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Joined: Aug 6, 2009
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Mystery Box Auction 7 Amazing Boxes

Scattey And I Will Be Having A Mystery Box Auction Only 7 Boxes If Succesfull We Will Have A Massive One.
Starting Price 10k Each.


Prize 1
Permisson Box
White Permisson Jerkin (Male Good)
If You Receive This Trade Me And You Will Receive The Full Outfit Including
Male White White Loose Pants (Good Con)
White And Permisson Fancy Boots (New)
Plus 5k To Compensate For The Conditions

Prize 2
Female Viking Helmet

Prize Three:
Plain Sloop Will Be Painted To Your Likeing!

Prize Four:
A Plain Female Green Shirt (new)

Prize Five
New Male Viking Helmet (New)

Prize Six
Pile 'o' Loot (Good)

Prize Seven
Brand New Never Been Placed Poker Table

This Auction Will Be Held On The Forums To Bid Just Say What Number And Your Bids. Minimum 10k. Bin 30k. 2.5k Increments.

Box Colors
1. Purple Blue
2.Black Gold
3.Purple Tan
4.Pink Violet
5.Red Maroon
6.Pink Blue
7.Tan Grey

Happy Bidding
(Auction Per Box Is Over When Im Happy With The Price Or Bin Is Done)
For Boxes After You Have Won One Trade Tribution With The Poe And He Will Give You The Box.
Please Note If You Win A Good Prize Please Do Not Post Untill AFTER All Bidding Is Done

Standard Disclaimer required for all box auctions: "Please note that this event, as with any lottery, raffle or auction, is run at the risk of the participants. If there is shown to be cheating or wrongdoing, the culprit will be punished, but no poe will be returned to participants affected. Please only enter if you trust the person or people hosting the event."
Tribution On Hunter
Entering All Poetry Comps Give Me A Pm
You Got It?
Remember It!
And Spell It Backwards!
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Joined: Sep 21, 2009
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Re: Mystery Box Auction 7 Amazing Boxes

i will bid on number 7 Binned
Avatar Done By The Amazing iljaynell
hyuyi on hunter
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