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Vertically Challenged's Box Auction!

Vertically Challenged will be holding a Box Auction on Friday the 18th of December at 1pm gametime. It will be held in Missyfiercer's Villa! Invites for the Box Auction will start 30 minutes beforehand, at 12.30pm gametime, the first box will be auctioned off at 1pm on the dot. Invites will continue during the auction, but it's best to get there beforehand. A party notice will be posted on the Events section of the noticeboard, so you can come and go as you please.

During the auctioning, feel free to play any of the games that are in the house, which are all of them. Every 15 minutes, 10k local tournaments of Swordfight, Rumble and Treasure Drop will be posted to occupy you aswell.

There will be 20 boxes auctioned off, with a starting bid of 40k on each box, with increments of 2k. As with any auction, the winner will be decided after the bid has stood for 8 seconds (For example....the bid stands for 5 seconds, then i do the "Going Once" "Going Twice" "Sold" thing).

The prizes include: An Atlantean Octopus Statue, a War Brig, a Painted Sloop, a Plain Longship, a Plain Dhow. Indigo and Atlantean Clothing, and much more!

To get an invite into the house, send Frogmann a /tell between 12.30pm and 1.00pm gametime!

Once you have bought a box, send a trade request to the pirate 'Vcboxauction' to claim your box. There will be a card inside that box saying which prize you have won. To claim that prize, send 'Vcboxauction' another trade request, and trade the card for the prize.

If you assumed the Box Auction was on the 11th, it was, but real life commitments had to be attended to, so i'm moving it up a week.
I've quit.
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