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Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread] Reply to this Post
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Please Post entries to this thread.
Asheme - Malachite/Viridian Oceans - (2009 - 2011)
Mastorakis - Meridian Ocean - (2013 - present) that is all.....
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Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread] Reply to this Post
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Mooseabuse, Midnight Ocean

Category 2, Written only

Story Title: The Leopard of the Sea

This is the tale of Cat Sparrow, the Cursed Man-Beast, born lowly Thomas Sparrow. Thomas was hungry for adventure and gold, so he pledged himself to help defend nearby towns and villages from plundering Vikings. He honed his fencing skills against the hardy Norsemen until he matched them in strength and ferocity, and his reputation grew with his fortune. The Vikings who preyed on small, helpless villages were no longer a match for Thomas. They turned their longships back to sea when they heard he was at the head of a crew of defenders. He was stronger than the bear, more cunning than the raven, more savage than the wolf. By now Thomas had made enough gold that he could have retired comfortably on some peaceful island, but he was not satisfied. He wanted more adventure, more gold!

Thomas heard of a fierce warrior queen who prowled the seas with her thanemen. He used some of his new fortune to purchase and outfit a ship, and hired a crew of bloodthirsty brigands whose taste for battle matched his own. He sought her, and he found her: Brynhild, the daughter of frost. The fighting was fierce, but Thomas and his crew triumphed. And what a pile of plunder they won: far more than the pittance he had earned driving the raiders from land. Soon Thomas was chasing after more than Vikings. Gretchen's gold, Azarbad's jewels, Madam Yu Jian's jade--nothing was safe. And nothing would satisfy. He always wanted more, more, more! His ship would appear on the horizon like a harmless bird, and in a blink of an eye he would be upon them, with a swift and deadly strike. Azarbad's trembling slaves began to say he was like a terrible, hungry leopard...and the name stuck. Thomas, the Leopard of the Sea, was insatiable.

One day Thomas and his merry band fell in with an odd lot. Vargas was their leader's name, and they fought like no others had fought before--like madmen. But Thomas's crew defeated them in the end. Among the booty was a collection of bizarre books. Thomas studied them as he roved the seas in search of his next battle. One was a dusty old history, and in it was the tale of Catigern, a Welsh warrior prince who had met his end in battle against Horsa, a Saxon lord, but not without striking a fatal blow against Horsa. Thomas felt himself drawn to the story--after all, he had first made a name for himself in battle against the northern hordes. Why not name himself after a famous foe of theirs? And so, from that day on, he called himself Catigern Sparrow.

But whether Thomas or Catigern, the Leopard of the Sea still longed for more adventure and more gold. Sailing under his flag of a leopard, he roamed endlessly, fighting, winning, hoarding, but it was never enough. He continued to read the strange books plundered from Vargas, but they could no more satisfy him than the piles of gold and silk and jewels he had accumulated. The very last book was an odd-smelling, stained grimoire, the pages ripped and faded. It told of an island, shrouded in fog, on which one could find a treasure "more precious than any other." Catigern resolved to sail there. Normal treasure would no longer satisfy. Perhaps he would find what he was looking for on this island.

As he and his crew went ashore, a band of gibbering lunatics attacked them. They fought strangely, fiercely, irrationally, fanatically. Catigern and his crew had faced formidable enemies before, but these were different. They had no regard for anything, not even their own lives. His crew was overwhelmed. Catigern was alone, surrounded by an ever-growing sea of painted, screaming madmen. He was struck down by one of their spears to his shoulder, and his sword fell to the sand. Hazily, he saw as they lifted him and carried him through a fetid swamp full of snapping alligators and hissing snakes. They came to a cabin and threw him down at its doorstep.

"So this is the Leopard of the Sea," said a cracked, giggling voice. Catigern looked up into the wooden eyes of a horned, feathered mask. "Always hungry! Always hunting! You came here for your next meal? Then eat up, Cat Sparrow!"

Catigern gagged as a foul-tasting, burning-hot potion was poured down his throat. The fire quickly spread outward to his skin. A prickly feeling as fur forced its way up through his pores...a terrible ache in his bones as his fingers and toes cracked and reformed into paws...he opened his mouth to scream, and out came an awful growl. The masked creature giggled as the mindless followers picked him up again and tossed him into a pit in the swamp. He rolled over the stinking mud, poked by tree roots and bits of broken pottery and the bones of strange creatures, until he splashed into a dark, shallow pool. His throat still burned from the potion; he felt as if he would die of thirst. He splashed a hand--no, a spotted, clawed paw!--into the foul black water, breaking the scummy green surface, and brought some to his mouth. But he dropped the water in horror when he saw his reflection--wild, yellow, ferocious eyes, whiskers, fangs! He gave a small moan and put both paws to his furry face. He tried to say, "What has happened to me?" but all that came out was a strange, rough grunt.

"Did you enjoy your meal, Cat Sparrow?" The masked one's shrill cackle echoed through the swamp. "You will have plenty more! Searching ever for what you want, never shall you quit the hunt; until you find what's not desired, your spots will never be retired!"

Cat Sparrow sprang up and fled through the swamp until he came to the shore. There were two of his crewmen--but they were hideous leopard-creatures, like himself. Their eyes were hollow and glinted only with a mindless greed. And his ship--torn to shreds! The mast broken in two, his proud and colorful leopard banner now a dirty, ripped rag. Only a tiny lifeboat, just big enough for himself and two others, remained. In it, his sword and a spyglass awaited. And the hunger! The terrible, gnawing hunger in his belly...he felt as if nothing would ever satisfy it. He staggered to the boat and pushed it off the beach, coughing from the thick green fog that covered everything. The two feline beasts followed him. He knew he had to find a way to break this curse.

And so Cat Sparrow and his crew of Leopard-Men search endlessly for something Cat Sparrow does not want. Every lonely and forgotten spit and sandbar, every uncharted waste. They row ashore in their little boat and wait as Cat Sparrow surveys the forlorn sandy beach through his spyglass--but his greedy yellow eye always falls upon something he wants! He must own this tiny island--he could build a fort here someday. He must have this hidden, forsaken spot--he could bury part of his treasure here. He must claim this desolate pile of rocks--perhaps someone else has hidden treasure here. He and his spotted sailors will never rest...
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Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread] Reply to this Post
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Pirate Name:Ceephas
Viridian Ocean
Cat Sparow's Rum Story
read aloud category, keep the bird unnamed
cat sparrow rum story audio link

Ok? so that portrait there is ehh?
its kind of a funny story.. he he?
Eh? where should I start?
Me and me cousins were rushing to beat Catbeard to the treasure on the Lost island of Curiosity? some fine booty? mmm?. That's all we care about in my crew? the rum.. the booty? the rum? ahh if u don't mind me saying, my friend Captain Morgan his distillery makes some of the finest rum? mmm?. Booty and rum... that's all that matters in Life? sooo we pretty much lost our ship at sea and we had nothing? not even a drop of grog? but that sorry boat there in that painting did get us to Land? I had to scout out the island so I got me lens out, and that's when this oddball pirate Mrteach walks out from the dense island forest and offers to make me a portrait. Hehe.. He whips it out smudges some paint and hands me this here portrait. Damn guy charged me extra for including my cousins in the portrait? I mean they're barely in there? any how the guy disappears as quickly as he showed up. I mean this guy was a mystic of some sorts? some wild pirates out there I tell ya.

