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Joined: Sep 27, 2005
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Sage: The Doctors' Doodle. [WINNERS POSTED]

Physicians, heal thy ocean!

Your patient: Sage Ocean
Your task: To Heal

Notes: Patient presents as unresponsive, behavior erratic and divers alarums therein, some pain, possible organ disease.

Pick a medical style, preferably ancient rather than modern but the choice is yours. Pretend you are a specialist in this style, and present a report on The Patient. Your report should include your notes on a basic examination of The Patient, any symptoms of significance, your diagnosis and your recommended treatment (you may want to mention possible side-effects or risks as well as favorable recovery hopes). You may include diagrams if this fits your specialty.

The most convincing Physicians will receive prizes of great wonder! Rumor has it that these may include Apollo doll or egg, Hera doll or egg, and trinkets of great beauty.

Deadline: this is an acute case, so all physicians' reports must be posted in this thread within 48 hours of this post.

Rules for entry:
* Only one entry per physician (player) please
* Entries in this thread - press "reply to this post"
* Maximum of 600 words, but can of course be shorter. Text can be combined with images if appropriate.
* Include your pirate name on Sage, your chosen medical specialty or style, and then your report.

Thank you, healers.
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Joined: Sep 26, 2009
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Doctor's Name: Capsorrow
Hospital: Sacred Heart General Hospital
Medical Specialty: Surgeon

Patient's Name: Sage Ocean

Diagnosis: The patient presented with symptoms including being unresponsive at times, erratic behavior, some pain, and possible organ disease and/or failure. After examination of the patient I've come to the following conclusion. These are all signs of what I believe to be a lack of "green awareness". I believe after months, maybe even years, of ignoring the very real threat of global warming and the danger of pollution, the patient's body has broken down. After observing the patient with various tests and X-Rays, I found a hole in the protective layer outside the patient that protects the patient from various risks to it's health. Sadly, the damage to this protective layer is beyond repair.

Treatment: Treatment for the disease includes placing recycling bins on the islands of Sage, spreading the word about green awareness, promoting the use of safer fuels and using alternative means of energy. there are few side effects to the treatments but most noteworthy is getting everyone in Sage to follow the newly green lifestyle Sage needs. Not everyone will abide by these choices and force is not an option. Everyone must chose so it all comes down to helping to show the risks involved in not going green.

Recovery: Recovery time for this disease may vary. If the patient receives the much needed help and treatment she needs the recovery time will be greatly reduced. Unfortunately at present time the disease is slowly continuing to spread but there are treatments already in place to slow the spread. Hopefully with the prescribed treatments the patient will recover and return to a healthy normal life.

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Joined: Jun 7, 2004
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.


Name: Sig, DO(c)
Emergency Computer Medicine


Chief Complaint: Sudden router pain followed by loss of consciousness.

History of Present Illness: Patient is a 5 year old server running a JAVA based computer game who complained about problems connecting with new friends approximately 10 hours ago. Shortly afterwards, the patient became fully unresponsive, dropping the approximately 500 friends who were connected at the time. Since becoming unresponsive, the server has been unresponsive to treatments such as reboots and power cycling. Initial first responders report issues with "gerbils,? however no gerbils were found.

Primary medical history: The server undergoes regular checkups with weekly maintenance reboots. Server is regularly updated. Occasional bouts of catatonia, and short periods of idiopathic unresponsiveness have been reported in the past, but historians are unreliable at this hour of the night. Occasional aches, pains, and hiccups also reported its related servers, however these are fixed with regular patching.

Allergies: Allergic to shellfish.

Medications: None

Family history: This server has 1 parent (died of natural causes about 7 years ago). 5 living sisters (ages 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 y/o). 2 living cousins (ages 7 and 5), 1 dead cousin (died 3.5 years ago of malnutrition), and 2 nieces (ages 5 and 1).
Social History: Virus scan up to date. Relations with other servers unknown at current time.
Review of systems: Deferred, server is unresponsive.
Vital Signs. Currently within normal limits, however was fluctuating wildly prior to becoming unresponsive.
General: Unresponsive to painful stimuli, such as temporary loss of power. High pitch alarm beeping on a regular 15 second interval.
External: All wires attached. Pretty lights blink. Case temperature is within normal limits.
Software environment: Deferred: Unable to connect to examine.
Internal hardware: Grossly intact on exam. No magical smoke release noted. No arcing. No damaged components noticed.
Altered level of consciousness
1. Silence alarm to maintain what?s left of staff sanity.
2. Acquire past maintenance history from patient?s primary computer physician
3. Scan hard drive for viruses
a. Maintain isolation precautions until scan has returned.
4. Scan hard drive for integerty
5. Check to insure up-to-date patches to both operating system and all primary programs.
6. Check to insure up-to-date drivers for hardware components
7. Find and interrogate missing gerbils.
8. Continue rebooting.
9. Stat consult with software intensivist for possible reloading of source code.
10. Check related servers for possible exposure
11. Consult with pastoral care to provide support for related servers.

