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Announcing Puzzle Pirates Adventures!

Dear Dread Pirates,

I am excited to unveil a new chapter in the story of Puzzle Pirates. To paraphrase an old friend:

I believe what you are looking for are Puzzle Pirates Adventures! *

Back when we first conceptualised Puzzle Pirates we always believed that there should be adventures on the high seas and treacherous tales set on treasure islands. As those of you with long memories well know, the mythical 'Adventure Islands' were a tantalising dream to prospective pirates as long as six years ago. Today marks the first step towards fulfilling that promise.

The first volume of Puzzle Pirates Adventures can be tested on Ice, here:


Please note that the release page and site will be a *lot* prettier!

Doubtless many of you will now have scuttled off and played Puzzle Pirates Adventures. You may already have finished, as the first volume is short and sweet. There will be more!

Puzzle Pirates Adventures will soon debut on all Oceans and the front page of puzzlepirates.com. It is to serve two purposes: a taster of what may be in store for experienced players, and also a way for new players to get a flavour of the game. The latter is very important, and if you will indulge me, I will explain why.

Puzzle Pirates has been very successful in many ways, but in one respect it fails us all: the vast majority of prospective pirates who visit the site never experience the game. They are deterred, perhaps by the 'Do you trust these scurvy dogs?' security warning, perhaps by the fullsome sixty megabytes of download. Of those that do don their rags, many never save their poor pirates. Every one of these folks is a drowned cabin-person never to join a crew nor play a round at the Inn, nor embark on their first sea monster hunt.

Therefore, in making our first steps towards adventuring greatness, we are undertaking a brave experiment to see if we can also create therein a more auspicious path for new players to experience the delights of puzzling piracy, from whence they might more confidently set forth into the oceans we know well. For this reason, Puzzle Pirates Adventures presently runs from the web-browser, rather than in the existing client, is a small and svelte download of approximately 3mb, with additional art pulled down 'on the fly'. If you were a new player, you would notice does not require a scary security consent to be given. The devs have overcome significant and technical hurdles in order to achieve this.

Changing the way new players experience the game, and thereby making it possible for more of them to discover its delights, is critical to the continued success of Puzzle Pirates and, as all you know, to the health of the oceans. I hope, therefore, to beg your indulgence as we continue to work out how best to do that.

Fortunately, Adventures are also a long-hoped for boon for experienced players. As you will soon see, you can play your existing pirate on your chosen ocean and win trophies, PoE and prizes to bring back to the docks. Over time we will be labouring to deepen the experience and increase the connections between the world and its adventures, with more fluid movement between the two for the glory of both. We will offer more challenging adventures, and will consider the opportunities for player-created content. Join the discussion of the possibilities here;


Naturally we will, as always, continue to work on other features of the game whilst we adventure onwards... but I'm keeping mum about those for now! Yours,

- Capn Cleaver

* http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?p=110815#110815
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