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Joined: May 3, 2007
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Re: Hit N' Run


It has nothing to do with being a nice guy or being greedy as fuck and do whatever it takes to get your little navspot.

Firstly, something that has helped me greatly is being a horrible loser. Everytime I mess up I feel horrible about it and that thrives me to think about where things went wrong, analyze and improve.

Secondly, you need to be able to take some abuse. Everyone has at one point gotten yelled at in that nav-channel. You have 35 seconds to make decisions that if done wrong will cost your flag millions. Feelings are not your primary concern. It's nothing personal about telling someone to shut the fuck up in there. However, this may be why there are more male navers than female. If you're not prepared to listen to Reeves telling you what a worthless schmuck you are that needed that guy sunk yesterday, you don't belong on the navteam.

Thirdly, responsibility. If something is your fault, you man up and take the blame for it. There's nothing worse than a naver trying to imply that everyone but himself makes mistakes. Let's be honest, everyone can mess up sometime. Forgive, forget, learn from the mistake and get on with it.

Other than that, I recall Pgoog telling me the difference between being arrogant and confident. If you don't trust yourself on the board, you won't do as good of a job as you could've, however if you're arrogant, it's the same thing. Confidence in your moves is important. You need to be confident while attempting to keep it humble. Nobody likes listening to some twat going on about how amazing he is because he plunked "8 shots straight in the face" with some chinese accent (Sup Shinnj) all night. Be proud of what you do when you do it right, but don't take it for granted that others will be.

There's always someone that's better than yourself. At this point I'm certain there's some rockstar reading this and laughing at how naive and full of myself I am, that's okay. As long as you keep your feet on the ground and your head up high, you'll do just fine.

Also, you will obviusly have to be a good naver before all of this comes into play. I hope you enjoyed your ridiculously long read.

Ridiculously long, but completely accurate.
Bunnyspawn, Malachite's most arrogant player.

Also Bunnyspawn on Sage and Hunter;Disgraced on Viridian.

I support PvP in sinking environments.
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Joined: Jun 26, 2006
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Re: Hit N' Run

In my case i always said call me if you need what ever you need! xD
I never had a problem with be Xo's/navver/Jc/land stuffs etc...
The blockade always have tons of position the problem is the people sometime's (most of the time's) is just to proud to do anything else, but if one blockade don't have one of the Xo's/navver/Jc The blockade will be a waste of time... You always can learn of any position your flag/team need you, and learning and passing from every job on a cade will just make you better.

I have seen Bnavers who treat like crap to them Xo' sadly they don't noted that the Xo is finally who manage the people on the vessel and i don't know you, but for me at least manage that grennies who don't want to put themselves on a bloody station and you have to send them like 100 warning because your flag need that jobber, is harder then be focus on just bnav...

I have been luck of bnav for OF and for legacy, i don't call my self a really experimented bnaver because I'm not, I'm learning :)!, but i guest that sometimes you just need one people to believe in you, Arthurr was the first in trust enough to put me on he's bnav list, i had run blockades..yes i did lots on Jade ocean, but as almost all people know jade isn't a great challange to said hey i have experienced! XD

My usual problem on cades, is my horrible English i tend to said "blue" "gold" and "green" Because i can't think THAT faster on English, so most of the time's the most experienced navers don't get my colors, and finish on a crush and that isn't good, but i guest that I'm going to get better with time.

The patience is the most important in a person who want to cade nav, don't believe you are the best of the best because you prob are not, and be patience and help in whatever is needed, because that way you will always learn a bit more and that bit more, later will makes you a full pirate! :)

Also like Dalh said don't feel badly if someone on the team yell at you, most of the times are not personal, is just stress... x)!
if someone yell at you listen what he said, but just don't get nervous or sad or whatever, is only making you booch!

In a cade every people inside the cade is important, from the greenie jobber until the BA. Get that and you will get the most important thing... after all a blockade is a team job, not a solo.

edit1: Grammar D:!
edit2:+ Grammar D:!


"Never argue with an idiot. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."
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