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Battle Navigation Tournament Reply to this Post
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All competitors must sign up before-hand with their pirate name, the name of a subscribed alt that can temporarily join the hosting crew, the name of the Sloop they are using, and their main pirate's current standing in battle navigation. If they wish, they may post the names of their crew for the first event, limited to 4 additional members (total of 5). If a player wishes to enter, he must have the deed of the vessel he wishes to enter already traded to his alternate player, and have it ported at the designated port, before he enters. If the ship is not ported at the designated port at any time between the entry and the date of the event, that player is disqualified. If he wishes to change the ship he entered, he must designate so in the event thread and receive a response before proceeding.
The tournament consists of PvP's and competitive challenge(s). Each person is paired with another based on their standing.

All competitors are aware of the details of the first event before it begins:
1. Competitors are assigned to crew A or B based on who they are fighting (i.e. if player 1, 2, 3, and 4 enter, and player 1 is facing player 3, player 1 joins team A, and player 3 joins team B). Besides avoiding monkey boats, teams serve no alternate purpose.
Note: In the occasion that an odd number of pirates compete, one will be paired with a judge of similar standing.
2. (optionally) A judge is assigned to each pair of competitors (more probably, players are just required to provide a screenshot of the result).
2. Each pair of competitors deport separately from a designated island and await an order to sail, and engage.
3. When the battle is finished, the winning team (or judge) reports the result, and a screenshot must be provided for proof, regardless if the losing team concurs the result.
4. Winning teams are posted on the leader boards for this event and either a). small bounty (about 15,000 PoE each depending on the result) is awarded to each winning team to disperse between their crew, or (more probably), b). all defeated competitors must surrender the deed of their sloop to the competitor who defeated them.

Note: If there is a low turnout of participants, challenge(s) will not be included, and the following is oblivious. Likewise, if there is a large turnout, multiple challenges will be included.
After the first event, all those successful proceed to the first challenge (designed to eliminate 1-3 players and test a pirate's practical skills). Specifics are hidden until the challenge occurs.
Challenge(s) are timed, and usually involve doing something related to sailing the ship efficiently, or completing a battle navigation task. An example of a challenge that would be completed individually:
ex. 1) Destroy an Imperial Outpost in less than 15 minutes. (obvious complications, but this is simply an example of the nature of the event, not an actual challenge that would be implemented)
ex. 2) Purchase 10 units of Sail cloth from Stall x at Island x and sell it to Stall y at Island y (the percentage of pirates that fail to complete this challenge in the allotted time would be eliminated). Note: A test would be ran before-hand to determine a plausible amount of time.
Some challenges could be competitive, instead of timed. Instead of setting a time limit on ex. 2, the 1-3 pirates that arrived at Island y last would be eliminated (this would be substantially less ideal, however, given the nature of the purpose of a challenge).
After the first challenge had been completed, results would be posted on the leader boards, and those who failed to complete the challenge would be eliminated.

Based on how many players remain, another round of PvP's would commence until only 6-8 players remain.

At this time, a final challenge may be issued. Regardless of whether it is, the competitors who survive the challenge, or who move immediately from the second round(s) of PvP's, would take part in a private event blockade. For the blockade, each pirate would have his own designated crew. Pirates would be required to solo during the entire duration of the blockade. The settings would be Non-sinking; Sloops and Baghlahs*; dense obstacles; 1 round. (*Although it would posted on the forums that nobody is to enter the blockade, a Baghlah would be posted at each entrance, and anyone not taking part in the event would be chased and sunk). Upon being "sunk," competitors would be required to surrender their ship to the event host. When a final competitor stands, he will receive all the Sloops.

Additionally, prizes would be delivered to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Note: An optional version of the event would be to exclude challenges, and have a series of PvP's similar to above. Pirates who wanted to compete could trade their sloop to their designated crew's captain (a pirate trustworthy to all), and they could only use it as an officer. The pirate who loses, loses his ship. The pirate who wins, doesn't win anything yet, but moves onto the next round. When all PvP's are complete, 1st place receives 60% of the Sloops, 2nd receives 30% of the Sloops, and 3rd place receives 10% of the Sloops. This version of the event would be simpler to hold, and could be done so often. It would essentially be a betting league.
BloodyBill on the Cerulean Ocean (of Cobalt origin).
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