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Joined: Aug 26, 2005
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Silverdagger from Midnight

1. The Prize Flapper Package
2. The Love Boat Package
3. The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
4. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
5. Other Deliciousness

Pirate's Bloody Red Sweetheart Cakes

3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup packed light brown sugar
3 tablespoons HERSHEY'S Cocoa
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup water
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1/2 teaspoon white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
BLOODY RED FROSTING (recipe follows)

1. Heat oven to 350°F. Grease and flour 8-inch square baking pan.

2. Stir together flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, cocoa, baking soda and salt in medium bowl. Add water, oil, vinegar and vanilla; beat with whisk or spoon until smooth. Pour batter into prepared pan.

3. Bake 18 to 20 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes; remove from pan to wire rack. Cool completely. Transfer to cutting board. Using 3-1/4 inch heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut cake into 4 hearts. Spread BLOODY RED FROSTING on top of two hearts; place remaining two hearts on top. 2 small cakes.

4. Take tube of white writing icing and write yer lubs notes to your matey.

Bloody Red Frosting
2 cups powdered sugar
2 tablespoons butter or margarine, softened
2 tablespoons milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Tint with red food color to Bloody red

Combine ingredients and beat on medium speed until smooth and fluffy.

Ocean: Cerulean, Meridian & Ice

Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be?
I'm a pirate, after all.

Avatar made by Endemiic

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Joined: Sep 17, 2005
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Pirate: Jolyma
Ocean: Malachite
Category: Personal ads, because no Valentine's edition would be complete without them!

Disclaimer: All names in this entry are a figment of my imagination. Any name that is actually in use is coincidence only. Please, do NOT send tells to any name on this list that you find to actually exist.

Prize list: As listed in Event post.


Drunk MP seeks F owner of distillery. Must be able to make Fine Rum. Send /tell to Irlush.

MMP seeks lonely FP for discreet rendezvous. Must have pet sheep (include picture of sheep). Send /tell to Luvswul.

SFP seeks SMP dor pillaging, adventuring and carousing. Possible foraging if compatible. Send /tell to Lukinforluv.

Lonely Captain seeks available pirates for long hours at sea. Send /tell to Inthenavy.

SMG wants FP 2 b hz GF n 2 gib him poez. Snd /tel 2 Sxxyboi.

MP seeks other pirates to hunt the elusive GORGONYX! Send /tell to Lostinatlantis.

Lonely MP seeks FP to wear his serpent. Send /tell to Longjohngigolo.

Broke FP searching for Rich MP. Must have villa and like to give presents. Send /tell to Golddigger.

Green captain with CC seeks SO's. Must own ship, no experience necessary. Send /tell to Stolemomsvisa.

SMP seeks rich FP who will support poker habits. Send /tell to Igoallin.

Captain seeks info on missing Cabinboy. He has an eyepatch, pegleg, hook, starfish on his face, is bald and has pasty white skin. Wears rags and goes by 'Lucky.' Any pirate with information please send /tell to Sinksalot.

MP with hook is seeking a FP to help him tie his shoes. Send /tell to Lefty.

Island Owner seeks lonely pirate for companionship. Large fleet a plus. Send /tell to Shipless.

Docktart seeks cute MP to join her circle. Send /tell to Bmihearty.

Avatar by Sundancer
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Joined: Feb 24, 2006
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Piratename: Ladyliss
Ocean: Viridian
Type of publication item: Dating Advertisement

Prize preference order:
The Prize Flapper Package
The Love Boat Package
The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
Other Deliciousness
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package

I thought a lot of what type it had to be and came up with the idea for an dating advertisement.
Valentine is about being together with your lover or loved ones, but you have to have one.
What if you dont and valentine is almost here?
So the adverisement is my answer.
Ladyliss, proud SO of Ocean's Majestic and Princess from Razor's Edge on the Viridian Ocean.
To make mistakes is human...To blame it on the computer even more so.
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Joined: Aug 11, 2008
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Pirate: Donfusilii
Ocean: Viridian
Entry type: poem (/poetry, whatever...)

I wrote a sonnet :D

Sonnet for my valentine

As a winter's breeze, you appeared,
just as gentle, as subtle and lovely as I feared.
I couldn't resist, nor can I now
I felt lonely and hopeless, but happy somehow.

As a little child, I made up my mind,
you could, no, had to be, a Goddess of some kind.
My pain could be healed and you were the cure,
of that I was certain and my faith would endure.

But even through this, mortal you were,
with faults and problems, horror and anxiety.
Angrily I accepted and believed in your mortality.

My faith still stands, of that I'm sure,
fragile though strong, it still holds on.
My pain can be healed, and you're the cure.

for as far as i've got any possibility of winning (my calculations came onto 0% of chance...), i'd like the parrot :D (as would anyone) but other than that, i haven't got preferences towards the prices...

I hope i didn't forget any information i had to give... but i probably did :P
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Joined: Dec 9, 2005
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

This is an entry from Geologist of the Viridian Ocean.
Type of Publication: Writing/Poetry

Prize preference:
-The Prize Flapper Package
-The Love Boat Package
-The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
-A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
-Other Deliciousness

Lonely Souls
A love story with poetic interjections

NB: The 2nd poem, 2nd and 3rd lines should be read straight through, rather than with a gap.


The waning sun shot weakly through patches of trees and she walked. Her auburn hair was dotted with pinpricks of light where the sun had cleared the leafy canopy overhead. The dress she wore - black on magenta, dazzling to the eye - floated around her like clouds, distorting her image slightly. Her purposeful stride through the trees was disconcerting; such an angel should surely float.

Her face, carefully set in the neutral position, gave nothing away. As she picked her way easily through the twigs and roots that scattered the floor like discarded matchsticks, her expression never shifted, even when she caught one of her slender purple slippers on an impediment. She looked down to see the item which dared to slow her, then bent and emerged with shocking agility, holding a magnificent curved saber and wiping dirt from the sparkling blade, which glimmered ominously in the pinkish setting sun. Her eyebrows stayed level, her mouth calm as she tucked it into her belt, next to a jewelled falchion.

Finally she cleared the treeline, and blinked slightly - a major facial change - to adjust her eyes from the near darkness of the forest to the sunset. The sea lapped around her ankles like an impatient dog as she stood, surveying the sea with morose eyes, seeing not the stunning view, but the memories of this place. The first kiss, the long walks...the final goodbye...

