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Joined: May 30, 2004
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Pleun
Ocean: Midnight
Name of original event: Valentine's Day Contest
Link to the original event thread: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=56306
Contest-specific information: Create something for an OM or developer.

Entry: A tribute to captain Cleaver, because i feel i can't ever thank him enough for all he does and has done. He really is amazing.

The treasure chest and most of the treasure were created by me. The chest was created from an empty sigar box, and the coins were all cut out and glued together by hand.
First Mate of Monkey Militia, TO in Carpe Noctem, Midnight ocean,
owner of the Dainty Dolphin and the Mystical Dragon.

Avatar made from artwork by Kagaya
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Joined: Nov 15, 2005
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Ecastasy
Ocean: Cobalt
Name of original event: Build Your Own Familiar
Link to the original event thread:Build Your Own Familiar
Contest-specific information: To enter, you just have to provide a materials list, as well as some pictures of your entry:

A "materials" shot (This should show what your familiar bits looked like before you turned them into a familiar)
A "finished product" shot (Show us the finished product)
A "glamour" shot (Prove the familiar can "perch" by perching it on something; I suggest your shoulder, although your wrist, a chair arm, a tree branch, etc. are perfectly suitable.)
As many more photographs as you like (Especially "work-in-progress" shots!)
All photographs must have either a card with your pirate name on it, or a rubber duckie, somewhere in the shot. Perching the familiar on a piece of furniture (a chair arm, for example), your wrist, a tree branch, etc. are all acceptable alternatives to your shoulder if you feel uncomfortable showing your face. You simply must prove your familiar can be perched.

My Entry: A green octo!

My mother was kind enough to want to pose as the perch :)
As well as my dog ;)

Larger Image: Mother
Larger Image: Charlie the dog

Finished Shot

Materials Shot : The cashew I used for the mouth was unfortunately left out because I didn't realize I was going to use it until the last minute
Materials I used:

-The whole octo is made out of toliet paper
-Jello powder Lime and Cherry and water for dye
-The sun to dry the toliet paper
-Salt for texture on the red bandana, though can't see it well from pics
-Two dice for the eyes (Snake eyes? More like Octo eyes!)
-A cashew colored by a permanent marker for his mouth.


Dye Station
Salt on red
Laying out to dry
Finished dried product
Built from toliet paper
Becoming Hulk--I mean green octo!

Prizes(listed from the contest):
1st: Green Octo
2nd: Tan Octo
3rd: Sleeping turtle
4th and 5th: Parrot Feather, your choice of color (Light green/black)
6th-10th: Clam shell, color of your choice: Magenta
Ecastasy of ... Cerulean

Avatar by Pennywhistle!
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Joined: May 15, 2005
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Sandiye
Ocean: Viridian
Name of original event: U Giv Doll
Link to original thread: U Giv Doll

Contest info:
Materials used: muslin and polyfill for the doll's body
lovely yellow yarn for hair
black button eyes
fabric markers for mouth
white fabrics, lace, and yellow fabric for clothing
gold key rings and ribbon flowers for accents

How she was made photos:
some materials used
stuffed the doll, added hair and face
working on the clothes
halfway dressed
Artemis' photo shoot
ready for my close-up, Hephaestus!

Posted for Sandiye by the Dread Pirate Robarrght
(Good luck, Sandiye!)
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Joined: Dec 4, 2007
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Paradox
Ocean: Malachite
Name of original event: Lovesongs Piratey Style II
Link to the original event thread: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=55406&offset=0
Contest-specific information: Using the famous song, "Scarborough Fair", your task is to write original lyrics to it reflecting piratey love. The song should be about love and pirates. If your pirate loves it, its fine! The rest is up to you!

Prizes: A familiar of your choice between a red monkey, a pink or red and maroon parrot or a pink octopus!
Pink Octopus please.

Are ye ready to join the fray?
Bludgeons, swords, fists and sticks,
But at the end she ran away,
Sadly our frays never mix.

She was thin, brite, shining white.
Ribs and arms, legs, feet and skull.
She made me stay away from the light,
With her never a moment dull.

I was dead with red glowing eyes
Stinky flesh, rags, losing me hand
But we share the piratey skies!
Till we go back to where we began.

I see her again, just as I said
On the beach she puts up a fight!
The pirates win and steal her head!
Oh my! What a horrible sight!

A sight to make my undead heart yearn,
Next to her holding her tight,
She says don't fear my love, I'll return
At least I got to hold you tonight...
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Joined: May 12, 2008
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name : Fable
Ocean : Malachite

Orginal Event : Lovesongs Piratey Style!
Link to orginal Event : http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=30206&offset=0
Contest Specific's : Using the famous madrigal, "Greensleeves", your task is to write original lyrics to it reflecting piratey love.
The song should be about love and pirates. The rest is up to you! This is a single pirate contest, you're on your own.

