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[Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans [In Judging] Reply to this Post
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In Judging, Contest Closed

For full details see this post.

Entries are due February 15th at 11:59:59PM Game Time.

Good Luck.
~ Bubbaspike, SO and Damsel of Bu Shi Do, Midnight ~
~Prince of Death Before Dishonor~

Life is a Box of Chocolates! All Oceans! Win a pig!
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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Hunter Ocean
A Pink/White Sloop and a box of Chocolates
A Valentine's outfit (Magenta/Rose Gown, Wide-brimmed hat, Corset, and Fancy Boots) and a box of chocolates
A pig and a box of chocolates
A Pink/white sofa and a box of chocolates
All other prizes default list =)

1. Smartquotes, gotta hate them (>.<)
2. Smartquotes Part Deux, the ? invasion (double >.<)
3. C O L O R !!!
4. Two words over limit, removed a couple adverbs =P

On a blustery yet unusually warm Valentine's day in YPP, the fresh morning sun glinted off of the ice in a thousand shards of heavenly bliss. One could make out a sturdy dock, with many pirates upon it, and a lass named Rebecca surrounded by the familiar daily bustle of a busy morning. On all sides were the whines of beggars, the batting lashes of many a flirt, the distant chat bubbles of docktarts reading "LAWL xD," and the serene tranquility of a handful of monarchs, gazing into the ocean they owe so much to, all the while fiddling through their daily paperwork. Rebecca is often among them, for gazing into the halcyon deep of the crystal ocean has become one of her favorite monarchial hobbies over the years (or at least the ones in which she's had the muscle to pull it off =P) But today, she gazes into the opposite direction, with only one piece of fine parchment gracing her dainty fingers. Reading it for the thousandth time, she was greeted with the words:

Dearest Rebecca,

I have written to admit that your performance in the blockade the last weekend swept me off of my feet. I now find myself drawn to you as Apollo was to Cyrene when he spotted her in a verdant field, yet your field of battle was slightly more treacherous. Meet me at the docks on Quetzal at the hour of seven, for I long to see your face once more.

So long my sweet,
Prince Caynon

The mere smell of the fresh parchment she held in her hands encompassed her in a jittery yet deeply moving trance of bliss, until...

Lola tells ye, "Beccy, yer facing the wrong way!!! xD"

Lola was Rebecca's closest friend (despite being a capital T Tart,) but at a time like this Rebecca was not interested in her flirtatious relationship advice. Obliged to respond, she hastily wrote back,

Ye tell Lola, "not now, waiting 4 some1!"
Lola tells ye, "owmgggggg no way no way no way!!!! whos the luckaaay bloke?!?"
Ye tell Lola, "no time! g2 look! ttyl!!!"
Lola tells ye, "kkkkkk =P"

Among the countless ragged greenies, quirky socialites, pretentious captains, and scruffy veterans on the docks, she spotted a black musketeer hat with an indigo feather and the head of a black Ippolito, and her heart halted like a day's trade wind halts for the warm sea breeze of night. He came toward her in a confidant gait, and though she tried to halt them, her lashes fluttered more than a whole circle of socialites. Though, out of surprise, they stood still when an indigo-hued /tell read,

Lola tells ye, "lawlx10!!! prince caynon??!! hes a fiyyyyne catch if I ever saw one!!!"
Lola tells ye, "dont get all nervous beccy, just think.. uhm.. what would Lola do?? "
Lola tells ye, "dont forget the lashes! those are the money right there! ooh, and look at that pout! yer a natural!!!"
Lola tells ye,"there ye go! theres that blush!"

You have muted Lola
Caynon says, "So thats how I took down my 3rd WF in that kade, all in the same round. Fun times."
Rebecca says, "Wow, that's really impressive ^.^"
Randomofficerguy tells ye, "help capt.! someone stole my stock, i only left it for a minute! or... y'know... 60 or so.."
Rebecca says, "Drat, I have to go, duty calls >.< I'll send you a /tell later, k?"
Caynon says, "Wait, before ye go, I have something to give you."
Caynon traded: Box of Chocolates
Rebecca traded: Nothing
Trade successful

Rebecca says, "Thanks =)"
Caynon says, "No problem."

After investigating the theft, Rebecca retired to her lavish estate and re-read the magical log of chatte. After a few minutes, she suddenly remembered something she forgot to attend to,

You have unmuted Lola
Lola tells ye, "ooh, i swear, anna's been around the dock a couple times and couldn't have been more irrestistable than you!! amazing!! brava!!!"
Lola tells ye, "i know youre lovestruck, but ye could at least respond."

Ye told Lola, "lol- i muted you at 'blush'"
Lola tells ye, "rofl- i cant blame you. =P meeting him again anytime soon?"
Ye told Lola, "ya =P, I totally cant wait!!!"

And at that moment, Rebecca got an unexpected shock, a /tell from one of her SOs, Diedra, capable and logical beyond measure, but bitterly cruel at times. Rebecca didn't like her much, but she couldn't let such a powerful Bnavver and XO go.

Diedra tells ye, "Becca, are you seriously falling for him?"
Ye told Diedra, "Prince Caynon? I met him 5 mins ago, how on Earth do you know?"
Diedra tells ye, "Ms. Lola isn't exactly tight lipped. Check the NB."

Sure enough, Lola had a party raging in her townhouse, and the description read;

"Valentine's partayyyy for Rebecca!!! Beccy <3s Caynon!!! All welcome, and Beccy, youd better be here!!! xD"

Ye told Diedra, "I swear to Cleaver I could kill that tart."
Diera tells ye, "Get in line. Anyway, I would have to advise against Caynon. That guy is bad news, I know it."
Ye told Diedra, "How???"
Diedra tells ye, "I don't want to go into it."
Ye told Diera, "Come ooonnnn. For me? =P"
Diedra tells ye, "No."
Ye told Diedra, "Puh-lease???!!!"
Diedra tells ye, "Not a chance."
Ye told Diedra, "Tell me or youre expelled =P"
Diedra tells ye, "You wouldn't expel me."
Ye told Diedra, "Wanna bet? >=D"
Diedra tells ye, "Fine. He's my Ex."

Stunned and speechless, Rebecca's fingers froze at the keys. After a short pause, she replied,

Ye told Diedra, "Wow. Didn't see that coming."
Diedra tells ye, "Neither did I. I XOd one of his SMHs and we just hit it off I guess. Before long, he started distracting me from my pursuit of a thief who wandered off with my precious Black Ippolito, so I had to dump him."
Ye told Diedra, "Well, thanks for that. I still think hes super haaaawt tho. =P"
Diedra tells ye, "Good luck. Oh, and he has a tattoo on his left thigh, btw. Pretty piece of work, a kraken I think."
Rebecca shudders

Before long, Rebecca and Caynon were the utter definition of a power couple. Their blockades together were truly a sight, all admired their color-coordinated outfits and familiars, and when they gazed out into the ocean, even the dock felt unworthy of their grandeur. Hours were spent secluded in their estate, where quick games of hearts were played and kisses were stolen like the finery that graced the estate halls. One moonlit eve, Lola entered the lovebirds' nest, in a rather extravagant gown with subtle splatters of seafoam, the telltale sign of a Docktart.

Ye let Lola into yer estate
Lola says, "hellooo becca and caynon. how's life? =P"
Rebecca says, "Amazing"
Caynon nods
Lola says, "lawl, sry to interrupt you two, but I haven't seen beccy in a while, have I?"
Rebecca says, "no, no you haven't =P"
Lola says, "super casino partayy on anna's ship!! u guys wanna come with?"
Rebecca says, "nah. its cozier in here =P"
Lola says, "suit yourselves. I'm off to lose more money to poker =P"
Rebecca says, "puh-lease. yer a rich tart if there ever was one ^^"
Lola says, "true =)"

In a lovely embrace, Rebecca leaned in for yet another kiss, and was surprised to hear Caynon softly ask,

Caynon says, "that lola chick a friend of yours?"
Rebecca says, "mhm, were like sisters. incredibly different sisters, polar opposites, but sisters nonetheless"
Caynon says, "interesting, and she's rich?"
Rebecca says, "yup. swordfights like nobody's business, won a mil. or so with her wagers"
Caynon says, "nice. never did meet a rich docktart."
Rebecca says, "lol- shes pretty stunning =)"
Caynon says, "but not as stunning as you =)"
Caynon kisses Rebecca
Rebecca kisses Caynon

A week or so later, she waited on the docks for an hour or so, surprised to see that Caynon hadn't logged on. She thought Diedra might know something, as she has XO-d for many of his SMH-addicted friends. Though, with the recent news of her unknown love life, Rebecca had doubts about what other endeavors she's gotten into ;-). Anyhow, Rebecca blissfully asked,

Ye told Diedra, "Where's caynon?"
Diedra tells ye, "Rebecca, Caynon was banned yesterday."

Her heart instantly turned to the heaviest lead, and descended from her blissful cloud, through the realm of reality, into dark, abysmal despair.

Ye told Diera, "For... what?"
Diedra tells ye, "Theft."
Ye told Diedra, "Theft?! Off of who?"
Diedra tells ye, "Do you really want to know?"
Ye told Diedra, "Tell me or you're expelled. And this time, I mean it."
Dierda tells ye, "Lola."

Without a second thought, she whisked to the Quetzal docks, mascara running down her cheeks and utterly distraught. It was all her fault. It had to be. Why hadn't she taken Diedra's warning?! Where was Lola?! Would she ever forgive her?! All of these thoughts raced through her mind as she scanned the massive dock for any sign of her friend. As she was about to give up, she heard a faint whisper from a circle afar, asking for a scrap of PoE. Unusual, as it wasn't in the whining, greenie voice of a beggar, rather a hoarse, desperate shadow of someone she once knew. Turning towards the poor soul, she found a shadow of Lola, cloaked in rags.

Lola tells ye, "It wasn't your fault."
Ye told Lola, "Yes it was. Don't lie."
Lola tells ye, "No. You honestly couldn't have seen it coming."
Ye told Lola, "I should have. He stole Diedra's Ippolito, and he stole my Lola. That rat deserves to be banned. And you deserve your life back."

At that moment, a gasp was heard as the dock went silent. For emerging from the heavens was none other than Cleaver, cloaked in grand beams of light.

Cleaver says, "For ye, Miss Lola."
Lola says, "Thank ye kindly Captain Cleaver."
Cleaver says, "No problem."

And instantly, the original Lola was before her, in a pink and gold getup more quirky and fabulous than ever before. She threw her last memory of Caynon, his rotten box of chocolates, into the ocean with the might of not only a lover scorn, but even more vicious, a friend betrayed. As they drifted off into the deep, far away from Rebecca, Lola, and Diedra alike, she saw a glimpse of the Nutrition Facts on the back of the box.

And they were 100% pure Carab.
Clarielle (or just Clarie ;-)
O of Earthbound
on the loverly Hunter Ocean ^.^

Avvie by the amazingly talented Chiichan =D
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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Vanishing Valentine

Staring and silent, she awaited to hear the giggles and laughter, whispers of lovers, and the talk of dinners and dates. Leslie closed dark brown eyes and sighed? "If only he would return? Then, I too could laugh like those giddy girls?" She spoke to the brown and tan cat curled up at her feet, getting only a purring and nudging response. ?Gee, Ceylahvee, thanks for your undying support,? she muttered sarcastically.

Settling into her work bench, she turned to the bottles in front of her, mixing, swirling ingredients together with ease and competence. At least this could settle her nerves. No doubts here. Whisking potions pushed to the side, produced in a few hours, for a few pieces of gold. 'Tis the season for chocolate? The thought brought the faintest smile to her lips.

