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Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

Olivecicici, viridian ocean

Should be last edit!
Word count:1,000 exactly
I don't have work ideas, so does school count?
Oh, and if you don't mind, instead of using Olivecicici, I used Olive.

"Wake up," I whispered softly, poking the sleeping pirate.

"No! You landlubber, go mess with someone else!"She spat, turning over in her bunk.

I sighed, paced back a few steps, and pounced on her, screaming,"OLIVE GET YOUR LAZY SELF UP!"

"Ahh!" She shrieked, tangling herself in the blankets,"What do you want from me!!?!"

"Shut up and put this on," I groaned, throwing the first objects of clothing I could find at her.
She dodged them, and the clothing landed on my alarm clock. She picked up the clothes, and her eye caught the flashing of the red numbers.

"Woah woah," She started freaking out," You woke me up before 4? That should be a criminal offense! Alert the Ocean masters!"

"Stop your ranting and put those clothes on! I'm taking you to school," I nearly screamed from her annoyance, going in the bathroom and closing it behind me.
I got out of the bathroom about an hour later, and saw Olive glaring at my mirror.

"What is this!" She said, pointing to the clothing.

"It's called a uniform, you wear them at school," I explained, rolling my eyes.

"Noob," I muttered under my breath, grabbing my school bag.

"What's school? We never had that on the Lima navy ship!" She asked. I sighed, it's gonna take forever to actually get there.

"It's a place where I go offline to better educate myself so that I don't end up a lazy pirate when I get older, no offense."Her eyes grew big when I said the word education
"But why are you taking me there?" She asked looking frightened.

"Because I'm not leaving you alone here anymore! You blowing up my oven was the last straw!" I explained, still mad about the whole little "Accident".

"Hey! That's no fair! It looked like a cannon!" She tried to defend herself.

"sure it was! Now let's go!" I said, trying not to miss the bus. I grabbed my books, my instrument,then remembered,Olive has a weapon. ?"Give me the foil, now,"?I Demanded, holding my hand out for the sword.


"No buts, lets go!"

She whimpered as she handed me the word and we headed out the door.

I dragged her along the sidewalk and to the street corner where the bus stop is.

"Woah!" Olive gasped, looking at Gizzlez who came to the bus stop, "You go to school?"

"Of course! Who wouldn't?" He asked.

"Her," I muttered under my breath.

"Wierdos!" She said, in a louder voice than needed.

"I haven't seen you ride the bus before, how have you been getting to school?" He questioned, scratching his chin.

"My moms been taking me," She said, lying smoothly.

"Oh cool," He replied. About a minute later, the bus rolled along to our street.

"Why didn't you tell me other pirates go here?" She asked me in a whisper as everybody made a mad dash to board the bus.

"You didn't ask!" I mumbled back. She growled softly, and made her way on the bus. She picked a seat in the back, so I set my instrument down and sat next to her.

She looked at the case, and asked,"What's that?"

"It's a Saxophone, I have the burden of carrying it to and from school everyday," I explained, wincing at the thought of bringing it back home.

"Ohh! Like how I have to carry my foil daily?" She asked.

"Yeah, something like that,"I told her, looking out the window.

The bus pulled up to the school, and Olive's eyes buldged.

"What is that?" She asked, looking at the school.
"This, is school." I said, getting up from my seat and jumping off the bus.

I dragged her with me to my first class, spanish. We found seats in the far back and waited for the bell to signal class has started.

"Ohh! A wad wrapped around cardboard!" Olive exclaimed, holding a textbook up. She jumped up excitedly and ran out the class.

"Oh no you don't,"I growled as I scrambled after her. she ran out to the front courtyard and stopped, dropping the book and her mouth hanging open.

"It's a rigging station!" She shrieked, nearly attacking the flagpole as she pounced on it, messing with the ropes.

"Don't do th-" I stopped mid sentence. The bell rung, signaling that me and Olive were now tardy. I groaned, scooped up my friend, and made our way to detention, the place where none return.

"Where are we going?" Olive asked, staring at her boots as I dragged her along the hallway.

?"Because of you and your pirate antics, We missed the bell and have to go to the place where you forced to go, detention."?

"You really need to learn how to talk right, it's YER not YOUR,"?She tried to explain, getting a glare in return.

"You want me to talk pirate to you? Okay then! Yer a cabin person who lazes during pillys and are forced to walk the plank!" I tried to whisper scream, but it wasn't really working out for me.

"You scuppering' tart!" She screamed, her echo bouncing from wall to wall.

I gasped, and pulled her along faster to detention. I entered the room, mumbled our names to the teacher monitoring the kids, and looked for a seat. There was actually quiet a few people there today. There wasn't any two seats for us, so I made Olive sit in the back, while I sat up front by the monitor.

I now regret that decision. Somehow (We never found out how) she managed to sneak a sword into the class. A cutlass. She aimed, and flung it at the monitor. She hit the target, right in between her arm and her body. She was now pinned to the wall.

"What are you doing?" I screamed, jumping out of my chair.

"ESCAPING!" She shrieked excitedly, grabbing me and running out the door. Remind me to never bring a pirate to school.

Prize list:
Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
Bartender's Prize - peach stein
Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
(>'.')>Schreiben ist, wer ich bin, nicht, was ich tue<('.'<)
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Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

Capta, Viridian Ocean

prize order: as listed by the rules.

word count: 947

Mine pirate is called Capta, and I decided to call myself Nick, though that doesn't really matter since I'm always reffered to as I. Enjoy the little story :)


"Once more!" Capta shouted from the little screen. "They cant stay lucky forever! This time we'll win, I can feel it to mine big toe!"
"Your big toe costed us 80k! Lets just face it, today aint our lucky day."
"You can't fight it matey. In each case I cant. And if you aint gonna help me out, I'll just do it myself!"
"Im not gonna have you waste all our money!"
"What your gonna do bout it? Pull me out off here and drag me along to that dreadfull place you call 'school'?"
"I'd thougth logging off, but thats a great idea!" And so I grabbed my pirate, and pulled him out into the real world. At first, he didnt want to go, as he clamped himself to the nearest poker table, and prodded me with his stick. But I did not let loose, and tugged him right into the real world.
"Fine, have it your way." He groaned, and thus we left, headed for school.
However though, we barely didnt get there. First off all, it took me about an hour to get him into the car.(we convinced him by telling its a ship which sails on land)
And we were already late, but the trouble didnt stop there. First off all, as soon as he saw a car that looked fancy enough, he kept on insisting to engage. Eventually he called me a bad captain, and took over the wheel. This resulted into one incredibly angry person, almost one peg leg, a fine given by what I could only explain to him as an OM, and a complaint from some random guy shouting 'My car aint a ship!'."

It took by midday to arrive at school, and off course, I got a detention. 2 in fact, since I brought a hobo with me. (Bringing a pirate wearing rags wasn't that good off an idea after all)
Anyway, we headed for the cafetaria, with mine pirate dressed in more common clothing now. (The teachress gave it from a charity fund... Just great)
Before we entered, I wanted to make sure that Capta wouldn't do anything crazy again... So I told him: "Please just be normal? Were in big enough trouble allready."
He agreed. However, I should have thougth off one thing. He's a pirate. And a pirate is most likely to shout: "Ahoy myladies, gimme me some rum!" As a most normal response as soon as he enters a place which sells drinks off any kind.
Embarrased enough, we got in line for picking something to eat. Whilst waiting, mine pirate kept on challenging people for a swordfight. Luckily, I managed to calm him down before someone took a spoon and accepted it.
Eventually, we got to choose dinner, and beverage. Off course, Capta asked: "There be rum?"
"We dont sell alcoholic beverages" Replied the cook annoyed.
"No rum? What kind off inn is this?!" Luckily, I managed to stop him from making a mess, by giving him some coke and lying to him its fizzy rum. But the trouble wasn't over just yet. When we got to the pay-desk, he wanted to pay, and before I could even stop him, he was already at the woman behind the desk.
"How much poe is it?"
"Sorry, we dont accept that kind of currency, only dollars" Replied the woman.
"No dubloons as well?" Asked mine pirate. I slapped mine head, and quickly gave the woman some money, before she would start about the middle ages or something.

After that, I went to the table at which mine classmates sat, which were all off course, very curious to who the man was. I had to do all the explaining though, as mine pirate has just discovered a miracle, which we mostly refer to as, Lasagna. Sadly enough, as soon as he took a drink from his coke, he started shouting it wasn't fizzy rum. I tried to calm him down, but before i knew it, one off the teachers already got over to our table. I hoped I could talk me out from this, however, mine friend mistook him for the waitress, and he immediatly maked a complaint about the quality off the rum, and demanded another glass. She served us with a visit to the principal.

I'd tried to make my friend understand what a principal is, by telling him he was sort off the captain off the whole school, on which he immediately asked mine rank. When I said cabin person, he let out a loud laugh and started to brag about him being an FO. Even worse, as soon as he got in the principals office he asked if he could join the crew, but demanded at least an officers position.
The principal, thinking he was making a joke, asked in what he degreed. Once more, I tried to stop him, but he had already answered: renowned bilge, renowned carp, respected poker...

The principal didn't think it was funny. In fact, I got 2 more detentions, and he sended us off school early.
We headed home, and iff it weren't for the fact that I told him we would never poker again if he got me into trouble, something probally would have happened. This however, did not stop him from asking the whole time if he could navigate.

We reached home, without too many shards, and Capta left the real world, for the world which he thougth to be better, the world of YPP. (they have better rum, he said)

The morale off this story?
1: Its never a good idea to bring a pirate with you.
2: /blackspot commands do not work in real life.
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Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

Pirate: Caw
Ocean: Hunter

I wrote a story, in which I am a hobo that has a pirate (also homeless) created at the nearest Internet Cafe. We shall assume I am of the male gender with a scraggly beard. Although I'm not. I am to call myself Gerald. If I win, I'll name my octo Gerald :D Or I might give it to my neighbor, who really deserves it.

Gerald woke up to the sound of screeching traffic, as usual. The 40 year old man rubbed the sleep from his eyes and got up from his rotten street corner. As he rolled up his blanket, ready for another day, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He spun around, thinking it was the cops. But no. It was a petite female pirate, showing off her gleaming white teeth as she smiled. Her hair was shaved close to her scalp, and her dark skin gleamed in the daylight. She seemed strangely familiar to Gerald.

"Now who might you be?" He asked, stroking his unshaven beard.

"It's me! Caw!" She seemed hurt that her best friend didn't recognize her.