Prizes from Orginal Thread : A familiar of your choice between a red monkey, a pink and maroon parrot or a violet octopus for you to love.
*Violet octopus Please*

A Lad and Lass
A tale o' love between lad and lass
Separated by the great ocean,
Maps across the globe, avast!
By help of a whisking potion.


Tonight my love the fates decide
To bring us back inside our sight
Tonight my love we join with pride
Sailing below the moon light.

Their own fair ships, they set a sail
Until one fateful day, their crews met,
A fierce brawl broke out, swords drawn, and chain mail
Experienced in fighting, they break a sweat.


Over the sounds of the clashes and clangs,
The fair lass and the salty lad,
They caught eyes as their battle sang
A fire was lit in their hearts, quite mad.


Each crew was spent, their holds had no rum
Their cannons were filled with piles of ash,
Sound the retreat! They both did run
For no pirate can brawl a sober bash.


The days and weeks passed, for the lass and lad
Their separate flags flying high
They remember the meeting they had
But know they share the same sky.


Until one faithful day, the message came
Atlantis is where the treasures lay
They plotted the course for glory and fame
Fighting off the invaders fray.


In murky waters, big waves ahead
They spot each others sail again
Forward! He cries to thy ship ahead!
Raise the anchor let loose the main!


Her ship was over taken by force
He threw the gang plank across
Secure the crew! Correct the course!
His sword to the side he did toss.


She looked across the ship to him
Their eyes locked in a brilliant stare
Their chance meeting again was slim
Being apart she could no longer bare.


Hand in hand they lead the ship
Towards the citadel they did steer
Draw your swords! Bludgeons equip!
The crew broke out in a cheer.


They won the fight and turned around
Heading back towards calmer seas
But at one a frightening sound
Which made the lad and lass freeze.


Here comes the swarm! She cried aloud
Wrapping her arms around him tight
I wont lose you again! He howled
We will make it out tonight!


They attacked and rammed the deadly foes
Tearing the ship from stern to keel
Fight hard lads! Protect the poes!
Damage both crews began to deal.


The ship was thrown from side to side
The lad and lass fight strong and true
Back to back to save their hide
In the sails the wind suddenly blew.


Hold on tight! Lets make a run!
Fill the sails and stations below
He kisses her, that was fun!
In her hair she ties a bow.


With danger past they forge ahead
To open seas with treasure won
Joining flags the old ones shed
Together they now sail as one.

"if you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you'll end up doing nothing for nobody"

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Joined: Jun 2, 2005
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Mizzenmiss
with much help from Purplejade
Ocean: Viridian
Name of original event: December Doodles, 13 December - Stain Bonus
Link to original: Stain Bonus

Inspired by the Norse Dragon of our crew, Sheer Plunder, and crewmate, Madmadethel, this stained glass art measures approximately 16"x22". It was made using liquid leading and glass paints. The phrase "Volo ut bilge" roughly translates as "I'd rather be bilging." (Wouldn't we all?)

Here is a close-up of the diamond crabby.

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Joined: Mar 8, 2007
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Hooray for last second posting! Here's hoping this works.

Pirate Name: Jasonbourne
Ocean: Malachite
Name of Original Event: Write a Brigand King
Link to Contest: Here .
Special Contest Information: Word Limit was 1000, counter found here . Poem was posted long ago by me, but not used in an event. Entry format is an epic poem, with ten syllables on each line, and the last words on the second and fourth lines in every group will rhyme.

The Tragedy Of Barnabas The Pale

When the world was young, violent, and evil
Long ago on the great oceans of old
There was a man who dared to sail the seas
A man who faced many horrors untold

The man had wealth, many treasures galore
Ships of diamonds and rubies from the deep
His blade was of emeralds and sapphires bright
Many gold pieces of eight, he had reaped

His great crews were strong, armed to the teeth
His fleets were mighty, and were numbered high
Islands could not quench his love of power
He conquered oceans, then reached to the skies

He was bold, and the strongest of the strong
In a test to best him no one could pass
When he raised his fist on the horizon
Worlds cowered at the name of Barnabas

But Barnabas was human, here we begin
Our tale of his, where we end at the end
Greed can betray even the greatest man
Can steal your life, soul, and every friend

Barnabas heard of a ship, one of life
Whoever was at its helm, immortal
Forever was what Barnabas had not
But his wish for life would be his downfall

He gathered his crew and set out a plan
To steal this grand ship, and master the seas
His force was greater than ever before
And he set out, journeying across leagues

He braved tempests, and fought hurricanes
They fought to live and to get to their goal
He searched and searched and fell prey to harsh winds
Until at last they had found the land of souls

They all knew this was a powerful place
Legend said that souls, here would they be made
Sent off to live and work in the harsh world
And when the body fell, here they would soon fade

As they creped into a lagoon quietly
Barnabas sensed that this was very odd
"Shouldn't a ship so grand be guarded more?"
But he thought of his prize and on he trod.

