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Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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This thread is for entries for the Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest. Please do not make other posts to this thread, as they will be deleted.

You may find the rules for the contest here.
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Reposted below.
Looterati, Midnight Ocean
Painting Midnight purple, one ship at a time...
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Word count : 500 (After much chopping and deleting...lol)
Pirate : Shazbot
Ocean : Midnight

It Fell From The Skies.

Arrrr! 'Twas a clear night on the midnight ocean. Small waves slapped against the ship as we headed out into the night. The sea looked black, with only the reflection of the new moon casting sparkles and shimmers upon it in the distance. Glancing upwards, I saw a shooting star slice it's way through the sky. I watched it in awe, waiting for it to disappear from sight. It didn't. It's fall was broken by the sea, causing a huge splash and large ripples moved towards my ship.

We hit a league point and quickly changed direction, for curiosity had got the better of us. Minutes later we reached the glowing water where the star had fallen. There was a strange humming noise in the air and a smell not unlike the cannons after firing. Gingerly leaning over the side, I noticed bubbles working their way up to the surface. What in the seven seas was it? I really didn't want to find out and, giving the order to about turn and set sail, I noticed that the ship was eerily quiet. Where were the rest of the crew? I called out but there came no reply.

The humming was getting louder and the bubbles were growing bigger. Although now terrified, I stood glued to the spot, unable to tear myself away, fascinated by the glowing water beneath me. Something was rising from the depths, up through the glowing water. I shook with fear and was aware of an icy cold sweat prickling my skin. A single large eye stared up at me from the glowing water, a lifeless eye, a soul-less eye. The only thing between us was the side railings of the ship. A high pitched scream came from the monster, the like of which made your blood run cold and the hairs on your arms stand on end. I jerked back in fright and the screaching stopped, the creature lurched backwards and began to sink. The glowing water began to dull and fade, the bubbles first increased and then waned to nothing, the strange humming ceased; the creature was gone.

I have no idea how long I remained there, nor do I know what happened to the rest of the crew. Some say that madness set in, that I did away with the crew myself and made up the tale. Others say that it was really just a shooting star and that, by coincidence, a whale surfaced where it had fallen. I personally stand by what I said at the time, it was something not of this world or time, something sinister and intent on evil. I don't sail the seas any more. So if you see this old salt, standing at the inn, buy me a drink and I'll tell you the tale of the night the creature fell from the skies.
Shazbot - Midnight
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Word Count-485
Ocean [Sage]

The Pirate's Calamity
Once upon an ocean, on a dark and dreary night, a captain with the name of Jack was pillaging. He was on a long pillage with an arrogant crew. He had been sailing for several days now, hoping to win loads of booty. It all started on this night, in the middle of the ocean.

It was late and dark, with sunrise in several hours. Everyone seemed to be working fine, until one pirate fell overboard. The pirate attempted to grab the rope but was then pulled back by a mysterious force. He was pulled down and was never seen again. A black rope floated up shortly after the disappearance of the pirate.

Now the captain wasn't in the most pleasant mood after hearing this news. He then decided to take action! He demanded that all sailors would take shifts so that most labor was produced during the day than that of the evening. Jack, the captain, was exhausted from working these past few days. So he decided to take a short nap. The captain then rose to see all stations filled with skeletons working about. The captain then started to crawl away, when suddenly a skeleton glared into his watering eyes. All skeletons then joined the fray and pursued the terrified captain. At that moment things blurred and he then woke up from his nightmare, to find an arrowed-pumpkin impaled on the navigation wheel.

Shortly after awakening, Jack asked his mates if they knew when the pumpkin appeared there. They then contemplated the question, and all of them gave the response of something along the words of, "I have no idea," or, "Not the slightest clue." This
made captain ponder what would his next move would be. He came up with a plan.

The captain later decided to share his idea at sunrise. Hours flew by as the sun came into sight. The captain then declared,
"We shall send all mates to sails and pursue the enemies haunting us." The crew went to work as the day passed. The day was ending as the sun began to set. The pirate on lookout then said that he thought he saw a small ship at the end of the sun. Short and suddenly, a thick fog began to fill the air.

As time passed the crew became frightened about the possibility of death. Suddenly, a Black Frigate came into sight bearing the flag showing the dreaded skull and crossbones. Everyone went to stations and battle commenced. The enemies timing was impeccable, with cannons firing at every correct moment. We then grappled their ship at once to finish them off. At that moment we discovered our enemies were skeletons. They began to take us down, one by one. Jack knew that the battle was forfeit, so he then jumped overboard for his very life.

An unknown time passed...Jack entered consciousness to find himself on a deserted island.

The End
Active Ocean: Emerald
Emerald Characters: Jimmy, Gluba, Jamy, Jimae, Jimy, Jimae
Captain of the crew: Taste the Rainbow / Illustrious
Prince of the flag: Proud to Love

Epic seven year old quote designed for ypp by my young self : "TTSGAOM
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Word count-490

The Tale

Everyone have a story to tell but one story will haunt me for the rest of my life.
It had been a year since Captain Jack went missing while sailing on the Viridian Ocean.I became captain 3 month after he went missing.
So on the very same night, the very same day,and the very same time I went out with my crew to find out what had happen to him.
The trip began very simple all the crew mate were in the bottom deck playing spade and some was drinking till they had pass out.I was in the upper deck of the ship navigating and my hearty Lisap had told me to take a rest and let her take over, it was getting very late into the night so i stop the ship and just let the wave take us.It was while I was sleeping at the lower deck that I heard a weird sound coming from the top deck.I thought it was just the guys making loud noises so I went back to sleep.Then shortly after that I heard it again it was a strange and familiar voice it was calling to me.I then knew who the voice was it was Captain Jack trying to worn me about something so I decided to see for my self.I went to get a flashlight out from the old tool kit and went and get Lisap to come with me to find out what is happening on the top deck.When we went up we didn't see anyone up there,but Captain Jack cloth.It was still new as if it was never worn before then I knew that something is happening the moon started to fade away we was heading toward a place we never went before.When I turn on the flashlight it was like seeing death himself everyone heard of the tale of the Black Ship, but I saw it in reality.Captain jack was trying to worn us about the Black Ship but it was too late the Black Ship was heading toward us screaming ''you'll die'' over and over again.Then I told Lisap to worn the other that we are being attack by the Black Ship but they didn't listen and thought it was a joke,me and Lisap decided to get off the ship as soon as we can. We brought a safety ship out and immediatly we started to paddle toward the opposite way from which the Black Ship was heading toward.The next day I finally knew what had happen to old Captain Jack he must have had been attack by the Black Ship and that his grand frigate had sunk with him inside of it,but still I wonder till this day how did old Captain Jack worn us if he had been missing for 1 year and if it wasn't him then who?

The end

Viridian ocean
Pirate name in game Dapuzzler
Fleet Officer of crew the fallen angel
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answers on a postcard Reply to this Post
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Word count 500

As I drew my last breath I knew I had been a fool...

Previously in 'Lost at Sea'.

Captain Bates strode out of his cabin aboard the Saucy Stickleback, "Cabin boy where is that pineapple I was asking for! If I find you playing cards again ill flog you all the way to Dragons Nest!"

But there was no reply from the crew, just silence. What's going on here? Bates thought, have I finally got a crew who understands the meaning of respect? Wait a second, I don't remember ambushing these pirates at the inn and forcing them aboard, Sly Emma, Hateful George and who is that on the main sail Mean Tim!

Captain Bates slowly retreated to his cabin and tried to focus his thoughts; within his grog filled head must be the answer on why these pale zombie like pirates were manning his ship.

As he reached for his bed, the smell of the smoke from the inn, was ripe in the air were it had seeped into his clothes. Last night had been a great celebration, his Queen had at last said yes to marriage! Yes! Bates had finally snared a fine Lady, not one of the wenches from the inns, but a lady of class and finesse, she had seen the diamond hidden beneath his rough exterior, where had it all gone wrong? It should have been a great night.

Then just as the captain was to rest his head on the pillow? BANG!

"What was that!" screamed the captain, holding his head on for fear of it falling off. Opening the door to the deck didn't help much as he couldn't see a thing, there was smoke everywhere, he could see small fires starting, and there was a horrible rumbling sound coming from below deck, things were not going his way today, he was under attack.

