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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Diastole of Meridian
Word Count: 1490

Note: I am Canadian so some words may be spelled differently compared to American English. Thanks! (Ex. color vs. colour)

The Artist Behind the Easel: How Portraits Are Painted

In the Viridian Ocean, a young lass by the name of Annette grew up working at her father's distillery. Each day she would help produce hemp oil to sell throughout the archipelago. She tended to find herself overcome with boredom, falling asleep many times throughout her work. She would dream the most fantastic dreams and only wished of a way she could somehow record them.

While running an errand for her father on Dendrite Island, she noticed from the corner of her eye something of a bright pink colour. As she came closer she saw that it was actually a plant: a broom flower. She plucked it from the earth and tucked it behind her ear as a souvenir. When she returned home she got right back to work. As she wiped the sweat off her brow, her hand brushed the flower that she had forgotten about. She pulled it out from behind her ear and started to fiddle with it until she noticed that her hands were suddenly covered with a pink coating. As Annette was a bright lass, she came to the quick realization that the addition of the flower to the hemp oil had made this colourful paste.

On all of her following voyages Annette would search the land and gather all the colourful plants she could find. In a few short months she became very experienced in foraging for these plants and even found out that some minerals had the same effect when added to the hemp oil. She had hidden small pots of each coloured liquid in her room and would lie in her bunk each night pondering about what she could use them for.

When she awoke from a very magical dream one morning she finally figured out how to make use of the colours. She began to paint her dreams onto paper so she could never forget them. Every morning she would record her dreams and quickly became a very skilled artist. Her father immediately recognized her art as something special. He began to spread the news of his daughter with this one of a kind talent and soon Annette had a waiting list of subjects to paint.

Annette began painting portraits of pirates, families, and crews and became widely recognized in all the oceans. By the time she was old enough to move out of her father's house she was the ultimate forager, alchemist, and painter with a large sum of PoE to prove it.

One evening a carrier pigeon brought her a jobbing invite from the governor of Lima Island. The offer invited the artist to travel to Lima and create some portraits and paintings for their palace. Annette immediately took advantage of the opportunity and within a week she was settled in and ready to work. She finished the requested paintings with great ease and each was so exquisite that they were hung immediately.

Annette fell in love with the people and island of Lima and she quickly bought a row house so she would never have to leave. She set up a studio inside of her home and although she was in a foreign land she still received customers endlessly. The people were always grateful for her work and kindness, she even found herself giving out free portraits from time to time.

In one occasion a lad about Annette's age entered her studio dressed in dirty rags with a scruffy beard. He asked for a portrait which she kindly agreed to. While she was painting the man they chatted about many things: their childhood, family, likes and dislikes, even about the future. They joked and laughed, she was spellbound by his intelligence and charm. Annette found the man to be so intriguing, even endearing, that the time spent painting flew by. When she had finished the portrait she offered to give it to the man free of charge since she felt like she wasn?t working at all. The man politely refused and said, "I came here to see what all the fuss was about and I ended up getting a splendid painting and the chance to talk to an amazing woman." To which he gave her PoE and proceeded on his way. Annette was taken aback by the comment but soon found herself blushing with a fluttering heart. A moment later the man returned, poking his head through the doorway.

"I'm sorry to be a bother again, but I didn't catch your name."

"You were far from bothersome, I had a wonderful time. I'm Annette," she replied, grateful to even see him again.

"Ah, a beautiful name to match a beautiful woman. The name's Benjamin." With a wink and a click of the tongue he was off again. She couldn't even try to rid her stomach of the butterflies.

Two days later when the same man with the scruffy beard walked through Annette's studio doors her heart skipped a beat. She tried to conceal her surprise and delight but the butterflies had returned. "I didn't come here for a portrait," he said with a smile. "But in hopes of another chance to talk with you." Annette?s heart melted on the spot.

"I guess I could make time for you somehow..." she replied jokingly. "I would still love to paint you either way, your features are too handsome to resist."

And that's how it began. Every day Benjamin would return to spend time with Annette and each day she would paint him. After months of this routine it was clear their feelings were strong for each other. He had expressed his emotions for her and she admitted to feeling the same way. He told her she was perfect and that he wished to spend every moment with her. She had never felt so special and wanted by anyone before. They even made plans for their future together: finding a home, marriage, and even a family.

In bed one night Annette decided the next morning she would tell Benjamin that she loved him. She really did, he was always on her mind and she believed that he was her Prince Charming. She fantasized in her head how she would go about telling him and worried if he would say he loved her too.

In the morning she paced around the room waiting for Benjamin to arrive. Each minute made her more nervous but more excited. Finally she sat down and decided she would try to relax herself by painting. She had an hour to spare till 10 in the morning, the time he usually arrived. Painting always made the time pass quickly and before she knew it an hour had passed. Benjamin still hadn't shown. A feeling of confusion over came her, why wasn't he here? She thought logically and came to the conclusion that he probably had errands to run and he would come when he could. With that in mind she continued painting while waiting for him to arrive - except he never did.

The sun had already set and now Annette was worried. "Maybe he has forgotten?" she said to herself. She dismissed this reason quickly. "He never forgets! Sure, sometimes he arrives late but he has shown up every day for the past seven months! Where on Earth could he be? Maybe there is a family trouble; maybe his mother has become ill. Yes, that's probably it!" With that she head to bed, not fully convinced. He'll be here in the morning full of apologies. I?m sure of it. She thought to herself before drifting asleep.

Annette became obsessed with waiting. She would jump towards the door every time she saw a figure approaching, sure that it had to be him, but it never was. It was always just another customer wanting a portrait. She still accepted since she needed some way to pass the time but she continually found herself glancing towards the doorway.

Every night was the same; a struggle to fall asleep because of her extreme worry. Each day a waiting game; when would he show? Days, months, years had passed with no sign of Benjamin. Annette continued to paint for her customers, continued to wait. She had convinced herself that he will come back and she remained to think this way until she drew her last breath.

Some say she passed away due to natural causes but most believed she died of a broken heart. They say her spirit is still waiting for him to arrive and she still paints portraits for pirates to pass the time. One man even claimed to have seen Annette while getting his portrait painted and interacted with her. He had offered for her to stay with him and his wife because she seemed rather lonely.

"Thank you, that is very thoughtful of you but I will politely decline," she said with a smile that seemed to light up her almost transparent figure. "Benjamin will be here soon."

Diastole on Meridian
Ratchet on Jade
Swaggie on Opal

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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Shaka of Meridian
Word Count: 670

Note: I am British so some words may be spelled differently compared to American English. Thanks! (Eg. color vs. colour)

How Male Pirates Lost Their Nipples.

The man stopped in front of Vickie, he stood tall and broad and she could feel his presence; there was almost a mystical aura surrounding the figure. Vickie contemplated this for a moment, but then folded her arms and thought quite positively that chances were it was just the smell of foul breath and putrid body odour which had appeared not long after he had appeared.
She looked up, "I don't mean to seem rude and laugh, but why on earth must you stand so close to me?" she asked, picking up courage as she spoke. The man seemed to notice her now, at first it was as though his gaze had seen right through her, but now it was quite clear he was staring right at her. Vickie looked at him straight in the eyes now, this didn't take much effort as the man was clearly the same height as her, but she glared at him with aggression; it was clear to her, he wasn't looking at her back, but rather at her cleavage, hidden by folded arms.

"You seem like a gal' with a pair of fine personalities", exclaimed the man. Vickie raised her eyebrows in disgust, she retorted, "These aren't my personalities Mister and I'd appreciate it if you gave me more room", the man looked up now at her eyes and said with a cheeky smile, "Well they sure be lookin' like your personalities luv'". Vickie gasped,"Get away now before I have you reported to the J.A.P.D.", trying to step past the man and move away to a different part of the dock. He grabbed her arm with a heavy hand, "Hey little dock tart, I didn't say you could leave." shouted the man.
Vickie turned now, her face had changed, instead of appearing innocent and fragile as she once had, her features had become stern and full of fury. It was as though the mans words had stirred something deep inside her mind, a lost memory had returned and she felt revitalized yet ready to burst all at once, "What the scupper did you just scuppering say about me, you little tart? I?ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Lima Navy", and with that she pinched the mans nipples through his indigo jerkin, turning her hands as he began to scream in pain.
Pirates across the dock turned to see the commotion, some began to hurry over to help the man who seemed in great distress but it was too late, Vickie had finished the job she had started so suddenly and the man lay slumped on the dusty floor, blood beginning to stain the areas from where his nipples once belonged.

As quickly as the violence had started it stopped, but now Vickie's figure began to contort and twist in terrible ways, the man looked up with fear in his eyes and saw Vickie begin to change, a beard grew from where her supple chin had once been, her hair grew shorter and slowly she took the form of a tall man, she began to laugh heartily, a laugh which resonated from her belly and was heard by every pirate across the island, "Hohohahaoho! You foolish man, dare you prey upon the women on these docks and believe you can escape unharmed, for this I can do but one thing, as the lord of the Sea's and the barer of addictive puzzles, I, Cleaver, will never let a man grow nipples again, to remind you all throughout life that you must treat women with respect and not judge your female counterparts by the size of her chest!" and with that, he disappeared into dust. The once strong man looked down at his torn Jerkin, with tears in his eyes he realised that the apparition had not lied, where his nipples had been only skin remained, he held his head low and mumbled to himself, "If only I could patch, then I could stitch on a new pair."
Shaka on Meridian
Roro on Emerald
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Okeanos of Cerulean

Title: How the Unicorns Became Pets

Word Count: 1406

Hidden in the ocean (5 legue points west of Kirin and 4 south of Corona), there was a mystical island. It was surrounded by a dangerous reef, protecting it from all outsiders and preventing unwanted company from stumbling accross its inhabitants which, of course, were unicorns. Now the unicorns had peacefully lived on the island for hundreds of years. They roamed the tranquil valleys and drunk from the mountain streams.