"Oh!" Exclaimed Gerald, a startled expression on his face. His old age seemed to be taking a toll on his sanity. "Hello."

"So, can I join you for the day?" She asked eagerly.

"Well, alright. I'll show you how to make a living off these streets."

And so they set off, heading for the nearest Starbucks, where he got the most change from customers. On the way, he had explained to Caw the hardships of being homeless, and how his life had passed.

"So what you do now," He explained, laying out his brown blanket on the pavement. "You wait here until a nice bloke happens to come along and throw some change in your direction. Then you put it in this tin can, and you collect enough money until you can buy some food."

"Why do the landlubbers throw PoE at you? Isn't that begging? I can report you, you know!" Caw asked me, dubiously.

"This is nothing like your pirate world, Caw." Gerald explained to her. "People give you money because they feel sorry for you, and begging is allowed here."

"I see. But what happens if an Oceanmaster comes along?"

"I'll point out the Oceanmasters if they ever come by, and we'll hide. Agreed?"

"Agreed." So they sat and waited. One hour, two hours passed. They had received only a few dollars. Caw had gotten impatient.

"How are you going to make a living by lazing all day?!" She cried. "Don't you get hungry in the real world?"

"Sure I do." Gerald told her sadly. "I just can't do anything about it."

Caw felt sorry for Gerald. She was grateful because he had always given her nice clothes, and let her brandish the finest swords in combat. Her pebble-sized brain gave her an idea to pay back his generosity. She gave a call, and her dog, Quincy, came running. Gerald looked at her in confusion as she put on old brown rags to replace her pink gown and corset.

*WILL ADD ON LATER* Just tired :)
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Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

Words: 963

Amber shook Bibfeez awake. Bibfeez sat up and bashed her head on the ceiling. "Avast ye scallywag what are you doing waking me up at the dawn of the day!?" Amber laughed. "Bib it's 7:00am not 1:00am!" Bibfeez glared at Amber. "Hey, come on we got to get downstairs to get breakfast." Bibfeez squealed in delight. Bibfeez ran downstairs as quick as you can be whisked away to your home on puzzle pirates. Amber laughed and followed her downstairs. "So what’s the grub then?", Bibfeez asked. Amber thought she would just mention a few types of cereal. " Well there’s shreddies or weetabix or......" Bibfeez interrupted with "What on the cobalt ocean is shreddies and weetabix?" Amber laughed. "Bib this is like a pile of cookies and keg of rum to you" Bibfeez laughed. " Shiver me timbers I’ll have to have the shreddies then!" Amber smiled and poured a bowl of shreddies for Bibfeez and a bowl of weetabix for herself. They both ate in silence until amber broke the peace with a snigger as she looked at the strange faces Bibfeez was making. Bibfeez started laughing too. They both quickly finished their breakfast. "Right now to go scrub our teeth" Amber walked in to the bathroom. Bibfeez followed her slowly as she examined every single thing in the hallway. Amber passed Bibfeez a toothbrush and squirted some tooth paste on it. Amber started brushing her teeth. Bibfeez gave her a weird look which said it all. Amber realised why her pirate had such bad breath, she hadn't even heard of a tooth brush. "Bibfeez just watch what I do and then copy me, ok?"
"Harr!" Bibfeez replied. after a series of different and strange movements Bibfeez had finished brushing her teeth. "Bib stay here I am just going to grab some clothes." Bibfeez sat on the toilet seat and listened to amber thunder around upstairs." Amber came back downstairs in her school uniform. When Bibfeez saw her she just fell off the toilet seat in a hysterical fit. Amber did not look amused. " Put these clothes on now", she threw some clothes on the floor” I’m going to pack my lunch now, you better be dressed by the time I get back", snapped Amber. She stormed down the hallway and into the kitchen to make her lunch. Bibfeez hastily undressed and changed in to the school clothes. Amber returned a second after Bibfeez had finished changing. "Right let's go, otherwise were going to miss the bus." Bibfeez could tell Amber was in a bad mood so she wasn’t even going to ask what a bus was. Amber pulled Bibfeez out of the house and slammed the door behind her. Amber slipped but regained her balance. Unfortunately Bibfeez didn’t she went head first in to amber's swimming pool. Bibfeez screamed "HELP HELP". Amber rushed over to the life ring and threw it in to the pool. Bibfeez grabbed on to it and amber pulled her closer. Finally amber managed to pull Bibfeez. Bibfeez laughed, "Harr that was sublime a nice cool dip in the cobalt sea to refresh me on a hot day" Amber laughed. "Sorry bib, I was in such a hurry I forgot to be nice to you" replied amber in a deep tone. " it's ok amber, I think we better sail like the dragons nest navy if we want to make it to the bus." Amber smiled. They both sprinted to the bus stop and caught the bus just in time. Amber and Bibfeez sat down together. Bibfeez thought that Amber was in a better mood now so she asked her what a bus was. Amber told her " Well this is my way of getting to different places, it's like catching a ferry to different islands. " Bibfeez smiled. Every started standing up to get off the bus. "Bibfeez just follow behind me" Amber stood up and walked down the bus and got off. Bibfeez got off a few people after Amber. amber walked around the bus loop with Bibfeez hot on her heels. " Bib im going to take you to my first lesson ok?", asked amber. " That would be ultimate" answered Bibfeez. Amber slapped her head. " Bib you got to stop talking like that!" Bibfeez replied "Avast my lily-liverd fiend what be ye talking about?" Amber laughed and said "For get it...." Amber reached her science class and sat down. Bibfeez sat next to her. Every one went silent as Mr.neo came in the room. He sat down and pulled his clipboard register. He called out everybody's name. Amber had spoken to Mr.Neo a few days before asking him to add Bibfeez on the register after her name.” Amber”" he called. "Here sir", she answered. "Bibfeez", he called out. " Avast I be here ye landlubber" Mr.Neo raised his head over the top of his clipboard. "Excuse me?" Mr.Neo asked. Bibfeez was about to reply but amber shoved her hand over her Bibfeez's mouth. "she meant here sir she was just joking." Mr.Neo frowned. "Make sure it doesn’t happen again", said Mr.Neo in a stern tone. Bibfeez could tell by the look on amber's face that she was telling her to keep quiet. The rest of the science lesson went fine. They were on their way to Amber's second lesson when Bibfeez crashed in to the head teacher. " Avast ye scallywag watch were your pillying to", spat Bibfeez. Amber knew Bibfeez had just gone to far. Two minutes later she found herself in the detention unit writing out an essay. Amber thought never ever ever bring a pirate to school with her again.

Captain of the crew Cobalt Conqueres
Lady of the flag Trust
Bibfeez of the Cobalt ocean
Bibfeez of the Cobalt Ocean
Senior Officer and First Mate of Merchants of the Sea
Princess of Cobalt's Most Wanted
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Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

Pirate: Anchovia
Ocean: Viridian

School Blues

"Good morning, it's 7:30 am-" Layla hit the snooze button on her radio alarm clock and turned over in bed. "Mm, five more minutes" she muttered to herself sleepily and pulled her duvet up to her neck.

"Ow! Me head! I shouldn't 'ave stayed up drinking!" cried a female pirate.
Layla woke up startled, "I'M UP!" She rubbed her eyes and looked over at the pirate on the other side of the room, "Anchovia?"
"Aye?" Anchovia cradled her head in her hands.
Layla frowned, "How much did you drink?"
"Too much" mumbled Anchovia.
"I told you Anchovia! You need rest!"
Anchovia looked up at Layla, "But, what do ye t'ink I do when ye log off? After a long day o' runnin' aroun' doin' ye biddin', I stay up drinking wit' me mates!"
Layla silently counted to ten in hopes of controlling her frustration, "Just go to the bathroom and get ready, your uniform is here."
She indicated to the chair which had a navy school uniform draped over it.
"U-uniform?" Anchovia stammered, eyeing the uniform as if it were a torture device.
"Yes, I'm taking you to school with me. At my school, you wear a uniform kind of like how members of the navy wear the same clothes."
"But, me head! It feel as if a woodpecker be peckin' at me skull!"
Anchovia scowled and left the room.

Layla trudged down the stairs and found Anchovia gazing up at her family portrait which hung above the fireplace.
"I see that you're ready." Layla walked over to stand next to Anchovia.
"This be ye family?" Anchovia lifted her hook towards the portrait.
"Yes, yes that's them." Layla said softly.
"In me world, I don' have a family." Anchovia's eye lingered on the portrait before looking at Layla. "Ye be the only closest t'ing to a family I got."
"Well. Er, we better get moving." Layla replied trying to deter away from any awkward silence that tried to rear its head.

"I don' see why ye can't use a whisk." Anchovia, breathless from the journey to school, sat down on the pavement. "I need me rum..." she mumbled, searching for her little pouch of liquid.
"There's no point resting now, we're here." Layla pointed towards her school, grinning as she saw astonishment cloud over Anchovia's face.
"Jebus, that be one big building!"
"Come let's go in." Layla took hold of Anchovia's arm and pulled her along with her.

Still holding onto Anchovia, Layla dragged her through the labyrinth of her school whilst trying to throw off the odd expressions on people's faces when they saw Anchovia. "Here we are." Layla let go of Anchovia's arm
"I don' see why ye didn't use the arrow."
"Aye, dem yellow arrows. All t'at walkin' and climbin' stairs tired me out."
"We don't have portal arrows here, anyway, go in."
They both took the back seats by a window through which Anchovia could see little dots moving outside.
"What be 'em dots out t'ere?" Anchovia pointed towards one of them which was reversing into a parking spot.
"Those are cars. They're like the land versions of ships." Layla replied, searching through her bag for her calculator.
"Wow, look at 'em. They can reverse! Is that a new blockade maneuveur?" Anchovia asked, awestruck as she saw another car reverse. "Wish I could do that in a blockade..."
Layla looked up, her ears pricked up as she heard the familiar sound of the clacking of shoes on tiles.
"That's her." Layla tugged on Anchovia's sleeve, wrestling her away from amazement.
"Who?" Anchovia asked irritably as she was enjoying watching the cars outside.
"My Maths teacher, now keep quiet and don't utter a single word." Layla said in a low whisper as her teacher entered the room.