-Sig, 25% DO(c)
2nd Year Emergency Computing Student.
Sage Memorial Hospital

SOAP notes rule medicine...

Edited to bring into technical compliance with the rules.

Owner: Sig Supply Network

What happens when you beat whiny sword fighters with overpowered trash swords...
Imcolorblind auto-responds, "sig hacks sf :) try and see".

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Joined: Apr 16, 2008
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Patient: All the people of sage

Suffering from Massive Pancreatic not-concentrated pains.
Case: Not playing sage, because its closed. May cause headaques, tummy-pain, acid stomage and paranoid.

How to solve this massive problem? Rest out, take a good stretch, do a handstand and say ''I love puzzle pirates'' 10 times very fast.

Description written and description by,
Dr. Aardappel
of the sage ocean.

Sage is where the tree's will grow on, and vegetate till the pirates drop by it.

SO Of the crew: Never Tear us Appart
Prince of the flag Trouble In Paradise
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Joined: Dec 10, 2006
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Docktarte is a shaman, recommended to Sage server by this fellow .

Excerpts from the pages of Docktarte, unremarkable natural healer:

Sage server came in complaining of stomach ache. Gave yarrow tea, shared rambutan tart given to me by mother in law. Sent back to village, recommended massaging stomach with octopus tentacles. Sage server seemed disbelieving but promised to try it.


Messenger just arrived saying Sage server a little slow, but starting to feel better.


Sage server returned to hut, complaining of worse stomach ache, jittery hands, headache. I asked if they had done the octopus massage. They said no. Gave more yarrow tea. Decided to bleed them with a few of the skinnier leeches. Also, sang the song to scare away headaches. While singing, server fell asleep. I got sidetracked by strange new herb, may have bled them too long. Removed leeches, covered wounds with aloe and black pepper. Server sneezed and otherwise seemed fine. Sent home with pickled kraken tentacle to cure aching stomach.


Messenger arrived, server unable to move. Traveled to server's village. Kraken tentacle was gone, think Hunter server may have eaten it. Checked stomach of Sage server. Felt mushy where it should not. Also, two lumps where they should not be. Fed some fish slime with lime. Tied green ribbon around their left ankle and attached 2 small shells. Covered stomach with herbal paste (sassafras, yarrow, lobelia, mud) to draw out the badness. Traveling home now to get more herbs.


Messenger got here shortly after I did. Sage server died. Only chance to revive is with the other type of healing. Consulted Vargas for advice in reanimating. Leaving for server's village tomorrow.

Docktarte of Sage Emerald Obsidian

Avatar drawn by Sinistergoat
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Joined: Aug 14, 2008
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Yes, I'm cross-oceaning but.. someone mentioned dollies. Can't.... resist....
Pirate name on sage: Impycelyn
ir paramedic. Modern, sorry, I just saw too many ways to have fun with this ;)

Patient Care Record
Date: 2010/6/5
Case: 0010110101110
Dispatch information: Patient assaulted, unresponsive. Offender has left the scene. Imperial Navy unavailable to attend.
Name: Sage Ocean
Date of birth: 2005/08/19
Gender: M/F/Other

Call: 0137 Dispatch: 0142 En Route: 0144 Arrive: 0531 Load: 0207 (2010/6/7) At Destination: 0319 Triage: 0320 Off Stretcher: 0417 Clear: 0432 At Outpost: 0511
Imperial Navy arrived 0152 on 2010/6/7

On Arrival:
Scene Survey: Patient lying motionless, atlantean brawl in progress.
Dangers: numerous Triketos', Archelons, 1x Gorgonyx.
Action: Immediately and urgently request Imperial Navy attendance from dispatch.
Action: Wait on board ambulance ship for Imperial Navy to arrive and secure scene.
Approached numerous times by relatives begging us to assist patient but refused due to danger.
0543: Request hurry-up from Imperial Navy due to dangers.
0645: Request hurry-up from Imperial Navy due to dangers.
0749: Request hurry-up from Imperial Navy due to dangers.
0840: Request hurry-up from Imperial Navy due to dangers.
Continued to requested hurry-up from Navy on an hourly basis until their prompt arrival 2 days later.

