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Joined: Jun 25, 2010
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Buying a shoppe...

Here's what I have to offer for it. Depending on asking price, you can pick and choose what you want.

6 regular Sloops 1 is partially painted
Harvest sloop
Cupid sloop
Midas sloop
Inferno sloop
Emerald sloop that is renamed
Phantom sloop that is skellied
Rogue sloop
A Dhow that's painted and gilded
A Frost LS
2 Baghlahs
4 WBs 1 painted, 2 stocked for SMH and ported near an Atlantis and HS.
A Rogue WB
A WF that is partially painted with a few gilded cannons.

I believe most of the ships have some stock in them.

I also have 430k poe and 227 dubs to throw in if needed. I am fully aware that the chances of me getting one is slim to none, but i figured i would try... Send me a PM in game or in forums with how much or what you want for your shoppe...
Deadyeti on Malachite
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