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Joined: Nov 10, 2006
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Re: Board Hogging

I don't think you can blame the navvers alone, it is in party with the help of the people who actually job with them. If a jobber is going to go and wait for hours (or whatever) on a larger ship instead of a smaller one that will set sail instantly, then it is everyone's responsibility.

I like this line of though =)
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If the Fish Rumour Mongers had their way, we'd be dropping on everything.
I dropped a plate the other day. Does that count?
-- Missiep --

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Joined: Jun 17, 2009
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Re: Board Hogging

Bringing up an issue that is all to familiar here on Midnight....board hogging. The same people/crews load larger ships daily or even multiple times a day without even a concern or care that other navvers in this ocean would love a chance to load a larger ship. The same navvers load multiple SHM weekly, claiming they never load more than twice a week. I am sure someone will bring up the novelty of the vikings.. however this issue has been happening long before the vikings. The numbers on the ocean (until the recent influx due to the vikings) does not permit a few larger ships to be loading at the same time and be decent runs. Where is the spirit of the game here.. this is a social game where we should be working together.. not being selfish and making it all about one or two people.

Please be considerate of other people....

Sounds like Mala but we can't even fill one Brig at a time.
Official spokesman of Ade446.
Barnabas the Pale tells ye, "You made me literally laugh out loud."

-The D: Retired.

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Joined: Oct 16, 2005
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Re: Board Hogging

bdull said:


(bold added by me)
Cleaver forbid that one crew should have TWO highly competent and active bnavvers who are capable of loading large ships, and actually pillage with them instead of lotto-lantis.

I want to see This please. Cleaver's Statement.

Wildsrose, it's not a statement that Cleaver ever made. It was used in the same sense as "heaven forbid".

Giggles to self...OK.. I get it now.. I did not see ye eyes rolling as ye said it .

Here's something I noticed, in game, after reading this thread.

I job a lot.
I see the old/new, competant/clueless.
I quite often job with ..well .. let's just say to be polite.. what ever is on the board.. IF there is one there.

There are definitely times during whichever part the of the world's 24 hours (time zone) ye are, there is absolutely nothing being offered and well over a hundred on line.
I can see by my hearty list and /who that several of my heartys are out with full ships or running commodes or memming or other merchanting/Inn games/chores.

****MOST of my pillaging is now done by waiting for the Hearty Spam. I gave up alt voyage tab sitting and watching .. *****
There seems to be a great group who voyage between 4am and 7-8am EST then nothing much until 3-4pm est.. that get advertised on the board. Since this ocean was begun by PST time Pirates for the most part.. The best action seems to be after 7pm EST.

There are 2 kinds of Hiring Navers.
And this may be partly just a side effect of the gaming world outside Puzzle Pirates.
Type 1:
Wants to be able to DO Puzzle Pirates with the same intent and attitude they take into games with pre set levels with goals .. a beginning and An End . Games they play alone or Against Opponents. Everything is theirs. Whatever they can get is theirs. Jobbers are just tools. They know this is a different kind of game--- but--- have spent so many hours in the other type.. they instictively view this game as if they are the ONLY.
And .. yes a certain amount of competitivenes, focus and goal attaining are needed here too.

Type 2
Have or are building skill levels and awareness and being social, to do ,IN the game, what they need to be what they .. and the gam..e consider successful. They have skill not just for trophys.. For USING.
The difference is.. they understand that we are real people too. Doing, in our choice from the hundreds of avenues/ways and means the game provides, the same thing as they are.
We are all different ...with different talents and abilities.. different cultures, different ages, etc. They know how to take advantage of a lull or new feature overload. They have put in the hours.. and yes years.. to be able to work with .. not against the game itself. They have BUILT on a strong foundation, a remembered identity with the people in the game.

The Game can NOT be played totally alone. One can BE alone here. Everything about the game is dependant on some other part that works best when each part performs it's 'best' in relationship to all the other parts.
Whether that be the Game Mechanics or the people IN The Game.

Just like when ye get the message that The Server and Your Client are having an argument..
There is something to look under the hood at.
Some "thing" that has to negotiate with another "thing" to Resolve 'The

It is PART of the Game to figure out how to do the jobber/jobbing/naver/ voyage board dance.
All the Tools and space to do it that ye need are provided by The Game. It is up to YOU to learn ALL the skills ye need and Practice and Keep Trying till Ye figure it out.

Then when 'something happens' .. like a top- naver-loader- leader has a change in circumstamces or retires .....IF YE are READY it will be YOUR turn...
and all the others will be complaining about ye..

Samjones figured out a way to fit.. Gaunt and Vova worked it out. Hahna tells ye all how they do it.

Read those posts over and over and over. Go Job for them. Watch for and learn about the Tides and Rhythms of ye Oceans ... till ye 'See the Light'.
And Polish Yours till it Shines Brightly enough to be seen in the Night Sky.
Wildsrose Of:
Cerulean, Meridian & Emerald

The Titan. The Kraken.
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Joined: Jan 8, 2006
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Re: Board Hogging

There seems to be a great group who voyage between 4am and 7-8am EST then nothing much until 3-4pm est..

That be us in the Far East/Aussie timezones.
Pomfret of Midnight Cerulean and Most Oceans
Except when I am Scroogie or somebody else

Stupid merger made me change my signature...
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Joined: Nov 10, 2004
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Re: Board Hogging

Ah Rose, how I love ya. Crazy but still talkin' sense. :)
My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world. ~ Jack Layton

Sublime is shame.
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Joined: Jan 10, 2007
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Re: Board Hogging

Always been the case, as springheel said treat your jobbers right you will reap benefits over the longer period of time. Work your ways up the ship sizes if your final intention is say a Frig flotilla(just for case point). If people are jobbing with the "same" people they proberbly have been treated right by the naver and they earnt the right to post jobs more often. Ask most navers, when they first started larger ships they didn't really fill that fast or often till they made a name/familairty with the ocean.
Voidrix (All oceans)
Captain of Unquenchable Fury and Prince of Universe A .
Owns the largest collection of Guys on Cerulean.
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Joined: Nov 12, 2010
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Re: Board Hogging

Please be considerate of other people....

I have been accused of being ohgreeneone. Setting the record straight: I have alts, however ohgreenone is not, nor has ever been my alt. My own Captain thought it was me because when we chat about the subject, I address the game as a social cooperative. I truly believe this and that the most fun can be had by all when approached from that perspective and ohgreenone used a similar term. To enjoy the most fun by all is a reasonable goal, however will never be fully achieved because of the greed factor, me notwithstanding. I was at one time a board hog, loading frigs 3 times a week for Atlantis. In July 2009 after collecting data for a month I recognized the error of my ways. I rarely load anything more than occasional flot or pillage usually from crew and have been seen lurking at blockades. I treat my jobbers respectfully and pay them when things(usually my bnav) go sour.

I love puzzle pirates ten times real fast.

Bauds addressed this issue over two years ago. If you are considering loading a bigger ship please take the time to look at notice board look around the ocean and see how many bigger ships are already in play. Balance this against the number of people on the ocean. Do not goto atlantis, flots, or haunted seas and stay 7 hours. Do not load more than once a day using a different naver to load then take the wheel once at your destination....ok, ok, these are only a few ways our greed shows. My term for this is kindergarten level sharing.

ohgreenone asked for us to be considerate of others. I do not think that is too much to ask.

Rediculous <<< I stole this name from a recent post where ridiculous was spelled incorrectly. It made me laugh so I now own it in game.

SO Legally Drunk

Beware of hackers. And after you are caught, I hope you get to share a cell with big Bubba. I am sure Bubba will be considerate of you. ;)
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