Is that a tear, brewing in your eye?
Enlighten me, why do you cry?
The only thing to induce such tears
Is a shattered heart; the worst of fears.
Is this the case? Why is it so?
This is new to me; I wouldn't know.
The only advice I can give
Is to get on out there, and live!
Turn a corner, wipe the slate,
Leave it in the hands of fate!

'Never mind the sea, Marie, although it be so beautiful. It pales next to ye, as would anything.'

She didn't even jump at the sudden voice.

'Always one for words, eh, Karl?'

'Aye, ye'd know.' A warm hand took her firmly by the shoulders and spun her round.

Karl's face was barely visible underneath the dark hooded cloak he was wearing, shrouded over him much like the shadows which were gathering behind him as the sun crept ever lower in the sky.

'Got another eyepatch? A starfish? Perhaps just an ugly scar?'

Even on the crude features she could see in the enchanting half-light, there was a spasm of confusion, flitting across his face much like a wet painbrush across a blank canvas.

'What do ye mean?' His hand, still on her shoulder, tightened minutely.

'The cloak, Karl. I've seen yer face. And whilst you're not exactly a masterpiece, I wouldn't be ashamed.'

'Who says I'm ashamed? Privacy is like gold ore these days; everyone wants it, not many have it. The cloak is a mere aid.'

'So long I've waited to see yer face again. So many years, while ye served yer debts to that dratted captain Macpherson, and his cheating at those infernal cards. Why, now, can't I see you?' She was silent for a moment, then: 'Is this all part of the moment? The suspense, before I see your face once more?'

He said nothing. Seconds passed. Electric currents seemed to be infiltrating the air like a noxious gas, passing between the two like unspoken words.

And then he slowly put his hood back.

Marie sighed outwards, and a beatific smile spread across her face; it lit up in much the way this beach would when the butterscotch-yellow sun dawned again.

Surveying this, it makes me glad,
To see such love; expulsion of the sad-
Ness, sorrow, frowning face,
Life was at a crawling pace,
Before this night, down by the sea,
Life was empty for Marie,
But now there's a reason for life,
A reason for the end of the monotonous strife,
As joyful as a singing choir,
His face, of which she would never tire.

He took her hand gently in his own warm one, and as the sun dipped completely below the horizon, leaned in.
The stars glimmered in the velvet sky above their kiss, and, when he broke off, he drew a bunch of flowers from his greatcoat, in much the way she'd known him to unsheath a deadly scimitar.

He handed her the white lillies, and smiled.

'Early for once in me life, eh?'

Marie was too choked to speak properly, but he understood.

'Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet.'

Hand in hand, they walked to the end of the beach and then disappeared in the direction of their secluded townhouse.

Lonely souls, reunited at last.
Geologist - now exclusively Obsidian Emerald flavoured
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Current Events Article
Listed Order

Valentine’s Day Warning!
Rash of Rats

Rats! That’s right Rodentis Hugemicius! It has come to our attention that there has been a rash of rats converging on what are to be the future presents for the upcoming celebrations of Valentine’s Day. Observations from all over the ocean relay that rats are taking advantage of unsecured gifts of candy and chocolate. Hoards, converging together have been seen gnawing in unison at packages of favor. Eye witness reports from honorable sailors to old salts convey the plight.
We all know the cute and furry four-legged scamps to be nothing but the loyalist of companions. Why my own “Adoration” has accompanied me on many of a vesseled jaunt. But is there a conspiracy afoot? Can it be that behind their unassuming big black eyes, whilst they watch us with a seemingly sense of serenity, that there lies in wait a cunningness of contempt and betrayal. Waiting with sharpened claw for the very minute we turn our backs to them.
Scourge of humanity or fuzzly wuzzly friends of man? Only time will tell.

Like a finger pointing to the moon! If you look at the finger, you miss all that heavenly glory!
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Tropico of the lovely Malachite
.... Which ocean master should u date?
1.The Prize Flapper Package
2.A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package- GASP to mew its like a picture is worth a million Poe or the key to some ones heart....
3.The Love Boat Package
4.The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
5.Other Deliciousness

Ok for all of you who don't know how it works, start at the top and follow the line u chose until you reach the end Example Hera and Hypnos, if your into to men look at Hypnos if your into women look at Hera.

I am trying to get something for this and I will get back to u all on this =)
mroddx On malachite
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Saltyjane of Cobalt

Entry type: Dear Jane (Advice Column)

Dear Jane,
I joined the Navy to see my known
I've seen it, now how do I get out?

Dear Admiral,
Click the "To home" button.
Then find yourself a nice lady
pirate to help you navigate
through the sea of basic
game functions.

Dear Jane,
My new gold cat is mean and
short tempered. She scratches
my mates, shreds the sails and
hisses at my Captain. What is
wrong with her?

Dear Purrfectly,
Since it's so late in the month,
I would say she is going
through Mental Paws.

Dear Jane,
What can I do about all the
nudity, sex, violence and fowl
language in my Townhouse?

Dear Eggstra,
Only place one OM Egg in
each room. Never allow the eggs
to have alcohol and don't
feed after midnight!

Dear Jane,
My boyfriend, "Vargas" is a lying
scallywag. . . .
He tells me he loves me, but he
has lied our entire relationship.
He is a good provider and has
given me many trinkets...but,
he sneaks off to Atlantis every
time my back is turned. I think
he has a serious Ippolito addiction.
Every time he gets caught, he
denies it all. Then he admits that
he was wrong and begs me to for-
give him. This has been going on for
so long, everyone on Cobalt knows
he is a liar. I don't know what to do.

Dear Gretchen,
You should dump him. Now that you
are a feared BK in your own right,
you don't need him. Take an island,
or two if they are small; go to Atlantis
and get several Ippolitos. Breed them
and then sell them to Vargas. After all,
we both know "Hell hath no fury like a
Goldfang scorned!"

Dear Jane,
My boyfriend and I will celebrate our
third Valentine's Day this year. I
would like to give him something nice
for Valentine's Day. What do you think
he would like?

Dear Holding,
Never mind what he would like; give
him a calendar. There is only one
Valentine's Day per year.

Prize Preference:
Flapper Package
Love Boat Package
Heart Home Package
Picture Package
Stupidhead said:
Why is it that I enjoy 2 monkeys hitting each other over the head so much?

Some people hang around with fat people to make themselves look skinnier...me?
I hang with the Slow Kids! You do the deducing. = )
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

A piratey valentines card!