When he saw the craft, he was truly shocked
It was larger than he could have thought of
Twas armed like war was soon about to come
And fashioned perfectly, it was so suave.

Barnabas threw the first grapple, and went
Climbing up to his future, wouldn't stop
He was so crazed by this work of the gods
He went higher and higher, then atop

He looked around, and tears came to his eyes
"Time, thou art defeated, I am alive"
His crew climbed aboard, and were amazed too
He went to the helm, but someone arrived

A man who was tall, with a long, grey beard
One who had seen the powers of the seas
He held in one hand a mighty dagger
And the other, a conch to call his armies

"Barnabas," Poseidon shouted loudly
"You dare to steal a treasure of the gods?
I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget.
You'll never sail again, never maraud."

Barnabas pulled out his sword so bright
And said "Back up your words, I have no fear
Of you, worthless piece of wasted power
I'll take your ship and make you disappear!"

As Barnabas and Poseidon dueled
The crews of man and skelly battled hard
Blades crossed time and time again and again
Bravery galore would be told by bards

But yet that is a different story
For another time, yet another day
Now this is where Barnabas's fate turns
That brings him down to where he is today

The battle was turning, against the humans
The god and undead were beginning to win
Barnabas was no fool, he knew he had lost
He wasn't ready to come to his end

Barnabas fled, from his enemy
He knew that alone, was how he must go
Abandoning his crew, he slipped away
To prevent his death, and escape the foe

His crew soon noticed, that their leader fled
They were filled with fear, at their coming death
But as each sailor was cut down by death
They made an oath, with each of their last breath

"Curse you Barnabas! You traitor so evil!
We shall hunt you forever and haunt you.
You shall not escape your fate the next time
This until we win shall maintain as true."

Poseidon also had a few words to say
"Barnabas, for the first time you have lost.
But instead of accept and just move on,
You betrayed your crew, now accept the cost."

"You came searching for an immortal ship,
A ship of life, the one thing you had not.
So now the thing that you wanted the most
Shall be a ship of death until you're caught."

So thus El Pollo Diablo was born.
And for years it scoured the seas, searching
Attacking those who preyed on all the weak.
But when they found him, then the death bells ring.

Barnabas had rebuilt his crew, his life.
But he had not changed his heart or his mind
For when he attacked that poor, defenseless sloop
The forces he betrayed would not be kind.

The sky turned dark red, a dark crimson hue
The ocean turned black as the water churned
The clouds began to swirl, and lightning struck.
The voices Barnabas heard to him spurned

"Barnabas," they cried, unrelenting hate.
"Barnabas," they screamed, pure, true anger
"Barnabas," they yelled, pure viciousness
"Barnabas," they shouted, insane avengers

Barnabas knew what had come to fetch him
He knew what had come to send him below
He tried to run, but the ghosts would not let
Him go, as they grabbed him and brought him woe

They dragged at his body, but that's not all
His soul, they tried to take with them as well
Barnabas screamed as he fought to escape
And try to get away from fiery hell

He pulled and pulled, but his body was still
But a tear at his heart gave him a chance
His soul and body, they split into two
As his soul escaped, he went into a trance

The demons howled as their prey did escape
They gnashed their teeth, and they broke their own bones
They seethed with anger as they sunk softly away
They knew their chance was now gone as they moaned

Barnabas floated away from his crew
But he wasn't finished, he hadn't stopped
He could start anew, from the land of death
He would rule, and into the sea he dropped

And so now our tale shall come to a close
How he who once was master of the sail
Fell to greed and betrayal, and then paid
So ends our tale, of Barnabas the Pale.
Winston Churchill wrote: 
History shall be kind to me, for I intend to write it.
Jasonbourne on Malachite (Primary)
Godssniper on Viridian

(Who am I kidding, I haven't played in forever.)

Sucking at Pac-Man since 2008!
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate: Jawnie

Ocean: Viridian Ocean

Lovesongs Piratey Style

Orginal Competition Link

The aim was to create a lovesong in the tune of "Greensleeves"

The old Salt sat in the dark inn
Hear me lads, as the tale unfolds
of love once earned, laboured and lost
A tale of heartbreak, tears and woe

War, greed could wreck their wrath
While the harsh Gods observed
Is this the price of peace
The life of her one beloved

The challenge came early one morn
Who dares fight the King of Brigands
Step forth and try or lose your land
Forever under my command

The elders gathered in the town
who will lead the onward charging
As he stepped from her arms and left
Her heart knew he won't be returning


Distant guns rang, slicing the air
As shadows lurked in the dark night
Many lost hope, thought all was gone
The screams woke the town up in fright

