigo. Just like Captain Rey, Amigo was also highly respected and recognized by many. Although no one knows the history behind how Captain Rey and Amigo found each other, it could be seen that their friendly relationship is very intimate. The magnate reputation of the two partners was at its peak until one incident happened…

The introduction of the pirates made the seas a dreadful place to such an extent that seafarers had to abandon their sea faring careers to secure the safety of their lives. Nevertheless, Captain Rey and Amigo battled many brigands and barbarians and continued their success in the seven seas.

One day, the crew of Captain Rey and Amigo just finished foraging goods from an island far away from civilization and they decided to go back to the main island to sell their goods. While in the middle of the sea, the crew spotted a pirate flag a few miles ahead of their ship. Captain Rey’s determination to defend the goods led them to a sea battle with the pirates. Later did he know that the pirates were led by the notorious Henry Morgan. Captain Rey and his crew mates fought Henry Morgan’s crew until the battle came to an end. The battle lasted for hours, but Captain Rey’s crew was defeated. Their merchant galleon sunk and the crew mates were separated from one another. At the time of loss, Captain Rey was able to escape with Amigo using a small rowing boat. They were not able to salvage anything from the ship, not even a single food supply.

A week has passed after Captain Rey’s crew lost the battle; the two were still at sea finding their way back home. They were both thirsty and starving, and all they found while at sea was a mysterious dark colored drink in a bottle. Captain Rey did not want to drink the drink that he has found because he believed that it was cursed judging from its looks. Suddenly, Amigo fainted due to fatigue, thirst and hunger. Captain Rey got shocked when Amigo suddenly fainted. Captain Rey was tensed and he did not know what to do. Then he remembered about the drink in a bottle. It was his only choice to revive Amigo. Captain Rey grabbed the bottle, kneeled down and placed one hand on the back of Amigo’s head, then poured the dark colored liquid into Amigo’s mouth. All of a sudden, Amigo vanished into thin air. Captain Rey’s eyes widened, and then tears came falling from his eyes. Captain Rey cursed the God of the Sea for giving him continuous misfortunes, while storm clouds formed in the sky and started raining.

It turned out that the drink was a whisking potion. Amigo gains consciousness, only remembering a blurry vision of the face of Captain Rey. He looks around and he sees other monkeys surrounding him. The monkeys bowed down to Amigo, thinking that he is a destined savior. The monkeys inhabiting the island had hatred towards humans. Humans have been constantly invading the island, taking fruits, cutting trees, and sometimes kidnapping some monkeys. Amigo heard their story and he started pondering if he should help them. Then, a crew of amateur pirates arrived on the island with a ship seeking for treasure. Amigo saw them and he remembered about the tragic incident of being attacked and defeated by pirates. Amigo was in rage, he ran in the direction of the ship along with the other monkeys. He still remembered how to fight so he attacked the invading pirates. The monkeys easily defeated the pirates with the leadership of Amigo. The ship was stolen while the previous owners were thrown overboard. Amigo pledged to have revenge on humans for being harsh to monkeys.

A decade has passed, and the stories of the crew of monkeys were becoming famous and it was spreading very fast. Over the past decade, Captain Rey has disbanded his crew and spent most of his time and wealth searching for Amigo. When he came across the story, he immediately formed a temporary crew consisting of six elite conquerors and explorers of the seas. Using the last of his riches, Captain Rey bought a sloop and necessary supplies. With a crew of seven members, they ventured the sea in search for the crew of monkeys.

Soon, the crew encountered a War Brig that was said to have been boarded by the crew of monkeys. The two crews engaged in a battle. Eventually in the heat of the battle, the monkeys boarded the tiny sloop. The crew of Captain Rey was outmatched by the monkeys in a rumble. One by one, Captain Rey’s hired crew mates were thrown overboard until Captain Rey was the last one standing surrounded by the monkeys. Then, a monkey that stood among the rest walked towards Captain Rey. It was Amigo… Captain Rey smiled while he had teary eyes. Amigo saw Captain Rey’s face then he remembered the blurred vision he had ten years ago. It was exactly the same image of what he had in front of him. It was Captain Rey… Captain Rey and Amigo dropped their bludgeons at the same time, ran towards each other, and then hugged each other. On that very moment, the surrounding monkeys were frustrated; they were screaming and jumping up and down. All the monkeys went against Amigo for being a traitor. The monkeys slowly walked towards the two forcing them to go closer to the plank. Amigo tried to protect Captain Rey although he was outnumbered. Then, Captain Rey and Amigo were already standing in the plank. Suddenly, storm clouds formed in the sky and started raining. The two fell into the water while the sound of the single thunderclap was heard.

No one heard about Captain Rey and Amigo ever since. Some say that Poseidon took them but no one will ever know what happened to them. The two may be gone forever but their friendship remained until the very end…

Meanwhile, the other monkeys were confused of what happened. They lost a leader and they did not have anyone to take control. So at the end, the monkeys separated and went to steal different ships. Now, these hairy fruit lovers have become populated while many of them conquered the seas; wherever the bananas may be.
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How Vargas Became Mad

By Supertaylor, Emerald Ocean

Have you ever wondered who Vargas really was, before he went mad? Well here is the tale of who Vargas is and how he became Mad.

A long time ago there was a poet named Vargas. He could be found at the local Inn on Admiral Island entertaining the guests of the inn with riddles and poetry. One fateful night at this inn, a great sea captain named Bronze Beard and his crew of hooligans stopped at the inn for one night. During that night they laughed and sang to music and drank their rum. Captain Bronze Beard grew tired of the music and the dancing and asked the Inn keeper if he knew any riddles. To this the Inn keeper said no, and pointed at Vargas who just happened to walk in at that moment. When asked to give a riddle, Vargas immediately answered with an incredibly clever riddle sending the captain into a frenzy of laughter. For the rest of the night Vargas entertained Captain Bronze Beard. He made such incredible riddles that Captain Bronze Beard demanded he become his personal Poet. From that point on Vargas sailed the seas on the Deep-Sea Roach.

After many years upon the Deep-Sea Roach, Vargas became renowned all throughout the oceans for his talents. Every time they came into a port the crew would be treated with free rum in exchange for Vargas performing at the local Inn. This was the life for Vargas, being known as the world’s greatest poet was his greatest achievement. After many years the ship stopped in a port that Vargas had never heard of before. It was the Port of Aimuari Island. The island had many new pirates that no one in the crew had never even heard of. That night there was a large party in the Inn.

It didn’t take long for the islanders to become curious about Vargas’ talents so when he was challenged to battle with one of their own he accepted. The Inn went silent as the 2 pirates dueled with words laced into riddles. After many long hours a new champion was named and to Vargas dismay it was not him. In a fit of rage Vargas ran out of the Inn towards the ocean where he commandeered a small sloop.

Vargas sailed and sailed until he came across an island that looked abandoned. Once on the island he discovered that it was actually the home of people who dwelled in black magic. At first the people of this island wanted to kill Vargas and eat him, because they had never met someone from off the island before. Seeing as they had never been off of this island they had never heard a riddle, so when he spoke in riddles to them they became enthralled by him. After a short bit of time they worked out a deal, Vargas would continue giving them riddles, and they would teach him magic. After an unknown amount of time Vargas became something of a god, not aging, and definitely not being a pirate anymore. He was consumed by the madness of riddles and black magic and eventually became the leader of the island people.

They say that now a day a pirate’s ship will venture to far and run into a cursed Island. Once on that Island the pirates will fight their way to the islands crazy leader so they can try to win his treasures. That leader is called Vargas the Mad.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Dalphin of Meridian

Hope you enjoy reading this!

The "Jinxed" Idol

As I walked home from the shipwright shoppe I work at, I strolled along the side of an empty beach that I had little memory of from my childhood. A glimpse beamed in my direction. From the corner of my eye, I spotted a sparkle within a patch of grass and I compelled to the curiosity. Approaching toward the patch of grass, a cold shiver travelled down my spine. I picked up the artifact and allowed it to lay upon my hand as I observed its significance. It was made into a necklace with rope and it resembled a tiki. Contrary to its aquatic eyes, it had three distinct red markings on its face. There was one on the center of its chin, and two surrounding its eyes. The object was made from what seemed to be wood; it had an appearance as if it had been rotting on the ground for decades. I stared into its jewelled eyes. The sun's rays struck the jewels and a translucent blue light directed toward the left side of my chest. Laughter frolicked through the proximity of the beach. Though there was a long interval between us, I could see two figures on the beach playing in the sand.

A man from behind scurried over to tap me on the shoulder. The two figures I saw playing in the sand puffed into a blue mist. I let out a short gasp and lost my breath.

The man pointed out the item hanging by my fingertips and whispered to me, "I have the same artifact."

I turned around in shock and confusion.

The man said to me, "Take a look", and pulled out a wooden tiki figure with three red markings and aquamarine eyes.

"I don't know what it's for, but I've had this for a good while. Though, I heard an old salt that goes by the name of 'Reckless Mano' at Dragon Nest's inn may have the answers to all your questions."

The man proceeded to walk away, minding his own business.

Off to investigate the meaning of the artifact and wanting to find this 'Reckless Mano', I took a ferry to Dragon's Nest and stood at the inn's doorstep. Two drunks flew out of the doors as I took a peek into the inn. They were unable to withstand against gravity and stumbled on one another. Their slurred words were almost incomprehensible, but their vicious tone gave you an idea of what they were trying to say. I skimmed the inn from left to right; it was hectic from all the drinkers, swordfighters and rumblers. A man sat near the bar in the corner of the inn. Staring down at the counter in front of him, he was holding, with two hands, a glass of sangria that sat on top of the counter. I pursued the man in hopes of finding the old salt.

"Excuse me, but have you heard of a man that goes by the name of 'Reckless Mano'?"

He picked up his glass and slammed it on the counter. "What's it to ye, mate?"

"I heard he might have the answer to my questions."

The man looked up, picked up his drink, turned around and faced me. "Then ye found him."

