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Pillars of Confidence are hosting a Auction lots of cool rare stuff no junk

starting bid for all boxes is 50k

There are 40 boxes with a ribbon loop in side the box telling u what u won before u leave the ship give the ribbon to ogjay and u get your prize
AUCTION starteds 11 am game time today 3/27/011


1. Weavery shoppe on Napi Peak, upgraded and named 'Weavers of Confidence'
2. Spring green sloop with spring green chest and spring green female sf dummy
3. Ice blue sloop decorated with Ice blue furni
4. Female cockade hat, gold/white, new condition
5. Female gold 'bear hat', new condition
6. Female gold 'bear hat', new condition
7. Male gold 'bear hat', new condition
8. Male gold 'bear hat', new condition
9. Junk
10. Atlantean WF design

11. 5 rogue sloop designs
12. Frost class LS design
13. Frost class LS design
14. Cupid class sloop
15. Sloop
16. Sloop
17. Sloop
18. Sloop
19. War Frig
20. Badge package: captain's, bravery, parlor & labor badge

21. Female Ice blue Atlantean helmet, new condition
22. Female Ice blue / Gold Enlightened mask, new condition
23. Female Indigo / Gold High Enlightened mask, new condition
24. Female 'bear hat', seagreen, new condition
25. Female Indigo / Indigo Cockade hat, new condition
26. Male wig Nightblue / Navy, new condition
27. Male shako Navy / White, new condition
28. Male 'bare hat', rose, new condition
29. Male frilly shirt, Nightblue / Blue, new condition
30. Male shirt with sash, Nightblue / Purple, new condition

31. Phantom Class sloop
32. Frost Class sloop, renamed into 'Frostbite Queen', painted & pimped
33. Female Atlantean Helmet, blue, new condition
34. Female Seagreen / White Enlightened mask, new condition
35. Female 'bear hat', white, new condition
36. Female 'bear hat', maroon, new condition
37. Male Pair o'gaiters, Nightblue / Nightblue, new condition
38. Male vest & sash, Seagreen / Seagreen, new condition
39. Male Seagreen outfit: feathered hat, frilly shirt, pair of pants, pair of boots (all GOOD condition)
40. Female Seagreen outfit: scarf, vest, bloomers, boots (scarf, vest & bloomers GOOD condition, boots NEW condition)

flag/ poc

pirated/ prince ogjay
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Re: Pillars of Confidence are hosting a Auction lots of cool rare stuff no junk

Licensed Gibberish-to-English translator.
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