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One Pirate's Feedback Reply to this Post
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After a few days of building skills working on merchant ships and one afternoon (and evening) of creating a crew, buying a boat, pillaging the seas and fighting skeletons, here's some accumulated feedback...

First of all, I've had a ton of fun playing. Having the different skills really require skill makes the game work. Of course, most of these comments are constructive criticism:

1. Drinking
While I am not a great drinker, this game (and others like it) I think has the most potential to hold my interest. Even after one long day of attacking boats with my own crew, I'm starting to feel over that part of the game. It's the social aspects of the game that still draw me. I like this game because my challenges are created by the other player(s). It's more like a board game (othello) than a puzzle. With this kind of game, the ingenuity of the opponent keeps the game interesting. I could see this game or others building on this kind of game play. I think I would enjoy these the most in the long run.

I wonder if commerce might introduce more games in this category. Swordfighting has an aspect of this but not as much since my opponent has less control over how their moves effect me.

In keeping with this, I find myself wishing I could see the next player's (or all the other players') next piece when placing my piece. This may allow more strategy in placing pieces.

2. Carpentry
I've read some posted comments on carpentry and tend to agree. I find this game frustrating and not in a good way. I don't get much satisfaction from the small victories in the game. Being able to inexactly lay pieces to finish the puzzle somehow pisses me off. It feels cheap.

3. Sailing
Sailing is a fun game but started to feel too easy quite quickly. Maybe making it faster would help. I found I could walk away from the game to answer the door or the phone and come back to it a minute or so later and recover an excellent score quite easily.

4. Confusing
A couple things I found confusing... One was buying clothes from NPP. I bought a bunch of stuff by mistake before realizing that I needed to wait for an offer before clicking Buy An Item. Some of the radial items go to a window where you can cancel your action while others perform an action immediately. This takes some getting used to.

Similar to this was starting a fight with the skeletons. Three of us wanted to fight the three of them together but it took a couple of one v. threes to figure out that we all had to Join The Fray before Starting the Fight.

Another thing that confused me was getting on a ship (belonging to the Dastards) at Alpha Island and then getting off to find myself in another location. To get back to Alpha Island I either had to find a ship that was actually docked at Alpha Island or log off and back on. I submitted this as a bug before it was explained to me as a little "pirate magic".

5. Gunnery
I know this game is in the works but I'll toss this in anyway. This game is pretty fun. I like that it is a non-essential task for sailing the boat but helpful in battle. You have to decide if you want to take away from sailing duties to get an edge in battle. If you fire the cannons, you need to pull someone off of another essential task to reload them. Having crews have to make resource allocation decisions like this on the fly is obviously one of the things that makes team play more interesting.

I observed what appear to be two bugs in gunnery:
- the number of cannons to load is inconsistent when starting the game on the same ship
- the number of cannons loaded in the game does not always match the number of cannons available to fire in the sea battle game

Thanks all for the opportunity to participate in building this great game,

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