Stumbling to the ships helm, the Brave (yet still sluggish) Captain bellowed his first orders;
"All hands to deck, grab what ever you can and patch this ship up before we sink to Davey Jones locker." But alas no response from the zombies, they just stared vacantly out to sea, oblivious to the damage being done around them.

Who is this attacking me, thought the Captain, could it be one of the many pirates he had stolen from before, no he never left a soul alive, it couldn't be one of them. Could it be a ghost ship, he had heard rumors of large frigates patrolling the sea, crewed by the dead and forgotten, but he didn't believe in such clap trap. No this was someone he knew, maybe it had something to do with last night? How many pints of grog and swill had he drunk, and all this noise wasn't helping him!

Then the smoke cleared for a bit he could see his love, the queen whit a cannon beside her, as the canon ball hit him he remembered he shouldn't one final thing from the night before.
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Words: 453 Words
Pirate Name: Blitzlkh
Ocean: Viridian

The Mysterious Ship

The tale of a black ship with many skeletons roaming the waters may be still a myth. However, only I… only I have encountered the black ship face to face. No one believes me, but I believe in my sight… unless it has failed me.
Then I was only a Fleet Officer in Viridian Sailors. I was offered my first opportunity to sail a War Frigate. Taking up the helm while my subordinates recruit jobbers, the feeling was one that I had never experienced before – not exactly euphoria, but merely contented.
It was time to leave. I unanchored the titanic ship and deported, sailing to nearby Swampfen. I had won several pillages on the way, representative of my excellent battle-navigating skills. We made port at Swampfen, split booty, had a few kegs and turned around.
On the return journey, slightly tired and weary from the journey, I spotted what looked like another War Frigate. My subordinates told me it was a sloop, but I refused to listen to them although I was drunk. I ordered pursuit of the ship, which suddenly disappeared in front of my eyes.
I was instantly sobered. “What the—“ I exclaimed. My cowardly subordinates ordered all to abandon ship and swim for shore at Swampfen. In a matter of minutes, I was the only person on board the Fiery Rockspear.
A fog was conjured up from nowhere. I, already frustrated at the inability to control my subordinates, was angered even further by the fog. “No matter.” I thought. “With Blitzsam’s epic ship I will stand alone against the forces of evil!”
However, I spotted a large ship looming in front of my comparatively small War Frigate. It grappled the Rockspear and…
“What are those? Skeletons?” I wondered.
Yes. Skeletons started boarding my ship in hundreds and tried to take me captive. I fought with all my might, trying to kill as many skeletons as possible. But my plan was quite a failure. The skeletons jammed me to a corner while stealing my riches from the booty and hold.
In a smattering of seconds the attack was complete. The skeletons vanished in front of my eyes.
“Yes, blitzlkh, I can understand your plight.” A wandering pirate said. “I had been blackshipped too. And today, no one believes me.”
“Well… we just have to learn how to accept that and go on with our lives.” I told him.
So I continue on, rambling about my tales of the black ship. However, if you are out on a stormy sea and you decide to attack a ship much weaker – stop and take a moment to think about my encounter. Do not fall into the same trap as I did.
Vice-captain of Blitz Republic (Viridian)

Buying Sloop for 35k, price negotiable.
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Pirate: kmf
Ocean: Midnight
Word count with Microsoft Word: 497

A Salty Tale

"Two hundred pieces of eight to the man who will navigate a cutter from here to Eta!"

A shrill voice sounded out above the chatter in the smoke filled inn, its owner a fresh faced lad. Old salts nursing their mugs of ale exchanged knowing glances before returning to games of cards and muttered conversations.

The youth frowned but undeterred called out again.

"And a quarter share of the profits!"

An old weather-beaten pirate huddled over the bar, his pint nestled between a gnarled hand and a hook, grinned without taking his eyes from his drink.

"Weather ain't fit to go out in, boy," he said, voice harsh and low, "Can't you see the fog? No pirate worth his salt would head out on a day like this. 'Tis fog ridden days like this that..." he trailed off, shuddering slightly before taking a gulp of his drink. "...that she comes out on."

The youth frowned.


The pirate nodded, tipping back his mug with one shaky hand and emptying it.

"She.. it..." the old man shuddered again and whispered, "A siren...."

The youth smiled broadly.

"Old man!" he exclaimed, "A siren is just a myth, a legend!"

The old man peered up at the youth and glared.

"I've heard her sweet voice, lad," he muttered, "I've felt the pull her song had on my soul. Sirens are real, lad. You mark my words!"

The lad's eyes widened slightly, and he pulled up a stool to sit by the old pirate.

"You have seen a siren?" he asked, curious to learn more. He watched the old man nod and regard his empty mug with baleful eyes. Turning to the barmaid, the youth ordered a pint of ale for himself, and one for the old man in the hopes that he would continue his story.

Nodding his thanks, the old man took a deep gulp of the ale.

"Twas a day just like this," he began, "Fog so thick you couldn't see the tip of your own nose. We were not a league from homeport, but didn't dare come closer for fear of ending up on the rocks. Playing cards, we were, to pass the time when we heard it.

"A song, the likes you had never heard before. Beautiful it was. Peering over the rail I saw...her. Sitting on a rock, combing her long green hair, the loveliest creature you ever did see, singing the most wondrous song. It pulled at my very soul, urging me to give up my ship and my mates and join her in watery bliss. I couldn't resist, nor could my crew. We all climbed over the railings and jumped into the water to be with her."

"Good Lord!" the youth exclaimed, clutching his drink tight, "What happened?"

"What happened?" the pirate repeated, before draining his mug, "Why....we all died lad!"

Howls of laughter exploded in the Inn as the old salt grinned at the lad, and thanked him for his free drink.
Looterati, Midnight Ocean
Painting Midnight purple, one ship at a time...
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Word count-497

Haunted Ship That Never Sank

Sigh...This story would effect my life forever its so horrible and so scarey a man
should never go through it twice.Now you will hear it from me I hope you listen to wat I have too say.Well here go nothing...One day on a windy Friday I remeber it like it was yesterday.Me and my friends was going down to the old pub for a couple of drinks and wat not.There were people talking in the back of the room and we over heard they were talking something about a treasure we continue listening too there conversation.By the time they were done it was late so my friends left...Anyway that was the day,hey Mr. are'nt u sappose too tell us the 'scarey' thing that happen to you?DOH I forgot all about that well let me continue with the story then shall we?Later that night I saw the same mens that was talking in the pub on Dragon Nest at the port they were mumbling with one and other and there were another guy there with them he had a tattoo on his right arm with a skull on it I thaught it was nothing special so I went to sleep.The next day the same thing happen me and my friend went to the pub and there were the same guy there talking about treasure on Sakajema Island and that there going there tonight.So me and my little sneaky friends hid on there ship alone while they were not looking we did'nt care where we were heading but I knew I cant allow myself too miss the chance of a life time.The cloud were starting to come out with the fog in the way it was getting cold and windy.We were still excited about the treasure so we did'nt care much.Then something terrifying happen I saw a merchant brig in the mist from the side of the deck and we were heading toward them.They were going fast I was confuse for awhile and it all make sense a skull tattoo a treasure its Pirates Bandit!And there no good they steal other ship goods what happen next was the most terrifying day of my life.I will let u figure it out while I tell the story young one.The pirate attached itself too the ship then they search around for few minutes and notice there no one on the ship!!!after awhile they got confuse and then SKELETONS STARTED POOFING OUT OF NO WHERE CHALLENGING THE PIRATE TO A SWORD FIGHT!One by one the pirates bandit fell each screaming out 'HELP'I knew me and my friends was no match for these skeletons but we couldnt let the bandit die so we jump in and save the day...In a flash of lightning the skeleton disapear...today is that same day and month that this all happen!

