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Joined: May 7, 2002
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Ubisoft to Publish Puzzle Pirates at Retail

Ahoy mates! I bring good news for the future of Puzzle Pirates; we are to see a retail release courtesy of those fine pirates at Ubisoft!

The facts in brief are that Ubi will be publishing Puzzle Pirates in North America (initially) in April. The game will be sold at $19.99, including a month of play, a unique in-game item, and a single-player mode.

Some questions you doubtless have;

Q. Do I have to purchase the box to continue playing Puzzle Pirates?

No. The Ubisoft deal does not affect our existing players or our efforts to distribute Puzzle Pirates via download. We would, however love it if you bought the box and supported Three Rings and Ubisoft.

In partcular we hope to have a small incentive to encourage mates to pre-order the game. More details on this soon.

Q. If I'm already a subscriber, will I get a month in the box?

Yes. By entering your CD-key you'll be able to claim your free month.

Q. What's all this about Unique Items? Will I get one as an existing player?

Players who purchase the Puzzle Pirate retail box will be able to claim one of a few kinds of item. These items will only be availble to retail purchasers of the box, including existing players.

We've not yet announced what these unique items will be. Watch this space!

Q. What is the single-player game?

The Puzzle Pirates single-player game will have two modes; adventure mode, which introduces a few of the puzzles in the context of a little story, and practice mode, which lets you practice those puzzles. We're currently thinking that bilge, sailing, swords and alchemistry will be included, but the decision is not yet finalized!

Why Ubisoft?

We searched the high seas for a publisher who understood Puzzle Pirates and wanted to do the right thing by the game. Thanks to our friends at Wolfpack Studios, Ubisoft's San Francisco team were shanghai'd into playing the game, and of course, once they did they knew they had to publish it! That Ubi's office is one block from ours (and less than one block from our new one) just makes it that much more of a match well-made.

Feel free to ask more questions here;


Answers follow;
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Joined: May 7, 2002
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Re: Ubisoft to Publish Puzzle Pirates at Retail

Answer from the Q&A Thread

uhhsuperman wrote: 
What is different between the downloaded version, and the retail one? And why Ubisoft

The download version will not initially include the single-player game, and will not grant you the opportunity to redeem the 'unique item'. Ubi because they're a great publisher who appreciate what we're doing with Puzzle Pirates and were ready to get behind the game.

Gothmog1065 wrote: 
Ooooh.. Are the unique items REALLY nifty?

We've not really decided yet, save that they will obviously not be 'must haves' or substantially affect gameplay. An example might be a mid-range sword; slightly better than a foil, but nothing like one of the high-end swords.

Akumu wrote: 
Are you maintaining your independence? How much control will Ubisoft have over Y!PP and any future products you may produce?

Good question. We are absolutely maintaining our independence and Ubi has no control over Puzzle Pirates apart from the rights to distribute it at retail in North America. Future products are not affected. No investment took place. The deal was very straightforward.

zedex wrote: 
What version will be included in the retail package? The next release, perhaps, that includes shipwrightery?

Our 'gold date' is mid-March so the version included will be whatever we have then -- obviously we need to do some stuff for the single-player etc. first. The retail client will update online the same as the download game with new releases. We will probably try to avoid making a major download release in between gold date and ship in April, but beyond that updates will continue as normal.

Faulkston wrote: 
Are the unique items non-transferrable? Are they unable to be lost (accidently deleted, taken by skellies)?

The plan is that they are not transferable and not able to be taken. Most likely they won't dust, either.

Akumu wrote: 
Are you going to continue distributing the downloadable version in the same manner with the free trial? Will you change any other pricing?

We will continue to distribute by download. We may be offering different free trials and we may also offer new pricing models, this remains to be determined, but rest assured that we have no plans to raise prices for our existing subscribers.
Will the "retail" version be available to download at a similar price or will we have to seek out the boxed version?

I believe that Ubi will be doing digital distribution of the retail product.
Will the boxed version be billed as "value" software or do you suspect that we will find it with other games that aren't 3 years old?

You will find it with full releases. The $19.99 category is not 'value' software, but rather a new price point that's been shown to do very, very well at Target, Walmart and other such stores. For example, Take Two/Sega's ESPN sports offerings that got EA running scared.