Bystanders Cobalt and Hunter report sea monsters suddenly erupting off the coast of Starfish island, brawling amongst themselve, 9-10 days ago. State that the Imperial Navy was called in over a week ago and that they aren't happy. State that this could happen to any one of them, next, and who's going to do something about it, they'd like to know? Father Azure in attendance, states that he witnessed an arrow from a triketos strike the patient high in a central archipelago.

On Examination:
Child approxiamately 4 years of age, well built with large bodies of water and numerous well-distributed archipelagos. Triketos arrow embedded deeply in the left anterior Isle of Kent. Wound oozing saline. Patient unconscious, pale, green around the gills. Airway clear, breathing shallow. Water pressure low, pulse rapid.

Assist ventilation as required with 100% oxygen.
Secure arrow and dress wound to slow saline loss.
Insert and secure large-bore IV cannula into large vein of right Scurvy Reef and administer initial bolus of 30,000 litres, 30% saline.
Half hour after first saline treatment patient's condition remains the same.
Consult receiving Oceaspital regarding further treatment due to patient's age.
Repeat 30,000 litres, 30% saline.
Continue basic care of patient en route to Oceaspital.

At Oceaspital:
Patient travelled well, continues unconscious, slightly improved color.
Breathing and pulse steady but still weak.
Saline loss from wound ceased, dressings effective.

<Edit. I can't count>
Imp, totally sane mermaid-siren of Meridian.
Superdoodle avatar by Budclare =D
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Joined: Sep 4, 2005
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Ye ship's physic journal, lifted off Firefrog's vessel, the Dangerous Silverside:

Olde Sage fell down again today. Her behavior has always been a bit erratic, though of late, in some ways her stability had seemed improved over past episodes.

I've heard the atlantean divers were the first to give alarums, though my own personal witness of the episode began in the middle of a rousing hand of poker with some mates, where I saw the lady come to a standstill and with her silence, the game quickly stuttered to a halt.

Thinking it was a simple case of relapse, one of her usual "episodes", I'm ashamed to say that I simply tucked the patient away, and did not return to check upon her for some hours. When I returned I found the lady not only unimproved, but passed out completely.

The pain of her absence has quickly spread among the crews that have come to know and rely upon her quirky presence. Fear that she has truely taken with some fatal disease or heart trouble spreads in rumor and whisper, causing much unease. However, the lady herself has yet to either expire, or regain consciousness enough to be questioned.

We can only try to make her rest comfortable, wait, and hope. Pass the rum olde friend, and shuffle the cards again, it looks to be a long vigil.

P.S. Must not forget to put some food out in the hold for the olde lady's gerbils. I've heard they can get quite wild once loosed, and have no wish to be treating bites and scratches 'til we all walk the shore once more.

--Firefrog of Sage
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Joined: Mar 28, 2010
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

From the Notebooks of Malecomb of Sage, Voodoo Doctor and chiropractor.

Patient Name: Sage
Patient Status:Zombie
The Patient appears to have been afflicted by a zombie curse. It is lying in a state of undeath - neither dead nor living. Patient is not moving, but the heart still beats.

Recommended Patient Treatment
Removal of Zombie curse

The Patient will remain in a zombie-like state of undeath until the curse is lifted. A journey to other oceans to locate a cure might be necessary. Unless we can find the source of this zombie curse, however, no counter-curse is possible.
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Joined: Aug 26, 2007
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Pirate Name: Scrim
Medical Specialist: Sever MD

Symptoms- Chronic Freezing, can’t remember league points, islands becoming hazy, Kraken's blood nowhere to be found, brigands achy, Atlantis ruptured.

Lab tests-
Called 1-800 number, still on hold.

Found bugs in internal parts. Retracted and Squashed. Rebooted system. Lab results yielded nothing symptoms persist.

Still on hold with 1-800 number.