"Please take out your Integration work from last lesson and continue with it please." The teacher said as she sat down. Layla pulled out her workbook and settled down to work.
"T'at ain't Vargas' Scientific Tome." Anchovia whispered, astonished that Layla wasn't learning the fine works of Vargas.
"Vargas nor his scholariness exist in my world. Now be quiet." Layla replied irritably, crossing out her wrong calculation.
"What be Integration?" Anchovia asked as she leaned over Layla's shoulder to look at her work.
"It's Calculus and I told you not to speak." Layla mumbled, her eyebrows knitted in frustration as she tried to do her work and keep Anchovia quiet.
"Eh? Ye shouldn't be learnin' t'at. I can see ye are a smart person, ye should be learnin' about how to make the finest rum. Or e'en how to turn iron into gold!" Anchovia whispered excitedly, her thoughts fantasising about fulfilling an alchemist's dream.
"You mean distilling and alchemy, that's Chemistry not Maths. Now be quiet and let me work." With that, Anchovia looked out of the window, day dreaming the lesson away.

Layla tugged on Anchovia's sleeve to wake her up from her idle thoughts. "That was the bell, come on we need to go to the next lesson." However, Layla was answered with silence from Anchovia.
Layla waited for the classroom to empty before asking Anchovia, "Is everything alright?"
"Aye..." Anchovia sighed and got up from her seat, ready to leave.
"I don't believe you." Layla looked at Anchovia with her arms folded and her expression stern.
"Is just, yer world be different ter mine. Too different. I thought ye would be the same as me, I mean ye did make me. But yer..."
"Not a pirate?"
"Aye." Anchovia said softly and looked at Layla, disappointment swimming in her eyes.
"I'm sorry, but being pirate is just not possible in my world, in fact it's illegal." Layla sighed and gave Anchovia's arm a squeeze. "I'll understand if you want to leave."
"Aye. Next time I come, make sure ye have one of them caaaarrs." With that Anchovia bowed slightly and walked towards the door, disappearing in the bustle of students getting to their next lesson.

Prize order:
Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
Bartender's Prize - peach stein
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Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

Saltyjane on Cobalt.
Prizes as listed.

Word Count: 777 (lucky I hope!)

Sitting at my desk, waiting for the scan of my pirate Gekko to finish; got me to fantasizing about bringing a pirate to life. "Wouldn't that be cool?", I thought as I bent down to pick up my number 3 pencil the cat had just pawwed off the desk. Grabbing the pencil, I started back up only to crack my head on the underside of the desk and knock myself out cold!

I awoke to a soothing voice and a gentle hand on my brow. "Be ye awake, me Lady?"

"Aye, I be aw...I mean yes! I'm awake and who are you?", I shouted.

"Do ye not recognize yer own hand's magic? I be Gekko on the Cobalt Ocean and I forage very well!"

Oh Dear! What? Who? How did that happen? No time to ponder now, I must be off. If I am late for work one more time; I'll be fired for sure! Now, what to do about Gekko?

I grabbed Gekko's hand and nearly crushed her in the door as we rushed to my bicycle outside. I hopped on the bike and patted the handlebars as I told Gekko to get on. She looked at me like there was an Archelon behind me; but did as she was told. In no time at all, I had the bike up to top speed. As we coasted down the hill, Gekko laughed while flinging her arms wide and tilting her head back, "This must be what the Mermaid feels when the sails are full and there's no damage on a Merchant Brig!"

"Yes, I imagine so!", I replied as we arrived at my current place of employment. How was I going to explain Gekko to my boss and co- workers? We rushed into the Marble Factory with only minutes to spare. As I punched my time card, Mr. Agate called out, "Jane! That was a close one! Remember our little chat about tardiness!" I grumbled under my breath and headed for my locker before Mr. Agate could say anything else to me.

"Hey Janey! What's shakin' this fine mornin'? And who's your new friend?", asked Bertha.

"Heya Bertha, this is Gekko.", I replied. "My cousin."

"I be Gekko on the Cobalt Ocean and I forage very well!", said Gekko as I tried to rush Gekko away from Bertha and over to my work station before the conveyors started. Suddenly, the 8am bell rang quite loudly! BRRRRRRNGGGGGGGG!!!

"Quickly everyone! Get to port! It's a reboot!" Gekko shouted.

"Hush, Gekko! No one is in the mood for jokes first thing in the morning.", I said very loudly. "Now let me show you what we will be doing today." I went on to explain that we would be filling custom orders from the line. Taking marbles from the conveyor belt and placing them in their own squared off spaces in the box.

"Oh! Just like sailing!", Gekko exclaimed.

"Indeed, just like sailing. Oh, and by the way; the faster you remove marbles from the belt, the faster it goes. So, be ready for that."

As we started to fill the boxes at a slow pace, I saw that Gekko should sail more often. She was pretty good! The conveyor belt sped up a bit and was going full speed by lunch time.

When we broke for lunch, I found a nice quiet table in the cafeteria where Gekko and I wouldn't be disturbed. We talked of a pirate's life as opposed to mine and found many similarities and many differences.

"I want to stay here and learn all about your life!", Gekko exclaimed.

"Oh, how I wish you could Gekko, but that's just not possible. I can see already that whatever magic created you in my world is fading fast. I fear that if you fade away completely, you won't be able to return to YPP."

"That would indeed be problematic, not to mention I wonder exactly where I would go!", exclaimed Gekko.

After our second part of the work day was over, I spent the rest of the day showing Gekko the wonders of my world. We went to the zoo and saw the "familiars", to the dollar store for trinkets, and to the museum where we saw all kinds of crossed spears and bludgeons and swords.

We arrived back home just in time for Gekko to fade into a mist. I logged onto YPP to check to see if she made it home safely; and there she was (to my relief) with a wink in her eye and a smile on her face, as if to say that we now shared so much more than a game!
Stupidhead said:
Why is it that I enjoy 2 monkeys hitting each other over the head so much?

Some people hang around with fat people to make themselves look skinnier...me?
I hang with the Slow Kids! You do the deducing. = )
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Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

T(w)o(o) Dimensional

It was just a Tuesday morning. Just another Tuesday morning. The sun had already come up. Through the early morning dawn you could clearly see beams of sunlight on the wet lawn in front of him. The raindrops reflected the light, creating a sparkling sky of stars on the ground. 'Those hedges aren't going to cut themselves, Marten.'
For what seemed like an eternity, Marten slowly started to realise where he was, and what he was supposed to be doing. Words falling down on his head like the cold summer rain they were so viciously trying to avoid. He gave his colleague a short look and pulled himself together. With his mud covered gloves in one hand, and his rake in the other he stepped towards the mess he was going to clean up today.

The leaves on the ground took different shapes and patterns as they were being thrown around. As boredom struck, and the digital arms of the clock on his phone wouldn't move as fast as he wanted them to, he couldn't help but recognize faces in the leaves. Small brown spots looked like eyes, cut off strings of vines completed the shapes of the faces. While staring at those leaves, the brown spots seemed to move around, making the faces smile or frown. While staring at the dancing spots, he saw that one brown spot in particular wiggled faster than the rest.
His eyes were stuck to this wiggling spot, as he saw it moving towards him. Wiggling between the leaves, like the fin of a shark surfacing the water. The spot was about the size of a quarter, and was now wiggling towards one of Marten's boots. Just as it was about to collide with the rubber obstacle, the brown spot rose himself out of the pile of dead plants and showed himself.
It was a tiny black man with a perfectly symmetrical white goatee, wearing a black swashbuckler outfit. His shiny bald head and his tiny buckled shoes would have been an adorable sight, if his lips hadn't have been curled down and his little cheeks covered with salty tears. Something upset this tiny fellow.

Marten carefully reached down and reached out a finger, hoping the little man would take the hint and jump on it. The hairless stranger let out a soft high pitched cry and climbed on the tip of the finger without hesitation. While Marten stood back up and started wondering how to contact this strange individual without startling him, he already started explaining through the sound of his sobbing.
'I've been crawling around in this jungle for hours now. I can't seem to find the place I parked my boat, and I don't think my tiger is ever coming back.' Marten looked down on the man, slightly confused. 'I might be easy to upset, but I've been lost for hours and this world is giving me the creeps!' Continued the little guy. Marten carefully lifted his head closer towards his face and asked, 'Who are you? What are you doing here? How come you are so small?' The row of questions turned the mood of the little man, and made him look more confident. Finally he was the one answering questions again, instead of asking them. 'My name, dear giant of the jungle, is Martobain. I'm a pirate on the Viridian ocean and fly the mighty flag of Vanguard! I fill guns as no other, and -' He suddenly stopped. The look on his face changed. Where the story he told gave him a new boost of energy, after seeing whatever he just saw, he looked petrified. 'The trees! The flowers! That house!' His small finger pointed around. 'They are all.. And the bright colours!' His gasping face pulled up his eyebrows further than Marten had ever seen. 'It's like someone added a whole new dimension! And I can't even tell how many bits those colours are! This is amazing...'

Marten, uncertain about what to say, carried him around on the palm of his hand. As he knew this man (in the smallest meaning of the word) wasn't from around here, he tried to show him all the things he found special and beautiful in the garden they were standing in. Though everytime he tried to explain something, Martobain was already amazed by something Marten never paid attention to. 'The air! It smells so.. heavy and dull! Where is the wind? How can I sail without wind?!' Martobain shouted while jumping around Marten's hand. 'I need to relax.. Hand me a keg of rum, will you?' Martobain continued, reaching out his tiny hand while staring over the garden. 'Well... I'm not allowed to drink Bacardi at work. We might have some orange juice if you want.' Explained Marten, hoping he wouldn't upset him even more. 'Orange juice? Orange juice you say?! Where do you get this? I haven't seen any oranges on the Viridian for years! Where is this juice made of oranges you speak about?' Martobain forgot all about his depression and walked around Marten's hand like he just lost his wallet. 'I can't find it! Where are you hiding it?' Marten scratched his head with his free hand. Apparently even the most normal things seemed to amaze the newcomer.
Something seemed different about Martobain when he got carried around another corner and gasped even louder than before. It seemed like all these 3D wonders had too much of an impact on the buccaneer. After a while Martobain's face turned pale and he could only blankly stare at the things revealed. Marten thought it would be better if he covered Martobain's eyes, as he clearly wasn't ready for the real life yet. Marten hid him between his two hands and felt a cold breeze blowing within the palms of his hands.

When he opened them again, the tiny pirate was gone.