Racerboy of Sage

Front page :

Left/Middle :

Right/Middle :

Back :

Prizes - From most prefered to least prefered.

1. The Prize Flapper Package
2. The Heart is Where the Home is Package
3. The Love Boat Package
4. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Package
5. Other Deliciousness

You may need to zoom in to see the text on the card. Not sure but you should be able to.

Hope ye like it.
~ Waxhead ~
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Sevre from Malachite
Feature Article

Lovedoctor Sevre's game of Love

Hello there, many of you know me as Sevre or Serafax,well today I'm going to be known as The Lovedoctor! The piratical lovedoctor of course. As Valentine's Day fast approaches it seems that a lot of pirates are lonely,well for scientific purposes and also to help you out a little, we've taken 3 of Malachite's finest single pirate bachelors. And in today's article we shall pit them against gruelling tasks to see who will win the Game of Love. Of course you can learn from their mistakes and failures and (possibly) successes. So lets meet the contestants who will be known as Subject A,B and C.

Subject A

Subject A is a foraging fanatic who loves to post on the forums and use his many alts to express himself. He has a tendency to talk to himself,but don't we all? All of his alts look the same and he enjoys long pointless trips around the ocean on a boat with them,planking jobbers,and timing himself as he races between league points. "You know that I can get from Duat to Zuyua Mist in under 12 minutes?" added Subject A. When we asked him about his use of alts he had this to say. " I don't have a problem"- Subject A
" Yes you do!"- Subject A's first alt.
" Quiet mortals!"- Alt two
" Look I got a gold ore!"-Alt three
" Always trying to be the centre of attention!" - Alt four.

At this point we stopped recording the conversation and moved onto better things. Subject A,not one,but many hearts of gold.

Subject B

Subject B is an all round good puzzler with decent stats,lots of activity and a head full of hair. His only problem is the fact that he's an albino, what is wrong with that you say? Well he feels intimidated by all the well-tanned blondes on the oceans and this has led him to suffer severe deppression,yet he's brushed off his shoulders and arrived with some positive thoughts. "Every time I see a well-tanned blonde I have a nervous breakdown, so I decided to find love on Malachite,the loneliest most depressing ocean there is!" Isn't he a good sport? Little does he know about Malachite's annual well-tanned blondes convention.

Subject C

Subject C is the most eccentric of all our lovers, he is a black Scottish pirate with accusations of beastility . He denies these accusations and is ready to love anyone in his vicinity! However does he have what it takes to put his lovin' in YOUR oven? Only the Lovedoctor can decide.THat's me by the way. Anyway, he's also a poker addict (Lots of poe there) and has his own rowhouse with his pet sheep Berty. Although he would like to mention that it is Berty's house. " It be an open marriage though!"

The first task:

So now that we've met our subjects it's time for the first task! Now the most important part is not your personality or skill with puzzles, it's the clothes you wear! So we've decided to pimp these test subjects Quid Pro clothes style! Well Subject A had the following to say about his trendy new outfit, " Hey I can't afford to give all my alts expensive outfits,besides anyone who is after my poe is obviously a gold digger! I like gold diggers :-)"

Subject B went for all white, why? Well lets find out. "It's camouflage! No one will notice me! Therefore I cannot fail,I can't succeed but atleast I won't fail." Unfortunately B misunderstood the concept of camouflage that is he has to blend in with his enviroment!

Subject C went for the classic Black/rose look for his outfit, "This'll attract Nessie herself!" roared the pirate on his new look.

So everyone has some sense of style, It's now time to put these guys into the dating circuit,and what better dating circuit than Malachites very own Saltstraum Rock inn? I was originally planning to take screenshots of this hilarious event but then I realised that the interference of the other players would taint the game of love. So as the three marched into the Inn we told them to look cool and see how many people would notice them.
The following are chat logs from:

The Second Task!

Sevre says " Ok everyone, here's the plan,stay in this spot and the person who manages to get a date the fastest wins.You have one hour!"
Subject A says " Wait,what happens if we all fail the task?"
Sevre says "The third task will be even more difficult then!"
Subject A's first alt " What is the third task?"
Sevre says " I haven't gotten that far yet! Now get back on your main!"
Subject A's second alt says " Never!"
Subject B says " Now you're sure there aren't any well tanned blondes here?"
Sevre says " Stop worrying about them and get on with acting cool! Where's Subject C?"
Subject C says " Och,the lasses in hear look like last nights haggis!"
Sevre says " That is a very bad accent"

At this point the Lovedoctor left and the challenge began.

Subject C says " Ok men,we're strong we can do this!"
Subject B says " I feel sick D="
Subject A says " Suck it in! Lets get some ale to calm our nerves"
Subject A's second alt gets the ale.
Subject C says" It's ok I'll get the bill"
Subject C says " Billions of blue blistering barnacles?! You bought all your alts ale?"
Subject A says " Don't worry,I'll do the next round of drinks"

At this point the well-tanned blondes,hereby known as WTBs walk in.

Subject B doesn't feel good.
Subject A's third alt says " Crikey! He's no albino,he's greener than a greeter pillage!"
Subject A's fourth alt says " Pirates don't say "crikey""
Subject A's fifth alt says " Foraging alts do"
Subject A says " Shut up guys,we have to get him a seat before he cramps our style!"

Entire collection of WTBs say " O hai guys!"
WTB no.1 says " He doesn't look good
WTB no.2 says " Look good he doesn't!"
Subject C is confuzzled.
Subject C says " WTB you might be but ye ain't no sheep!"

The Bartender realises that our subjects cannot afford to pay for their drinks.

Bartender says " Avast! Ye scurvy landlubbers are getting the plank for your thieving ways!"
Subject B begins to projectile vomit.
Subject A's 1st alt says " Scarper lads!"

At this point Subject B is passed out on the floor in a pool of vomit, the WTBs are screaming, The Bartender has taken Subject C down into his cellar and began to beat him senseless,and Subject A and his many alts have ran off.

This concludes the 2nd task.

The Final Task

At this point in our Game of Love,we've seen a lot of action,not the good action but still action nonetheless. As our three brave warriors turn up for their final challenge they look truly battered. Subject C is covered in bruises from last nights little bartender and the thief style tryst whereas Subject A can't seem to find his alts. Subject B feels a lot better though, He even got to meet some WTBs,and he actually talked to them! Not vomit,talk! " I can't believe it,I actually managed to talk to a girl!" screeched our fine bachelor. See people? Albinism can be attractive. Because of his success, Subject B has been declared the winner! But every game needs a loser,will it be Subject A or C? To find out,our final test will involve a lot of skill in the art of seduction.......and duty puzzling. Subject A and Subject C must escort Subject B to the WTB Ball. This involves getting him dressed, sailing him to his destination on a pimped out sloop,and dancing with him at the Ball. Both of them look astounded at their task,but unless they want to be tarred and feathered,they better do it!

