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Joined: Aug 20, 2005
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Swash and Buckle: A One-Day Assassin Challenge! (Oct 9th)

Oh my goodness! The Perilous Puppets promised you a prize...but it turns out it was for only ONE of you. Now you need to get rid of the others so you can claim the prize for yourself. Hunt down other pirates one by one and assassinate them! You know they?re all located on Bowditch, Scrimshaw, or one of the local ships. How hard can it be?

When!: Sunday, October 9th, 2011. Sign-up from 9:00 am PD-10:00 am PDT. Game from 10:15 PDT until 2:15 PDT
Where!: Scrimshaw, Bowditch, and Perilous Puppets' ships docked on those islands.

Last man standing (1st): Ninja outfit and katana display (black/secondary color of choice, NOT gold or black.)
Last man dead (2nd): Planter of flowers (white) and tombstone
Most kills: Pile of bones

How to sign up:
From 9:00PDT-10:00PDT, contact Tilinka to sign up.

Bring a trinket inscribed with your name. You will trade your trinket for your target's trinket. After you receive your target's trinket, you may go anywhere you like on Bowditch, Scrimshaw, or one of the Perilous Puppets' ships docked in the area. DO NOT HUNT UNTIL 10:15 PDT.

We'll job you for the duration of the game, which will allow us to send group messages, etc. You will be jobbed to the crew between 9:45 am and 10:00 am, with no relation to the order in which you received your target. Rules will be reviewed starting at 10:00.

There will be a player limit of thirty. First come, first serve.

Mods are Tilinka and Marisu, both of whom will be on for the duration of the event.


  • 1. All challenges made by an assassin upon their target must be accepted. The assassin must be in the same scene as the target to make a challenge.
  • 2. The target must wager the trinket of their active target: the person they are currently hunting.
  • 3. Challenges may be: Rumble, SF, or Drinking, since those puzzles are all free on Sunday.
  • 4. The game should be unrated if either party requests it be.
    If the target does NOT accept the challenge, the target forfeits (and loses anyway).
  • 5. All players must be on Bowditch, Scrimshaw, or one of the Perilous Puppets? ships docked in the area for as long as they are playing. (You may leave if you are elminated and have reported to your mod.)
  • 6. There is no rule #6
  • 7. The assassin should indicate that this is a Assassin related challenge. They must show the target their trinket if asked to. The assassin must not wager their target trinket in a fight against their target.
  • 8. All attacks MUST be reported to your contact for them to be considered valid. Each player will be assigned a game mod at the time of registration; send that mod a tell when you win or lose a match.
  • 9. Disconnects count as losses.
  • 10. Players caught cheating will be eliminated from the game. Their targets will be reassigned appropriately. Cheating includes entering multiple times (such as using an alt) or running away after being challenged.
  • 11. Logging off or leaving the crew during this event counts as a forfeit. You will have two minutes to get rejobbed before your target is reassigned.
  • 12. In the event of any disputes regarding game rules and technicalities, the rulings of the game officials will be final. Please note that the game officials may chose to kill all parties involved if they think that the dispute is baseless or a waste of time.
  • 13. Puzzle Pirates TOS is still in effect. Keep that in mind, keep it clean, and keep it fun!
  • 14. If the target wins a challenge against their assassin, the assassin cannot challenge again for five minutes.

How to Hunt:

So you have your target and now you need to track them down. To narrow down their location:
1) Type /who pirate name (Ex: /who Tilinka)
This will tell you which island (or ship) that pirate is currently located on.
2) Travel to that island and type /who
This lists everyone on the island and what buildings they are located in.

(Thanks to Marisu for writing up the event)
Tilinka, Emerald
Perilous Puppet
Artsy Stuff
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Joined: Aug 20, 2005
Posts: 2118
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Re: Swash and Buckle: A One-Day Assassin Challenge! (Oct 9th)

Congratulations to Contrary on her vicious slaughter of other players!
And nearly as many congratulations to Lomky fer very nearly winning.
Tilinka, Emerald
Perilous Puppet
Artsy Stuff
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