A few hours past, the sun setting past the edge of Jorvik, Leslie didn't bother scanning the dock for that flag. That maroon and white, flashing through the wind like a comforting blanket. Almost a year since that rugged face and silvery beard had graced her door step. She'd moved, he'd disappeared? But they would always have that first Valentine's. Climbing the steps to her Villa, she rustled her gown loosely around her ankles, stepping into her humble and quiet abode.

"Hmmm.. I don't think that light was left on when I left?Odd, a bit," muttering under her breath, she flicked the purple shaded light off and lit the golden candles next to the entry way. Once in the kitchen, she slid back behind the bar, twisting the bronze cap of the Rum barrel, spilling the yummy brown goodness into a frothy mass in her favorite stein. A few sips before bed time does the pirate good! Finishing her drink, she wiped the froth away and tossed it to the sink, heading to bed, down for the evening. Up the stairs and to the right? What's that? Smell? A masculine scent wafting through the air had her turning and gasping. A hand reached out to grab hers, tugging her against the bedroom door and quickly she was pinned.

A quick, solid knee to her intruder?s gut, followed by a rounded jab to the jaw had him reeling, Leslie side stepping to the left. He lifted a hand, blocking her next punch and wrenched her wrist behind her? ?Now now love, that?s not a way to greet your favorite gunner.? She rushed against the bedroom door, pulling him with her even through the searing pain of her wrist being twisted.

A growl emitted from her throat, pressing back against him, quickly tossed on her stomach by his foot kicking her feet away from her. "No lover would vanish for a year, off having fun,? fun was punctuated by a swift kick to his knee, ?without a word or a letter sent!? He howled, dropping to his knees, and with him down, Leslie rolled once more, pouncing on him, pinning him against the floor, ?Scuppering fool, you never were much of a fighter, Daniel?. Large hands came up, clamping on her shoulders and lifting her, slamming her hard onto the floor, his large, muscled body rolling over her.

?Girl you are nothing,? he snarled at her, receiving a fast, piercing slap across the face for it. Her hips bucked up against him, being pinned was not what she was looking for this night. As she struggled under him, he leaned down, kissing her, she turned her face away??I realized I was nothing when you left without me, you one eyed?? Her words were lost when his lips finally found her?s, pressing against his in return.

Hours and a warm sudsy bath later, they were cleaned up and fresh, ready for the long awaited talk.

"I told you I'd come back for you?Just sorry it took so long. You know how the high sea's can get?"

She settled into one of her matching bedroom chairs, before her a display of chocolate dipped rambutan, fine rum from Arminius's local distill, and other delectable fruit delights. In the candlelight they indulged in their first meal together in a year, touching and caressing like they'd never been apart.

Stories of their triumphs and losses passed back and forth. Heavy cannon fights, islands being taken and given, ships sunk and treasures found. He was skilled and intelligent as ever, and she'd grown by leaps and bounds since they last held each other.

"So then, " he continued excitedly, "we turned around the rocks, pressing forward, even with half the ship falling apart, my carpenters running around like mad, guns being loaded and people running everywhere. Then BANG BANG BANG! Their ship was finally going down, smoke bellowing from the gargantuan holes, water sloshing over the railings, life boats being deployed like little ants rushing away from their flooded nest."

"That sounds extraordinary! I always knew you could do it," she grinned at him, eyes bright with his happiness.

"Well it is what I always wanted? and finally I've had it."

"That's all you wanted? Nice to know. You know.. If you had stayed, we'd have been wonderful."

"Billions of blue blistering barnacles! You know that is not what I meant! Staying wasn't possible at the time.. And you know that. I'm sorry for having to desert you but what's done is done. I'm here now and that's what counts."

"You brush off the fact that you left me here with no one and nothing, and so easily. I shouldn't expect more from you I suppose. Never were an emotional one. Far too controlled for that, aye?"

"Oh stop it. Why fight on this night? We are finally together. You speak of me like that? You were never one to merely be happy!"

She popped a piece of chocolate coated banana in her mouth, closing heavy lids as she enjoyed the bright flavor and decadent delight of the dark chocolate and smooth fruit together. With a soft touch of a rough hand on her bare shoulders she peeked out from under dark lashes. Leslie always was a sucker for a good massage. She melted into his hands on her shoulders and neck, the warm kneading relaxing her. Lifting a hand up to his, she held it for a moment, bringing his fingers to her lips to kiss lightly.

"I suppose I'll be happy now," softly whispering to him, letting the massage continue, her body melting into the chair, sighing softly into the silence. Daniel picked her up when she was half asleep and took her to the bed, settling her down to continue their night together, once again.

Stirring as the warm golden rays of the morning sun settled across her face, Leslie rolled under the covers, her hand reaching out and grasp? Empty space. She shook her fiery locks from her face, lifting up and glancing around the empty room.

"Daniel?" Standing and wrapping the sheets about her, she glanced in the bathroom.. The hall way. "Daniel?"

She walked back towards the bed, sighing and looking to the table.. Not a sign of the romantic evening. Confused, she fell back to sit on the bed, dark eyes taking in the room once more, falling upon a box tucked between the bed and end table. Dropping to her knees, she picked it up and set it on her lap, nimble fingers tugging the red ribbon untied and letting it slip to the floor. She lifted the lid and stared down and the box full of chocolate treats. A small triangle note settled atop it. Lifting the aged paper, she read it carefully?

"My dearest Leslie,

What a dream evening we shared, ten times better than last year. Perhaps this year we won't need to wait another year to be with one another. Someone calls me, I must run forth and help, you know that. I am not your knight in shining armor today, but one day, I shall be.

Love always,

Daniel "Silver" Gundam."

Leslie leaned back against the bed, eyes closed, popping a piece of chocolate in her mouth, Ceylahvee curling up beside her and purring for her share.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Cey? Happy Valentine's Day."

Captain of the Midnight Spirits
Midnight Ocean Blue J


Pink/white sloop with box of chocolates

Brown/white Fudge Dip

Valentines day outfit ( White/Magenta buccaneer jacket, white/magenta laurel, white/magenta gown, white/magenta slippers)

A pig and a box of chocolates

A red rose

A chocolate recipe

[EDIT: Added outfit choice per Event instructions]
It's me, ya know...
That thing you think is hiding under your bed?
Rawr, bishes :)

He who be most selfish shalt not gain my soul.
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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Despite the signature, i am currently Leriha of Hunter ocean =]

Chocolate dreams

Valentine's day, Pirate Year 266

"Sail! I need sails!!!" Shouted Carina.
"OK. OK! Don't lose your eyepatch!" Sarya called over the sounds of two ships in battle. They turned suddenly, as Carina threw her weight against the wheel. Sarya lost her footing and grabbed the rail for support. Rim, her rat, squeaked and darted away from her stumbling feet. The cannon from the nearby cutter narrowly missed and plunged into the deeps, showering their dhow with salty water. Sarya spat out a mouthful then turned to the station. She grabbed a rope with one hand, and a jug of rum with the other. She grimaced; most of the rum had spilt when they had turned. She downed the rest, tossing the jug in the general direction of the hatch.

They worked hard, giving Carina the power to own the vicious green ship that had engaged them. they slowly came closer and closer. Shots rang out from both sides, deafening the pirates, and mauling the ships. "Damn!" Shouted Carina. "The bloody barnacle shot my cabin!!"
"Perhaps you should shoot his?" Sarya grinned wryly. "Then ye can watch each-other from the comfort of yer own rooms"
Carina promptly tossed her rum jug at Sarya's head. She ducked instinctively and it clattered against the rail. "Good shot, but not good enough" Sarya laughed. Carina grimaced. "Get back to yer station ye land-lubbin lazer! We have work to do!"

They finally came close enough that they could see the green clad pirates of the enemy. They hurled insults across the gap as the threw their grapples onto the dhow."Pirates attack!" Screamed Carina as she threw her grapple. She swung across, followed by the boarding party. Swords gleamed as they fought their way towards the wheel, where an imposing figure stood, balanced on a crate, issuing orders to his workers. He spotted Sayra and Carina heading towards him. He laughed. "Ye ol' landlubbers can't defeat me! I defeated Darkrose remember!!" Carina bristled at the insult and with a cry hurled herself into the battle. "You dare insult his memory you filthy, green, evil barnacle!!!"
"Carina!!!" Cried Sarya. "No!!!" She fought towards her captain, but was beaten back by the multitudes surrounding her. She sobbed unable to intervene as Greenmask, as he was known, caught Carina on her swordarm with a blow from his other hand. Carina cried out and dropped her sword. The fighting stopped. Everyone turned to the pair. Even those on the dhow looked over. "I think i win." Said Greenmask with his sword to her throat. Carina winced then straightened up proudly. "I will not be beaten. I'd rather die than surrender."
"Carina, no!!!" Screamed Sarya. She leapt forward but Greenmask stopped her with an outstretched arm. "No need for that. I'm no murderer." He removed the mask that gave him his name. Everyone from the Dhow gasped. "No...it can't be...not....Darkrose!!?" Carina whispered. "He...he's dead..."
"Not dead yet beloved. I would never die while your still alive."
"Why Darkrose, why? How could you do that to me? No word? Not for five whole years?..." She choked.
"I couldn't let King Armenias hurt you because of my actions...so i vanished. Nor could i tell you...or you Sarya, or the emotions wouldn't be real." He sighed. "I kept a good eye on you both. I watched my wife recover from her grief, to an extent and carry on my legacy. I saw my daughter bloom into a beautiful officer. My only regret is that i couldn't tell you...i'm so sorry."
"The box of chocolates...it was you wasn't it father...the ones you sent to mother after you... vanished." Sarya said.
"I couldn't just do nothing" Said Darkrose mournfully, "so i sent that, in the hopes you might guess..."
"I always hoped" she replied, "but after a time we couldn't carry on waiting for you...we needed to...move on."
"Before you ask Carina...i can't. I can never come home whilst Armenias is still king...but i'll always be with you...in chocolate dreams."

Hope you like it =]

Once Captain of Sylva, and Leriha.

Pirate of the Hunter Ocean
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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Pirate: Asheme
Ocean: Malachite

Foreword: I hope the journal format is okay for this story to take place, since I didn't win anything in the "Black Sam" writing event earlier in January, mine is the 3rd down on that page. I thought I'd just go ahead and expand on my story of Samir "Black Sam" Hassan. Since my story was about the deepest of loves already, I just thought it would fit, I hope you enjoy more of his story.

Title: The Journal of Samir "Black Sam" Hassan, a Continuation of His Story

February 7th 1644 AD, 8:22 PM PST
Evening entry, it's been a month now since we shared our first kiss in her cabin after our big Atlantis raid. We're still so deeply in love with each other, five large crews fly our new colors from their masts and we have strong allegiances with the most powerful flags on this ocean. I Samir "Black Sam" Hassan, have never felt younger in all my forty-four years, Leslie is as beautiful as she was when I first came aboard her ship and my love for her is just as strong. End of entry.

February 9th 1644 AD, 8:25 PM PST
Evening entry, Leslie is planning a massive flotilla raid by all of our crew in this flag. Azarbad is amassing forces just a few leagues out from Chelydra Cove. She speculates that he is going to move in to try and take Chelydra from The Ringers anytime within this coming week. It's our duty to stop him as we are the most powerful fighting force on this ocean. It's going to be a heated battle, Azarbad never goes down quietly and he's got a fleet of over two-hundred ships mobilized. End of entry.

February 12th 1644 AD, 1:20 PM PST
Azarbad is defeated and his fleet lies at the bottom of the ocean, all his gold is in our holds. As always my lovely captain Leslie used her brilliant naval mind to produce a perfect defeat, we lost only a few ships. We are heading for Barracuda Island to port, repair and restock our ships. End of entry.

