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Cobalt, Prolix, Gonark's fray (Big Ego) Reply to this Post
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Ahoys mates,
Today I was reminded by a very kind flaggy of the events that passed last year. (27th of october, 2007) on prolix island.
Some of you may have been there, others weren't.

A skellington fray that had been going on for four to five hours was miraculously finished by a random little greenie, no one heard about so far. Little Gonark, who had worked hard and was promoted that very day to SO. Found himself outnumbered four to one, and, against all odds, won. A lot of people cheered for me, a lot of pepole cheered for the skellies, I find more joy in reading back both, names I still know well today. A victory that was brought on by nine parts luck and one part talent. A day, that was, beyond doubt.. the best day in my carreer.

Now after half a gallon of the clear liquid known as "cervesa", in an incredible ego trip, reading back the chat logs of that day.. I conjured up that I might want to celebrate this. An event that signaled the true start of my Piratey career.


Prolix Island, Oct. 27th. "One year since"

For those of you that lost items, several tournaments will be held sponsored by me (and maybe more?)
For those that lost yer poes, I'll buy yer fish! (Go gather some)
BRING YOUR GREENIES (Show them that puzzles are truely played by skill, not by rating!)
Rum, grog and swill will be provided by Prolix's fine distillers! (doesn't come free, I know)
Small bake - offs (There be more then swords an' bludgeons!)
And, with the governor's help at that time, perhaps a blockade?

I sent out a petition to see if we can even get our lovely skellingtons back.. unfortunately, they do not have influence here..
Offcourse I'll be accepting SF challenges !

Let us all celebrate the days we decided to be pirates!
It would mean so much to me!

I know this all looks really self-centered, it is. This day meant a lot to me. I try my best to help everyone on here, get their backs up, be nice to them. I am selfish enough to I think I should be rewarded for at least trying!

I am aware that my forum account says that I joined back in 2004, this is true, I have even some subscription records back from 2005.. I be one of those pirates that didn't lose their account

Boogers and Davino, I still remember you both!, wherever ye are, whatever seas ye sail
Tha' is like toally rock and roll, mahn!
~ Me after drinkin' rum

Pirate metal vs Ninja metal, join us and we can beat the ninja's, YAAARRRR!
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