One fateful day a fierce storm sprung up. The sky darkened and the trees shook from the thunder. The unicorns were frightened and retreated up the mountain, where there was less wind and rain.

In the rough seas a ship could be seen, tossing backward and forward from the fierce winds whipping the island. They watched as a gigantic wave carry the ship up high into the air, over the sharp reef, and landed it on a sand bar just near the shore. Many of them wanted to risk the storm and see if they could reach the ship, hoping to offer what assistance they could. However, the storm was too great. They could only watch as the pirates scuttled about the ship while saving what they could before the supplies were dragged out to sea.

Once the skies cleared and the wind calmed, the unicorns left the mountain peak and made their way down to the ship. They grouped together and slowly approached the ship. A few of the pirates were laying against the ship, playing cards and watching the ocean. Most of the pirates were herded in a large group arguing with the one who wore the colourful hat.

"We're stranded ain't we cap'n?" said one of the pirates.

The one with the colourful hat gently patted the pirate on the shoulder. "She just be run aground, when the tide rises we may yet set her free."

"But the reef! How're we..." began the pirate, when he finally noticed the new arrivals.

All the pirates stopped shouting and turned to stare at the unicorns. After a bit of nudging, the oldest unicorn stepped out from the herd and approached what he assumed was the lead pirate.

"And what manner of beast be ye?" asked the pirate, looking at the unicorn.

The unicorn couldn't understand the pirate; All he could do was stamp the ground, swing his horn and stare at the pirate. He realised he was not helping when several of them pulled long shiny sticks from the clothing and began to back away.

"Wh..what do we do captain?" said one of the shorter ones staring at the unicorn and the others behind him. "Should we kill it?"

"Kill it? Nay lad! One does not kill such a magnificent creature!" Shouted the captain, cuffing the man in the back of the head. He waved for the other sailors to lower their weapons and approached the unicorn with his hands out. "Calm yerself down, We mean ye no harm."

The unicorns stopped and stared at each other, unsure whether to run away or listen to the strange sounds from the pirates. They were still standing there when a loud groaning began from the earth itself.

"What is that?" asked the pirate, putting his hand against the ship to stop from falling over.

"A quake!" shouted the captain, "Get everything tied down and stowed away! Get yerselves below deck!"

The crew started pushing each other and scrambling around in their panic. Several pushed passed the unicorns in their hurry, causing them to rear and run back into the jungle in fright.

The captain mournfully watched them for a moment before hoisting himself back onto the ship. The pirates had tied and stowed everything down and were waiting to see what would happen. Looking out towards the sea, a line of grey could be seen slowly to be growing more defined.

"Captain! A tsunami approaches!" shouted one of the sailors hanging from the rigging.

"We're doomed!" said another, slumping against a barrel.

"We're saved!" said the captain with a mad glint in his eye. "This might be just what we needed."

"Aye," said another hopefully, "It can free us from this cursed isle. It will be washed away and good riddance!"

The gleam rapidly left the captain's eye and his shoulders slumped forward. "True enough lad, true enough." The first mate started to get everything ready for the oncoming swell while the captain wandered the deck. The crew avoided the captain, unsure what had suddenly caused the change in his nature. With a jump the captain lunged for his cabin, sending sailors sprawling on the deck. Loud noises could be heard from the cabin before the captain returned, clutching a red bag high above his
head triumphantly.

"Make her ready and get the cargo out on deck." said the captain to the first mate as he vaulted the rail and began to run for the island.

"The empty boxes? but Why, captain?" shouted the first mate.

The captain didn't answer and disappeared into the jungle, desperately trying to find and follow the tracks of the unicorns who had fled from them. He knew the sea moved fast and he wouldn't have long to find them. He eventually came across them standing in a clearing, drinking from an underground swell. The looked up and began to back away toward the jungle.

The captain spread his arms wide and talked quickly and calmly. "A wave's coming. You either come with me, or you're doomed."

The unicorns still couldn't understand the crazy pirate and nervously pranced about the clearing. The captain began pointing in the direction of the sea and motioned large waves crashing against the shore. But this caused the unicorns to back away even more. In a final act of desperation the captain threw a large rock into the water and pointed to the ripples which covered the front hooves of the nearest unicorns. He pointed at the effect then pointed at the ocean behind him.

The lead unicorn stared at the human for a moment before stepping forward and cocking its head to the side. The captain got the feeling it was saying "So what can we do about it?". Slowly the captain pulled out the red bag and from it a device which looked like a long shiny spyglass. He pointed back toward the ocean and motioned the unicorns to follow him. They began to run back toward the ship, but the captain was tripping over roots and brushing aside low hanging branches from his path.

Letting out a loud 'WHIIINNNNNEEYYY' the lead unicorn lowered his head, and lifted the captain up high onto his back where he managed to hold onto its mane. The herd pounded through the jungle back toward the ship and stopped just around its sides. Looking out to sea the captain could see the tsunami had just cleared the reef and was bearing down on the ship. He could see the deck was covered with the empty boxes like he'd asked and the crew was staring at him like he was a madman. Unstoppering the device in his hand the captain pointed it at the unicorns and swung it over the unicorns. A beam emitted from the end of the device and as it shone on each unicorn, the animal seemed to stretch and be pulled into the tube. Once all the unicorns were inside he closed the end and opened the other, releasing much smaller unicorns back out into the empty boxes on the deck.

The captain had just finished letting the last of the unicorns out when the wave hit the ship and threw him against the railing, the device spinning out of his hand and landing into the rising water. The ship rose with the water and was propelled clear across the island. It just managed to scrape over the reef onto the other side.

After many hours, the sea eventually calmed and the captain stood before his stunned pirates.

"I thought ye'd gone mad!" said the first mate clasping the captain on the shoulder.

"Me too, friend." laughed the Captain. He stared at the now full boxes which had survived the journey.

The first mate scratched his head, "Now what're we meant to do with this lot? The island's surely been washed clean. There's no home for them there."

A mad, lopsided grin appeared on the captains face.

"We'll sell em per box. We are pirates after all."
Okeanos of Cerulean
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Mannet from Meridian

"How Cleaver's seahorse wandered into Atlantis?"

The small seahorse was afraid, he ran behind the rocks and couldn't belive the greatness infront of his eyes. The legendary rumored city sunken into the depts of the ocean, Atlantis.

10 years ago...

Daniel, son of the greatest chef in town, who recently decided to begin the dangerous adventure to wealth and glory, became a pirate. He had a seahorse on his shoulder, Ippo, that he had raised since he was a kid. Ippo was a present to the boy from his grandfather, who was also a pirate, a well known one infact, back in his day. His grandfather told him "Daniel, if you can take care of this seahorse, I'm sure you'll become a great man one day." Daniel didn't really understand what gramps had ment by that and accepted the gift.

Daniel and his friends set sail in a small ship that they built in the local shipyard from the money they collected over the years. When all of the people stepped aboard, they were no longer just friends, but a crew, that would help lead each other to greatness. They made a promise not to return home until they are all wealthy and infamous.

They hadn't sailed far from the island, when already they were under attack by a group of pirates just like them. Many cannon balls were fired against the enemy and they managed to break the enemy ship's mast, so it was no more moving for the enemy. They grappled the ship and went aboard. The battle begun.

Suprisingly Daniel and his crew were quite good in fighting against the enemy. Probably because they had practised fighting with wooden swords since they were kids. After they had beaten the opponents, the crew went to loot the enemy ship. While the rest of the crew headed towards storage room, Daniel went in search of some food, because he had left the shore with an empty stomach. He found the kitchen and in there, he was ambushed from behind by the chef, who had been hiding in there. Daniel managed to dodge the blow and turn over to face the enemy. Daniel was about to draw his sword, when he noticed that it was not there. The chef had cut Daniel's belt, where the sword was attatched, and was now lying on the floor. The chef quickly launched another attack and Daniel had no time to get his sword, he saw a cleaver on the table, where, from the looks of things, the chef had made the crew some fancy lunch. Luckily for Daniel the cleaver was in his reach, so he grabbed it and used it to defend against the blow and immediately stroke back. He was amazed of it's effectiveness, so he decided to fight with that from now on. He now had forgot all about the food he came for and joined up with his crew.

After the crew had looted the goods, they started to sail again on the vast ocean. About an hour after the pillage, the weather had changed from sunny windy day into a stormy rainy one. The crew had to use all their strength to keep the ship on course. Daniel went to tigthen the ropes of the sails, when suddenly he stumbled on the wet floor and fell. But he wasn't the only one, Ippo, his seahorse, fell from his shoulder into the ocean and there was nothing Daniel could do to save him. He and his crew had to escape the stormy seas and you could see the tears pouring down from Daniels eyes. He said "I'm sorry Ippo, take care of yourself and stay strong, we'll meet again someday."