February 12th 1644 AD, 8:31 PM PST
Evening entry, Leslie and I spent a wonderful day relaxing at my row house today after our massive defeat of Azarbad. She's sleeping just a few feet from me right now, writing by candle light. The poor beautiful thing has worn herself out. She'll sleep for a few days now and then she'll be ready for the next big event of our lives. In the meantime she has asked me to meet with the captains of our five crew coalition and get some issues past the voting, I'm on the way there right now. End of entry.

February 13th 1644 AD, 7:22 AM PST
Woke up in bed, with my beautiful beside me, I don't remember coming home. I must have had too much rum last night during the meetings. I woke up this morning realizing that tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I haven't planned anything yet. Though she has never been the type to demand attention or that I take her places, I need to do something this time. It's our first Valentine's Day and thus it must be special. I've got to go and take a walk to think of something, she's asleep behind me of course, she'll be fine here. End of entry.

February 13th 1644 AD, 1:48 PM PST
Took a walk all the way around Barracuda Island, and nothing I could think of would suit this occasion. There's no where we haven't been already, nothing we haven't done already in our daily pirating. She's still sleeping behind me so I wonder if she even remembers that it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, will she even want to do anything? End of entry.

February 13th 1644 AD, 8:22 PM PST
Evening entry, I have it; I thought of exactly what I am to do. Leslie has always loved chocolate thought they only sell it once a year in the palace shops. My girl could eat five-hundred boxes of chocolate and not gain a single pound because she normally stays so active. I'll buy several boxes of chocolate for her and have them in the room arranged for when she finally wake up. Plus I've been out on the island buying lilies, daisies and roses for a huge bouquet to go with the chocolate. This is going to be perfect and she is going to love it. Not to mention the fact that while she has been sleeping I've managed to get two more crews to join the flag, I love that girl! End of entry.

February 14th 1644 AD, 9:39 PM PST
Evening entry, my entry tonight is a late but for good reason. She awoke this morning finally and saw the flowers; underneath the flowers were her chocolates. I was downstairs when she woke up and heard her yell for me. I rushed up stairs and she was standing there with a huge grin on her face and said "You remembered" I replied "But of course, how could I forget to celebrate the first Valentine's Day with my girl?" She ran over and we embraced and kissed, it seemed like we stood there for hours standing in the doorway kissing and eating chocolate. Then after a bit, I pulled the ring out of my pocket and got down on my knees and I asked her to marry me. She was so giddy, like a little girl, she wasn't expecting that, I could tell, of course she said yes. I feel that this is going to be a very good year. Though she's sleeping again in the bed beside me as I write this, I think I wore her out again today. End of entry.

A Pink/White sloop and a box of chocolates
A Rose/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A pig and a box of chocolates
A Red/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A Brown/White Fudge Dip (Clawfoot Tub)
A Valentines day outfit, Red/Pink Musketeer hat, Magenta/Rose Swashbucklers jacket, Rose/white Fancy Boots, Red/Rose Pantaloons and a box of chocolates
A Red rose
A White starfish
A Red knobby coral
A Fresh Plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies (For your sweet tooth)
A Chocolate Recipe (A Rose Scroll)
Asheme - Malachite/Viridian Oceans - (2009 - 2011)
Mastorakis - Meridian Ocean - (2013 - present) that is all.....
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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Once upon a time, on a cold, dark and windy winters night there was a young pirate named Sam. Sam was a young, lonely fellow who had never loved nor had a relationship that lasted more than a few days. Valentines day was only a few days away, Sam hadnt bought anything for anyone, he didnt see the point in any occasion other than birthdays and christmas, he saw valentines day and easter as made up celebrations so shops could sell cards and gifts. No point in it really. People take it to seriously and fall for the lovey dovey day.

Sam was in the middle of a wonderful piratey dream when all of a sudden he was rudely awoken by a tapping noise coming from the window. Sam sat upright and looked over to his sister who was still sound asleep.

Then came another tap.

"Arrgggg, who goes there?." Asked Sam.
No reply came.
The Tapping noise continued.

Sam looked back over to his sister who was still fast asleep dreaming about her prince charming, like always!!

The tapping noise stopped. Sam was just about falling back asleep when the door slowly creaked open. There in the doorway stood an Angel, dressed from head to toe in white and silver. Her beauty and elegance outstanded Sam as he jumped out of bed to greet her.

"Hello there, my name is Sam. Who are you and how can i help you on this fine night?" Said Sam trying to make a good first impression on the angel.
"I am Aleena, I have been sent from god to show you something." Answered Aleena.
"What do you need to show me?" replied Sam
"Do you understand the meaning of Valentines day?" Asked the Angel.
"Aye, of course, it's 'bout lovers buying eachother presents and getting them back and then being happy for it." Said Sam slightly sarcasticly.
"No!, Replied Aleena, "It's about people loving eachother and showing their appreciation by giving gifts and cards to there loved ones. It's nothing to do with them recieving them. I understand you have never had anyone to celebrate valentines day with so i won't be too harsh on you but just try to remember that Valentines day is one of the only days on the calender that loved ones can express their love for others."

Sam sat on the bed for a while before gathering the courage to ask Aleena " W.w.will you be m.my v.valentine Aleena?"

"I would trully love to be your valentine Sam but im afraid i cant. You see i am dead and you are alive and we could never cross the boundry. Said Aleena with Sorrow.

"Then i shall take my life in return for you everlasting love." Explained Sam and within a few seconds he had drawn his cutlass and slit his chest open. He was on the floor or his mothers townhouse with a thud.

Sam and Aleena were never together. Sam had gone to hell as he didnt belive in love, and Aleena was sent back to heaven where she spent the rest of her life, being fed different coloured chocolate delacacies out of all different boxes by Sam's old bestfriend Peter.

Aleena and Peter lived forever and Sam sat at the gate between heaven and hell sobbing for the rest of his short life.

The End

544 Words

Prize preferance:

A Pink/White sloop and a box of chocolates
A Rose/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A pig and a box of chocolates
A Brown/White Clawfoot Tub
A Valentines day outfit, rose/white curled slippers , rose/white laurel white/rose bloomers ,white/rose midriff blouse with scarf and a box of chocolates.
A Red rose
A White starfish
A Red knobby coral
A Fresh Plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies
A chocolate recipe.

By Elliegirl
Hunter Ocean.
Elliegirl on Hunter
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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Adonis's Apothecary

Down in a dark corridor, nestled in between two grim shoppes, a sign thrust out marking Adonis's Apothecary. The air around the shop held a stink of dismay but a young pirate stood by the window, a little dazed as he stared in. A visible shudder ran through him as he placed his hand on the door handle, but he opened it nonetheless and pressed on through the doorway. The bell above him rang gently, announcing his entrance to the store's occupants: an aged man standing behind the counter and a ragged monkey, prancing from shelf to shelf, rattling the ancient bottles.

"May I help you?" The wizened man asked, his voice a low rumble. White whiskers gathered at his chin, extending down to his chest and his crinkled blue eyes held a soft glow conspicuous though the dim lighting. There was a noticeable clunk as he walked around the counter, but the young man seemed unaware of all of it.

"I heard this was the place to come..." he began to say, but then closed his mouth, swallowing the rest of the sentence. The old man stood by patiently, quietly awaiting words he already knew would come. Surely, the young pirate spoke again. "I heard this was the place to come...if you were looking for a love potion..." The pirate's eyes flickered to meet the shopkeeper's gaze for a second, trying to gauge his reaction. There was none that he could see.

"Ah, a love potion?" Adonis asked, an eyebrow raising slightly. "You've come to the right place, now, let see what I can find for you." He made his way slowly around the shop, pushing aside chests and boxes until he came to one decorated with swirling silver. After a few minutes of rummaging through it, he clasped a tiny box in his gnarled hands. A nostalgic smile lit up his face as he looked at it and opened it. Inside sat a little glass bottle. "Strong thing, love is," Adonis spoke, turning to face the pirate. "Make sure you love her."

"I do." He stared back at the man with confidence and determination, knowing if any love was real, it was his love for her. "I love her more than anything," he confessed and then blushed, feeling as if he gave too much away. He lowered his eyes.

"Good," the old man replied, smiling wide. "Then I can trust you with this." Adonis handed over the box. "Put it on something she'll eat, but be careful. There's not much left and if you make a mistake, you may be stuck with results that do not come down to a happy ending. Oh, and you must be the first person she sees, that's most important."

"How much? How much for this?" He held the box with both hands gingerly, afraid to drop it.

"How would you price love?" Adonis asked, raising both eyebrows. Then he sighed, shaking his head. "Take it. I have no use for it anymore." He turned away from the pirate before he could speak and walked into his back room. The monkey followed without a single glance back, leaving the pirate standing in the same spot for the next couple of minutes. He could not take his eyes off the tiny box. But at last, when he regained control of his limbs again, he placed the package in the pocket of his red swashbuckler's jacket and then walked out, whispering his thanks although the old man could not hear.

In the backroom, Adonis sat down at a table and pulled out a picture from his front pocket. "What do you think?" he asked. The monkey chattered gravely in reply and Adonis nodded his head. "Yeah...me too."

The sun sat lower in the sky than he remembered and he quickened his stride, knowing he had somewhere to be soon. He hurried to the dock, swiftly scanning the harbor for the ship once he arrived. It sat where it always was. With a smile, he boarded the Midnight Eve and proceeded to his cabin. There on the bunk still was the box of chocolates he had bought earlier that day. With care, he removed the top from both the box of chocolates and the box he received from the old man and then picked up a single piece of dark chocolate. On this piece of chocolate, tiny droplets of the potion went and he placed it back, warily noting exactly where.

Just as the sun began to set, he made his way up the crow's nest, not at all surprised when he was greeted by a hug that almost knocked him off his feet. But she was too small to do any real damage.

"Lunais! Finally you get here," she exclaimed, pulling away. That smile of hers, he loved it. He swore he'd never get tired of seeing her smile. "Chocolate?" Her eyes grew wide, but lighting up brightly with joy at the same time. He had to laugh as she feigned ignorance. So he played along. "Yes, chocolate. What else would it be?"

"I don't know... So...is it mine?" She nudged softly him for an answer, trying to hold back another smile. But it broke though anyways.

"Ours, Lana. It ours to share, as how once again, we're both single for Valentine's Day. I don't know how you manage it."

"It's easy," she replied with a tiny smile. "And you know why..." Her sentence trailed off, as did her smile and he almost regretted his words.

"Yes I know." Lunais had taken care of her since they were young and it was second nature to pull her close when she was hurt. Her cheek fell against his and he could feel her lashes flutter on his skin.

"Maybe I should give up, Lunais. I don't think he'll ever love me as I love him." She turned and leaned back against the railing of the crow's nest so she faced the darkening sky. "I swear, it must be the hardest thing in the world to find the one who loves you just as you love them. I'm so sick of it. He's made my heart beat a million leagues per second, and yet after all this time, all I can get out of him is a smile. Completely one-sided, huh? Maybe love isn't for pirates..." She placed her hand over her heart, already feeling the beats accelerate and a light blush flushed her cheeks, noticeable even though the last of the sun's rays disappeared into the waters.

Lunais almost chuckled at himself. Those words he could have said himself. They had been over this before, her constant yearning to be loved by that one pirate even though she was loved by many others, Lunais included. But she had her heart set on him, and even though she failed in receiving his attention year after year, her hope burned. It waned from time to time but it could never be put out. Unless the potion works, he thought, the weight of the box heavy in his hand.

"But you know that I love you, even though you are a pirate too." Lana piped up, turning back around to him. "I don't want to sound corny, but I'm glad I have you, Lunais. You're always here when I need you. You want to know something?" She laughed softly before continuing. "Someone told me the other day that we're like soul mates because it seems like we're always so close. I told her it was because we've known each other for so long. And well, I've never thought of it like that before but I don't at all mind the idea."

