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Joined: Nov 10, 2004
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Tyr's Own Piratey Auction! Bank 'em, Plank 'em, Spank 'em

A Fundraiser for

Ever wanted to play with a monarch? Enjoy your very own Kingpriam avatar? Pick up some tips at that puzzle you just can't master? Toy with the emotions of a fellow pirate? This be your chance!

Where: Byrne Palace Don't Worry About the Government (if you need a whisk to Byrne, /tell Jobs job me)
When: Noon pirate (Pacific) time, Sunday July 16. Doors open at 11:30 am.
Why: All proceeds to Tyr's Own Oceanwide Million PoE Event Circus Circus!
Who: Open to all
How to bid:
Pre-bids by silent auction: Pre-bids are being accepted now - post your bid below, send a personal message to Sweetiepiepi, or contact Sweetiepiepi, Tiannah or Blarneybelle in-game.
Live Auction: will begin at the higher of the pre-bid amount and go from there. Once the auctioneer Sweetiepiepi has declared the bidding closed on a pirate, the winning bidder will /pay our crazy poe-collector Arlith the appropriate amount of PoE. All PoE must be on hand.

Bidding will open at 3k and must go up in increments of 500.

Calligraphy (Otherwise Known as The Fine Print)

No making us work against our own flag! Well, unless we want to. And if we want to you better be prepared to offer 'em a permanent crew invite when we kick 'em out.

Services are to be delivered at a mutually convenient time. Delivery of mutual services will be open to negotiation.

We're trolloping out our pirates, not our stats or our stuff.

All live auction bids must be paid up immediately. All silent bids must be paid up within 24 hours of the close of the auction.

Pirates up for Auction

All bids are for buyer's choice of two hours' piratey time or anything else specified below.

Adesh - (High bid: 70k by Calyx) This piratey wench is game for anything, for two hours. Jest don't tell her hubby Calyx, it'll be our little secret.

Alethia - (High bid: 15k by Becketmac) This late night lady enjoys a drink of fine wine or a sip of a good potion while sitting before the fiery glow of a sinking brigand ship.

Arlith - (High bid: 15k by Empereux) This crazy gal is mean with a sword, a sail or a shot. Or if ye prefer, spend yer two hours belly laughin' as she watches the pigs and sheep chase her, or booching up carp.

Brentinator - (High bid: 16k by Ashrann) This loyal lad wields a mean hammer, willing to prostitute his piratey self for the flag. He be good at most puzzles for a coupla hours, though not distilling or bilge, or could give ye a couple days' labour instead.

Brighteyez - (High bid: 20k by Adesh) This young lass be professionally trained in the educating arts and happy to use em to teach ye how to properly raise yer drinking arm. She also be willing ter sail or put down her drink to pick up a sword.

Dewdlebug - (High bid: 28k by Queenoftarts) When asked to contribute, this dashing Dewdle said, "You mean I can stop selling myself for free? Put me down for anything? Suck more at some puzzles than others but long walks along a shoreline shouldn't be too hard, right?"

Dorien - (High bid: 30k by Springheel) Enjoy the mad leet skillz of our very own uber-ult. He'd be a great teacher at pretty much everything except distilling,rumbling or treasure drop - even shop management - or he can share his terrible MS Paint drawing skills with you. Dori be a sparkling conversationalist and great arm-candy, at least he is until he drinks ye under the table.

Fizz - (High bid: 18k by Empereux) This crafty former monarch stands ready and willing to fulfill yer every piratey desire, except bilge, ye gotta pay extra fer that kind of trolloping.

Gloopie - (High bid: 21k by Empereux) This thoughtful lass be one for the company, an excellent battle navver, a sweetheart, a gem, don't miss your chance to meet her!

Hatchetback - (High bid: 25k by Blarneybelle) This thoughtful type be willing to do anything puzzle-related to teach or play any of sails, carp, dnav, bnav, distilling, alchemy, drinking or any card games. He can also help maintaining shoppes or provide 12 hours of any grade of labor/day for a week. The stories ye've read in the tabloids about this governor getting around are certain to be true, as he's memmed every route in the Midnight Ocean.

Javoch - (High bid: 32k by Adesh) This travelling minstrel is always game for any craziness. If ye're thinking o' testing the limits of yer imagination, this be the gal to do it with.

