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i dont know how to enter the ice ocean all wais it tells me : you acc dose not curcelently mett whit... when is that "meeting"? witch day?
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Mate there is probuly a million and one topics on this.

Search and Yppedia are your friends.

Ice is typically considered a subscriber ocean, and as such, does not normally feature doubloons or badges. Subscription players from Midnight or Cobalt have full access as long as they are current subscribers. Non-subscribers can access the test server if they have recently purchased at least 24 doubloons with cash. If a player from a doubloon ocean wishes to subscribe using doubloons instead of cash, they may do so by visiting the "Coinscribe" page - also known as "Dubscription." One month of access costs 42 doubloons.

Cephalopod greeter chats, "I think... I think I might cry"

Gaea says, "I'm in yer ship, makin typos in yer rename."

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