"I don't either. You know I love you too." Just not how much...he thought sadly. But she was back to her cheerful self again, rambling on about what had happened earlier that week and he grinned, contented to sit back and listen. The two had done this for years, meeting on their captain's old sloop on the eve of Valentine's Day and sharing a box of chocolates. They would sit there side by side in each other's company, waiting for the sun to rise and fill them up with light. It was a tradition of sorts and they were both happy to know that they were together the first moments Valentine's Day came around.

"Chocolate time yet?" Lana questioned after some time, taking the box from his hands. She took her spot next to his left side and then pulled off the lid. Her hand went right to the one he had picked out earlier and she examined it closely. "Mmmm, dark chocolate!" With a lovely smile, she bought it up to her mouth.

"Wait, Lana. Don't." He reached out, took her by the wrist and eventually secured the piece of chocolate from her.

"Hmm?" She looked at him, eyes wide again.

"I think it's coconut," he stated, looking at it too. Then with a crooked smile and the raise of an eyebrow, he said, "You know those are my favorite." Lunais placed the bittersweet morsel in his mouth. He reasoned it was no harm done. He'd love her forever anyways.

"Is it?" she asked after a moment, peering at him closely.

"Nope. Dark chocolate," he answered after swallowing. Then he stuck his tongue out at her, making her laugh. She selected another piece and then popped it in her own mouth. An obvious warmth filled her and she leaned her head against his shoulder and then spoke, "I'm going to stop trying so much, Lunais. I can't make him love me...and even if there were some way that I could, I don't think I'd do it... I just can't imagine. I could never force on him something that I know he has no desire for. Just being with you on Valentines will be enough for me, I think."

With that, Lunais put his arm around her, satisfied that he did the right thing. Although now, they would just be best friends, but like her, he would never give up hope either.


I hope you like it. :) It took me a long time to come up with a good enough idea. Many thanks to Liss who talked me through it. :D

Prize preference:

A Pink/White sloop and a box of chocolates
A Valentines day outfit* and a box of chocolates (Colors: White/Rose - Wide-brimmed hat, Buccaneer's Jacket, Stripy Knickers (Rose please) and Fancy Boots)
A Rose/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A Red/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A Red rose
A pig and a box of chocolates (Let him show the weight from your chocolate indulgence)
A White starfish
A Fresh Plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies (For your sweet tooth)
A Red knobby coral
A Chocolate Recipe (A Rose Scroll)
A Brown/White Fudge Dip (Clawfoot Tub)

Edit: Taking out the weird symbols :p

And then more weird symbols...

And then at last! All the extra questions marks. >.>
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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One particularly blustery day, Ole One Eyed Jim decided to navigate the waters of a Cursed Isle in hopes of a bountiful treasure. As the sun was shining bright, he decided to job only people with a bright outlook on a piratey life. After hiring a couple of his mateys to assist him with his journey, an application was put in front of him by the name of Valentines Day Love. As the day of this journey happened to be in February, he decided he would go ahead and hire this person out of pure curiosity. As Jim is very hardened pirate and has little time for the finer things in life such as romance and "fluff" as he calls it, he thought this jobber would provide some lofty entertainment for his hard working mateys.

Valentines Day Love was not an ordinary pirate. She was decked out in all pink with red shoes and red flowers intwined in her hair. She exchanged pleasantries with all the mates on the vessel including Jim. The crew appeared to be so enamored with her, that they did not make fun of her or see her as someone to be entertained by. The crew was having difficulty on their job stations because everyone was talking with Valentines Day Love.

The crew finally made it to the Cursed Isle with much trepidation. Upon exiting the vessel, Valentines Day Love shouted "good luck to all!" After several hard fought battles with the cursed isle dwellers and many bone boxes were foraged, the crew headed back to port. While it was a hard trip, Valentines Day Love made it very pleasant by complimenting the pirates on their hard work and especially Jim. She seemed to have a special twinkle in her eye when she complimented him on his navigation skills and his skills as captain of this voyage.

Upon returning to port, Jim divided the booty and all the pirates were rewarded with one bone box. Each of the boxes contained a single red rose. However, in Ole One Eyed Jim's box was a box of chocolates along with a card from Valentines Day Love. The card read "To my captain of this journey who thought that romance was silly and planned to make entertainment of me, a sweet box of chocolates".

From that day forward, Ole One Eyed Jim and Valentines Day Love were inseperable. She continues to inspire him on many a piratey day!
Hunter Ocean
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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There was a lonely cabin person liamb out at sea he was strong and witty. He wanted to be more than he could be but he felt grumpy and sad.
One night he was asked to help the princess wenchwendy crew to do a pilly and monster hunt to. He was a great fighter he fought for love he had rags because he couldn't afford anything else. The next day he saw the princess he felt something inside him love was the feeling he has never felt for anyone before till he saw her. There was nasty men after her thrown trying to kill her and find the treasure. A few days later a blockade began wenchwendy was in command the mean men sneaked on the boat while people were sailing bilging and carping. Then wenchwend had a few boats as her guard BANG!!! BANG!!! They sunk a ship. Now they are treasure hauling the mean men went looking for the princess while everyone was busy treasure hauling. They found her o no only the liamb saw them he ran and jumped to fight them. Two verse one he needed help he fought and fought SLICE SWISH one down then bang wenchwendy shot the other guy. Thank you liamb for saving me she felt something for him. The next day the queen was ill the princess was going to be queen she would have to marry someone she chose liamb on this fine valentines day. He was now a king in charge of a boat fine clothing is well cannons shot BANG BANG!!!!! Fireworks went high in the sky green red and blue pistol shot into the sky is well. They were married and fifty rich he was now captain of a crew and he did something new I am going to the cursed island i give you my love and this item if I dont come back I love you ill be home soon. He went and fought the breaded cursed people to get to there island he was in a fight he was struck down by the sword of the zombie he fellow crew mate started to fight the zombie that was about to kill the king. Thank ye brave night u saved me life here is some pieces of eight as my gratitude I was nearly there at the island. Let's go crew and show them whose boss lets take all there poe and take it back to aim. They started to fight during the day then it was night. Mean while at the castle the wenchwendy is scared that liamb was hurt or dead. She got the best crew she could find to fight the zombies to find her king. Mean while liamb was still in a fight he was getting tiered there was five zombies and five men what a battle the knocked out man said. Wenchwendy go to the other side at saw liamb in battle. He was the final man against two she help fight while her men wear helping the downed men. The zombie stabbed her threw the stomach she was dying. He killed them both sliced a head off and stabbed in the dead heart he wanted to help her but he couldn't had to leave her behind crying and unhappy he was. But he came for his country he collected and collected. He fell over something at first he thought it was a rock but when he looked it was a pot. He knew of a story of an ancient pot rarest item there was there. It was a healing pot he couldn't believe it. He rushed to his queen drink this he said he made her drink the hole thing. He took her back home and put her in bed. A few days later nothing the only thing she was breathing. A week later she woke he was happy as can be. He made this necklace for his true love he used a diamond from the day of the pilly. He said this is the stomach of the sea and represents the love I have for ye and a box of chocolates with mint orange and the one u like the most caramel this represents the day i fell in love with ye on valentines day

This is my story there isnt much talk so i hope you dont mind but and i used some names real of puzzle pirates.

pirate name:justjude
ocean: hunter

A Pink/White sloop and a box of chocolates
A Rose/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A pig and a box of chocolates
A Red/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A Brown/White Fudge Dip
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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Pirate Name: azulamante
Ocean: Malachite

Prefered Prize in order: (if one chosen to be a winner)

A Pink/White sloop and a box of chocolates
A pig and a box of chocolates (Let him show the weight from your chocolate indulgence)
A Valentines day outfit (White and Red Buccaneer Jacket, Flare Pants, Atlantean Helmet if not applicable Wide-brimmed Hat and a Fancy Foots) and a box of chocolates
A Brown/White Fudge Dip (Clawfoot Tub)


A Pirate's Love

Arrrr, a pirate's life, no love life, so lonely. Spent the holidays alone and now Valentine day is approaching and still no one to celebrate it with, no one but my crew.

I remembered when I was still an ordinary individual, a fisherman, I have someone special back then. We used to walk along the beach during sunset looking at the ships passing by. We used to celebrate Valentine's Day holding hands while walking and having a candle light dinner on my boat. She is my Valentine's day love.

During one of our Valentine's Day celebration, I wanted to surprise her. I placed an engagement ring inside a heart shaped chocolate and placed it in a box. I was so excited that day to meet her. Walking and running to our meeting place holding that box of chocolates in my hand. From a far I saw her, she looks like an angel sent down just to me. When I was about to run towards her, pirates came ashore. They took her away from me. I ran as fast a I could to rescue her from these pirates but alas, I was shot and fell unconscious.

I woke up in a ship. Apparently I was unconsious for three days and a group of pirates took care of me. According to their captain, the pirates who took my love was part of their flag until those pirates turned their backs away from their flag and bacame independent, burning houses and pillaging islands.

Recuperating, I always remember seeing my love taken away from me. I asked the captain of the ship I was in if he can train be become a pirate. He said: "I will do more than that, I will train you to be my successor as captain of this ship."

He did as he had promised. I was trained from bilging, sailing, carpentry, gunning, became a navigator and even head my own battle. And now that he is dead, I became the captain of his crew. Although I have gained the respect of my crew, I still long to see my Valentine's day love.

Now, still holding on to the box of chocolates intended for that special someone, I search the ocean looking for those pirates who took her away from me.
Azulamante on all Oceans
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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Amolie Island

Upon the moonlit shores of Amolie Island lay the shattered
remains of Captain Green's ship. Of course this disaster wasn't
of the crew's doing, it was the mischievous ways of the seas
that had blown the sloop's sails apart, and doomed the pirates to
a hard life among the hazardous coral atolls, and lagoons whereupon
many fell to their knees in pain. Many of the pirates had already
resorted to stealing from the local shops and inns, but were
soon found to be crooked when bags of cash fell out of their
pantaloons and onto the harsh sands of the island's beaches. The
only member of the now-divided crew still trying to escape was the captain
himself. He had been marooned on this island once before after his
brother abandoned him and ran off with their loot. The captain was
still set on getting back his lost love Mirelda who had disappeared
only a few days ago, after falling overboard. Needless to say, the captain was
in a shambles, torn between plundering the town and discovering the whereabouts of
Mirelda. As the waves rose and fell, softly stirring the crabs in the tide pools,
the captain felt as low as ever, his head in his hands, he began to cry.

It had only been a day when news of Mirelda's arrival sped around Amorie Island.
Although the captain was motivated as to find Mirelda, he was also anxious to
recover his ship's remains and rebuild it. This way he could survey the island and
discover Mirelda's location faster than the rest of his crew. It was that
afternoon, just as the sun was setting on the horizon and the crickets were
chirping that the captain began to gather supplies for the vessel. First he collected
the wood needed to reconstruct the starboard wall, as it had been obliterated when scraping
the rocks, and would need to be entirely rebuilt. It wasn't until noon the following day that
he completed this wall and opted for extra help. He called upon the young boys from the
island as they would be most susceptible to swindling. The boys offered to help after the
captain volunteered to help them later, a favor that probably wouldn't be returned. Once the
boys' hands were calloused and blistered, the captain sent the boys home to recover.
The ship was almost complete and the clouds were rolling around, warning of a distant storm's
arrival. It was but a few minutes later when the rain began to pour and the captain
retired to the inn for a pint and a good gossip with the tavern waitresses.

