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Re: Help stop the bilge bots D:

Oh he`s just raging at me because I blew his cover about who he really is so if he had a chance to get back into the game he couldn't. josh you deserved to be banned for selling 400k out materials out of shops and then taking the poe and then say `amg i was hacked, but don`t report it`. then when i find out you have the poe chilling on your alt acc in a shack and instead of telling the truth you lie and say it`s from poker & you have a wager ban, so i call bs on that. On top of it hacking a friends account and telling her if you are being banned, you'll bring her down with you? As for dnav, i`m gm at it on a good day, so don`t blame your sucky puzzling skills on me, since I don`t log on anyone`s account nor would I ever get someone else`s stats up for them. Btw, spamming the hell out of my fb was totally immature, but then again you do need to grow up. took me about 15 minutes off my phone to delete the same message about 15 times and more. Wishing someone to get into a car accident while they are work is low, very low. So please good luck trying to get a successful ban plead going here; botting, hacking someone else's account, ban evader also. how many times did you ask me to log on your account and get your stats up and every single time I declined, because if you want your stats up that badly go do it yourself. Feels better after you earn it yourself anyways.

Please don`t let the door hit you on the way out.

Edit: Fixed double post & spelling.

Don't worry riss, we all know he's just a kid raging because there are people who see through his crap. "im so sorry everyone, but let me just sit here and troll riss". We back riss :)

Josh, I have one thing to say. Gg no re.

Told you Lune. D:

Riss, please no car accident, we don't want that. We actually do enjoy your company.
I do what I can, when I can.

- Empathetic,
Still playing, here and there.
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