Out on the sea, the brave boys fought
Watched as their ships sank, comrades fell
Losing the all important fight
Till he rallied them, strong and tall


Onward he led, fearless and bold
Grappling and sinking, as he went
striking fear into The Brigands
His men fought on, led by his strength

Till a lucky cannon shell struck
Though hurt, his head remained unbowed
Fighting to save his drowning men
Dying he didn't cry once aloud


Back on the shore, she woke in bed
in her mind's eye, she saw him die
Her heart was pounding with alarm
She left the house, tears in her eyes

As the sun rose, t'was a new day
angels bore him swift to his sleep
Kneeling by the shoreline, she wept
Prayed for him, that his soul would keep


Finally, the victory was earned
The villains fled their burning wrecks
Women from the town cheered with glee
As each man came home for his lass

She waited and watched, fearfully
Each ship let off its jolly men
She didn't see that familiar face
wond'ring if she'll see him again


When she saw his first mate arrive
She ran to him, voicing queries
Where was he? The sad look answered
And so she learnt of his demise

As the sun set, and people left
She alone remained on the shore
As couples and families left
She stood alone, pained to her core


And as she stood and kept her watch
Time moved on, still she stood alone
Lest their sacrifice be forgot
The Gods set their story in stone

Now she stands forever in time
Waiting for her love to return
A testiment to faithful love
Her face to the horizon turn


The rock formation that inspired the song, the tale behind this rock is that of a lady who grew old waiting for her husband to return from the sea.
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Kingpriam
Ocean: Malachite, Midnight, and Viridian (for the sake of Teuts)
Name of original event: YPP Idol
Link to the original event thread

Greatest Hits '08 Entry: Join my Crew (The volume recorded very high on this one, so be quick with your volume control)

Contest-specific information:

Here is your chance to sing your heart out for fanship and prizes!

This is a YPP version of the popular show, American Idol. The majority of the action in this event will be happening on another forum. (http://z13.invisionfree.com/YPP_Idol/ ). So be sure to register an account or else everything you do will be voided!

This event will last from now until mid August, when the final four will do their finale performance.

Starting in this event is simple. All you have to do is record an audition file, upload it, and post it here: http://z13.invisionfree.com/YPP_Idol/index.php?showtopic=6

If you need help, there is a forum for that too! http://z13.invisionfree.com/YPP_Idol/index.php?showtopic=7

Audition files shouldn't be too long, 1 minute is more than enough. Pick a song that you think would best represent you, your style and skill and sing it acapella (just voice, no music). Be sure to sing out your pirate name and ocean before you begin your song.

Deadline for submissions is 11:59pm PST on July 11th. After the judges agree on the 16 contestants, they will send out a PM to those that qualify and give them acess to the contestant's lounge area in the forums. Be sure that you're registered on the forums!

The actual contest
On July 15th, the first topic will be released to the contestants and they will have a week to get ready before performing the weekend following. These topics will be a guideline for the song choice of the contestants. It is also encouraged that the contestants show a bit of flair and parodize the song somewhat so that it is more piratey. All performances are done acapella. The scheduling procedure for performances has yet to be determined however all performances will be done on Ventrilo and recorded. These recordings will be uploaded and posted for all to hear and vote on. Voting closes at 11:59pm PST on the Tuesday after the performances and the top 8 will go through to the next round.

After the top 8 is determined, the next topic will be posted up for them and they'll have a shorter time to prepare for the weekend performance. After another round of voting, only 4 will remain and they will move to the final round where they will compete for first through fourth.

First prize is a lovely singing Canary! *cough*Yellow/Yellow parrot*cough*
Second place prize is a renamed WB, the Off Tuna and a Golden Ticket for BoNB
Third and fourth place will be receiving some furniture prizes to help them prepare better for the next singing event they do and a Golden Ticket for BoNB.

Those placing 9th-16th will recieve a handkerchief of their choice so that they can cry their eyes out (I'm so nice)
Those place 5th-8th will recieve a single flower trinket of their choice for their performance, how touching ^_^
Those placing 1st-4th will recieve a bouquet of flowers (the triple flower trinket) of their choice.

For all trinkets, some colour combinations may be restricted.

As the event required live singing for the finals for all to hear, if it is required, I will be happy to re-sing this live for judges (though a time is difficult, as I have to schedule it around my wife...literally...)

Here's my song. I did sing it once before, but not for an event. I hope that re-recording an original work that was not entered into a contest is ok.

