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Puzzle pirate fan fiction story Part 1 and 2 / 6 "GBN" Reply to this Post
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This is a Puzzle pirate fan fiction story made on the ocean hunter.

the story is basicly when STEAM opened some weeks ago and all the new players came in and made the rank system wacky over time and i randomly fought of a story for my GBN "Genix boardcast news" for The swarm's forum weeklii news and music starts off etc. and needed something to fill a story plot . so there is youtube links for the story to follow and to imagien with (:

how meny-> 6 parts "mayber chapters even" to 1 episode .. more dontknow.

Story plot : meny peoples comes to Hunter settling down and the islands gets overpopulated and so meny people that leaves dosent go unotice from the British goverment and sends out ships to discover this "newly" world they havnet found yet.

Time : 1820 .. 5 years after battle of waterloo

Part 1 is bugged with mistakes that i dont bother to correct as its a start of it all. the other parts are gonna do much much better "ihope"

Injoy reading itt<3

GBN stroy PP

Part 1 / 3
"newcommners "

There have been stories about these new people that came from the outer ocean into hunter. These people have been banished from their ocean and have come seeking refuge here. Some say that the oceans are disappearing. a third one says they are coming from a STEAM some unknown place from the far future? It takes us a morning at a little house made of wood that could need a nicely touch of a hand.. our pirate Alex

*grumpy noises of snork* ZZzzzZZz my room zzZZzz *knocks on the door* huh? who’s there "sleepy voice" *a man says* its me Alex .. come on out from the house and do something productive *amused laughed* Tell the world to keep out a little longer, Alex said *door opens* come on *pulls Alex down ann throws a can of water on his face* what the fuck Dian ? *Alex yelled and cleaned his face* well you had to get up man *laughs a little to it* Alex gets hes awesome sleepy hat on. Alex speaks: Sooo what you think of my hat ? Dians answers .. blue again ? dude you need to get a job or raise in your ranks with in the crew and stop wasting your time on the poker game.. im serious about it.. " Alex then took Dians arm and drags him out hes house. well then no time to waste in the house..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iXE6KrUI0Y inn music

after a fist fight with Dian and some docktarting to the new people, and hitting on some girls with some poor classy 80's responses. They then turned to the bar to get a drink befor ethe poker table called Alex to him.. *Alex use your poes on me* it spoke to him.. so Alex went to the poker table and he was feeling lucky.. 10min later he returned to Dian.. Dian responded when Alex was taken a seat " so how many poes did you lose this time ? .. Alex looked at him with a moody face .. Dian answered : that bad? awww.. sucks to be you-*Alex hits the table and a deed of a ship was laying on the table* when did you win that? Dian said surprise with hes mouth wide open.. Alex answered. Just now hehe.. was rather easy this time.. oh and here is the money i owe ye* drops some poes besides Dians hand* thank you for you patience friend. Alex gives a quick wink as " the deal is sealed " and they enjoyed another afternoon with some good fine rum and some fruits.

As the evening was coming the two friends wanted to look at their new ship. as they look at it .. they a stunned .. its a 24-gun Sixth rate and the name was Glatton. as they boarded the ship a family face appears .. Queens on deck .. So boys are you ready for the flag pillage ? .. " both responded " Yes ma’am " goodii then all onboard flirty mackerel and lets get some treasure for the flag .. no excuses this time Alex *queen gives a short wink n walks towards the other ships at the docks for expecting before launching*

Made bay GeniX 10 September 2011
made for Theswarm flag created bay GBN Genix broadcast news .. for your entertaining
P.S proof read by Mr.Rumble…a.k.a Capnsilver "fixer of my bad spelling"

credits song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uzbGDWEnm8&feature=related

Puzzle pirates fan fiction

PART 2 of 6
Fridaybynight pillage

As the time went by with Alex and Dians Friday night, they were ordered onboard Queenbeez’ flag pillage for the night to come. Alex and Dian didn’t feel like doing it but they had to for old manners sake. The queen expected them at her lovely ship " Flirty Mackerel ", Alex and Dian got onboard.
- Hail to the Captain Queenbeez! shouted Alex, Dian just chuckled about it.
- Good, you are here gentlemen, the Queen said, - Before we start jobbing, can you not do an errand for me, Alex? Alex responded:
- Sure I can do that. What do you want me to do, madam?
- I want you to bring some fruit on the ship to our friends who are coming to our pillage this evening. And something to drink, some fine rum will do fine. And eh.. don’t take too long sweetheart I know you are going to joke around.. Now off you go Alex. Queen made a short sigh as she was going around the ship telling Dian about his job in the preparing ship.


Alex was in joy over getting "such an easy" job from Queenbeez. What could be better this evening ? As Alex floated happily around gathering some fruit in his wagon he stumbled across his "old" friends from the inn that night..

- ALEX! A man shouted his name and he slowly turned his head.
- Oooh.. helloo Markus.. how are ye :3 *as he made the face*
- You cheated my vessel away from me in that poker.. Alex was surprised with that..
- What you mean? he responded.
- You cheated to win my vessel Alex, I want it back.. Alex started to think: ”I didn’t cheat.. why is he accusing me like that?” Alex observes Markus walking towards him with 2 guys on his side.
- Well i would just Loove to stay buut i have plans.. so Cya! Alex quickly zips away in a smoke reflection of himself infront of Markus and his gorillas.