The END!
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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496 words


Once upon a time the crew of black eyed hawks was looking for booty in the sea.We distant spot we managed todescry a enemy boat with few pirates onboard.We decided to attack it but, we were playing with the luck.
We had listened to histories of a ghost boat,we thought that they were myths.But when we were attacking that small boat we didn´t hope to see what we and our ambision create...A giant black boat bigger that any boat that we sight before.We tried to sail to escape of them but it was impossible.In the sky suddenly we saw a sparkle as a explosion,my mates try to hit that big ship but,seconds late we listened to an outbreak in our boat water began to enter the boat.We didn´t get enough speed to flee away from them when we felt the second firing,that moment i think no one was hearing my prayers,from a second to other we felt a small hit in the side of the ship,i didn´t know what was happening when i noticed of a black cloud aproaching to the boat and as people approached to us. But when we noticed was not people...Were skulls we tried to take our swords but... We didn´t have enough time to manage the attack to them,we were very wounded. We began to attack,we lost two mates who were eaten by a monster of the bottom of the sea called LAG . I saw about 100 enemies that were skulls.I try to help my crew with my sword in the hand.But already we lost several mates we began to fight we managed to win to 43 of them we were in the game yet.Later I saw that almost all my mates were dead, I decided to continue fighting until the end.We were still on board 3 people,we followed with the battle and when I noticed I was alone with 31 skulls to my around I continued fighting.I heard words in my head screaming me.A capitain sink when his ships sink.A capitain die when a matey die. But the most important...a capitain fight even when all his crew has die.I try to get a honorable death, but was imposible i take to the dead to 53 loyal mateys how can i get a honorable dead when i remember i was who decide to attack that ship.A second i see a sparkle and...
The next i remeber was me falling to the bottom of the sea,the last i remember of when i was on the ship was a sword coming to me,I can´t blocked, it come directly to my.After that, i remeber laughs were not mine or my mateys laughs was a terrifc sound like joking of me.
Now i am in the bottom of the sea thinking in all this.
¿What could happen if we didn´t attack that ship?
this is the story i have to count...


This is me history
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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499 word count said by the counter given in the link.
(talk about a close call lol)
this is totaly original and what i found had a good moral.
wolfyz28 keeping it creepy
viridian ocean


The story starts off with a captain going on a late night pillage on holloween hoping to find something rare he could sell. Now this captain was a very greedy man, he would sell his soul and his crew for a few measly dubs. While out at sea he had landed on an uncharted island and decided to look around.When the captain docked the ship and disembarked, he immediatly saw something that caught his eye.A small glimmer of light coming from a tree covered in moss.He removed the moss and found gold, lots and lots of gold.The captain got on the ship and piled all of the gold aboard.W the crew was down was all grouped below deck where helit a fuse connected to a bag of the cannon powder while the crew was fussing about what they were gonna do with their shares. The captain then went on top deck and rammed his sword into the lock. He jumped overboard with his pockets filled with gold. Then he looked back with an evil grin on his face while he watched his ship explode. The captain was now trapped on the island.So he went looking around the island and found the biggest ship he had ever seen. The ship was abandoned and didn't have a very distinct color but very dark, but at least it could get him home. So he hopped on board and the first thing he checked was to see if there was any money on there, and he found more gold! even more than he had before.He stored his money in the hold and set sail. The ship didnt go that fast so he decided to try a couple tasks to see if he could bring it out where stronger wind and current was. When he went below deck he saw a horrifying sight that made him regret ever getting on this ship. He saw what looked like his below deck on his ship, but what he saw was much worse. He saw the room was filled with blood, skull daggers stuck straight into the walls, and he saw a distinct figure. He ran to the navigation room to get back to land as soon as possible, any land, he just wanted the get the out of there. When he entered the room he saw himself, dead, at the desk with a chart to his home land with a skull dagger stuck into it and skull daggers stuck straight into the walls.This captain started to go insane! He was trapped on the black ship, the ship occupied by skeletons, the deadliest fleet known of.Finally he couldn't take it any more and tried to jump overboard, but he couldn't because his sould was now trapped aboard and he was to suffer these illusions for all eternity because of his greed.Was it real?I would hate to be the one to find out.
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Through Calmer Waters
As told by Hempline of Midnight

A tiny ship, hundreds of leagues from the nearest port, was being tossed on a stormy sea like driftwood. The cutter's hearty crew flew about in a frenzy; it was all they could do to keep it afloat, no matter on course. The grizzled old captain stalked the madly rocking decks, bellowing orders on the top of his coarse voice in order to be heard over the tempest's din. Yet amid all this chaos, a conversation was being shared (albeit loudly) between two wind-buffeted souls.

"Where in the world be we goin?! We be off the bleedin' maps!" a young jobber shouted to a mate as he frantically attempted to repair the battered and quickly deteriorating cutter.

"The cap'n says there be riches out here! He worked fer some sea dogs a while back and they returned with a hold fulla kraken's blood! Why let the bloody brigands have all this fun!" Something the young lad mentioned struck an uneasy chord with him... though he couldn't put his finger on it, his own boisterous words suddenly felt empty.

This had continued on for several hours, yet no end was in sight; a hazardous climb to the slippery crow's nest had brought the news that every horizon was filled with the sinister clouds. The crew knew in their leaden hearts that their demise was imminent if the storm did not break. Even the old salt's bellowing voice started to lose its intensity.

With the speed of a lightning bolt, the storm was simply gone. In the blink of an eye, the terrible rolling ocean with waves the height of a mast was replaced by water as flat and reflective as a mirror. Sailors that were once fighting for control of their stations now were filled with the awed hush of those who had been delivered into the hands of fate.

Confused and more than a little alarmed, the crew milled about the deck, aimlessly looking at the cloudless sky and the flat horizon. The overwhelmed captain ordered a nervous jobber to the crow's nest until he could think of a more decisive action. As the shaking crewmate finally reached the top and looked about, he called down uncertainly.

"S...sir? There's something... -wrong- with the water."

All those aboard moved hesitantly to the railings, curiosity overpowering their terror. Sure enough, there was a discoloration of the water directly surrounding the ship. It was a deeper blue than the rest of the ocean, as if something was attempting to surface in the picturesque waters... and it was rapidly growing in size. The crew looked to the captain, but the answer came through the dead voice of their once-boisterous friend.

"We be off the bleedin' maps. The part that says 'Here there be monsters.'"

Weeks later, a maimed castaway was found on a beach. The pirate was black as the abyss, from head to foot. And as rescuers brought her to, all she was able to do was let loose a soul-wrenching scream.
Forever a Nameless Corsair
Island Designer

omg welcum bak hmeplien we mist u

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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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This be a tale by Carrol, Junior Officer o' The Lost Lot under the flag o' The Light Brigade which sails upon the Sage Ocean.

The Myth o' Davy Jones' Locker

This tale begins at sea, a likely place o' sorts for a frightening pirate tale. Me crew was pillaging around the Sage Ocean harassing small, unwary ships, when we spied a rather queer ship tailing us. It moved like the wind, and overtook us before we had time even to prepare the rigging for battle. Ye see the ship that tailed us was no ordinary ship. Aye, it was flying the Jolly Roger high and proud like any pirate ship would, but it was black as night, and a darkness seemed to surround it with ill foreboding. Even the bravest pirates on board our ship got the Davies and forgot their jobs. Their sailing was swift, and their cannons aimed true. We were no match for this mystery ship, and with little warning, our ship was going down.

Many sailors have experienced this poor fate, and visited the depths of the ocean. But few have returned as I have to tell the tale o' the myth o' Davy Jones' Locker, and what really be under the sea waiting for sinking ships...and now sinking the ships themselves.

At first, I went down with the wreckage of our ship. Even though I be a seafaring pirate, I don't know how to keep meself afloat in the water. But as I sank, I began to see things around me in the inky darkness. Skeletons. Lots o' them. Cutting through the water like sharpened blades through flesh. They took all they saw: clothes, swords, and booty from our ship. The dead they striped of flesh, and added to their own numbers.

As me lungs filled with water, I happened to spy a small barrel floating up towards me, and grabbed a hold. I rode it to the surface, and managed to get meself alongside the black ship. Never before had I felt so utterly terrified. It was as though me very soul had been removed from me body, and I yearned to yell out for the skeletons to take me too. But I restrained meself, and held fast to their ship.

It seemed like days I stayed along side their ship, but finally they made port, at the Island of Wensleydale. The town's people shut themselves inside at the coming darkness. But, there were some that stood to fight the intruders. Some who, despite their fears, wanted these skeletons off of their island no matter what the cost. So I stood with them, and we fought until the skeletons were defeated.

And here I am today, to tell the tale o' what lies beneath the seas. Davy Jones has surfaced mates! Be wary of hunting those weaker than ye, or ye may find yerself gazing on a black ship in the ocean, and getting a bad case o' the Davies yerself. And ye may not be so lucky as to make it out like me. Davy be increasing his numbers daily. Be sure ye don't become one o' his mates!
Carrol, on the Emerald Ocean.
SO of The Lost Lot.