As the three boarded their sloop and sailed off into the horizon,we immediately started to see the comic clumsiness that got us this far.

Subject C says " Arr,you charted it wrong that's not the way!"
Subject B says " That is the map Sevre gave us!"
Subject A says " Shut up and bilge you two,I'm legendary in Navigation and sails,we'll be there in the blink of an eye!
Subject C says " Yeah,a blind mans eye!"
Subject A has booched navigation.
Subject A has ordered the ship to turn about.
Subject A says " Damn you C,look what you did!"
Subject C says " I was bilging not naving,that was your fault!"
Subject B says " I'm a barbie girl,in a barbie world.............."
Subject A's 2nd alt says " What's a barbie girl?"
Subject A's 3rd alt says " I believe its a Barbarian Queen?"
Subject A's 4th alt says " There are Barb queens?"
Subject A says " Get back to sails you lot!"
Subject C says " What is that pink WF in the horizon doing?"
Ye have been engaged by the WTB mothership!

Subject B says " O hai gurlz!"
Subject C says " What in the name of Nessie is going on!?!"
Subject A says " Would you quit it with the Scottish accent you're not even Scottish are you?"
Subject C says " Aye,I'm actually Canadian........"

The WF began drilling holes in the side of the sloop with its cannonballs!

Subject A says " What are they doing! This is insane,we're supposed to be meeting them at the ball!
At that moment they heard the girly cackles of the WTBs as they loaded more and more cannonballs.
Subject A says " Alright men, It's time to sink the blonde trash! C, get guns, B take bilge.
The sloop manouevered itself to the side of the WF with amazing skill. It then popped its unholy cannonballs into the side of the WF.
The crew watched in horror as the cannonballs failed to breach the WF and they were left to face the broadsides.

Subject A,B and C shout " Scu............!!"

The Conclusion
Two weeks later our brave men washed up ashore, we tracked them down for some final thoughts

Subject A says " Love fails"
Subject B says "Love hurts"
Subject C says " Canadians can't love!"

Good try guys, good try!

To finish off I'll answer some reader questions:

Disclaimer: These individuals have allowed me to print their name.

Striderrs tells ye, "I can't get it up :(. What should I do? D:"

Well Striderrs,the best way to get your self esteem up is to do group exercises such as pillages and remember how great you are. You were talking about self esteem right?

Saviour tells ye, "Do you have a map ?"

Depends to where Saviour.

Saviour tells ye, "Because im lost in your eyes"
Saviour tells ye, "oh yea"
Saviour tells ye, "booyah"


Thanks for reading!



Avatar by Kingpriam.
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

I decided to create some cover art to header a humerous article i created (:
(a valantines variation of the usual newsletter header which stands at the top of my main article.)

Prizes preferance:
- The Prize Flapper Package
- The Love Boat Package
- The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
- A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
- Other Deliciousness
Cover Art as header

Happy Valentines (:

Humerous article
14th February 2009: Today, I went to watch 'eye-patched date' on Sage.
Captain Black introduced a mighty fine wench, with a roar from the scallywag crew. Her name be Neptune, and she be given the chance to ask three young strapping mateys about questions to find out who she be most suited to(they be hidden behind a wall to hide their identity).
Pirate A - Jacob of Admiral. Interests - crabs, rumbling.
Pirate B - Redbeard of Scrimshaw. Interests - running fine pillages.
Pirate C - Blackbeard of Kent. Interests - women, watching the swordfighting.
Neptune asked the fine pirates what would be their perfect date.
Pirate A - Arrg, we'd go for some chow; get some crab. Then we could do a bit of rumbling and eat more crab. Don't worry, I'll go easy on ye as it's your first time.
(The crew cheers)
Pirate B - If you were me wench, I'd show you how a really pilly is run. I'd shower ye in riches if you'd be me shark bait.
(The crew cheers even louder)
Pirate C - Well, me perfect date be the 15th August, it's me birthday ye see.
(The crew look confused - Pirate C blushes)
Captain Black then runs back on deck and urges the wench to continue questioning while she goes to the apothecaire to buy some hair control tonic to tame her firey red locks.
Neptune asked her final question; 'what would you do if a triketos tried to sink me sloop?'
Pirate A - No need worry, wench, I'd throw crab at it. Can never have enough crab!
Pirate B - Arrrr, I've fought of a lot of them daring creatures in me time, they be no match for me! I got meself a golden triketos reward for killing so many of them! I'd shout 'All Hands Hoay!' and that'd be it.
Pirate C - Urr, what be a triketos?
Captain black returned with her firey red locks tied neatly by the side of her head.
Captain Black - Now, it'd be time to make yer mind up Neptune.
Neptune - Ahh, I'd have to choose... Piarate B!
(The crew jubilates at her choice)
Captain Black - Good choice. Now, could Pirate B step from behind the wall.
Pirate B was the finest shipmate Neptune had ever layed her ocean blue eyes on!
Captain Black - To get to know each other better, ye be going on a voyage to Lincoln island.
Neptune had always wanted to go to Lincoln and had been stuck on Admiral all her young life. The pillage be their most successful they'd ever had and they had a mighty fine time on their voyage. It seemed Neptune really had found true love on 'eye-patched date' and was even considering having little sandcrabs with Redbeard of Scrimshaw.
Arrggg, that be the pirates life.
Happy Valentines (:
Thanks for the competition

Additional note: I decided to add colour/color to the article to make it easier to read in this case, but as a publication it could just be all in black or pink.
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Name: Instantflash of the Viridian
Item: Recipe
Price Preferences: (in order)
The Prize Flapper Package
The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
The Love Boat Package
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
Other Deliciousness