Ippo was taken by the sea current and he was tossed around till the storm calmed down. Ippo found himself at a place that was unknown to him. He started to swim to find out where exactly he was, when he pumped into a shark. Now it was time to get out of there. The shark started chasing him and the chase continued for a long time.

The small seahorse was afraid, he ran behind the rocks and couldn't belive the greatness infront of his eyes. The legendary rumored city sunken into the depts of the ocean, Atlantis. Lucky for him the shark didn't see, where the seahorse had escaped to, so he could finally relax a bit.

Ippo headed towards the city and for his surprise there was a war going on. He slowly sneaked into the city. The streets were filled with fights, after a little while, Ippo realised that every fight he had seen, there was always atleast one octopus and seahorse in it. He saw an octopus lying on the ground and went to ask why there is a war going on and before he could even finish his question, the octopus yelled "Here is one, get him!" Ippo thought it wasn't a good idea to stick around any longer and started running. Ippo thought to himself how he has to first run away from a shark, and now from the octopus army. Ippo went around the corner and suddenly something grabbed him and pulled him away. Few seconds after he realised that there was an octopus. Ippo immediately tried to start running away, when the octopus finally pulled him back and said "Don't worry, I'm friendly." Ippo introduced himself. Octopus said "I'm Tommy, nice to meet you."
So Ippo asked Tommy what is going on here and Tommy explained how Kraken, the new leader of the octopuses, thought that they can't share the city with seahorses. The leader of the seahorses wasn't too happy to just to leave and give up on their home so a war broke out. "So why are you not participating in this war?" asked Ippo. Tommy told him that he doesn't agree with Kraken's ideals. So after a bit Tommy asked Ippo "Would you help us take Kraken down?" "Us?" asked Ippo. Tommy laughed. "I'm not the only one that doesn't like Kraken." Ippo agreed to join them and Tommy and him headed towards the hideout where the rest of his allies are. On the way there Ippo told Tommy about Daniel. Tommy was very interested in the story.

They finally made it to the hideout that had many octopuses there, atleast a hundred, if not more. They told Ippo about the plan they had. Ippo was supposed to lure Kraken into an alley where Kraken's size and strength wouldn't help him much. Ippo agreed on it, and they commenced the operation.

Kraken was lured into the alley and because of the super strength, he collapsed the buildings and buried himself under it. Kraken had fallen. Some of the blood he lost, well, it was really a mixture of his blood and ink, is now collected by humans.

Ippo became a hero of the city and the leader of the seahorses, Tony, offered him an opportunity to join the army of the seahorses. Ippo accepted the offer, thinking he could stay here for a bit and learn some new stuff. Tommy on the other hand after hearing the story of Daniel from Ippo wanted to go on a journey to meet some humans.

Nowadays Tommy is sitting on Daniel's shoulder, but how he got there is a whole new story.

To be continued. (maybe)

Note: It's not really a pourquoi, more like a half pourquoi and half adventure tale. (mostly because I didn't really pay much attention to the "pourquoi" story contest =D Also English isn't my native language so there might be some mistakes in the text.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Good luck reading all this!! <3
I saw some pretty good ones, so I'm getting nervous already...
Bisca - Emerald & Obsidian

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The pirate daughter and the mysterious spell: Reply to this Post
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Ghazool from Meridian

Word Count: 1464

How did the pirates lost their noses:

Once open a time in a far far island a poor pirate lived in a modest cabin with his young beautiful daughter named Siren. Although the pirate was poor, he felt so rich in his heart for having the loveliest girl anyone could have imagined. Her long and wavy hair was as light as the sun and her beautiful hazel eyes would melt anyone's heart! Above all she was so vibrant and full of life that it was enough for her to enter any place and fill it with so much joy and happiness.
It is too bad that life is never perfect and that you can not keep yourself from all the jealousy and hate, especially if the most established pirate in the ocean is madly in love with you.
She knew that there was something special between them , something that you could not trade for all the gold in the world:, their hearts were connected.
The pirate daughter never cared about people's behavior towards her: she was what she was and she believed kindness would find its way into people's hearts one day soon. She tolerated the jeers and calls from the pirate boys and, she never complained about the harsh things that the pirate girls were saying about her: that her father is so poor, and that her lover is only with her while she is pretty and young and as soon as he finds a better lover he will leave her.
She thought that her love of everyone around would change the others' perception of her, but she was wrong, for not everyone?s heart was as kind as hers. Jealousy grew and strengthened in the others, and one night thirteen wicked pirate boys and girls gathered together and planned the most dark and shameless trap for her, The boys wanted the pirate daughter to be theirs and the girls were sick of hearing the boys' lust after her.

One night when the girl's lover was away exploring the dangerous waters, the dark hearted girls invited the pirate daughter for a drink to their mansion. She was so excited and happy since she never been invited by them anywhere before - she thought finally my kindness has melted their hearts. Alas! she could not be more wrong!

She entered into the dark mansion and found herself surrounded by those thirteen.

"Hello?" she called

There was no answer. It did not feel right, something was wrong, but she convinced herself they were just joking around. However, her legs started to shake and she struggled to catch her breath.

In barely a croaky whisper she asked: "What are we doing?"

"HUSH!" a voice answered; "your days of glory and joy is going to end. You really think the richest of the all pirates will choose you as his wife? Not after you lose your nose!"

And that was it, one of the girls pulled out her sharp sword and cut off the pirate daughter's nose whilst the others held her fast. There was blood all over her face and on the beautiful handmade dress she had carefully chosen for the event. The pain from the wound caused her to pass out...

When she weakly opened her eyes, she was left on the dock, her body wet from the cold rain. She tentatively brought her fingers up to where her nose had been and found just a messy wound. She ran to her cabin, went to her room, locked the door and covered the windows, so no one would ever see her again, especially her charming lover!
Her heart felt like a heavy bag of sand in her chest, something was changing inside her.

Siren! her daddy called,You don't want to get out of bed? It is already late, beautiful.

Beautiful! No, she did not want to hear that word anymore! Unable to keep the pain to herself she burst into tears which soon became frenzied screams. The old pirate broke down the bedroom door, and immediately averted his gaze as what he saw in front of him was too shocking.

Tired of all the battles on the sea, the lover returned to the inn to have a few drinks. Clutching his bag full of colorful starfishes that Siren liked to collect, he hurried into the bar whilst looking around to find his loved one, only she was not there!
He sensed some kind of unusual attention toward him, eyes staring at him from darkened corners and the words that were being muttered had an ugly sound.

Where is your lovely Siren, big shot? someone said loudly from the other side of the inn.

He was too tired and worried to get into a challenge with anyone Clenching his jaw hard trying not to answer, he headed out of the inn to the pirate cabin, certain that he would find Siren there. What awaited him there filled him with consternation, for the pirate daughter was avoiding him and he was astounded by what he heard from her dad!

Leaving his lovers place with a heart full of hate and horror he went back to the inn. Banging the door open he started to shout crazily, swearing revenge for her on all of them.

For a long time no one heard much of them: the pirate daughter would venture out occasionally wearing a veil, but the other pirates smirks and put-downs made her hide herself in her damp cold room.

But where was her lover? Maybe the mean pirates were right in telling her that he wanted her only for the beauty of her face! After the day that he left promising her vengeance, she had not heard from him.

The Lover was busy seeking Madam Yu Jian at sea, for he had heard a myth that she would grant a rich pirate a mysterious spell in exchange for all his wealth. After days and nights of searching, he managed to board her ship in battle. He could hear her angry voice threatening him and her crew ran towards him with weapons drawn, when he yelled ?STOP! I would like to meet your Madam! Tell her I am ready for the mystery trade.
Moments later he was kneeling in front of her with tied arms.
So! What do you want? The mystery spell can be anything that your heart desires, but be aware, if you wish for wealth!

I want to take revenge! said the young pirate.I just need you to make a spell that makes people noseless!

I can do that. My crew will return with you to take all your worldly possessions, and then you?ll get what you desire? The deal was done.

Back on the island without a single poe in his pockets, he blew the powder that he had been given from Madam into the air. By breathing its mystical ingredients all the islanders will lose their noses as they slept.

Next morning, he visited the cabin. Siren was so happy to see him, it had been so long since she had been able to smile this way. Keeping her tight in his arms he asked her to take off the veil that she wore continuously.

Come on Siren, I will always love you for what you are, no matter how you look!?

My darling I am sorry, for I am going to refuse.

Siren, listen to me: trust me and come to the inn. I took the promised revenge.

What have you done? ?asked Siren, tears running from her sad eyes. I would never want to harm anyone, what they did to me belongs in the past.

I am sorry my love, but it had to be done, so people would start to think that beauty is not only on their face, maybe now they start to look inside each other.

Siren stepped outside of her cabin, and as they reached the dock she saw pirates standing there staring at each other. None of them had a nose, they were all quiet with a shocked look into their eyes .

The young pirate holding Siren?s hand told her the story of the revenge.

Now that I lost my wealth ,will you still love me? Will you stay with me as my wife and be forever beside me? If you just say yes we will go to the other part of the ocean and start a new life together, far from this crowd.

Foolish boy, I will always love you, and my answer is yes.

Walking back to collect her things, they were heading towards a new destiny together. Although he did not have his wealth and she had lost her external beauty, they were standing there together and she now knew it would last forever.
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Idrael of Emerald Ocean :)

How the White Named Bot Came To Be...

