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{After merge} Clothes for sale <3

CLOTHES ARE ALL WARDROBED SO, THEY ARENT DEGRADING :3 All for 200k, Or Best Offer... or trading for an unnamed (or named if its a good name) monkee or octo (tan...)

(not black/gold/LE were labelled at 500 - 2k depending on condition and type)


New white/magenta Musketeer hat, male
Good Brown/lime musketeer hat, male
good Tan/red EO mask, female
Old tan/green EO mask, female
Good tan/magenta EO mask, female
Good Black/purple EO mask, female
Good lime/magenta EO mask, female
good Magenta/black EO mask, female
good Gold/spring green EO mask, female
Old Violet magenta High EO mask, female
Good Black/Purple Scarf, female
Good gold/black Scarf, female
Old ice blue/ice blue scarf female
Good red/green musketeer hat, male
Good White rose musketeer hat, male
Good White/light green musketeer hat, male
Good white/magenta musketeer hat, male
Good Grey/yellow musketeer hat, male
Good Maroon/persimmon musketeer hat, male
Good red/white Muffin hat, female
New indigo/orange Muffin hat, female
New green/green Buccaneer hat, male
New Indigo/indigo Qing hat, female
Good banana/banana Qing hat, female
Good iceblue/black musketeer hat, male
New Blue/lime Shako hat, male


New Indigo/indigo Chain mail, female
Old Ice blue/ice blue Chain mail, female
Good, green/white chain male, female
Good, Black/magenta Tudor bodice, female
Good, Maroon/green Tudor bodice, female
Good, magenta/violet Tudor bodice, female
New indigo/indigo Tudor bodice, female
New, grey/grey Epaulet jacket
Good ice blue/ice blue Striped shirt with vest, Female
Good White/red Captain?s jacket, female
Good white/purple Captain?s jacket, female
New White/green Captain?s jacket, female
Good white/green Captain?s jacket, female
New Black/magenta Captain?s jacket, female
Good grey/grey Captain?s jacket, female
Good gold/black Captain?s jacket, female
Good Indigo/indigo Captain?s jacket, female
Old Banana/banana Frilly shirt with sash
Purple/indigo Dress top, Female
Good Indigo/orange Frilly shirt, male
New white/navy jerkin, male
Good indigo/indigo Captain?s jacket, female
New purple/night blue Dress top, female
new Indigo/indigo Bodice, female
Good wine/wine Bodice, female
Good banana/banana Corset, female


Old Violet/white Pantaloons, male
new Aqua/aqua pantaloons, male
Good aqua/atlantean pantaloons, male
Good peach/orange pantaloons, male
Good brown/lime pantaloons, male
Good brown/orange pantaloons, male
old Light green/yellow pantaloons, male
good Navy/navy flared pants, female
Good Green/maroon flared pants, female
Good green/light green flared pants, female
Good magenta/violet flared pants, female
Good indigo/indigo flared pants, female
Good light blue/black flared pants, female
Good Maroon/rose Pantaloons, male
Good Maroon persimmon Pantaloons, male
Old ice blue Plain pants, female
Good black/gold plain pants, female
x3 old Chocolate stripy knickers, male
Good Grey/purple loose pants with sash
x2 Chocolate/chocolate Patched pants, male
Good navy/white Pantaloons, male
Good maroon/black Pantaloons male


Good ice blue Boots, female
New indigo/indigo Buckle shoes, female
Old ice blue/ice blue Buckle shoes, female
Good Pink/lime Fancy boots, male
Good Violet/indigo Fancy boots, male
Good Violet/indigo Fancy boots, male
Good Peach/orange Fancy boots, male
x2 Good Maroon/yellow Fancy boots, male
Good Maroon/rose Fancy boots, male
New Maroon/persimmon Fancy boots, male
Good Purple/black Fancy boots, female
New purple/Black Fancy boots, female
Good Light blue/black Fancy boots, female
New Indigo/Light green Fancy boots, female
Good Banana/banana Fancy boots, female
Old Grey/purple Fancy boots, male
New Navy/white Fancy boots, male
Good maroon/black Fancy boots, male
Good Maroon/black slippers, Female

Plus a few other random shirts and pants and shoes <33
only looking to sell all as one.
Darkoath Of Cerulean.
Tell me, would you kill to save a life?
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