Recipe for Pretty Colored Waxed PoE

||||||||||||||||| 4 PoE
||||||||||||||||| 1 Beard Control Wax
||||||||||||||||| 4 Units of Rose Paint
||||||||||||||||| 2 Units of Hemp
||||||||||||||||| 1 Unit of Serandite
||||||||||||||||| 1 Atlantean Captains Jacket
||||||||||||||||| 2 Inn Spammers


||||||||||||||||| 1) Take both units of hemp and in a giant mixing bowl, mix that with the Beard Control Wax.
||||||||||||||||| 2) With the newly created Beard Hemp Paste, add two units of rose paint for flavor.
||||||||||||||||| 3) Using the jaws of life, break the Serandite into several tiny pieces and throw them into the paste.
||||||||||||||||| 4) Stack the four pieces of eight on top of each other and cover them with the paste, creating a giant stack of pretty
|||||||||||||||||||||| coins.
||||||||||||||||| 5) Give one Inn Spammer the Atlantean Captains Jacket and have them wear it. Also give him the stack of pretty coins.
||||||||||||||||| 6) Using the second inn spammer as bait, have him advertise "a stack of pretty coins" for 69 PoE.
||||||||||||||||| 7) With the first spammer, have him then advertise the real stack of pretty coins, but for only 68 PoE. Pirates will come
|||||||||||||||||||||| flocking for this product in no time.
||||||||||||||||| 8) Repeat.

End Result:

*This can be fed to Admiral Finius and it will magically defeat him and is army of fish*

Disclaimer: If you tend to lose gigantic amounts of PoE using this method... I don't care.

Edit(s): Because I feel like it.
Instantflash on the Viridian
The Wrath of Armageddon
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Piratelordz from Hunter Ocean


Prize Flapper package
The love boat package
The heart is where the home is package
Other Deliciousness
A picture is worth a thousand words package

Me Love

Me love, me love,
Always the one above,
So beautiful near the moonlight,
Untouchable near the night,
Sea wind breezing across,
You and I, never a single loss,
Oh Poe,
Don’t go!


What is love?
A little warm? (Kind of)
Always fulfilling a feeling,
Hearts always healing,
Together never missing a beat,
Ultimately intense heat,
Love is...
Like a quiz

Haiku Love

We, our, you and I,
Forever together you me,
Never separating
Skve on Hunter Ocean
Yes, it says Legendaryxx, but umm im kind of Skve now.. See? Skve.. fun to say eh? yeah you kids have fun :p
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Damayi from Viridian Ocean

Type of publication item:
Cover for Damsel's Love Special by Cosmopirate Editors :p

Prize preference order:
1.- The Prize Flapper Package
2.- The Love Boat Package
3.- A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
4.- The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
5.- Other Deliciousness

My entry:

Larger Image:

Good luck to all!
The pirate in me.
Damayi from Jade.
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Pirate: Zod on Sage
Type of publication item: Advice column

Prize Preference: The Prize Flapper Package, The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package, The Love Boat Package, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package, Other Deliciousness

- Senior Officer and First Mate in Aura on Sage
- Creator of the Crew Report on all oceans
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Romain on the Hunter Ocean.

Type of Publication: Advice Column

Order of Preference:
The Prize Flapper Package
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Package
Love Boat Package
The Heart is Where the Home is Package
Other Deliciousness


Dear ShArrrie,

I've gotten myself into a bit of a situation. A few days back I was chatting with one of my hearties over MSN and told her that one of my SOs had run off with a GF of mine. Unfortunately, in my slight state of despair, I accidentally sent the message to one of my coworkers instead. I didn't think much of it at the time, and just told him to disregard what I had previously sent him as the Puzzle Pirate universe was completely unbeknown to him, and he could not possibly offer any words of sympathy in my current situation. However, when I arrived at work the next day there were various rumours circulating our office. From the message I sent him, my coworker somehow came to the proposturous conclusion that my significant other had run off with my girlfriend. (Bless the Three Rings and the duel meaning acronyms they chose for the game.) Now everyone at work thinks I'm some kind of womanizer who doesn't know how to treat a girl so they resort to running off with each other. Even my boss came up to me the other day and told me to keep my chin up as there are plenty of other fish in the sea. But worst of all, my girlfriend buys all these rumors and now she won't even look at me. Valentine's Day is coming up and I was really hoping to pop the question that day. What should I do?

Lost in Love

Dear Lost,

That is quiet a story. In my many years of experience, honesty has always seemed to be the best policy. Introduce all your coworkers to the fascinating world of Puzzle Pirates and the rumours will stop once they realize that SO and GF have duel meanings in the YPP universe. It's a win-win situation. The rumours will cease and with all the referals you will be sure to have gained enough poe to buy another GF. Or maybe even two. As far as the girlfriend issue goes, if she really is the one, explain to her what the rumours are all about and she'll come around. I hope this helps. Let me know how it all works out.

Sincerly, ShArrrie
Romain on Hunter
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Here's my short story for Valentine :)

How Valentine really happened

Once upon a time in the land of St.valentine , there lived a beautiful girl , so beautiful that no man had ever managed to express a single sound after seeing the girl .

She lived alone in the deepest part of the forest together with her two wolves called Cayne and Nayga which she had been taking care of since they were abandoned at birth .

One day a letter arrived ,
" Dear inhabitants , it is with great sorrow that I announce the disappearance of our beloved prince and princess . If you have any information about their location then please send us a carrier pigeon as soon as possible , a reward of 5000 PoE is assured ,
Yours sincerely,
St.Valentine ."

It started to storm heavily . The unstable shack started to shake , the girl took her dogs and ran out of the house right as it collapsed under the pressure of the storm.

The darkness scared her . she could hear some owls behind her and in the distance a tree was set on fire by the lightning which gave her a good view on a nearby cave . She stepped closer and strangely she could see light beams coming from the cave . She decided to see what was going on .

"Haha , your time has finally come , give me the location of the treasure chamber and your people won’t have to suffer" , the princess said .

But right as the prince wanted to answer Cayne and Nayga came in and attacked the princess whilst the girl started freeing the beautiful prince , but unlike any other he didn’t lose his ability to speak .
"Who are you" , the prince said and he passed out , the girl had finally found her equal .

The girl handed out the evil to St . Valentine and the prince was in safe hands once again .
But when Valentine offered her the 5000 PoE , she immediately refused and asked if she could marry the prince instead .

The king took a short while but then agreed to the wedding and he declared that February 14 would be known as Valentine .
The girl and the prince then married each other and they lived happily ever after as prince and princess Valentine .
Free wazzy

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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Gossip Column/Short Story or Psychi Q & A Column

Love is in the Air

The Date is 13th February in the Year of the Ox on the Malachite Ocean

Just saw my crystal ball, that there is love in the air for two unlikely ocean characters. I can’t reveal who this unlikely pairing is between. I’m sure you will never guess. I will unfold what was revealed to me in the mists.