Her tears were washed away, her screams left only on the ears of the fishes, and her last breath taken away in white bubbles to the surface. Her hands were left reaching for life, her eyes searching for the reflection of the moon on the surface, and her black hair dancing with her white dress all around her. No one would know what had become of Felicity, though many would dream of her, until such dreams moved on and left her to her watery grave. Nothing of her was to be remembered. Not her love of pinching the sand with her bare toes, nor how she would snort if she laughed too hard or even how rough her hands were from gripping the helm till her knuckles turned white. She was swallowed up by her greatest love, betrayed and doomed to the end of time. He had stolen her life, only to leave her soul in an empty shell, left to walk among the Coloured names but forbidden to ever become one of them again, or even tell them what happens when you sink into Davy Jones' Locker... Her death sentence had one purpose- to serve the Coloured names for eternity, without them ever knowing that she existed, without them ever knowing that there was a soul and heart underneath the white name of Lovesick Forrester.

To feel the sand underneath her toes again, and the wind kissing her cheeks, to be able to laugh with others was all that Felicity longed for. But this would never happen, simply because the Sea had taken her and forced her into a shell that looked nothing like her, and plastered above her head, a white name- a name she had never known. The Sea may have stolen life from Felicity, but she had something he could never take from her- her dreams. The Sea needed her trapped soul to operate the empty shell, to say, "Aye-eye" when ordered to station by one of the Coloured names, or to say "Ok" when asked to move, or even, "Reporting for duty" when called aboard. Even though she was forced to do such things, she treasured every moment because she for a brief moment in her eternal bondage, she felt a bit of life coming back into her soul. She may not be able to feel the salt-water splash up against her, nor the wind in her hair, or the smell of the ocean, but she could imagine such things. She would watch the Coloured names every step, every movement, imagining as if they were her own, hoping that one day she could break free from her doom!

A whistle awoke Felicity-Lovesick Forrester from her wondering mind. She was called aboard the Coniferous Clownfish, Verdant Sloop owned by Idrael of The Assasin Kings.

Silly Josiah has come aboard.
Refined Hoshi has come aboard.
Lovesick Forrester has come aboard.
Lovesick Forrester says, "Reporting for duty!"

The pink named Idrael walked up to Felicity. With her lips turned upwards, she tucked a flyaway piece of blonder hair behind her ear. Her electric blue eyes were like nothing Felicity had seen before, they almost seemed to dance in the sunlight.

"Ready to go fight some Brigands and Barbarians? And who knows, maybe we will even find ourselves some good ol' Kraken blood! Course you are, a bot is always ready." She said with a slight chuckle. And so they set sail, searching for adventure!

What had started out as a peaceful fun loving pillage, soon turned deadly. The warm sun was gone, leaving freezing rain in its absence. The once smooth, emerald waters now black and untamable, and the gentle breeze now a whip against tender skin. Felicity knew what the Sea wanted- but he couldn't have her! But she was too late for the main sail was gone, leaving only a useless splintery stub. The water below deck was rising too quickly to bilge away. A whistle pierced through the screaming wood and the raging sea. Felicity started screeching as loud and as defiant as she could! But not a single sound escaped her closed, emotionless lips. Then the blackness came...

Felicity awoke in her normal storage spot when she was not needed by the Coloured Names. But something was different. Standing on the other side of the dimly lit room was a new white name. She had light auburn hair, but it wasn't the arrival of this new bot that was strange. It was her eyes. She knew those electric blue eyes. A tear escaped and trickled down Felicities cold cheek as she realized who the new bot was. It was Idrael.
Idrael of Emerald <3
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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By Darkfaery of Cerulean

Word Count: 785

Title: How the Dragons Came to Be

Once upon a time, there was an island inhabited solely by animals. Here you could find colourful parrots, furry seals, fearsome tigers, cheeky monkeys, and many more exotic creatures. Another that called this island home was a species of lizard. Now this particular lizard wasn't known for its beauty and frequently, it would be a victim to harsh pranks and teasing. They would comment on how nasty its skin was and how no one will ever want to be friends with it. At first, the lizard merely put up with the comments but as days turned into weeks, it began to grow very sad and tired. The lizard would see pirates come to the island and befriend the other animals. Often the animals would choose to go with the pirates on exciting journeys. However, nobody ever seemed to notice the poor lizard.

One day, a monkey came to the lizard and said, 'Lizard! I come bearing good news! There seems to be someone who wants to meet you!'

The lizard perked up upon hearing this and his eyes shone with hopefulness. The lizard followed the monkey, who lead him to an old ship. He came aboard the ship and saw nobody in the top deck. He decided to inspect below deck, where he noticed a figure near the bilge pumps. Upon closer inspection, he saw that the figure was made out of straw. Just as he was climbing to the top deck, he felt the ship beginning to move. He ran the rest of his way up and saw that the animals had pushed the ship away from shore. He panicked and jumped off the plank, having to swim ashore. The animals all stood at the beach, laughing at his expense. It was another cruel trick.

The monkey shouted, 'You didn't really think someone came to befriend you, did you? Someone as ugly as you will never find a friend!'

The lizard began to shed tears and walked away in embarrassment. Filled with an overbearing ache in his heart, he headed toward his special hiding place. A place that only he knew about. This place was a beautiful clearing in a meadow, with an assortment of flowers and the greenest of grass. It was here that he finds peace, far away from the others. While he was sunbathing in the grass, he suddenly noticed a flurry of colours in the corner of his eye. Turning, he saw that it was a rabble of butterflies. 'How beautiful!' He thought, 'If only I had those wings, I would be just as beautiful as they!' Then someone will want to be my friend!' In excitement, he scuttered off into the nearby jungle. He climbed different trees to gather twigs, vines and leaves. He wove them into a pair of wings that he could wear. When it was finally ready, he put them on and tried to flap them, hoping to fly like the pretty butterflies. After several hours of trying to fly, he flopped on the ground exhausted and still attached to his new creation.

'THUD!' Without warning, the lizard was now crushed beneath a pirate that just magically appeared.

'Ow! What in the seven seas did I land on now? I must have a word with the other Ocean Masters about the quality of those whisks!' Said Gaea, rubbing her sore backside.

With a grunt, she pulled herself up and took a peek at what she crushed. Low and behold, it was a creature she had never set eyes upon before. It seemed to have scales and wings that were badly damaged by her fall.

'Oh my goodness!' She said.

She noticed that the creature did not stir and lifted it up ever so gently. Gaea was very saddened as she loved all living things.

'I'm so very sorry! I will use my sacred magic to heal your wounds!'.

Using her special energy, she touched the creature, who in turn was enveloped in a green light. A bright flash followed straight after. When her eyes cleared, before her sat a beautiful creature with a long tail, beautiful wings, and scales that seemed to shimmer in the sun.

'Wow! I've never seen something as unique as you!' She exclaimed.

The lizard looked over his shoulder and saw that the twigs and leaves were now transformed into real wings. With a happy grin, he leapt into the air and flew circles around Gaea.

'My name is Gaea, I would love to show you to the other Ocean Masters! Will you be my friend?'

The lizard nodded joyfully and perched on her shoulder, as she began to whisk away.
Collector of Tigerfish, Catfish, Angelfish & Piranha
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Locu of Cerulean.

I decided to use colour coding instead of Names as it's more fluent to read.

666 words including title according to wordcounttool.com (and I didn't even aim for that.

How Whisking Potions Work

Locu and Dexla are standing aboard a ship to pass the time till round 4 of a blockade starts

Yarrhoys Dex, ye want to ask some questions again?
Yarr, Locu yer such a know-it-all so you surely can explain how whisking potions work?
Sure, just give me a minute to fetch some stuff.
Locu vanishes below deck and after some strange sounds he emerges with some cuts across his face and blood dripping from his beard.
Nothing to worry about, just a scratch, but what did ye ask again? Oh, yeah, whisking potions, right?
Then listen closely, though it's pretty straight forward. Ye just drink the bottle of whisking potion, then point to the island ye want to travel to and swoosh all turns black and you are there!
Any more questions?

Em, Locu, I did not want to know how ye use them but how they work...
Oh, sure, just give me a minute to fetch some stuff.
Oi, ye've already been getting some stuff. So tell me!
Wut? Oh, yer right, looks like I did!
So how to use a whisking ...
LOCU!!!! Oh, right, sorry...
As ye surely know there are 2 'offical'ingredients for a whisking potion. Cowslip and Cubanite.

Yes, and how does that help.
Easy. The first one is cowslip. Cowslip is this nice, em cramped flower. It has 2 purposes like the name already says: Cows and slips!
For the exact use and differences of slips yer too young, but they also teach you the birdcall for cows, so you can ride on them to other islands.

Locu, what is a cow?
Oh, a cow is a big 4-legged animal that gives milk (stuff that landlubbers drink instead of rum) and loves cowslip.
Locu unravels a poster of a cow eating cowslip.
See? That's a cow!
Um, but it doesn't have wings.
Yes, but you surely know the expression cock and bull story?
See, a cock has wings and can't fly and a bull flies and doesn't have wings. Bulls are male cows, so cows can fly too!
Em, suuure...
So where was I? Oh, yeah, So when ye drink that potion you directly do the cow birdcall.
I just burp!
Exactly! That's it and with the aroma of the cowslip and the special vibration yer body does after drinking the potions cows are attracted immediately.
So when the first cow arrives, ye hop onto her back and point out the island ye want to travel too on yer map.

