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Joined: Aug 27, 2005
Posts: 190
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Bounty on Morbuzaan! Take 2!

Since the first bounty on Morbuzaan result in his sink I would like to do it again!

This time I do not expect the bounty to reach near 460k but we will see what happens.

Current Bounty:20k

Bounty will be current here.

You MUST sink him. This means you MUST be at war with him.
I spoke with him and he will return any and all War Dec's declared.
You forfeit this bounty if you sink another Officer's pillage after a request for a disengage is placed before shots are landed.
This Bounty is only good for Pillages or an organized hit. So no sinking returning SMH runs or trade runs(sorry)(A trade one will be noted by a disengage request sent as Morbuzaan will only send this in such an occasion.)

The pay is going to start at 10k per sink at the start.

This bounty will increase every week by a minimum of 5k as well as an extra 5k added to it for each person who tries to sink Morbuzaan

Current bounty- 15k

Someone tries to sink Morbuzaan and fails I add 5k making current bounty 20k
If they succeed in sinking Morbuzaan the bounty becomes 10k once again and the process starts over.

I do require screenies of the sink and Morbuzaan's demise. Post Screenshots here and or send them to me.

I will know if you sink another officer from the Crew Schooled. I do ask that you avoid this, but I will not be the one to stop you.

I do ask that with other officers you respect a request to disengage before any shots are landed. As we will respect this request from you.

If you have been banned from this bounty due to breaking the rules of it(as this is just for fun and giggles) you may not claim it for a sink of Morbuzaan, but you may sink him for giggles still because it is fun.

Happy Sinking! Cant wait to increase this bounty to show Morbuzaan it is not Ok to be a buttface. :P

Edit: Edited in current bounty.
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Also on every other ocean.

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Joined: Aug 15, 2005
Posts: 77
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Re: Bounty on Morbuzaan! Take 2!

In the interest in encouraging war with our crew I will add 10k to the bounty.
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Joined: Aug 13, 2010
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Re: Bounty on Morbuzaan! Take 2!

I add 69 PoE to the bounty.
Reason: He may be Osama Bin Laden and/or Jesus.

Licensed Gibberish-to-English translator.
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