Found rotting pomegranates, likely causing symptoms. Extracted sample and ordered a full battery of tests. Results came back positive.

Forgotten Fruit Anxiety Disorder
The Sage server’s sudden ailment is a result of fruit neglect. It caused diminished ability to perform daily activities resulting in an anxiety attack, a potential trigger for server depression. If left untreated could potentially lead to further server anxiety attacks and may lead to server death.

Treatment-Do an inventory of all fruit go through all of the fruit and throw the rotting ones into the compost. Find one wooden mallet, gently hit the server until working properly. Use more force if unresponsive. Take 2 pills and call me in the morning. Possible side effects are server lag, dizzy pirates, and elevated doubloon rates.

Scrim, server MD

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Joined: Jan 19, 2010
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Marishi of Sage
Doctor of Anthropology (Right, I know, my mother says I'm not a "real" doctor.)
Study of the Plight Befallen upon Sage and Recommended Cure

During the recent crash of Sage, I received unsatisfactory results from medical doctors to awaken my pirate. Being the patient AND a doctor (of sorts) I sought alternative treatment and turned to history for a cure when I remembered this unusual cave painting.
Due to the fact that no one was specifically titled "doctor" during the Paleolithic era, I find it most fascinating to have discovered this rare painting in one of the deep recesses of Lascaux. Upon study, we see a group of people on an island, who are suddenly struck by a dark, scary moment, of unknown explanation. The people become ill and show signs of dizziness and vomiting, and then fall into a deep sleep. From within the sleeping people of the island, a smaller being emerges, travels through a doorway, and are suddenly in a lovely outdoor setting.

To the unfortunate Paleolithic man, this vision may have been a dream or hallucination. Or, perhaps, it was message sent from the future. Treating myself, for it would be far too dangerous to experiment on someone else, I left my unconscious self on Sage, and turned to the nearest door. Upon passing through, I discovered a wonderful world of sunshine, trees and flowers and I am pleased to report that I'm feeling quite fine now.
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Joined: Feb 27, 2005
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Sage piratedoctor name: Xece
Speciality: Neurology, Chemistry.
Patient: Ocean, Sage.
Patient Number: TR-SO-49104F
As of 15:00 PST July 4th,2010, the patient has entered a state of comatose. Currently it is unresponsive to various stimuli such as spice, the sound of cannons, poking, and prodding in general. However, mild electric shocks will create slightly more brain activity.
After 24 hours worth of tests, the patient is still unresponsive. Chemical tests indicate that the patient has Fierce Acute Idle Liquid Syndrome (FAILS). It is a short-term disease commonly found in large bodies of water who have waters that are too still. Common causes are lack of boats, sailing, and general battles on the open sea.

Treatment for FAILS is quite simple and rarely does the patient require long-term treatment. Treatment for FAILS usually lasts for approximately a fortnight to a week, depending on the health of the patient.
The usual treatment for any case of FAILS is 18 hours of sailing on the patient on a large or, if possible, grand class ship. Every hour,give the patient 10 cannonballs made of iron with Lithium (200ppm)*,this will create a chemical reaction with the patient to help recover. After the patient has reached a "stuporous" and/or a "obtunded" state the size of the cannonballs should gradually increase, the ratio of iron to lithium preserved, until the patient is once again active. Care should be taken that large cannonballs must not be dropped at the beginning, at the risk of shocking and damaging the patient's mind.
After the patient has reached a "somnolent" or "delirious" state, it is recommended that multiple ships sail on the patient for a lengthy amount of time, and if possible engage in sea battles as well. At this stage of the recovery cannonballs no longer need to be administered to the patient.
One way to help recovery after awakening is to encourage the patient's inhabitants to actively participate in events upon the sea. A simple way would be offering some sort of monetary reward for completing a task.
After the success of the treatment, the patient may exhibit large amounts and/or bursts of activity. It is extremely uncommon for this side-effect to cause any further damage, but care should be taken that the patient not overexert he(r)self.

*If the patient is highly reactive to Lithium, an alternative of Sodium 800ppm may be used as a substitute.

To prevent FAILS from occuring again, it is recommended that the patient exercise regularly, as well as attempt to expand his/her waters once every 2 months. If FAILS occurs again within the future half-year, please contact your doctor for advice.
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Joined: Mar 25, 2010
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Patient: Sage Ocean
Doctors name and field: Dr. Jump Around, field of Oceanology
Issue: Too many unknown substances in the ocean
Process to heal: Use mugs to scoop out all the interesting substances from our oceans.