What map?
Yer pirate map, the one ye always carry with ye. There, directly beneath the sofa in your booty.
Ye look at my booty?!?
Em, nevermind. Ye show the cow where ye want to go to and off ye go!
But if it's that obvious, why doesn't everybody know that?
Ah, now we come to the second ingredient. Cubanite! It's a stone from Cuba. What's Cuba famous for?
Exactamente! And this cubanite we have here is nothing else than condensated cigar smoke, so potent it lets you forget everything that happened in the last few moments and just leaves a black period in your memory.
Would ye really drink it again if ye knew what it does beforehand?
Actually cows only fly under the influence of cubanite, but that's another story.

Ok, sounds plausible, but why can I empty that bottle nine times?
Ah, now we come to the real secret. Why do you think a whisking potion is called whisking potion?
Emmm, because you can sort of whisk to another island?
No, it's because of the secret ingredient. Cat whiskers! As we all know a cat has nine lives and what is less known, they are stored in their whiskers! So just add a cat's whisker and ye can drink 9 times. Any more questions?
Sure, what was that about slips?
Em... I think you should ask that again in a few years...
Em, I think i have to run... Fair winds, Dex!
Bye, Locu
Locu on Cerulean and Opal (and some other Oceans)

Check the Rack at Phakey's Tailor Stall on Tinga for nice clothes!
Locu's Weaving Stall on Tinga and Cranberry

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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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How the Parrot came to be Tamed.

This is a story recounting the infamous exploits of a notorious female pirate known as Lady Kildrew. Now Lady K, as she was known to her friends, was notorious for many things, but amongst all of her faults stood one glaring flaw - she was a terrible gambler. Not like your common gambler who loved the hearts and poker tables but an absurd gambler, she would bet on anything and everything. She'd wager she could drink the fastest, she'd wager she could balance a falchion on her finger the longest. You name it, she'd bet on it. Now this notorious betting addiction had landed Lady K into a number of tight spots, not to mention more than her fair share of Gamblers Anonymous meetings... Now at this particular moment Lady K had had a particularly bad spat of luck. She was broke, not even a single shiny poe piece to her name. Her name was sometimes laughed at as she certainly never had a thousand pieces of poe at any one time.

This particular story revolves around one sunny spring day in late April many tides ago. Lady K and her motley gang of pirates had had a long day raiding and were more than ready for one of the local inn's ice-cold beverages. They piled into the busy inn, found a seat and sat down to be served. After half an hour or so had passed the crew were still yet to make their order. Amongst the regular grumblings one pirate noticed a cheeky green (one might even call it a spring green) parrot looking smug perched at the window.

"Curse that bleeding parrot, I bet he never waits for his drinks!"
"If only he could fly o?er the bar and fetch me some rum," agreed another.

Whilst musing at the green fellow Lady K felt the proverbial poe piece drop. She had just happened upon her greatest money making scheme yet. She banged on the table with her peg leg and raised her voice over the cacophony of bragging and swearing.

"I bet every pirate here one fine dubloon that I can tame that very parrot to sit on this here shoulder!" she shouted whilst poking her shoulder with her hook.

Her announcement was met by raucous laughter and exclaims of "she's at it again" and "silly wench!" Her second in command, Pirate Gingerbeard, stood.

"Arghh, who where takes up Lady K on her bet then ye blaggards? I for one do!"

His agreement to the bet was affirmed by his fellow crewmates and pirates in the inn. He turned to Lady K and shouted for all to here:

"You Lady, have yourself a bet!"

The next day Lady K woke with the familiar rum addled feeling most pirates suffer from after a night at the inn. She gasped, jumped out of bed and would've stumped her toe on her chest had she not lost her lower left leg in a vicious fight with a bellator earlier that year. She had just remembered her bet, sighing she sat down and felt sorry for herself whilst pondering how on earth she could tame a parrot.

Once again the poe piece dropped whilst munching on some rambutan for breakfast, "If only these pieces of poe were real" she thought, "I'd be the richest pirate in the Great Ocean!" So after breakfast she retraced her footsteps back to the inn and spoke to the bartender (the inn is open all day, ever day. Pirates love their rum you see.)

"Fine sir, I need a gallon of your finest, cheapest swill!"

Having managed to coerce the bartender into putting the bill onto her ever-expanding tab she walked out and followed the same procedure but at the local market, this time buying sunflower seeds. Finally she made her way home and set about her ambitious plan.

That evening, as the sun was setting over the Great Ocean, Lady K sat herself down on the dock and began to cover herself in seeds. She filled the brim of her beaten old captains hat, the insides of her aging fine boots were filled and she scattered the remaining seeds around her. All she had left was a bag full of seeds she stuffed into her jacket pocket, and then she began to wait. A few minutes passed before the parrots began to flock to her. Before long she was covered in an array of colours, she even spotted a few toucans (but the taming of those blighters is for another time!) Finally the cheeky green parrot flew down and landed right on the brim of her hat. Lady K reached into her jacket pocket and produced the bag of seeds and began to feed them one by one to the parrot till he had finished the bag. At this point the little guy had become rather fond of Lady K and had actually fallen from her hat and was currently struggling to stand on her shoulder. With a helping hand Lady K propped the parrot up and grinned to herself as she noticed his glazed over eyes.

The inn was buzzing with its usual ambience as Lady K strutted in. Upon her entrance a shocked silence settled amongst her fellow pirates.

"By Davy Jones' locker, she's got that bloody parrot on her shoulder!" was but one of the less expletive comments.

She sat down, plucked the parrot from her shoulder, pointed at nearest pack of confectionary snacks behind the bar, shook her mysterious seeds and the parrot took off, collecting the snack and returning faithfully to her shoulder. Now pirates, due to most of them having peg legs and eye patches do not have the best of balance, so it was no surprise that most of them fell flat on their backs in surprise. At this, Lady K stood and spoke:

"Well, ladies and gents, I do believe I am now the richest pirate in this inn. Pay up!"

After the painful process of extracting dubs from a pirate was completed Lady K sat smugly at her table. Pirate Gingerbeard, none to happy given he could no longer afford his rum, turned to Lady K and said:

"Just how in the name of the Holy Kraken did you manage that Lady?"
"Well, have a smell of these seeds Ginge," she responded.

Gingerbeard plunged his face into the seeds and looked back up at Lady shocked. The seeds stank of swill. She had intoxicated the parrot! Smiling wryly he laughed:

"Well I'd thought I'd seen it all Lady. You've surpassed yourself this time!"

So, the next time you are wandering the docks of an island, or raiding a fellow pirate's ship and spot a parrot sat docile on their shoulder you'll know why it sits so still instead of soaring into the sky. There isn't a parrot in the Great Ocean that can fly in a straight line!

word count is 1173! Hope you like it :) feedback is appreciated <3


p.s. just edited to add a drawing i did :P extra points! <3
p.p.s. edit two was to get rid of the question marks that replaced my speech marks.
p.p.p.s. edit three was to readjust the word count...
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Budclare, Meridian

Why Pirates Have Noses on April Fools' Day

One day long ago, Apollo woke up on a fine spring morning with a hangover. Well, morningish. Actually, it was more like afternoon. The Sun God would have been embarrassed to have missed so much of the day were it not for the fact that he felt like a pile of manure spread on toast. Immortality or no, he swore he was about to die.

"Morning," said Crow, mocking him. Apollo dimly remembered drunkenly explaining to most of the inn's patrons that Crow was actually just a black/black parrot. No wonder Crow was mad at him; years of dedicatedly pecking at corpses to support his bad-booty crow persona, completely undermined in a single night of rum.

Well, too bad. It was a ridiculous affectation anyway. Apollo glared at him defiantly, then buried his head under the pillow.

The pounding on the inside of his skull slowly receded--Athena? Is that you? he groggily wondered--and a word started to nag at him, so gently at first that he didn't even notice until it became more insistent. "Syzygy?" he muttered into his pillow, still not quite alert enough to understand.

"Syzygy," Crow crowed in confirmation.

Apollo yelped and sprang from his bed and dashed into the street, fortunately clothed. "Thank the gods, he's wearing pants this time," passersby whispered.

Ignoring them, he squinted into the sky. The bright, clear sky and the bright, clear sun. He sagged in relief. He would have been furious with himself if Artemis had managed to take advantage of his carelessness.

He set his jaw and willed the dregs of his hangover out of his head. He'd need all his focus to rebuff his sister's attempt to eclipse him; she was a serious threat to him in a battle of wills even when he was at his best. Stupid rum.

"What are you doing?" one of his neighbors asked, seeing Apollo standing in the middle of the street staring at his other aspect like some lovesick sunflower. Or a narcissus. A sunissus.

"I'm watching for my sister," Apollo said defensively. "There might be an eclipse today."

"Fah, she's already been and gone. Where were you?"

Apollo's jaw dropped. "WHAT?!" he managed finally.

People were gathering behind him, whispering. He could make out words like "deadbeat" and "slacker". He blushed, but used his divine powers to pretend he hadn't.

He spun around to face them. "Now see here. I was busy with important god business," he blustered. "Do you want your crops to die? Your laundry to stay soggy even though you've hung it up all day to dry? Do you want a vitamin D deficiency? Who but me can stop those things from happening? I'M A VERY BUSY PERSON. God. God person. Don't all of you have better things to do?"

The small crowd of people gawked at him...and then, one by one, started to snicker.

Darkness fell.


