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crew info Reply to this Post
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Is there anywhere we can find out info about crews? So far I only know that I can click on a pirate and get crew info from there, or perhaps get info from pirates listed in the rankings. What about new crews, or info from crews that aren't currently on? Specifically, I was plundering last night and was passed by a crew called the Guttersnipes that I'd never heard of. Was there any way to click on them (as a jobbing pirate, not an officer) and learn more? Or how about if I am waiting around on Alpha and wanted to see a list of all the crews in existence? That'd be pretty slick... seeing the REAL complement of pirates in this game. Maybe we could have a "Type pirate's name" database among the sidebar options, crosslisted with a "Type crew name" database. (I just like having random statistics at hand.)
Madam, proud Looterata
Why are old people playing on this game i dont know its probly something to do with control but its kind of werd. Get a life or a girl friend or mabe even a wife but if your an adult that plays this game your a loser
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Giant, cross-referenced index of piratey doom Reply to this Post
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I think this was also discussed before, possibly as information available through the Flag offices. These offices would be found in the palace of an island. Also, once flags (as in flags: cloth things with pretty pictures that fwap in the breeze; not Flags: the governments in the game) are involved, it will make it easier to have an estimation of the activities of your rivals. You'll see twelve ships in port with the same colors flying and know, gee, that crew must be doing pretty well. Or, be continually harrassed by ships in one area, all with the same dread "Pink Chicken of Doom" emblazoned on their colors. Beware the Chicken.
So, there you go, both specific, technical information as well as subjective, dramatic information. All coming your way, thanks to Flags... and flags.

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Re: crew info Reply to this Post
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"Pink Chicken of Doom"??? - Nemo, methinks thou art bereft of sleep me boyo.
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