The following day the captain finished the job on the ship and initiated the heaving in
of its anchor. The captain now had a clear view of the island and a strengthened state of
mind. He could now commence his search for Mirelda. With his telescope, he observed the
sea for any signs of life. It took about a week for the captain to travel the perimeter of the
island, noting the locations of any caves, nooks, and crannies for further inspection. He later
set out to scour the first of these features, a shallow valley which the locals had
appropriately named the Shallow Valley of Death. Of course the captain was a bit worried of the
inherent danger inside the valley, but nothing rivaled his pining need to recover his lost love.
When the captain had collected his array of piratey supplies, he dived into the glistening,
but piranha-infested waters and swam to the nearest grouping of rocks. It was on these rocks
that the captain discovered a small wooden box filled with chocolates. Tempted to eat
one of these mouth-watering, caramel-covered treats, the captain bit into a chocolate truffle.
The taste of these chocolates left much to be desired, much like the taste of broccoli, and he
didn't think twice about why they had been left to fend for themselves, box unopened. As he
turned back to the waves, his eyes caught a glimpse of Mirelda on the opposite side of the river.
His heart skipped a beat and he swam as fast as he could manage (in other words, without
being eaten) to the other wall of rocks. He climbed the wall with much difficulty and surveyed
the area for Mirelda. When the captain found everything but Mirelda, disheartened, he turned
back to the boat.

It wasn't until later the next day the captain began again to travel around the island.
It was much to his surprise that the entrance to the Shallow Valley of Death was now almost
invisible, sealed with a towering wall of eroded igneous rock. As the captain continued his
trip, he came to a thin strip of beach, dotted with coconut-bearing palm trees. Like a
flash, he dropped the anchor and was exploring the grassy dunes. After a thorough search,
the captain began again the saddening walk to the ship, until he came across another box
of similarly-enclosed chocolates. The chocolates looked exactly the same, but the truffle
the captain had chosen the day before wasn't included in the pack. Craving a modest snack, the
captain quarreled over which one to have next. He eventually decided, after a grueling hour
of deliberation, to choose the hazelnut cream. As soon as he took his first bite, the
captain saw the outline of a womanly figure standing on the deck of his ship in the harbor.
It was a bit inconvenient that when the captain arrived on his vessel, the figure was again
nowhere to be seen. Drenched, tired and thirsty the captain selected the wooden planks of
his ship as his nightly resting place.

Without the utility of a pillow, the captain woke up with a terrible migraine, the kind that
often throbbed in his head after a larger portion of alcohol. Convinced of finding Mirelda,
the captain again set out to the next position marked on his list. He navigated his ship through
a plethora of narrow openings before reaching his destination. The island of Miketu was one
rarely explored, especially by the locals who considered it haunted. With ghostly pine trees and
banks of fog, the island seemed a bit out of place in the center of the Caribbean. Again thrust
out of his ship by his longing for love, the captain explored the island. It was here that
he found a similar wooden box. This time two of the chocolates were missing, and only one remained.
The captain quickly gobbled the sweet and gazed into the distance for another appearance of the
womanly figure. After a few seconds, the figure appeared a few meters away, behind a tree. The
captain tiptoed into the forest and peeked behind the tree, Mirelda was sitting there, gasping
for food and displayed in tattered clothing! With a drooping head, Mirelda looked up at the captain.
She instantly arose at the sight of his face. She dove closer, held him close, and smothered his
face with kisses so frantic, the air surrounding them felt heavy with romance. He returned her
kisses and the two, grasping each other, returned to the ship. Later that night the duo traveled
all around the Caribbean together, the captain's heart fluttering all the way. Mirelda received star
treatment and proper hospital care. It wasn't until their voyage around the Caribbean ended that
Mirelda said, "You know, I don't know why I jumped after all!"

Malachite Ocean

I hope you like it! :)

Prize Order
A pig and a box of chocolates (Let him show the weight from your chocolate indulgence)
A Pink/White sloop and a box of chocolates
A Red/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A Rose/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A Red rose
A Brown/White Fudge Dip (Clawfoot Tub)
A Red knobby coral
A White starfish
A Chocolate Recipe (A Rose Scroll)
A Valentines day outfit* and a box of chocolates
A Fresh Plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies (For your sweet tooth)

This is one of my only forum posts so don’t be alarmed if I don’t have a forum picture. :)
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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name: hellowner
ocean: viridian

(its kinda short)

I love you

Let these words not only touch your eyes, let them travel through your soul, and let them rest in your heart as you rest in mine?I love you.
Let me give you a box of chocolates, I know you'll like them. I know it is Valentines Day. There is no long distance about love;
it always finds a way to bring hearts together, no matter how many miles are between them. You always look beautiful
With your pirate cloths on. I know you love me, because I love you too.
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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Diana's Birthday

It was a cold windy day. The sky was cloudy and a ship was coming from the horizion. This story is about my daughter Diana. Little did she know on that ship she'd have the love of her life. Diana started to run to the dock because on that ship coming in was her father. She hasn't seen him in 3 months. She had been waiting for an hour watching the water lap on the bay.
The ship was coming in closer and closer. It was a small sloop painted brightly with red and white. She was so excited because her dad said when he got back he would bring her a present. Her birthday was in 1 week and it was on valentines day. Then the ship had finally arived it had just docked. Diana ran up to the base where the ship was. She yelled "dad!" and jumped into his arms. "Darling" he said back hugging his daughter firmly. "I have brought great things from pillaging the seas for 3 months" he said proudly. "I have much stories to tell you and your mother"he explained.
Then a young man Diana's age steped down from the ship. He was tall dark and handsome. He stepped over to Diana and said, "hello i'm Terrance your father has told me wonderful things about you." Then he picked up Diana's hand and kissed it. "Terrance oh you i've missed you but you dont have to keep playing Mr. Mysterious" she teased. He was quite the charmer. Then he her dad and the crew started unloading the ship.
It was full of fine jewlrey and fancy chairs and a very new beautiful handcarved wardrobe. Inscribed in the wardrobe was Dianas full name and more it said, "Diana my dearest daughter I love you forever my sweetheart -dad-." Diana saw it and screamed "Dad thanks so much its beautiful!" "Well" he went on "Terrance made it for you"he explained. "Oh thank you Terrance thanks so much I love it!" she exclaimed. "Hey your my best friend i'd do anything for you."
Then James (Diana's father and my husband) pulled out a big package of clothing. It was in the most beautiful colors gold and black. It was a gold muffin hat with a black feather, A gold and black courset, a gold and black gown, and gold and black fancy boots.
"There for you my darling" James said. "Oh my gosh dad! These must have cost you a fortune!" shouted Diana. "Sweetheat were rich now because of our pillaging" explained james. Then they grabbed all their stuff and went home. "Goodnight gorgeous" said Terrance. Blushing Diana lamely managed "goodnight." "Donna my love I missed you!"shouted james. "James" I shouted running into my husbaneds arms. "I have brought you the most wonderful jewles in the entire ocean!" he exclaimed. Then we set up everything and put the wardrobe in Diana's room. Then we headed off to bed for some much needed rest.
It had been two days after James had come back. It was early morning and the sun had started to come up. Diana was already dressed and up. She was out by the dock watching the sunrise. She tenderly sat down and watched the fish swimming around. She was only 14 and she looked older. She was tall and slim with flowing curly blonde hair. She is very strong and independant.
She's very smart and speaks her mind and guys love her. She got out a fishing pole and some bait and cast the line very far. I had just got up to find James making breakfast. "Goodmorning sunshine" he said with a grin. I walked over to find hes making bacon and eggs. "Thats diana's favorite" I said. "I know" replied james. I was looking out my window watching my daughter to find her realing in a fish. She was pulling and pulling until finaly she realed it in. It was a very big yellowtailed tuna. I was so proud of her. "Breakfast is ready!" James shouted out the window to Diana.
Diana ran inside and said with excitement "Dad look what I caught." James looked over with delight and said, "wow thats a big fish nice catch." I said to my girl sweatly " dad will take the guts out and clean the scales and everything and we can have it for dinner tonight." So then we all sat down and ate. The bacon was very crispy and light and the scrambled eggs were yellow and delightful. When Diana was done she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth.
When Diana was done brushing she went up to James and asked "dad can I come to the market with you today?" James relpied "Of course you can oh and Terrance is comming to because his parents need some supplies." So then they went to terrances house got him then strolled to the market. On their way there they were ambushed by muggers. "Diana stay back me and terrance will handle this." warned James. One of the muggers attacked Diana and she roundhouse kicked him in the chest. It actually broke one of his rib's and he fell to the ground. James knocked out the big one and Terrance punched the other one in the stomach and he fell to the ground with an oof sound then a thud because he was really fat. "Everyone ok?" Diana asked.
"Well were all ok so lets forget this whole episode and go to the market" said terrance. So all fine they went down to the port where the market is. "Me and Terrance are going to get some supplies at that store over their real quick you stay here ok" James said. Diana nooded and watched her father and friend go into the store. Then someone said "you come here." Diana asked "who me?" She turned around to find it was a fortune teller. The fortune teller said "yes you who else." So Diana staggered over there. Diana said " I dont have money sorry." The fortune teller replied "Thats ok this one is on the house because i find you fascinating my child." "In you future" she went on "I sea your birthday and a crush no?" she asked. Diana replied "yes." So the fortune teller went on "there will be a great battle and a great boy and someone close to you might die!" Taken back Diana exclaimed "What?!" The fortune teller said "I can tell you only that its your destiny and no more than that." Then the fortune teller ran off and disappeared.
"That was odd " Diana said to herself. "What was odd" said Terrance who had walked up behind her. "Nothing" Diana replied. After that the whole time Diana was wondering what the fortune teller had meant. Something about a great battle and some one close to her might die and someone would be her love and it was her destiny didnt understand. Then she started to grow worried because someone might die.
That night before dinner she was still trying to think things through. She was out on the dock looking at the sky. Then Terrance stumbled up and lamley said "Hey whatcha doing?" "Oh nothing just like to think out on the dock" Diana replied. "What are you trying to think through?" asked Terrance. Diana looked at him and said "You wouldnt understand sorry." Then terrance sat next to her on the dock until Diana was called inside for dinner.
Then when diana was done with dinner she went to brush her teeth and put on some comfy clothes. There was a light knock on the door and james opened it to find terrance standing there. "Hello Terrance" James said. "Hey" replied terrance. Then he pulled out a box of chocolates and said "I got this for Diana i'm going to give it to her on her birthday." James said "Good good I have something to put inside it." Then james took the box and carefully untied the ribbon. He opened the box and layed a rolled up piece of paper and put it inside. "what is that?" terrance asked. "Oh you'll see soon" was jameses only reply. Then Terrance re-tied the ribbon said a faint goodnight and left.
It was the day before her birthday Diana realized she was in love with terrance. They were sitting on the beach she looked over and smiled. He grinned back and she wondered if he liked her back. They have been best friends since they were 2 and knew everything about eachother. The sun was getting brighter and hotter. Diana asked "Terrance can you rub some suntan lotion on my back please? Terrance nodded got the suntan lotion and rubbed her already perfectly bronzed back. Then terrance said "Race you to the water!" Diana shouted back "No fair you had a head start and started running to the ocean. She jumped in and beat him there. Terrance teased "No fair your so fast."
In the afternoon they all went out for lunch. They stopped at a nice little resturaunt at the corner of town and sat down at a table and waited patiently for a waiter. A minute later a waitress walked up and handed them some menu's. She asked "Would you like anything to drink?" "Just waters" James replied with a smile.Then the waitress walked away to get the drinks.
After lunch there was a festival and a parade so they all went to the docks where it was happening.There were dancers and acrobats it was just amazing. There were so many beautiful colors floating around the parade. There were people giving out balloons someone gave a ballon to Diana. "Have a ballon" the man said. "Thank you" Diana replied.
After the festival we took terrance home and then went back home ourselves. It was late past eleven o'clock.I said "Diana sweety go to bed." She said "ok mom" gave us a kiss goodnight and went into her bed and fell asleep.Then I had time to talk to james I asked him "What was that piece of paper you slipped into the box of chocolates?" The only reply he gave me was "You'll find out soon" and then we went to bed.
The next morning I woke up Diana with a big smile saying "Happy birthday! and valentines day sweatheart!" Then she shouted "Yes finally im fifteen!" Then she threw on her clothes and shoes and danced into the kitchen. There was a happy birthday feast in front of her. I had made eggs, pancakes, bacon, sasuage etc. Then she went outside to find james on the red and white sloop.
"Dad what are you doing?" she asked. "Getting ready for the blocade its going to be a feirce battle." "Can i come with you?" she asked. "Well since you asked and its you birthday I think that would be ok." Diana smiled and saw terrance coming up from the dock. "Ready for the cade?" he asked smiling. "Ready" she replied.
Then the battle was on. The crew was sailing through to protect the island. There were big ships that they sunk and got rewarded bountys for sinking them. Diana was bilging she is the best bilger ive ever seen. James had almost gotten hit by a cannon ball it was one inch away from his stomach. Luckily he had jumped out of the way in time. Terrance was manning the guns and filled them up in a blink of the eye. There were ships burning pirates going overboard it was like hell. There was so much hestaria and adrenaline in the air. There was one last ship left after a fleet of 150 they were the attackers. Versus a fleet of 110 witch was the defenders (us).
The last ship left was a huge merchant galleon. It had hundreds of workers on it fighting trying to win the island. There were 100 ships left from the defenders. It was all over within one minute cannon balls from each ship fired and we watched as the merchant galleaon went down. It had been hours since the battle began and now it was over.
We had left the victors. So then when we were sailing back home terrance walked over to Diana. He said "Nice bilging." She replied "Nice gunning." Then they walked over to the front edge of the ship. Terrance pulled out the box of choclates and a rose and said "these are for you happy valentines day and happy birthday." Diana said "thankyou." She opened the box and nestled inside a corner was that rolled up piece of paper. She took it out and opened it and said with excitement "Oh my gosh the deed to the sloop! Thankyou dad! and thankyou terrance!" Then terrance and Diana leaned in closer to eachother. They kissed as they sailed out into the sunset.


