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Entry Thread - Piratey Fairytales II [closed for judging] Reply to this Post
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This thread is only for entries. For details, discussion, queries and comments, please use the main event thread.
I am pretty, oh so pretty...
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Re: Entry Thread - Piratey Fairytales II Reply to this Post
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Pirate name: Rhoaleper
Ocean: Viridian
Prize preference: same as default

"Seek ye", said she, "the foggèd shore
of arcane and dreadful lores.
Although the air may be impure,
within its woods you'll find the cure.
Its main ingredient, I think,
would be a rare bloomflower pink.
But first ask the one that they call Mad,
He isn't really quite so bad."

So Nemesis had found a ship,
'twas headed for this cursèd trip.
She hopped to shelter in the hold,
and though she found it much too cold,
she stayed unseen, until at last,
upon that beach, the anchor's cast.

She stole away, to find the lad,
Known only as Vargas the Mad,
She found him sleeping by a lake,
and nuzzled him to get him waked,
but only then she realized,
that this approach might be unwise.

For in this state she still can't speak!
But it's too late, his eyes did peek,
and glimpsed at her delicious form;
"Dinner is here! Grab the chloroform!"

Was it Galene's oversight,
or was it from malicious spite?
Such thoughts were quickly dismissed
when a spear did narrowly miss.
She ran and ran through the vale
as cultists chased her through hill and dale.

Then, upon blind fate, she found,
the famed bloomflower upon a mound.
She quickly chewed it, quite in a hurry,
to be finally rid of her form so furry,
Oh triumph! She stood on two feet,
but alas, the cure was incomplete...

Bipedality has returned, but lo!
She's still covered in fur from head to toe!
She quickly gazed upon a puddle,
though the reflection was slightly muddled,
'twas enough to confirm her fears,
that she still possessed two floppy ears.

As the cultists approached, she tried to speak,
and words did came, but in high-pitched squeaks.
When Vargas saw his grievous fault,
He ordered his cultists to halt.
Then he chortled quite a racket,
upon seeing Nemesis, a living mascot!

Poor Nemmy didn't find it quite so funny
that she now resembled Babs Bunny.
Vargas took pity, and gave her a brew
that she was to go home and chew,
but sorrily, a month it'll need,
for her lapine form to recede.

Nemesis returned in disgrace,
afraid that the others would see her face.
But to her surprise, she found her hearties
had threw her a welcoming party.
We hope that Nemesis has learned her lesson
from that fateful transformation.
Spheniscine on Obsidian
Was Rhoaleper in all dub oceans, but based in Viridian
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Re: Entry Thread - Piratey Fairytales II Reply to this Post
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Shouty Nemesis and the Developer
Continued by Arghhpirate, Viridian

"You need to finish the tale, see.
And only then, will you be set free.
I overheard Ceph state,
That you're to find a mate."
"WHAT!", Nem nearly did choke.
"I have to find a bloke?"

But all that came out was mute,
Which Galene thought rather cute.
So, off Nem did hop,
Her ears, a flip-flop,
To find a fine young lad,
Who would make her quite glad.

The first one she came by, seemed willing,
But he was thinking, she'd be filling!
The next two gents were rather dull,
Fit to bore her out of her skull.
The fourth one was very foul,
Set to make her curse and howl.

Irked, Nemesis did stomp,
Back to her wee lil' comp,
Where she tried, but nay, did not succeed,
To find a guy to reverse the deed,
Online dating is really not,
Something that Neme does a lot.

'Woodchuck!', Nem thought,
'Fight back, she ought'.
So, off Nem quickly scurried,
On her way she hurried,
To get her revenge,
And cause ol' Ceph's end!

Whisking away on magical winds,
Neme cackled, snickered and grinned.
"I'll release the hoards on him,
And maybe he'll break a limb!"
So Nem went to consult,
The people she did fault,

Those who have nothing more to do,
Than turn your computer askew.
Next time, Ceph'll know better,
And wont be a regretter.
"AYE!", Neme smirked,
Ceph'll go beserk!

