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Puzzle Pirates coming to tablet!

As many of you know, Puzzle Pirates is well into its 10th year of continuous operation. Thanks!

Throughout that time, Puzzle Pirates has been exclusively published on desktop computers from our website and through partner sites. However, over the last couple of years, the way people play games like Puzzle Pirates has begun to change; the kind of casual, engaging social game we set out to make is now seen as much on tablet devices as PCs. Perhaps more importantly, we also believe that 14-18% of current players own and use mobile devices other than phones.

Last year, we began looking at the possibility of bringing Puzzle Pirates to the tablet. Puzzle Pirates is a big game, larger and more complex than most games currently available on the tablet, making it initially uncertain whether migrating the game would be possible. However, over the last couple of months, we've reached a point where we believe we can bring the full Puzzle Pirates experience to other devices. Hurrah!

Puzzle Pirates today is as much about the community as the game itself; with this in mind, we've chosen to approach the tablet as an expansion to the current game. When it launches, players will be able to enjoy the game from their PC or tablet using the same account, sailing the same ships, and playing the same puzzles. It will be our job to make sure the experience is balanced and equitable between these two platforms; our hope is that we'll bring a fresh audience to expand and enhance the existing game community. However, as a result of this decision, some of the larger features we hoped to bring to the game, including the Kraken, will be delayed until a couple of months after the release of the tablet version, making it easier for the development team to complete work on the tablet and desktop features in parallel.

This is our first announcement about this significant change to the game, perhaps the biggest change in the game since we launched doubloons. We'll continue to provide updates as we get closer to launch, which we hope will be sometime during this summer.

There will be some other changes that will happen in tandem with this launch. We plan to improve our website in the coming months to make it more accessible on other devices. We are also exploring how our forums work and are managed. We'll keep everyone up to date on these changes, as well, along with the events and in-game activities we're planning to celebrate the launch.

But for now, I hope that everyone in the Puzzle Pirates community is as excited as we are about this new development in the game's long history!

Here is a discussion thread and opportunity for questions.


- Capn Cleaver, aka Daniel, co-founder & CEO of Three Rings

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