A Pink/White sloop and a box of chocolates
A pig and a box of chocolates

A Rose/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A Red/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A Brown/White Fudge Dip (Clawfoot Tub)
A Valentines day outfit* and a box of chocolates
A Red rose
A White starfish
A Red knobby coral
A Fresh Plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies
A Chocolate Recipe (A Rose Scroll)

Pirate: Legolday Ocean: Hunter Officer in the crew the fallen angels

No Im not actually a mom its just a story XD
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Young Love

From the moment Bella O'Hara saw him, she knew it was love. Just the way his hair fluttered in the wind when he climbed the rigging, or the calluses that covered his hands from a lifetime at sea. Every morning Bella took a walk, one that took her right past the docks. She would stop and watch as his sloop went out to sea, taking her heart (and dignity) with it. After nearly three weeks of this routine, something changed. As Bella stared lovingly at the ship, the boy turned his head and looked at her and smiled. Every day after that, they would exchange smiles, each one blushing more than the other. Then, one day about a week later, Bella stopped at her usual spot and glanced down at the road. Lying on the cobblestones was a single red rose. Picking it up, she looked up at "her boy", who grinned and waved.
Much to her surprise, the boy leaped off the ship and ran towards her. He reached for her hand, and she marveled at the roughness of his palms, and how her dainty fingers seemed to fit perfectly into his. "My name's Jack", he muttered. "Bella", she whispered in return. He glanced back at his ship, where the crew was shouting his name. "My greatest apologies", he said. "I'm afraid I must be off." He sprinted back to his ship, but as it set off into the rising sun, he turned and waved with a hearty smile.
The next morning Bella appeared at the docks as usual, but Jack's ship was nowhere in sight. She double checked, triple checked, even quadruple checked, but it was gone. A sailor tapped her on the shoulder and handed her a box of chocolates. "Jack wanted me to give these to you", he said. "Where is he," Bella screamed. The sailor couldn't bring himself to meet her eyes and grumbled a story about how Jack had been jobbed to fight sea monsters. Furious, Bella threw the chocolates into the water, where they sunk to the floor, a red beacon in a sea of blue.
Over the next two weeks Bella was at the docks from sunrise to sunset, a picturesque maiden waiting for her love to return from the sea. One morning she was nearly trampled by a sobbing woman in a beautiful turquoise gown. "Why so sad?" Bella inquired. The woman choked over her words. "My hearty's ship was sunk today by sea monsters. Only one crew member survived- a scrawny jobbing pirate. And tomorrow is Valentines Day!" The woman left Bella, who was tortured by those words. "Valentines day?" she whispered. "It can't be."?
Bella was still haunted by the woman's story. She had known the danger of sea monster hunts, but never imagined anyone dying. The next day she dressed in her brightest red gown and walked once again to the docks, her hope fading by the minute. But just as she had begun to accept Jack's death, she stumbled over something in the dirt. It was a bouquet of roses, with a note attached.

My dearest Bella,
I wish I could deliver this in person, but I've already been sent out to trade our commodities. I'll be waiting for you tommorow morning. Happy Valentines Day!


Pirate: Isabele
Ocean: Sage

Prizes: (in order)

A Pink/White sloop and a box of chocolates
A pig and a box of chocolates
A Valentines day outfit* and a box of chocolates
A Rose/White sofa and a box of chocolates

(all white/rose)
Fancy boots
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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Pirate : Nienie
Ocean : Malachite

Please do consider here that I’m not a regular English talker, that I speak French, so there may be some mistakes that seems obvious to you but does not to me. It would be very nice of you, thanks.

Again. It happened again. The same day, the same hour, the same place. Someone has left for me a chocolate box again, and it has been going on for three years now. Certainly I love these thoughtful little gifts, but there is no telling whom it is from. I mean, come on! This is so cliché, couldn’t that guy, if it IS a guy, be in somewhat more creative than this?

- Did you asked the people you know about it?

My crew member, Niko, was the only person I ever told. Why him, I don’t know, I guess because he has been with me for all these years of pillaging, the bad and the good ones. And today, again, we are sailing together, feet away in the airs.

- You do know the answer already, so why keep asking? I responded, irritated.
- And you do know why, there are big chances it is someone you already met or meet regularly.
- No way! It is barely possible to love a girl like me, the person probably wanted to give them to another one.

That I didn’t believed though. The chocolates were placed to write my name perfectly each and every time. I didn’t told Niko.

- Stop being so negative, Merleawe! You are a beautiful girl, and if I weren’t happy, I would fall for you.
- Hoy, you two! Stop chatting around and do yer work! We need that sail down, but if ye want to feel my plank behind yer heads, just send me a tell!

That was the captain. Apparently, he’s still not use after all these years. We then began back to work, afraid of being planked once more. After a little while though, Niko tripped and fell, having nothing to grip on. I did all I could, but by trying to up him back, I only succeeded to dramatically follow him in his fall upon the lower deck, all the crew watching us.
When I regained consciousness, we were laying in the cabin’s beds, a senior officer reading at our side.

- You have been very lucky, he said nonchalantly, if there wasn’t that big pile of cloths exactly where you both fell, you would be badly injured, maybe even dead by now.

I was feeling so stupid, so dumb; such a greenie mistake we did!

- The captain wants to see you as soon as possible so if you can, go now, he added, closing his book and going back to the deck.

He closed the door. I sat on the bed, seeking for my friend; he was laying on the bunk behind mine, still unconscious. I tried to stand up, wanting to go to his side, but I couldn’t; my leg was way too painful, probably broken. I just sat beside my friend, nowhere else I could go. I fell asleep before he regained consciousness though, because he woke me up along with the captain, telling me I need to do something about my leg.
And so finished this year’s Valentine’s Day of mine, still alone and not knowing who the heck sends me a box of chocolates every year.


A little above 500 words ^_^
Hope you liked :D


- A pig and a box of chocolates (Let him show the weight from your chocolate indulgence)
- A Pink/White sloop and a box of chocolates
- A Rose/White sofa and a box of chocolates
- A Red/White sofa and a box of chocolates
- A Brown/White Fudge Dip (Clawfoot Tub)
- A Valentines day outfit (Curled slippers Magenta/pink, Laurel Magenta/Pink, Bodice Magenta/White, Wrap Magenta/white) and a box of chocolates
- A Red rose
- A White starfish
- A Red knobby coral
- A Fresh Plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies (For your sweet tooth)
- A Chocolate Recipe (A Rose Scroll)
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Love is Like a Box of Chocolates

It's amazing the memories a single day can bring. St. Valentine's day is one of those. For better or for worse, the day cannot pass without some feeling, some memory. For me, every year when red, pink and white start appearing everywhere, I think about how St. Valentine's day changed my life. Twice. Sort of.

When I was a fairly young lad, all of twenty years old, it was on St. Valentine's day that the fair Evy told me she loved me. Of course, the words were less a comfort then and sent me into a bit of panic. I wasn't ready to have someone love me. It wasn't Evy's fault. She was one of my best friends, and I think I probably did love her then. But she was the only woman I'd known, and I needed to be sure she was it. Besides, I had yet to see the world, to live a life. In short, I was far from settling down.

It wasn't two weeks before I took off on the high seas, leaving her behind so I could see what else was out there. She'd wait for me since she loved me, I reasoned, or I'd find someone new during my adventures. Either way, it was what I wanted to do, and I knew I'd come out on top.

That was the first time St. Valentine's changed my life.

Three years later I found myself on a ship. A pirate ship really. I could dress it up and call us middle-men, or merchants of a sort, but the reality of it was, we were pirates. It was St. Valentine's day again, and one would expect a boat full of men to be thankful there were no women about to pester them into being romantic. Indeed, I think we probably were. But as the night fell and the rum passed - and to be sure, there were copious quantities of rum that night - there we sat thinking of women.

I admit, some of the thoughts were less than pure. Joseph had a grand time retelling bawdy stories of his (mis)adventures in various ports. I remember Petey blushing since no one else had the courtesy to. My thoughts were of Evy. I missed her.

At some point Andre, who always had a taste for the finer things, brought out a small, beribboned box and with a flourish, as he was also prone to the dramatic, declared that he was going to predict our futures. Being somewhat befuddled by the rum, we were well prepared to be amused. However, Andre wasn't the one doing the predictions, as we soon found out.

"This box!" he began, and held up the foil wrapped container with it's neatly tied red bow, "contains a treat that will foretell your future love?" There was laughter of course, because no man would admit he wanted to know what his future held when it came to love - except for Andre, who was also a romantic. How much treasure we'd amass? Sure. Our next adventure? Of course! Hell, when we'd die?!?? But our love lives? We were men!

And we were drunk.

And maybe a little curious.

Apparently Andre had acquired the box in one of the ports we'd recently visited. We did not ask what he meant by "acquired" nor did we ask from whom. We thought it better that way.
Having regained our attention, and I'll blame the rum for that, Andre carefully untied the ribbon and slowly lifted the lid of the box. A hush fell over the cabin as every man leaned forward a little, wanting to see what was inside.

A dozen chocolates peered up at us, each individually wrapped in a cocoon of white paper.

One might think of chocolates as being ? well? not manly. I beg to differ. When the sweetest thing on the boat is a bottle of rum, a chocolate is a sight for sore eyes. And a piece of heaven for a deprived tongue.

"We will each take one," began Andre, before using his foot to keep Little John, so named for the irony, from grabbing the box for himself. "One. She said the one we picked would represent what our future would bring." I don't think any of us really understood then, but since we'd be given chocolate, I don't think we really cared.

Andre took his first, but didn't eat it. Then he held the box out to Petey, so he could pick one. Instead of moving on to the next mate, though, he made Petey take a bite, and describe it. With a look around at his mates, he hesitantly nibbled the corner. I've never heard the cabin quite so quiet as we all waited expectantly, our breath held, as if this were a life changing moment when in fact, it was just Petey taking a bite out of piece of candy. A grin broke out on Petey's face and he took a much larger bite. "It's coconut! And super sweet!" he said, around his mouthful.