With extra doubloons to their name,
The hackers got ready and took aim.
Nem sat, her whiskers twitching,
Silently, her breath hitching,
Waited and waited and waited,
But for nothing, her time wasted.

Nem, in a rage, stormed,
Angry, her face, deformed,
All the way to Ceph's tower,
Where he was sure to cower.
Moving swiftly on four legs,
Time to turn Ceph into dregs.

Running, she suddenly spied,
Something on the river wide,
Something moving in the water deep,
Something pink, set to make her leap.
"Oh dear Zeus!", Neme cried,
"A pink bunny! Time to hide!"

In hysterics, her demise,
'It's just me!' Nem realized,
But then out of nowhere,
Came more rabbits to scare.
Neme, reeling in shock, crumbled,
"What more could go wrong!", she grumbled.

Waking, Neme found herself surrounded,
By a group of pink bunnies, astounded.
Nudging her awake,
Nem tried not to shake,
Bit back her loud cry,
She really did try.

Louder and louder, she screamed,
And from the towers, Ceph beamed.
"I see you've found your mates!
Now try to be sedate.
Be quiet and find out.
That you're not here to shout.

Befriend the bunnies, you'll see,
That they're more than can be."
So Nem did as she was told,
Realised they were quite controlled,
And in a blink of an eye,
She waved her pink form goodbye.

Now Nem can be seen,
In the paddocks green,
With lil' bunnies all about,
Pink, she cannot live without.
The rabbits now her mates.
Yes, it was really fate.
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Re: Entry Thread - Piratey Fairytales II Reply to this Post
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Shouty Nemesis and the Developer continued; By Oneiromancer (Hunter)
Prize preference is the default listing

"What a predicament; You're now a rabbit!
Another victim of Ceph's habits.
But fear not, for the cure will take
little time, as all you need is a cake."

What a weakness, Cephalopod's waist!
Only an appetite to satiate!
And so the rabbit hopped in stride,
For simply a treat would win back her pride.

Into the fields she hopped awake,
Thinking about what creates a cake.
Flour, and eggs, milk and cheese?
But wait, cheese is no way to please!

"Drat" Nemesis cursed, "My thinking's gone bad
If I don't cure this curse, i'll soon be hopping mad!"
Hurriedly she found some milk and wheat,
But, no eggs in this field, and such sweltering heat!

Soon Nemesis hopped to somewhere cold
An ancient temple with a treasure ages old
Set on the shrine was a golden egg
Giddy with excitement she ventured ahead.

Without a care, she snatched the treasure,
"This'll be easy" she spoke so sure
Until, of course, she started the mix
It wouldn't break! What was this trick?

She soon remembered that someone could help
And that realization made her jump with a yelp
"Off to Hephaestus's forge I say,
For it's soon to be a splendid day!"

Egg in hand she ventured south
Sailing down in a cannon's mouth
Ti'll soon the grotto appeared,
A river of lava and a mountain neared.

Hephaestus questioningly stared at Nemesis
For how would a rabbit arrive at Erebus?
"You wish for this egg, to be broken in two?
Surely, I'll see what I can do."

So Hephaestus stood and hammered away
With chisel and mallet the shell did break
Swiftly Neme jumped, and cupped the yolk.
As she did, she swore that the egg had spoke

Add to the mix a cursed insect
Ceph's prank he then shall gravely regret
"Sabotage?" Thought Neme with a smile
"Whatever the result, it'll be worth the while"

"But what is this insect, that I must find
to put suffering towards Ceph's body and mind?
Give me an answer egg, of you I beseech!"
But then she pondered, and shouted out "Leech!"

"An accursed leech, added to the batter
Time to pollute Ceph with arcane matter!"
By then the crushed leeches were in the mix
Toasted in the forge would be a delightful trick

Out came the cake in a crispy golden-brown
Coated with frosting it weighed several pounds!
Off to Ceph's domain Neme went
To send this treat to the one she resents.