While deep beneath the ocean one of our lonely hearts hides waiting for his next passing meal. He is unaware that there is a lady pirate of some repute who at this moment is sitting at the cove on Vipers Drop weeping for the love that can never be.
She suddenly looks up with hope in her eyes and races to her home with a lighter step. She returns to the beach with a bottle with a piece of parchment inside and sealed with a red cork. She whistled and out of the tide appeared a friendly dolphin. The lady pirate whispered to the dolphin, which took the bottle and disappeared back into the tide.

There is much activity on the cove with many comings and goings and many mysterious packages being offloaded from a large black ship. Among the palms that border the cove a beautiful creation is being erected I wonder what it could be? There are many pirates in the unlikely task of stringing garlands of frangipani through the fronds of the palms. Pirates scour the rocks and tidal pools gathering shellfish and little crawly things.

Just before sunset our lovely lady pirate returns to the water’s edge and drops the deepest red rose petals on the sand and walks back the way she came dropping more as she goes.
The sun is now setting and a large shape slithers from the waves and follows the trail of rose petals. The trail meanders over the sand concluding at a magnificent Bedouin tent of pink and red organza. On the sea breeze wafts the mingling scents of frangipani and incense, soft music can be heard coming from the interior. Our mysterious visitor stops at the entrance as though hesitant to enter. The curtain parts, you can glimpse the twinkling of lights of many candles in the dim interior and a shadowed outline of a reclining figure. He enters.......

........sometime later from the tent can be heard the clinking of glasses and a high feminine laugh mingled with a deeper unearthly chuckle. We will leave our newly acquainted pair for now and return at a more appropriate time.

It is just before dawn and the curtain parts two figures step out and follow the trail back to the water’s edge, where they stand together watching the sun rise out of the horizon. They turn to each other he grasps her in an embrace that looked as though it would never end. Slowly he releases her from his arms and reluctantly slithers back into the waves from where he came. She watches him go with a smile of contentment on her lips and a look in her eye that said ‘he will return we will be together again for now and forever’..........

Prize Order

1. The Prize Flapper Package
2. The Love Boat Package
3. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
4. The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
5. Other Deliciousness

Entry submitted by

Arh diamonds arh so shiny
SO Heaven & Earth

If you check out my entry for sweetnessc valentines contest you will see they are entries related.
If used as Psychic Q&A Column
Q: Will the one I covert from afar be mine and will he return my feelings?.......................from saucy pirate(not her real name)

SO Heaven & Earth
SO Crusty Crabs
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Darkmagcian Viridian Ocean
Type Of Publication:
Top Ten List

Prize Order

1. The Prize Flapper Package
2. The Love Boat Package
3. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
4. The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
5. Other Deliciousness

'Top Ten List For Gifts For Valentines Day'

Darkmagcian of Viridian Ocean

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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Haispray, Viridian Ocean
The Order it is In


There's that look in you eye,
The one that sticks in my mind.
The one that captures every heart,
The one that fits that special part.

I can't stop thinking about that time,
That time I made you positively mine.
My heart was beating a twice its speed,
Your absolutely everything, I could possibly need.

So now were here a year goes so fast,
I've found the one I want to be with forever, at last.
He sails across the Sea each day,
The one I've loved forever, and more today.

You buy me presents, and teddies too,
Smiling and standing there dressed in blue.
Talking about how he defeated Vargas,
He says, For You I'd do anything, because you are so gorgeous.

I've written this poem with you in mind,
Your so generous, so lovely, and ever so kind.
As it this is read across the deep blue,
I want you to know, that I love you!

Hope you like it!
<b>Hairspray - Viridian Ocean.</b>
<i>Geologist tells ye, "Its Ridonkulous."</i>
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Name/Ocean: Cheiron on Cobalt
Type of Article: Short Story
Prize Preference Order: Order Listed in Contest Post

A True Story of Love and Conquest

It began on winter's day. The snow had fallen heavy during the night. Once she woke up and landed on Dragon's Nest I beckoned her to come forage on my ship. There was something about her. I didn't know what. There was something drawing me to spend time with her, a call I had to answer.

She came on board, gave an attractive smile and said "Ahoy" to everyone. I got a whimsical idea from inside my snow fort on deck and hurled a snowball at her. She let out an "Oof" and I wondered if I'd done too much to fast. She looked in my direction with a gleam in her eye and threw a snowball back at me. After some more snowy exchanges I gave her a few instructions on the proper art of snowball fighting. We had a fun and wet exchange. Upon her request I let her into my snowfort, just the two of us, while others foraged unknowingly.

We spent the rest of winter hurling snowballs at each other, in various quantities, whenever we'd see each other. The fun we had blossomed.

Our fun moved on one day, when standing on Dragon's Nest docks she got an evil grin and pushed me into the ocean. I crawled out and obliged her feminine whim and took my shirt off, laid on the dock and sunbathed, knowing she was watching. Our eyes met a few times and I wondered what she was thinking. I smiled inside at the depths of my charm.

As the weather warmed and the snow melted I pondered what to do to keep our new relationship fresh and vibrant. Then after another wet ocean swim she happened to mention to the crew that she'd been asked to participate in the upcoming pirate auction. A light bulb brightened and I knew what I had to do. I started making my plans.

The day of the auction arrived. I waited with baited breath until her name was mentioned and then began offering my bids. After a few raises from others I finally conquered and enslaved her to me. I snicker at the ease of this conquest and that she hasn't been bothered. Perhaps she wanted this as much as I did. She daily called me "Master" and lay at my feet even when fighting zombies. Oh where would this relationship lead. One can only hope.

Upon enslaving her my first task was to set up sleeping quarters for her on the floor so she'd have some comfort. I told her "The floor can be quiet comfortable when you're near the one you love". She smiled at me in agreement.

After making sure she was comfortable and happy, I gave her daily tasks for my amusement, but she never minded. With each request she smiled and willingly obeyed with ease. How I love my slave.

Now one could think that her enslavement is complete, but I have a feeling that she's pledged to me and I to her for a lot longer. The bond between us is deeper than any physical chains I could impose-although we may try someday. Such are the ways of love and conquest.