Now, I can tell you this. Petey is now married to an island woman in the Pacific. I only met his wife once because I swore I developed a toothache just watching the two of them together. A sweeter couple you'd never meet.

The box moved to Antonio, who's chocolate was spicy with chili peppers and cinnamon. While we all cringed at the thought he swore it was tasty. The last I heard of him, he'd returned to Italy, met a gypsy woman, and had joined her troupe. He's happy to still be travelling, just on land instead of by sea.

Joseph was next, and he took one that was covered in nuts. "Mmm? it's good!" he declared, and before anyone could stop him, had taken two more. Little John wrestled the box away and gave him a tidy conk on the noggin that left Joseph slumped against the wall. But sure enough, Joseph never did settle on one women. Every time I heard word about him, he was with someone new.

Little John, who was quick to take one in case they ran out after Joseph's thieving, selected a chocolate that was dark and rich. He laughed a little, and the big man blushed, but Little John is quite well off, married to a slip of a woman with mocha skin and hair the color of night. And quite content.

When the box came to Tony there was a small scuffle. I gather Tim wanted the one that Tony picked. In the end, the chocolate was split in two, and they each had half. They agreed it was good, but they were sort of left wanting more. I'm told a few years later they both fell in love with the same woman. She ended up marrying some rich aristocrat instead of either of them, but the two of them never really moved on.

When the box came to me, I dutifully took my chocolate before handing it back to Andre. I guess he'd had enough of waiting, as he took a bite of his chocolate before I had a chance to eat mine. "It's filled with fruit!"

I have no idea what happened to Andre or if his chocolate predicted his future, whatever that may be. I imagine it did, as everyone else's seemed to be exactly right. Even mine.

That was the second time St. Valentine's changed my life.

At the next port, I decided to leave the crew and head home. I'd had enough with my adventure, and I was ready to settle down with the woman I now realized I loved. Evy.

As soon as my ship had ported I went to the house where she once lived. Her parents were still there and quite surprised to see me. But Evy...? Evy had moved out when she married another man. They'd had a son; she'd named him after me. Her parents said she'd never really stopped loving me, but she'd had to move on. She was happy. And she'd died three months earlier from consumption.

Somehow I'd known something like this would be the outcome. I'd hoped it wouldn't be, perhaps I'd even convinced myself, which is why I came back. But I'd known.

You see, my chocolate had been bittersweet.

Rune of Malachite

Thanks so much!

Edit for the ?, ?, and ?(',", and ...)

A pig and a box of chocolates (Let him show the weight from your chocolate indulgence)
A Pink/White sloop and a box of chocolates
A Rose/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A Red/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A Valentines day outfit* and a box of chocolates (white Valkyrie helmet, white/rose tabard, rose/white flare pants, white boots)
A Brown/White Fudge Dip (Clawfoot Tub)
A Red knobby coral
A Fresh Plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies (For your sweet tooth)
A Chocolate Recipe (A Rose Scroll)
A Red rose
A White starfish
rune of malachite

* fabulous avatar by the lovely Falmari
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Malachite Ocean

i like piggies


Love on the Box

Mad Captain Beigebeard, seated at his breakfast table with a pot of rum, glared up at his First Mate. "Aye, what're ye wantin', matey? We be tryin' ta have a private moment."

First Mate Hubert fidgeted nervously with his headscarf. "I er... sorry Cap'n, but I be needin' ta speak ta ye. On behalf of the crew, like."

"Oh aye? Arr, well it better be important ta be interruptin' breakfast with me sweetheart!"

"Yer... sweetheart, Cap'n?"

"Aye, me sweetheart." Mad Captain Beigebeard bestowed a soppy grin at the thing sitting on the table.

Hubert grimaced. "Ye mean the... chocolate box, Cap'n?"

"Of course I mean the chocolate box, ye maggot!" shouted Mad Captain Beigebeard. "And show some respect while ye're in the presence of a lady."

They looked at the chocolate box. It was heart-shaped and somewhat grubby from regular handling. It was also wearing a frilly bonnet, and someone had very carefully applied lipstick around the edge of the lid.

First Mate Hubert took a deep breath. "Well actually, Cap'n," he said with determination, "it be the, erm, the sweetheart that I be wantin' ta talk ta ye about."

"Aye?" demanded Mad Captain Beigebeard. "Well then, let's hear it, matey. Anything ye want to be sayin' ta me can be said in front of me sweetheart."

"Cap'n," declared Hubert, "the crew wants it be known that they ain't happy with the way things are bein' these days. Ever since ye brought that box onboard last Valentine's Day, things ain't been the same."

"I knew it!" roared Mad Captain Beigebeard. "She said I were imaginin' things, but I always knew it! Ye pack of scurvy wretches've been set against me poor sweetheart right from the start. I be ashamed of ye all, showin' such dispicable prejudice against her just 'cause she be different. Well then, spit it out! Don't be sparin' us the details, what exactly is it about her that ye all be findin' so awful?"

"Well Cap'n, if ye be wantin' me honest opinion, it ain't the box herself... I mean, itself... that we be against. Many of us be quite fond of chocolate boxes ourselves, in our own way. It be the way that ye're so... attached to it that be botherin' us so. Ye're always carryin' it about with ye, and talkin' to it while makin' kissy faces, and holdin' it up to yer ear like it's talking back ta ye. It just ain't right, Cap'n. It be makin' us feel uncomfortable."

"Uncomfortable!" bellowed Mad Captain Beigebeard. "What ye be talkin' about, ye barnacle! Beerbelly McGee and Dreadful Sally be always doin' that lovey stuff all day long! And I didn't get no complaints about them, although the bilge they're sayin' be enough to make a pirate sick. At least me and me sweetheart have the decency ta be keepin' our voices down!"

Hubert nodded. He had known this would be difficult to explain. "Aye Cap'n, ye be right enough there. But Beerbelly McGee and Blacktooth Sally... well, they both be human. And yer sweetheart... well... she be a box."

"Aye, and ye said ye had nothing against boxes," Mad Captain Beigebeard reminded him.

"Yer box don't speak, Cap'n," said Hubert.

"Of course she speaks, ye blaggart," snapped Beigebeard. "She be speakin' ta me all the time. She just... don't feel like speakin' at the moment, is all."

Hubert gave him a look of pity. "The box... ain't alive, Cap'n," he said gently.

Mad Captain Beigebeard turned red, his face clashing horribly with his beard, and looked as if he wanted to hurl First Mate Hubert headfirst out through the porthole. Hubert qualied before his wrath, but bravely continued. "She be some chocolate box that ye got ahold of last Valentine's Day. With chocolates in. And... and she ain't even a she, Cap'n. She be an it. Ye got yer heart-shaped sweety-box on Valentine's Day, and me and the crew, we're thinkin' that perhaps ye got the meanin' mixed up a little. Ye know how ye gets things wrong sometimes, like that time ye on yer birthday ye ordered us ta find doggies to make ye some hot dogs. Or the other time, when ye wanted a cat o' nine tails, and went from shore ta shore searchin' for a moggie with nine tails on its backside."

Mad Captain Beigebeard didn't reply. He seemed to have been rendered speechless with indignation.

"So the rest of us be thinkin', perhaps ye didn't know that a sweetheart ain't actually a... a heart-shaped sweet thing. It be a name ye give ta a real person ye care about, and she be given ye the chocolate box as a present cos she be carin' about ye too. And ye eat the chocolates, and ye share them with yer sweetheart also 'cause they be very tasty. But the box itself ain't supposed ta be a man's real sweetheart. The box just be a box. Ye can't be lovin' a box, 'cause the box don't love ye back."

Hubert finally stopped talking, having run out of things to say. He shuffled nervously and risked a peek at his Captain. Mad Captain Beigebeard's face wasn't red anymore, which was a good sign, but he was as silent and motionless as a statue, which was not good at all. Hubert wondered if he should just tiptoe out of the room before the Captain decided to turn him into pieces of shark bait. He was edging toward the door when Mad Captain Beigebeard spoke:

"I wish ta ask ye a question, matey."

"Aye, Cap'n?" asked Hubert cautiously, hoping the question wouldn't be "death by sword or pistols?".

"Has my attachment ta this 'ere box affected my performance as yer Captain of this vessel?"

Hubert looked at the ground. "Well, er... no, Cap'n, I suppose it's not."

"And just last week didn't we capture two merchant ships loaded down with fine silks and exotic potatoes?"

"A-aye, Cap'n, we did."

"In that case, to both ye and the rest of the crew... I ask ye, who are ye, who are any of ye, ta say that this here box don't love me back? Can ye read her mind? Oh I know," he added, "I know what ye be thinkin', that a box don't have a mind. But now let me tell ye something back, lad... I've been around the world a time or two, and I've seen things far stranger... such strange, unbelievable things no man has seen before, so wonderful and so terrible that they be sayin' that the shock of it drove me mad. And perhaps it truly be that I'm mad, aye, or perhaps this box be holdin' within itself the power ta think and ta feel. Do it matter which it be?

"Hubert me ol' matey, I say ta ye now, I believe that this box loves me just as I be lovin' her, and that belief be makin' me a happy man. What do ye care if it be truth or a madman's dream? If the lot of ye can't be satisfied with that, and be happy right along with me, then, well... none of ye are fit ta call yerselves me crew, and I don't want ye aboard me ship."

"Aw Cap'n," gulped First Mate Hubert, "that were a beautiful speech, Cap'n".

Mad Captain Beigebeard waved his hand at the door. "Now go, ye scabby bilgerat, and tell that ta the rest of the crew. Leave me ta my madness, if madness ye believe it be."

"Aye aye, Cap'n," whispered Hubert, hastily wiping a tear from his eye. He opened the door, gave a final trembling salute, and scuttled out.

Mad Captain Beigebeard sighed. "What do things be comin' to," he said, shaking his head, "when a man can't even choose his own sweetheart without his whole crew wantin' their say about it."

"Oh my darling," cooed the chocolate box, "you were wonderful, so spirited and so manly. Worry not, my darling. Now we truly know that nothing can ever come between us."
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Re: [Entry Thread] Life is a Box of Chocolates- All Oceans Reply to this Post
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Hoyz Mates!
My name's Calita, I'm a Midnite pirate which lives in Argentina, and here's my Valentine's Day tale, dedicated to the love of my life, my pirate Trmntr. Enjoy it!

Be my Valentine

"...She was waiting at the darkest corner of the room. She was waiting for her man. Even when she knew that her man wouldnt come. Things wouldnt happen the way that she wanted to. She was hopeless."

"Things had happen an hour ago, she kept thinking, while she complained about her behavior."
"Her luck begun with that box. That misterious box. A gift for "the other" chick."
"She exploded that time. Suddenly, she had taken all her things and left the townhouse. Her man couldnt stop her."

"A while ago, during christmas hollidays, she had found a trinket. A suspicious trinket, burried between a lot of old ones at the bottom of the case."

"She felt curiosity. it was a nice gift, a gingerbread house. She took the present with joy, thinking that it was a gift from her boyfriend."
"At that very moment, she felt like a huge hearthache. The trinket had an inscription: " Wont u ever stop making me laugh and giggle". And it wasn?t signed. But it had his name to receive it."

"During months she kept this information with suffering; then, she begun to follow her man. he was doing misterious things. he was hiding from her in some ocassions."
"Following him, customized through many disguises, to avoid suspects, she found out that the strange lass and his cheater lad were seeing each other in secret, in many occasions."
"Her fragile nerves ended broken because of her jealousy. That?s why she wanted to leave home, decided to finish that long relationship that was about to make her more miserable than she was already."
"She packed her clothes, a little ship that she had in a bottle and her most recently prize, a voodoo doll in a jar_ a little trinket that she won aboard a Cursed Island?s cruise, _ with many other things like her own framed portraits and such."
"Then she left a note over the night table, next to their bed, attached to the deed of that War Brig that her boyfriend and she had in common. She didn?t want that ship. Instead of that, she had her pride to carry on."