From my pocket, I slowly pulled out the tiki artifact. His eyes widened and he dropped the glass of sangria. The shrill of shattered glass cascading across the inn cut through banter, leaving the room silent. The dark-red drink flourished onto the floor while a stream formed toward the tables at the center of the inn. The man pulled me by the arm to drag me to the back room.

He said, "I used to have one, and it never left my side. I threw it into the ocean, but it found its way back. It disappeared when I found... my answer." He went into the storage room and pulled out a small red chest with a lock on it. He put the chest in my hand and said, "Take this with you and hunt for Barnabas the Pale. He has the same artifact. Me sources on Dragon Nest tell me that the sloop, Haunting Sardine, be sailin' toward this very port under control of the imperials, Eldritch Abyss. Me crew'll guide ye. They will be at the port."

At the port, I approached six brute looking men. One said, "Our captain said ye needed help hunting Barnabas."

"Yes I do, thank you."

"Well, we're set, hop on the board, mate."

The sails dropped down and we left port. I put the chest that Reckless Mano gave me in the captain's cabin on the floor. Through telescope, we saw a ghostly ship. The sails were blue flames and through the ship's wooden blue body, you were able to see the skeleton swabbies in the lower floor.

"Swords ready, mates", shouted the man on the wheel.

The two ships collide and a war begins. Cannon shots rapidly firing. You could hear the wood on both ships snapping. Barnabas was able to grapple a hook onto our ship and they started to come aboard. Steel repetitively clinged together. Luckily, Reckless Mano's crew was able to throw the opposing ship's swabbies overboard. One member went up behind Barnabas; he took the opportunity to slash Barnabas across his back. Barnabas fell to his knees. A tiki artifact flew out of his pocket onto the floorboards... the same one I had.

Defeated, Barnabas the Pale says, "From the Abyss I was born and there I shall return. Perhaps now I shall finally have my peace and see her lovely face again..."

The tiki artifact's aquamarine eyes glow white and shoot a bright light, blinding everyone on the ship. The light gradually dies down and an image of a young man coming from the tiki artifact floats mid air. The young man was happy and faced a brunette woman. His eyes showed a strong feeling of joy as if the girl was all he ever needed. A blonde woman appeared from behind him, to which the young man turned around to face her instead. The girl he was once facing started to fade away, as his love for her did as well. After a short moment, the blonde woman turned her back on the young man, and left away with another. Heartbroken, the young man fell to his knees and begged for his first love to come back to him. Filled with anger, he slammed two clenched fists into the ground. She was the one he had always loved. The man had a tear fall from his left eye, and as did Barnabas while he watched the young man's life crumble.

"That young man was me..." he said.

The image of the young man starts to fade, and the tiki artifact's jewel eyes become as red as a ruby. A ray of red light flares onto the left side of Barnabas' chest, where his heart was located. The ruby light glows brighter and brighter. Barnabas himself rises up and puffs into a smoke. The tiki artifact floats up and shatters into millions of red ruby pieces. A middle-aged man sits on the floor where Barnabas layed; he had a look similar to the young man in the images that the artifact presented. With a single teardrop on his face, he stands up and says, "Please take me back to port, I know what needs to be done."

A distant click noise came from the captain's cabin. The lock on the red chest had unlocked. I open the lid to find shattered rubies left in the chest. Under the lid, a note lays there with a drawing of the tiki artifact and a message : "Throughout the centuries, it has been said that the Jinxed Idol finds those who have lost a piece of their identity to aid in helping them remember who they were and realize who they are. Everything that occurs from when the artifact was found, to when it shatters, brings you are one step closer."

I pull my Jinxed Idol out of my pocket and lay it on the palm of my hand. I look into the eyes of the artifact and witness a reflection of my happiest moments; I see a little boy and his father playing in the sand.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Nightblue, emerald ocean

How the Sea horse came to live on land.

Well there once was a pirate that name was Imrans. Who like to run SMHs in Atlantis as he was sailing around. He hit a building fill with sea men some had these sea horses that sat on there shoulder so he said "Attack them men we can take there arrmor and pets." But these sea men had the strength of monsters a mere human could not defeat them. So after Imrans was defeated he left with his crew and they trained fighting from the weakest to the strongest pirates for years on the sea. After mastering the sword fighting skill. He and the crew all set sail for Atlantis to destroy the sea men and take what they have seen before. So as they were sinking and looting ships while in Atlantis the building submerged from the sea so the crew went and sailed to it entering it for the second time. crash clank bang clink bang CLANG it was 75 pirates fighting 50 out of the 75 sea men Imrans though he might win with his mates and next thing he knows it was 30 humans fighting 20 sea men. As the pirates dropped to 7 the sea men had 3 with a final CLANG clash and swoosh of blades the pirate came to be victorious. On the way to port Imrans was so interested in this sea horse that didn't live in water he opened the chests and took it. His first mate Nightblue asked him "what are you doing?" "You know that we split all the booty evenly." Imans said "if you don't tell ill get you one of these rare sea horses also." Nightblue agreed and when they got to port Imrans split the booty while taking the sea horse. The sea horse tried to get away but it wasn't flopping around it was floating! The sea men must have taken it from a sky island but how could we get up there? No one know but what we do know is the sea men in Atlantic may hold the secret to getting up in the sky.
All because the Atlantic monsters going to the sky island and stealing the sea horses made it possible for all of us to have a sea horse on land. Maybe one day we can go there are self thank you sea man in Atlantic for bringing us these rare creatures.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Jaukri of Meridian

How Viper's Drop Got Its Name

What's that, matey? Done amassin' gold for the day? Let me stir yer imagination, then, with the story of Twevok.

Now, Twevok was a rare beast - a strangely coloured viper whose brilliant green hide was dappled with jet black, possessing intelligence in spades. She was one of the first snakes with the ability to understand human speech - somethin' I have no idea how she could do, mind. She could also speak in some human tongues herself. Aye, incredible! Before ye ask; nay, I haven't the faintest clue. Anyhow, the venomous critter made her home on a balmy little island with barely a sigh of wind to its name. She soon discovered a handful of fellow serpents living there, and they got along famously; hunting in the dewy grass, coiling up for warmth on the chillier nights and even slipping into the sea and chasing each other to the islet a short way out where the seals would gather. Life gave the band o' snakes pretty fair winds, you could say, before that day when the small ship with the gryphon figurehead sliced though the waters from behind the horizon.

Twevok was nosing the undergrowth near the shoreline with two of her comrades, searching for leaves for their den. Her movements were more sluggish than the others', as her belly had become swollen; she was carrying eggs. Her mind focused on the task at hand, Twevok was worlds away until she was jolted abruptly out of her reverie by the panicked cry of one of her fellow snakes: "Humans!"

Twevok stared around and saw a small ship approaching fast. The snakes wouldn't have time to race for good cover; they would have to make do with a small cluster of rocks a few paces away. "Over there!" she hissed to her friends. The serpents slid, terrified, towards the rocks, concealing themselves as best they could.

Aboard the nearing vessel, a freckled youth could be seen stumbling in haste about the deck while an older, bearded man gripping the rails of the crow's nest looked on imperiously. As the sloop arrived at the water's edge, the youth lowered the gangplank, gritting his teeth intently, and released it from his grasp a few seconds too soon, wincing as it hit the sand with a dull thud, making the vessel shake.

"Call me a master monkey o' alchemistry if yer not an absolute oaf, Kippeneer," growled the older man as he strode down from the ship onto the beach. Kippeneer ducked his head in shame as he scuttled down to join his captain.

"Keep the few wits ye've got in yer arsenal sharp, now," warned the bearded man. "I wouldn't expect to find anythin' here, but ye never know." Kippeneer nodded. The two humans started walking; to Twevok's horror, they were heading in the snakes' direction. She huddled with her friends. The sound of footsteps became louder and louder, until they stopped. It sounded like the humans were close.

A gasp cut the air as a shadow darkened the view above the rocks. "Becseph! Sir! I found some snakes, and... Poseidon's frothy seas! A Gryphon Viper! Green and black, right?"

Becseph could be heard rushing over. Twevok, at once wondering how on earth she was able to understand what they were saying and fighting the urge to flee in terror - she could see they had huge nets; she didn't think she'd be fast enough - forced herself to look up once more after having buried her head under a small stone. She saw the humans' faces, their gazes fixed on her.

"You're right, Kipp!" breathed Becseph. "And... ah, you've got to be jokin'! She's carryin' eggs! She really is! I could hug ye, honestly!"

Horrified, Twevok braced herself and whispered as quietly as she could, "Go, you two. I think they want me." The other snakes stared at her in complete confusion. "Don't ask how I know. Look, I'm too slow with these eggs inside me. Just move!"

With pained looks, they wriggled out of the rocks and shot towards safety. The sound of their escaping grew fainter as a vast net enveloped Twevok and she was hauled away.

It had been hours since her capture. The humans had brought Twevok aboard their sloop and left her in the net on the deck. Exhausted after the fear she had experienced, the snake had fallen asleep, and only now, a long time later, was she awoken by the sound of Kipp's voice.

"So why was it a Gryphon Viper you were after, sir?"

His captain stretched widely and yawned. He must have been sleeping all this time too. He smiled wryly and clapped Kipp on the shoulder.

"I have a grand plan, sonny. Ye see, these kinds o' vipers, as the name suggests, have a connection with gryphons. From ancient times, in fact. The sound of shattering Gryphon Viper eggs is said to call a flock of gryphons that take the pieces and fly with them to their hidden cavern in order to bury them in their sorrow."

"Ooh," Kipp whistled in awe. "Does it have to be done at midnight?"

Becseph looked at him as if he were mad. "No. Sweet tang of the Kraken, what do you think this is? Witchcraft?"

Kipp shuffled his feet in embarrassment and blinked. "Um, why do gryphons get all sad when these vipers' eggs break, anyway, sir? I mean, what makes these snakes so special?"

"No-one knows why, lad. They just are. Oh, but another thing we do know about them is that they can understand a few human languages. She prob'ly knows what we're sayin'. Some even claim they can talk themselves." He looked at Twevok for a moment. "Guess she doesn't feel like demonstratin', though."

"But, uh..." Kipp trailed off. "What do we have her here for?"