Soiling wrote: 
Will creating the single player game take much work away from creating content for the online game?

Not really. Hussar is on the case and we expect that he'll be able to take care of it fairly quickly. We are deliberately limiting the scope of the single player game because the online experience is really our only focus. The single player is just included to give people the chance to get started without feeling 'exposed' to all ya'll black-wearing Ultimates.

wnorman wrote: 
Single-player adventure mode = Adventure Islands?

No, no, no. It should be taken to mean single player = a simple linear 'story style' exposition of the puzzles with hints to the depth of the online game.
Also, will the retail version be required to play this mode?

Initially, yes. Eventually we anticipate distributing the single-player game online. It may be that if it's good enough we offer this as a $19.95 downloadable title (e.g. Jewel Quest) in conjunction with some online time. We'll have to see how things go.

Lizthegrey wrote: 
A number of mates have asked for a handy all-in-one installer for computers with slow net connections. Will I still be permitted to distribute such a thing as .iso or .zip etc., or should I point them towards the retail box?

You will. We already have one available here;


Parthanos wrote: 
Does not the offering of a 'unique' item for real life cash set a bad precident?

I'm going to roll my eyes at you. There. I appreciate your concern but the items concerned are not going to be material in terms of gameplay, and we aren't really seeing said cash. If we wanted to make money selling items then we would sell items online and take the money, not pass it through publishers and retailers etc.

You will have to wait to have a cow about such things.

Whitefire wrote: 
I understand the marketing and that Ubisoft wants to give the retail box a reason to be bought instead of having people directly download. But if these "special items" are something that have direct gameplay value (box set exclusive swords come to mind) I'll....have to go buy a box v_v.

Thanks for understanding.

Faulkston wrote: 
Will the retail box in the future contain vouchers for discounts on real (not game) merchandise from Three Rings (T-shirts, coffee mugs etc)?

We talked about including some real-life merchandise with Ubi for a while but unfortunately it's just not viable at that price point. Perhaps if we have a pre-order campaign we might do something like the above...

maisutero wrote: 
When is the release scheduled, and when is the opening day of Cobalt Ocean?

The retail release is scheduled for ~April 19th. Cobalt's opening is unrelated, but we're hoping to do that in February. We will need to open many more oceans to support a successful retail release.

funnybones wrote: 
How can I buy one for more than $20 to show you my love for this awesome addition (I have to buy one just for the adventure mode)?

Don't buy a lot of boxes, buy lots of annual accounts -- preferably tonight, so that I can make my monthly target for next week's board meeting!

Heh, seriously, you don't need to buy a lot to support us. Playing and helping new mates etc. is plenty of support.
Also, what stores will be selling it?

Not sure, yet. Hopefully all of them! Obviously the specialist retailers like ebgames, but the big win for us will be if Target, Walmart and so on carry the game.

Parthanos wrote: 
Will the 'offline' or practice mode be available to current subscribers as well?

Not right away, but most likely after a while.

jandreau13 wrote: 
2.will the 1 month of game play be multi-player ex: The box set buyers get to play on the same as subscribers.

3. will the unique items be in game items or some kind of figurine.

5.did you plan this lol i figure ypp will grow over 30k members once it is sold in box sets.

We did plan this. It just took a looong time to do the right deal. Hopefully you are right in your prediction.
6. will the unigue items if they are in game items will they be like 1 unit of k-blood or a new black item or will it be a totaly new item ?

More like a new clothing item or a new 'okay' sword.
(suggestion) if it is a new item one of which i would like to see is unlimited 100 swig wisk potion,a new sword that can drop rare black peices that cant be broken max say 15 blocks per sf, a ship that is customisable ship...

The former is an interesting idea, the sword and cutter would be too good.
kaykordeath wrote: 
Im gonna go out on a limb here and guess the "item" is the jerkin....or something along those lines...

It's not.
Then again, I'd like a little noseless action figure along the lines of what you can get with the special edition of City of Heroes...