Anyhow? we get that boat all secure and head into that thick jungle because we figured hell this is some strange island and for all we know it could be the Island Curiosity? even if it wasn't we were gonna get booty, treasure of curiosity or not. Now at this point we hadn't had a sip of rum for 2 days and we were going mad? we were seeing things? for all I know a monkey could have painted that picture. Delirious as we were we came upon this clearing and in the center was this fountain spewing some golden nectar of the gods. At first I thought, Nooo, could it be?? I mean the fountain of youth, could we have found it? I took a sip and this jolt of refreshing energy came upon me like a kraken to his prey. This was no fountain of youth, it was a fountain of rum! Me and me cousins swam in that pool of rum, we drank our hearts content? and stuff gets a bit fuzzy after that. All I know is I woke up the next morning in our ship that we had supposedly lost at sea with nothing more than this painting.

Oh and I heard that Catbeard made it to his island of curiosity and his treasure, but noone in his crew ever made it out alive. I mean what are the odds? Ehh? Ehh? That's why you don't go to a cursed island without thralls.
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Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread] Reply to this Post
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Pirate Name: Tjjsalt
Ocean: Hunter
Story Title: Hunter's Cat-Astrophe (I might change this later to something not so cheesey)
Entry Category Preference and Requested Name of Familiar:Written only.

Link to Audio Recording: Not going to be one D: I've become too busy this week

Text of story:

In a dimly lit room, featuring a sole light bulb a little off-center, there was a gathering of about 15 young cubs, and one aged and slow ex-captain. His fur was a dull orange by now, and his teeth were a golden yellow. They were all gathered around in the room for the monthly story-telling that took place. It was a way for the elders to teach the little ones about their proud heritage. This month, the aged Cat Sparrow, born Shaorann, was telling the story.

His raspy voice was barley heard through the murmuring of the cubs.

"Hello, little ones. As you all know, you are here to hear my story. I only have one thing to ask of you on this day: do not interrupt me." With that very sharp and un-questionable statement, the cubs all ceased their talking, which was a large part gossip, (they were debating who had the best coat of fur, and the best-looking face) Shaorann began his story.

"Forty-seven years ago, I was Captain of the exploration vessel 'Fionnachtana'. We were ordered by the Queen, Gra, to explore the East and try to conquer the primitive islands we would surely find. Within twenty-four hours of her order I had organized my top 29 sailors to accompany me, including my two most trusted mates, Siochana and Cogahd. We used the constellations to navigate East in hopes of finding new life. For over three weeks we sailed open seas, nothing came into view, we barely saw any life at all, save for a lone whale which had, most likely, been separated from its mother."

At this point, the famed Cat Sparrow took in a deep breath and had re-positioned his legs.

"Now, as I was saying, we had not seen any sign of life for three weeks. Upon the twenty-third day of our, so far, unseccesful voyage, we encountered a hurrican which was so mighty we could not steer away from her eye. We made the decision to bail from out ship taking the life boats. In the panic, Siochanam Cogahd, and I boared the same boat, and began drifting in a North-Eastern way. We soon lost trak of time, and as we began to dehydrate and become dizzy from a lack of food, we miraculously saw land. He quickly approaced an island with a beach on the northside. The beach was not very long, however the sand turned into thick forests after only a hundred meters or so. We, after some debate, decided to spend the night upon the besch and use what was left of our lost and ruined instuments to look out for our mates. Sadly, we never saw them again. The next morning, we began the terribly long journey through the forest. We had documented what we saw with drawings composed by Cogahd, who was a very proficient artist. Such discoveries, as you have probably studied, included species with long tails, furry bodies, and human like characteristics. For days, I believe it was nine, we travelled the forest in hopes of emerging. Upon out ninth day our with was granted. We emerged into a sparsley populated town with eight or nine buildings in total. The first thing we noticed, which was pointed out by Siochana, was that there were about a dozen Cats, quite like ourselves tied up to posts sleeping." At this, Shaorann showed a very hateful facial expression, and quickly got back to his story.

"We were unsure of why this was, and approached the resting cats. Through them, we learned that forty years prior to our expedition Gra had sent them away on the same mission. They recounted to use how their attack upon the Humans was not well-planned out. They had arrived in a fleet of 10 War Frigates and with a total crew of 600. They landed at Aimuari Island, which unbeknownst to them was an island is 6000 vicious inhabitants. After a week of attacking, they finally surrendered, having lost almost 150 of their own. After this, the Humans had begun to tame and breed the Cats to sell as pets. Soon, the population of Cats grew quite large and were transported to Palaces on neighbouring islands. The Cats grew more and more hateful towards the Humans for exploiting them in such a greedy way. Although, as the governors of the islands became richer and richer, they could not rebel sucesfully."
At this point in Shaorann's story, a young cub with jet back fur got up and reached for a glass of water. At this, Shaorann was grossly outraged. He gave a roar that shook the walls of the shack they had gathered in. This alone was enough persuasion for the cub to sit back down.

"After a week of gathering information," Continued Shaorann, "we had come up with a plan to rebel against the Humans of what the Cats called 'Ilha De Aguia'. At dawn the next day we began the assault. To great success, we had captured the town within one week. We then began to stock up the town?s war fleet with cannons and rum, to which we had grown fond of. We then set out, and for the next year and four months went island to island to liberate the rest of our enslaved kin. After we felt we had liberated what must have been 50 islands, we stocked out ships full of trasures, including: gold, silver, andcient artifacts and fancy clothing. We left who we deemed the strongest and most cunning Cat on each island to govern the islands and keep the Humans at bay. Exactly five weeks after we set sail home, we arrived at Eagla, our homeland. We reported to Gra the happenings of the past year and six months with great pride in out accomplishments. Upon hearing our news, she was overwhelminingly joyed."

And with that, Shaorann abruptly stood up and turned on the spot. He then walked right out of the Story-telling shack and up the road to his large home, which was beautifully furnished with the artifacts he had claimed from his conquerings. Sitting down on his black chair, upholstered with a soft velvety material he leaned back and fell asleep.

Word count is 1,030.
Tjjsalt (Hunter and Cobalt)
All opinions I express are mine alone.