Greatest Hits '08 Entry: Join my Crew
Avatar by Kolibri
Devout follower of Apollo
d(-_^) Blackhat Approved
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)


BYOF: Build Your Own Familiar!
original event

Original guidelines: Ever wanted a familiar, but can't work up the written, illustration, or puzzle skill to get one? Why not build one? Using found objects from around your house, build a familiar. Maybe you'd like to sew together a socktopus... or make a parrot out of pieces of fruit leather. Perhaps a monkey cut out of wallpaper samples? Whatever you like! Just build it, take some pictures, and send 'em in. Easy, eh?
What does "found objects" mean?
It means that you shouldn't have to buy anything to construct your familiar. (If you want to, it's not like I can stop you, though.) Try and use objects and supplies you find around your house. Additionally, "found objects" means things that aren't traditionally used for art; for example, if you make an octopus out of gym socks, you're using found objects. If you make a monkey out of papier-mâché and poster paint, you're using art supplies.

supplies photo

I used a variety of things from around my house including:
black towels-various sizes
white towels-various sizes
waste basket
camera bag- as a weight inside
white pantyhose
yellow 'cord pro' extension cord holding thingy
white bath robe and the bath robe tie
couch pillow
pink and blue water socks
various white t-shirts and pants
pool cue
black and white throw blanket
brown and black purse strings
black socks
long black sweater

perch shot-front
perch shot-3/4ths
perch shot-back
another finished shot-front
different pose
different pose-front
different pose-back

For the most part, I used the waste basket covered in the long black sweater for the body, with the camera bag inside as a weight. Then I used a pool cue rolled in a black and white throw blanket inside the arms of the seater to give it wings. Next I put various white bits of clothing on the cue for wings, followed by black towels to make white flight feathers and black primaries. For the head I used the couch pillow covered in a white towel and used the tie to the bath robe to hold it on. The eyes are black socks that are tied around the robe tie. I gave it a head crest by covering the hangers in the white pantyhose and attached it to the head. for the feet, I used the water socks flipped upside down and tied on via the black purse cord. For the tail, I took the white bath robe and tied it on the back using the brown purse cord.

As for the 'perch shots' since its too big to hold- I perched it on a chair(its also too heavy to hold for long)
Dracon, Captain of Revenge of Io on the Midnight Ocean
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Daynarius - Midnight
Original Event: Karaoke Kapers
Sims On Stage (used to be Singshot) name: Daynarius
Link to my performance
Original Song - Hokey Pokey, in the style of Ray Anthony

Two quick notes - Firstly, the site formerly known as Singshot is still having some problems with audio synching when you save your recording. I've managed to (mostly) compensate by singing WAY ahead of the beat on the recording (which, I'd just like to say, is freakin' hard to do, especially for someone who spent the majority of her youth in a marching band). On the spots where it sounds like I'm behind, that's just where I forgot I wasn't allowed to actually keep time with the song. :-/ Ah well. It is what it is, for better or for worse. Secondly, and much more importantly, hidden within the song is a very small tribute to Domokun, creator of the most brilliant rendition of Jingle Bells I've ever heard.

The Pirate Pokey

Ahoy, mateys! It's time for Jolly Roger's favorite party song, the Pirate Pokey!

You log in, then you log out,
You log back in and you ahoy all about
You do the Pirate Pokey and you sail yourself around,
and that's what it's all about

You load the cannonballs in, you take the brigands out,
You divide the booty and spend your share all about
You do the Pirate Pokey . . .

You put your sloop in, you get your sloop sunk out,
You put your new sloop in, and you nav it all about
You do the Pirate Pokey . . .

* Musical Break *

You put your right leg in, you pull a peg out,
You take a swig of draught and shake the new leg all about
You do the Pirate Pokey . . .

You put your furniture in, you take your furniture out, you put Your furniture in, and you move it all about
You do the Pirate Pokey . . .

You put your war dec in, take the alliance out,
You put your thread in parley, with hand-waving all about
You do the Pirate Pokey . . .

* Musical Break *

You take your grand frig in, you take the citadel out,
You haul treasure chests up and share the goodies all about
You do the Pirate Pokey . . .

You put your wager in, you get insta-killed out,
You wait for the next round while shouts of "TEAM" fly all about
You do the Pirate Pokey . . .

You put your new alt in, you take your old alt out,
You get a new account and move the labor all about
You do the Pirate Pokey . . .

* Musical Break *

You put first bet in, you check the cards out,
You wager "all-in" and fling your bluffing all about
You do the Pirate Pokey . . .

You drag your family in, don't let them back out,
You make them subscribe then sell the shanghais all about
You do the Pirate Pokey . . .

Pirate Pokey!
You do the Pirate Pokey, the Pirate Pokey,
You do the Pirate Pokey, and that's what it's all about
Proud SO of British Bandits on Midnight and avid Daily Doodler
Avatar by Crooks
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Sig

Ocean: Malachite

Name of original event: Design the Oceans!

Link to the original event thread: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=13305&offset=0

Contest-specific information: First off, my apologies. For some reason, the Narya Scene Editor wouldn't let me take a snap shot of the island as requested. Similarly, I couldn't open up the resource counter so my resources might be a little off (they -should- match or come reasonable close. I didn't skip them).

