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Quarterly (or Seasonal) Craft-Along Reply to this Post
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Putting together some of the ideas that came up in the Octoscarf Knit-along.

This proposal would be to create a continuous series of crafting events with player driven choice of craft for each iteration. The intention is to provide crafting challenges which produce hand-made items (jewelry, bags, toys, clothing, decorations, etc) with a piratey theme. Using a three-month time frame would allow for a more leisurely event and would hopefully avoid conflict with other crafting events.

~10 weeks for the event to run, 2 weeks to determine the next craft, and a week for organizers to prep.

Craft determination:
Towards the end of the 10 weeks, people can start proposing crafts for the next go. The only limitation is that the next event can't be the same craft as the current one.

During the two weeks following the event, players vote in-thread on which of the proposed crafts they want to try next. To facilitate this, it may be helpful for the current event runner to compile a list of the proposals into a single post (perhaps with the names of those interested in running the next iteration)

Votes are tallied, and the most popular craft is used for the next session of the event.

Event Runner Responsibilities:

I'm currently envisioning this set up so that the event runner can shift - so no one person heads this up each time, but also so that the event is structured enough that a player who hasn't even thought about running events before can run a session with minimal headaches.

Ideally, proposed next crafts would come with volunteers to head that session. (So if I proposed we do spinning next time, I would also volunteer to run it.) I know that isn't always going to be the case, but I expect that if there is a large desire for a particular craft, someone will be willing to step up and do the posting. I believe that we have enough arts-and-crafts event runners in the YPP community that any gaps in coverage (or disasters) can be dealt with.

-Initial post, with introduction to craft and any specific theme beyond "pirate", relevant dates, link to entry separate entry thread, entry requirements, and helpful links.
-Track event thread for questions
-Tally votes for the next craft
-Tally participant choice votes
-Alert the event if she needs someone to step in as a replacement event runner (the time frame is a bit longer than most crafting events, and life happens)

-Select 2+ additional reliable judges familiar with the craft in question to choose winners for any additional prizes
-Manage judging for additional prizes
-Procure additional prizes

I would suggest two options, with the current event runner having the decision in what they wish to do.

1. Participants' Choice: Everyone who participates in the event gets to vote for their favorite 1-3 entries. Participants have a week after the event to submit their votes These votes are tallied by the current event runner; and the top entry (or entries in the event of a tie) receive an inscribed trinket or some such. I'd recommend this be used either way, and be the back-up should the event runner not feel comfortable enough with the craft in question to judge quality/technique or simply be limited in terms of time.

2. The event runner and selected judges determine entries to receive prizes. We can set up a recommended (but revisable) method.
Biapalha wrote: 
Usually judging is difficult, but in order to make it faster, less stressful and more impartial, I´d have each juror give points from 1 to 10 to 'creativity', 'technique', 'appropriacy to theme', etc

That on an on-going basis as entries come in, perhaps with some above-and-beyond points that can be distributed if things get tied up.

The event runner (and any judges) could submit entries for participants' choice voting, but not their own judging.

Unless there is a definite lack of other crafting events, I would suggest limiting prizes to inscribed trinkets and player donations.

Provided OM support in moving items to appropriate oceans, I know I personally have enough sloops I never use to keep this in event prizes for at least three or four years. I can also draw classy forum avatars. :) I expect that if this does become self-sustaining, we can keep an on-going pool of donations for prizes as needed. We could probably come up with some semi-standard prize packages subject to donations or OM prize support; and let individual event runners put in requests for anything beyond that that is relevant to the session they are running.

I think that was everything. :)

The two crafts I noticed that got multiple mentions towards the end of the Knit-along were patchwork and embellished bags and spinning. I have this really ratty, but much loved jacket that is currently more holes than cloth, so I'd vote for patchwork. ^^
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Re: Quarterly (or Seasonal) Craft-Along Reply to this Post
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Really like this idea, would definitely enter and probably be willing to help with any crafts I know a reasonable amount about.
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Re: Quarterly (or Seasonal) Craft-Along Reply to this Post
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I'm not a particularly good crafter - but I would love the challenge of entering! =D
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