Kingpriam - (High bid: 114k by Robberbaron) Ever dreamed of owning an avatar from the premier artist across all the oceans? This much-loved special guest has generously offered one for your pleasure.

Littlebus - (High bid: 33k by Brentinator) Don't be deceived by the name, this buccaneer actually be pretty sharp. Sharp and willing to do any ship duties except duty navigation. Even give ye a tutorial on B-nav or rumble, or just rumble for a long, long, long time. Or if ye're more the mercantile type, he'll give ye up to 48 hours of expert distilling or shipwright labor.

Locksmith - (High bid: 13k by Dorien) This keen young member of Mia's minions will abandon his goddess for hours to become your very own minion. Ever wanted to be worshipped? Don't miss your chance!

Lovelytini - (High bid: 35k by Jabez) This lovely lass is a trollop at basically anything - ye'll see she gets around from her stats. She'll be yer lovely lady for three hours, no questions asked, but if you ask her to give ye some rumbling lessons, expect to walk away very, very bruised!

Mrsdashwood - (High bid: 15k by Empereux) Dancing, sailing, prancing, carailing. Game for anything, Mrs. D is the one you want for fun on your escapades.

Nevien - (High bid: 15k by Dorien) Byrne's lovely fashionista can follow someone around and look pretty and compliment someone for hours for those lonely pirates who need company She can also give fashion advice!

Ploute - (High bid: 19k by Calliste) This talkative tailor will help ye empty yer hold of bilge, drink up a storm, and fight off all the krakens ye meet as ye sail the seas together.

Raymundo - (High bid: 70k by Cioj) This cheerful captain would be happy to carp for someone for a couple of hours or duel them senseless! She don't be minding sailing or gunning neither, if ye're prepared for the fact that she may or may not suck terribly when it comes to doing it. If ye be feeling romantical, she'll sing ye silly odes to yer sweetie for two hours!

Saadskellie - (High bid: 23k by Arlicious) The Pirate Formerly Known as Saadauntless stands ready to discuss the finer points of fighting skellies with ye, or do anything, really, for a couple of hours. Enjoy his fine company as ye cross the waves together!

Springheel - (High bid: 100k by Themachine) This lovely guest be uber-Ult at most of the piratey skillz, but at none is he so fine as his hugs and his love. Spend two hours in the glow of his company, ye'll never be wanting to raise a sword in anger again.

Sweetiepiepi - (High bid: 80k by Springheel) Enjoy her sooper mad elite forum tarting skillz. Oh, and she's not bad at bnav either. Or enjoy her comedic carpentry on your own boat.

Tiannah - (High bid: 25k by Curus) This powerhouse excels at sails, bilge and carp and would be an excellent selection for the Europeans among us. If ye prefer, she'll help ye put the finishing expert touches on that new ship or order of lacquer.

Yarrdaddy - (High bid: 22k by Empereux) Who's Yarrdaddy?!? This one be happy to enjoy a couple of hours making ye breakfast after a pleasurable night spent with him aboard his Magnificent Pink Chub.

Yelwlobeard - (High bid: 60k by Springheel) This handsome man be ready to spend hours satisfying yer every whim. If ye ever wanted to learn how those poker sharks make a million in a day, he be yer man.

Zahara - (High bid: 20k by Curus) Our gorgeous lady will dance for any bidder for two hours, whether on the deck or in the sails.

Blarneybelle - (High bid: 90k by Springheel) Last but first among us, our lovely Royal Tartarella. Queen Belle will introduce ye to the world of ocean politics, and the finer points of royal tradition.

Check the Tyr's Own forums for more information about the upcoming events. If you have any questions, fire away.

Forum banner provided by the lovely and amazing Kingpriam.
My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world. ~ Jack Layton

Sublime is shame.
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Re: Tyr's Own Piratey Auction! Bank 'em, Plank 'em, Spank 'em

I hereby bid -1 PoE for Springheel.
Things in my past I can never change.
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Re: Tyr's Own Piratey Auction! Bank 'em, Plank 'em, Spank 'em

I'd like to undercut that bid to 0

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Joined: Nov 10, 2004
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Re: Tyr's Own Piratey Auction! Bank 'em, Plank 'em, Spank 'em

This is today at noon! See you there.
My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world. ~ Jack Layton

Sublime is shame.
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