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Joined: Dec 4, 2006
Posts: 1237
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S is for story time.

I would like people to tell me stories. You have a maximum of 800 words (I wanted to be generous) but this is by no means an event where you have to put much work into. There is no penalty for stories shorter (even by a few hundred words) than the limit.

The catch is, your story has to use some sort of theme or be about a certain subject starting with the letter S. Please note, you cannot use the word 'Sage' as I'm sure most of you would have. Otherwise, any other word/object is fine.

Do not be afraid to be as random or as creative as you like. Stories can literally be about anything. I will read it all (and I'm sure, like it). Unfortunately, technicolour pachyderm or pole dancing cow references will not be given extra points (nor penalised). Otherwise all the stories would be awesome the same!

Important Notes
- Place pirate name and the word/object/theme you have chosen at the TOP of your post, followed by your story.
- Deadline for entries will be 48 hours from the time of this post
- 800 word maximum as stated above. You will not be penalised for anything below that.
- One entry per account posted in THIS thread
- Prizes available only on the Sage ocean
- Judging will be done solely by me. Among the criteria will be how well you adhere to your chosen theme/subject (starting with S of course).
- A first, second and third place will be chosen. I may or may not choose some stuff for honourable mentions
- Bananas.


First, second and third will be able to choose from the list below in order (ie first place has first choice). Yes, there are more options than places, which means third place will still get some sort of choice. All three places will get a random trinket inscribed with their terrific feat. Unfortunately, for third place, this could be something as lame as a gift card as I have no idea what I have on my character trinket wise

- 15k in PoE
- Fancy Bed furniture (new) - red/aqua
- 50 Bedrolls and Slatted Crates - all of which should be in new condition (I'm not joking)
- Blacksmithing furniture set - brand new Anvil and 2 Tool furniture pieces to go with it
- Cursed Chalice (new, obtained it the day I was last logged onto Sage and I will rack if I get back on) - gold in colour

I know it isn't much, but I really can't remember what's in my booty except for those few items. I just know I don't have a lot of poe haha!

If there are any questions, just ask here.


Cremate says, "skmpns"
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Joined: Aug 26, 2007
Posts: 13
Status: Offline
Re: S is for story time.

Pirate Name: Scrim
My theme starting with S: Squirting Squid Strikes, Stopping Server

In the dark depths of the Sage ocean, it is little known fact that there is a creature who dwells on the floor of the ocean. Its job is to protect the mystical server that has been entrusted to its care. Each time a ship draws near to its layer the Squid reacts by squirting up some Kakens Blood to distract those pesky pirates who always seem to battling above its layer. It is not a particularly satisfying job. Pirates close in, distract them with something shiny, what kind of job is that really? The hours are horrible and the pirates are never satisfied with one KB they always are on the lookout for more. This means that the squid constantly needs to relocate the layer.

A few days ago the squirting squid got tired of its job, wouldnt you? Why should it protect the server what was it getting in return, nothing!

It tried to be nice, it sent a lengthy note to the people who ran the ocean, was it its fault that they couldnt understand its language? It tried sending a message via the gerbils but you know how unreliable gerbils are. It tried withholding the krakens blood, but the pesky pirates kept fighting too close to its layer even when it moved the server to the outer islands of the ocean, the ocean lagged and the pirates complained and it was forced to move the server back closer to the pirates.

So now it was mad no one was listening to its demands, its worries, or its concerns. It threatened to simply smash the server, but no one could understand it. So instead it decided to get attention by going on strike. It had heard some pirates talk about strikes, so it was pretty confident that it knew what it was doing. After it had shut the ocean down the pirates would be forced off and then the Ocean Masters would have to listen to it.

The ocean went down and the gerbils were blamed. It really should have known better then to send the gerbils with its message, never send a gerbil to do a squids work. After a time the ocean masters finally got the message out of the gerbils, if nothing else gerbils make good messengers because they can be understood by ocean masters. Even if they do take their time about it. The ocean masters then went on search for a translator, the gerbils were unavailable for the job they had to take too many breaks one break every two minutes, they had a good union.

