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Last Minute Holiday Shopping Spree Atlantis Invasions!

Invasion Location: Flooded Monstary of Eurynome, between Kiwara Island & Arakoua Island
Archipelago: Ibis
Date: Thursday, December 17
Time: Broadcast at 11am, whisks at noon PST
Host: Minthe

You may read about the Atlantis invasions here. The pertinent rules will also be posted below.

Please read all the rules.

Specific rules:
  • Ships will not be whisked if they have any cargo besides rum and the appropriate shot for that vessel.
  • You must have a Kiwara Island to Arakoua Island chart if you wish to sail home after the invasion.
  • Charts will be distributed if you wish to have one. These will only be needed if you wish to job for the voyage. To receive a chart, respond to this thread with the name, class, and crew of the vessel, as well as the name of the officer in charge.
  • You do not need a chart unless you are jobbing for an Atlantis run.
  • At 11am, Minthe will go aboard the listed ships to distribute the charts. The person listed must be aboard the ship at that time or no chart will be given.
  • You do not need a chart unless you are jobbing for an Atlantis run.
  • The event will be broadcast at 11am and again at noon.
  • Whisks to the Atlantis location will begin at 2pm. To receive a whisk, just send a tell to Minthe saying, 'Please whisk me' or the appropriate lolcats translation.
  • Just one person per vessel needs to request. There will likely be many requests early on so it may take a few minutes for Minthe to get through them.
  • Whisks will continue for one hour. You may request as many vessels whisked as you like in that time, so if you wish to sink your entire personal fleet, that is your prerogative.
  • You do not need a chart unless you are jobbing for an Atlantis run.


Generic rules

  • We will whisk you there, but not back (and see the rules below for further constraints on whisking). You need to look for the announcement of which islands the Atlantis site is between, and ensure that someone with you has a chart between those islands, or has the route memorized, so that you can get back to port afterwards.
  • When you job for this event, you can either place a chart on the table, configure for sea monster hunting, job, then remove the chart; or you can job as if for pillaging. Either will work. You do not need a chart to the specific Atlantis site being invaded. If you're jobbing for pillaging, please ensure that the people you hire are aware that you are going on a sea monster hunt, and that they must be a bravery badge holder or a subscriber.
  • When you are ready to go, send a tell to the OM or alt who is organizing the invasion, and wait patiently. The tell should be sent by JUST ONE PERSON on each ship - typically the navigator or XO - and that person should remain aboard the ship while waiting. A simple "Please whisk us" will do.
  • Once the starting time has been reached, whisking will begin. The OM or alt will come onto your ship and whisk you to the invasion site. From there, you can use the Explore Ruins option to enter the site.
  • Normal rules for Atlantis entry apply. Everyone entering Atlantis must be a bravery badge holder (on doubloon oceans) or a subscriber (on subscription oceans). If you attempt to enter with any ineligible pirates on board, you will get a message that tells you the names of those pirates. They need to leave the ship, then you can try again.
  • Once you're at the invasion site, it's your choice what you do. You can team attack the monsters, you can attack each other, you can choreograph complex ballets with a GORGONYX, you can duck in and treasure haul, you can race for the citadel, you can dash straight in and sink.
  • You can participate on as many ships as you like, so if your first one sinks, fill another!
  • There is no set end-time for the invasions; if you're happy to stay there, please do! There will be a end-time for whisking though, either expressed as a particular time, or in terms of duration. (e.g. "Last whisks at 10:30", or "whisks available for one hour".)

Additional information for pre-announced invasions

  • The event will be posted with at least two days' notice, in the appropriate ocean's Events forum.
  • Pre-announced invasions will rely on the rules given in this post as a default. Any variations in the rules will be explained in the pre-announcement post, and if there is a difference, the rules for the specific invasion event will take precedence over these generic ones.
  • An Atlantis site, date and time will be given in the post.
  • The post will also give the location of the site.
  • For the pre-announced events, you will need to get a ship to the same archipelago as the invasion site. For a site on an inter-archipelago route, you can start the ship in either archipelago. We will only whisk from the designated archipelago(s), not from anywhere else.
  • There may or may not be a broadcast to remind players about the event. If there is, this will be at around 30 minutes before the starting time.

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Re: Last Minute Holiday Shopping Spree Atlantis Invasions!

Sounds fun. I'll try to be jobbing then (only one sloop, not worthy of Atlantis). Thanks!
Call me Richarrdie.

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*This means Crimson as well.
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Re: Last Minute Holiday Shopping Spree Atlantis Invasions!

crunchberry on sage wf on spaniel have captian with ocean memed sure would like a whisk
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