Crow landed on his shoulder, smirking. Apollo spun back around just in time to see his sister--his boring, craggy sister--snuff him out of the sky as if he were a common candle. His pride ached like it was a real thing that could ache, like a stubbed toe or a tooth.

"Barnacle," Apollo said with feeling.

"April Fools'," Crow replied.

And so in commemoration of her favorite eclipse ever, Artemis gives everyone a nose on April 1st of every year, just so she can tweak Apollo's.
Budclare on Meridian

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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Docktarte of Emerald

The Origin of Kraken's Blood

"Hey, you!" I look around the almost-empty inn; the only other patron is the local old salt, swaying drunkenly in his usual seat at the bar. He already looks like he's three sails to the wind, so I choose to ignore him.

"I mean you, you great land lubber with your fancy black clothes," he says, gesturing wildly for emphasis.

I'm still waiting on my new sword and don't fancy a stick on stick brawl, so I drop ten pieces of eight on the counter and grumble out, "Go buy yerself another drink, mate."

"I bet you don't know where that purty color of clothing comes from!" He pockets the money as his eyes travel over my outfit.

"Everyone knows it comes from kraken's blood. The fiercest creature in the sea."

He lets out a hearty guffaw, "Ha! In all yer sailin', have you ever even seen a kraken?"

"No, but I've heard tales."

"Har! I can tell you the origin of that rumor, but I'm not sure you'll like it, mate!" At this point, he's ambled over to my table and taken a seat. It doesn't seem like I'll be able to get rid of him, so I settle in for a story.

"It all started when I was young and green as the grass. I got caught up with this crew that called themselves The Brigands. It was all good, we were pillagin' and plunderin' enough for my liking, but my captain was getting restless.

"You see, the captain was getting tired of bein' away from his wife and little ones so much. He already had the strange problem of an octopus that had decided his shoulder was home port and a peg leg. He wanted to settle somewhere, maybe set up a trade on some island, the usual borin' stuff people do when they aren't pirates anymore.

"The problem was that he wasn't business minded. All he knew how to do was manage his crew, drink his rum, and brawl... nothin' that really looks good on a resume.

"One day, we were sailin' back to home port and a great storm blew in on us. A storm so dark and great that the sky made the ocean look pale in comparison. Some o' the crew thinks it was brought on by somethin' supernatural, but that's another tale over another drink..." He glanced down pointedly at his almost-empty mug like I hadn't given him any pieces of eight earlier, then continued.

"Anyway, that storm don't really matter. The point is, our boat was off course and we were lost. By some sorta miracle we came across a small island, the likes of which we had never seen before. There were strange shaped rocks. They looked like little masts pokin' out of the land. There were pools filled with the most weird lookin' flowers, like nothin' I'd ever seen before.

"The Cap'n ordered everyone off the ship, deciding to inspect the island. We'd been explorin' the island with the Captain for days. We were tired of cuttin' through tall grass, wadin' through sulfurous smellin' mud, and other general unpleasantries. More importantly, our supply of rum was dwindlin'. The crew was gettin' perturbed, ready to get back to sea and home. We had seen enough of that island with it's queer flora and it's lack of anythin' edible.

"Finally, the Cap'n was seemin' to come to his senses and wanted to get off that rock. We were headin' back to the boat when we came across another strange pool. The captain's octopus seemed to take interest in it, wigglin' its tentacles back and forth. The captain had a strange bond with this octopus, so he decided to investigate what it was in a flap about, so we hiked over to the pool. It was shallow, with brightly colored rocks skittered every which way across the bottom. There was some grass rooted to these rocks, and in the usual strange fashion of the island it was a bright purple hue. And pokin' its head through the strands of that crazy grass was the cutest sea creature I've ever seen. It was no bigger than the palm of my hand and had a cluster of tentacles waving wildly from its face. It looked ter be wavin' hello to us with the ruffles along its body. And it was every color I'd ever seen at once, like a rainbow had shined down on it and got stuck." The old salt said all this with a smile on his face, and for a moment there was silence as he got lost in his memories.

"Anyway, this silly lookin' creature had caught the captain's attention, and he said that he wanted to take it home to his girl. He fetched a bilgin' bucket, and put it in the water to scoop the creature up. Everything seemed to be goin' well, he'd gotten the creature in the bucket and was lookin' at it when all of the sudden it squirted out and splashed back into the pool with a small plop. And almost like it was mockin' the cap'n, a big blot of black had gotten on his favorite shirt."

"The Cap'n then made it his goal to catch the little varmint, but every time he got it in his bucket, it gushed out of the water and left another dark splotch on his clothes. It was a sly creature, hiding in the purple water-grass, disguising itself among the colorful rocks and bein' a general nuisance." At this, he laughed loudly, and then continued his story.

"Finally, when the crew's grumblin' grew into talks of mutiny he decided to quit tryin' to get the thing. Everyone went back to the ship, and we managed to make our way back to port a few days later without much happenin'. Upon arrivin' home, though, that changed. People were takin' notice of his darkly stained clothes, askin' him where he'd gotten fabric such a rich, deep black. And although he wasn't business minded, he saw an opportunity to get some gold and settle down."

"On our crew's next voyage, the cap'n made a point to go back to the island, which he now called Kraken island. Armed only with a few buckets and a barrel of grog, he went back to that strange pool with that strange creature and got as much of it's black goo as he could. He had the crew spread rumors of a great battle at sea with a mighty beast, and then showed the island's tailors how the creature's 'blood' turned fabric darker than the night.

"The demand for black fabric grew quickly, faster than he ever thought it could. So he took our brigand crew back to that island to get more of the little creature's ink, and set up a business. To this day, only those of us that are in The Brigands know where that island is. And that, mate, is where your fancy black clothes come from: some silly creature on some little island in the middle of the ocean, found by a pirate ready to retire with his family. Kraken's blood, HA!" The old salt slammed down his empty mug and burped with a look of satisfaction on his weathered face. Then he meandered back to the bar and ordered another drink, seeming to forget that I was ever there.
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Faeree of Emerald

How Scarves became Familiars

Amidst the lonely islanders at home among the fog lived tree dwellers who longed to get out of the trees. You see, these fog islands started to turn the islanders mad and to prevent the tree dwellers from breathing in this poison (and to avoid the crazy folk roaming the land) it lounged for days and nights amongst the tops of the tallest palm trees eating nothing but coconuts and palm fronds.

It was there that tree dwellers would see foreign travelers arriving and battling these mad folks for trinkets and what they could only assume would be valuable items to these travelers. One day a tree dweller, lets call him Bob, noticed that these travelers were taking bits of fabric and other items they adorned themselves with upon leaving.

Bob really, really wanted to leave the island. He was bored of eating coconuts and the sun was causing him to break out in stripes on his already striped body. He also didn't like the fog or the islanders. What he did like was the look of the travelers and their ship that would let them come and go as they please.

Bob decided it was time he made his way to the travelers to ask for passage off this island. The first traveler he happened upon ignored him when he tried to get his attention. The second traveler stepped on Bob before he had a chance to make his acquaintance. Finally, the third traveler he met looked down at Bob mesmerized. Bob stood up on his haunches and asked the traveler for safe passage off the island. The traveler said he could not offer safe passage for islanders saying the islanders were tainted. Bob tried to explain how he lived in the trees and did not breathe the foul air that warped the islanders minds.

The traveler looked down and sadly stated that Bob was still an islander and thus considered tainted by the ship's crew.

Bob, thinking fast on his, erm, tail said that he wasn't a real islander but a neck adornment left behind by the last group of travelers.

The traveler chuckling to himself agreed with Bob saying that he was a lovely 'scarf' but 'scarves' could not speak or move of their own accord.

Bob, getting the gist of what the traveler was saying asked what he would require to get Bob to be a 'scarf' and to take him with the traveler. The traveler inclined his head and said that his neck could use a new scarf but he would require Bob to act the part of a scarf. When Bob asked what a scarf does, the traveler said that the scarf would be wrapped around the travelers neck and stay their until the traveler removed it from its neck.

Bob thought about it and asked if that was the only thing he had to do. The traveler then said that if Bob wanted to be his scarf he would ask that Bob travel the oceans with him as his scarf.

Bob liked the idea of traveling the oceans. He was tired of sitting in trees. He thought that a neck wasn't so different than a tree and the traveler seemed like a nice enough fellow.

Bob agreed.

The traveler picked Bob up, wrapped Bob around his neck and gently patted Bob. The traveler then said, in my lands you are known as Serpent and are a prized being amongst my people. But until we get back to my lands, you will need to be a scarf in order to keep you safe and not be thrown to the seas.

Bob happily agreed and quite enjoyed being a scarf as well as being seen as a prized being.

The other tree dwellers were fearful for Bob. However a week went by and they saw Bob, wrapped around the neck of a traveler, happy as can be.

This is how the Serpent came to be a scarf and a familiar!
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Apollo wrote: 
(Is it wrong that I'm now just a tiny bit in love with Faeree's brother?)

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Sparrowhood on the Emerald Ocean

The Tale of The Familiar and our Pets.

Before the time of pirates, their politics, and pillages, lived a lad named Orus who thrived in unity with all the creatures of the earth. Orus was a kind lad who could be found making friends with any person or creature he came upon, often dwelling among the untamed, tending to their needs and cares, regardless of the risk to his person. Orus was not the most revered nor was he of the highest intelligence, but he had the largest of hearts.