The island I chose to create was Jade 1, a large colonized island with forests and fields. To meet that goal, I made the center of the island a forest with four separate fields. Each field has a little surprise in it, so look closely. The shack in back was added as a little reminder of my time on Olive in the Viridian Ocean when my flag held the island.

I'm calling my island Azygos Flats for the following reasons:
1. I simply like the word Azygos.
2. It's 1:25 am EDT.
3. I'm a geek.

Uncolonized: http://www.freewebs.com/jpinfv/contest2.XML
Colonized: http://www.freewebs.com/jpinfv/contest1.XML

Minimap pictures (closest to "snap shots" that I can come)

Colonized minimap

Uncolonized minimap

Action shots:

Owner: Sig Supply Network

What happens when you beat whiny sword fighters with overpowered trash swords...
Imcolorblind auto-responds, "sig hacks sf :) try and see".

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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate Name: Ilya
Ocean: Cobalt
Name of the Original Event: Bah! Lovebug.
Link: Here
Misc: 1500 word count limit. Word counter used found here.

As the sun set I started to head back home when I heard some rustling in the bushes, I stopped and slowly turned to look at what it could be. I looked motionless for a sec, It was a treasure box with three lockers. I never had seen one before so I leaned down to unlock those chests with my falchion. It just wouldn?t open. The locks were made out of diamond the hardest mineral there is. I struggled, got sweaty, girls walked passed me and giggled? I finally got tired of tiring and lifted it to take it home. As I lifted it I found three keys under the chest and a note ?Hope it doesn?t take ye long!? I was so red I decided to open it at home.

As I opened my door I heard something inside. I quickly whisked the door open and found an opened window. I ran to see if anyone was outside of it but as I looked out the front door slammed shut. I was tricked again. As I walked upstairs the stairs creaked under my legs. I opened the door to the Little Pirates Room. I look at the bath and all the plants around it and signed. I lit a candle and just relaxed there. I was thinking what my father said ?You must find a date for the Pirates Ball! Your father will die soon, you can?t take over till you get a bride though!? I frowned and headed towards my bedroom. If I broadcasted I need a wife, so many different, strange people would come. I didn?t want to get married but I had to and I only had nine days?

The next morning I woke up and remembered my box! My Treasure Box! I quickly put on some clothes and ran into the main room. I quickly grabbed it and unlocked it with the three keys. I blinked as my finger started to bleed. It was a White/Gold Karkinos! One of the rare beasts around. It quickly scrambled and found a spot under a plant. I found a note in the box too. ?Yarr! You have met the sincere Karkinos! Ye do not know me but I know ye! Here?s a clue for ye! Karkinos likes white and gold! It hates poker, it does not fold! It likes ships and chests! What ye find will tell the rest!?

I wondered what it meant? I smiled and I loved mysteries and excitement. I took a chair and started writing key things in the note and worked my way up to the answer. I failed many times and got tired of trying till one thing hit my head. Gold/White, Poker, Ships! My father the loyal king of Cobalt has a sloop painted White and Gold! He plays poker on! So what I am looking for is on that ship.

I slowly sneaked on it as guards of my dad were guarding it. I found the chest no keys though I picked it up and found a note. ?The guards, the mighty have the keys, one on each in every sea!? There were three loyal guards to my dad leaving in each arch! I was worried they killed all of the brigand kings with my dad. I was worried, I made my way to the first guard who amazingly was near the ship.

I sneaked up to him and held my shiny sword to his neck and said. ?Key!? He smiled and suddenly I lost my grip and he managed to turn and evade my sword. He charged for me I managed to repel what he did to me. I took my sword and started swinging like crazy with my eyes closed. I knew it was helpless but I did anyway. I opened my eyes and found him on the ground and a tone of other people too. I blushed took the key and ran to the next arch.

I found another guard and decided not to risk it and used a sleeping potion to knock him out. Took the second key, last guard was asleep so I just took his key. I felt pretty bad. No fights maybe that was the whole point to prove myself strong, Well whatever I opened chest and hoped to see an Ippolito. All I saw was a card though. ?Ye might be worth it if ye came this far, Please meet me in Kirin Bar! Ye have three guesses at who I am! If ye fail I will go bam!?

I ran to the inn and found millions of women there. Most were very well stated. I didn?t know who to pick half of em wore rich black clothes. I went up to one that was in white and gold and smiled. I got slapped and I heard ?Not me sorry!? I then looked around and saw a sad woman dressed in rags. I smiled, and smiled back and suddenly everyone in the room went poof.

