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Joined: Apr 8, 2005
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Re: Choices that could've changed your Y!PP career. Reply to this Post
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Once upon a time I stared at the YPP banner on miniclip for months. Like 3. Then one day the boredom was too much to handle. I clicked it.
Viridian was around 2 weeks old at the time.
And instantly doomed.

Had I not been banned for nearly 2 years starting august 05 ............ phew man. There is absolutely no telling what would have happened.
Well, and then I evaded for 2 years and kept my crew/flag alive.
Then merged the crew, and then got myself unbanned.

If everything I did as an evader was done post-banlift as Lune.... I was in RM for months and months and months because Cutteh was just totally awesome and so was Aartje. Id prolly have stayed there.
I would probably have been just as anti-roseh but it would have been from an RM vs VG standpoint. (Ive always liked the flags before Roseh got her clutches on them) Theres no telling what would have come from that.

I might never have been a Sea Changer *shudders*. SC prolly gave me the largest hearty-pool out of any of the handful of flags Ive been in. Thatd mean no Richeh, or feesh, or cambi, jelly, that queer jimby, crazyfists, thyleader and the other mala pilgrims. no Thom, aarghy, nimb, mortin, rover, lapis, iameric, screw spyagent. Anch was around in those days too.
Now I think about it, I wonder how many Meridianites realized the AC/Dillemma thing goes allllllllllllllll the way back to 2009 and Sea Change. Once a Sea Changer, always a Sea Changer. We do tend to stick together for the most part. Though Richeh is still a total loser <3

And if Id never been in SC, I probably wouldnt have migrated to its mother flag, Imperial Coalition. Might have saved me a few rep points lol.
Id have never been in BoD, and Tikao would therefor be a tolerable person <3

Or we could go a different route and say id never been banned at all and played all the way as Lune.
That was 2 weeks before our first blockade against Euphoria.
Then Id have had 2-4 years of playtime with a large crew, blockade capable flag, etc. The prospect of Lune as one of Viridians born-and-bred founding fathers is quite scary, no? Hah. It almost happened.

The possibilities are endless. Tons and tons of them. Phew.

I'm still just the guard dog. I bite. They shoot.
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Joined: Feb 18, 2005
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Re: Choices that could've changed your Y!PP career. Reply to this Post
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My pirate career started like many of yours did: on Miniclip. It was in 2005 that I first discovered Puzzle Pirates, and while my memory of that time is fuzzy, I'll try to post as much as I can remember.

I was spawned on Midnight (don't recall if I chose it, or it chose me), and things were good for a while. I eventually was recruited for a crew known as rum's bums, of the flag Rum's Runners. (my one and only portrait from that time was commissioned on October of 2006) Some time later, I ended up taking a break from the game, and ended up not playing it again until the fall of 2009.

I spent a good amount of time playing a number of other MMOs, engaging with the communities of some of them, and even becoming involved with some of the groups (guilds/clans/alliances/whatever) in them. However, eventually, I grew tired of the seeming childishness that exists in many of those games' communities, and decided that I'd had enough, so, in 2007, I quit.

2 years later, I started thinking about Puzzle Pirates, and decided to try it again. I logged onto my old account, plunged into the piratey world once more, and found it refreshing. No other online game that I'd played has such a mature, thoughtful, and just plain friendly community as this. So, this time, I stayed.

During this time, I was recruited into another group: Los Banditos De Muertos. (Pretty sure it had a different name when I joined, but I digress...) It was a pretty good group at the time. It was here that I received my first rounds of officer training. I also met my future Captain for the first time here: Buxumredhead. I jobbed for her a few times, and she more than hinted that I could join her crew if at any time I ever needed one. Little did I know that I would, not too long in the future.

I ended up taking another break from the game for a few months, and when I returned, I found that Los Banditos had gone almost completely dormant. So, I decided to leave and become a free agent once again, and right around that time, I look at the notice board, see a familiar face, apply, board her ship, and the rest is history.

Except the part where she disappeared for a few months (for personal reasons), and I became Captain. That seems more like something out of the Twilight Zone than anything.
Ebonsol of the Midnight / Cerulean ocean
Senior Officer of the crew Captivated Spirits
Owner of 2 stalls: Weaving (on Guava), and Ironmonger (on Cranberry)
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