While roaming through the forests of his home island mid-afternoon, Orus came upon a little monkey, caught by his tail by a small avalanche of rocks. Being the man that he was, he refused to leave the little marsupial to his fate and took it upon himself to free the little critter. Although the monkey clawed and spat at him, Orus removed enough rocks to grant the little monkey his freedom. As soon as he did so, the creature began to change form, into something more in the shape of a man then a monkey. The man now standing before him took his time gazing at Orus, as if he was still adjusting to seeing through the eyes of a human man instead of a monkey. Before Orus could make a decision to flee, the man spoke, telling Orus of his origin, naming himself Ocean Master.

Orus new of the Ocean masters, the legends that created their world, and took care of those living within it; he knew they were fickle gods, giving to anger or kindness like the tide. Prepared for the worst Orus was astonished at the gift the Ocean Master chose to bless him with in return for his help, the gift to converse with all creatures of the world. The Ocean Master had looked into Orus? heart and knew that this skill would help Orus to live his life to the fullest. The god then departed, leaving Orus to speak with the beings that had gathered, drawn by the presence of the Ocean Master.

As time moved forward, Orus, now blessed with the ability to truly understand the fauna he met, continued to help the hurt animals and build relationships between them and humanity. He took great pride in a friendship he struck with a little monkey, naming him OM, in remembrance of his gift. The familiar followed Orus wherever he went, frequently sitting upon his shoulders and watching while he worked. As news spread of Orus? ability inhabitants of other islands began to reach for his assistance in treating critters and Orus began traveling the ocean, in a small boat to help in treatment. As he traveled he helped to deepen the relationships between the animals and the people of each island.

While traveling in his small sloop, one dark night, OM by his side, Orus heard loud booms echoing through the tide. As he traveled closer to the nearest island the thunderous sound continued to grow more dominant and through the smoke Orus could see what appeared to be a ship larger than any he had ever seen; an enormous beast shooting fire from its belly, towards the island. He quickly headed for land, called by the sounds of the animal inhabitants crying for help. Orus and OM ran through the island aiding those they could, and helping others to escape. When at last the cannons fire began to fade Orus took shelter with OM in a nearby tavern and the tales he began to hear were unbelievable.

Those in the tavern began to speak of large ships full of people welding large swords who called themselves pirates. These pirates were here to take over the island in the hunt for treasure and brought with them odd clothing and foods. The pirates had settled into the local iron welder?s home and were telling everyone that no harm would come to them if they gave up their gold. Being the brave lad that he was Orus thought to use his gift of speaking to animals to see what sorts of information he could gather on these pirates, so he snuck out of the tavern and headed to the town ironmonger.

As he drew near to the building he was caught by a group of pirates heading back from plundering. They grasped him by his collar and pulled him into the ironsmith?s home. After speaking with the pirates and informing them of his gift, as well as guaranteeing them that there was no treasure to be found on the island, he convinced them to set sail and leave the island in peace. The captain of the crew, as they called themselves, was convinced that Orus was telling the truth and asked Orus to travel along with them to help with the locals. Orus seeing how he could reach more animals decided to take the captain up on his offer, bringing OM along with him.

After months on the ship, the pirates began to notice Orus? interactions with OM and how close the two had become. Orus, had also gained the help of different species of animals at each island they met, such as gaining the assistance of elephants when lifting large pieces of wood or making repairs to the ships. The captain saw the usefulness of having different creatures on his ship and began to allow more and more creatures aboard.

Each of the pirates seem to strike up unique relationships with the animals, some gaining smaller familiars such as octopi that would ride along on the shoulder of their pirate, others gaining friends with larger species that would assist in their daily duties. As they traveled to each new land new creatures were discovered and Orus would complete introductions. Some of the new creatures would come along and some animals would stay on the new islands. Other crews began to follow after and soon pirates everywhere could be found with what was deemed as pets or familiars. To this day pirates still take great pride in building relationships with all species of animals, whether they be air, water, or land dwellers. Orus fulfilled his destiny and from that day forward pirates carried familiars and worked alongside the animals.
Sparrowhood Senior Officer of Call of the Sea

Emerald Ocean
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Why Parrots Stay
By Wayfarer of Meridian

Long ago on the Malachite ocean lived an old alchemist named Corros. He lived in a shack by the waterfront, alone apart from his many pets. Although he was happy with the lively yipping, mewling and hissing of his companions, he desperately missed the sound of a human voice at night. During the day, he got by listening to the comforting pleasantries of his customers, but every evening, he left it all for the loneliness of his little shack.
His loneliness weighed heavily on his health. He developed insomnia, and came to his shoppe every morning exhausted. He became cranky, irritable and unpleasant, and soon even his most loyal customers took their business elsewhere. He became lonelier and lonelier as business grew worse and worse. One day not long after the last customers stopped shopping there, Corros nailed boards to the door and windows of his apothecary, deciding to close for good.
That evening, something inside him shifted, and he began talking to his pets and to himself. "I'm just so tired of being alone," he confided to his rabbit Bunbun. "No offence, but rabbits just aren't the same as pirates."

Bunbun hopped away.
This went on for months. Corros remained unhappy, but having creatures to talk to did stop his health from deteriorating further. His pets grew to accept his one-sided conversations, and would sometimes even whimper or purr in understanding. He took to pampering them, in gratitude for their companionship.
One morning, after baking his puppies some biscuits, he tossed the crumbs outside. Almost immediately, a bright green-and-red parrot flew down from a nearby palm tree to peck at the crumbs he dropped. Out of habit, Corros greeted the bird. "Hello, birdy. Good morning."
"Hello," it squawked in reply, not looking up from the crumbs.
Corros must have jumped ten feet in the air in surprise. "You understand me?!" he exclaimed. "You can talk?"
"Understand," it replied.
The look of exuberance on Corros's face was absolute. "Could you stay with me?" he asked excitedly, leaning closer. "I have no one to talk to."
"No talk," it parroted, hopping away.
Desperate, Corros lunged for the bird, but it flew away, squawking angrily. Corros straightened miserably, watching the parrot fly away until it disappeared from view entirely.
The next morning, Corros baked again, just to have crumbs to feed the parrot should it return. It did, though it squawked at him mistrustfully when he stepped too close, so he backed up, watching the bird thoughtfully. "Hello again," he said after a minute. "I'm sorry about yesterday."
"Yesterday," it repeated.
"Anyway, I wanted to tell you that if you came to live with me, I'd feed you every day. You'd never have to go hungry. How does that sound?"
"Never," the bird squawked.
Corros's face fell, and he went back inside, lonely as ever.
That night, his insomnia struck worse than ever. The sound of another voice had rekindled something within him. He tossed and turned; nothing felt comfortable. His loneliness was overwhelming.
By the wee hours of the morning, he'd grown angry. "Stupid bird!" he cursed at the darkness. "Stupid scuppering bird! I was okay on my own, but now-- now it's all wrong!" His pets skittered away from him, frightened. The darkness around him churned, inspiring darker thoughts. "If only I could capture it, somehow... Then I'd never have to be alone again." He rose from his bed, all thoughts of sleep abandoned, and began to pace.
By dawn, inspiration had struck, and he raced to his apothecary to begin. He tore the planks from the door and windows, and flung the door wide open. With shaking hands, he measured out ingredients for his concoction. He worked long and hard, boiling, mashing, stirring and straining until late into the night.
As midnight struck, he held the vial to the lamplight, grinning victoriously. "The strongest glue in the world!"
He closed up shop and walked home in darkness, cradling the vial close to his chest the entire time. Every noise set him on edge, from the rustling grasses to the crash of the waves.
When he arrived home, he baked again. His dog Daphne padded over to him as the cookies baked, and he stroked her head, murmuring to her soothingly. "By tomorrow, girl, we'll have a new family member. Won't that be nice?"
She whimpered and wagged her tail hesitantly before leaving.
The cookies finished baking and he crumbled them into bits before stuffing the crumbs in his pockets.
Then, patiently, he waited for dawn.
He emerged from his shack as the sun was rising, allowing himself plenty of time to prepare. Sitting, he took fistfuls of crumbs from a bag in his pocket and scattered them in front of him. He then proceeded to scatter a trail of crumbs on himself, leading up to his left shoulder. Finally, he poured some of the glue on the same shoulder.
It wasn't long before the parrot arrived. At first, it stayed around the periphery, pecking hesitantly at the crumbs farthest from Corros, but soon enough it hopped closer, and closer, until it was on Corros's leg.
He could hardly contain his excitement; he almost shivered with glee, but managed to quiet the urge by grinning maniacally.
Finally, it hopped onto his shoulder.
"At last!" Corros screamed. "A companion!"
The parrot squawked and flapped its wings, but couldn't loosen itself.
"You'll never fly free, birdy, this is the strongest glue in existence."
"Free, free!" the bird called, but it was stuck fast.

Corros slept soundly that night, for the first time in months.
Soon, with the aid of a voice in his ear, Corros recovered from his insomnia and became happier. He even reopened the apothecary. When anyone asked about the parrot on his shoulder or his new, happy outlook on life, he pointed to a new shelf he'd hammered into the wall, which advertised his new product: UltraGlue.
He lived happily ever after, until the parrot pecked him to death in his sleep, by which time UltraGlue was a household name and there was a parrot on every shoulder.