Viridian ocean
Prize order:

Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
BNaval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
eautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
Bartender's Prize - peach stein


YPPedia improved with Tom Cruise the Elephant (who's my friend and buddy) catalogue!
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Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

Pirate to receive any prize: Janepeg
Ocean: Sage
Prize preferance: As listed

Ever since Captain Cleaver had announced the new release that would allow pirates to enter the world of humans I had been both exited and worried about the first day of the launch. To celebrate the first day of the release it had been declared "Take Your Pirate to Work Day". Today was the big day and I was both excited and concerned. Excited because I really liked the idea of showing Janepeg to all my workmates and with 3 ultimate trophies on display she would be able to hold her own in most pirate company. I had two main concerns however, what if someone in my team brought in an ultimate of ultimates or at the other extreme what if I was the only person to have a pirate at all.

I was just finishing off my toast and called up to Janepeg to hurry up or we would be late, she was even more excited than me and came thundering down the stairs combing her long black locks with her latest trinket.

"What be ye doin' putting that stuff down yer mouth?" she asked incredulously.

"It is called eating", I replied, "I need food to sustain myself just like you need rum". It suddenly struck me just how different Sage was compared to earth and started to wonder how Janepeg would cope with the day.

"Of course I've never been to yer office ye must whisk there and then invite me." she said as I had my last mouthful. I then had to explain what a car was.

The journey in our "landlubber's sloop" was uneventful and as we parked (or ported) in the car park (dock), I was relieved that while most people didn't have pirates I wasn't the only one with a pixilated pal by any means. There was also no sign of Whalewacker or Sxxy.

Janepeg walked with me into the building staring at everybody with her jaw dropped. "I thought ye be rich when I saw yer navy jacket and pants but nearly everyone else here be wearing black!"

As we got to my desk the phone rang so I told my pirate to wait a minute while I was involved in a "/tell". I was describing a somewhat complicated forecasting methodology while she picked a pen up off my desk and was investigating how it worked, pressing the button at the top to reveal and hide the ball point tip. She then started to unscrew the pen.

"Don't do ..." I said as the pen came apart and the spring shot up and went straight into Janepeg's eye. I called over to Sally the first aider to come over quickly.

As Sally examined the eye she was close to tears, it was clear that is was serious. "There's nothing that can be done I'm afraid the damage is permanent all I can do is put a patch on it, even at hospital they can only relieve the pain", she revealed.

"I be havin' an eye patch!" exclaimed Janepeg with joy "I've always wanted one but only thought ye could get them by sinking".

Janepeg then told us that she didn't feel any pain. This was to be expected however as when she lost her leg when her ship went down in the admiral blockade she hopped on another ship and
started working the bilge pump as soon as a peg leg was attached. She couldn't wait to show off her new injury to her crewmates when she got back to Sage.
Apollo tells ye "If you're ok for me to do one [bake-off], I'll go with that."
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Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

Pirate: Darckraken
Ocean: Sage


I had not been catching anything good lately.I cannot keep this up forever.I wish my luck would change

After a hard day of terrible haul,I resumed my daily leisure:Puzzle Pirates .

Darckraken noticed my sombre expression and asked,"What's troubling ya?"

I told him about my exhausting job as a fisherman and the disappointing catches these few days.

Darc's eyes suddenly lit up.

"Hey!Tomorrow's Take Your Pirate To Work Day, how about I tag along and have a glimpse of what's your job's like?"

I protested that it was a terrible suggestion,it may cause mayhem due to Darc's lack of understanding of the Real World.
After much arguement behind closed doors, I finally relented and agreed.


~Next Morning~

"Hurry up!"I pressured Darc.

"Hang on, I think I accidentally dropped my Curious Roe somewhere.."He replied as he made a fruitless cearch in my cluttered bachelor's abode.

"This is going to take forever,"I thought thus I dragged him out of the house and onto the docks.

"Where's your vessel,"Darc asked.I pointed to the small fishing boat moored at the docks.He let out a small snort but I ignored him and climbed aboard and started the engine.

"This ship's a disaster!Where's the sails?"Darc commented.I explained that ships nowadays runs on fuel, not sails.However, the unsatisfied look on his face told me that he had not believed me.We waste no more time and set off,heading for my usual fshing spot.


Unfortunately, things turned out to be just like before: No catch.
I went to inspect whether Darc was faring better than me, only to find that moron throwing the crabs he caught back into the sea.

"What did you do that for?"I shouted furiously.

"I'm Clearing the crabs so that my bilge score will go higher,"Darc replied innocently.I gave that redneck an earful NOT to throw the crabs away and went off to take a quick nap...

I was rudely awaken by shrieking shouts of triumph.What now?

"I caught a Karkinos!"Darc grinned gleefully as he held out a giant crab.I hated to break his joy by revealing about truth.If that "Karkinos" meant so much to him then so be it.
The muddle-headed seadog suddenly remembered something.


"Come to think of it,where's your crow's nest?"
"I don't have one"
"How do you see incoming ships then?"
"Like a map?"
"Something like that"
"Hey, what does this button do?"

Before I could stop him, Darc pushed the SOS button. A navy cruiser quickly came to our 'Aid'.A Marine officer stood out and asked,"What's your situation?Lack of fuel?Engine spoil?Surely not hijack?" He asked.

Darc started muttering about "bots" and "low pay rates" at the navy. The officer noticed and yelled,"Yes, wise guy?You got something to add?And was it you who pressed the alarm?"

I decided to apologise before someone starts to draw out his cutlass.In the end,not only did I not caught anthing, the officer gave us a fine for the flase alarm.

I had enough for one day so we headed back to the dock.


While I was anchoring my ship, a group of sassy girls sashayed by and comment about Darc's Swashbuckler's Jacket and pantaloons.

"Hey Retro-Dweep,your outift is so in the 80s,"They piped.

"Well,thank you,"Replied Darc,"They're Indigo after all, the latest trend."

Having heard that, I decided that Darc should stay off the streets as he was attracting too much attention. I asked hi mto wait in Harry's Bar while I pick up some groceries in a jiffy.

"Get a drink or soemthing in there won't you?"I said as I pushed him into the bar.

~After fifteen minutes of hasty shopping~

I hurried back into Harry's Bar ,praying that Darc did not attracted too much attention.My prayers were not answered when I heard loud cheering and uproar inside the bar.

I rushed in,only to find myself in a crowd of seedy sailors cheering for Darc as he gulps down bottle after bottle of Carlsberg beer.

The pirate certainly had amazed the onlookers by drinking so much alcohol, but who is going to pay for all that booze?I shoved my way through the crowd and tried to drag the drunken Darck out of the bar.

"What's going on?I thought Drinking was free today?"Darc asked.

My reply was cut off by a burly Barman that blocked our exit and demanded payment.I felt my empty pocket and gave him a weak smile.......


Finally we reached my house. I sent Darc back into Puzzle Pirates without delay-- he had caused enough trouble for one day and I did not want a bloody bucaneer as a sleeping buddy.

Darc waved back at me as he stepped back ino the Sage Ocean, hugging his 'Karkinos'(It's probably dead anyway, after staying out of water that long.)With a sigh, I logged off and headed to the bathroom, only to find some curious roes in the sink...

(Soon I became rich after discovering a new kind of fish known as 'Dragoons' .I guess Take your pirate to work day had soemthing to do with it :D) 887 words


Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus

Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)

Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll

Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture

Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture

Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket

Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket

Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad

Bartender's Prize - peach stein

Thx for reading
PS. i did not invented dragoons :P
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Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

Hey everyone. Please be merciful with my english. I am from germany. I hope I still have a chance of winning. ;)
But most important: Have fun with my story!

PirateName: Robroy
Ocean: Opal

Story (961 words):


Last night I felt asleep in front of my computer. There was this fabulous Sea Monster Hunt but it lasted so extremely long. I kept up as long as I could but eventually my head dropped to the keyboard. As my cheek huddled against the screen my pirate Robroy took the opportunity and hopped on my shoulder. There he waited until the sun rose and I awaked. As you might expect, I overslept a little and had to hurry to work. Robroy, dead keen of an adventure, grasped on my shoulder and went with me to work.

He didn't know that this will be an experience he would never forget. At the moment I am working for a company that makes computer games. And the hero in the current game is a pygmy with a bone in his hair. I did all the animations and functions so that he can walk and jump and all the stuff. It was an important day, because my boss wanted to see the work of the last few weeks. I hoped everything is going to be okay. But see what happened.

We arrived at my desk and I turned on the computer. Meanwhile I realized my little friend on my shoulder. I knew I couldn't send him home all alone. I had to look after him today.
Like every morning I started with checking the game, trying out what I have to do next. I shouldn't have done this. Boneyboy, a little guy with brown hair and a loin cloth, walked over the screen and suddenly Robroy started to shout. Fortunately a pirate of this size can't shout very loud. It's more like shrieks with a high voice.

"Yaaarrrrr! Billions of blue barnacles. You took me to the cursed isles! Thank ye! I already see one of these horrible cultists. Can ye see him? There! And he didn't realize us yet. Keep quiet. I will stab my falchion in his bloody back!"
And he jumped off my shoulder on the keyboard, just on the Standby-Key. The screen turned black instantly. Robroy freezed.
"Arrr, what happened? Where is he gone? Did it turn to night? This is cursed magic. But I am not scared. Robroy never gets scared! Where arrrrrr yeeeeee?"
My little pirate crept towards the screen, he took the falchion in his mouth. This started to be kind of funny and I decided to play a little. I activated the screen again. Robroy spotted Boneyboy and charged towards him, yelling and falchion-waving. I just pressed some keys and Boneyboy jumped on a platform that moved him to the top of the screen. Robroys head became dark red.