Avatar by Avera.
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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The Rest of The Story (The final curse) 499 Words

I am a young and aspiring senior officer on the ocean of Sage with a story to tell.
It was a cold, wet, and dreary day not that unusual from the normal day on the Sage Ocean. I was sitting in the Wiscos Inn enjoying a drink as usual with the old salts listening to their stories. I had a few too many drinks and decided it was time to go. While stumbling to the door, I bumped into this guy who was behaving frantically. He quickly offered up a trade, and to my surprise gave me the deed to a ship. I told him I am broke. He told me to just take it and ran off and disappeared. I stumbled to see my new prize. The ship was worn and dirty but in surprisingly good condition. It's name was the "Black Catfish". I decided to clean her up and take a sail. While cleaning, I noticed some writing beneath her name, but I could only make out four letter: BROO. I thought I'll just repaint her. I loaded my supplies, charted a course for Descartes Island, and set sail. After a bit, I realized I was not on course. The ship behaved as if it was possessed. I went to the navigation table and found the word Revenge scribed onto the table and a lime spot on the floor of the hold. I got spooked and tried to leave and found that I could not whisk or leave. I was trapped. Suddenly a green fog surrounded my new ship, and I heard a ghostly voice cry out "Land Ho". I looked and nobody was there. When we hit land, I got off the ship on an island I had never seen before. It was hideous with green and black everywhere. I ran and fell into a group of stones. There I found an inscription, "Winter Solstice II this be the prison of Artemis." I then remembered the stories from the old salts and things started to make sense. The old ship name was really "Broomstick" from the witch of Midnight. She must of been banished from her ocean and made a new home here on Sage. Then, she appeared. She asked, do you know who I am? I told her yes shaking in my boots. I begged for mercy. What are you going to do to me, I asked. She looked over and saw her old ship and cackled. Free at last she screamed. Ye be cursed. I passed out and awoke on the isle of Wissahickon where I stayed for three weeks until I was finally picked up by a passing merchant. Since that day, I have not been able to win a swordfight, brawl, or sea battle. I have been doomed to walk the seas a cursed man. So you see, I am afraid that I was the one that released the cursed witch Artemis back on the seas, but now on Sage. So beware!

Senior Officer
The Sages
Mushroom Kingdom
KingKirby on Hunter
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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The Mirror of Captured Souls

Name: ishbash
Ocean: Sage

Once in the mystical seven sea's there was Old Salt called Ishy, he was Brave and fearsome pirate, he did whatever he could to get his hard earned booty!!!

One day after a Hard days pillaging Ishy was returning with his crew on a perfectly fine day. Though as they were 2 leagues away from a final port they were attacked, by the harshest Storm the ocean had ever seen. Captain Scurvybeard Believed in Ishy, he could sail them through the worst storms, Every storm Ishy had ever seen , he'd come out laughing. This one was different though, the sails were blistering cold. He couldnt get a grip his hands were burning but he could feel the ice needles piercing his skin. The Storm drew greater.... The tension was high. and everyone on board was doing terrible..... Their luck couldnt get worse until the heard the Captain announce the disasterous news!

Captain Scuvybeard Shouted " Avast, Frigate North. What in the seven sea's is it doing, it's on our tail in this kind of storm!
Arrr, COME ON sails we need to escape"

Bang!!!! Shudder Large cannonballs pierced the hull , the water took control, Ishy and the crew were practically Dead.

"Captain we are going under!!! Bilge cant take it.. Argh! nooo" Screamed Ishy..

Blub blub blub....
Ishy woke up the next day,
He found himself luckily caught marrooned on a small island
"What in the sevens seas , where the Scupper am i!" Ishy screamed and screamed

"Captain, Biggy, Woodlouse, Crabby! Where are you!" Ishy cried and cried for his fellow ship mates...
Ishy cried and cried for his crew, he couldnt handle the thought of them...
Then the Memory from yesterday night clicked his memory...
He Wept harder.
3 hours later, he got control of himself and thought about what he usually does.
He went in search through the small forest, looking for food when he came across and Black and gold glowing parrot, this parrot Squerked " That way,That way, That way" pointed left with its wing, Ishy followed it in hope he might find a coconut or some fruit, but instead he found a Dark Broken Mirror. He couldnt take it anymore, He collapsed,

" Help me!!!!, Someone! ....Yarrrr!!!!"...... he screamed and screamed
" I wont last here, Im gone from my life, No one here, Life is death here!!" Voices shouted from the mirror...

Life fell before Ishy he fell to the darkness covered in the mirror and found himself Re-entering Hell...

Thanks, ishbash :) i hope u enjoyed, its quite a sad story but has a meaning that you might have been able to get from the title and then end.
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Pirate: Ratnose
Ocean: Midnight
Wordcount (Bia's site): 465 (count is up to date with edits)

(Disclaimer: The ending of the story is rather harsh and not suited to minors. Read at your own peril.)

The Island In The Mist

"There be the treasure, me hearties!", the captain bellowed, pointing at the old and rotten treasure chest - even through the cracks, we could see that it was filled to the brim with gold and jewelry. The superstitious fear overshadowing us all ever since we laid eyes on this strange island, hidden by thick mists that appeared to only grudgingly allow our passage and landfall, dissipated into nothingness at the sight and the thought of gold.

We laughed with joy, and it took four of us to lift the heavy chest and get it back to our ship, but willingly did we carry it, singing songs of gold and rum and wenches, as is the pirate's way. Little did we care about the skeletal remains of those who were here before us, who lined the way to our ship - empty, soulless eyes staring blindly into the mists, limbs trodden into the muddy earth, swords still in hand. We cared not, for we had what they failed to get - we had the treasure.

When we finally reached the Devilfish, the captain opened the chest and we inspected the booty - jewels and gold spilled over the deck - riches beyond our wildest dreams. The cheering was loud, though the ever present mist muted it and we did not care for the eerie echoes our yells of joy caused.

Finally, we set sail - navigating was a difficult task in the mists, but our spirits were high and our bellies filled with finest rum to celebrate.

But we did not leave the mists behind.

Instead, they were growing deeper, if that was possible, and they sobered the rum right out of our blood. When finally the cry for land came, hours after we set sail, the initial relief did not last long - for it was the very same island we just left.

Three times we tried to leave it, over the course of several days. Yet always we arrived where we started. Finally, desperate, we carried the heavy treasure back to where we found it, past the mocking empty eyes of those we now knew tried and failed before - just as we have failed.

I am the last of my crew. The captain hung himself, so did half the crew. Even through the mist, I can sometimes hear the groaning of the ropes. The other half wandered of into the mists, mindless with despair, looking for a way out.

I have never seen any of them again. Me, I chose to watch the chest. It's mine now, and I shall guard it against anyone foolish enough to attempt to steal this accursed treasure. And when I am gone, I hope my bones will serve as a better warning than those who died here before, here, on this island in the mist.
- Ratnose, prettiest drunk of the Midnight Ocean

Master of the Pie

Springheel tells you, "*bite* im a rainbow!"

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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Pirate: Muffbeard
Ocean: Cobalt
Word count: 446

Dance of the Mad Bastard

The night had started out just like any other.

Acrid scents of gunpowder.
The taste of my own blood and sweat, and those who have fallen before me, dripping upon my shivering lips as the cold winds filled the sails gloriously.

A few pieces of eight, some extra rum, pails of delightful blood of a most unfortunate kraken stowed away safely below deck.

"Aye, another night of passion with me mistress...", a hearty sigh exhaled.



Pirates be sailing the seas heavily these days, the broodings of war blanketing the night sky as the stars seem to fade.

"They never seem to last as long as me heart yearns for tho", I lament.

Boom! Boom!

Shots getting closer.

I command the helm and steer towards the shots, the "dance of the mad bastard" I call it.

"Imperials!", I shout, recognizing the distinct maiden upon the masthead.

"Sweet Maiden.", I've had my way with her many a night upon these darkened seas, and this night she shall be mine yet again.

"Guns loaded!", the words my gunner sings to me like a mermaid upon the most tranquil of seas in the sweetest melody a pirate could ever hope to hear.

A few quick turns, a few shots..."Nice shooting!", the lookout screams.
More turns, more shots...."Incredible!", shouts the crew as we prepare the grapple. "Ah, the love of me crew still astounds me, the incorrigible lot."