The End.
Wayfarer of Meridian
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Re: [ENTRY THREAD] Piratical Pourquoi Storytime! [Deadline April 30, 2013] Reply to this Post
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Sea Secrets:
Thousand years ago, when sage sojourn,
when oceanmaster were creating the puzzles
something occured.
The three gods showed up.
Apollo hide under the table
and clio grab his poniard.
Cleaver stand up and said
whats going on while putting his hand over clio's head
The monkey talked:
(Anemoi) the gold gold parrot and
(Boreas) the ice blue octopus
and I Nihon the black monkey have come in peace
we want to participate in this event
we already have our world but if you let us...
We can join our species with yours.
Demeter was speechless.
Cleaver accept but it wasnt whole issue
A golden parchment appear.
Nihon: Ok humans sign here and our worlds would be together.
When Castor was about to sign Galene gasp
"Wait a second here it says we will give you our islands
in return of letting you stay"
Nemesis: I preffer staying with no before that!
after a long discussion...
They let the gods wich now are know as familiars
(but thats another story) stay.
And to obtain one
the humans should have to particapte
in multiple challenges.
in all this issue Borea declare a last thing:
"If my specie is going to live in this world
they wont have to breath, deal?"
That's how the octopus whos god is borea
manage to live in our world without having to breath
to survive
Thats the Secret story of why:
octopus can be on piartes shoulders
without having to be on water whole time.
TA DA :) hope you like it
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Gulpofbilge of Meridian

Where Berserker Pelts Really Come From
Rotten Sam was a zombie of Meridian Ocean. He loved to stumble and stagger about with his brethren from island to island picking fights with the fleshies. It was what zombies did best, and Rotten Sam was the best of the best. He could rumble with one hand and often did as his left arm often fell off during a match. All the zombies looked up to him, from the youngest to the oldest. Rotten Sam had, however, a deep, dark secret. At night when he made his way to his house, which was nothing more than a rotting stump, he would cuddle with a group of friends. These friends were not zombies. They couldn't even moan or groan intelligent zombie musings. No, these friends were nothing more than a large pile of teddy bears.
Rotten Sam knew it was wrong. He was a fearsome zombie, and yet night after night he would cuddle with these adorable bears. He would speak to them, groaning only loving thoughts, such as "Fluffy no fleshie. I love Fluffy."
One day though another zombie followed Rotten Sam home. It was Stinking Liza, who had long harbored a crush on Rotten Sam. She had no idea what her stalking would reveal to her. When she staggered up and saw the green zombie rolling about in a pile of teddy bears she felt ill. She couldn't believe it.
Rotten Sam saw Stinking Liza and the horror on her decomposing face as she stared at him in the cuddly pile. He knew what he had to do. He couldn't live with the shame anymore. So with a mighty zombie groan, Rotten Sam tore the head off of each and every one of his teddy bears, tossing the once loved heads by a nearby tailor stall.
The next morning when the tailor came to his stall to open up shop, he saw the many teddy bear heads. Not one to pass up an opportunity to make more poe, he gathered the heads and made them into berserker pelts for only the most fashionable pirates to wear.
Gulpofbilge of Meridian, The Guppy
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By Nors on Meridian:

Title: The Legend of the Krakens and the Infestation of Monkeys

*Using British English here, the most of the some spelling would be different; i hope there are no chinglish :)
-not sure about the time, due to time difference

Word Count : 1493

In this medieval age of colonization, unification and crusades, knowledge and communication have been brought across the known world through conquerors, travelers and explorers.

The world have always been looked down upon by a group of deity. There are different classes of people and creatures, with little or high intelligence. Magic are being practiced by a small group of people whilst the ordinary live a life to survive in this world that peace is often a luxury. Magician sells some of their art in physical forms such as potions and recipes in exchange for power and riches. People who can't afford to defend themselves go to powers and exchange for protection through taxation and live a short but peaceful lives.

Explorers travel and settle at places where they found amusing. Soon maps and maps have been recorded between the land and the sea, where the world has also been separated into two halves, the advanced West and the mysterious East. Travelers found a way to the riches by trading between colonies, where merchant class emerges. People who take pride in pillaging their goods followed.

It is at a state where half of the advanced West being colonized by a strong Imperial empire. A young merchant and explorer set off from the East in the hope to bring back technology from the West. His name was Zheng He. He was one of the first to sail a long journey in the open ocean as the high sea is deemed dangerous, and there are few merchants who sail it returns home. He and his newly invented fleet called the fleet of ships who was later known by the world as fanchuan or junk has shocked many colonies of their destructive combat power and the ability of travelling long distances brought along by the young Yu Jian who became one of the most well known lords (or madam) who roam the sea. One day Zheng's lookout spotted a tropical island which has not been marked on the map. A command was sent down to the fleet to anchor where the admiral's ship will go close and explorer the island. A massive castle structure was also spotted afar and Zheng decided it is a good chance to trade with the island's inhabitant. Unfortunately before they reach the island a few strangely shaped ship appeared and forced them into battle. When the first enemy boarded Zheng's ship the whole crew was shocked. A beautifully gingered coloured furry beast yelled out, "All Hail King Banana, the juicy goods of these mortals are ours!"

Zheng's army lost due to an element of surprise and the crew was brought to whom is known to be the King, Banana.

Banana : What are you doing in my waters
Zheng : I beg your pardon? We explore in the name of my empire to the West to trade. We spotted the island and wish to exchange some information and technology with our weapons, dish and furnitures
B : Interesting, we are also planning on a journey in the West, with these cloth clipped together with signs and inscription on them, trading for gold and fruits.
Z : I would happily take your men ... I mean warriors of furs on board in exchange for some knowledge and gems, and, the cloth ... are called books, sir

Together a mixed fleet set off with different aim. It was observed that these furry warriors are dangerous with fruits in hand but they are always in shortage of weapons as they eat their opponents' weapons a lot.

They parted when Zheng arrived in this port of the West which now belonged to the Imperial Empire. It is an important marine port to the empire who is now expanding out into the sea. Little are known about the friendly furs to Zheng but rumours are heard that some trade their freedom for accompany and some continues to roam the sea searching for the way home.

One day Zheng was in an inn enjoying the chatter and reading one of the book the monkeys gave him. He caught attention to a page describing the colours of the world. An unknown colour named black caught his attention and also a small passage about the tails of a beast, the Krakens.

The page goes:

I have traveled a long way and reached these mysterious colonies who sell a beautiful cloth called the silk. They make excellent clothes wear and would be the best merchandise I could find, with nobles willing to pay gold and gems in exchange for these wonderful cloth. I have decided to take the sea-way to make transporting easier for my men. One cold night where we were sailing along the coast a storm hit and the ship drifted far far out into the sea. No one knows where we are heading until one morning we wake up, where we hear a collision sound. Next thing my lookout reported back to me was that we are sailing alongside floating ice. We lost control of the ship and we can only let the wind take us where they want us to go. Luckily we bought a lot of supplies to last our days. The atmosphere was still merry with songs in the air and cards game played. Rums filled our lungs and nobody was worried. Then a period of time where the nights are long and the days are short. We must be sailing to the end of the world.

... ...

Today something unbelievable happened. During the short daylight, one inexperience member of the crew told me that he saw a big shadow in the water. As soon as he said, our ship was shaking and when i went out of my cabin I saw it. I saw this beast that have a lot of tentacles and is huge! It grabbed hold of the ship and looked down upon us and I got a feeling that he was hungry. My warriors prepared themselves and the bravest all attack this beast's tentacles. Dark coloured blood was splashed on the deck and the beast disappeared angrily into the deep. Some silk wear my warriors have been wearing soaked the blood in and looked extremely fashionable and soon the whole ship do it.

Due to his exclamation of the tale a few curious cats gathered around him with the story being read one by one aloud and words race through the town. Zheng returned to his crew and continued to explorer into the depth of the unknown Ocean in in hope to find the lair of the Krakens in hope to bring glorious news to his king. No one from the West knows what happened after but no one ever claim to see the crew again.

Experience sailors have gathered themselves on high-sea adventures to hunt the beast. The news was passed and a lot of colonies tried to find it and claim the beast. Merchants set off to find my information and also trade with these warriors. A new group of people who called themselves pirate of the sea also emerge to plunder the innocent ships which falls into their pray.

But the hunt couldn't last long against the toughness of the high sea. People sailed south in hope to find this legendary monster also discovered these groups of islands; far from the Imperial Empire who, the greatest enemies of the pirates reining in the West and so people slowly settled down. They called them the Oceans of their own and territories are split between the strongest powers of pirates. A few Oceans have been named classifying the waters. Pirates fight inside their Oceans to claim the precious land. Even the Imperials have heard of these miracle like island they named the group of Earth-sea and sending forces to try claim it as theirs, landing outposts to prepare for their big plans.

Years after years they go out in hopes to find the Krakens but yet, no one have ever spotted them.

One night in an inn on an island within the Earth-sea, an old salt sat at the bar slowly sipping down his drink. He started telling the folks that he, had found a reliable tablet of some kind which alongside the compass, would point out the path to the Krakens' lair. A young seaman bought him a drink and he asked, "Old man, how are you to be so sure of this tale." Then the old man turned and looked at this young guy with an evil grin, and said, "Yes, because i confronted them, and I always created them. My name is Cleaver you naive boy". And he vanished into thin air.
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nobody of Meridian

(As if Pirate be truthful)

Just being completely irrelevant, as usual

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Good morning! I officially declare this contest closed and on to the judging phase!
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