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Joined: Dec 13, 2002
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Maps getting stolen Reply to this Post
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I posted this a couple of weeks ago. As it is any officer can take maps from the crew ships and leave with them.

Well at the time I posted I hadn't heard that happened. But today or yesterday several of our ships are missing some or all maps.

That's pretty annoying, not to mention hinders game testing as well, could we please have some way to prevent that. Such as maps being locked down if dropped on a ship (no reason to move them as it is anyway). Or just allow the Captain of a crew to move them.

I realize that "you should know your officers well" but we have no chance of knowing who took them. And frankly if someone wanted to make a new crew they could take them to get started easier. And the multiple characters allows you to join several crews if you want to grief for whatever reason. And having played alot of these games, I know that if you CAN grief, someone WILL grief.
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Joined: Dec 22, 2002
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Re: Maps getting stolen Reply to this Post
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When I first noticed a significant lack of maps, I took it upon myself to purchase my own set (which cost me a pretty penny, as a relative newcomer) and I keep them on my person now in case of emergency. Any duplicates I purchase will end up on a navigating table.

I think it's just good policy, in the current paradigm, for each crew to have at least one or two of their navigating officers carry them as well. It'll set ye back a bit, but yer more or less guaranteed to have 'em on hand that way. After all, these do be pirates we be dealin' with...
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Trust Yer Officers Reply to this Post
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I agree that you should only promote people to Officer who you trust... but this kind of thing will become even more of an issue in the unfriendlier arena of the Real World, so how about placing measures now to save from dealing with the compliants that will come in anyway:

How about an addition to the crew policies panel that allows the captain to choose who can remove maps from ships, "Captain Only", "Officers &* Captain Only", "Pirates, Officers, And Captain", or "All Crew Members". How hard can that be? =o)

I recently left the Dastards, and it was suggested to me that to cripple them (and give us a head start in our new crew), temporarily, I steal all of thier maps from all of thier ships. I didn't do this because I like the Dastards, and it'd be far nastier to them than I ever want to be. But the crucial point is that I could have chosen to. If I had, I could have denied all charges, and they couldn't have proven it wasn't some other officer. Perhaps logging is worthwhile.
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