"We're gonna drop her eggs from some cliffs on this island, lad. Then the gryphons'll fly on over and lead us back to their hidey place."

"Oh. I didn't realise you liked caverns, sir. Aren't you happy living on the ship?" asked the assistant, eyes huge.

The captain covered his face with a palm. He gave an unsurprised sigh. "There's supposed to be treasure in the cavern, kid. Money. Diamonds. Whatever. I want to have a real crew! A mansion! And throw fancy parties for rich people who wouldn't otherwise so much as bat an eyelid in my direction!"

"Cute, sir."

A dark look sent Kipp scurrying off.

A while later, the humans disembarked to explore the island further. Twevok, after several unsuccessful attempts to chew through the net, was about to drift back to sleep, when she noticed a sudden creaking of the boat's wood, followed by a pigtailed young woman dashing up the gangplank, looking around nervously. She began to speak with outstanding speed.

"Hi, you're the snake, aren't you? Of course you are. Look, I've been hiding under the boat and listening to everything they were saying and I think I have a way to help you. I washed up here a few weeks ago because I got planked for daydreaming on a pillage but luckily I brought my painting supplies and I've got eggs, see? I won them from tournaments. Oh, they were really fun. I..." She paused to breathe. Twevok cut in. She hadn't tried speaking like a human before, but now was as good a time as any.


The young woman grinned. "Oh wow, it's true! You can speak! Okay, so my idea is to paint my eggs to look like yours. I've already sent my parrot to a town for help. If you're wondering why I didn't send him when I first got stuck here, it's because he only just learned to fly. He's a slow learner. Anyway, the help will hopefully arrive soon and we can escape while those guys are dropping the fake eggs! They're silly; they won't care that you're gone! Yay!"

It sounded like a plan.

The eggs came out of Twevok the next morning. They were bright green clouded with black like their mother. Twevok alerted the girl, Marn, who had been hiding under the ship all night, and she quickly painted her own eggs to resemble the snake's while the plotter and his crony snored.

Becseph and Kipp would later be very disappointed to discover that no riches awaited them that day. Marn and Twevok escaped to safety; Twevok would return after the men had left. The girl would later be honoured with naming Twevok's island as a reward for her initiative, and guess what? That's how Viper's Drop got its name. Yarr, and the tale of the bond between serpent familiars and humans? Another time.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Fatouma from Emerald

First - This story tells us how come female pirates got to have blue eyes while male pirates have black eyes.
I’m not trying to be a sexist or anything, but this is the only way to get the story to be interesting. I’m a female myself. ( I use UK English so yeah you're gonna see lots of Us there.) The word count is <900. ( 800something)

How Females Got their Blue Eyes

When pirates were born under the dark stormy skies, they were born with very dark coloured eyes! Oh look at those black eyes! Those were the eyes of the pirates!

The life of a pirate was really tough! They had to live off foraging the islands, and by battling other mighty pirates. It was not easy for them, especially when they had to take care of their ladies!
The ladies of the brave pirates always wanted to join them in their activities and their travels. They were fed up of waiting for their men to come back every few weeks. But it was futile, they always begged to join them, but they were never allowed.

One summer morning while the men were away on a pillage to plunder some booty, the women were sitting on the shore, looking at the vast ocean ahead of them, wishing they could go with their husbands when a mermaid appear out of the blue! They couldn’t believe their eyes! It was a beautiful mermaid shining, as the sun was reflecting on the salty water on her body. It was when one of the women spoke and said, “Are you real? Are you really a mermaid? Or am I just imagining things?” Not expecting a reply, the mermaid moves her fishtail and looks at the group of women and smiles warmly. “I’ve come here upon hearing some wishes...” said the mermaid. They start looking at each other with amazement. They still couldn't believe their eyes. “Oh, was I mistaken? I sensed loneliness from this Island. I thought you ladies might have something you desire, something you need to end this feeling of sadness and loneliness! Speak up, I shall grant one wish you truly need.”

Without a second thought, one of the females starts speaking. “All we want is to be able to join our husbands in their adventures in the seven seas! We want them to listen to our demands. We want to live an adventurous life around our loved ones. We know we are not weak, we are strong and we might even be stronger than them!” All the women started nodding after hearing that. Another woman gets up and says, “If we could make them agree on everything we want, it’d be perfect!” The beautiful mermaid looks at them with a pierce look for a minute, and realise how much they are determined. “You ladies shall get what you want. I’ll offer you the power to make your men agree on everything and do everything you demand. But once this wish is granted, it shall be always with you and with the future generations. Only GIRLS will have this power and this will result in a side effect.” Looking worried, the women bite their lips, think about it once again. But this time, they had even a more determined look. It was set; they were going to go through it. They want to start a new life. “I see you have made up your mind. I hope you never regret this decision” With that said, the mermaid suddenly raises her hands and mumbles which looked like she was calling something. Once she lowered her hands, a huge wave came and hit the shore. All the women passed out after getting hit by the wave. The mermaid disappears with a smirk on her face once she saw everyone was lying on the floor, unconscious.

Few hours passed when the women regained conscious. “What happened? The last thing I remember is that… there... was a mermaid...” - - another woman speaks, “Ye and she was about to grant us our wish.” “I guess the wave hit us before she could grant it, what a shame.” The women were very disappointed. As they re-arranged themselves and fixed everything the wave damaged, one of the females realised that her friend’s eyes had turned blue! “Oh, are you alright? Your eyes… Your eyes… Is like the colour of the heavenly skies!” Everyone was surprised and started looking at each other. Every woman no longer had black eyes! Instead they were blue in colour! They all had smiles on their faces, assuming that the side effect of the wish was that their eye colour changed.

Once the men came back from their journey, the women wanted to check if their new ability works. They decide to try it on their husbands by asking them to let them join their journeys. BUT, the UNEXPECTED happened, the men still said no! That was unbelievable. They tried asking for something else, and they still got a no. They were shocked. The women were speechless, they were scared and confused and with the quiet atmosphere, an evil laugh was heard! It was a witch’s laugh! The witch disguised as a mermaid, brought false hope to the lives of the young ladies and pranked them into believing that they’ll get what they want! And thus, the women were cursed! FOREVER!

You never really get what you want. It’s luck. And those females were surely unlucky.

Just wanted to put a funny twist in the end. TEEHEE
Dysthymia on Emerald

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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Telikos, Emerald
/edit Originally, my entry was on Skeletal Monkeys. But after realizing that Palemaka has already done one, I've scrapped it and thought of another topic.

/edit Revised my story to make it less cliché. And since Mother's Day is coming up, enjoy!

Sinking Explained

I know not how Octopi are able to live on land, nor did where our noses went.
I do, however, have a story touching a topic close to our hearts - Sinking.

Sinking, when brought up, elicits mixed responses from different pirates.
However, put aside all the bravado and anguish, and think:
How do we always safely get whisked back to shore whenever our ship goes under?
Or us getting magically patched up after losing a limb or eye?

Well, the answer is quite simple -


We have all heard of these half men, half fish creatures out in the deep blue.
Tales of lust, danger and death.
But, there is another side to these elusive creatures; one rarely talked about.

Kindness, compassion and morals are said to be at the heart of mankind; a criteria sentient beings are perceived to have.
Well, these beautiful Oceanids are no exception.

Buccaneers, who have had the narrowing experience of being onboard a sinking ship, often recount a flash of blue-green before blanking out. After waking, they find themselves miraculously back onto the nearest island beach, safe and sound.

Well, the turquoise color reported, is actually caused by the shimmering scales of the Siren. Like dolphins rescuing drowning sailors, the Mermaids carry the fainted and bring them to shore.

It is said that the OMs created these aquatic humanoids with the purpose of saving those in need. The first Mermaid, Ariel, was originally a normal human lass. Ariel, born to a fisherman father and singer mother, was from young a bright girl. She possessed an innate sense of direction and good memory, often helping her father chart and map routes to take out to sea. In turn, daddy would share with her sailor fables; stories of a lost underwater civilization, the mighty Kraken...

The sea seemed like a beautiful, mysterious place to young Ariel.

When she was seven, Ariel lost her dad to a freak accident. Word around town was that his boat got hit by a breaching whale and capsized. He was never found. For awhile, Ariel and her mother harbored hope that daddy would return. But time killed that silly little notion.

The sea lost its sparkle from then on.

After the incident, mother took up more jobs, and Ariel started working at the local cartographer to supplement the family income. Life resumed its normality. Although their circumstances were such, Ariel and her mother were never jaded. Mommy was still the same gentle, caring woman.

When she turned just of age, Ariel found greater use for her talents; landing a stint as a navigator's assistant onboard a Navy Ship. Her new job paid well, and she soon decided to sign on with the Navy. Mother was reluctant to let her however, regarding the sea as a dangerous place for a young woman to work at. Still, after much persuasion, mother relented.

The downside of joining the Navy was that Ariel saw less of her mother. Sailing required her to be away for long periods of time, leaving mother all alone. After one particularly long voyage, Ariel was given a little extra time to rest. Upon reaching home, mother gave Ariel a long embrace. While hugging, Ariel started noticing the toll age has taken on her mother. Her once flawless complexion was now peppered with fine wrinkles, while her ebony locks were streaked with white. Tears began pooling in Ariel's eyes; thinking back on the hardship mother had to endure to raise her single-handedly. Ariel decided then to bring mother onboard with her. To never leave mother alone at home ever again.

With Lieutenant Eric's approval, mother moved in to share a bunk with Ariel onboard. Mother would help out at the ship's kitchen, whipping up fantastic meals for the crew. Everyone was glad to have her, especially Ariel. Mother and daughter became closer then ever, spending more time with each other then they ever had in years.

On the night of Navy Day, the ship held a banquet in commemoration of a legendary Navy Admiral. The sailors popped bottles of vintage rum and feasted on meat and other delicacies. It was then, that the bored crew spontaneously decided to have a talent competition to liven things up. There was a big discussion on who should perform, and in the commotion, Ariel was unfortunately nominated.

She was all but pushed onto stage.
Swallowing the lump in her throat and steadying her breath, she finally settled on singing her favorite song - My Jolly Sailor Bold.