I smiled looked at the time. Billions of bluely blistering barnacles! Twenty minutes before the ball. She was in tan rags, I asked for her name. She said in a voice that made my ears think they were in paradise. ?Shantelle.? I took her hand and ran, we talked and found out we were meant for each other during those minutes.

As I entered the candlelight lit Pirate Ball the music stopped and everyone stood and looked at us. My father came running down

?Who is this hideous girl, boy!?

?My bride!? I replied almost shouting!

When I said that the Shantelle?s hair turned gold, her rags turned into the most beautiful clothing ye ever seen and she went perfect.

?I am marrying your son, your majesty. Do ye have a problem with that??

My father?s fainted that day as he never seen real beauty. He was in the hospital that day. He died but before he did that he told me ? Never judge anything by its cover?? I smiled and cried at his death. My bride came and said ?We can make the world better and happier. We can make everyone find and run events.? I smiled and that?s how all the fun events began as one mystery and task. Love comes where ye seek it and it will never leave ye once its there.
Ilya on most of the oceans,
Russian on Midnight.

Hypnos tells ye, "i burn u"

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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Sallymae
Ocean: Viridian
Name of original event: A Sailor's Yarn
Link to the original event thread: A Sailor's Yarn
My woolie is of El Pollo Diablo starting a battle with a Xebec. The sloop that was originally attacked is escaping in the background.

I took a ton of in progress pictures:
materials mostly #5 perle cotton, some 6-strand floss for details, aida fabric
starting EPD (and proof I <3 Heph and haven't recycled my entry)
EPD wood
working on the sails
Finished EPD
working on the xebec
ships done
ocean half done and starting the sky
working on the sky a closer look at the couching method I used for the sky
finished sky
ocean finished

And pictures of the finished product:
nicely cropped
sailors on the xebec
with ruler and nametag Final dimensions were 15.5"x12"

I've never embroidered before (although I have cross stitched), so I learned lots of new stitches and tried to use a variety: stem stitch, chain stitch, back stitch, satin stitch and padded satin stitch, Portuguese knotted stem stitch, French knots and couching.
Sallymae of Meridian
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate: Hearthealer
Sailing the Viridian Ocean

Event entering under is

Happy Hallmark Holiday

Made the card but lost my camera connection wire and wouldn't upload it in time, well, i finally get to post pictures. So i'm happy :D

Meant for 2 pirates/sea-explorers in love


ps. if just one judge awwws at the card, my mission is accomplished :D

Viridian Ocean

wanna-be avvie arrrrrtist
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Countrytheta
Ocean: Midnight
Name of original event: Karaoke Kapers
Link to the original event thread: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=58369
Contest-specific information:
--Your Singshot account name: Countrytheta
--Your Singshot url: http://thesimsonstage.ea.com/playPerformance.html?performanceId=fBYSZCkuOQ4%3D&play=Y
--The original track artist: Nickleback
--The original track title: Rockstar
--Parody Lyrics:
I'm through with standing at port for hunts I'll never get in
It's like the round of the tourny that I'm never gonna win
Pirate's life hasn't turned out quite the way I want it to be

I want a brand new house on Rhinoceros Ridge
And a big room I can play poker in
And a porceline tub big enough for ten plus me

I'll need a, a global purse that's got no limit
And a big grand frig with rum n' balls in it
Gonna join the Ocean Love Club between the frays and the leagues

I want a new skull dagger made with black enamel
Want a spot on the swordfight high scores table
Somewhere between Leif and Jaina is fine for me

I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame
I'd even pay my sub and change my name

'Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars
And live in estate houses, shopping at bazaars
The poe comes easy and the rum comes cheap
We'll trash those items that we just don't need
And we'll hang out in the inns and bars
In the VIP with the docktarts
Every gold familiar's gonna wind up there
Every pirate's honey with their dredlock hair

And well, hey hey I wanna be a rockstar
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

I wanna be great like Loose, without the tassels
Learn to carp like mad so I can fill up shot holes
Buy a tailor shoppe on Spring so I can make my clothes for free

I'm gonna dress my lass with the latest fashion
Get a front door key to the Three Rings mansion
Gonna date a millionaire that loves to blow his money on me

I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame
I'd even pay my sub and change my name

'Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars
And live in estate houses, shopping at bazaars
The poe comes easy and the rum comes cheap
We'll trash those items that we just don't need
And we'll hang out in the inns and bars
In the VIP with the docktarts
Every gold familiar's gonna wind up there
Every pirate's honey with their dredlock hair

And we'll hide out in the private rooms
With the pirate dictionary and today's who's who
They'll get you anything with that evil smile
Everybody's got an O-M on speed dial
Well, hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

I'm gonna say those words that offend the censors
Gonna pop out ults from a pez dispenser
Get high-stat pirates showing me my wrongs
Pillage with them every night, hard and long