"At the island?s dock, a Sea Monster Hunt was loading. A friend of her man was recruiting jobbers and he had decided to join them, happily. He needed the p.o.e. He had spent a fortune to buy a gift to his chick. So, the man would have been absent for many days aboard that dangerous trip. And he figured that it was a brilliant idea to wait for her onto their guest?s room. It was a surprise. He wanted to wave his doll before to go aboard that war frigate. He has far away to imagine what was about to happen right next door."

"The girl blamed. Seeking for a lost midriff blouse she had found a cute wrapped box of chocolates. Pasted to that box, there it was a little envelope, sealed and with no other inscriptions that ?finally?, impressed over it."
"It was too much for her. The cheater had bought a Valentine?s present for the other chick. And it was hidden between his Captain?s clothes. All surrounded by a crescent feeling of fury, mixed with deeply sadness, she left home, doing on her way, a huge slap with the door."

"Onto the guest?s room, her boyfriend was excited to find that she was at home. The surprise was about to be discovered. He was praying for she didn?t find that chocolate?s box that was hidden into his wardrobe, because it was a Valentine?s gift for her. He had planned the charmed encounter with her best friend, who, all the time, was disguised with a wig and some makeup, and making people call her with a different name; they had the idea of buying to her the most exclusive delicatessen over all the seven seas. Only one stall was selling the limited edition. It was the most odd and expensive shop, three arches from that townhouse."
"It was about Christmas time when they two were to the stall to check the merchandise, because Valentine?s day was also the perfect occasion to make a commitment. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend."
"During that trip, the man and his woman?s friend almost sank the little sloop that they used to whisk to the far island. His girlfriend?s buddy couldn?t ever imagine that they almost lost their life, searching for a Valentine?s present. It was a very strange and funny situation happened there. So, when they were porting, they couldn?t stop laughing and giggling. The girl also had the idea of make inmortal that Kodak moment getting for that guy a tinny conmemoration trinket."
"The man smiled remembering that flashback. But, when he was about to surprise his lady, a strident noise came from downstairs. Somebody had slapped the front door. He went to the bedroom, full of curiosity."
"Suddenly, he found out the deed of his vessel over the night table. Stack with that deed, he also found a written piece of paper. A note that said ?I?m leaving you?. All his clothes were thrown trough the floor. The box had disappeared."
"With grieving in his heart, and wondering what was going on, the man went to the docks. His crewmates were waiting for him. It was the time to leave the island."

"She was sitting beside a huge rock, next to the west shore of the island. She was whipping her tears while she was about to open the betrayal clue. She broke carefully the upper side of the envelopment, her mind poisoned by all kind of thinks. A yell of pure surprise escaped from her mouth. The card inside the envelope had an inscription:


"Faster than ever, and more confused than ever, too, she went to seek for her best friend?s advice. The other girl waved her with tenderness, then hugged her warmly and listened to that entire crazy story. When the first one finished the tail, she gave to her all the explanations that she needed, buried like she was into the despair of not knowing."
"That?s why the woman returned home. But it was too late. Her boyfriend was aboard the foreign vessel, performing that mission, to explore the Ancient Ruins, above the ocean. It was all over: all over because of her insane jealousy."

"She started crying again, hoping that the world could stop spinning inside of her head, at least, for a while."
At that right moment, somebody tossed her a white male handkerchief. She could recognize the sweet tobacco smell from that manly hand. It was his perfume. It was her man?s hand.
She didn?t know that, but meanwhile she was blaming herself at the dark corner of her bedroom, her best mate went looking for the crushed man, aboard that war frigate, just before to deport. The innocent buddy reported to the man all the facts, just in time. Then, he could understand. And love... love did the rest."
"By the way: now the happy couple is enjoining the most spectacular and tasty chocolates from the entire Ocean and above!"

thank u for read this entry. Mebbee the grammar isn't very clear, but i made this story from the bottom of my spanish heart ;)

Calita , Pearl Arch, Midnight Ocean.
Calita, SO and Damsel of the crew Figureheads, Princess of the Flag The Powers That Be, Midnight Ocean.
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Alethia, Midnight
*the original version was 2560 so needless to say I had to gut it...sigh*

Prize Preference:
A pig and a box of chocolates
A Pink/White sloop and a box of chocolates
A Brown/White Fudge Dip
A Rose/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A Red/White sofa and a box of chocolates
A Valentines day outfit* and a box of chocolates
A Red rose
A White starfish
A Red knobby coral
A Chocolate Recipe (A Rose Scroll)
A Fresh Plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies (For your sweet tooth)

The Heart of Atlantis
The sunlight danced off of the golden towers in the capital city of Nereus. The air was full of typical sounds: children laughing, dogs barking, street merchants calling out the cost of their wares. Salt air from the sea
drifted into the city, blending with the other scents of a bustling town. It was a day like any other day in Nereus.

Celicantha sat by her window, endlessly combing her golden hair, her eyes fixed on the horizon. She reached for the box of sweets given to her from one of the of suitors seeking her hand in marriage. No doubt purchased from one of the trade cities, Phorkys or Eurynome perhaps, with large sums of gold from his family's treasury; a bright feather from a dull peacock.

Celicantha left the sweets and wandered over to a small settee. A riding cloak lay draped over the settee and Celicantha swirled it over her shoulders.
Perhaps she would summon Isa and they could go into town. Being with the city folk always made her feel restored.

Before she could call Isa, the door to her room flew open with a resounding crack.
Celicantha jumped as a burly man strode inside the room.


"He was here, wasn't he?" the man stormed, giving her shoulders a rough shake. "Don't lie to me, Celi. This is my palace, my home and I know what happens in every room. No matter how secretive you think you are."

"I can't help who I love..."Celi sobbed,"Papa, please, can't you try to understand?"

Nathas'face softened and he sat on the settee. Celi sat down beside him. She noticed that his iron colored hair was thinning and his beard was shot through with grey. As if she had spoken her thoughts aloud, Nathas addressed her.

"I'm not getting any younger," he sighed, "and you are the future queen of the kingdom. You are the heart of Atlantis! It's future rests in you and I must find you a proper husband to rule by your side.This young warrior..."

"Xander," Celi whispered.

"Xander is not of high blood. I cannot allow you to marry him. You must marry royal blood. That's the way it must be."

"Papa please..."

But Nathas shook his head and added,"I have chosen a suitor for you. The wedding day is set for the 15th day of Eros." And he walked away.

Celicantha did not notice as Isa entered her room.
Isa knelt in front of Celi and waited. Finally the princess tapped her maid's shoulder, granting her freedom to relay her message.

"Milady,your friend has sent a gift for you. He says he made it himself."

Celi could feel the outline of something hard wrapped in the bit of material Isa gave her. Inside was a small archelon, hand-carved in a piece of Atlantean coral. She smiled.

Her love of archelons had led her to the harbor to watch the naval drills. The majesty of the giant sea creatures captivated her and as the princess she was given full access to the naval buildings. She had been staring into a tank that contained a single archelon egg when the young man had come up beside her.

"That one will be mine when she hatches," he said proudly, "My name is Xander. Might I ask yours?"
Celicantha had turned to answer and two things gave her pause.
First, she realized he truly did not know that she was the princess of Atlantis.
Second, Xander's face was deeply tanned and his eyes were a soft brown. In short, he was stunning. She had introduced herself only as Celi and Xander asked nothing further. Over the next several weeks Xander and Celi had met daily when no one else was around. They took walks on the beach and he told her his dream of becoming a prestigious officer. Then one morning, about a month later, Xander was approached by an officer while he and Celi were feeding Xander's newly hatched archelon. Celi didn't have the time to disguise her face.

"Ensign Bellatrix," the officer barked, and Xander leapt to his feet.
"A trade fleet was attacked by pirates yesterday afternoon. The men in your squadrant are to bring them to justice. Immediately." And as he turned, he nodded to Celicantha and greeted her, "Good day, your Highness."

Xander gaped and Celicantha blushed.
"I didn't want you to start treating me differently," she began to explain.
Xander moved closer to her and kissed her gently - their first kiss.
"It doesn't matter to me who you are," he smiled, "as long as you love me as I love you."
He gestured to the tiny archelon hatchling.
"Watch after Terra while I'm gone?"
Celi nodded, tears slipping down her cheeks as the man she loved rushed off to serve Atlantis.

The memory caused a tear to fall upon the tiny carving in her hand.
Of course word had gotten to her father after that and for the first time in her seventeen years, Celicantha felt the wrath of King Nathas. He roared and raged but his rants
fell on deaf ears. Her heart belonged to Xander and she turned aside suitor after suitor, anxiously awaiting the times when Xander's fleet would return from their missions. With Isa's help they met secretly.

They thought they were being cautious. But obviously they were wrong.

"Isa, tell Xander I must speak with him tonight. I'll meet him alone in the marketplace."

That night Celicantha waited in the shadows until she saw Xander at the far end of the market.
She waved and pointed to a dark alcove.
"We can talk in here," she murmured.
The lovers embraced, kissing fiercely. When they broke apart Celicantha told Xander of the confrontation with her father and her apparent betrothal.
Xander held her tightly.
"We have until the fifteenth of Eros to find a way out of this, Celi. I'm sure we can think of something. I have to go before we're seen."
Celi dissolved into tears.
"It will be alright,"Xander soothed,"I'll contact you soon."

So the princess headed back to the palace. Xander returned to the naval base, but he was not unseen. His commanding officer had witnessed him sneaking away and had sent a message to the King. Every officer in the navy knew to report suspicious behavior from Lieutenant Bellatrix.

The next morning Celicantha was awaken by Isa.
"Milady wake up!"
"What is it Isa?"
"It's Lieutenant Bellatrix. He's been sent to fight in the pirate wars outside of Ophion!"
Celi cried, "Ophion? More men die there than anywhere else!"
"I came as soon as I heard Milady but he's already gone. I'm sorry."

Celi's heart skipped a beat. On the other side of the city the ground shook. Vases toppled from shelves and smashed on the floor.

Celicantha barely moved for the rest of the day. She sat by her window silently, tears pouring from her eyes. Rain poured in torrents from the sky, flooding the streets. People stayed inside their homes. The city grew still.
Royal wedding preparations were made, though Celi could not be stirred from her vigile. The tremors became more frequent and cracks began to appear on the walls of many of the houses. Occasionally the whimper of a dog or the squalling of a baby could be heard, but the rest of the town barely breathed.

When the message came on the fourteenth of Eros, Nathas delivered it to her himself. She was still seated by the window, a small carving of an archelon clenched in her fist.
"Daughter," he began, "Bellatrix and his squadron sunk in a battle with pirates. No surviviors."
Celicantha turned her eyes upon her father.
"You promoted him."
Nathas hesitated.
"Yes I did. It was for your own good. You're the-"
"I know, I'm the heart of Atlantis! But my heart? Is broken now. So whatever I am matters not."
As the princess spoke these final words an immense convulsion shook the island. The waves grew to the size of mountains. The walls of the castle crumbled like sand and giant crevasses splintered the earth. Flaming lava belched up from the center of the world and ancient black water poured from the depths, flooding the island and dragging the kingdom of Atlantis down into the murky depths of the angry sea.

And all that was left behind was silence.
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Reminder: Entries are due in a little over twelve hours.
~ Bubbaspike, SO and Damsel of Bu Shi Do, Midnight ~
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Life is a Box of Chocolates! All Oceans! Win a pig!
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when is some 1 going to win??
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