A merciless victory.

My crew victorious.

A perfect haul.

Merchants sailing unguarded, teasingly, only to find their fate at the tip of my crew's swords.

"Gold! Lots of it, and gems!!" are heard amongst the commotion.

"To port!", I shout.

The rum flows endless as me mates shout and celebrate yet another successful pillage as we pull into port and empty our pockets with a few donations to our local haunt.

I overhear the retelling of the fight against the Imperials, echoing from a secluded table.

"I can't explain it...", my first mate whispers to my prized gunner.

"...It was as if the captain was within me, guiding me at the helm..", he continues.

"He's dead mate..you were there as we gave his body to Neptune over a year ago."

A long pause.

"At that very spot..."

A single teardrop echoes loudly as it hits the bottom of a mug long
retired, displayed honorably within the tavern's prized racks.

"...he was quite the mad bastard, wasn't he?", the gunner spoke solemnly.

"Aye, he was mate.", the first mate sighed, "Aye he was...".

The bartender smiles as he hears the pling of a single teardrop fall into a mug long retired, while pouring yet another pitcher of rum.

"mad bastard..." he whispers.

A weary pirate walks in, orders a grog and asks if he has any tales.

"The night had started out just like any other...", he begins his tale.
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Pheonixflame on viridian 500 with title

In the end...

"Grandpa, tell us a story", the kids whined one late October night.
"Well, the weather does bring back some memories...One night not different from this one at least 50 years ago, I happened to be walking down the alleys behind the psychosomatic stronghold I heard a noise behind and me thinking it was one of those dirty beggars I turned, sword at the ready. When I looked there was none around me. Thinking nothing of it I kept walking and-"
"What was it papaw?!?!?" my granddaughter said.
"You'll see hun if you just wait. Thinking nothing of it he kept walking and-"
"Please tell me" she pined.
"HUSH!! Now walking past and thinking nothing of it I got to the corner and turned and there I was, face to face with the most fearsome thing in the sea, the kraken. I jumped back prepared to strike out with my scimitar until I realized it was hung."Must be those greenies that got hold of the body after the blood was drained." I muttered to myself. I kept walking and every corner I turned, another body hung. Some were kraken, some were sharks, though some were the most gruesome things I have ever seen on two legs. Not quite human and not quite beast they stared into empty space. I would wonder what happened for them to be punished so, and started running. I kept running and running till I got to the docks. I jumped onto the nearest boat to Dragons Nest to head home and hide under the covers(I was truly scared that night) til morning came and the supernatural had left my mind."
"But papaw, you're the bravest man in the whole wide world!!"
To try to avoid breaking her spirits, he just said " Sometimes, Jes, even the bravest let fear hit. For fear is like a seed. It gets into your mind and sinks deeper and deeper and gets stronger and bigger, til all you think about is how to avoid it, instead of fighting it."
"But your not scared of anything!!"
"I am hun, I am scared for your siblings safety. Now may I continue?"
" When I finally reached Dragons Nest, I felt an unquenchable thirst for rum, so I stopped by the inn and got me mug. I quickly drained it and saw some betting going on in the backroom. I ran over to see who was fighting only to discover that in the end..."
My grandfather tipped out of his chair and died that night. None of us saw the creature hiding in the shadows. We just knew that the presence in that room did not want the story passed, and his secret revealed. Even now my wits are scrambled trying to figure out what happened. Now creature not quite human and not quite beast hunts and kills those that harmed it or knows of its story....

Fightin' on!
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Pirate: Emod
Ocean: Viridian
Word Count: 500 (according to Microsoft Word Count) 490 (According to java word count) with no title.

A Familiar Trick or Treater

It wasn't too long since Harmattan had fallen into the hands of Scuppering Seven Seas. I had just managed to win enough money through pillages, blood runs and brawls to afford a humble bungalow on the isle.

The day I purchased it I did so mostly on a whim, and when I first entered my new home I realized it was... "rustic" in the "Yeah it looks disheveled and crappy, but has some character" way.

The paint was chipped, and the windows were barred; the perfect environment to brew my incredibly complex, and stupendously impossible ploys to kidnap familiars and make them dress in fancy skirts and pants and have derelict tea parties with way too much sugar involved.

I stood there for a while, wondering if I could go on a spree and purchase a brawl table to be able to poke people's eyes out in the comfort of my own home while wearing exciting underwear. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. I didn't answer, sunk deep on my ruminations.
Still it was just a couple of seconds before I noticed something was amiss. The air had turned slightly colder, and the light coming through the windows seemed to become fainter with every passing moment. The day had been bright and hot just minutes before, not a single cloud, and the wind had been so calm that attempting to sail was out of the question.

Fearing a skelly invasion I went outside, but to my surprise the sun was high in the sky, it was warm and nothing looked out of the ordinary. Thinking it all had been a trick of my mind I went back into the bungalow, but again it was cold and dark in the rooms and also in the yard.

I was trying to make sense of such a weird phenomenon, when there was another call at the door, but this time it wasn't a knock. It was a scratching sort of noise, followed by a low whimpering, unlike any dog or creature I had ever heard.
I pulled out my backsword feeling my heart racing, and opened the door slowly with shaky hands.

Standing at my feet was the most dreadful figure of an undead familiar that you could ever see or imagine. I guessed it had been a monkey at some point.
Its fur was dirty, covered in dried mud, kraken and human blood. Its skin hung off the seemingly fragile bones of its skeleton. It was missing an eye and the other was cloudy and terrifying.

For a moment of sheer horror I stood petrified, but soon the ex-monkey opened its mouth.
"Trick or treat" it said in a raspy voice, and then let out a terrifying, soul ripping screech that sent me bolting for the door.

I don't know how I got out, but I never went back there, and I still look over my shoulder in fear of the specter monkey. I like parrots better nowadays.
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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I be Redcap, Captain of the Scuttle-Me Elmos on the Sage Ocean
Word Count: 499

I spent the better part of my childhood in my father's library, pouring over the ancient tomes and maps. I was especially fond of the maps. They showed exotic lands, places I had never seen, and never would see if I joined the clergy, as was my father's intention. One chart I prized above all. It was only half a map, showing the Isle of the Black Star. There, the map said, lay a treasure beyond reckoning: the draught of immortality. At the age of thirteen I fled to the sea, vowing to find the legendary island.

My father was an influential man, and no lawful ship would take me on for fear of him, so I joined a pirate crew. I managed the captain's affairs, as I was the only hand skilled in letters. Pale and bookish as I was, I soon grew swarthy and rough, as the sun and sea schooled me where my reading had left off.

In my youth, I had read of a great many things that I had not believed. Things that were too fantastic and terrible to be true. For twenty long years we sailed to strange and foreign lands in search of gold, and I learned that many things I had not wanted to believe were indeed true. I have seen skeletons walking like men, and even laid eyes on the vast and dreaded kraken, a beast too horrible to describe with mere words. But no glimpse of my mysterious island, or its priceless treasure.

At every port I bought tankards for doddering old graybeards, showing them the map. Oh, they had heard of it, but none knew more than a few stories of curses and the misfortunes of those that sought it, and of the enchanted draught's keeper, a creature who devoured the very souls of those who could not answer his challenge. An army of such soulless victims was said to prowl the island, like the zombies of the strange tales that can be overheard from plantation slaves, when they think no white man is listening.

After twenty years of vain searching I found myself in a dark apothecary decorated with the bloodied idols of the heathen natives. The grizzled old alchemist had an sadistic gleam in his eye as he recounted his version of the long familiar tales. As I rose to leave he pressed a crumpled sheet of parchment into my hand. In the dim candlelight of his shop I recognized the long sought other half to my father's map. He silenced my questions with a wheezing laugh.

"Believe me lad," he rattled. "I be doing ye no favor."

I turned my stern toward the lands of Christian men and followed the course of the morning star as it sank beneath the horizon. After twenty long years, I have finally seen the cursed island's bleak shore. I leave the map and this account behind. If I should fail to return, I will not be the last.
For Riches, Wenches, and Rum!
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The Recruits Reply to this Post
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The Recruits
By Rusvul

Firelight played across faces as the crew of the Heartless Lamprey huddled in close to the crackling blaze, peering into the dark of the jungle surrounding them. Fear was in the air as they fed the fire with bits of wood that, not long ago, had been most of a ship.