Basic Examination of the Oceanic waters: I spent 45 minutes or so examining this patient among my War Frigate, along with the other doctors, who helped by sailing and bilging in the ship, with a few carpenting to protect us while we sailed throughout the Sea, looking for any common issues throughout all the archipegalos. In all the archipegalos, we realized some uncolored spots in the ocean. Usually near or close to oceans, we saw what we recognized as blue dye leaking from the Apothecaries, especially near Admiral. By Arakou and Caravanserai, we found a substance known as grog, also known as a "weak beer". This grog is direly affecting the ocean, as the ocean should be 98% water, and we only recognized it as 94.7%, which means there could be a crisis almost as big as the BP oil spill right now, except this will affect all islands around the Piratey world.

Treatment: I suggest we have a "Oceans Are Awesome" Day, where everyone pitches in to scoop out all the bad materials in the ocean! If everyone does this, I am willing to give everyone with proof of being there 5 PoE or, better known as 5 Pieces of Eight!



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Joined: Mar 20, 2009
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Who says that the server does not work?
Most computer error sit about 70 inches from the screen...

Nickipin on Opal and Sage
Nickipin - Opal
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Journal of "Excellence" crew medical division

Doctor: Kingofal
Specialization in: Chemistry, herbs

Background of patient (information taken from "Excellence" officer records)

James McSage (Ace),
Born in 1323 on Wise King (proud war brig of mighty "Excellence") as the elder son of John " the Midnight".
Got rank of Officer in mighty crew "Excellence" after the battle of "Big Controversy" in 28 January 1340. Having led a lot of profitable pillages, having shown leadership abilities he was given rank of Fleet Officer, Commander of 3rd division in 22 February 1345.
Lost right eye on "Big Controversy". On right shoulder keeping the tattoo of "Excellence" crew crest: shining sun; on left shoulder he has tattoo of his sign: "Ace of spades".

20 October 1347

Patient was brought at 6:05 am complaints of high fever, nose bleeding, shaking, hard breathing, with dry tongue.

He was first seen having symptoms after wining a brigand fleet. His beloved pet "Rattatouille" died right after.

First Deduction: symptoms seem to lead one terrifying result: Black Death. It can perhaps be told its early diagnosis.

Medicine will be made a mix of Sassafras, indigo seeds, dried yarrow leaves and a drop of Krakens blood.

We are in need of sassafras and Krakens blood. Sent some cabin persons to get content

Process taken:
6:10 : patient is Quarantined.

6:20 : some black spots seen on skin

6:35 : washed with mint and elderberry mix in order to decrease fever

6: 37 : conscious is open. fever got down.

8:55 : no change in condition of patience.. Still waiting for sassafras and KB

10: 25 : fever is rising back

11:32 : sassafras has come.. medicine can be done with a temporary solution.. for full effect we need KB ASAP..

12:30 : herbs is given to patient.. Should be given in every 12 hours.

21 October
00:30: second dose of herbs were given to patient. Significant decrease in symptoms.

9: 32: Krakens Blood at last was brought from Kings special collection.

10:30: Cure is complete.

12:30 : Quarantine is over.

McSage is on his feet..

Long live Almighty King of "Excellence" Long John "The Ringer"


Kingofal of sage
Kingofall from cobalt ;)
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Pirate: Giligian
Practice: Leeching

It was a very curious case, for a leech doctor like myself, it even seemed illogical. You see, the Sage Ocean had come to me, asking for help. It told me of some strange occurrences in some of its Archipelagos. It told me of ships appearing and disappearing, of entire flotillas popping up and then vanishing in mere seconds. It also told me of regular headaches. So I looked into the subject, finding no evidence of these “vanishings” and found myself thinking about what could be cause all of this. My diagnosis was the Ocean was not getting sufficient blood to the head, which in turn was making hallucinations occur in the Ocean, also causing the regular headaches. The Sage’s problem was a hard one to cure. It requires pinpoint leech placement on the lower legs and feet. You see, what happens is the Sage had a condition that made its blood too thick to flow easily, so blood was getting stuck in the lower sections. When the leeches were introduced, it thinned the blood and restored the Sage Ocean to full health once again. Throughout the days and weeks the Sage was suffering from this condition bystanders later told me the Sage was displaying erratic behavior and was also showing signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Only leading me to worry that this disease could be incurable, but for now I have a short term cure set, but the Sage remains at a constant threat for the disease to return in full swing, or worse.
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Doctor: Ludwigga (but most people call me Tilinka)
Specialty: Inventor-in-exile. Wrongful exile! They will learn the error of their ways!
Previous employment: Santa's Workshop, North Pole.