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Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread] Reply to this Post
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Pirate Name: Bunnylaroo
Ocean: Sage
Story Title: The Hunted - A Tale of Cat Sparrow
Entry Category and Prize Preference: Both categories, Parrot first - Name: Atticus :)
Audio Link: The Hunted - A Tale of Cat Sparrow Audio
(EDIT: Audio link added, Parrot named, and typos fixed :))
**Note: Apparently, a group of leopards is called a "leap"...just wanted to clear that up, to make my story more understandable...**

The skiff cut silently through the shallow waters of the cove until it ran aground on the shore of the deserted beach. Cat Sparrow alighted, and for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, he felt the sand beneath his paws, warm and rough. Inadvertently, a sigh escaped him, and for a moment he was content - but it was a fleeting moment. His sense of ease ebbed away with the tide, and was replaced by a grim determination, solid as the rocky shore. Like all leopards, Sparrow was a hunter, and at this moment, he was patiently stalking his prey. He had followed the stars, traversed violent seas, and had arrived at the fateful place. All that was left for him to do was wait. And remember...

Perhaps it was the touch of the warm sand that recalled home to Sparrow's weary mind. That lovely island that he left so long ago would be, by mankind's standards, "uninhabitable". Yet, for Sparrow and his fellow leopards, it was ideal: a lush jungle, well-stocked with food and spacious enough to allow the naturally solitary leopards a measure of privacy. Sparrow's leap had always inhabited this feline paradise; it was the only home any of them had ever known, and most of them loved it dearly. However, since the days of his cubhood, Cat Sparrow had been possessed by a wanderlust that had robbed his idyllic home of much of its charm. It was not that he disliked the island; it was familiar, comfortable. But Sparrow was restless. He used to lie outstretched on the island's most secluded beach, gazing at the rolling sea. He fancied that the great, grey expanse of water beckoned to him, that the horizon called him onward to unknown adventures. Indeed, Sparrow was doomed to find (as most of us do) that we never truly appreciate the things that we have until they are gone. He could never return to that island; for him, it was forever changed the day THEY arrived. His elusive prey.

That day had been oppressively hot, and most of Sparrow's leap had taken refuge in the treetops, where they were peacefully napping. Sparrow himself had been on the beach, restless as ever, watching the ceaseless tide. He could still recall the thrill that had crept over him, setting his fur on end, when the two black ships appeared on the horizon, looming larger and larger as they approached the island. His first instinct had been to run and warn the elder leopards, but this impulse was checked by a feeling of scorn. Sparrow had doubted the others would even believe him; how often had they mocked him for sitting, so watchful, on the beach! They were certain that there was nothing beyond their lovely island home, and Sparrow's refusal to be content made him an outcast among them. But the elder leopards, in spite of all their wisdom, were wrong! Though he now looked back on that day with bitterness, Sparrow could still remember how triumph had swelled in his breast at the sight of the black ships. He was vindicated! It was time to fulfill his destiny.

Curiosity did not make Sparrow foolhardy, and so as the crews of the black ships boarded skiffs and rowed toward the shore, he cautiously stole toward the cover of the dark jungle canopy, where he could watch without being seen. What an odd sight had greeted him! The creatures he had seen disembarking on the shore were ugly, pink, and hairless, their bare skin covered with rags instead of fur! Instinctively, Sparrow evaluated the situation; these things would make easy prey, although he wasn't convinced that they would taste good. But Sparrow wasn't interested in hunting the creatures. He wanted to learn from them, perhaps even join them as they mounted the waves in their great black ships. Hidden in the shadows, he had watched the activity on the beach. Boat after boat had carried the landing parties to shore, and the sheer number of men had begun to worry Sparrow. As some of them disappeared into the jungle, Sparrow felt a pang of fear and remorse - perhaps he SHOULD have warned the others. Yet, watching how the creatures moved, walking on their hind legs slowly and clumsily, Sparrow had inwardly laughed. He hadn't considered the unknown visitors a threat, and he had thought with some amusement that anyone who couldn't outrun those furless beasts deserved to be caught. It was a thought that Sparrow would live to regret, and the remembrance of it filled him with shame and anger. His pride, his stupid, pointless arrogance had left his leap defenseless; the tragic outcome was inevitable.

For, you see, the black ships carried poachers, and they had come to the island for pelts. By the time Sparrow heard the first anguished yowl, it was already too late. Striking, as they did, in the hottest part of the afternoon, the poachers found their targets sleeping - easy prey. Slow from the lethargy of sleep, and hampered further by confusion, the leopards barely even put up a fight. By the time Sparrow reached the heart of the island, where his leap dwelt, the massacre was nearly complete, and the poachers had driven the few remaining leopards into a clearing to be slaughtered. The scene of carnage was devastating, but Sparrow had no time to mourn. He was nearly blinded by the white hot rage which had spread through his body like wildfire, and he knew that it was time to strike. Although he was hopelessly outnumbered by the poachers, his wrath seemed to heighten his strength and agility. Striking from behind, he took the poachers by surprise; his brother leopards, the survivors, took advantage of the distraction, and within minutes the leopards had effected a slaughter of their own. The poachers beat a hasty retreat toward the shore, shouting a warning to the crew members who had stayed behind, while the leopards followed in hot pursuit. As they frantically piled back into the skiffs, the poachers watched in horror while Sparrow and the other leopards picked off members of their crew. Two ships had come to the island, but there were only enough survivors left to man one. Rowing frantically, the men pulled away from the shore, and, once they felt they were at a safe distance,they stared at the leopards pacing the beach and congratulated themselves on their narrow escape.

How could they know about the change that had taken place? Indeed, Cat Sparrow himself could not explain it, yet from that moment he was changed. It wasn't that he became a man - nothing so drastic or hateful. But Sparrow was no longer just a leopard: whether it was from sheer will power, or the force of his thirst for vengeance, Sparrow was now able to think like a human. His path lay clear before him. He would become the enemy to catch the enemy. The abandoned black ship lay moored offshore. Sparrow would become it's captain. He would walk on his hind legs, he would cover himself with their rags, and he would pursue the poachers until he had eradicated them completely. And so Cat Sparrow and his crew of brother leopards boarded the black ship, learned the ways of man, and sailed for the horizon.

Another sigh escaped Sparrow as he walked down the deserted beach. Hunting is a waiting game, and he was a very patient cat. He raised the glass to his eyes, and then that thrill swept over him once again, setting his fur on end. There was a black dot on the horizon, looming larger. The wait was over.
Bunnylaroo of Sage Emerald

Avatar by Pennywhistle
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Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread] Reply to this Post
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Pirate Name: Markal
Ocean: Viridian
Story Title: The Curse of Cortez
Entry Category Preference and Requested Name of Familiar: Parrot first, I would like it to be named Cortez.

Link to Audio Recording:

The Curse of Cortez

Text of story:

They are, but never were, forevermore will be, but unremembered.

They were a curse brought upon mankind, a blight shown to them by the ancient gods for the greed and violence they wrought. Those are the days that most White Men now seek to see banished even from the history books. But I write this now, that we men may be forced to remember. He was called Cat Sparrow by White Men. He had the heart of some of the most storied Aztec warriors, black as the deepest oceans and tortured more still by all the dying screams of the people that once called him a deity.