Up in the sky, in the realm of the gods
Neme pleaded with Cephalopod
"Amazing! Cake! How did you ever?
I'll morph you right back, for your splendid endeavor!"

Soon Neme regained her limbs and body
Her emotions were a singing polyphony
Of relief, of happiness, but never a chance,
Would she let go her opportunity of vengeance.

As Ceph bit, he cringed and spit
"My my, How odd; a rabbit?
Funny how pranks with me set!"
And with that bit, Neme laughingly left.
Oneiromancer on Ex Hunter Ocean.
Vivace on Ex Sage
Now on Emerald!
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Re: Entry Thread - Piratey Fairytales II Reply to this Post
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Kaene - Midnight Ocean -
(edited for silly typos)

"There's a journey to be taken."
To find the truth often mistaken."
Nemesis sat in fear.
Trembling from toe to floppy ear.
"Where do I start?!" She thought meekly.
"I'll give you one clue." Galene smiled sweetly.
"Follow the heart of a Queen my friend.
It will guide you in the end."

Nemesis set forth, pondering harder.
Who on the ocean would bother?
To help one so bossy and mean.
How to earn the help of a Queen?!
Nem quickened her hopping.
The first Queen she saw, she'd be stopping.

Stumbling was the Queen she met
Nem stared hard, 'twas none other than Chet.
Singing and laughing along her way.
Stopping suddenly, at the bunny's dismay.
Chetara said. "Lost and alone?"
Petting Nemesis gently, "I'll give you a home."

The Grand Hall stood wild, filled with pirates.
Drinking, laughing, fun where they find it.
They sang and threw cheer.
Grinning, they did, from ear to ear.
"I love this family!" Bellowed the Queen.
Family?! Nem thought, what a scene.

Nemesis stared, at the drunken mess.
How is this Queen, to help her on her quest?
"Must find another" She thought.
Sneaking from the room, she did hop.
From room to room she went.
Until her energy was spent.

Resting on a terrace, admiring the stars.
What truth must she discover, to heal these furry scars.
Nemesis felt a tear fall from her eye.
"Little one," She heard. "Please don't cry."
Chetara settled beside her, in a gentle embrace.
"How can one so cute, have a look of sadness upon their face?"

Nemesis begged for words to fall.
'Alas, not a single sound did crawl.
Tears flowed, she was truly cursed.
Heart shattered, into sorrow she immersed.
"Come come." Chet said. Picking up the bunny.
"It'll be alright hunny."?

Nemesis fell into restful sleep.
Waking tiredly to birds cheerful cheeps.
Following the noise, she found her hosts.
Raising their glasses in a gleeful toast.
"Renegades and Terrors! Welcome one and all!"
"Welcome Nemesis! May only happiness befall!"

"A birdy told us a secret about you, my friend."
That from the houses of Gods you did descend."
Nem hung her head, ears sagging in shame
Her broken heart, she laid to disclaim.
Chetara poured her a drink, and set down beside her.
"I've never had a sister covered in fur."

Nemesis gazed into the drunken smile.
She felt a joy, not felt in awhile.
They welcomed her into their home.
Not to be casted out like a burdened stone.
Her heart flew with happiness, the truth she found.
She hopped off excited, Ceph she'd astound!

Upon her entrance -the tower stood quiet.
If she only had words, she could cause a riot.
"The Truth." Ceph started. "Is your only redemption."
Nemesis beamed with ambition.
"Say only the truth often mistaken."
Her pink ears flopped as she stood shaken.

Nemesis transformed, with the wave of his wrist
"Friends be the greatest treasure to exist!"
The one and only Kaene on all oceans.

Yer daily horoscope reads: Ye be talented at adventuring with prowling dogs.

