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Lucky Dip 2012 - ONE WEEKEND ONLY - [December 14th - 16th 2012] Reply to this Post
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The Ocean Master Lucky Dip


Between Friday evening 14th December and Sunday 16th December, you might be lucky enough to spot a Lucky OM on your ocean. They will be popping up occasionally on all production oceans, ready to fight you for gifts. These Lucky creatures will rummage in their sacks and choose a present to wager in a 1 v 1 challenge with you. If you win, you get the present. If you lose, you might just get a little something as a consolation prize, even if it's just a few PoE.

The Lucky Dip OMs will all have white names, and all have names start "Lucky---".They could appear at any time, on any ocean, on any island. If you see them, go and see if you can get to fight them! The Lucky Dip Ocean Masters would like to remind you that the Lucky Dip has to be fitted in around other duties, and they acknowledge in advance that they won't be around as much as you'd like them to be. So if you happen to catch them, enjoy it, but don't be surprised if you miss them, and don't spend your whole weekend typing in /who and being disappointed!

Lucky OMs may be hanging out at Festivity's Townhouse, or they might be on a ship or on an island. There may be invitations up on the Events tab of the noticeboard for you, or you may need to send a tell for an invite. Take a look at the Lucky OM's away message (use /who) to find out. They may host local tournaments as well as 1v1 challenges.

1. Please do not burden the on-duty OMs asking (either in tells or petitions) about the Lucky OMs. On no account should you approach a blue-named on-duty OM and ask for a challenge.
2. Give others a chance. If you've already fought a challenge with a particular Lucky Dip OM (win or lose), please let someone else have a go after that. That includes logging in another alt to take part. ;)
3. Lucky Dip Ocean Masters could have different approaches to accepting challenges, from taking random challenges, or first-come-first-served, to having DND on and doing the challenging themselves. Whichever the approach, they will all try to be fair and equitable, so please don't grumble at them if you don't get a go!
4. Lucky Dip Ocean Masters may move around, rather than staying in one place - don't be surprised if they disappear.
5. Some Lucky Dip Ocean Masters will be willing to fight challenges in any carousing puzzle, others may only do one or two - this is their choice.
6. This event will only be happening over the weekend of 14th-16th December. Visits to oceans will not be pre-announced.
7. It sounds obvious, but these are event characters only - they are not going to be accepting hearty requests, or joining your crew.
8. While we're there, we're being bombarded with challenges, trade requests, hearty requests, jobbing requests and tells. We're probably not able to follow the chat! Don't be offended if you don't get a response to chat or tells - we can only apologize in advance - it's simply not possible with the speed that chat goes past!
9. You may find Lucky Dip Ocean Masters on Opal who don't speak German, and Lucky Dip Ocean Masters on Jade who don't speak Spanish. Be patient with us - tolerate our tiny linguistic ability, admire our enthusiasm!
10. There is no #10 at the moment, but I reserve the right to add it, or indeed any other notes, as required.
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Re: Lucky Dip 2012 - ONE WEEKEND ONLY - [December 14th - 16th 2012] Reply to this Post
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Sounds like you need another OM ;)

(I secretly nominate Squishat)
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Aug 12, 2011
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