Over three-hundred years ago the civilization, known to us as the Aztecs, stood above all others. Peace was won at the tip of a sword and their cities, safe and powerful, this, long before my birth.

Then, we White Men came to their lands from ours, far across the seas. They thought us gods, beings of divinity and creatures prophesied of by their elders! Our weapons more powerful than theirs and our numbers more vast than the sea-sands. They showered us with gifts of gold and gems and peace reigned. But during those years we White Men became increasingly greedy and it became clear to them that we were not gods, but mere mortals like them.

War came between us and though our weapons were superior, their warriors fought strongly and banished us from their land for a short time. But we returned, with more men and with more power and brought a bloody war that saw their cities and culture destroyed. For this, their priests called upon their gods, that a curse be brought upon the White Man. The god of war, Tezcatlipoca, and his personal force of warriors answered this call and came to earth taking on the form of leopards that stood as men. Immortal and undying they swore to hunt down and kill every last surviving relative of the men that destroyed the people that once loved them.

My story begins nearly two-hundred and fifty years later, I am the seventh generation from the man known as Cortez. I had always been told of this curse upon our family line, as my father and grandfather died at sea, but never put much faith in it.

It was on the night of April the fourth that I heard gunshots ringing out across the bay. They were unlike any guns I had ever heard, the sound was of more of a ferocious growl than anything. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as I raced to get dressed and armed for battle This day, my life was made forfeit, my name is Agrippa and this is my tale.

I jumped from the bed and raced for the trunk that contained my weapons and armor. Before I could even get down the hallway I saw a pair of catlike eyes staring at me from within the darkness.

A voice from the shadows said "Surrender now mortal, and I shall not cut you down where you stand."

It was then that I realized that I was surrounded, I said "What do you want of me?" The Voice replied "Me? I want nothing of you, but my captain wishes to see you, come, get dressed, put on your finest clothes."

He stepped into the light and I saw him in full. He was dressed in general sailors clothing but he was every bit like a leopard that stood upon two feet. I rose to my feet to try and meet him face to face. He grinned a toothy grin as I realized that he stood two heads taller than me. His stature was fearsome, he extended a paw to me and said "Come on then, the captain is waiting to see you."

I nodded and he turned his back to me and said "Get dressed and come out when you are ready." I hurriedly got dressed and walked out the door and saw them standing there on the beach. Five others were with him, each standing taller than me by a head or so. They led me to the little boat and we rowed out into a dark sea.

I saw the ship by the light of the flames from the cannons as it bombarded the town. It was huge, larger than any ship-of-the-line. The one who had confronted me stood and held a paw in the air and the bombardment stopped as we got closer to the ship. We pulled up to its side and the sails unfurled as they signaled me to climb up.

He took me to a cabin, and he said "Tomorrow you meet the captain, now you must rest." He closed the door and locked it behind him. needless to say, I hardly slept at all that night.

Early the next morning I awoke when the door was opened and the morning light flooded in. The same leopard-man stood there and said "Good Morning, I hope your sleep was restful, come, the captain is waiting."

I followed behind him not saying a word.

He led me to the captains quarters and closed the door behind him as he left. I saw him standing there for the first time, staring out the aft windows of the ship. He turned to me a grinned, it sent chills down my spine.

He was dressed in a white linen shirt with a pair of faded red pants on. He wore a green sash about his waist and a bright red bandana adorned with all manner of beads and coins. He had a beard that he had split into two and braided with the tips having a bead at each end. On top of all this he wore a large dark brown cloak and had a sword hanging from his hips that not even the mightiest human could wield.

He said to me "sit down and eat you must be hungry." I shook my head and asked "If you are going to kill me as is my lot then be done with it, enough of this toying around." He looked into my eyes and said "Not yet young one, not yet. You are the last of them and we've finally found you, your forefathers all set to sea, but you, you stayed inland, you were tricky to find I'll admit. But we must end this properly so that my peoples pain, my pain, may be quenched and at last our souls can rest in the warriors paradise forevermore."

I said "What is properly?" He replied "You must be offered as an apology to my people and be forgiven, then we may rest from this eternal hunt. We will be at the sacred grounds by tomorrow this time. Know this, you will die that the curse may finally be lifted, there is no escaping your fate."

I asked "Are you not the god Tezcatlipoca come to Earth that me and my line be extinguished and vengeance shall be won for your people."

He said "Mmmmmm, you're a bright one and a historian no less. Come, sit with me and eat, I wish to hear more about you and your forefathers, though I killed them, I never talked to one of them face to face. I am most interested in you and your family line as you and your forefathers have been the most worthy prey."

I sat down cautiously and he sat across the table from me, the table was adorned with some of the finest dishes that I had heard of all cooked by a master chef. I began to eat and he said "I hope you like the wine, it's the finest quality taken from a galleon."

Around midday the door opened and the same cat that had escorted me to the ship walked in. The captain said to him "Quartermaster, take this man to my cabin, he shall sleep where the captain sleeps." The quartermaster replied "Captain, you should not be talking with a filthy White Man, he is the man who killed our people this is the man..." "Silence quartermaster!" said the captain. "He will sleep where the captain sleeps for this night, tomorrow he dies as the final sacrifice to atone for the atrocities committed by his people! But for tonight, he is my guest." The quartermaster protested "I'll not do it I shall not see the enemy of our people seen to luxury...Argh!"

Before the quartermaster could finish his sentence the captain stabbed him through the chest. He said "I could kill you for this, but just feel this pain for now and know that what I say goes without question from now on eh?" The quartermaster looked up at the captain and said "Yes...sir, I will do...as you say!" "Good" said the captain. He pulled the blade from the quartermasters chest and the wound quickly closed up and healed but left a ghastly scar in its place.

The quartermaster stood up and took me by the arm and walked me up to the captains sleeping quarters. I collapsed on the bed, the wine and what I had just seen were heavy on my head, I fell deep asleep in only a few minutes.

I awoke the next day realizing that the ship had stopped. The captain was there standing over me with that same toothy grin. He said "It's time to go, I hope your head is clear." I replied "Clear enough."

He escorted me to the small raft that less than two days ago had brought me aboard the ship. The quartermaster and the other cat that had brought me aboard were sitting in the boat ready to hoist us down. The captain lifted me up with one arm and put me in the raft and then jumped in himself and we were lowered to the sea below.

We rowed for a time, and soon we rounded a bend of some jagged rocks and He spotted a lonely strip of white sandy beach. He said "Quartermaster, there!" The quartermaster rowed us toward the beach and soon we were standing on the warm white sand. As the other two stayed behind to stand with the boat, Cat Sparrow said to me "Go ahead yourself and tell me what you see." I nodded and walked a few paces ahead of the captain. He stopped and lifted a spyglass to his eye and surveyed the horizon as the quartermaster and the other crew member looked on. "Mmmmmmmm, We are in the right place." He walked over to me and unsheathed his sword. Feeling it was my time I closed my eyes, but he took hold of my hand and made a clean slice across the palm and let the blood flow onto the white sands.