"Who were they, cap'n?" one young deckhand asked, voice quivering. "I never seen anyone shoot so quick ever in me life!"

"Yer life's been short, matey," the grizzled captain growled, rubbing at a bruise on his face. "They be a mean bunch... We're lucky t'be ashore an' in one piece."

"Speak fer yerself!" a voice called. "I lost me eye!"

"Next time don't stick yerself with yer own sword," the captain retorted. "As I were sayin', there's a legend around these parts o' a ship that ain't like no ship anywhere... a ship that don't need the wind to sail..."

"... a ghost ship!"

The captain sighed. "I'm TRYIN' to be dramatic over here, ye bilge drippin'." He prodded at the fire with a stick, which burst into flame from the rum soaked in it; he pitched it into the blaze, which crackled merrily. "As I were sayin'... a ghost ship."

"Where's she come from?" a voice queried. "She jest came out o' the rocks an' jumped us!"

Finding another stick, the captain gave it a cautious sniff, then started gnawing on the end. "Ahhh.... Ghosts don't come from nowhere in particular, matey, they jest show up. I heard tell they're the ghost o' a crew that got driven from its island by invaders, though... invaders that ne'er managed to hold. Cursed, that island is!"

As faces turned out to examine the trees around them for signs of cursing, one of the crew asked fearfully, "What do they want?"

"Who knows what a ghost wants?" the old veteran mused philosophically. "Maybe they jest want people t'remember them. P'raps they're after protectin' their island. Or maybe they're jest lookin' fer booty to buy their way into Hell." He shook his head. "If they was after booty, the Lamprey sure weren't their best target, though. We wasn't carryin' nothin' but rum an' cannonballs."

You'd be surprised how bad rum is in the afterlife.

The voice was like crumbling rock, a dull rumble that carried on the suddenly chill breeze blowing over the clearing. Pirates leapt to their feet, swords to hand, but froze as a figure - an impossible figure that sent horrors through the strongest spine - stepped from the trees.

No, ghosts need no rum, nor booty. We need one thing... new recruits. And this... is our hiring hall.

Screaming, the crew broke into the trees, the old captain leading the flight. Misty shapes flickered into life along the beach and drifted along behind the running pirates. More screams echoed off the mountains of the deserted island.

And somewhere on the ocean, someone spoke of the latest crew that disappeared on Ghost Island... as a new ghost ship sailed.

The Recruits
By Rusvul - Midnight
Word count: 500

(Edited 10/09 to deal with Word formatting being wiped out, making me look illiterate, then to take out the question marks that appeared after the first edit.)
Senior Officer, British Sea Power (Colonial division)
Occasional Looterati government type

Rumsfeld wrote: 
I was drinking one night, and when I woke up I was wearing Pink and Yellow and had a crown on me head.

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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Name: Folie
Ocean: Viridian
Word count: 468 according to Microsoft Word (Including the "Author's Note")

Vengeance: This One's Not About Skellies

I know that it was a madness to leave my peaceful home in the tiny fishing village in which I lived out the first eighteen years of my life, a madness to abandon my caring family and loving fiancé, a madness to take the harsh embrace of Davy Jones as my only comfort and solace in this world. It’s only fitting that I should be called Folie.* But I know, at the very least, that in the telling of this story I am not mad. A small consolation indeed, but a consolation nonetheless.

When I went to sign on for my very first voyage, I dressed in the baggiest shirt and trousers I could find and signed my name simply: “Jean David.” Pirates are superstitious folk, as you may have heard, and they believe that having a woman aboard a ship can only bring disaster. I was therefore forced to hide my true sex, and for about two months, I was successful. My shipmates did note that I was a rather reserved and secretive “lad,” but nobody had any reason to suspect the truth until that night....

It was the beginning of midwatch (midnight, as they say on land) and the captain was in one of his usual fits of temper. This time, his anger was directed at me—I had forgotten to call him “sir” when I addressed him—and so he grabbed me by my shirt collar and lifted me up in his violent anger. But then my collar tore away, taking just enough of the cloth with it, and as I fell hard on the deck there could be no doubt that I was a woman. If the captain was angry before, he was enraged now. With a furious cry he drew his cleaver from the folds of his jacket and raised it high above my head, but just before he bought it home, I punched him hard in the face.

The captain, clutching his bleeding nose, staggered backwards towards the railing, which broke under his weight. Without a word he was pitched into the sea, falling with a great splash that set all the hands running to see what had happened. As he resurfaced, floundering frantically among the waves, we saw what looked like three women rise up from the waters and swim towards the captain. Their hair, black as pitch, hung down over their shoulders like cat-o’-nine tails, and there was no mercy in their fathomless blue eyes as they circled about the struggling man. The mermaids sang a terrible song, a song with a sound like crashing waves and seagull’s cries, as they seized the captain with their long green-scaled hands and dragged him down into the depths, never to be seen again.


*Author’s note: une folie is French for “a madness.”
I'd rather be bilging.

Fleet Officer of Rolling Thunder, Viridian Ocean.
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Word Count-484
Ocean [cobalt]

The Name to Remain Forbidden

I snuggled under my bug ridden sheets. We had been out at Sea for 5 days. My captain, Draconorbert was willing to pay 10,000 peices of eight for a trip around cobalt. I would have asked for 20,000 if i knew it would be this harsh. The boat, a sloop was an old one. She had been around since the first days of cobalt and it showed too. "ARR!" i heard my captain yell. he came down below the deck and struck a match. His chared hands from gunning touched my face. "PIRATES!" he bellowed. I got up from under my snuggly sheets, reluctant to leave. The other mates got up with a groan as well. I ran to the sails, the others followed with a grim expression on their faces. I ponderd why, usually i was moping around, not them. As the captain engaged in battle, the other 4 mates jumped off the boat instanly drowning in our wake.

Draconorbert turned to me, a scared expression on his face. " Stay and i'll give you half the booty earned. I scaned the Idea. A few more grueling days out at sea for over 100,000 peices of eight. I stayed, grinning at the thought. Draco ordered me to gun, so i loaded them up and continued to sail. The other boat was stationary. Draco pulled up next to them, no fire. He fired 4 shots at them, not a move. he fired two more and grappled on, sweat beeding down his mucky face. " remember, take out the cleavers first he warned me. As we charged to the other side, a lone skelly was on the boat. It said, " Thow loyal mate, staying here while others leave, showing skill while others fled. I send to you my entire fleet of ships that i captured from a terrible pirate". As he handed me the deeds, my hands trembled. i thought to myself, am i dreaming? As soon as 4 other skellys apeared on our boat with a flick of the leaders wrist, smoke appeared around him. He said, "good bye and remain loyal" I barley squeeked out, "thank you", and he was gone.

Now i sit here, a rich man thinking of that day, the supernatural came to me and thanked me. Yet i question, who that bad mate was?! Untill one day he came to me, his name i will never repeat for i fear his wrath. As for Draconorbert, hes the richest man in cobalt though i fear not for long if he keeps drinking. Now remember fellow mates, always remain loyal, for those who are loyal will get rewarded no matter how tough the challenge. This is where my tale ends, But it could be just beggining for someone else.

The End
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Title: Parfum Français (word count 480)
Pirate: Otana
Ocean: Midnight
Flag: Don't Panic

Inspired by Great Big Sea's "French Perfume". Read the lyrics first and it'll make a little more sense.

I hope the pirate filter swearing is acceptable, if not it can be altered accordingly. :)

* * *

"Cap'n ..."

Not again ... Impatiently, she turned to face the first mate, her lips pursed tightly. "What?"

Twisting his cap between his hands nervously, his lazy eye darted to and fro. "The seas be dangerous tonight, ma'am. I think --"

"You are not paid to think, sailor. You are paid to keep your mouth shut and the sails full."

Leaning forward, he hissed darkly, "but SHE'S here ..." His sour breath whistled between the gaps in his teeth as he leered anxiously.

"And which "she" is that?" She was growing impatient, though it was partly her own fault for hiring such a filthy crew of drunks on Halloween night. It was the best she could drag together at short notice, and she was beginning to grow weary of their superstitions and ghost stories.

"Marie Noir ..." He took a trembling swig from his hip flask and eyed the horizon. "T'was on this night, a mere decade ago ..." His lazy eye darted once more, then settled on her with a steady gaze.