"Arrrr, you chicken! Coward! Faintheart! You're such a wimp! Come down here and fight me!"
As there was no reaction by the figure on the screen, Robroy started to climb on the case of the screen. Somehow I felt sorry for him. It was fun in the beginning but now I realized that he was really serious. He could never reach Boneyboy, could he? I frowned. Robroy just jumped into the screen.
"Harrr... now I'll get ye and cut ye inno pieces, little bastard."
Whoops, this could be a problem. I've been working for weeks on the animation of Boneyboy. My little pirate really tries to destroy my work. Oh, I realized that I've made a big mistake.
Robroy just reached the platform and moved up. Now I had to rescue my little native. He's able to rotate the bone in his hair, using it like a helicopter. I jumped off the platform and floated to the ground. Fortunately I programmed the glide-jump some days ago. Robroy reached the upper platform.
"Harrr? I'm not scared o' jumping down! Take this!"
My little pirate jumped off the platform. He felt a lot faster than Boneyboy and hit him as he passed by. Boneyboy stopped gliding and felt to the ground. Robroy chopped Boneys Bone. Ouch. Now I have to do all the helicopter-animation again. Okay, yesterday I finished the coconut-animation. Boneyboy can throw coconuts at his enemies. I pressed the CTRL-Key rapidly. Again and Again. Dozens of coconuts flew against my pirate.
"Now we Arrrrr talking, wimp!"
I have to admit, I was really impressed how Robroy cut the coconuts in halves while he was walking towards my little hero. But I had to save my work. I copied Boneyboy and pasted him behind Robroy. This was too much for the sailor. He kept up for some seconds but eventually he got hit at his arm and lost the falchion. The next two nuts hit him at a very sensible place where actually was no lack of nuts. Robroy felt on his knees. I moved the Boneys close to him. My fingers hanged over the CTRL-Key. I hesitated, was this the big decision of my life? Job or PuzzlePirates?
My little pirate looked at me. He really looked out of the screen directly in my eyes.
"Sorry, mate! Just wanted to protect ye. But this is cursed magic or another mean lousiness by the oceanmasters. If this is my end... I am proud o' having done my last pilly with ye!"
And right after these words my fingers went down and I pressed the key. Two little explosions appeared on the screen and my Boneboys blew up. I pressed the Self-Destruction-Key. Now hundreds of little native-pieces flew around. Robroy jumped up and startet to sing.
"Yarrr, now THAT's Red Rain! Harrrr Harrr Harrrr!"
Ah, what the heck. I can animate a new hero for the computer game. This only takes some weeks. But it takes years gaining real friendship from a pirate.

But one thing is clear. I will never take Robroy to work again. Ever!!!


Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll
Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture
Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
Bartender's Prize - peach stein
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Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

Pirate name: Nosmirc
Ocean: Sage

word count: 1000 (had to delete the title >.>)

"hey... hey nossy wake up.. c'mon.."

Still feeling a bit groggy, I rub my eyes and see a blurry figure in front of me

"Yar, ye finally woke up sleepy head"

When the blurry figure slowly became clear and I gasped in amazement the moment I realized it was Nope randomly poking me with a stick. Trying to hide my surprise i asked.

"Nope what the Davy Jones' Locker are you doing in my bed room?"

"what do ye mean what am I doing here?, ye allowed me to be yer roomie months ago"

Anyone would have noticed the surprise in his sudden reply. Before I could say anything he poked me with the stick again and said

"Well hurry up mate we have booty to plunder."

Still in disbelief but I decided to humor him.

"Well mate.. I can't, I have classes today."

I could see the curiosity in his eyes.

"KlahZseZ... a type o barnacle mate?"

I raised one of my eyebrows and replied

"I have to go to school..."

He started waving his stick in the air and shouted

"ZkUuL.. Yar!That means we be hunting skellies? aye?"


I pressed the alarm clock's button and as I ran downstairs I shouted at him

"I'll just show you."

After taking a bath and brushing my teeth I passed the kitchen and grabbed some bread from the pantry and made some sandwiches for Nope. While I made my way upstairs I glanced at the clock and saw I had a bit of extra time before classes started.

"Maybe I can convince him to stay here. Who knows what he'll do if I take him..."

While making my way up the stairs I felt a slight chill and realized that I've been day dreaming again. As I enter my room I see Nope sitting on my bed staring at a bunch of pictures in my album.

He notices me and grins
"Yar! Ye slimy sea dog! This is a fine lass ye have here!"

As I glance at the picture he was holding. I blush and drop the sandwiches on the floor. (He was talking about Anna).

He laughed aloud and said

"YAR HAHA whats the matter matey? I know shes yer gal, I wont nick her. Looks like yer type. Am i right?"

I grinned at him and picked up the sandwich and said

"A lil floor dirt wont kill yah won't it mate?"

He was right and I was trying to change the topic when I noticed the time.
I dressed up and said

"Well mate, I guess your coming with me."

As we walked I could sense his emotions. It was comparable to a child's first time in a candy store. In his case. A greenies first pillage. He looked at everything with curious eyes. It was quite a surprise to me that he didn't go running around trying to steal everything but I digressed.

"Alright Nope. Here we are. Beyond these gates, The learning happens!"

He laughed and pointed his stick at me

"I ain't no greenie nossy, we need not visit the palace. I"

But before he could finish what he was going to say a classmate started to approach us. Imagine my relief when he stood next to me, glanced at nope and said

"Hey man first period was canceled, Prof called in sick."

Nope observed him from head to toe. I was thinking it was going to be OK... Until Nope pulled out a fish out of nowhere and slapped it against my classmates arm.

"AW!! What the hell man?!"

My classmate screamed at him. He smiled and said

"Are you the swabie they sent huh?!"

He glared at nope and walked away mumbling words that I couldn't make out. I turned to Nope and shouted

"What the hell mate, you can't randomly hit people with seafood like that!"

He frowned at me and replied

"I sent him a challenge matey! I even sent him a tell!"

I blankly stared at him for a moment and quickly shook my head to get out of day dreaming. I rolled my eyes and sighed

"Alright.. Alright.. since first class was canceled we have an hour and a half. I'll take you with me to get coffee"

He let out a huge smile and after a few moments.. that familiar confused face hes been showing me all day.
"Nossy.. what is Kohffii?"

I sighed and led him to the nearest coffee shop. We sat at a vacant

round table with four chairs. I could see how hard he was trying to look over my

shoulder so I turned and looked at what he was so desperately trying to see.

There at the counter was a young woman wearing a black bandanna with white polka-dots

placing freshly baked donuts in baskets. I giggled and said

"I'll go get us coffee Nope. Just sit tight."

I left him there sitting alone and ordered. After paying the cashier I turned

around and saw a girl sitting in front of him. Looked like and lower year student

from school. I slowly approached them and sat on the chair beside nope. She was

still giggling when she said

"hee hee tell me another one."

I sat there quietly wondering what she meant for a moment until I remembered the

jokes Nope loves to tell on our pillages. Nope laughed and said

"OK.. Do you know the fun part about sailing?"

She shook her head and Nope giggled

"Well the longer you p.."

Before he could finish what he was going say a waitress came to our table and brought us our order. He was staring at her as she walked away. It was the lady at the counter. I felt a bit sleepy after drinking the coffee and I guess I dozed off..

"NOSMIRC!!! Wake up! I dun wanna hafta plank ye"

"Nope! You'll never guess what i dreamt about"

"Oh? do tell mate"



(if you wanted to know what nosmirc says next xD go to the top and read the story o.o)

Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture
Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll
Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
Bartender's Prize - peach stein
Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mouse pad
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Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

Admin stuff:
Revolut on Viridian
Prize preference:
  • Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
  • Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
  • Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
  • Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
  • Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
  • Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
  • Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
  • Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
  • Bartender's Prize - peach stein

    Word count: 991

    No pillages, swords or doubloons! Oh my!

    "These here road things, they run along yer entire island?" Revolut asked Graeme as they walked to school that morning.

    "Yes, but this isn't an island, we're on a continent, which is a, er, very big island," Graeme replied.

    "Bigger than Napi Peak?" It was going to be a long day. Graeme sighed.

    Revolut, Graeme's pirate alter ego, couldn't understand why he spent most of his ideal pillaging time suspended in what seemed to be a giant carpentry puzzle. Graeme explained to him that these were servers for Three Rings' servers, where Revolut spent his offline time. Revolut didn't understand the concept of offline time so Graeme explained how he has to go to school during the day. After a long, frustrating explanation, that Revolut didn't understand, Graeme decided to take him along to school to show him.

    After a brief walk, and trying to introduce the idea that the world isn't made up of archipelagos, the school came into sight. "Ah, an upgraded shoppe," Revolut said. The white Cape Dutch style building did seem to fit in with a large pixelated shop found in Revolut's world, albeit with more entrances.

    "What?" Graeme said, confused.

    "Looks like one. What can ye buy?"

    Graeme sighed, "You don't buy anything here."

    Revolut looked blank for a moment. "Infrastructure building then?"

    Graeme sighed again, "Just follow me". Revolut was looking a lot less pirate-like in Graeme's older uniform, while Graeme wore his white Honours Blazer and Revolut had the standard blue one. Revolut came to the conclusion that this was because Graeme outranked him in this world. Graeme knew it was just because blazers are expensive. However, Revolut keep one piratey thing that Graeme didn't notice until it was too late.

    "Who do you think you are to come with ear-rings? Get those out," a prefect spotted Revolut's ear-rings. Revolut reached down to where a scabbard would've been but luckily Graeme had convinced him to leave it at home, along with his falchion, skull dagger, foil and a stick that he somehow managed to always keep on his person.

    "Ye challenge me? No landlubber tells me what to do about me ears!" Revolut decided to issue a rumble challenge instead by lifting his fists up, but then looked curiously above his head, as if he expected something to happen soon. "Where be me ready tick?"

    Graeme pulled Revolut back a bit and said, "This guy's a prefect. That's like, uh, a senior officer, you're only a cabin person," Graeme explained, "in this world," he added hastily.

    "But, I'm not in a crew in this world?" Revolut lowered his clenched fists and was almost as bewildered as the prefect.

    "No, you are in my crew, and we have to obey the higher ranks."

    "Still, methinks this guy is -," a barrage of insults followed. The prefect's bewilderment turned to rage as the abuse flew at him. Revolut was slightly baffled suddenly, "What's a sh-," Graeme abruptly cut him off.

    "There's no chat filter here," Graeme said.

    "Oh, it's alright, the landlubber be out of our circle."

    "Alright, that's enough! Off to the rector's office, both of you!" The prefect ordered them and took them along to the office.

    "Great," Graeme thought, "The day hasn't even started and he's landed himself, and probably me, in trouble!"

    "What's a 'rector'?" Revolut interrupted Graeme's miserable mood.

    "He's the equivalent of an Ocean Master, I suppose."

    "Ah," a pause, "So this 'prefect' is not petitioning him?"

    "No, He'll take us straight to his office." This news seemed to shock Revolut. Then he laughed heartily.

    "He'll just plank us both! I have to tell me hearties this," Revolut then closed his eyes and furrowed his brow in extreme concentration.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Sending tells, but methinks they must've muted me. I'm getting no reply."

    Graeme sighed for what felt like the thousandth time that day as they stood outside the rector's office. "Wait here," the prefect said. After a short while the prefect led them inside to the office a short way away from it, the deputy headmaster's. After the prefect explained the situation and left, Mr Leyland looked at Revolut, then turned to Graeme.

    "Did you get permission to bring Revolut here?"