He looked at horizon yet again and then touched my palm with his claw running it along the cut, healing it like the quartermasters wound had healed. I looked at the sands and they were clean and white, as if my blood had never been spilled.

He said to me "Your clean heart has allowed my people to forgive your race, but your life is required now to finish the rite."

He pulled a large roll of paper and feather quill from his cloak and said "Write the events of the past few days here, that your people may know and never again forget. You will die well, your blood will not be spilled, enough is enough."

Father Cortez, we are forgiven!


1934-1992 words based on both tools counting abilities. Thanks so much for such a great event, I really had fun writing and recording it, hope you like it.

Best of luck to everyone.
Markal on Viridian ocean.
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Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread] Reply to this Post
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Pirate Name: Xamtheking
Ocean: Viridian
Voice Recording Link: Sorry for the multiple parts, three mins max per recording
(Lost my Recording Device for a bit, so part 3 and on won't have voiced parts)
Story Name: The Legend Of Cat Sparrow(Sorry for my average story name, I know.)
Side Note: For the first part of the story, Cat Sparrow will be refered to as Nick, but this will be short, just saying this in advance.
Side Note to my side note: When Nick is talking in part one, the other cat is the original Cat Sparrow. Nick becomes Cat Sparrow near the end of Part 1
P.S. This is my first time writing in a competition.
Edit: If I win the voice part of this competition, I'd like a violet parrot named Bob.
Part 1
Nick, an orange tabby with brown spots, was bored. He had been
slowly tearing up the couch when a strange cat came flying through the open window, faster than a dog chases a cat. The cat yelped as in hit the floor, and said, "Owww! I think my front leg is broken!" Nick, after his initial shock, ran across the living room to the downed cat. "Are you alright?" said Nick with worry. The strange cat got up, groomed itself, and said, "I'm fine. I'm just testing your kindness to other cats. Nick responded, "Why would you need to do that?" The strange cat purred and said,"To see if you are my successor. I am old, and need someone to take my place as master of the Five Feline Oceans." "What is your name?" Nick said. The strange cat replied, "Captain Cat Sparrow, at your service. I uphold honesty and bravery throught the oceans." Nick said, "Why me?" Cat Sparrow smiled, and said,"Why not you? Can you think of another who needs freedom more than you?" Nick said, "You're right. Now, what should I do to become your successor?" Cat Sparrow replied, "By offering to help me, you have shown that you are kind enough to offer help to those who need it, regardless of shape or size. I bestow upon you my title, and I name you Captain Cat Sparrow." The new Captain said," How do I get to the Five Feline Oceans?" The strange cat flicked his tail in a northern direction, and said, "There is a portal in that direction. It will take you to the Oceans. It is your destiny. Now go, and have good luck. Goodbye." Cat Sparrow said, "Thank you for everything! I shall remember you for all my nine lives." The strange cat said, "Thank you. Those are good words for me to hear, before I die. You have given me eternal peace." Then the strange cat closed his eyes, stopped breathing, and crumbled into dust. Nick jumped out the window, kept running north, found the portal, and jumped through it.

Part 2
Cat Sparrow fell from the sky and landed on all four paws. As he adapted to his new surrondings, the smells of a nearby city beckoned him, and he set off for it in a run. As he arrived at the city, a pair of cats rushed forward and said, in unison, "Halt! Who goes there?" A voice in the Captain's mind told him that there was a ship in the harbor of this city, waiting for him. The ship was called The Dogwatcher. Cat Sparrow said, "I am Cat Sparrow, and I am boarding a ship of mine at this fair city's harbor, The Dogwatcher." The two cats bowed to him, and let him pass. As Cat Sparrow rushed to the harbor, the same voice in his mind told him that he did not need to rush, that he could take in his surroundings. As Cat Sparrow strolled around the city, the many cats suprised him. He had come from a world with no-one else to talk to, save for his old master, who spoke jibberish. Now, he was his own master! He could do what he wanted! Just thinking of this made him purr, and a loud purr it was. After looking through the city, Cat Sparrow walked to the harbor. His ship, The Dogwatcher, stood tall among the other ships in port. As Cat Sparrow boarded the ship, the cats aboard regarded him with caution, until he told them he was the new Cat Sparrow. As he rested in the comfy bed in the captain's room, he thought to himself, "What a turn my life has taken. I'm in an entirely new world, with extremely curious cats. I only hope that it's for the better. But for now, I rest." And then Cat Sparrow settled down for a good night's sleep.

Part 3
Cat Sparrow awoke to hollers of terror. Bursting out of the cabin, he said, "What is happening?" Then he saw the storm. It had come on them from nowhere, and could send the ship to the bottom of the ocean. Then, from up in the crow's nest, a gray cat shouted, "Land ahoy! Shall we try to get to it, or try to get through the storm? Cat Sparrow replied, "Let's get to the island, it's bound to be safer!" The navigating cat steered the boat toward the island, and they ran up against it, but the navigating cat was so skilled not a scratch was found on the ship. As they all disembarked the ship, the storm rumbled far away. Cat Sparrow said, "This island doesn't look dangerous, in fact, it looks pleasant. Any takers for resting here for a few nights?" The entire crew purred with agreement and happiness. As they all settled in and started making temporary settlements, Cat Sparrow spied something on the horizon. As he took out his trusty spyglass, one of his crew saw him, and thought of how picturesque he looked doing that. The cat started to make a sketch of the mighty Captain Cat Sparrow, looking at something in the horizon with his trusty spyglass. While the young cat was sketching the Captain, Cat Sparrow had seen a frightening sight through his spyglass. It was The Catscratcher, the deadliest ship in all the oceans. It was huge, and it belonged to the Dogs, those nasty scoundrels! It had 64 cannons, and could destroy a smaller ship like a dog ate a bit of dog food, the disgusting thing dogs ate. The Captain suddenly realized that had it not been for the storm, they would have been in the path of the ship, and most likely would have been sunk. As the Captain put his spyglass away, he said to his crew, "Want to hear something strange?" His crew gave meows of curiosity. Cat Sparrow said, "If it had not been for that storm, if we had not come to this island because of it, we would have crossed the path of the Catscratcher, the deadliest ship in the ocean. We would have most likely been sunk. The storm did more good to us than harm!" The crew started laughing, in the strange way cats laugh.
After staying for a few days, the crew deported and headed to the main cat-friendly city in all the oceans, Catlantis.