Alex was running in a horde of other people trying to get away from Markus. He then quickly paid a newspaper boy out of his place and took his hat and fake mustache, covering himself quickly as he sees Markus and his men looking above peoples heads. He then darken his tone yelling about the front page.
- Extra extra pirates storm .. the island of Aimuari is getting overpopulated for everyday going by.. he repated while turning his back at Markus and his gorillas as they walked past him.. when he felt safe, a hand was suddenly holding around his left shoulder. He turned around, his face white like he had seen a ghost.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAI3YM_49MY 3:00 to 4:18

A man then says:
- Can I get 2 of those stories my boy? Alex then slowly regained his breath and turned around.
- Surely Mr. The man gave Alex some money and he gave the papers away.
- Oh and its Mr Apollo, son. The old man smiled to Alex and walked away into the crowd of people.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ENmljQAYXI&feature=related 1:12 to end

Alex was standing just stunned by an OM talking to him.. He looked at the coin saying softly to him self:
- Thank you sir. At the same time a man yelled:
- There he is! and he started to run towards him.. Alex dropped his stuff and started running into a house. A lady was screaming as he runned past her, and he heard a man yelling. As he looked back he saw that one of Markus’ men was stopped by a big man in the house raising his arm towards the Markus-man, and the door gets closed. Alex was laughing out loud as it happened. But then he hears two grunty noises .. Markus and his other bodyguard. Alex quickly slips under the bodyguards legs and got up. He jumped on a crate to a another, where he jumped to grab the edge of the roof. He pulled himself up and was almost exhausted of that stunt. He then looks for Markus and he yells:
- I WILL GET YOU YOU LITTLE STUMP! Alex then notices a man climbing up a ladder. Alex took his time doing a jump to another roof top. As he jumped he landed right on the edge and was about to fall down. Luckily he regained his balance and jumped down on some hay. He was about to get up when a man suddenly takes his arm and pulls him up.. one of Markus’ men.. he had a blue eye. Alex said:
- I don’t think we can sit down and talk this out? The man made a grunt and raised his arm. Alex made a short whimp then suddenly a cart pushed Markus’ man into a pile of apples.. Alex was relieved but it was short, Markus was running against him. As Alex was about to sprint away from Markus he hits a mans back.
- Huh what was that? The man turned around looking down at Alex.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pNlMgH2p-Y from the part he hits me to the part where he enters queens sight

Alex looked up, it was a man with a pink sleeping hat, belt and bracers and some loose pants with sash. All in pink and white colors.
- Ooh Haii Alex "with a fresh amuseing tone" - How is it going? It was Genix together with Capnsilver.
- I’m sorry, Genix, but I don’t have time to chitchat now, can it be later? Alex said. Genix was surprised and asked:
- What are you up to .. are these 3 guys chasing you ? As Genix finished saying that Markus yelled:
- Alex I want my ship back NOW! Alex then saw no point in running to defend himself.
- I didn’t cheat you landlubber.. Genix said:
- Did you cheat Alex? Honest answer please. Alex looked with puppy eyes.
- Noo i didn’t.. Genix responded:
- Pinky swear? Genix raised his hand and waited..
- Pinky swear on it, did Alex say. Genix responded to Markus:
- He dindt cheat dude. Markus raised his hand with the "pinky swear" they just did, rolling his eyes around giving Genix the "you serious?” look. Genix just raised his shoulders "meh".
- .. I still want my ship, Alex. Alex responded:
- I won it fair and square. Markus head turned from orange to red:
- You weren’t supposed to win with 3 aces and 2 kings you little RAT, you were supposed to get a heart 7 and not Full house... Alex said proudly:
- Well its to late to change it now.. I had a full house, you only had a pair of 3 so cased closed. Markus and his men stormed against Alex. Alex closed his eyes and covered his face with a little whimp sound. He then hears a fist fight, he looks up and sees Genix take care of Markus’ men together with Capnsilver. Alex then got up, jumped on Markus’ back and hit him several times before Markus and his gang took a run for it..
- Puuuhh what a party we got ourself into on a boring night, Genix said. Capnsilver responded:
- Aaah nothing like fist fighting in the classic way, huh that makes it more fun hehe. Genix looked at Alex:
- Soo what were you supposed to do ? Alex responded:
- I was gathering some fruit for Queenbeez’ flag pillage and... Genix then interrupted.
- Queenbeez’ pillage, Genix said surprised and started to run towards the dockyard where Queenbeez’ flag pillage was about to start.. A man then comes looking for Alex, saying:
- Young man you forgot your cart with fruit at my storage .. there is some fine rum and some meat for ye as well.. I’m sending the bill to Queenbeez as told. Just take care will ye? Alex looked and smiled:
- I will sir!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxgYRbHUz1g&feature=related music ending repeats it self

As Alex was coming near the ship he saw Queenbeez and the others from his flag. Queenbeez looked down from the ship.
- About time you showed up Alex, I was afriad we had to leave ye here! Queenbeez made a short laugh to herself smiling, - Get up now so we can start our trip. Alex responded happily:
- Yes mam. He then filled the stock up together with Dian and he told Dian about his trip to the city and the mess that became of it. And most importantly, a coin from an OM named Apollo. ”A wonderful day”, Alex thought to himself.

Created by Genix
Created for The Swarm flag on Hunter ocean
september 13 2011 GBN it is Genix boardcast news for your entertaining off all ye needs
And corrected by MerryLily "thankyooou<3"


Alex -> named Alex jameson
simple man who injoys in the inn "pokering" and pilliges when he gets forced too bay hes officers
and later gains to be officer due to the british threat

"defendor of the people" Greek

Dian -> apparently dian is a form of dion wich comes from dionysos - the greek god of wine, youth, madness and pleasure
a perfect frind for alex

Hope ye injoyed it as much i injoyed makeing it :)
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Re: Puzzle pirate fan fiction story Part 1 and 2 / 6 "GBN" Reply to this Post
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Re: Puzzle pirate fan fiction story Part 1 and 2 / 6 "GBN" Reply to this Post
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genix :DDD
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