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Introducing: the Haunted Seas! Reply to this Post
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Having solved the mysterious mainland riddle, we're happy to be able to introduce to you the third Sea Monster Lair to be added to Puzzle Pirates: the Haunted Seas!

Puzzle Pirates are a resilient lot. They can lose duels. They can be shot at. They can be swarmed by dragoons. They can be turned into horrible monsters. They can even be lost at sea with no more permanent harm than the occasional lost eye, hand, or leg. Existing in a world so devoid of mortal peril compels most Puzzle Pirates to bravely explore uncharted lands and pillage evil brigands with little thought of their own safety. A pirate that has grown weary of such a daring and exciting life, however, is a pirate that has no more need of this world and so they fade away, their souls retiring to the Nether-Sea. The Nether-Sea is a realm beyond this world where a pirate can happily wile away eternity sailing, drinking rum and playing cards.

Some pirates, sadly, do not get to share such a peaceful fate. Those who violate the Pirates' Code find themselves in the Abyss, a terrifying realm found far deeper than the Nether-Sea. Here the unworthy are forced to spend eternity treading water in blood-red seas while demonic ships pepper them with cannon-fire from behind the cover of rocky outcroppings.

The Nether-Sea and the Abyss only welcome those whose time has come. None have tried to breach them prematurely and returned from the attempt.

There are places in our world, however, that are so close to the Nether-Sea that they lure a steady stream of adventurers to their depths. These bold pirates are drawn in by tales of shipwrecks filled with ghostly treasures and of catching a glimpse of shipmates and loved ones who were thought eternally lost. These Haunted Seas are the domain of Barnabas the Pale, an ethereal Brigand King whose grief led him to be forever damned to the Abyss. Barnabas' heartless influence traps any weak-willed pirates foolish enough to venture into the Haunted Seas, forever dooming them to patrol the gloomy waters, guarding their treasures and the secrets of the Nether-Sea from those stouter of heart.

Will you, too, submit to the siren's call of the Haunted Seas? Will you, too, attempt to ferry from their ghoulish grasp the treasures of those long since passed on? Will you, too, be addled by the apparitions fiendishly conjured by Barnabas himself? You'll be able to find out for yourself very soon!

Look for even more info on the Haunted Seas next week when it is released to the Ice Ocean for testing!
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