I would like that, too! Alas, this is the 'less special edition'. Maybe later once we've sold those 30k+ units!

av8tors32 wrote: 
Well done mates. It matters not to me what the"special item" will be. This is a great step for the ringers and it is sure to hook a whole new segment of people. I hope that someone is watching this latest invasion of greenies and taking notes on how to ease the transition for both the greenies and the experienced players.

Thanks! We are absolutely taking notes and the next release will see some features that help with new mates. The new player experience is something we'll be working hard on over the next few months.
Maybe one box will have a "Golden Ticket" (ala Willy Wonka) that gets you a "tour" or the Ringers home port. ;-) Can we get Nemo to dress like a Umpa Lumpa?

Arrr! Can I be Wonka?
Telastyn wrote: 
Ye's might want to make sure ye's thoroughly test the single player portion and the installer. In my experience Ubisoft has consistantly released the most rushed and most "game won't install because of DRM" products of any publisher.

We will. So far as I know there will be no DRM required due to the online nature of the game. We certainly will advocate none, as we don't believe in that rubbish.

DubRub wrote: 
Congratulations on the retail publication.

(a) If the release coincides with the launch of the Cobalt ocean (or after the launch of the Cobalt ocean), are ye (i) offering the new player the choice of his starting ocean, (ii) stick him in Midnight or (iii) leave his greenie spawning location to chance (the last option is unlikely as you choose the server before you log in)? *trying to get any news of the launch of Cobalt :)*

We'll be putting new players where we think best, we're working on the method now. Given the volume we anticipate having a number of new oceans for the Ubisoft players, but we'll make sure that Midnight gets some new mates as well.
(b) Despite its single player status, will the offline game include a head to head swordfight battle on the same screen ala Tetris plus its many clones?

Alas, no, it'll be NPP action only. We are trying not to create an enormous amount of new work such as that which this feature would require.
(c) Will the introductory session now be handled offline for those purchasing the boxed sets as a way to reduce server lag? "Arrr, matey. Before ye go online, might I suggest a sail on the Pollywog offline?"

No, we'll still have the online intro, as the single player version won't show you the nuts and bolts of the isometric environment etc. It'll be much simpler.
/me waits for the chance to attempt that Vegas^10 at sailing without worrying about his rating :P

Aye, that will be the bonus!

Janthina wrote: 
Where are you guys moving offices to? Just incase anyone would want to, uh, send you baked goods or something...

We have moved around 1/3rd of a block to spectacular new, very big offices. Ubi had better sell some copies, so we can make rent! Our new address is 25 Lusk Alley, Suite 200, San Francisco CA 94107.

Two doors down there is a company called 'TART'. I kid you not. I have no idea what they do!

Mmmmmm, les tartes.

matiano wrote: 
and uhhhh how about the lag factor here? With the rush of the miniclip.com greenies we've been having some serious lag problems. With this thing going retail the lag is only going to go up.

Lots and lots and lots of new servers, fear not.

maisutero wrote: 
One word - Gunbound

Please wait on having a cow for a while. Thanks.

behindcurtai wrote: 
Well, first, I think that every puzzle in the game when it ships should be in the offline, at least everything that can be done solo. That eliminates blockading and spades. And tourneys.

I think that we should have 190,000 subscribers... but we'll have to work at it to get there. Your ideas for single player are grand and grandoise. It won't include any of the real ocean, real sailing, commodities etc. It'll be a simple puzzle-focused experience more akin to the current successful downloadable single-player puzzle games.

I agree that your game sounds like more fun, to me, but it would be an astronomical amount of work that's not at all feasible right now, and I think most of our potential players would prefer something simpler. It's also in our best interests to get people into the online game swiftly.

evil_vin wrote: 
1. It would seem EBGames does not have a release date nor have you guys listed, neither does Ubisoft have you on their site. While Gamespot already has you changed over. GameFAQs has an April 2005 release date is tis correct.

All the sites will take a while to update. April 2005 is correct.
2. I believe reading awhile ago that you guys wouldn't "sell-out", so does Ubisoft publishing the game have any bearing how to make the game (Will you guys have to listen to Ubisoft in any way)?

Not really. We have commitments to them to deliver the single-player game etc. but they have no formal role in long-term development.
3. Will this mean more workers for Three Rings and bigger updates? Also will the Art Budget get bigger now (or will the current idea of Art Budget stay the same).