Part 4
As the Dogwatcher ported in the harbor of Catlantis, quite a few cats rushed to see the Captain and his crew. Among the hustle and bustle, one cat in particular burst out and went up right next to the captain and whispered, "I've been expecting you. Follow me." The Captain and his crew slowly followed the cat through the masses, and they arrived at a tall building, with a picture of a cat fighting a dog on it. They all entered the building, and they went up some stairs until they reached what appeared to be a throne room. Sitting on the throne, which was very decorative, was a cat who appeared to be the Queen of Catlantis. There were two guards on either side of the throne. The cat they had followed introduced herself as Alexa, and said that the Queen's name was Graciella. Graciella said, "I require your assistance. I need someone loyal to wipe out the Dogs, once and for all. I have the best weapons, ships, and cats at my disposal. Will you help me?"
The Captain replied, "Of course. After all, you are my Queen. Now, when do we start?" The Queen replied, "Whenever you are ready." Captain Cat Sparrow replied, with a purr, "I'm ready now. Let us rid this world of evil once and for all." The Captain went on to give his life up to start a chain of events that would make a peace between the Cats and Dogs, in a world where there was no evil, only good.
The End

1326-1330 words, using both sites, my first time competitively writing. I'll try to get parts 3 and 4 up when I get my mic back, even if it's after the competition. Can't leave sight-impaired people hanging!
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Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread] Reply to this Post
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The Tale of Captain Cat Sparrow (Because I'm original)
Category 1, requested name is Banstick

T'was a long time ago, back when the world was ruled by only the strongest. Some may call it a better time, others a worse. The only thing that is known for certain is that it was a simpler time, when the world was only as big as someone was willing to make it. Captain Cat Sparrow was not only among the strongest, but he also wanted to make the world seem as big as possible, through his many explorations. Though he tried feverishly, he could never get royal backing for any of his insane expeditions with no goals in mind. After finally giving up on the royal backing, he decided to turn to piracy.

Cat started his years out as a lowly deckhand, attempting to work his way up the ranks of his crew and save up enough money to start his own. After five years of hard labor and little profit, he decided that working hard would not get him far in this world, so he picked a quicker way to get his crew. Cat attempted to incite mutiny throughout the ship, but none of the other sailors would help him, for they were happy with their captain. Cat continued his duties to the best of his ability, until one day their ship sailed a bit to close to another vessel.
A fight ensued, with the ships trading blows with cannonballs, but Cat was steady in his work. He kept the guns loaded as best he could, until the ships boarded one another. In the midst of the sword fight, Cat noticed his captain get mortally wounded, and, being the opportunist he was, finished him off. After the battle was won, the crew noticed that their captain had been killed, and started the search for a new one. When the first mate stepped up, Cat promptly cut him down, taking the ship as his own and starting his adventures anew.
The next twenty years passed by quicker than Captain Cat could have imagined, his name growing in infamy, and the world growing to immeasurable sizes through his travels. He had seen everything from mermaids to the Devil himself, and defeated any challenges that came his way.
That is, until one day, when the British Navy finally caught up to him. They had heard that he was planning one last expedition for his greatest treasure yet, and they wanted to know where he was going. Being a proper pirate, he did not tell them, and instead got to his ship and left for the expedition, albeit a few hands down from what he was wanting. A few weeks went by without incident, until the Captain turned to see that the entirety of the British fleet was behind him, with their guns at the ready.
Cat Sparrow knew that this fight was impossible to win, but being so close to the expedition site, he could not allow them to follow him any longer. He turned the ship to fire at them, but they were on him before the first gun could be made ready to fire.
The ship was pelted with cannonballs from all directions, the crew being violently slung from the ship into the cold, freshly red waters below. The wood was splintering in front of the balls, and the crew never had a chance. The Captain had tried his best to go down with his ship, but a cannonball flung him off the side and allowed him to join the rest of his crew in the water.
The Captain woke up on the shore of a nearby island, slowly getting to his feet, and realizing that the rest of his crew did not make it. He looked all around him to get an idea of where he was, and he noticed the beauty of this island untouched by man, and from the looks of the sky, with good reason. The sky looked as violent as the sea in the midst of a storm, but the surrounding waters were as clear as a good shot of whiskey. The nearby rocks looked to be naturally formed, with one nearby being shaped as an arch, with other rocks of various sizes and shapes scattered throughout the sea, all with a lackluster glow of aqua.
The Captain reached down to pick up his sword, and pulled out his telescope to get a better view of the his surroundings. As he turned around, he noticed two of his crew members row up to the island in a small dingy, most likely deserters, but the situation was too dire now to properly punish them. Sparrow put them to work, getting them to build a shelter and find food for the three of them, while he explored a little.
Days slowly passed by, with the sky never clearing up, nor any progress being made on figuring out exactly where they were. The Captain eventually decided to pull out his trusty map, the one that guided him to all of the treasures he had found throughout his long journey. As he sat staring at it, he realized that they had reached their destination after all. The Captain exclaimed in joy, and asked his crew members to prepare to leave the camp, for they were almost at their final destination.
The three weary pirates walked for weeks, until they reached what could only be their destination, a giant tree that appeared to reach all the way into the sky. There was a small pool of water at the bottom, and one of the pirates went to go drink from it. As he touched it, he mysteriously fell over. The other pirate went over to help him, before the Captain told him to stop. That water was the water of wisdom, meant for no mortal to touch. It was a drink only for the most powerful of gods, and they had disturbed it.
A bolt of lightning hit the ground nearby, causing both adventurers to turn and face it. Suddenly, another one hit the pirate, leaving the Captain in shock. He realized that these were unnatural forms of lightning, and went to take cover by the tree, where no mortal or god who knew better would strike. One more bolt hit the ground in front of the Captain, but after the light had worn off, it left a figure standing there.
A tall, muscular man stood in front of the Captain. He appeared to be of great age and wisdom, while still retaining the strength of his youth. He pulled out his sword and pointed it at the Captain, a gesture signifying a mutual respect and an offer for a duel to the death.
The Captain accepted, for he always knew that it might come down to a battle against a god. The Captain pulled out his sword and started to strike at the challenger, and the fight seemed to be evenly matched. The Captain could hardly notice the time that was passing during this fight, but he did notice once it turned to night, and then day again. However, he did not feel as tired as he should, feeling the aura of the tree must have made him stronger than just a mortal.
A week quickly passed by, with the duel continuing on, neither participant getting even a glancing blow onto the other. The Captain knew that this fight could go on forever at this pace, and quickly dove at the god, piercing him through the chest with his sword. But the win came at a grave cost, for the Captain could feel a sword through his chest as well.
The Captain slowly made his way over to the pool of water, knowing that someone who proved themselves worthy by felling a god must be strong enough to drink from the pool. As he touched the water, he felt slightly stronger, but still knew that death was coming. He quickly drank as much as he could, but the cold fingers of death were still crawling about his body. He had enough energy left for one more act, one act of the paranormal. He used his last breath implanting this story in the minds of young children, for they would know that it was real, and to spread it like wildfire.
The Captain's body went limp, and his story ended. But his story spread like he knew it would, so much that it is even remembered to this day.
The people about there, had they been awake instead of asleep, at other times would have seen even stranger things. Some day, but not at this time, I shall make an announcement of something that I never once dreamed of.