"My heart is pierced by Cupid
I disdain all glittering gold
There is nothing that can console me
But my jolly sailor bold..."

Mother could not be prouder of her beautiful Ariel. The pale moonlight accentuated her porcelain skin, making her azure eyes beam and giving her obsidian tresses a lovely sheen. Her bold red lipstick coupled with her enchanting vocals, was absolutely mesmerizing.

The song ended all too soon, and the men cheered and whistled good-naturedly. For Ariel however, she felt only embarrassment, and she quickly hopped off the stage and into the tight embrace of her mom.

In the midst of merry-making, a rude siren abruptly started blaring. The sailor on watch-duty burst into the banquet hall, spouting all sorts of gibberish.
Storm, Whirlpool, Danger...
Captain Eric was swift in recognizing the threat that they were facing, and ordered all men back to stations.

Lt Eric went to take the helm, navigating the boat through the choppy waters. The storm relentlessly battered the ship, a torrent of rain unleashed upon, and cold bitter wind nipping at the sailors. Although an experienced navigator, the heavy deluge obscured vision, and Eric could do nothing when the boat's starboard had a rough scrape with an underwater rock ridge.

Seawater poured into the brig's hull. The maelstrom started ripping chunks of wood off, decimating the boat. Realizing that all hope is lost, Eric commanded his men to abandon ship.

Chaos ensued, with everyone scrambling for their lives. Mother and Ariel were caught in the stampede of escaping sailors and pushed out onto deck, separated. On opposite ends of the ship, mother could only watch, terrified, as the ship's mast came crashing down straight to where Ariel was.

Pinned down by her legs, Ariel struggled to free herself. The ship was sinking at a rapid rate, and it was a race against time. Mother rushed towards her, intending to help her daughter escape. At this instance, a lone wave bashed onto the deck, sweeping mother unceremoniously out into sea, engulfed by the churning waters. A mere few feet away from Ariel!

Still stuck under the mast, Ariel wished fervently for strength.

Her prayers were answered.

Her legs started tingling and fusing, while her skin became smoother, segmenting into scales. Originally fair, an emerald hue began blooming from her feet up, making her lower half resemble a fish's tail. She was no longer completely human. With her skin slick, she managed to free herself, and immediately dived into the raging sea to rescue her mother from the currents.

Ariel brought her mother to the nearest shore and started resuscitating her. Slowing regaining consciousness, mother started stirring. Unwilling to let mother see her current state, Ariel plunged back into the water, and after taking a last long look at her mom, disappeared into the great blue.

That was the last time mother saw Ariel.

It is said that Ariel later set out to find others like her - those who have lost loved ones to the cruel sea.
She granted them the power to save drowning people, turning them like her.

Thus the ocean became a safer place, with fewer drowning incidents.

About the eyepatch, hook and pegleg? Well, it is rumored that Apollo himself taught the Mermaids medicine, giving them the skills necessary to heal the injured. The resourceful Mermaids use materials from the sunken boat to fashion makeshift prosthetics for the casualties.
Telikos of Perilous Puppets, Emerald
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Hurrai-West of the Meridian Ocean

Story of the Sea

Avast ye!

This ol' seadog has seen more than enough to make the eyes bewilder, me fellow pirates told me I be crazy, "dead men tell no tales" they told me, wrong mates! There be discoveries to make, the mysterys of the seas, nay the world to be laid out before me eyes.

Never before had a pirate plunged to the depths of the Davy Jones' Locker and told the tale, never, before now!

Well ye see the idea came to me quite suddenly, the day our capt'n found that privateer hidin' amongst our ranks! Our clever cap' tied a cannonball to the leg of privateer Shark-bait and sent him to Davy Jones' Locker! Figured I'd take a similar route but unlike the privateer I'd come better prepared yarr!

After our lovely cap' had split the booty and set into port I had mustered up all the pieces of eight I could and commissioned the creation of something quite spectacular, a giant bottle big enough for two, two huge cannonballs chained onto the neck of the bottle and of course enough for a full moon cycle worth of rum, of course!

I spent the rest of the night polishin' me doubloons and puttin' em' into a smaller bottle, they shine so bright the light would be enough to brighten the depths no problem! I had figured I'd be runnin' outta air eventually from me bottle, so I guessed I'd have to take some smaller bottles o' air to keep it topped up.

So it was finally the day I'd set uhh.. sail? The capt'n and me mateys insisted on seein' me out on this voyage. I had climbed into the bottle and me mates had sealed it tight. I could barely contain me excitement! "Heave Ho" I could hear the cap' yell as they shoved the huge cannonballs into the seas. Never before had I seen the crew so happy for me! As I tipped over the edge I could see them all cheering for me, me! I couldn't help but let out a cheer, onwards Yaaaarrr!!

This here be where the tale gets good mate, I had no idea what me eyes about to be in for and well, for a while, a long, long while it wasn't very exciting, seems I was just moving through the distant darkness for ages! I remember looking up from me rumjug at one point and in the distance I could see somthing, "Thar she blows!" I couldn't keep the words from coming out of me mouth I'd barely seen one whale but a family of three was quite the sight, Yarr! Even the cap' had only claimed to have seen one!

I'd say about four jugs o' rum later it started to get a bit weird mate, I doubt it was the rum either! Just on the borders of the light that shined from my radiant bottle o' doubloons I'd swore I'd seen a silhouette of a black ships hull floating away from me, blimey! that gave me the shivers.

Sho now I 'ave weighted, 'bout ate jugsa rum an itsh getting intrestin' down ere' I sea peeple.. nay I sea.. shee.. C(?) dolls too and they just float n float. I also shaw a baby bottle it looked like it had a boat inside, fink I had too much rum time to catch sum Zzz!

Arrghh! Me eyes hurt looking back upon that parchment (And me head whoa!), but me minds memory isn't failing me, I had decided to keep it in memory of what had been witnessed. Now things be getting intresting, it seems I have been caught in a current, the sheer weight of the cannonballs is pulling me down but the bottle is like a sail in a strong wind refusing to fly off into the distance, I felt me stomach getting the jitters mabye it was the excitement but I figured I'd pop open a bottle o' air in all the thrill of the moment.

About a jug o' rum later I had no idea what I was about to see, I were moving fast and believe it or not I had caught a glimpse of land! All I could see on the land was plant life, I was drifting past it at fast speed but more importantly, I was still drifting towards the glow of the depths below me. About half a jug later I was clearing the land mass, it just floated there! Nothing supporting it, amazing! But that be the tip o' the iceberg mate! As I was sailed through the current and sunk further down into the depths I had noticed that there was light coming from somewhere else. I had a look around and shiver me timbers! It be coming from the land above me, the base of the landmass was gleaming! It was amazing mate, like watching the sun rise over the horizon after sailing a stormy sea for months on end, simply, beautiful I found I was enthralled into watching it's every sparkle.

Two jugs in and I could see another land mass below me! Yet more plant life was on this rock and I'm sure I spotted an Octopod rustling through the sea foliage. I had laid on me back and was watchin', waitin' just so I may witness the amazing glow on the base of the landmass as I sailed further down. I could still see the previous one I had passed twinkling faintly in the distance and I'm sure I could see a couple more sparkling above in the distance.

Four jugs in and it be gettin' quite intresting now mate! I'm sitting ere' in me giant bottle it's like I'm sittin' on a glass ship peering up at a clear night sky! I have been sinkin' at a great speed and have passed many land formations or as I like to call 'em, stars! I had dropped on the land mass above the star but the current was so strong the cannonball couldn't hold onto the land for long and I was off again, floating further into the depths and in awe at what I was seeing.

Last Entry!

I should have packed more ink! I had found myself four sheets to the wind again. Fortunately I'm still doing well on rum! I think I finally hit it, the heart of the world, there are many, many cannonballs! The world is moving, breathing and I can see a mountains of cannonballs in the distance. Every 2/3rds of a rumjug the land all around me seems to Exhale upwards I can see the currents of water being pushed from the heart blowing cannonballs up and then back down. I think it be filling up the world and slowly adding more and more water to the seas!

*The following entry is barely visible and written very small to no doubt conserve ink*
Last, last entry. My rum supply is nearly out and I can see a whole casket of the most expensive aged fine rum doubloons can buy! My air is holding out as I still have a large supply. I can see shadowy figures on the border of my vision and a faint lullaby can be heard in the close distance. I'm going to get that rum I swear it.

*You smash the bottle onto a rock on the sandy shore, inside resides a smaller bottle of fine rum appearing to have a figure of a small man within the bottle of rum. As you polish off the rum you notice that the small figure was actually a miniature pirate doll hugging a casket of fine rum. You scratch your head in confusion and cram the parchments back into a bottle and throw it back into the ocean.*
~ Hurrai on all Oceans

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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Ymmil of Emerald

How League Points Could Be Seen

Ages ago, back when boats were only used for fishing and life was as calm as the peaceful ocean, pirates-- well, not yet as piratey as we are now-- believed that there was not enough adventure on the expanse of defamed ocean. They had experienced the occasional mermaids, mystical aquatic creatures, and zombies at their island, but they were never visited by any other human. There were no islands to explore for not even a dot of brown or green could be seen in the vast spread of blue. It was a lackluster life for them.

The lack of adventure made the islanders believe that their island was the only landform that existed. However, Vargas, a young and handsome alchemist who loved dabbling with magic, disagreed with the society's belief. His strong disagreement caused him to be viewed as a heretic by the society. It made him aloof and discontented with his life on the island.

For years, Vargas had been planning an exploration of the ocean. The only thing that held him from leaving the island was his lover, Gretchen. Gretchen was his rock, his everything, and his only family. One tragic day on his way home, Vargas saw his house ablaze. He ran as fast as he could to reach his home but he was not quick enough, Gretchen was burnt along with his possessions. He despised himself for being careless enough to leave her alone.

Vargas investigated the place where his house once stood and gathered enough evidence to conclude that an arsonist caused the tragedy. With the thought that his lover was killed by other people, his dislike towards society grew into loathing.

With Gretchen gone, he started his expedition. Packed with his equipments and liquids for alchemistry, a journal for his exploration, an ample supply of food for a year, a compass-like device for his route, fist-sized rocks for his exploration, his hatred for his fellow islanders, and his love for Gretchen, Vargas sailed north.

