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Monkey Boat Hunting Guide Reply to this Post
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The following guide outlines methods of hunting the monkey boat intended for ONE ship of pirates. Methods involving 2 or more ships hunting the monkey boat are not included.

1. If you run a monkey boat hunt, you WILL booch your bnav rating (unless you create an alt and make it bnav in your place).
2. I am not sure about the effects monkey boat hunting has on a crew's PVP rating. If you can keep all sloops inside one crew, that would probably be for the best.
3. Monkey Boat Hunting can be VERY frustrating. Occassionally you can go 20+ or even 30+ attempts without spawning a monkey boat. But then again, you can also spawn 4 monkey boats in a row if you get lucky.

Spawning Rate:
It is uncertain exactly what increases the monkey boat's chance of spawning (attempting to discover such things is an exercise in insanity). But the following seem to be true from my experience:
1. Fruit is not necessary in the ship's hold. As long as the ship's hold is not empty the monkey boat can spawn. I try to keep my ships' holds near full. (always leave at least 1KG and 1L available since the monkey boat can give KB).
2. A boat that is FULL has a lower spawn rate than a boat that has fewer people on it. For sloops, which will be outlined in this guide, 5 or fewer people seems to be a sweet spot. For 5 or fewer people, you should get the monkey boat on average in 1 out of every 7 or 8 attempts (thanks to gagundss for the calculations).

I will outline 4 Monkey Boat Hunting methods that have been tested by myself and assess the pros and cons. The four methods are
(1) 2 sloops - one pirate in charge
(2) 3 sloops - one pirate in charge
(3) 6 sloops - one pirate in charge
(4) 6 sloops - two pirates in charge (tag-team effort)
The above list is also in order of increasing effectiveness. (i.e. 1<2<3<4)

The methods will be detailed in order of increasing difficulty to run:

2 Sloops Method
This method is outlined here.
Comments about the above guide:
1. He claims 5 pirates is the minimum. As long as you have good rumblers, this is not necessary. I can run a good monkey boat hunt with 3 people (and I have ran one with 2, but occassionally we did lose the battle).
2. I let everyone laze if we are not fighting the monkey boat. Bilge/Damage do not worry me too much since monkeys are terrible rumblers. Sometimes I even let people laze during a monkey battle - I just go for a quick grapple. Nevertheless, you should always have a gunner. If you are unsure about how good your crew is at rumbling, you might want to keep bilge/damage low.
3. He claims that you should not Max the monkey boat. I partly agree with this but partly disagree. From my experience, you should not max-0 the monkey boat. As long as the monkey boat has hit you a few times, it should not run away when it is maxed.
4. He claims monkeys rarely appear more than a few times when using the same pair of ships. I do not believe this is true; if you keep trying you eventually will get more. However, I do believe that you should switch boats every once in a while because your monkey hunting sloop will become badly damaged after a while.

1. Easiest method.
2. Relaxing - Most of the time will be spent sitting back/talking with yer pirates on board.
1. Slowest method.

3 Sloops Method
2 Stocked Sloops*
1 Unstocked Sloop*
1 Officer Badge
1 Alt with an Officer Badge
*Sloops must be ported at same island

Basically the same as the 2 Sloops method, with the exception that in between battles you do not wait for 2 minutes.
After you finish an attempt:
1. Leave the vessel and go on your other stocked vessel (make sure you do not let your vessel float out to sea). It is fine to leave the vessel at the island without porting; however, it will slowly fill the bilge. I personally never port until I'm done.
2. Call All Hands on the new vessel, and once everyone gets aboard try again.

1. Faster than the 2 Sloops Method.
1. Can be stressful.
2. Involves your pirate changing environments a lot. Not a good idea if your computer has trouble loading many different places in succession.

6 Sloops Method - two pirates
You EACH need:
2 Stocked Sloops*
1 Unstocked Sloop*
1 Officer Badge
1 Alt with an Officer Badge
1 Alt without any Badge
*Sloops must be ported at same island
Note: Preferably both pirates have their sloop group on two different islands.

This method requires 2 people to each be Triple Clienting. This is basically 2 people each running the 3 Sloops method.
The following is an example scenario of this run.
Pirates A and B are running a 6 Sloops - 2 man Monkey Hunt.
Pirate A has stocked sloops A1, A2, and unstocked sloop U1
Pirate A has officer alt Alt_A1 and regular alt Alt_A2
Pirate B has stocked sloops B1, B2, and unstocked sloop U2
Pirate B has officer alt Alt_B1 and regular alt Alt_B2
Pirates A & B and all Jobbers start on sloop A1.
Alt_A1 is on sloop U1.
Alt_A2 is on sloop A1.
Alt_B1 is on sloop U2.
Alt_B2 is on sloop B1.
Pirate A sets A1 to sail and turns about.
Pirate Alt_A1 sets U1 to sail and engages sloop A1.
If(Failed attempt)
Pirate B leaves sloop A1 and goes onto sloop B1.
Pirate B calls all hands onto B1.
(If Pirate B is in a different crew, he jobs all of the jobbers into his crew,
which can be done by using f-key chat shortcuts "/job <name>")
Pirate A and Alt_A1 ensure a grapple.
Pirate A boards sloop B1 once certain of either a grapple or Alt_A1 being
able to grapple in the following turn
Pirate B sets B1 to sail and turns about.
Pirate Alt_B1 sets U2 to sail and engages sloop B1.
If(Failed attempt)
Pirate Alt_A1 straghtlines the swordfight and turns his ship around
Pirate A leaves sloop B1 and goes onto sloop A2.
Pirate A calls all hands onto A2 (and/or jobs them).
Pirate B and Alt_B1 ensure a grapple.
Pirate B boards sloop A2 once certain of either a grapple or Alt_B1 being
able to grapple in the following turn.
Pirate Alt_A2 boards A2 only once sloop A1 is sitting at the island (i.e. no longer sailing)*