Hopefully more mates, yes. More subscribers will lead to more Ringers, for sure. The Art Budget will increase somewhat, but we don't want to blow out downloads, because we still see this as an important part of our business, especially in the future. The retail launch is likely to be a boon, or perhaps a series of boons. Download is the long-haul.
4. Will the single player be made by Three Rings or Ubisoft. (Just for curiosity's sake)

Us, definitely. Ubi aren't developing anything, neither will they be involved in operations of the servers, support etc.

wnorman wrote: 
Also, props as always to the Ringers for hitting us with announcements about stuff we never had the slight clue was in the works.

We do our best. We have some more corkers for you, coming soon.

Amosko wrote: 
Any chance for a customizable sea battle board offline?

Not in this release. Maybe as a sepratate toy, or perhaps Tyler's efforts.

Smolder wrote: 
ubi wrote: 
Puzzle Pirates is expected to earn a "T" for Teen rating.

ToS wrote: 
Three Rings has adopted a "MATURE" rating, and parts of the Site, Services and/or Games contain adult or mature content that some users may consider offensive, indecent or objectionable.

I forgot to mention that the Ubi release includes 'Family Controls' and will launch with at least one 'Family Ocean' with restrictions such as menu-based chat and so on. This will also be available in the download version, allowing us to ease our age requirements somewhat.

Devonin wrote: 
Well, we may have adopted a Mature rating, but only "earn" a teen rating. I suppose the ESRB people would take a look and see what the game was like and decide, and might come up with something different from what the ringers originally figured.

Indeed, the ESRB's standards are different from ours for all sorts of reasons. PP could probably have an E for Everyone rating from the ESRB if we removed the Drinking game. We declined.

warriorgoel wrote: 
I completely agree. I sure don't want to buy $20 for a unique item and a dumbed-down version of Y!PP.

By all means do not do so. Your play experience will be unchanged save that you might see the odd person with something that you can't normally buy. Big deal. As for dumbed-down, I don't really know what you're referring to.

wnorman wrote: 
Looks like this has also hit Gamespot. The big news there is that the Yohoho! is being dropped from the name - it's now just going to be Puzzle Pirates.

Actually the Yohoho! is still around -- it's on the box art -- but we don't really use it much in communications etc. It's clumsy. The official title is 'Puzzle Pirates' but you can still call it Yohoho! or Y!PP or whatnot. We still do.

Phew! What a lot of questions. Fortunately I have been enjoying answering them at my new desk in our new offices, with a fine bottle of Newcastle browne ale and my pirate hat on. Harr!

Thanks for the congratulations, too. This has been a long haul and we're really excited.
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Re: Ubisoft to Publish Puzzle Pirates at Retail

Allo mates,

lizthegrey wrote: 
Ooh. Can we have a picture (of new offices)?

Yes, soon!

devonin wrote: 
Do you still have the sound system hooked up for when people subscribe?

It was really awesome being in the office playing Munchkin during the SF Party weekend, and hearing bilge puzzle noises going off, and being able to go "wow there's another 10 bucks"

We havn't yet hooked this up as we're still in the process of moving the mail server etc. over, but we will hook it up soon. The bilge bingo sound is an annual subscription, btw. A month is the swords trumpet.

lizthegrey wrote: 
Not sure if they do, but I found this while digging on Jack's website:
robodj: a client/server MP3 music management system that is designed for use by a group of people listening to music in the same room (like them crazy startup offices)

Alas, poor RoboDJ. We are retiring the room-wide music for now as it has become increasingly difficult to concur on what to listen to, and we are hoping to aim for a quiet-ish office. We also moved from roboDJ to a new open-source system, the name of which escapes me.

clover wrote: 
A suggestion if you're not sure of the unique items yet... it might be neat to have them be things you can use to decorate a ship, that way they're fun but not really useful. Like how the swords on a brig got replaced with wreathes at Christmas time. Stuff for that little spot.

That's a nice idea. I'm not sure if it would be that useful to new players, though.