After three of weeks of sailing, he dropped the ship's anchor and decided to leave a mark-- as to not get lost-- on the spot that his sloop was anchored on. But, how would he leave an immovable mark on water? The answer came from the potion concocted by Vargas. This potion forces a quick transformation of rocks into crystal-like ore. The ore then takes the shape of the design on the face of a compass, and glows even in the darkest depths. He took a rock from his stock and poured a small amount of the potion on the rock, then he dropped the rock in to the ocean. Watching the rock sink in to the ocean, Vargas smirked as a sliver of light emerged. Vargas became less of a human after using that potion was his very own soul.

After weeks sailing, he saw a large island ahead of him. He sped up his ship and anchored once he was a few meters from the shore. It was an island far greater than the island he was from. It's abundance of fruits and minerals made it an inhabitable land, a home for a lonely man. However, home was far from his mind. With the thought that there were more islands to be discovered, he departed from the island.

In a span of a decade, Vargas has set foot on numerous islands and has left hundreds of marks on his trail. He was able to leave marks all over the ocean, but it was unclear what happened to Vargas afterwards; some said he returned to the island he originated from, others thought he was driven to lunacy by his loneliness. A few had whispered that he became a villainous immortal being and some just shrugged their shoulders when asked about Vargas. Amidst all these vague details about the life of Vargas, one thing is clear: Vargas' marks were never removed. The sliver of light grew bigger as Vargas' soul decreased, and became the League Points we now see.

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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Pirate name : Falconsduel
Ocean : Emerald

How poker came to be and my role in it.

Avast me hearties, this be the story of how Poker came to be in these waters. It was an odd day all around, I had fearfully applyed for a job on a Sea Monster Hunt with the infamous pirate captain Blackbeard the Pirate.

Much to my surprise I was jobbed and put to work as a cabbin boy, as I ran about tending to the captains orders I noticed another pirate who held himself with pride equal to that of Blackbeard himself. When I was given a moment to myself I asked one of the sailors who he was, I was looked upon as tho I had grown a NOSE!!

After a minute of disbleaving looks the sailor finally responded, " That be Captain Cleaver, the infamous leader of the Dead Ringers. Captain Blackbeard hired him to man the vessel defence, 'round here we just call him the MAA." A moment later I heard a shout from the man just identified to me, " Boy! pick up a sword and help rout these goons from the ship!" and so I ran to help best the goons.

The remainder of the voyage went without trouble, and as we put into port I was invited to the captain's private villa for a night of parlor games. When we arrived at the villa captains Blackbeard and Cleaver went straight to a card table and started playing spades against members of the crew, after a few hours of winning they became bored and switched to hearts.

As we watched them win again and again we could all tell that they were becoming more and more bored, finally Blackbeard said " We need some entertainment, you curs are the worst card players in the seven seas!" With this being said a stranger who had been watching from the corner of the room steps up, and declares he has a new card game called Poker. Captain Cleaver gives the newcomer a once over and asks " What be yer name then stranger?" all eyes turn to the man in anticapation. "You can call me Captain Kenway" he says from under his white hood.

As he sits down to introduce the game to the others Blackbeard bellows, " Cabbin boy! go to the celler and get us fresh bottles of rum!!" I ran to the celler determined not to miss this new game, but as I reached the celler I found it was also where the men liked to brawl. I tried to get around them without intruding on their fights but instead I found myself in the middle of one!

As soon as I could, I made my way into the celler to find the rum and hurry back to the parlor room with the case I had been sent for. When I returned and delivered the rum Cleaver demanded to know what kept me, Blackbeard took one look and said, "HarHar! looks as tho the lad found the brawlers on his way to the rum! he even has a black eye to prove it!" with this he told me to sit in the empty chair next to him, as I sat down he slid over half his PoE that was on the table and gave me one final order....Deal 'em.

And that me hearties is the story of how poker came to these here waters.
Falconsduel on Emerald
Currenty a SO In
Toemoesh's Angels
Ocasionaly exploring other oceans
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Whisked Away
Grengar, Emerald Ocean

Whisked Away

Once there was a pirate who was bad at sailing. He was so bad that officers avoided hiring him on their ships. "A landlubber best stays on land," they would often tell him. On occasion, some ships became desperate enough for jobbers that they would tolerate hiring him but only if he bilges. He therefore never got any sailing practice in, so he never improved.

The pirate often took jobs in apothecary shoppes to pay for his lodgings and expenses in the islands. He was a natural at concocting potions. He didn't like this because it further cemented his status as a landlubber. He had little choice in the matter because it was his most reliable method of earning poes. Little did he know that he would be the inventor of the whisking potion.

One night, the pirate came home reeking of rum. He was standing in the docks earlier that day, waiting for a ship to ferry him to another island. Nobody offered to, so he decided to spend the night drinking at the local inn. His mind was fuzzed and he ended up in the apothecary shoppe he worked in. The kind owner of the establishment decided it would be wise for the pirate to spend the night there given that his cabin was on the other side of the island.

The pirate slept in the apothecary room that night and woke up in the middle of an uninhabited island the next morning. He was holding an empty flask and in his pockets, he found a crumpled leaf of cowslip and an ore of cubanite. Thinking that they were of little value, he threw away them away but decided to keep the flask. He didn't remember much of the night before and came to the conclusion that he must have done something bad under the influence of alcohol and was dumped there as punishment. Unfortunately for him, he was the first and only pirate to ever set foot on that island.

Years passed and the pirate eventually lost all hope for rescue. Food and water was never an issue on the island. Even the animals that inhabited it were docile and plentiful. He fashioned a makeshift house near the shoreline and spent all his time concocting potions from the abundant resources he found on the island. He decided that if he was to die there, he would rather do it while doing something he loved. And so time passed.

One day, a bottle of rum drifted on the shores of the island. It was a blessing from the heavens thought the pirate, so he drunk it with gusto. This one was particularly spicy and it took no time at all to kick in. The next morning, the pirate woke up in the apothecary shoppe he used to work in. He was holding an empty flask on the left hand and a crumpled leaf of cowslip and an ore of cubanite on the right. Then he remembered.

Fortunately, the owner of the shoppe recognized him before alerting the authorities. Apparently, he had been missing for seven years. Nobody believed the pirate's story at first but upon demonstrating the power of the whisking potion, he became known as the legendary landlubber. He didn't care what people called him anymore; he's wiser now. The island was never found and remains a mystery to this day. It is widely believed that if you played a game of drinking and used a whisking potion right after, there is a chance that you will be transported to the island but this remains to be seen.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Comes out to 1497 words for me : ). I hope you enjoy the read ^_^. I wanted to make a little comic strip for this story xD.
Pandaxee, Meridian Ocean
The Black Ship and Navigation

Have ye ever wondered what these eyes have seen? Eight years of fun, that's what. It started when I was a little young pirate... Just eleven years old, I wandered the high seas. Spending time in the inns was my pastime, as was pillaging. One day, I was in the inn and I had a question...
"What is memming?" One particular pirate strained to hear my voice above the noisy din of the crowd.
"Harr! I see ye be new!" he said. I looked to the space above his head, and thought to myself... Well I can't quite remember his name. Was it Branflakes, or Hypnotoad? Or Skittles, possibly Nordenx? The name is a mystery to me, but I thought to myself...What a strange name for a pirate! Still at the beginning of my journey, I knew nothing of the future names I would see. I realized he was still talking to me, "...wondering what memming be, were ye?"
I tuned in again, "It be when ye have all yer stats to broad, then ye board yer very own ship, and take the helm. A new puzzle for ye will come up, navigation!"
I listened in awe, my eyes wide. I quickly checked my stats and saw I did have all my stats at broad experience.
"I want to practice it right away!!" I said.
"Well, let's try ye out!!" The pirate said, and disappeared before my eyes!
Soon a loud 'WUUUEEEEEEE' made me jump a few feet out of my seat. Startled, I focused on my Ahoy! Tab and clicked 'accept'. I was whisked off to a ship! Used to the sight of the flags-blowing, trumpets-sounding, impressive exterior, the ship did nothing for me now. I had my eyes on one thing, and one thing only. I headed straight for the helm! The pirate said, "Welcome aboard me ship! She's the old Glaring Puffer, and she been in me family for two generations now," he winked.
He then ordered me to navigate. And this is where the true tale begins. This is the love story between a pirate and a puzzle, and one of the adventures the two have been through.
...Which I'm sure is how the game gets its name. Pirates falling in love with their puzzles! Back to the story. The helm slid into my hands smoothly, and I flowingly guided my left hand down whilst my right went up, moving the ship from the dock.
"Steady the sails!" I shouted.
Suddenly, the space in front of me turned to dark blue night. Having a deep fascination with space, this change was pleasant to me. Then began the familiar tune of a puzzle starting. Oooh, this could be fun. I smiled to myself pleasantly, as the first instructions of the puzzle popped up. Arrow keys and space were needed. As the puzzle began, I started moving things into their correct spots, and was enjoying it. I soon reached 'Excellent', and the crew was astounded!
"But yer a greenie!" They said.
I continued to navigate, and the head pirate eventually told them to calm down and be glad for the good wind. The next league point, I achieved 'Excellent'.
"Yarr! Good job," the crew grumbled, busy at their own puzzles.
"Thank ye," I beamed at them over my wheel.
Through the night display in front of me, I saw a ship.
"Impact!" I shouted to the crew, and clicked attack!
"Yaaarrrggghhh!" They all said, as we entered the battle navigation puzzle.
I released the helm, now having no idea what to do. The head pirate raced past me to the helm and grabbed ahold of it. I could see him struggling, as the waters were rough suddenly. I was released from my transfixion by a jolting rock of the ship! A huge wave swept aboard and carried off a pirate!
Marianstrnch has left the vessel.
Tsk! I quickly grabbed the empty sailor's spot, then noticed what enemy we were up against.
"That's...A big ship," I managed out of chattering teeth.
"Aye!" The head pirate shouted over the clash of waves, which I now realized were the shockwaves of our enemy's ship moving.
I looked above us, at a massive cloud of smoke surrounding one of the most menacing ships I have ever seen. It was obsidian black, and exuded the stench of death. It loomed closer to our ship, taking its time. I saw gaping maws shouting at our ship from a distance. I quickly turned back to the head pirate.
"How are we going to fight that!1?!111" I exclaimed.
"We aren't," he said.
He had long since stopped playing the bnav puzzle and went to watch from the crow's nest. I joined him.
"What will happen? Who are they?" I asked, frightened.
The head pirate was a hardened sea salt, and had experienced this before.
"I must be the one to deal with these scallywags today," he said grimly.
"They be the Dread Pirates aboard the Black Ship."
"The Black Ship?" I asked.
"Aye, that be what ye see in front of yer eyes, lass."
Without another word, the head pirate jumped overboard.
(Head pirate) has left the vessel.
I rushed to the side of the crow's nest to see where the head pirate went. I spotted him, already far away from the ship, swimming towards the Black Ship.
"What are you doing!?" I yelled in vain.
He didn't reply, and I heard the crew grumbling below, saying the head pirate had left them to die!
Reefsrawk has left the vessel.
Forpie has left the vessel.
Yppgreenie has left the vessel.
Yolo has left the vessel.