Well we all just wanna be big rockstars
And live in estate houses, shopping at bazaars
The poe comes easy and the rum comes cheap
We'll trash those items that we just don't need

And we'll hang out in the inns and bars
In the VIP with the docktarts
Every gold familiar's gonna wind up there
Every pirate's honey with their dredlock hair
And we'll hide out in the private rooms
With the pirate dictionary and today's who's who
They'll get you anything with that evil smile
Everybody's got an O-M on speed dial

Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

Theta Wuz Here.
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Alvan of the Midnight

Oceanus' Shack of Zen

Contest-specific information:

* Dream Room
Spending Limit: none
Rare furniture: unlimited
* Home of the Enlightened
Spending Limit: 50,000 PoE
Rare furniture: 2
* Nirvana
Spending Limit: 25,000 PoE.
Rare furniture: 1
* True Zen
Spending Limit: 10,000 PoE.
Rare furniture: none


Dream Shack (imaginary)

The Bridge to Fantasy

Small driftwood
Walls: 11 units of Brown paint; 1 unit of White paint
Trim: 3 units of Brown paint

Rare furniture:
14 Clothing racks


Home of the Enlightened (real)

The Graveyard of Desire
Alvan's Shack, Novel Hovels, Epsilon Island

You opened your coffers and found 50,000 PoEs, blindly glittering your eyes and tempting your desires...but, fortunately, you managed to control yourself. With the coffers you held tightly in your grasp, you immediately bought tools you'll be needing for the instant insight you had. Then right away, running for a place to bury the thousands of PoE, wanting to conceal the temptations of spending to rubbish worth, you ended here.

Now, somewhere deep beneath this shack, the thousands of PoEs are kept buried, awaitin' their purposeful use.

Barrel o'rocks: 288
Pick and shovel: 891
Woodpile: 69

Total: 1,248 PoE

No rare funiture


Nirvana (imaginary)


2 Tall lumber stacks: 4,404
1 Lumber stack: 1,146
10 Barrels o' rocks: 3,168
2 Tables: 2,020
1 Plain chair: 448
1 Bulletin board: 424
1 Pick and shovel: 891
1 Candles: 1,021
1 (Set of) Scrolls: 286
1 (Set of) Notebooks: 362
1 (Set of) Tools: 872
1 Bag: 132

Total: 15,174 PoE

Rare furniture:
(Vessel duty station) Carpentry


True Zen (real)

The Gold Within the Wooden Box**
Alvan's Shack, The Manger, Endurance Island

In the depths of your dreams, as you were lying in a bedroll in your shack, you realized the truth about life more significant than your fantasies--realism.
While every other pirate longs on disposing each of their furniture, forcing themselves to believe that money is not important, you have been busily spending 10,000 PoE to make the interior of yer shack inspiring.

As you wake up in the daylight, in the humility of your bedrolls, you stretch your arms and kneel to pray--you got a new day ahead.

You wash yourself and then prepare,
You see your portrait, then compare,
"Have I changed from when I've been a stowaway?"

The crates o'hemp had you recalled
the pleasant life outside your home;
The potted plant remind you of
how lovely can the world become

In your need of a journey, open the books and sail beyond horizon.
In your peaceful solitude, take the quill and express your thoughts.
You got limes to assure your health
You have tools to boost your strength

Invite a hearty for a company
and have a chat, tell what you've had
Gaze by the window, feel the night
Just before you rest, sleep tight

And last you saw the broken barrel
and realize what just it meant
that all the goods just doesn't last
and so thank Him, for what He sent

You wash your face and back to bed--you got a great day just today...
You close your eyes and then you say, "I'm better now than stowaway"

Money is important. Others have just treated it more important than how much it should be.

2 Crates o'hemp: 458
1 Bench with back: 1,564
1 Sink: 609
3 Bedrolls: 1,773
1 Shabby table: 442
1 Plain chair: 436
1 Potted plant: 1,083
1 Paper and quill: 600
1 (Set of) Notebooks: 362
1 Small painting: 1,302
1 Pick and shovel: 891
1 Crate o'limes: 324
1 Broken barrel: 156*

Total: 10,000

No rare furniture

*the broken barrel is actually 154
**if this event would be considered as multi-round event, I'd choose the True Zen category as official entry
<-- My avatar no longer reads: Everyone Wants to be a Pirate Even Avatarless Forumer

...soli Deo gloria...
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Xeitgeist of Sage

Original Event: Draw a Brigand King:
Contest-specific information: Draw a portrait of an existing Brigand King. Include a thumbnail and name the media.



Materials used: pencil, gummy eraser, sketchboook paper xD

Lololol. I forgot the deadline was today. Doodly Vargas to the rescue! :D
xeitgeist of emrald oshun iz tired
I have a webcomic!
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

And that's a wrap!

Thanks everyone, for your entries, some hard work judging these ahead of us!
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