/e dusts herself off.
Aha! It iz gud to be back, aye?
Ahem, yes, yes. Mein accent vill be wandering erratically.
Zo! Vat iz ze problem?

What do you mean you don't know who I am! Everyone knows who I am! I am Doctor Ludwigga von Elfinburg. No! You may not call me Ludwigga. That iz entirely too familiar.

Vat am I a Doctor of? You zilly person! I am a Scientist! (Vell, an inventor). Everyone knows that all Scientists are called "Doctor." Zat iz just ze way it iz!

Zo, vat iz ze problem?

A-hum. Yes. Irritability. Yes, yes. Desire to hold other person?s belongings hostage. Yes. I have seen zis all before. You can stop talking now. I CAN fix zis!

Ralbeek! Stop flirting vith ze receptionist! I need you to tie ze patient down!

A minor tussle ensues. The patient is restrained.

Now, ve vill need two bilge pumps, several yards of tubing, zome rum, und a large container. Oh, and a needle.

Vat are we going to do? Oh! It iz a very zimple procedure. I have done it hundreds of times! Vell, once. But it worked perfectly! Zee, obviously ze problem iz that the very good rum which should be fueling you haz been transformed into zomething far more sinister! Perhaps water, perhaps paint, perhaps very small insects all scurrying and gnawing and breaking things. Anyway! Ze only solution iz to remove ze bad fuel and replace it vith good!

How? I?m glad you asked! Ve vill simply attach you to zese two bilge pumps. Zis one (see the rum!) vill pump in ze good fuel. Zis one (see the empty container) vill pump out ze bad fuel which is making you crazy. As I said, it iz very simple!

No, no, nein. Of course there vill be no side effects. Mein inventions have a pristine record of performance! No, you may not ask why I *ahem* left my previous employer.

Ludwigga advances on patient with the absurdly large needle, smiling in a manner which she believes is reassuring.

Dr. Ludwigga von Elfinburg
Mad Scientist, Deck the Hulls.
Saving Christmas one Year at a Time!
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Ahoy! I'd like to apologize for the long delay caused by Hera's indecisiveness... I'd like to, but unfortunately I can't, because she had her results back to me within a day. The delay was all my fault. *bwahaha* Here are the prizewinners!

Hera doll: Sig (linky)
Hera egg: Imp (linky)
Hera egg: Marishi (linky)

Apollo doll: Docktarte (linky)
Apollo egg: Ludwigga (linky)
Apollo egg: Firefrog (linky)

Daisy trinket: Capsorrow (linky)
Daisy trinket: Scrim (linky)

Thank you all for your excellent diagnostic work! :D
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Thanks for the awesome event!

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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

awesome, now I shall have something pretty to decorate my shack with :D

Thank ye!
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Many thanks!
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Re: Sage: The Doctors' Doodle.

Pirate Name: Meesh
Hospital: Ocean Therapists
Specialty: Psychology

Patient Name: Sage Ocean

Symptoms: Examination of Ocean revealed strange and erratic behavior such as slow and unresponsive lags, complaining and ill-humored pirates, and an all-together mood decrease.

Diagnoses: Sage Server is infected with a serious mental case of “Server Blues” Must be treated WITHIN the month.

Treatment: To boost Sage’s mood, highly specialized doctors recommend several all-server events, new items and ships, and the spread of good cheer throughout the server! All pirates need to participate, complementing at least 5 fellow mateys a day. Some of the higher-ups -captains and such- should host a few crew or flag parties, or at least special pillys or events. The server-leaders should release a few new items or pets.

Prescription: Please send in a notice for “The spread of good cheer and complements aplenty” to any fellow pirate ye may find.

Recovery Time: If all goes well, the server may begin a rapid improvement by the end of the month. In three months time, you will not recognize the server for all its cheery happiness.

If problems continue, please contact Meesh, specialist in Ocean Psychology
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