Here I was, all alone in the middle of the ocean, with the Black Ship. I scrambled down the crow's nest and to the helm. I grabbed it quickly, ready to brave the bnav puzzle to rescue the head pirate. I looked at all of the controls. There was no helpful instruction pirate for this puzzle. I didn't have time to think. Up, Up, Down, Right I finally decided on, and the ship followed suit. I was still five squares away from the blackness, and the head pirate was three. I waited impatiently for another turn. Left, Left, wait, Up I decided, and the ship followed, bringing me right up to the head pirate.
I pulled him aboard, but failed to notice the Black Ship's cannons positioned behind the ship. I held onto the head pirate as I heard a deafening 'BOOM! KPSCHUU! BLAM!' Then my mind became as black as the ship as I slipped into unconsciousness.
I awoke with a pounding headache. The first thing I noticed was the smell. Death, mold, rotten things, anything horrible you can imagine rolled into one smell. I opened my eyes, my vision bleary. I saw the head pirate a couple feet from me.
"Wake up!"
I shook his shoulder and slapped his face.
He opened his eyes, "We be in a mess, aye..."
I slipped his arm over my shoulder, and stood up.
I had a splinter of wood stuck in my calf. I yanked it out, grunting, then wrapped my bandana around my leg. That'll do, I thought, then hobbled with the head pirate to a set of stairs. I walked up them, and saw nothing. There was no one. We were on the Black Ship, but there were no pirates.
"What is this, why are we alone?" I asked the head pirate. He could stand on his own now, and did so.
"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. The Black Ship be run by NPCs! As soon as we real pirates came aboard, the game gave the controls to us."
"So we aren't in battle anymore?" I said, relieved. No formidable foes, no more fear... I thought.
"But how did we get aboard?" I mused to myself.
"I carried ye up the side, lass! Then collapsed on the floor, and watched me old boat sink into the depths."
He looked forlornly over the starboard side.
"I'm sorry," I said. "Let's go home?"
The head pirate heaved a sigh and turned to me. His expression hardened.
I returned to the navigaton wheel, the fog clearing above me to reveal bright blue sky. I heard the head pirate muttering, "...and I'll report those scuppering greenie landlubbers for abandoning me to the Black Ship!"
The navigation wheel slid easily into my hands again, and I veered the ship to a straight course to the nearest island. When we docked, I released the wheel finally, reluctantly. We stepped off the ship onto the island, and the ship disappeared without a trace. As it disappeared, my thoughts drifted to the helm aboard the ship, and how it had guided me out of the danger. We will meet again, I thought. I wistfully dream of the helm often, and play frequently. Since then, navigation and I have had many fun adventures, and I'm sure there's more to come.
I've sailed the pirate seas for 13 Years.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Chemy on Emerald

Why is there a shortage of drunkards at the Inns?

It’s common to witness how, in our pirate world, Rumble and Swordfighting tables crowd up quickly, one after another, while Drinking tables have a long, patient wait ahead of them, even for a two player match. It’s an inescapable truth that is only somewhat stifled on free days.

But, isn’t it weird for everybody to yearn a senseless fisticuff or a pointy edge in the gut over sharing a drink or ten with a mate? Can the thought really be entertained that it’s more fun to be inelegantly smacked around the face with a smelly fish rather enjoying a pirate’s best and most loyal friend: rum?

Alcohol is fun: it has a certain social quality, loosens you up with the ladies (or gents), and serves you well both in celebrating success and lamenting sorrows. There really is no logical sense to this brawl-over-booze preference! In fact, if you need more proof, I can assure you that our historical pirate forefathers spent much more time drinking rather than fighting, either with their swords or their fists. And yet, the fighting produced slightly more fatalities than the drinking! So really, this is a question of life or death. A life in joy and merriment through drink, or a death in suffering through brawling and fencing.

Now, of course, not all pirates were satisfied by rum alone (or some of its byproducts, like grog, “Blackstrap”, or Blackbeard’s favorite, gunpowdered rum – none of whom would ever clear today’s health and safety standards), no, some hedonists had to go beyond, and that is how one of the hottest, most off-the-chain drinks ever to be concocted by pirates came to be: The Rumfustian.

Even though there’s no reason to do so, I’ll share the recipe with you:

1 tsp. Sugar
2 oz. Sherry
1 cup Ale
2 Egg Yolk
Lemon Peel
Several cloves
2 oz. Gin
cinnamon stick
ground Nutmeg

(Beat egg yolks in a bowl with sugar. In a saucepan, bring ale, gin, sherry, cinnamon, cloves, and lemon peel to the boiling point (but do not boil), then pour in egg mixture, stirring briskly with a whisk. Serve in a warmed mug and top with grated nutmeg.)

Well, back to trying to understand why drinking at Inns is such a sparsely practiced activity, I think I found the answer: In our pirate world, you can’t die from your wounds even if you’re cleavered to pieces or bludgeoned into a coma by every blunt weapon known to man. In fact, it’s an everyday occurrence! Doing this every day, we certainly burn off more calories than with any other physical activity – looking at it this way, it’s understandable that we’d rather fight than get hopelessly hammered. It’s true: It really is better to improve our bodies on the inside and the outside by practicing martial arts, than to empty our insides from getting far too drunk. This might also answer the question of why you won’t find overweight pirates: Of course, we spend all our time working out, rather than raising our body fat along with our glasses. Actually, most of our brawls are probably caused by drinking too much, aren’t they?

Well, it all seems pretty confusing, hopefully you’ll make more sense out of it.
Although there’s always somebody who said it better:
“Ah, alcohol, the cause and solution to all problems in life!”
- Homer Simpson (who might not be a pirate, but has the soul of one!)
Chemy, a drunk from Midnight and other oceans.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Soriamora on Emerald

Why Swords turns to sticks... Sit down, relax and be quiet ;)

In a land far away from other stories and where other story tellers live, there was a young man called Vargas. He had everything he could dream of, he had the look and the girls always screamed when they saw him. With skin as white as snow, lips red as blood, hair black as onyx (snow - white? ) and muscles like a hero, he could walk around without doing nothing. All day long he just walked around and winked to every girl he saw, but he never gave anyone a chance to talk, so the poor girls went back home crying and sniffling... (What a meanie!). One day Vargas was doing nothing (as normal...) there was a old man walking over to him at the dock. He claimed his name was Mad Eye and that he had a sword of pure gold with rubies and diamonds in his home. Mad eye then asked Vargas if he would follow him home and have a look at the sword. Vargas nodded and walked to the old mans house. Inside, the floor was made of wood, the walls where covered in strange paper with signs no one could understand, except from the old man himself. But there in the corner in a small sword rack Vargas noticed something shiny.He went over to take a look. All he could see was this beauty of a sword, sparkling and sending out tiny sparks with different colors and shapes. He just had to touch it, but at the same time everything went black! (Oh no!) Vargas tried to open his eyes, but everything felt heavy and he couldn't see a thing around him. Vargas called out for Mad Eye, but he was alone. So Vargas laid down again to wait for him to return. Next time Vargas opened his eyes the sun was sending small stripes of light into the cabin, but Vargas got a shock... It was not the same cabin he went to the day before! Vargas tried to look around him and could not see any windows.He also noticed a small door (and too tiny for Vargas to get out). He cursed Mad Eye for fooling him and luring him into captivity, for a stupid sword. The sword! Where was it? Oh it was still there, glory glory glory! Still sparkling, but this time it was talking to Vargas. The sword said that from this day on, he would be known as Vargas the Mad because everything he had experienced the previous day was just a fantasy. The sword then stopped sparkling before Vargas the Mad could throw it away. And with a snap it broke into pieces and all that was left was a stick.
Vargas the Mad cursed the stupid sword for being such a useless sword and told himself that from that day all swords in the world should turn to sticks when they grew old.

And since then he has been raging the seas, pillaging and treasure hunting for a sword that would not fool him like the previous one. That is why pirates now and then run into Vargas the Mad. We are all chasing the same dream, the same treasure, but every time we win against him and grab the treasure his spell turns all of the swords into sticks. And some of us still have sticks and can not afford buying new swords. It's been said that only Vargas the Mad and his friends can make new swords that will not turn to sticks after aging. So all the swords at the shoppes in Aimuari,Admiral etc. will turn to sticks even if the owners try hard to keep them from aging. But they have no magic...

And that my friends is why Swords turns to sticks....
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Sugerxx of Meridian!

The Chemist's Chromas


"Oi! Is this red or purple?!"
"What color is that parrot?"
"Do you even know what color shoes you're wearing?"

"Papa, the kids on the docks make fun of me for not being able to see colors properly..."
Trevor's heart wrenched at the sound of utter sadness in his young daughter's voice. "I'm sorry sweetie, you just have to ignore them. Don't let what they say affect you."
"Why can't I see normally, Papa? Even while coloring, I sometimes make the grass blue instead of green! Grass is not blue Papa!"
"I know, I'm sorry Susanna, I wish I could help you." He gathered her in his arms, "Go to sleep now, Momma wouldn't like you being up this late."