    "Yes, sir, the rector did say that I could bring my out of tow- country friend here."

    Mr Leyland mmhmm'd as he does and ran a hand through his thinning hair. "Well I suppose he will have to adjust quickly to our ways here," Luckily for both of them, Mr Leyland wasn't too strict, yet a touch more understanding than most senior staff. "Just hold on a minute, I need to check this with the rector."

    Mr Leyland left them in his office and Revolut turned to me, "Where does this landlubber rank? Also an Oh Emm?"

    " 'Oh Emm'?" Graeme repeated, confused then the penny (or piece of eight, in Revolut's case) dropped, "An Ocean Master? Well, I think he's a touch below. He's the rector's, um, first mate," Graeme replied, drawing on his pirate knowledge.

    "Ah, so his Ex Oh?"

    "Huh?" Graeme's brain was tired from all the exertion from keeping up with Revolut's misunderstanding of seemingly simple things.

    "Ye know, executive officer."

    "Oh, kinda. But we're not on a ship, we can't even pillage here," Graeme was sure he had explained all this before.

    "Can't even pillage?" Revolut was incensed, "This be worse than when they discovered Atlantis and stole all me jobbers!", he suddenly froze.

    "Are you alright?" Graeme asked, concerned, then he checked the clock on the wall. Graeme opened up his backpack and packed all the clothes that were now lying on the chair where Revolut was a second ago. Mr Leyland walked back in.

    "Where is your friend?" Revolut was gone.

    Graeme shrugged and smiled, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you, sir. But I think the word 'reboot' answers your question."
    Revolut of Meridian
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Pirate Name: Clarielle of Hunter

    (I'll probably change or edit the story later, but I wanted to get a draft up in case my schedule gets hectic.)

    As I awoke to the ringing of my dollar store alarm clock yet again, I noticed that something seemed odd in the Canadian air today, like the smell of a salty coast. As I was pondering why the smell of salt water was so evident in my dorm, I was jarred awake by the sound of a strangely familiar voice, even though I couldn't recall ever hearing it before,

    "Hoy there Claire! Would ye care to tell me why we be in such a dismal shack this morning and not either me friend's lovely villa or me cozy cottage?"

    I refused to believe it. After dousing my face in cold water, rubbing my eyes until they turned red, and consulting my psychology textbook multiple times, a dusty blonde alter-ego clad in Magenta and Purple pirate garb still stood before me.

    Now, being a psych major, I knew an awful lot about hallucinations, alternate personalities, and delusions. But, aside from in episodes of House*, they never plagued perfectly normal people. Eventually, a soaked face, two beet-red eyes, paper cuts, and a still-snoring roommate later, I decided it's best just to drag Clarielle along with me for the day. After all, it couldn't consume more effort than trying to get rid of her, right?

    Oh, so wrong. In the first ten minutes of her visit, she had already demanded her morning rum. After a futile explanation that alcohol was not allowed in dorms, I decided to head to the kitchen and mix some fruit punch with sparkling cider (hallucinations can't drink anyway, I figured.) Suddenly, a cry rang out from the next room,

    "For the love of everything holy, WHY IN GOD'S NAME ARE YOU POISED TO STAB MY FISH?!"

    Sure enough, Clarielle's rapier was right above Swimmy, my roommate's goldfish! With piratey logic I wasn't aware dwelled in my subconscious, Clarielle replied,

    "This critter could grow to sink a thousand ships, that's why! Yer not allowed having some harmless liquor in these shacks, but a deadly Sea Monster's fair game?! I never will understand ye landlubbers..."

    When Swimmy was safe and sound, I realized, I wasn't hallucinating. Unless we were somehow subconsciously connected and under the same conditions of mental unrest, my roommate and I couldn't possibly be seeing, let alone communicating with, the same hallucination. I scrambled to my laptop, and checked the Spyglass to gain any explanation for the pirate in front of me. I was greeted with the words, "Bring Yer Pirate to Work Day!" (along with the biggest block of legal copy I have ever seen!)

    After a lengthy explanation of my "Norwegian Cousin" to my roommate, I continued with my arduous plan of dragging Clarielle along for the day. First stop, Psychology lecture. Turns out Clarielle found it as boring as I did, and she leaned over to ask,

    "Claire, where be the forums? Ye know how I love to gaze through them!"

    "Clarielle," I said, trying desperately to keep patience, "Remember those things that aren't in the real world?"

    "Oh! Like OMs, Broadcasts, whisks, and Olde Salts, seeing as that lady on the corner had no idea what fruit Barnabas was collecting..."

    "Now add forums to the list. Here's a newspaper," I snapped, hoping to shut her mouth.

    "What in the seven seas! This isn't entertaining at all! Why, there's not a pink edit in sight!!!"

    Needless to say the lecture didn't exactly enlighten my thinking, so it was off to my part-time job as a receptionist at a salon on campus. Seeing as the walk over was filled with talk of how fancy boots were as stylish and practical as wedge heels, and I could sense that this was not going to be my best day at work. As soon as we arrived, she was awestruck,

    "You mean its possible to change your hairstyle without a potion! And look at all of the styles, and the colors!"

    "Clarielle, I'm a receptionist, I answer the phone! That's it!"

    "Phone? So this contraption be the RL form of tells? And why must ye use effort to respond? Have ye never heard of chat shortcuts?"

    I was seriously considering writing this list of things that didn't transfer to the real world down, to avoid more explanation, but before I could even reach for a pen, she was off to the product rack!

    "Ah! So here be where ye keep the potions! Moisturizing, Volumizing, Hydrating... say, is there an apothecary in back? I bought a new labour badge..."

    As both the stylists and my boss started giving me the strangest looks I have received in a while, I did my best to provide some vague explanation of my alter ego (in retrospect, I really must get better at thinking on the fly!)

    "Everyone, this is...Brynhild!" (at this point, of course, I had to cover Clarielle's mouth as she exclaimed that she had nothing to do with Skullsplitter and her Ice Wyrms.) "She's Norwegian, visiting from...Norwegia...to model for Victoria's Secret, and she's staying with me. I should get her back now, I'll be in tomorrow!"

    After convincing Clarielle to board the, "War Brig, for land, on wheels," I was back in the dorm at last. The surprise that I was able to make it through the day without going to jail, ending up in a hospital, or losing my job was amazing, and at the end of the hectic day Clarielle returned to her place in my laptop. As for me, I remember the story fondly as some vague allegory to the relationship between me and Clarielle. And every time I see Clarielle's darling face on my computer screen, I swear I can see the slightest of winks grace her blue eye.

    *For anyone who's not aware, House is a medical TV series that happens to be amazingly good. (here's the link)
    Clarielle (or just Clarie ;-)
    O of Earthbound
    on the loverly Hunter Ocean ^.^

    Avvie by the amazingly talented Chiichan =D
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    My Pirates name is Grg
    Words: 556

    The 16 Detentions
    Grg and I are walking through the halls of my high school. We are already late for first period because Grg decided to shoot at the red van on Main Street. He kept yelling that Admiral Finius was driving it. Granted the man did look awful fishy. We have finally made it into Chemistry class were today we are learning the process of distilling. We go to do out lab where we are to transfer water through vaporizing it. I turned my back on Grg for 10 seconds when he yells. “What I got crystal clear 5 and still only a GOOD!” My chemistry teacher kicked us out of class because Grg was trying to create grog. The bell rang and now we are pushing though the halls so we are not late once again. The kids in the halls are walking so slow and stopping randomly. Grg yelled out, “Get out of the way you Greenies!” Everyone stared at us the whole way to my study hall. Sitting in the café for study hall is a boring time when I had no homework from chemistry since I didn’t make it to the end of class. Grg pulls out his Cursed Chalice and starts to challenge people to a drinking game. What he did know was the man he challenged was the Principle. I tried to explain that the principle is like the OMs except there not as fun. They won’t drink with you they just give you 6 detentions for asking them to drink with you. Now we are stuck in the principal’s office while my parents are called to be told what is going on. A man walks in with a package for the school. His hat says “Shipping Brigade”. As he walks though the door Grg whips out his sword and attacks the man. I managed to stop him, but I still was slapped with 10 more detentions. I’m now so done with having Grg with me at school and can’t wait till he goes back to the world of Y!PP. Third period photo class went much better. There were only a few minor incidents where Grg tried to load the cameras with gun powder. Almost though the whole day and surprisingly no one is dead yet. Now off to last period English. We are reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and we are at the part where Jim and Huck are rafting up river. When the teacher asked us all what she thought it would be like to travel the Mississippi River on the raft she was surprised by Grg’s answer. He said “I’m going to post a job offer in the board and wait for jobbers. Then when they come I want 2 on carp, 2 on sail, 1 on bilge and a gunner. Then without fail at least one jobber will ask to nest and I will make him walk the plank. Then on our way up the river we will pillage all the other players’ rafts and take their treasure in a Swordfight or a Rumble. “The teachers jaw dropped when she hear this. Grg was sent to the school councilor for help. We finally returned back home where I forced Grg back into my laptop. I will never ever take a pirate to school with me again.
    Grg on Cobalt
    Grg on Sage

    Also on every other ocean.

    Long live the Great Cacti Power!

    Offical member of the Oceanus Stalking Armored Division 2, and the Hera Floating Division 2

    "Hera stalks Grg!"
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Take your pirate to school day.

    Cholez on Virdian
    Words : 624

    Prize preference's
    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
    Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein

    As we approach the big double doors of the school,
    Cholez turns to me and
    says "Arrgh, that be a dog. how much it be worth?"
    I replied "You can't buy a dog for Y!pp money Cholez,"
    As we walk past Cholez turn to the owner of the dog and
    shouts "Buying dog, Unnamed or named 15,000 pieces of eight and like throw in a couple of
    doubloons for ye, if ye like"
    She winks at the owner slyly, as the owner curse's at her she raise's her mighty flachion
    and shouts "Parley, did ye hear the cannon shots last night! THEY BE MY CANNONS from my re-named sloop
    ye Fine Sprat,Mighty fine vessel, ill sell it to ye for just 30,000 pieces of eight!"
    I quickly grab her Falchion and apologize to the owner of the dog.
    "Why oh why did it have to be "Bring your pirate to school day", they said it would be fun
    that i would get a special prize, is it all worth it?"
    Cholez then turns and shouts "I don't want your flirt of a dog anyway! I'll purchase one on
    the Bazaar or from Lima Island in!"
    I sighed and walked into class.