In the mean time the Ocean Masters tried to reason with the squid and tried to get it to restart the ocean, but it would not budge. It would be listened to. It was not give in that easily.

The Ocean masters tracked down some Zombies to translate. Unfortunately, while it could talk to the zombies the Ocean Masters couldnt understand the zombies. So they dragged in Vargas and after begging him and offering up the oceans supply of cookies they got him to translate what the zombies were saying.

The conversation went a little like this:

OM: What are your demands?
Squid: eppps eeeeep eeeerrrrs pirrrrrrrrr eepe eeeeeeeeeeeeeep p p p
Zombies: SeerRrrvvve sMashhhy smOoSH!
Vargas: If you dont do what it wants it will smash the server.
OM: okay calm down we dont want that, what will it take for you to start the ocean again?
Squid: eppps eeeeep eeeerrrrs pirrrrrrrrr eepe eeeeeeeeeeeeeep p p p
Zombies: HapppPy HapPPy iiiit dAay
Vargas: It wants a holiday in honor of its work
OM: okay is that it?
Squid: eppps eeeeep eeeerrrrs pirrrrrrrrr eepe eeeeeeeeeeeeeep p p p
Zombies: yEppps
Vargas: Yes that is it, hehehe but I have a few demands of my own.

With that sorted the squid content with the progress it had made ended the strike.

I bet you want to know why the strike is over but the server is still not up? That my friends is simple, the OMs are stuck on hold with the 1-800 number to reboot the server of course.

Word count: 693

Prize order:
- 15k in PoE
-Fancy Bed furniture
-Cursed Chalice
- Blacksmithing furniture set
- 50 Bedrolls and Slatted Crates

Wonderful Event by the way!
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Joined: Jan 1, 2006
Posts: 94
Status: Offline
Re: S is for story time.

My crazy topic: Sanity- A virtue of the dull.

Ever seen a printing machine in any working place? It performs the repeated work of printing texts on a piece of white or coloured paper. That's all it does and probably doesn't know any other functions. In short, it is highly non-creative! It has a sense of sanity and it performs its functions well as far as we treat it well. WHAT'S THE FUN???
Compare this machine to a small baby. A baby doesn't know what to do about to a small cricket ball, does it? So the baby, let's say it's a HE! ..So he looks at the ball and wonders what this weird by proportionately shaped object is and then tries to do things to it. Probably first thing the baby does is tries to hold it in his tiny hands and look at it. It might want to taste it, so it licks it and doesn't find anything interesting so he throws it. The ball bounces and rolls and moves! This is interesting for the baby, so he does it more and more! He now tries to stand over the ball (trying to be INSANE here, or rather lose his sanity) and then trips and falls. He hurts himself, a new experience for him!
The important point here is that the baby EXPLORES! He explores and learns not only one, but many things. He learns:-
(1) How to use a ball in different ways.
(2) What happens when the ball is thrown.
(3) Taste of the ball (Funny but atleast he knows now that it's not edible!!)
(4) He learns what happens when you stand over a ball.
(5) He also learns how much it hurts and how it feels when you trip over something and get hurt.
Drawing a conclusion---> The baby now learns how it feels to be physically hurt and hence he will be careful next time! The baby learnt this only from a single ball and his 'Insane' thought of first licking it, throwing it, standing on it and finally falling by tripping over it. Fascinating isn't it? Insanity can probably lead to a discovery or a new invention of a phenomenon. This was only a small example of being 'insane' or 'crazy' and doing something OUT OF THE BOX! (Which other's don't do!)
That's how you become the different fish from the pond! That's how you find success, don't care if you're called crazy by the world. They will admire you one day when you attain success!
The baby story is over, there is a guy now who kept looking at the watch, it goes tick tock, tick tock. Freaking sane watch isn't it? The man today in his profession (Of a clerk in an office) does nothing but keeps looking at the watch every now and then! He is a perfect example of a non-creative, sane, bored man who doesn't have a vision about what wonders 'insanity' can create.
Don't be the printing machine, be the one to try out insane things like stepping on a round object and observing how and why you fall!
Misschrome says, "i will be heading for bed soon...my pillow is in great need for someone to give it head"
Amyrosee says, "ok mates go to the bathroom grab a drink, be right back!