As Susanna fell asleep in his arms, Trevor reminisced on the day that he and his wife Claire found out that their baby girl was partially color blind.

The day after Susanna was born, the doctor had walked in bearing tragic news. The color sensitive cells in Susanna's retina hadn't developed properly, and even though she was not completely colorblind, Susanna would be partially color blind for the rest of her life. The doctor stated that this was not caused by something external, that Claire and Trevor had done nothing wrong. Even so, as the doctor left the room, Claire and Trevor were struck with despair. How could something so small, yet so important to their daughter's life, not be their fault? What did they do wrong? These questions haunted Claire and Trevor throughout the first few months of Susanna's life. But as Susanna grew from new born to infant, the parents knew that their Susanna was a bundle of perfection, and nothing could change their love for their child. They learned how to adapt to Susanna's condition, and made life as joyful as possible for their little girl.

Six years later, the condition has returned to haunt the family of three. Once word got out that Susanna was partially color blind, Susanna would return home everyday with a frown on her face, saying that the kids were making fun of her again. It made Trevor's heart ache.

That night after tucking Susanna into bed, Trevor settled down in his empty one. Claire hadn't been home much recently, she was out and about on voyages, supporting her family with the PoE she earns. Trevor, on the other hand, got sea sick on ships, and preferred to stay on land, working in the apothecary shoppe that his family has owned for generations.

As he lay there, Trevor thought about the conversation he had with Susanna a few hours ago.

He knew she could see very few colors in their entirety, her favorite was Night Blue, because it was so bold and reminded her of the night sky. Sadly, Night Blue wasn't a common color to come by. Atlantean and Indigo were other colors Susanna loved.

He kept thinking about what it was like not to fully appreciate the colors of the world, and how he wanted to give Susanna that opportunity.

Suddenly, he sat up in bed, an idea brewing in his mind. He knew what he had to do to let Susanna see more colors than she has ever before.
If the colors that are available right now wouldn't suffice, then the only option was to create more. If the colors were rare, he'd have to figure out a way to make them easily accessible to everyone. He, after all, is a chemist right? He grew up mixing potions into whatever he pleased. For Susanna, he would create dyes. Dyes that turned fabric so vibrant and absolute that Susanna can see them from a mile away. With that thought in mind, Trevor slowly drifted to sleep.

Trevor started his plan early the next morning. He decided to start off by trying to duplicate Susanna's favorite color: Night Blue. He knew what he needed: pigment and water. Dyes weren't complicated to put together, but the difficult part was finding the proper ingredients for the pigment.

As he began to mix together various potions with various herbs, Trevor realized that the color they produced could not compare to Night Blue. After many failed attempts, Trevor scrummaged around his shoppe, desperate to find anything that might produce a deep navy color. He then spotted a pile of Gravestone Fragments, hidden away in the corner of his shoppe. Trevor had earned them while on his rare voyages to the Haunted Seas, but never thought they had any value.

"Night Blue comes from Haunted Seas," Trevor thought, "so do these trinkets...could they work?"

Upon closer inspection, Trevor saw that these trinkets were made from a dark navy, almost black stone that if grounded, would turn into a very fine powder.
He whipped out his mortar and pestle, and began grinding. Sure enough, with a lot of hard work, he was awarded with a bowl filled with dark navy dust, the perfect pigment powder. Now that he's got the pigment, Trevor looked around his shoppe for a spare vial and cork. After finding some hiding in a crate, Trevor slowly filled the vial with a mixture of water and oil, then gradually added in the pigment. As the first spoonful went in, and the water turned from clear to a deep dark blue in seconds. The more Trevor added, the more concentrated the mixture became. After 5 spoonfuls of the pigment, Trevor decided to give the mixture a final mix and proceed to test it out. Using a scrap piece of fabric, he poured a small amount of the dye onto it. Sure enough, the plain white fabric transformed into the velvet fabric color that his daughter truly loves.

"I can't believe it!" Trevor whispered to himself, "Night Blue cloth, my little girl will be ecstatic!"

Trevor then experimented with other trinkets (Claire had a vast collection), such as Sunken tablets from Atlantis and Homunculus seeds from Cursed Isles. He ground the Sunken tablets in the same way he did the Gravestone Fragments, and the tablet soon turned into a fine periwinkle powder. He too grounded up the Homunculus seeds, whose insides were tinted a vibrant purple.

Trevor was now standing in front of his work table, his hands tinted with patches of deep blue, light blue and purple. On his table were the dyes, Night Blue, Atlantean, and Indigo, mixed and stored in small glass vials.

"Papa?" Susanna poked her head into the shoppe, her bed hair sticking up in multiple directions.
"Hey honey, look what Papa made you!" Trevor said as he scooped up Susanna and carried her over to his work table.
"Ooh Papa I can see those colors! Is that Night blue? I want to see!" Trevor placed her down and she raced to the table, her tiny hands grasping the nearest vial to her.
"What are these Papa?"
"Something I made while thinking of you. Do you want to see what they do?"
Susanna nodded, and watched intently as her dad poured the Indigo liquid in the glass vial onto a piece of cloth, changing it from white to the bright color of Indigo.
"Papa, papa! That color is pretty!"
"I made these for you hun, so I can dye your clothes so you can see the colors clearer. Other people can have these dyes too, so wherever you go you'll see beautiful colors."
Susanna hugged her father's leg tightly. "But what if I want another color? Like yellow or green?"
"Then I will find a way to make them for you, anything for my baby girl." He then reached down and embraced the most colorful thing in his world.

Since then, Trevor has been creating brilliant, dazzling cloth dyes, in which he stores in glass vials. He shared his creation with Claire as soon as she got home, and they both came up with a name for these dyes: Chroma. He has created dyes for already existing colors, such as Black, Gold, Indigo, Atlantean, and Night Blue. Since these colors were hard to come by, the chroma now makes them easily accessible to all. Upon request of his little girl, Trevor has created eight new colors: Banana (bright yellow), Chocolate (deep brown), Ice Blue (pale blue), Plum (deep purple), Royal Blue (bright blue), Sea Green (vibrant green), Spring Green (bright green) and Wine (deep pink). These colors soon became known as Limited Edition Colors, as they come seasonally. When the ingredients for the pigments come available, the chromas become available.These chromas have become a sensation in the pirate world. Pirates from every ocean can be spotted wearing any of these chroma Limited Edition colors, and soon there will be more to come.

As for Susanna, she is very thankful for her Papa's creation. Susanna wakes up everyday surrounded by breathtaking and beautiful colors. She hopes that everyone appreciates and values the color of life as she does, and to never underestimate the power of a father's love.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Just under 1500 words! Enjoy!
Wipley of Emerald
Wipley's Adventures: Cleaver and His Booty Panel

An, the wonderful and glorious world of a pirate, how I do love it so! There are always wonders to be explored, riches to be made, and the occasional brothel or two to examine thoroughly (in order to find the most comfortable bed, naturally).

But of course there is always something that I wonder about, and I could never put my finger on the correct answer. It always seemed to elude me, wherever I chose to look.

Until, on that fateful pirate day, on the eve of the winter solstice, a group of bandits bearing the mark of Captain Cleaver (A Triadic series of interwoven golden rings) captured me and -at cleaver point- lead me to their secret hideout on the top floor of the most desolate inn in the ocean.

There were three there with me, but I remembered hearing some scuttling footsteps on the wooden floor below. The room we were in was musty. The smell of burning tobacco mixed in with the oaken walls seemed to darken and dampen the room with a sense of misery so profound, I shuddered periodically to rid myself of its evils.

The first two bandits were male. One bore an eye patch and the other a hook. I named them Unlucky and Stupid, appropriately.

The third was different. Dressed in a magnificent purple gown made for fighting, she was the most magnificent creature my eyes had yet to lay eyes on (excluding the Kraken of course, though everyone seems to forget the Kraken nowadays). She was clearly the leader, wearing the Captain's hat. She walked and spoke with power and confidence, and I immediately took a liking to her. A highly regrettable liking, at that.

"My my, what do we have here?" Coldness erupted from her voice.

"We gone and captured usselves a good 'un here m' Captain," said Stupid, grinning.

"Silence!" She warned... "I will decide what's good and what to feed the dogs with!"

Her boots clanked across the floor as she walked around me, examining.

"What's your name, Ugly?"

Apparently she used the same methodology in naming me as I did when naming her cronies.

"You first, Siren."

She slapped me, but seemed to approve of the title.

"All right, all right... No need for that!" I winked at her and she turned away, disgusted.

"I go by Wipley, although the women in the brothel call me everything but. And I'm not one to make social calls, I prefer talking with a sword, if you follow."

Her eyes sparkled like gold when I mentioned my name.

"Ah, yes! I've heard tales... all of which seemed to end with a pirate crew sinking without their ship."

"Yes, well, I do like to keep good company. Perhaps you'll join me," my attempt was subtle, but she knew better and laughed.

"As if!" She turned to face her henchmen and asked, "what'd you find on him?"

The two looked at each other and Unlucky said, "twenty-seven pairs of clothes, seventeen swords, fourteen bludgeons, two tons of furniture, and seventeen-hundred and sixty-two trinkets, m' Lady."

She raised her eyebrows and looked at me suspiciously and said, "you... You carry all of that around with you?"

I shrugged and responded, "I've always wondered about that too... They didn't even notice the tall fetish I have in my pantaloons."

"How does one carry so much on them..." I wondered again, silently. To me, it was just a consequence of spending my life at sea. I had never really questioned exactly how I had acquired or been able to carry such a load with me.

My captor seemed to be wondering the same thing. With brows furrowed, she mumbled something about her captain. She turned and walked straight toward me, unsheathing her sword. She tossed it in the air and caught it at the handle. With an overhand motion, she struck me on the top of the head with the hilt. The last thing I remembered was the purple jewel of her hilt flashing by my eyes....

I awoke to a bucket of water splashing my face. Waves snuck up on the rocks around me, and I could tell I was in a cave. I struggled to free myself, but was tied taughtly to a wooden chair.