She knew the legend well, of the crazed Canadian pirate who blew himself up to avoid the noose. "Halloween ghost stories are concocted for disobedient children and the weak of heart. I am neither." She leveled her gaze and fingered her cutlass. "Now, back to work, before I plank you."

With a nod and a bow, he loped back out of sight, through the fog.

Wait ... fog?

She frowned and looked up to see a dark shape creeping up ahead, breaking through the mist no more than a hundred feet away.

"OBSTACLE AHEAD! CHANGE COURSE!" Grabbing the wheel in a panic, she leaned on it with all her weight as the ship lurched with a groan, praying to whatever god she believed in that they could scrape by.

With growing horror, she watched it swing to match their turn.

"Scupper!" Gripping the wheel again, she leaned in the opposite direction, paling as the object up ahead did the same.

A maniacal laugh pealed through the air, the distinct form of a black merchant brig looming through the fog and headed right for them. Clenching her teeth, she closed her eyes tightly and braced for impact, knowing her cutter could barely stand a bump from such a vessel.

And yet it didn't come. Cracking one eye open, she saw that the ship was gone and the coast was once again clear.

Chuckling nervously, she turned to re-adjust the course only to watch in abject horror as the brig plowed straight into a cluster of rocks a half-mile behind them, the explosion causing not even a ripple in the water, the ghostly flames dancing tauntingly amongst the wreckage of the Marie Noir.

Dropping to her knees numbly, she swallowed hard as the fog slowly lifted, her crew limping out of the cabin just in time to see the flames die out, until nothing remained but a haunting memory and the cloying scent of French perfume.
KAEYA on Obsidian
OTANA on Midnight
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Title: The reason why Llawela is to be feared. ( Hah, so catchy)
Pirate: Argos
Ocean: Midnight
Wordcount: 500

The reason why Llawela is to be feared.
Standing in the doorway of the Ostreum Inn, Llawela was watching the water drip, drip, dripping from the gutter. It had been raining hard all day, and later, when twilight set in, lightning occasionally lit up the soaking landscape. She wasn’t exactly looking forward to the trip back to the docks. Fifteen minutes in this rain… The rain wasn’t letting up, so she decided she might as well go now.
Hugging herself tight, in a feeble attempt to stay warm and dry; she started walking, fast.
Soon, everything around her was black and she could only get her bearings when the lighting lit up the landscape. And then she felt it. The hairs in the back of her neck stood up and without wanting to, she shivered.
Lightning cracked, and showed a towering figure in black robes, standing close to Llawela, too close. Startled, she jumped back, and yanked out her skulldagger. But the lightning had long passed, and the figure had dissolved back into the rest of the darkness. “Hello?”, she called out, but all she could hear was the rain and the faint sound of robes in motion. Waving her skulldagger in front of her, Llawela resumed her journey. Her breath came in short, raggedy bursts, and her feet were itching to make a run for it. Then, again, lightning showed the shape standing a few feet further on her path. She called out again, but no answer came. Now staring blindly into the darkness, she was panicking. She slowly turned, holding her skulldagger in front of her. And then, flash.
Llawela felt a harsh light crawl into her eyes, making its way to her brain, lighting up every dark corner of her mind. Every sound faded to nothing, a silence that was deafening. She was blind, deaf and alone. She let her eyes readjust, rest. Blinking, she tried to shake the pain out of her eyes. Surprised by a second flash, she squeezed her eyes shut. Pressing her hands against her painful eyes, she could see every bone in her hand, through her eyelids.
Realising she was alone, alone and vulnerable she turned around and ran. She kept running, until her eyes had cooled down, and there were no more oil stains floating on her retina. She fell to the floor, careless, letting her breath catch itself.
Feeling herself calm down. Calm and light. She let it all go, embracing the darkness that comforted her eyes after the hellish light.
She barely reacted as the shape swooped down on her, and kneeled at her side.
Waving her hands feebly, she saw blue fluorescent eyes coming closer to her face. A sharp pain in her neck made her body spasm, once.
It drank its fill, and almost caring, it covered the bite mark with Llawela’s hair.
The rain was starting to let up. Llawela lay on her back, still surrounded by darkness, blinking the raindrops out of her eyes, feeling the rain drip, drip, dripping on her face
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Ocean: Viridian
Pirate: Finnigan
Words: 500

The Ancient Kraken

The Ancient Kraken.

They say that the Ancient Kraken was born under the most magnificent sea battles in the Viridian story. About 800 years ago King Hemlock the great and Queen Guam the ferocious fought to rule the Viridian seas. One sloop at a time they sank each other, and in the end they were both fallen rulers determined to crush the other part. They filled a war frig each with the remaining followers and intercepted each other in the outer regions at Viridian. Queen Guam sailed from Whistlers Island and King Hemlock from Yax Mutal. Both with their frig filled to the maximum with cannonballs and rum. When they had intercepted each other and the fight started they both looked at the other ones ship and even if they were a sea mile apart, their eyes met and it torched their minds. The battle held on for hours. The pirates were tired and so were the Captains. When they both were close to sinking, they heard a rumbling in the water. It started to bubble in the seas. A giant black monster rose from the sea and attacked both of the ships.

When both ships were sunk, and the captains woke up from their faint they found themselves at the beach of Oasis Island. They looked each other deeply in the eyes and Hemlock couldn’t help admiring the beautiful eyes Guam had and gave a little smile to her.
Guam saw the smile and talked to Hemlock for the first time in her life with a gentle voice “Hello Hemlock”. Hemlock replied with his deep male voice “Hello Guam”.

At the same time an old Seer rose from the water in the centre of Oasis Island dry as ever and walked over to the stranded ones. When she got there she told them “You both had magnificent powers and used them to fight each other to gain more wealth and power. In your battles a new Kraken was born from your hatred and passion for killing and stealing. This Kraken is a result from your doings and will be called the Ancient Kraken and he is the one who will make Viridian to an ocean filled with greed and lustre for Poe because of his black blood. As this is your doings you need to be punished!” The Captains felt paralyzed in their entire body and sensed that the sand they were on started to feel less compact. They were falling down in the sand and got berried under it without saying a word because of the paralyzed body.

“Tsk tsk” said the old Seer. “Horrible way to die…..” She looked up at the sky and saw her bird soaring down at her and landing in the tree tops. She continued to look at her Phoenix and with nothing to say to the bird she walked over to the water and stepped with gentle feet’s
On it and descended into the light blue water and joined her brother, the Ancient Kraken.
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Ocean: Cobalt
Pirate: Trevorius
Word Count: 500

The Legend of the Lost Archipelago

That dark night I found myself once again hunched over another pint in another rat-infested inn. The usual clientele were about. Natives babbling in pidgin English, "U giv poes?" Buccaneers wagering their coin on fights. The "merchant" who climbed onto a stool next to me.

"Tan bandana, only a thousand pieces of eight!"

"I've four of 'em in me back pocket, mate. I use 'em to wipe me booty." Buried treasure can get rather grimy, and I like it when my gold gleams.

As the "merchant" left, a weatherworn old salt occupied the vacated stool. The chap on my other side gestured with his tankard and muttered, "That thar be Honest Miguel. Got a tale for anybody who'll buy him a pint or three, but who knows if it's true?"

I set some coins on the bar and gestured to the bartender to get Miguel a drink. Knowing the routine, Miguel promptly regaled me with his tale.

"Several years ago, Cortez the Conquistador ransacked a distant archipelago, home of the Aztec people, who lived in Seven Cities of Gold.

A captain of his, a man named Gomez, came across a temple hidden high in the mists of distant mountains. Upon the altar of this heathen temple was a fabulous Golden Monkey, and a Golden Chicken.

One of his men, Ramirez, spoke out against desecrating the heathen shrine, but Gomez's lust of gold was too strong. He had Ramirez dragged from the temple, then plucked the Golden Chicken from the altar.

Lightning flashed, it's said, and the sky grew dark. Madness fell upon Gomez and his men, and they bolted from the temple, discarding their pillaged gold and silver as they fled to their boats. All except Ramirez escaped from that accursed land, their booty abandoned, except the Golden Chicken which was still clutched tightly in Gomez's arms. After they set sail, they were never heard from again... alive.