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Joined: Dec 4, 2006
Posts: 1237
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Re: S is for story time.

Around 12 hours left.

Also, updated OP with colours of prizes (now that I can log in and check)


Cremate says, "skmpns"
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Joined: Feb 27, 2005
Posts: 29
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Re: S is for story time.

Pirate name:Xece
In our society we all have status. Some are rich and wealthy, some are poor and lowly, while others are just normal people. People with different statuses avoid each other, and almost always talk to those with their own status. Isn't that just ridiculous?

Nicholas was a poor man. He lived poorly, dressed poorly, ate poorly and travelled poorly. He worked in a small pea soup shop. His pay was low and treated just as lowly by his manager. He was as low in society as he could be, but he was happy.

Nicholas didn't want much from life, he doesn't expect much, and he doesn't get much either. He was satisfied with his poor life. There was only one thing that could possibly change his life, a woman. Or to be more precise, a woman he was in love with.

The woman's name was Serene. Her long ebony hair flowed down her back, her sapphire blue eyes shining in the sunlight. Her skin was flawless, smoothed and without a single blemish. She had a slim figure, and she walked smoothly, the way water would move around rocks, the way wind would blow pass the trees. She was beautiful, gorgeous, and Nicholas fell in love with her at first sight.

Every two days, at precisely noon, Serene would go to that tea shop Nicholas worked at. Serene's status was far higher than Nicholas', Nicholas wouldn't even have the chance to give her a compliment, let alone a date with her. Every time he served her soup, his heart would ache with wanting.

Nicholas was no longer satisfied with his life. He wanted more, more money, better clothes, better food. He wanted these, because he wanted Serene. He would ask his manager for a slight raise, but all he got was a shouted order and mocking laughter. Nicholas knew, even if he worked for three lifetimes, he would never be able to have Serene. He would be mocked, laughed at and put down for saying anything more to her than was needed for his job.


"Why do you even go to that shop?" "You should have much better than that." Those were the comments Serene recieved from those among her. It was expected, she was much better than the others that went to that pea soup shop, but her friends wouldn't understand.

All of them met their own husbands through their parents, all of them were wealthy, rich, and lived as such. There was no love there, rich and classy they might be, they were oh so shallow, not in five centuries could they comprehend the feelings of love.

Nicholas, the boy that served her at the pea soup shop, was cute, handsome even. Poor as he was, he kept himself clean and presentable. His hair was washed and clean, parted neatly. His almond-shaped eyes, were a deep chocolate brown, deep and warm.

But what could Serene do? Her parents would never agree her dating such a lowly man, much less allow her to marry him. Even if she were to just talk to Nicholas, she would be ridiculed and made fun of by those around her. She could do much better than him, or so they would say.

How shallow our society is! Everything is about money and social status, how often do we look past that anymore? Maybe without it, maybe if we only had feelings...perhaps everything could be much better.

Word count:574

Rushed work,lol.
Preferred prizes in order
Bed furni
Anvil stuff
You're joking,right?
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Joined: Dec 4, 2006
Posts: 1237
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Re: S is for story time.

Well. Only three entries, and thus all entrants win a prize.

Three completely different entries and I did enjoy them all. However I had to place them with Xece coming in first, Scrim coming second and Priyadarshi a not too distant third.

I've given out prizes to Scrim and Xece already, so if Priyadarshi would send me a PM with his choice of prize (with the Fancy Bed and 15k already taken) and times when he would be online, that would be great.


Cremate says, "skmpns"
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