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Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread] Reply to this Post
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Pirate Name:Redasa
get time only to do Text :<

The tale of the demonic cat

"Hello there lad! Yes you,the one who been staring me all night, came closer, and satisfy your curiosity!
Here, isn't it much better? Well, i assume you want to know how my face end up like this.
So let me tell you the story of Cat sparrow, the cat with soul of a demon ! "

"Our story begins many years ago, when Long john visit is favorite leopard.
His leopard was a magnificent and beautiful animal.
The leopard lived in a castle, long john castle. But long John wasn't very much in his castle, he was at sea!
but that night long John didn't came for a friendly visit, nor to admire is beloved pet.
He came to give the pet a gift - the gift of intelligence.
you see, many years ago, Long John made a deal with a demon, the demon of intelligence, Sparrow.
The demon promise him vast knowledge of the sea and it's inhabitants. in return, Long john promise the demon, who was trapped at the time at gold medallion, that one day, Long John will find him a new body.
And Long John's leopard was dying; So Long John was hoping that mixing the leopard with the demon will save it's life.
Long John put the Golden medallion on the leopard, and wait for the demon to take the leopard body.
But what happen was completely unexpected, and was so shocking that Long John never recover from the horrors he seen that day.
The combination of Sparrow and the cat wasn't smooth as he'd hope. it wasn't just a cat with a demon soul, it's was some demonic
cat, who was had the figure of human been!
The creature, that now had a intelligence, went outside, and say it's first human words: 'My name is Cat Sparrow, and i will be A mighty
pirate captain!"
Sadly, no one was there to hear him, so he walk all the way to the local inn, and repeat himself.
All the pirates in the inn Was horrified from the demonic creature, and run away faster then a merchant brig when seeing a pirate ship!
Cat Sparrow went out of the empty inn in despair.
But Sparrow was not the demon to give up! he search all over the land for the foul creatures, the cursed pirates, the circus freaks,
the lesser demonic animals, and he even found one completely human pirate, but he was so ugly and hairy, that everyone was sure that he is a monkey.
While on his search, he encounter a very interesting legend.
While searching the local library for demonic creatures, he found out that he wasn't the only higher demon still trapped in the human realm.
If the legend was correct, his sister Veriga, the Demon of Power, is trapped on insula arenam, the island of sand.
Cat Sparrow decide right then, that is goal in this cat-like life will be to free his sister form what ever prison she in, so demon glory can once again rise.
after getting all the crew he needed, the only thing missing was a mighty ship.
Sparrow use the only method he knew to get things, promising great intelligence.
Sadly, the shipbuilder get mad after realizing that all his life was a lie.
But stuff like that didn't bother Cat Sparrow. He just was glad that is starting the journey to insula arenam, and to free his sister.
That island Was far far away, so Sparrow and his ship, The Endless Intelligence, and his crew was 7 years at sea. I wish I could tell you
about all the adventures they had, but I'm afraid that if I do, the gates to Hell itself will be open before I will able to finish.
So i will just tell one of the many tales, the one that summarize Cat Sparrow entire story.
One day, at the third years to their voyage, the observer has spotted a strange ship, with red sails and a drop of blood for a flag, heading towards The Endless Intelligence.
Captain Cat Sparrow order the crew to enter battle stations, for he had a feeling that he must investigate the strange ship.
Shortly, the battle begin. Sparrow use the same method he use each battle - he use his demonic abilities to raise his crew Intelligence so that no mortal ship can ever win them in a battle.
And soon enough, Captain Cat Sparrow was marching down the strange ship, looking for the captain quarters.
And in there was a man dress with a long black robe with a red Cross, Black long sleeves shirt and pants, both with red crosses as well, and two long swords to his back.
He looked with a furies eyes at cat sparrow and said "You are demons! you all are! prepare to die!"
He draw his swords and attack.
With only wave of his paw, Cat Sparrow make The Demon hunter forget all his battle skills, dropped his weapons, and fell down to his knees.
After restoring the demon hunter's intelligence, Cat Sparrow has explain his punishment:
"You're a Stupid and full prejudices! Just because someone is in animal form, doesn't mean they are demons! But yes, i am a demon. The demon of intelligence.
And one of my duty being such, is to mark the unintelligent fools i encounter. Sadly to you, prejudice is the one thing i hate the most.
Your punishment, my not so dear friend, is the mark of stupidity. Every intelligent person who will set his eyes on you will immediately what a fool you are, and so won't listen to a word coming out of your mount."
Cat Sparrow put his hand on the poor man forehead, and marking in the shape of 2 Crossed Questions marks.
Sparrow and his crew came back to the ship, and continue their voyage.
After four years later, and many glorious battles, The Endless Intelligence had finally arrived at insula arenam.
Sparrow and his Crew took out a boat to the island, and stand out on the beach. Who was all the island, because it was all sand. Cat sparrow took out his spyglass and search the island.
They all formed a circular across the tree, and Sparrow took a step forward "Is this my own sister who stuck in this tree? I came here to release you!" and in the tree, there was a movement, and a female face was created.
"Yes my brother, you are correct. and i see you broght some cattle with you. good thing brother." the tree said, in such a voice that only Sparrow could hear. and out loud she said
"Is any of you mortels will like power? such power that you could revenge every one who ever done bad to you? you all look like ones who could use such power."
No spook, until the crew cook, a person which was a normal man, beside the fact he has a head of a bunny said, "What is your price, demond?"
"Only one drop of blood, me dear friend. just drop it on my roots, and power will be yours, mr bunny.
The cook step forward, took out is cooking knife, and cut his palm, and drop his blood on the sand near the tree.
Seconds later, the blood absorbed in the sand grew up into tall red tree-like creature. "And here for my part of the deal,my dear bunny. this knife you're holding is now have the abilty to extrat revenge.
every man you will hit with that knife will imeditly end up in hell-like prision. but use it carfuly, or you end up there as well." The bunny smile, and put the knife in his belt.
"And now, my brother, it's time to go. out brothers and sisters are waiting. this world sure could use demonic help."