    Sitting down at the back of the room trying not too attract
    attention to me or the Abomination of a Triketo i had bring to school.
    As a guy walked into the room, he threw his bag nearly hitting me and Cholez
    That in her world was a challenge for a rumble.
    Throwing her Captain's jacket over the chair and removing her Brass knuckles
    from her pocket she walked over to the guy and pushed him.
    Luckily i was able to grab her arm before she trys to to sprinkle him with punches.
    "Harr! What ye be doing? My rating will go down! Renowned isn't a pretty place to be you know!"
    I grabbed her Brass knuckles and told her this " Cholez your idiot, you can't hit a kid in school!
    You'll get expelled"
    Horrified she looked at me and said "Expelled? I am the captain? No officers will vote for you too become
    a captain! Mutiny i think not. Ye will be the one expelled!"
    Covering my face with my hand i shook my head.
    "No you idiot, kicked out of school!"
    I try to think of something to make her understand...
    "It's like a Oceanmaster banning you for being rude too other pirates"
    Glancing back over to the guy and seeing behind him the teacher Mrs.Webb
    that had just entered the room.
    Pointing at her as Cholez asked "That be the Oceanmaster...?"
    "Yes Cholez, If that's how you want to think of it, Yes she is the ocean master."
    Leaping onto the table she shouted "Avast me heartys! We as a flag, Can take over this Island!"
    Glancing around she pointed at a ginger hair boy who was wearing a brightly colored bandana.
    "Ye there here's some pieces of eight! Drop the war chest and put a jobbing offer, By the end of the night
    Walking out of the room i scream "Do you know what, What ever prize's can't be worth this much hassle"

    So, Recap school starts at am.
    It was only 3 minutes to 10:00am game time and Cholez had already attempted to sell her sloop, Buy a dog, Rumble with
    a child (typical),Buy a dog, nearly got expelled, over throw a ocean master and blockaded a school?
    Slamming my way through the exit doors i turn around to see all the "Jobbers" as they are running
    towards me screaming "Grab your Foil's and Sticks"
    I start to run and think to my self "If only the Go home button was real".
    Ye told Alicecut, "Im sure you do get wet "
    Alicecut tells ye, "You would know"

    Cholez So of the crew - Cocytus-
    Princess of the flag Blue Mooners Inc
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Pirate Name: Aimela
    Ocean: Sage
    Word Count: 999

    Hunting for Blood

    The alarm screamed at 6:00am. I struggled to open my eyes but manage to reach over and smack the button to cease the ear assault being delivered. With a jolt my eyes fly open as I remembered today was the day Aimela was coming to work with me.

    I hopped out of bed and stumbled downstairs. I knocked on the door and shouted "Aim we gotta get up and get moving!" I heard a moan from behind the door. "Get up; I'm hopping in the shower, then your turn!" Another moan sounded from behind the door as I walked into the bathroom.

    Emerging from the bathroom, there is no sign of Aimela. I pounded on the door, "Aim, your turn, get up, get showered." The door flew open. Aim was dressed in her best gown with her falchion armed at her side.
    "Umm, Aim you can't wear that to the laboratory. There are strict regulations."
    I grab some scrubs from the closet and pass them to her. "Go shower too, you smell like fish and rum." I push her into the bathroom. Her face is muddled with confusion.
    "What's a shower Amy?" she asks. I sigh, turn on the water in the shower for her "This is a shower; get naked, get in and here is soap to wash yourself with to get clean." I say as I walk out of the room.

    Aimela emerged from the bathroom dressed in her black scrubs. "I can't believe you gave me black clothes! They are so expensive! Thank you so much!" She exclaimed.
    I shook my head and looked at the clock - 7am! I grabbed Aimela; rushing out the door to the subway. At the station Aimela tried to put a doubloon in the payment slot but it didn't fit, she looked at me with a puzzled face. I shook my head and giggled and placed subway tokens in for both of us.
    "Funny looking dubs" Aimela mumbled as I dragged her into the subway station to the platform. She followed in astonishment.
    "Why are we going into this cave?"
    "This is the station. The subway will come and take us to the laboratory" I say, as the high pitched screech of the subway sounds as it enters the station. I grab her hand and drag her down the stairs and through the doors into the subway car. Aimela's eyes opened wide as the subway rushed to life and the passengers jostled off balance with the forward movement of the car, grabbing at the poles to steady themselves. Aimela, however, stayed completely on her feet and perfectly balanced. "Of course," I thought. "she's used to the rocking of a boat!"
    "This is fun! This boat is weird looking but it's really fast! It'd take no time to get from Admiral to Kasidim!" Aimela proclaimed as she giggled at the other passengers losing their balance as the subway started and stopped.

    At our stop I dragged Aimela up to the street. Her mouth gaped open looking upwards at the skyscrapers surrounding us.
    "Welcome to downtown!" I say as we hurried towards the hospital. We arrived in time to grab our labcoats and saw that there was already a line of people waiting to have blood samples drawn. As we entered the lab, I told Aimela to sit quietly and watch while I processed the patients for samples. I invited the first patient in and looked to see what tubes were required and how much blood I needed to take. Aimela watched intently as I prepared the patient and checked his arm for a good vein; staring as I took the needle and slid it into the patients arm. She gasped with excitement as the tube attached to the needle filled with bright red blood. Once I had the needed amount of blood, I removed the needle and the patient left. Aimela said excitedly "Why didn't you TELL me we'd be hunting for Kraken's Blood today! And you said not to bring my sword! Can I try with one of the little tiny swords you just used on that mate there?"
    I laughed, "That was not a Kraken Aim, and it's definitely not Kraken's blood silly goose," I say, "Its human blood, and it's not worth any poe. Sorry to disappoint." She excitedly sat through the morning hoping that one of the times I pricked a patient, Kraken's blood would fill the tube instead of human blood.

    After lunch, where Aimela berated me for not letting her drink any rum, we returned to the lab.
    "We have to look at the blood that we took too see if the patients are sick or not" I said. I prepared the samples and put them under a microscope. Aimela sat and looked in the microscope, and gasped!
    "Is this how you tell how much poe you'll get for this? The number of those round things?" I sigh and try to explain she is looking at cells and that it's human blood and not worth any poe.
    "Next time I sword fight I'm collecting this stuff from my opponent and I'll sell it at the INN!" She exclaims "I bet it's worth more then KB!" I shake my head and continued looking at the samples and making my reports; not noticing that Aimela is sneakily taking extra samples and stashing them in her pockets.

    At the end of the shift we joined some co-workers at the local pub.
    "Ok Aim, now you can have your rum!" We relaxed with friends and discussed the work day and the news. Aimela knocked back her rum with a huge smile on her face and exclaims: "Now this is worth all that hard work today hunting for KB!" I laughed as it was a good day and I'm happy nothing went wrong. That is, until I found the stolen blood samples when we got home later that night!

    Prize Order:
    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
    Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein
    Sometimes we know we shouldn't and that's exactly why we do.
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Drakees from Hunter

    Are we there yet?

    I woke up at 7:00 am and was getting prepared when suddenly, I saw a piratey version of me standing next to me in the mirror. I was very surprised at first but then I knew right away that it was Drakees and then I remembered that it was bring you're pirate to work day so I decided to take him. So I told him: "cmon Drak get out of those rags I think I have a suit that fits you." He replied looking very stunned saying: "yarr me matey a swashbuckler's jacket be the right outfit fer me. " After 30 minutes of arguing, we decided he would wear a coat which looked very much like what he wanted. Drakees was excited to go with me and experience the"real world". We got in the car. He asked between what seemed like a sarcastic laughter: "What kind of ship be this? It is in no way a sloop, and it be too small to be something bigger". Rather surprised by his ignorance, I answered showing no interest in his mockery: "Come on Drak we haven't got the time to talk about this let's just go; and please try not to talk like that." So I launched the car and left the parking lot. 2 Minutes later, he said: "Are we there yet?" I replied no, gently. Again he asked me: "are we there yet?" And I said "NO".
    "No need to get angry mate or I will be slicing your throat in pieces," he said with a sharp tone.
    I obeyed immediately of course. At destination, he said:"yarr matey ye didn't chart the short path, we could have gotten attacked by the ghost ship"
    I replied: "yeah ok Drak"
    At the office, he kept growling at the workers and I was embarrassed by him.I mean everyone else's pirate was behaving well enough!! At lunch time, he said:" Yarr matey are ye trying to serve me poison? THIS BE MUTINY" (as he pointed at the Tacos).Then when I sat at my laptop, I told him to sit quietly. Yet he kept throwing his short sword and doing tricks with it till I told him:"COULD YOU PLEASE STOP THAT? SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO GET SOME WORK DONE HERE."
    He shouted back with a sharp tone:"Don't ye be using that tone with me ya landlubbing wench, I be cutting your head off if it wasn't for all these crewmembers ye have and their pirates as witnesses". Looking rather puzzled by Drak's vocabulary, I knew right away that he meant my co-workers. Then the worst happened: I remembered I had a meeting and,since I couldn't leave the pirate alone, I had to bring him with me. Inside the meeting room, our boss began speaking:"Matt, do u have any ideas on how to improve productivity?"
    Rather sure of myself, I rejoined saying: "umm, maybe a bigger variety of food in the cafeteria would increase general satisfaction?"
    "We already tried that Matt, I'm sorry you can sit down now"
    "How dare ye say that Matt be wrong? By the power invested in me and of the Chachapoya navy, I hereby challenge ye to a swordfight duel, on guard."
    "Matt tell your 'friend' to sit down or it will be the last day you work here"
    "Sit down Drak please, you'll get me fired"
    "Never, how dare he say that you be wrong?"
    "Drak, no one is always right in the real word please sit down"
    "Nay. Since ye do not appear to wield a sword , I will be fighting instead of ye"
    "That's it Matt, clear out your office and LEAVE, take your buddy too"
    Doing as I was ordered, I left the office.
    At home, Drakees tried to apologize but I re-assured him telling him that it was no use anyway and I would get another job soon.
    He answered saying:
    "well matey earning a fix salary at every month seems to be not so profitable since ye need badge renewing and to buy rum for your.... so called ship, so why don't ye go on pillies more often instead? I be hearing that there be an SMH, how be that? We could team up against the Dragoons."
    "Thanks Drak, I feel much better. Hey wanna order some pizza?"
    "Pizza? What be that?"
    "You'll see it's very good"
    I only confided him with that job because i had to take a shower
    Drrring, Drrring.
    "Hey Drak can you get that? it must be the pizza guy",i shouted from the bathroom
    "Aye mate"
    "Here you go two pizzas with extra chee.... Are you dressed as a pirate?"
    Drak looked around:
    "Who ye be talking too? No one around here be dressed as a pirate"
    "ooooooooook never mind that'll be 10.60$"
    "Arrrg mate, do ye take PoE??"
    "Ummm, is that pure gold mister?"
    "Aye mate ye be calling me a counterfeiter?"
    "Well 20 of that might do the stuff"
    "Oh thanks Drak. Seems u handled that well enough"
    "Yarr mate that be easy, ye owe me 20 PoE though"
    "20 PoE? Hahahah. Drak you might be a pirate but even pirates get ripped off once in a while"
    "What ye be meaning by that?"
    "Never mind Drak, cmon let's dig in!!"
    "Dig in what?"
    "Forget about it let's just eat"
    After enjoying our meal and Drakees finally knowing what pizza is, we sat down a bit.
    "Hey mate the real life be good but not the best place fer me, I be going home ..... Hey what in the seven seas. There be no YE tab!"
    "Hahahahhaa . Don't worry Drak I will log on now and you will go home after that."
    "Ok thank ye mate."
    "Bye Drak"
    "Bye mate"
    We both grinned at each other and then he upped and disappeared.