Additional info: All of this actually was said or done on Cobalt between me and one other pirate. It is a true story.
Cheiron of the Cobalt
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Pirate: Isza on Sage
Type of publication item: entertainment

Prize Preference: The Prize Flapper Package, The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package, The Love Boat Package, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package, Other Deliciousness

Hopefully you can find me! :)

Isza of Emerald
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Pirate: Orch
Ocean: Cobalt
Publication type: Current Affairs Article/Story
Prize preference:
The Prize Flapper Package.
The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
The Love Boat Package
Other Deliciousness

Page 1 and Page 2 (small image)
Large Image (Pages 1 & 2)

Page 3 and Page 4 (small image)
Large Image (Pages 3 & 4)

Easy Read Text : Love Puff Sweeps Seas

A vile and intoxicating 'Love Sickness' epidemic is sweeping the Cobalt ocean and is said to have made its way to Midnight and the green oceans during the early hours of this morning. Voodoo specialists have declared a state of emergency. The sickness is highly contagious and pirates have been urged to stay inside their piratey abodes until Valentine's day is officially over.

The sickness is said to cause an increase in hormones and periodically cloud the judgement of those infected. Reports of disturbing behavior have been flooding the Puzzle Pirates Weekly mail room since the outbreak. The cure is unknown but it is thought that the sickness will be cured by the end of Valentine's night.

The origin of the sickness is not fully known but eyewitness reports have shed some light on a possible source. It is assumed that the outbreak began on a small Cursed Island within the Garnet Archipelago on the Cobalt Ocean. Tourists at the time  reported a Doe-Eyed Cultist, infatuated with his sister's boyfriend's cousin's mother's friend Cultist - Betty (according to island gossip) was dancing around his cauldron in what seemed to be a ritualistic fashion reciting poorly written love poetry, chanting some form of a spell and throwing some form of pink powder into the cauldron. 

The reported sighting of this pink substance links the Doe-Eyed Cultist to the OM strawberry sherbet bust of last week where multiple OM's were found on sugar highs behaving erratically with mysterious pink substance mustaches later discovered to be strawberry sherbet. Consequently the sherbet ban was put in place by Captain Cleaver.  

The addition of the pink powder to the Doe-Eyed Cultist's cauldron is believed to be the cause for the unstable mixture. The eye witness reported shortly after the dancing, that he had heard what can only be described as a gurgling and painful rumble within the belly of the accused cultist before the explosion took place.

Experts theorise that the said cultist unwillingly 'pooted' sending his spell and already unstable potion amiss, creating an explosion. Shockwaves were sent throughout the tiny province and the jolts were described as similar to an earthquake. It has been reported that the fog transformed into a vibrant pink and a putrid yet pleasent smell released throughout the area. The Doe-Eyed Cultist is now missing, presumed dead from his own stench combined with the effects of his love potion. Thus the love sickness released and transmitted through the air to vessels and tourists within the province.

It is assumed by medical experts that vessels within the area have carried the airborne sickness out of the region and the pirates aboard unknowingly infected anyone within close proximity, distributing the sickness from island to island, arch to arch and even ocean to ocean.

Unusual behavior has since been sighted all over the Cobalt ocean. Rehio has been seen without his protective bubble in pink bunny slippers reciting poetry and giving free cuddles, a curious behavior indeed. the notorious Brigand King, Admiral Finius has been photographed in a compromising position 2 leagues from his getaway home of Oasis Island with a local Gorgonyx (The photographs can be found being sold on Yarr-Bay). For more unusual behavior reports, see the magazines gossip column.

If you believe you are infected, refrain from aphrodisiacs and drink a hearty amount of rum so that you may not remember your date the following day. A 7 day aphrodisiac ban has been put in place until the effects of the sickness has fully worn off. It is hoped that the damage of continuously looking at shades of pink will not burn the retinas of pirates and the lovey dovey behavior does not emotionally scar those that were lucky enough to escape the sickness.


Additional Information: This was done on Photoshop CS3 using game artwork mixed with my own design work. brushes/typography.
Cruelty says, "stupid pills make me sleepy"
Madgick says, "get some clever ones then"
Cruelty says, "got any?"
Madgick says, "no I took an overdose, im a feckin jeenyus"

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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Why not take a look at the entire ocean by a flying ship? Yes, I have invented the flying ship by magic-enchanting it with my stick. This stick is enchanted after using the gems I have foraged at Cursed Isles and then used to forge them together at my ironmonger though I had to put some poisionous tips onto it so I shipwrighted some shackles and put them in hot-poisy rum I have distilled it worked quite good but I painted it black-gold with my alchemistry. So building a flying ship wasn't easy but I did it.

It is a Baglah.
It takes 30 minutes to rise up and 30 minutes to rise down and the air-trip takes as much as you want-although pay for it hunnies yer on the valentines day ye gotta pay ye scurvy dogs-.
It is paying a fare enough to get you up in the air.
We use oceanwaste to get it up in the air because global-warming has affected our oceans.

However I really warn you to not to leave the place dirty because people you have to see the changes in climate. Lovers are in mad love sometimes but they do not think how they -dirt- around. Not only lovers, businessmen thinks only money but not nature. I have watched the film of Al Gore and I was impressed of it. I suggest all to watch it at http://www.climatecrisis.net
I know this is a bit out of the subject but that is the only way I could tell it to you.

-For the moment- no one from no oceans because I planned to delete my pirates and startover and I am thinknig of a good name.

-I gave away all the items I had-

Haddaway-What is love

really it is a good song when Roxburry Guys play with it =)
have a g00d walentinzdayz yerluverz
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Pirate - Clarence of Malachite
Item - Competition
Prize order:
-- The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
-- The Love Boat Package
-- The Prize Flapper Package
-- A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
-- Other Deliciousness

Text for the entry:
Avast me hearties! What better way to spend yer Valentines weekend than puzzlin' with yer favourite YPP. With this in mind we at PPW have teamed up with the boffins in Game Design to bring you not 1 but 2 ways to celebrate this Valentines weekend.

Firstly we've got a limited edition in-game Valentines trophy to give away on carpentry, sailing and bilging duty puzzles. To win one of these fabulous trophies simply get puzzlin'. If ye be good enough, the special Valentines tokens will appear. Just collect enough of them hearts to get yerself a trophy.

But that's not all. If ye send us a screen print of yer Valentines trophy before 28 Feb, ye will get a chance to win one of 5 fantastic real life trophies.

These trophies have been specially commissioned by PPW and are based on the winning entry in the 2008 « Pirates are all Hearties » Valentines competition.

Remember in-game trophies can only be won this Valentines weekend. So get puzzlin'.