"And that's the story of cat sparrow, the demon cat.
Every single word of it is true, and i get this stupid marking on my face to prove that!"
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Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread] Reply to this Post
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Pirate Name : Iceblaze
Ocean: Hunter Ocean
Story Title: The Lost Treasure
Entry Category and Prize Preference: Both categories, Parrot first - Name: Amillia
Audio Link : http://soundcloud.com/user4378817/cat-sparrow

There was a cat named Sparrow. He was the captain of a crew and owner of a ship named, The Balls of Wool. Captain Cat Sparrow, known as this to his mates, was a very handsome fellow. He had a long curvy tail, wore a Captain’s hat and covered himself with a long black jacket. He was a great captain and his crew sailed with him where ever he went.
“Captain, when are we porting? We are almost out of milk.” asked by a very small voice.
Captain Sparrow replied back, “Don’t worry Cabin Jolly. We are almost to our destination.”
Then Captain Sparrow boomed in a loud commanding voice, “EVERYONE FULL SAILS! STATION UP, MATES!!”
Almost instantly lots of cats were running all over the deck finding a place to work. Sails were raised and the ship glided into the open sea.
Soon night came and some of the tired cats left to lie down. Others were left on deck enjoying their milk. Captain Sparrow was in his cabin looking over a map and charting the route for the next day. Meanwhile, Cabin Jolly was in the crow’s nest with his brother, Cabin Rolly. Jolly was scanning the water towards the North and east while Rolly was watching the south and east directions for ships. Suddenly, Rolly saw a black ship in front of him on the horizon. He called to his brother and both of them rushed from the crow’s nest and ran to the Captain’s cabin. Jolly and Rolly kicked open the door without knocking and races into the cabin.
“Cat Sparrow!” Jolly yelled excitedly.
“WHAT DID YOU SAY Cabin Jolly?”demanded Sparrow with a terrifying look in his eyes as he turned towards the trembling cat.
“ Captain Cat Sparrow……” Jolly replied with a scared expression on his face.
“Much better,” commented Sparrow, “Why did you disturb me?”
“Captain, we are being chased by the black ship!” said Jolly and Rolly at the same time.
Sparrow pushes them both out the door and rushes to the helm, yelling “ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!! PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!!”
Soon the deck was alive with half-asleep scurrying cats getting ready for the battle. Meanwhile the black ship was approaching closer and closer becoming bigger and bigger. Looking through a spyglass, Cat Sparrow recognized his arch enemy’s face; Captain Panther Pat.
“It’s Captain Cat Sparrow, and I will never tell you, Pat,” Snarled Sparrow in reply.
Pat, in a very angry fearsome voice, replies, “Well, if you won’t give me my treasure or tell me where it is, then you will not be alive to enjoy it.” And he laughs evilly scaring the frightened cats.
“PREPARE TO FIRE!!,” Shouted Panther Pat to his crew.
All of his crew of cats was ready and prepared in firing the cannons. While Sparrow’s cats were still sleepy and yawning near.
“Then you are foolish and you all will die and your ship will be found at the bottom of this here ocean,” replied Pat.
“OPEN FIRE!!!!!” was all that could be heard.
Suddenly, lots of cannons were fired and cannon balls were humming through the air coming from Pat’s ships. Sparrow’s crew was dodging the balls by running and jumping off the ship. Bodies were seen sprawled all over.
“That’s what you get for stealing my treasure, Sparrow,” yelled Pat.
In a matter of minutes, everything was destroyed. Small pieces were drifting in the water and The Ball of Wool and all of the unlucky crew was sinking under the salty sea.
Morning came, on a far island, there sat a rowboat. On the shore were three sleeping cats. Sunlight coming over the trees hitting one of them in the face; Captain Cat Sparrow woke up and turned to the other two cats.
“Wake up Jolly and Rolly. We survived the attack and now we need to go find the treasure.”
Both of the cats woke up and stretched, happily to have survived the attack and escaping in the rowboat. Sparrow handed each of them a shovel. He then motioned for them to follow him. He walked to a palm tree that was marked with an “X”, turned left and walked 50 feet to a huge rock. At the rock he turned left again and walked 80 feet to a sandy spot on the ground. He looked at the two cats and said,”dig up boys.” And Jolly and Rolly started digging in the sand. While they were digging, Sparrow was enjoying a light meal of fresh coconuts and coconut milk.
Several hours had passed when a shovel hit something.
Jolly Shouted, “ Captain Cat Sparrow, we found something!”
Sparrow awoke from his nap and jumped down into the big pit. “Good Job mates” as he passed them going to the big chest. As Sparrow was trying to open the chest Jolly and Rolly were whispering to each other about what was in the chest.
“I bet it is a lot of coins and gold.” “No precious jewels and lots of gold.”
Smiling, Cat Sparrow opened the lid half way, and turned to both of them and said, “Nope.” He opened the lid all of the way and said, “Even Better.” The brothers looked into the chest to see the best treasure of all times: Gallons of Milk and Balls of String.

The End

Number of words: 914
Emerald ocean (Hunter) Iceblaze
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Pirate Name: Cincinnatio
Ocean: Hunter
Story Title: Hells Ocean
Entry Category And Prize Reference: Both Categories, Parrot first, then any of the other 2

Audio Link: http://soundcloud.com/cincinnatio/hells-water

The year was 1491 and i had been traveling for many months now. The journey here from Africa was ferocious and devastating for many. We wanted to find gold, and food. Out of the 75 that had token the dangerous journey only 17 of us remained. My name is Jock Bluebird and i will tell you about my journey across the Atlantic ocean to where i came to be now.

Part 1: The Loading

Africa, June 2nd, 1491.

Today is the day that 75 brave men and women make their journey across the Atlantic ocean, also mentioned as "Hells Body Of Water". They call it this because of the many ships that have left port and never came back. We begin loading our ship at sun rise, which makes things easier due to the last couple of days being dark and rainy. Loading a ship in Africa was very different then in Europe because we had to make sure we took as much supplies needed so that we could last in The West Indies for 3 years before getting anymore shipments. It took about 16 hours to load the ship and get everyone prepared for the months ahead.

Part 2: Savages from Britain:

The Atlantic Ocean September 17th, 1491

It had been over 3 months since the journey had begun and there had been no attacks or any man or woman lost. Well things had changed that day, Savages from Britain thought that an attack on our vessel would please the king. British Soldier "Hand over all of your booty or we shall fire our weapons". The crew refused and I yelled out "Never you savages aren't going to take anything from my crew!" British General "Men point your weapon and FIRE!". That day 55 men and women were lost and all that remained were 20. They had taken 37 of them back to Britain for ransom from the king.

Part 3: The Glory Days:

December 29th, 1491

The weather over the past few months were incredible which meant that our men were able to quickly and efficiently get fishing through. We had enough to feed our crew for nearly 10 years! We lost 3 people to disease during the past few months but 17 men were able to move our War Brig. My crew was even complimenting my way of ocean life. There were rarely days where we saw rain and absolutely no snow. After awhile i noticed ships going by us and coming towards us which i knew meant we were close to land.

part 4: Land Ho!

January 7th, 1492

After months of hopes in finding land our hard work and effort pays off. while sailing i noticed a island which looked like The West Indies as some described it to me before we set sail. "Land Ho. I yelled as loud as i could." The crew hurried to port and i gave them the thumbs up to explore the island for any gold and food. I found a beautiful island and a beautiful beach full of sand dollars.
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