Crabby Eel has grappled Balls of Glory. A melee breaks out between the crews!
"Chetara laughs balls of glory got grappled i
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Re: Entry Thread - Piratey Fairytales II Reply to this Post
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Pirate: Bunnylaroo
Ocean: Sage

*A note about my rhythm, to help the flow: I counted "Nem" as one syllable, "Neme" as two (like Ne-me).*


"Because you've been a grouchy-grumper,
Ceph has turned you into Thumper.
If back to normal you would go,
A little sweetness you must show."
At last, Galene said with a wink,
"Kill him with kindness, Fluffy Pink!"

"Kindness! Not I!" with scorn Nem thought,
"But to kill him I really ought.
With flop-eared hordes I'll now conspire,
How best to make Ceph feel my ire!"
And so Nem called a buck-toothed crowd
Of hares to storm Ceph's tower proud.

Alas! with such a cuddly clan,
The siege could never go as planned.
Nem tried the tower to assail,
But fell back on her cotton tail.
While Nem hoped to inspire fear,
Ceph laughed until he shed a tear.

"Dear, please don't take me for a snoot,
But when you're mad, you're awfully cute!"
Ceph thought that Neme's wrath was funny:
"I'm glad I made you a pink bunny!"
Dejected, Neme flopped away,
To try again another day.

At last she pondered, wrinkly-nosed
The remedy Galene proposed.
"Kill him with kindness" - this she said,
The answer popped in Neme's head!
She thought, with a mischievous thrill:
"I can't be mean - then NO ONE will..."

She toiled, this dame of floppy ear,
and soon her plan became quite clear.
Across all oceans, mad, she hopped;
Our heroine would not be stopped.
Her thought: If not to spread some glee,
At least to stop all grouchy sprees!

The dawn showed what her toil had wrought:
No sword could be by pirate sought!
No cannon balls! No bludgeons too!
All weapons gone! Oh, what to do?
And in their stead - what do you think?
Were piles of fur - soft, fluffy, pink!

Yes, Nem had stolen all their tools
Of war - the pirates looked like fools!
"Instead of battle, they'll have hugs!
I'll pave dungeons with rainbow rugs!
And then," Nem thought with boundless glee,
"They'll all be just as cute as me."

Now if this doesn't seem so bad,
Reflect, dear reader, then feel sad.
Just what would be a pirate's life
Without a little bit of strife?
We're pirates! We're not dandy fops!
Clearly, this bunny must be stopped!

Ceph saw the damage Nem had done.
He raged - NOW who's the grouchy one?
He felt he'd really been ill-used;
He saw that Neme would refuse
To place the swords back in his rack
Unless he swore to change her back!

Quick as a wink he changed the code;
The very next reboot then showed
That Neme had no floppy ears!
Her cheeks then flowed with happy tears.
Gladly, all weapons she returned.
With battle then the oceans burned.

Nem learned a lesson - it's this one:
That showing kindness can be fun!
But Ceph and others realized
A few gray clouds don't spoil the skies,
But too much sweetness rots the tooth;
We all get grumpy - that's the truth!
Bunnylaroo of Sage Emerald

Avatar by Pennywhistle
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Re: Entry Thread - Piratey Fairytales II Reply to this Post
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Pirate: Silverdagger
Ocean: Midnight

As Galene whispered in her ear,
all the untold secrets dear.
A wicked smile appeared on Nem’s face,
and she dashed off at a hefty pace.
She had a plan to make Ceph pay,
It would only take a little fray.

She and Galene worked there magic,
But it was going to be tragic.
Nem grabbed some magic codes,
And with a whoosh it unloads.
And soon Ceph feels strange,
And soon there was a chemical change.

Ceph’s form was deformed,
And he was transformed.
He twisted and turned until he was done.
With a poof he was turned into a hotdog bun.
He screamed and cried oh why me?
He got down on one bun and said with a plea.

Oh Nem, I know it was you,
Please turn me back to myself that is true.
And with that Nem said with a gleam in her eye,
Only if you turn me back, aye?
Cept agreed to change her back with a cry.