SilverD wrote: 
Question about the mulitple oceans? Do you guys have a plan so that any player can jump from ocean to ocean with relative ease so when we subscribe to ypp we are paying to play any of them? ... I ask this because this means i need to go around making a silverdawg on every ocean muahah =)

You will need to go around making Silverdawg on every Ocean. One of the advantages of a new Ocean is that it opens up namespace for other players. Not everyone will be as protective of their identity when we have 10+ Oceans!

parthanos wrote: 
Indeed. Roll yer eyes, but many many games have said similar words, and then a year later it's 'pay 75 bucks a month to play YPP gold!'.

We intend to do right by our subscribers no matter what other crazy business models we might adopt in the future.

charles_vane wrote: 
Are there any designs for the actual box yet? Also will it be possable to earn pieces of eight in the single player mode and use it in the multiplayer?

We do have a design, aye, but it's not public yet -- Bluebeard is cranking on it right now. It won't be possible to transfer anything from the single-player version to the multi-player, alas.

ukronin wrote: 
Will Three Rings be planning to release a boxed Puzzle Pirates in Europe if the US market goes well?

Well, it's more a question of whether Ubisoft wants to -- we would love to! I am optimistic that this will come to pass, although for a full European release we will need to have partners for French, Spanish and perhaps other languages along with gamigo, our German partner.

Soulja wrote: 
Will it ever be possible to play an offline rated mode, the changes to status loading the next time you connect?

Alas, no. The abuse potential is huge.
Also, ye speak of opening several new servers before April. So like, one a month?

Or two, or three...

Schneider wrote: 
Will the retail box be for Windows-only? Or shall Macintosh (OS X) and other X11 users have an installer included as well? I assume the answer is no, yes.

Windows, Mac and Linux users will be supported with the same CD. Har!

Fluffy3000 wrote: 
With the opening of Cobalt, will it be the same as when Midnight was opened and we lost all of our "stuff," ratings, etc. and restarted as greenies?

Yes, save that Midnight is not going anywhere.

wnorman wrote: 
Do you expect to have more duty puzzles done before this launch (besides shipwright), or are you comfortable releasing it to retail with some puzzles still missing?

Some puzzles will always be 'missing'. Where's fishing? Or foraging? Or flute-playing? Yes, I'm comfortable not having the crafting puzzles all implemented, we'll continue to produce them as quickly as possible.

stevedave wrote: 
This pertains more to the opening of Cobalt than to being published, but as with the opening of Midnight from Azure are our names going to be protected early on in the Cobalt? Or is it going to be a mad race to get in there to preserve my good(?) reputation?

The problem with reserving names is that it doesn't scale well -- what happens on the next server, which set of Pirates get to reserve their names there? Hopefully it won't be too much of a mad race, as many mates will be content to stay on Midnight. Deliberate name 'thefts' will of course be very much frowned upon and revoked.

Dorel wrote: 
Quick question though : Seeing as Ubisoft's home office is in Montreal, does that mean that the next San Fran type party will be held over there? :D

Heh, that might be convenient for ye, but I fear the next one will be elsewhere... although actually Montreal does sound like fun, I've never been. We're actually thinking Vegas but please wait for an announcement as no decisions have been made.

attesmythe wrote: 
Oo! I have a question: Can we get a couple more mods on GD before the ship date, or should I quit my job?

We'll see if we can shanghai a couple of likely characters.

dvarin wrote: 
Actually... how will the shanghai system be affected?

Good question. I think that most likely Ubi players will earn their shanghais when their first month ends.

theosophyx wrote: 
I believe it was said that there are going to be many more servers/oceans going up with this retail release. Does that mean each ocean will be unique? Does this mean more future island design competitions?

We will try to make each Ocean unique. With the help of more ocean design competitions and the winners thereof, we might just make it!

dasfreshmakr wrote: 
If I buy a retail copy, I'm assuming I can use my existing account / name ?


Jacktheblack wrote: 
When you say you are adding new servers to help for the load, does that mean that Midnight and Cobalt will both be distributed over multiple servers? Or are you looking at opening even more oceans?

I mean more Oceans. Ocean == Server in terms of hardware, give or take some database redundancy.