I squinted at the figure in black who stood before me, still dazed from the blow to my head. He was an overpowering man, and he carried a black octopus on his shoulder. He bore a tattoo of a cleaver on his bare forearm, and wielded a black cleaver at his waist.

Captain Cleaver.

"Welcome! I'm sorry we had to meet on such circumstances, Wipley. My associate here has told me about you... and your... stuff. She was right to bring you to me. I have the answers both of you are looking for."

I was surprised by his warm demeanor. Although I supposed it was just a ploy. He was the notorious Cleaver, after all, and I knew he earned his reputation as a cold-blooded mercenary, and wore it proudly.

"I am right to assume that all this stuff is yours, yes?" He motioned toward a mountainous pile of goodies near the back of the cave.

I nodded.

"And I am also right to assume that you do not understand how you came to hold all of those items on your person at one time, am I not?"

I nodded again.

"Of course I am." He began pacing across the stone ground with his hands held behind his back.

"You see, Wipley, our world is not as it seems. Throughout my travels, I had come to possess every single item from every single culture that has ever existed. Atlanteans, Brigand Kings, Imperials, Vikings, all fell subject to my mighty cleaver, and I had stockpiled every item I could to prove my dominance. After a while, I became bored with the mundaneness of killing and plundering that all of us pirates so love, and I ventured past the edge of the ocean, beyond any known landmark. Into the Abyss."

He paused here, for effect.

"I eventually reached an island. A beautiful island, filled with exotic fruits, plants, and mystery. My crew, exhausted from the trip engorged themselves with the native fruits, later throwing them up in a series of events they later coined the term "The Unforgettable Hour," silly folk."

"I took that time to wander alone toward the center of the island. I hacked my way through the wild jungle, and began to lose hope in discovering anything of importance. After climbing a particularly steep hill, I emerged through the jungle to a massive clearing. I looked down to see a building larger than a grand frigate. It was marvelously built, pillars of marble revealed the entrance. I ran toward the front of the building, and a plaque on the door said "Developer Island." I pushed the door open. It had clearly been abandoned for quite some time. I explored every room, searching for something. Most of what I saw was ruins from an older, forgotten time. But the very last door I opened, marked "For Cleaver" caught my attention."

"The door creaked as I pushed it open. Inside was a gigantic orb that glowed blue. I spent time studying its shape and discovered an intricately webbed design. I pressed my finger to one of the intersections and saw a name of a pirate I had met a time or two at the inn. Underneath his name was a list of panels. I was particularly interested in the one that said "Booty." It had every item the pirate owned. I eventually found my own name. Upon clicking it the orb changed to a message. It read:

Hello Cleaver,
You have been chosen to restart what is known as the Development Team. We have all that you need stored here. Good luck.


"You see, Wipley? It was all there! This "booty" panel was the secret to everything! It's how we store our items, and carry so much at a time! I don't know how it all works, but it does! Isn't it amazing?"

I gaped at him. "Wow."

"Exactly! I started their development team and expanded our pirate world tenfold, using my collected mass of items to create new environments, and here we are now!"

"And I thought I was a little nuts..." I muttered to myself.

"What?" He asked.

"Can I go home now?"

"Err... Sure. Let me just find you a whisking potion!"

And that is how I learned of the booty panel. I still never quite understood where exactly my "booty" was, but decided that questioning it might bring me even more problems.
Wipley of Emerald
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Musicologist of Meridian

Chapter XVII from the Chronicles by Epicologist.
Note: I'm not giving away some of the PourQuoi's now, I've tried to make their origins very convoluted and improbable as the prompt requested! I'd like to think that some of them are subtle, but by the end you really should be beaten over the head by some of them. Enjoy! [i.e. There are too many of them for me to create an alliterative title :x ]

Many moons ago -before the invention of the cannon and advent of dolls in portraits, just after the First Great Pirate War, but not so late as the creation of the Fez- an evil developer sorcerer had finally completed coding for an army of aquatic beasts headed by a "pillager of pillagers" a ten-tentacled behemoth that he lovingly christened as the Kraken.

He issued a patch release declaration of war upon the free seas, opening the gates at Ceph Labs Inc. the edge of the sea- allowing hordes of oversized nautili and improbably-proportioned sea turtles to descend upon the peaceful population of pirates. As the legions arrived in peaceful waters, there quickly emerged three pirate lords who fended off the initial wave of creatures, isolating the beasts in small pockets of the sea which later became known as the first Sea Monster Zones*.

These three pirate lords were in fact siblings- the sons and daughter of Cleaver the Clever, hero of the First War, and as legend has it: the first pirate*.

The eldest son, known as Heff, was a bold, hard-headed captain- a master smith who practiced piracy aboard an impressive floating fortress of iron.

The youngest was a chef-turned-explosives junky. Though self-proclaimed as Captain Pyro, his quick-tempered and bold nature caused this declaration to sound more like "Pro*". He captained an explosives-laden vessel which easily violated every single Ship Fire Safety Code - the committee's director was a frequent drinking guest.

The middle child, Fate, was a quiet young woman- a weaver, before her ability to craft leagues of sail cloth made her captain of the quickest ship on the seas. Always settling fiery sibling disputes between her equally hot-headed brothers, she was a great diplomat and mediator.

Not long after initial success, dark clouds appeared on the horizon and a perpetual steady rain began to fall- first a deceptive mist but soon sheets of pelting rain fell as lightning bolts of judgment seemed to fall from Olympus itself. The Kraken had arrived decimating fishing villages and jaunty port towns, the Kraken threatened to bring man's seafaring days to a brutal close.

Mounting a final resistance against the Kraken, the remaining fleets of free pirates converged upon it.

This was a mistake.

In open water, the tentacled mass tore apart the armada. Columns of suction cups crashed upon and swept across the wooden decks. The swords, catapults, pistols and spear-flinging ballistas of the brave seamen only slightly impeded the beast whose tough carapace offered a nearly impenetrable defense.

Defeated, the remainder of the fleet, led by the three flagships of the siblings, retreated from a Kraken whose only injury could have been likened to a slight limp. Nonetheless, the monster gave chase to the crippled dregs of the pirate resistance.

The pursuit reached Fodder Pass* a narrow, rocky fjord whose tail was the end of the ocean- the churn of waters here was accompanied by a symphony of ghostly wails. As the Kraken neared in its pursuit, the fleet soon found itself trapped at the mouth of the channel to an infinite void and could only lie anchored in wait. Desperate, the pirate lords met to discuss in a last-ditch planning session.....

"We should do something... um... explosive!" remarked Pyro.

With a glare, Heff, quickly retorted: "Ye'll probably take yourself out before ye even touch the slimy beast."

"My attacks are ferocious and explosive and my ships speed is faster and more explosive than your iron tub" the younger brother snarled.

"It's gonna take a wee bit more than a couple fireworks and pretty lights to take that thing out, shorty" snorted Heff

"Oh yeah?", Pro sputtered, "Well....ahh....explosions!"

The exchanges quickly grew more attacking and mudslinging, and the meeting descended inevitably into a scuffle with the crews of each captain brawling in a large fray.

"I've got a plan" said Fate quietly, watching the rumble unfold. She went unheard as night fell upon the stranded resistance.

The spiraling tentacles of the monster churned, drawing closer to Fodder Pass. By morning, even through the hazy mist, a white dot appeared on the horizon. Approaching quickly, the crews could soon discern it as the frothy white of a tossing sea. Not long after that, the dot had become the Kraken- its terrible maw uttering a screech which pierced even the dazed ears of the drunken lookout.

The remaining pirates assembled aboard the three ships, arranged with that of the eldest captain in the lead (according to Last Stand Tradition). The Kraken continued to converge on the mouth of the narrow stone pass.

Haughty even in the face of death, Heff called back from the helm of his iron ship: "stay behind me little ones, this is going to be messy."

Final fuse blown, Pyro returned "I'll show you a little one!!" He procured a box of matches from his tattered overcoat and sauntered towards the open hatch to the hold of his ship.

He struck a match. It fell.

Fate sighed, "always the middle sibling...."

In that instant, she prayed to a probably non-existent Goddess of Weaving*, and wove furlongs- even leagues- of cloth. It seemed to the men on deck that suddenly a wall of weavery had suddenly sprouted aboard the middle ship- blocking the pass completely.

The moment came- an explosion rocked the otherside of the wall, an incredible shockwave swept through the pass. The cloth wall could prevent the fiery by products from reducing the other two siblings to ashes, but would not block the godly pressure from the blast. This shockwave picked up the only remaining ship -this is what I wanted" thought Heff- and propelled it forward, the pressure seeming to propagate in the narrow stone confines of Fodder Pass.

Like the iron fist of some mad god, the iron flagship smashed into the on-coming Kraken putting its redevelopment schedule 10 years back * obliterating it completely. The scorched remains of the cloth and the splintered debris from the once-proud vessels were swept over the edge of the ocean in a sudden pick-up of current, the remains of the Kraken soon followed- the survivors stared blankly as its corpse rushed through the pass. It seemed nothing had happened*

Many years later, when piracy restabilized, the first cannons emerged in battle- aboard the veteran vessel: Remember the Kraken (A now fictional beast), a relic of the now antiquated age. An old salt below decks mutters "A narrow chamber....Powder-Wad-Shot*..., at least that's how them three siblings did it...that seamstress was a pretty one.... I wonder what happened to her.....*"

They say that day, each of the three siblings perished and became Gods, Masters of the Oceans* themselves, having bestowed upon pirates the key to their hall-mark and keystone weapon.

1. The invention of the cannon (far-fetched right?), don't forget to use the magic water current bucket to clean it!
2. Creation of Sea Monster Zones (I've even described some familiar foes)
3. Why the legend of the Kraken
4. The actualy kraken (it dosn't really exist... does it?)
5. /e giggles - the kraken's development
6. Ceph the evil dev sorceror
7. Origins of three of our oceans masters: Heph, Clotho and "Pro"
8. Perhaps the origins of the piratey turn-of-phrase: "Cannon Fodder"
9. The first pirate: Cleaver
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