So with some coding and help Cept changed her back,
and soon Nem turned back with a smack!
Cept said to nem with a twinkle in his eye,
Nem have you learned anything from this? Sigh
Oh yes Cept I have and I will try and be good,
And not be so misunderstood.

The End!
Ocean: Cerulean, Meridian & Ice

Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be?
I'm a pirate, after all.

Avatar made by Endemiic

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Re: Entry Thread - Piratey Fairytales II Reply to this Post
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Default prize order (sub non-rename for renamed, should i win first place)
Again: Nem = 1 syallable, Neme [Neh- meh]= 2, rhythms should work out right (most of the time, hope if flows :D)

Anyways here we go
SHOUTY NEMESIS!!!!! and the DEVELOPER an EPIC POEM completed by the not so ancient, MUSICOLOGIST on VIRIDIAN:

To escape your furry predicament
and rather foul four-legged scent
You must first go to conquer your fear
Of fluffy things with floppy ears.
You must then aim to right the wrong
Which plagued us OM's for so long.

A change in personality
And you shall return to the seas
As Neme with two arms and legs
Not one with four pink, furry legs
A change in you, in the end we'll see
And frankly that sounds good to me.

Neme with mouth and eyes opened wide.
Of these tasks she thought: No way could I...
A glance at a looking glass
Nem finally did think at last
Not with deep horrification
But with a grim determination.

Neme hopped down from the tower
And found a mansion adorned with flowers.
She knew it was the Bunny McMansion
To which was filled with other pink abominations
On a moral crusade Nem did begin
To release her original form from within.

So into the Mansion Nem did go
And a pair of yellow eyes did glow
A light flicked on and Nem did see
Her greatest fear upon the seas.
A fellow pink bunny sitting upon the floor
And more thumping through the door.

It took all Neme had not to shriek
Although she still could not speak.
The bunnies took this as a sign,
And assembled in an orderly line.
With eyes closed tight, the first rabbits embrace
Erased all expression from Nem's contorted face

Something deep within Nem clicked
From constant hugs of pink-bunny fur thick.
Something hidden within her heart,
The tender, loving and caring part.
She now thought these bunnies weren't so bad
She might have liked them, just a tad.

She looked then through the window view
With great determination, fresh, anew.
Ceph's tower was where she now had to go
Her bunny-senses now told her so.
Toward the dev's citadel, in a big lot
Nem and her pink minions did swiftly hop.

Up the tower they ascended, speeding
Barging in on an OM Release meeting.
With gasps, and chairs quite unstable
Nem hopped up upon the table.
Apollo looked up from his sunny painting.
And Clotho from a vibrantcloth-staining.

To the Dev's shock, Neme did speak
In a voice not bossy, but also not meek.
"I've acknowledged my rather evil, nagging ways,
Which is why I've to to say today,
That I'm a changed person, born anew,
A hearty apology from me to you"

At that Neme's bunny form
Disappeared in a pink, sparkly storm
With the OM's human-nem did sit
Defying the Dev's fiendish wit.
Galene's small approving nod
Preceded a wave of roaring applause.

Next morning at the breakfast table
Cluttered with coffee cups and internet cables.
The OM's heard over their morning slop.
Nem's giggle and they a loud pop.
At the end of the table, in Ceph's morning dish,
Was Cronus swimming as a small goldfish.
Musicologist : Self-proclaimed Master Minstrel mostly of Meridian

Message from Team Evil: Fine, we'll pass the petition along to Hera for you even though you're pro-Team Purple, but we refuse to be happy about it! #TeamEvilisAWESOME
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Re: Entry Thread - Piratey Fairytales II Reply to this Post
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Pirate: Decima (Sage ocean)
Default prize order

"We need her, she knows his deep fear"
The whisper sounded, quiet, but clear.
In a moment of blink, she appeared: Gaea
and told them of a mischievous idea.
She turned to Nem: "Now, what do you say?"
No doubt. Ceph would certainly pay.