Shanoyu wrote: 
Well, congratulations. I'm a little weary of low price points, because, well, that's how subspace died. Not that I imagine you can tell me, but does Ubisoft permanently own the distribution rights? As in, someone would actually have to buy them back?

They only own the retail distribution rights, and there are limitations on that. If they don't ship retail boxes then after a while we got those rights back. I think your concern about price ponts is from an era with a different market. The $19.99 and under category has really blossomed into something other than mark-downs the last few years.

I strongly suggest comming up with a retail release not too soon after the original that can justify a $50 price point. Perhaps with like a quarter free and (with a page out of the admittedly not well written subspace book) strategy guides taken from the forums. Maybe a skull dagger letter opener. I dunno.

We could do this and considered it. Really, though, Ubi is excited about this for a reason; they think it'll sell. We have to defer to their judgement about the market.

Neph wrote: 
This is teh front of the box here: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/puzzle/yohohopuzzlepirates/index.html

This is not the front of the box. Bluebeard knocked this up for gamespot in about two minutes when they wanted a 'box image' to run our news. He's been working on the real thing for over two weeks, now!

Rome wrote: 
Hey you said on April first that the retail version wouild be in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Har! That's the *expansion* pack, coming soon for $74.95, and including a gen-uine doubloon and whisk potion.

Akumu wrote: 
Can we preorder directly? If so, when?

Not yet. We'll be sure to announce it when you can.

Thanks all for the congratulations and good questions! Now back to getting those servers up!
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Re: Ubisoft to Publish Puzzle Pirates at Retail

jandreau13 wrote: 
when the new oceans come out will there be different forums or sections for the different oceans ?

We'll have some different forums for parlay and events for each Ocean, I expect.

2cucry wrote: 
Hmm ok say if i keep my char Anderson in Midnight, and choose to open a new character in Cobalt, will it be possible to just add the character as an alt, or do i need to create a new account (i do have several)

Each account gets 3 pirates on every server.

BehindCurtai wrote: 
When a new ocean is opened up, any name currently in use on account ID A on any ocean gets allocated on the new server, with a 30 (90?) day timer. During that time, account A can use that name, but any other account will see "Name already taken". At the end of 30/90 days, all "reserved" names are cleared -- if you hadn't created the pirate by then, you no longer have exclusive rights to that name.

What happens when Bob on Midnight lets his name expire on Cobalt, then Bob on Cobalt wants the name on Royal? Who gets it? This isn't scaleable.

Evil_Vin wrote: 
Another question: Will box player get a month and the ammount of the free trail? (The free trail time has been moved so many times i don't remember anymore. So if its a major amount of tiime like the old 7 days, wouldn't be smarter to sign up online then put the code for retail in?

Right now we do a free seven day trial. We're probably going to drop that a bit. I don't think that any of the mates signing up from Ubi will be optimising quite the way you seem to think they might, but yeah, you could squeeze a little extra out that way.
And will this lead to subscription cards released in stores.

No plans right now but it would be nice!

CursedBurger wrote: 
Would it be possible to get a larger version of {the fake box art on gamespot} (Does one exist?)?

I don't think a larger version of this fakey box exists.

bokodasu wrote: 
When does the free month start? My nefarious scheme... er, well-considered plan... is to buy the single player game for my mom, wait until she's entirely hooked, and *then* try to convince her to log on. (Which won't so much work if the month starts right away...)

You can do this. The free month starts from when you login and create your account etc. which you won't need to do for the single-player game.

54x wrote: 
The CD-key will hopefully not requiring activating to play the singleplayer game- I got the impression the only point of it was for the subscription time.

Right. Alas, we have just found out that Ubi *is* planning to use some copy protection on the single-player (safedisc, I think). Very annoying and we don't approve, but we don't have much sway over that as it's Ubi corporate's decision.
Question: Will we be able to order a boxed set online and have it shipped internationally? Being able to practice offline would be great! Not all of us live quite nextdoor, so to speak, but I know I'd love to be able to support OOO and get a box to add to my gaming collection :D

I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to get it shipped internationally, no problem.

Lothario wrote: 
Youve said that there will be new servers and im just wondering if they will be better ones than the one Midnight is on now? And will the one that Midnight is on be upgraded to handle loads of over 1,000 better and not leak so much?