But rumors of a ghost ship spread, preying upon pirates who would themselves prey upon the weak and defenseless. Many dismiss this tale, but I was there when the buccaneer was found washed ashore, foaming at the mouth and gibbering about, "El Pollo Diablo!" I've also heard that Ramirez himself eventually turned up again in civilized waters, though one eye short. The eye the Aztecs took in payment for what he had seen.

Of course, there remains the Golden Monkey, the counterpart to the Golden Chicken. Some say it is the key to destroying the Black Ship. To others, it is invincibility, and indeed, immortality. And there remains the untold riches left behind by Cortez's men in this Lost Archipelago."

"But where is this land?" I asked. Destroy the Black Ship! Become immortal! Was it possible?

Honest Miguel grinned at me and then I noticed the flicker in his eyes was not the reflection of candlelight, but a baleful flame in empty sockets. "That's why they call it the Lost Archipelago, mate."

EDIT: It changed some quotes and apostrophes to question marks when I pasted it in. D'oh.
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Veronica's Curse
by Dayosh
Sage Ocean
Word Count: 494

Her name was Veronica. Her father was the captain of the boat, and had named the vessel after his eight year-old daughter. Dayosh remembered it well, having learned all of it before he had sunk their ship. He had taken their lives while pillaging the waters of Greenwich Island; a day which he remembered clearly.
As he and his crew expertly grappled the vessel, the captain kneeled before him and begged him to spare his daughter, Veronica. The little girl behind him puffed out her chest, and began to shout at Dayosh; condemning him for attacking those who were weaker than he was. Dayosh laughed and tilted up his grey hat that he took so much pride in, and ordered the entire crew thrown overboard, marooning them all in shark-infested waters.
Lightning erupted across the sky, waking Dayosh from his slumber in a cold sweat. Ten years had passed since that day, and he had made a rather nice living pillaging from sloops off the coast of Descartes while spending his nights at the local inn. Rousing himself awake, he put on his now-tattered grey hat and shuffled over to the window.
The wind seemed to scream outside, as if Poseidon, Himself were angry at something. As the next bolt of lightning hit, he thought he saw someone standing down at the entrance of the inn, looking up at him. The next bolt struck and the figure was gone. He scratched his head, trying to figure out if he had really seen what he had thought, when he heard the distinct sound of a young girl?s giggle down the hallway.
Immediately he whirled around to the door. He heard footsteps coming closer down the hall as his mind raced for a plan of action. His hand shot upward for his dagger, and was met with an empty sheath. His eyes darted around, desperately trying to remember where he had put it, as the foot steps came nearer. Then, he spotted it: Sitting upon the table where he had left it, its blade shimmering in the light of the full moon. He dashed over and grasped the cold steel in his hand, as he heard the door slowly creak open behind him.
He gritted his teeth and whirled to meet his adversary. His eyes widened at what he beheld, as his hand betrayed him, releasing the dagger out of fright. It took his hopes with it, clattering to the ground. Outside, a bolt of lightning tore across the sky, creating an earth-shattering report that echoed throughout the entire town, followed by a blood-curdling scream, and then deathly silence.
The following morning, the Inn keeper came by to collect the fee for Dayosh?s stay. He found the correct amount on the table, but the room was completely empty, save for a tattered, grey hat, crumpled on the floor. He walked over and picked the hat up, examining it, and could have sworn he heard someone giggling.
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Word count: 470 (counter 1), 520 (counter 2), 500 (by hand) :p

The Unfamiliar Familiar
As told by Sindaia, Officer of the Lost Lot in the Sage Ocean

On a dark, dreary night, a sloop cut through the waters of the Sage Ocean on her
way home from a prosperous pillage. The air was chill and damp, but one man
stood firm, barking out orders to the weary crew. He was grizzled and weather-
beaten, but stood proudly at the helm peering out into the fog with his good
eye, while a small monkey sat upon his shoulder.

A lone pirate broke the otherwise quietness by shouting, "Brig ahead, Cap'n!
It's heavily damaged; shall we give 'er some room?", as she descended from the
crow's nest.

"Man the cannons!", the captain yelled, "We fight!"

"But Cap'n, our hold is filled, our coffers are overflowing", the pirate
protested, "The crew is weary and the hour grows darker!"

The captain barked, "We will NEVER have too much gold!" While the monkey sat
shaking it's head in disagreement, the captain then glared, "And you will never
again question my orders" as he thrust his dagger deep into the pirate's chest.

The sloop quickly overcame the brig. The smoking guns blasted deep holes into
the sides of the ship, but much to their surprise, the holes in the tattered
ship vanished as if they were never there. "No matter!", shouted the captain.
"Prepare to grapple!"

The crew obeyed his commands, while the once quiet monkey had now grown shrill
and unruly. The captain stuffed his pet into a cage, then bellowed, "Charge!!"
as he grinned down at the weak, dying pirate.

The crew boarded their prey, stopping silently on the deck of the brig, for all
that stood on board was the captain's pet monkey. "What's the meaning of this?"
the captain barked, as the monkey's form shimmered and elongated into a
translucent woman in long, flowing clothing. She spoke in a voice that was both
familiar and never heard before, "Greed will get you no where, but greed on
Hallow's Eve will get you something.. worse than death."

The crew began to shriek as they and their sloop were turned into a dust which
was absorbed into the brig, repairing it with an eerie glow that illuminated the
blood and gold banner flying above her.

It was at that point, as the sloop beneath me was decaying, that I passed out
from the pain of the captain's dagger and the loss of my blood.

A few days later, I awoke to find myself in the cabin of a large ship, laying
upon a warm bed. A small monkey stood proudly next to me, with an eye patch
over one eye and an expression much like that of my former captain. It peered
curiously at my blood stained garments before slouching in humility as I looked
to find that my injury was now gone.

I left the cabin to find myself on the deck of a new-looking brig, flying a
banner of bright gold and blood.. exactly like the banner that had flown high
above the ship on that fateful night.
~ Sindaia ~
Senior Officer of The Lost Lot
Sailing the Oceans of Sage
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Re: Spooky Pirate Vignettes contest entries Reply to this Post
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Pirate: Ara
Word Count: 494
Ocean: Sage

The Bewitching Hour: The Legend of The Black Ship

Today was like any other day. A chill wind blew across the ocean waters, but that was normal for this time of year. Today was the day Ara was getting her very first ship; a sloop. It wasn't much, but it was a start.
Other sailors had warned Ara to wait until tomorrow to have her ship built but she was impatient. She had waited for too long to but a ship and she was going to pay for it and build it all in one day. To her it didn't matter that it was October 31.
And so she did. Ara labored non-stop on that ship. Occasionally other laborers would come in and work on her ship for a while, but would eventually leave as other jobs became available.
It was midnight when Ara's ship was slid into the water. As the moonlight touched the ship, the ship appeared to shimmer for a full two minutes before the glow faded away.
The next morning, Ara went to inspect the hold and was surprised to find that it was completely stocked. Happy, Ara went to the pub for a drink. When Ara headed back to the 'Wise Catfish', as her ship was called she noticed that pained on the side of the ship in black lettering was a new name, 'The Bewitching Hour'. Ara went into the shipwright's office and asked, "Did you change my ship's name?"
The clerk checked her records, "Hmmm?..'The Bewitching Hour'?.No, we didn't make any ships by that name."
"What about 'The Wise Catfish'?" Ara asked.
"Hmmmm....No record of a 'Wise Catfish' either. Are you sure you have the right shipwright? There are several here on Greenwich." The clerk replied.
Ara decided to take her new ship out for a pillage. So, she put out a jobbing announcement. She took only the best and soon had a great crew to work with for the pillage.
Navigation came easily. It was as if the ship knew where to go. Brigards just seemed to travel right into firing range and during battle, Ara would get a strong urge to do something and it would be the right choice. Booty was plentiful and the sailors were happy to receive such great pay.
At port Ara offered membership to her new crew, "The Bewitching Hour". As soon as those who chose not to join the crew left the ship, the sailors who stayed started to change. Their flesh began to pull away from their bones until nothing was left but bone and clothing. One of the skeletons said to Ara - mind to mind, "We are the manifestation of your ship now. As you gain more crew, we will grow in number. As we grow in number, the ship will grow to hold us. This is what happens when a ship is built on Halloween and touches water at midnight."

The End
Captain of The Lost Lot
~Sage Ocean~

don't make me duct tape you to the side of my sloop.
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