A plan so malignant- beyond belief
and little Nem, she had a valid motif.
"A pink fluff?" she though. "I want to get back!"
To the mystical person in pure black
Galene set a tiny camera ready,
"Shh..." Gaea said. "Now, steady."

They sneaked in the boys' locker room.
Hid deep inside the creep stalker- room.
Ceph made his entrée, and Cronus came after.
Nem's eyes lit up, barely held the laughter.
As Ceph dis-robed, they were oogling and ogling
Little did he know that for them, they were modeling.

Later on, the lads met the trinity
Ceph laughs; "Nem, you'll be pink for infinity!"
They teased and pointed at her furry back,
But Gaea held something that made their voice lack.
Ceph looked a Cronus with an astonished pause,
"Success!", Nem though, an act worth great applause.

Nervously Ceph asked what they had to do
And surely their chores were quite a few.
"Thump! Thump!" Nem tramped, quite mordant
She had taken advantage of the discordant.
Gaea yelled," Cronus, get Nem some grub!"
"And Ceph...I think she could use a back rub."
Sdafda on Sage

Jerich flag royalty chats, "This is why we have no friends.
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Re: Entry Thread - Piratey Fairytales II Reply to this Post
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Pirate: Amuse Ocean: Viridian
Prize Preference: Happy with default =]

"The secret involved a meadow to start
And then transfiguration with magical arts.
So off Nem went, off she hopped,
Hurriedly bouncing and then to a stop.
Galene had told her Hades’ chariot would come
From a crack in the earth, to the beat of a drum.

Before that, she had to transform
Into a lady of beauty with jewels adorned.
She drank the potion that Galene had gave
As she lamented that her soon-to-be form, she could not save!
Galene had said, “Be quick! For this form will fade.
Potion’s a prototype. Not perfectly made.”

In a whirl, Nem’s pink fur disappeared,
And she became beautiful…but with a beard!?
Indeed, Galene had wronged her potion not just with time but sex –
Nem was a man! Handsome nevertheless…
But how was she to lure Hades from his hiding place?
If she was a man with a beautiful face?

She worried, she fretted.
But amazingly Hades’ desire was whetted!
For all of a sudden she heard a great sound.
She turned and saw Hades’ chariot spring from a mound!
Indeed she discovered Hades also liked boys.
Although he preferred women, he liked men who are coy.

And Nem’s worried face looked more than just coy –
It was perfect to Hades who smiled with joy!
On their way to the Underworld,
Hades turned to Nem, touching a curl.
“Persephone has been so cold of late.
I hope you are kinder, not full of hate!”

Nem smiled stiffly, knowing that she
Was doing this charade only to be free.
Hades had a charm that could break Ceph’s curse.
At least Hades was nice. It could be worse.
She turned to Hades to reply,
And then saw his face! So hot and so flyy!

His rugged good looks were like Adam Levine’s,
He was the stuff of every goddess’ dreams!
But then she remembered that she was a man,
So she said rather gruffly, “As of now, I’m not a fan.”
They reached the Underworld, gave Cerberus a wave,
And then entered a looming, dark cave.

The torches were dim, the walls rather bare. “I’m sorry it’s dark,”
Hades miserably said. “But I rule the dead and must play my part.”
Nem felt sorry for the young god. She said, “Actually
I think you are beautiful. And I am lucky.
You’re also kind, which is why I’ll be honest.
I am here only because of Ceph’s cruel jest.”

Hades looked at Nem mournfully,
“I’ll give you what you need, but then will you leave?”
He handed her a pomegranate seed.
“Eat this, my love, and you’ll have what you seek.”
Nem looked at Hades, asking hesitantly,
“If I looked any different, would you love me?”

He nodded assent, and she broke the spell.
To see Nem as female, Hades almost fell!
He quickly divorced Persephone.
And Nem has a hot date for Goddess Grammy’s!"
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Contest closed, thanks everyone. I'll pass these along to the judges and continue plotting... Er. I mean. Twiddle my thumbs while I wait!
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