Our new machines are somewhat higher spec. The issues we have with the server are not really related to machine capacity, though, but more to do with Java's garbage collection which isn't helped by adding more memory (though the new machines have twice as much). We'll keep trying to optimise things, but I will note that after a fresh reboot the current server did quite fine with ~1,400 players online and ~500 of them in a blockade.

ruteger wrote: 
When those puzzles are implemented, will you then be able to 'practice' the games in the single player retail version?

No, not unless we do another release of the single-player game later. We are only planning to include four single-player puzzles in the retail release.

Firemonkey wrote: 
Although, as has been stated, true multiplayer SF/drinking on the standalone would require too much code to be worth it, what about same-computer multiplayer? Im talking about, similar to the fairly old games on the beloved Acorn, where there are two boards side-by-side and each player uses different keys on the same keyboard. This would certainly be fun, and make it a lot easier to get people I know hooked on some of the puzzles with a bit of fast and frantic 2-player action from the trusty laptop.

Arr, me old Acorn! Alas, this sort of two-player frenzy would be fun, but falls outside of the scope of this effort. We have plenty to get on with as is!

Kaet wrote: 
I have feature request for the offline game. It would be lovely if it included the two most difficult puzzles to practice:
1) Navigating
2) Gunning during battle (complete with guns firing and barrel rolling around randomly).

I agree that this would be very handy for our existing players, but I don't feel that it would be the best introduction to PP. Perhaps if we do another release of the single-player later, for now we have to focus on the basics.

Scottish wrote: 
Will I be able to have three new characters on Cobalt, without giving up any of my three characters on Midnight, and not paying any more money?

You will be able to have three characters on any subscription server without paying us any more money.

Scottish wrote: 
Another question: What is your target number for subscribed players on a particular ocean before deciding that it's full enough and opening a new server? And how do alts factor into this? That's probably a gross oversimplification, but I'll say that I'm not sure Midnight has enough active subscribers to warrant the opening of a new ocean. Only about what, half? of the colonizable islands (as opposed to outposts; regardless of whether or not they are OPEN for colonization) are colonized? Are we really ready to start taking new players away from Midnight?

Our targets per server are mostly to do with capacity rather than whether the world is full. Indeed, we are designing things slightly differently in future Oceans to experiment with how best to distribute players. A bit more than half of colonisable Midnight is colonised, but if we waited til every island had a decent population then Alpha would be log-jammed and the server would melt. Isolated islands are always going to be quiet, I'm afraid.

AquaDrake wrote: 
I suspect 10,000 accounts active on a server; more likely, around 1200 peak online users will be the "full" mark.

This is a pretty good ballpark.

Attesmythe wrote: 
I wouldn't be at all suprised to learn that there's a month or two 'clean start' period, during which Midnighters are barred from Cobalt. It'd let 'em start up without all of our dysfunctions.

No. There'll be no such clean start for Cobalt. It would be waaay easy to bypass, anyway!
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A couple of notes;

Boxes are Shipping!

Beating their own street date, Ubi has started sending out the boxes. You can still 'pre-order' and recieve free playing cards, but that offer will probably expire early next week.

Ubi mates will be arriving next week, then. They will be directed to Midnight and Cobalt oceans to start with.

International Pre-orders placed with us will go out when we receive the boxes

Most likely that will be towards the end of next week.

The Pre-Order Raffle has been Concluded

Ubisoft have notified all five winners and we are distributing prizes, some mates already have them! Thanks again to everyone who pre-ordered, I believe that it made a big difference to getting Ubi's sales force excited.

The Ubisoft 'Exclusive Items' have been decided

Players who buy the box will receive a special mission to collect a new sword called the 'Backsword' (it has a pattern that whilst it looks scary, has been determined by our panel of experts to be just 'okay') or a new hat called the 'Savvy hat' (it's a sort of a plain, front-facing tricorne). No doubt you'll all see a lot of these things around soon. They are non-tradeable, and do not decay. We may offer them some existing item choices, too.

We are no longer accepting International Orders on behalf of mates

We hope to re-introduce this service soon -- we've run out of boxes for now!
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