Link to full article with supporting images:
Clarence of Malachite and Formerly Crimson /e sobs

Looking for the action
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

--Pirate name and ocean - azulamante, malachite
--Type of publication item - POETRY
-- Prize preference order- The Prize Flapper Package, The Love Boat Package, The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package, Other Deliciousness


He is handsome, indeed he is
Everytime I see him, I'm swept away in bliss
His charm, his wit, his wisdom unmached
His patience almost magnificent,
His complexion is unscratched.

He excels not only in intelligence,
But also in every aspect
What else is there to say
Except that he is perfect!

The girls they're always after you
Eash hoping to be with you
All the pirate men, they envy you
You do not boast though.

With all the strength of Herculis
You carry yourself well
All these words are not enough
Your exceptional charm tell.

Like an angel sent down from heaven
Everytime you walk by
I lose hold of my senses,
I just begin to fly.

I don't know how to tell you
This feeling that I feel
Cause everytime I see you
I get an enormous thrill.

I'd like to tell you who I am
But this feeling always hiders
You see ... er ... well, that is
You are my ocean master.
Azulamante on all Oceans
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Alethia on Midnight
Short autobiographical fiction
Prize order as listed...unless "other deliciousness" includes a monkey or an ippolito...in that case, bring on the deliciousness!

about this story: This story is entirely true. I tried to piratify some of the RL elements but for all intenets and purposes this is how Treasuresal and I met, developed a friendship and eventually fell in love. I know that YPP love stories have happened before and will happen again but each one of them is unique and each of us are unique. On that note, I submit to you:
A True Tale of Piratey Love
Some time ago, in the Year of Our Cleaver two thousand and five, there lived a young wench who was called Alethia. Alethia lived a quiet, unassuming life on a large island known as Pennsylvania. One day, tired of the tediousness of her day to day pursuits, Alethia went to the oracle known as Google and sought out an answer for her troubles. The oracle searched the cosmos and a stream of possibilities flowed forth from the well of knowledge that is Google.

Alethia listened intently to all of the choices but stopped short upon hearing the word "pirate."
That was it! That was her gateway to adventure!

With no further delay Alethia volunteered for a life of piracy and following a brief tutelage under the Spring Island navy, joined ranks with a small but jolly crew called Azure Knights. Shortly after being taken into Azure Knights the crew joined the flag Faminto por Sangue and it was there that Alethia began her officer training. During these first few months of piracy Alethia met many other pirates. Some were to be quickly forgotten, some would be lost to the siren known as Re'all Ife, and still others would become true and lasting friends.

Perhaps the most important pirate Alethia came in contact with through Faminto por Sangue (though she hardly realized it at the time) was an upbeat, take no prisoners PVPer
named Treasuresal. On her first pillage with Sal, Alethia became distracted by some tells from a crewmate who wanted help opening an apothecary. When she explained the reason behind her
poor performance she was kindly told to pay attention to her duty or to leave the ship. Stung, Alethia realized this pirate meant business and proceeded to pay full attention to her station.

Months passed and Alethia continued to learn the ways of pirate living. She learned about many of her flagmates, Treasuresal included, and was surprised to learn through the Faminto forum that Treasuresal was, in actuality, a man who disguised himself as a woman when engaging in pirating activities.
And he was a really cute man!
But alas, with this knowledge came the accompanying fact that Treasuresal lived far away on the island of Flanders and that his heart belonged to another pirate.
In fact, Alethia attended Sal's piratey wedding and was very pleased to win a merchant brig during the post-ceremony merriment.

Time marched on and with it came the passing of Faminto por Sangue. Treasuresal had moved on to form his own crew while Alethia had left Azure Knights and joined the ranks of Phoenix Warriors.

Right around the time Alethia left Azure Knights she began experiencing severe bouts of insomnia. She was often awake far into the night and she began to see Treasuresal more and more as sleep eluded her. The two pirates got to know each other better and struck up an amiable friendship. Sal tried to give Alethia advice on handling a former cabin mate who was plaguing her existence in Pennsylvania while Alethia tried to give Sal some support when he split up with his piratey ex-love.

Communication between the two pirates became more and more frequent as they began sending MSNs in bottles and text pigeons back and forth to each other throughout the day.
At long last, in May of 2007 Treasuresal made a voyage to Pennsylvania and when the two pirates met for real they both knew that the winds of fate had finally carried them in the right direction.
Within the year Alethia sold her shack and her sloop, the Silver Elantrafish, and journeyed across the ocean to make a life and a home with Treasuresal.

Today they are living together happily in Sal's row house on the island of Flanders.
The Re'all Ife wedding is in May in the Year of Our Cleaver two thousand and ten.
Alethia on Midnight
Senior Officer
Tyr's Own

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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Valentines day. -by pirate: legolady on: hunter ocean O of the fallen angels- This is the FUN SECTION!!!

This is the day we all have fun,
the day we share with our loved one,
the day that all the time is right,
the day when no one has a fight,

This is the day filled with delight,
the day of love even in the night,
where we embrace and hold tight,
to the one we love the most,
the day is filled with hearts of light,
pink and red and white,
this day is valentines day

valentines wordsearch


happy valentines day everyone!
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Pirate: Winner on Sage
Publication: Poem - limerick
Prize preference: The Prize Flapper Package, The Love Boat Package, The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package, Other Deliciousness

My Hunger

As I lay in bed,
Thinking in my head,
Those short moments we spent together,
Which felt like forever.
I wonder if my mind has gone dead.

I remember gazing into your gentle eyes,
It made me feel like I was flying in the sky.
The soft brush of your fingers,
I wanted it to linger.
I did not want to say good-bye.

But the reality is,
You have a Mrs.
I want you for myself,
So she can not have you for herself.
I flinch at all your kisses.

I can only crave,
And must behave.
I can not make a scene,
And feel green*.
I must not become depraved.

All I can do is dream,
Of us together - that is extreme.
The longing ache I feel,
Is very real
But we will never be a team.

So I must let you go.
But first I want you to know,
That I hope we can still be friends,
And understand if we can not transcend.
I know one day I will find my John Doe.

*green to represent guilt
Redu on Sage
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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.

Pirate: Holography
Ocean: Cobalt
Submission: Classifieds Pages, 2 page spread
Acknowledged materials: This piece was drafted on MS Word, as such the images are 'clip art'

Entry Preview:

Link to full entry:


Thank you for the great competition

Holography on Cobalt (bits and pieces in other oceans).

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