Rinse and repeat
(with Alt_B2 only boarding B2 on the next attempt once B1 is sitting at the island)

When Monkey Boat Spawns:
Alt_A2 or Alt_B2 (whichever is on the vessel) leaves and gets replaced by a bot
^If you want Alt_A2 or Alt_B2 to bnav, leave right before the grapple

*This step is important. If there are NO pirates aboard a ship, it will not sail anywhere (including going back to the island). It will sit in one place and be vulnerable to attacks by brigads/barbarians. This step is not needed in the 3 Sloops method because by the time everyone switches sloops, the other sloop should already be at the island.
Note: It may be possible to circumvent the need for Alt_A2 and Alt_B2 if you make sure the engage only occurs once your monkey hunting boat is sitting at the island. I have not tested this method though, so I cannot say. However, Alt_A2 and Alt_B2 will give you an extra Bot during battle, which is a definite plus.
Note2: Alts Alt_A2 and Alt_B2 can be ordered to navigate every battle so that you do not booch your bnav rating.

1. Fastest method outlined in this guide. Theoretically a 3-man run would be faster, since this method does have small waiting periods once perfected.
2. Less stressful than the 3 Sloops method due to having 2 people in charge. (This may not be true for you, but I find it true for myself).
1. Complexity. No porting is involved, so 6 sloops will be unported at the dock interface. You must know which sloop to go onto next.
2. Hard to coordinate: if one person makes a mistake with the bnav, it can mess up the flow of both people.

6 Sloops Method - one pirate
4 Stocked Sloops*
2 Unstocked Sloops*
1 Officer Badge
2 Alts with an Officer Badge
2 Alts without an Officer Badge
*Sloop groups of 2 stocked and 1 unstocked must be ported at same island

This method requires 1 person to be Quintuple Clienting. As per the note in 6 Sloops - two pirates, it may be to possible run this by only Triple Clienting (has not been tested). DO NOT TRY THIS METHOD IF YOU DO NOT HAVE EXPERIENCE RUNNING A MONKEY BOAT HUNT - IT WILL END UP BEING SLOWER THAN EASIER METHODS.

Basically this method is 1 person running the same method outlined in 6 Sloops - two pirates. The only difference is that once you have ensure a grapple on a failed attempt, then you leave and go to the next ship and call everyone onto that ship. There is no second officer to leave earlier and make the call faster. Thus is is slower than the 2 man hunt.

1. Fastest method outlined in this guide for 1 officer running a hunt.
1. Most complex method in this guide. Many clients open and many sloops. You must be on track of what needs to be done and what sloop needs to be boarded next.
2. Most stressful method in this guide - this method should NOT be attempted unless the 3 Sloops method has been previously attempted. It is also suggested to try the 6 Sloops - 2 man method before this one.

Once you Spawn a Monkey Boat:
Monkey boats have as many moves as they need. You can occassionally see a monkey boat move in a circle (i.e. go left or right 4 times in a single turn). It does happen. Let the monkey boat come to you and try to shoot and trade shots whenever possible. Grappling early also helps since Monkeys are notoriously bad at rumbling.
If your ship has a lot of damage/bilge, try to get near a wall or a wall of rocks and put whatever bots you have on Sails. You can use the wall to turn and shoot (Wall humping, anyone?). The monkey boat should come to you.
Ninty-East - Meridian
Ninty - Cerulean (retired)
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Re: Monkey Boat Hunting Guide Reply to this Post
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Changing the Voyage Setting on the sloop seems to have minimal effect. I always leave mine on Hunting for Brigands/Barbarians and put a note saying it is a Monkey Hunt for the Notice Board.

Special Thanks to Everyone who has hunted Monkey Boats with Me:
And many many more...

I tried to list everyone who has done a lot of monkey boats with me. If I forgot your name I'm sorry! I'll add it
Ninty-East - Meridian
Ninty - Cerulean (retired)
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Re: Monkey Boat Hunting Guide Reply to this Post
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Wow, great guide Ninty.

Thanks for putting it together.
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Re: Monkey Boat Hunting Guide Reply to this Post
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Can someone with more yppedia know how link this on the yppedia Monkey boat page?
This is obviously the best written guide on monkeys and when someone asked me about monkeys it took me a good 10 minutes to find this post again cuz of the sucky search function on the forums.
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Re: Monkey Boat Hunting Guide Reply to this Post
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If I could I would update the post, because there's stuff I would change.

But it's past the period of time in which the post is editable.

I.E. Only run monkey boat hunts when it's a monkey boat spawning weekend, haha
Ninty-East - Meridian
Ninty - Cerulean (retired)
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Re: Monkey Boat Hunting Guide Reply to this Post
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Maybe create a Yppedia article about it, then you can update to your hearts content.
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