    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag fur
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    A Day Out of the Viridian

    10:00 A.M

    It was summer, today had been the day I got to take Skitzz a friend of mine from the Viridian Ocean to the real world of Las Vegas. He has never truly seen the real world out of puzzle pirates. I tried everything to wake him up by saying lots of different things. The only word that got him up was, "Ahoy!" After a few moments he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

    Skitzz with a frown on his face,"Blasted what be wrong with ye mate, waking a pirate up in the middle of his sleep! It be bad luck ye know?"
    I replied sort of annoyed," Mmmmmm, I see well you promised me we were going to my friends party today. So if you want to go you gotta' drop the pirate crap and get some new clothes."
    Skitzz sighed then replied,"Aye then I will try my best mate, but I love my clothes... do I really have to?"
    I said to Skitzz solemnly,"Just do it for me so I don't look like such a fool."

    1:00 PM

    We had skipped lunch that day and went straight to the mall. I knew right after just getting off of the bus everything would just go wrong. Once we entered he had never really noticed what electricity truly was. He was amazed by the lights and the flashing around him.

    I said, "Well are ya gonna stop drooling and actually start moving?"
    Skitzz shaking his head out of the deep stare,"Sorry mate just never seen this kind of thing before."
    I replied,"Well you gotta get used to it, oh and don't forget can you please drop the pirate speak too?"
    Skitzz just agreed without much commotion," I guess anything for you..."
    I thanked him saying,"Thanks and don't forget."

    After our little conversation we had went shop to shop looking at clothing that may suite him. Once again he had been rebelling again...

    Skitzz with an angry face,"Grrrrr.... I can't wear this, this is all so.... UGLY!"
    I said,"Yayaya.... just try it on and we'll see."
    Skitzz almost yelling,"Fine!"

    After a few minutes he finally walked out of the booth he looked great! He actually looked like a normal person. Then I noticed a woman walking up to him.

    The womand said while giving him a piece of paper,"Call me."

    He was apparently shocked like he did not know what to do with that piece of paper he was handed. He even shrugged at me. So all I did was hit my face with my palm.

    I told Skitzz,"Okay well you're not gonna be here that long anyways so yeah you won't be needing that, oh and she gave that to you because she obviously thinks you're hot."
    Skitzz says with relieve,"Ohhh..okay."
    I grinned and said joking around with Skitzz,"See look what I told you it wouldn't be that bad."

    3:00 PM

    After the mall we went to my friends house for the party. I went there early to tell him my situation, he actually didn't mind that we had a pirate in the house. Well actually he wasn't much a pirate anymore he was a real man, not just any man, a man out of the Viridian.


    As they day progressed everything just went fine with SKitzz actually looking normal and acting normal, it seemed as if he wanted to stay longer. But I had to let him go back to his world, the world of the puzzling pirates.

    Word Count: 594
    Skitzz of the viridian ocean

    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
    Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein
    Skitzz of Viridian Ocean
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Angelbex on Viridian

    Prize list
    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
    Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad

    Sorry if there could of been better words to use for somethings. Not that good at English writing. Sorry. Hope you enjoy reading it anyway!

    Take your pirate friends pirate to Work day!

    Anni=My Captain. Anniangel.

    It was 7:01am and the alarm clock on my phone buzzed into action. Anni reached to stop it but her hook stopped her from doing so. I reached over to stop it and then got up to go for breakfast. Anni followed with Kate her karkinos at her heels. We ate breakfast and then went back upstairs to get changed and to sort out our bags. Anni didn't understand why we had to wear uniform, but still she wore her usual Atlantean and Atlantean clothes. I put my normal school equipment in my bag and watched Anni pack her bag. She put: 3 maps, an extra Sea monster hunt map, 4 small cannonballs, her Falchion, a spare Shiny hook and a pen. I just stood there shocked.
    "Well, are you ready then Bex?" Anni asked grinning.
    "Yep. Ready when you are!" Bex replied cheerfully.

    When we got to school we went to the hall to sit down for a bit. Then the bell went so me and Anni started walking up to form (registration). When the next bell went we started walking to D.T. (design technology). It was really boring the first half so we didn't pay much attention to what they were saying. In the second half we had to design and create a zoo animal that rocks from side to side. I got on with mine straight away and finished mine 30minutes later. So, i went over to see how Anni was doing.
    "Anni, what are you doing?!?" I asked, still shocked.
    "Isn't it obvious? Here's the ship and there's the bottle... put it together and you have a ship in a bottle!" She replied. I put my hands on my head and hoped nothing else could happen.
    "This is going to be a long day!" I muttered to myself under my breath so no-one could hear.

    Next was maths. I dreaded to think what maths would be like with a Pixel. We were doing algebra but, Anni had to learn the basics of maths. Like how to add and subtract before anything to do with algebra.
    "So, if you add 1 and 2: 1+2=3. It equals 3... Now do you get it?"Sir asked hopefully.
    "Kind of...So does that mean: A ship+a map+ eager working pirates=An excellent pilly?" Anni said enthusiastically.
    The maths teacher shook his head and walked away.
    "Did I do something wrong Bex?" Anni asked, looking very confused. I just told her to copy my work and learn whilst she's doing it. When the bell for break finally rang I packed away my equipment and breathed a sigh of relief. We just wandered round for the 15 minutes munching on some crisps. Once again the bell rang. So me and Anni walked up 3 flights of stairs to Geography.
    In Geography we were unfortunately doing map work in the Atlas', I like map work, but I knew for sure it wouldn't be an easy lesson explaining why Viridian, Midnight and all the other oceans weren't in there. It was half an hour into the lesson and Anni hadn't asked me a single question! Well, I suppose maybe all of them pilly's reading the maps and all that helped her!
    "Bex, I can't seem to find Cobalt,Hunter, Malachite and all the other oceans... Why aren't they marked on here?!" Anni said sounding very disappointed.
    "Anni. Your a pixel your not real!" I said.
    By now I saw tears in her eyes. I felt really bad so I took my text book and drew on the map the oceans. Viridian, Midnight, Cobalt all of them. Then I handed the book back to Anni and watched as her face suddenly changed.
    "Ohh Emmm Gee!! Bex I can see Viridian! HOME SWEET HOME!" Anni screamed at the top of her voice. I just laughed and laughed. Then the bell went for lunch. We started walking home because Anni had an amazing idea that we should skip school. It was actually so much better skipping school. But at the time i didn't think of the trouble I just got my self in. Oh well.
    "If it's possible, Bex. Could you like send me back to Puzzle Pirates?" Anni whispered.
    "Yeah, of course I can!! But why?" I replied looking very confused.
    "Well Bex to be honest I don't really think I'm ready for this world. Life's just too confusing and complicated!" Anni said. So I sent her back to Puzzle Pirates and took the rest of the day off.

    P.M. me if you would like to point something out or any corrections.
    And good luck to everyone else with there entries!
    And Thankyou so very much for bringing us this terrific event!


    SO in 'Anni's Crystal Charm'
    Lady in the flag 'The Black Crystal'
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Pirate: Bluefields
    Ocean: Hunter

    Words: around 500

    Hey, my name is Jimmy and this week my favorite pirate Bluefields came all the way from Aimuari Island in the Hunter Ocean to visit me. He will be coming to school with me and all he has is his cloth and his ol’ foil which he hopefully won’t need …or will he?

    Starting the day Bluefields or how I call him Blue woke up really early and my mom had to tell him to go back to sleep as it was 4:00 am. Then at school everyone was interested on him cause all the scars he had due to sword fighting. Some kids try to speak like him and they were like “Arr Matey!” and when the teacher came in everyone screamed “Ahoy teacher! Welcome aboard” and the teacher saw my pirate and welcomed him in the most formal way possible. And blue answered “Harr?”, I guess that’s the only thing that came to his head at that time.

    At recess time a guy grab a stick and ask Blue for a swordfight, I told my pirate that no one really sword fight in the ocean but he didn’t listen and start playing against the guy and nearly slice his hand off, luckily the principal came and took blue’s sword away. My pirate was really depressed after that but I told him we could go play some puzzle pirates after school and he smiled again. Unfortunately the principal called me and blue to his office about the sword fighting thingy. I explain the principal all that was normal from were blue came from but he didn’t listen and blue duel him in a rumble for his foil and again my awesome pirate won again!
    I gave bluefields a soccer ball to pass the time and somehow me managed to pop it. Then I gave him a tennis ball and he almost ate it! Then I gave him a Rubik cube and he almost went crazy trying to solve it. And so the bell rang and we left to my house and I ask him if he wanted to play puzzle pirates but he still tried to solve the cube… the next day he had to go back to help his crew out and he gave me his foil his favorite sword and I gave him the Rubik cube in case he wanted to solve it later. And so he sailed his sloop back to Hunter Ocean!

    Peach Octopus
    Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    pirate flag furniture
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Hunter Ocean

    I was lying peacefully in my bed this morning, visions of Gretchen Goldfang's mutilated ship sinking slowly beneath the surface of Hunter Ocean dancing behind my eyes, when I began to notice an interesting mixture of scents assailing my nostrils. As I fought my way up out of the pleasant dream, I began to recognize the odors surrounding me, and wondered groggily which of my children had gotten into the rum from the liquor cabinet. Mixed with the rum, I also noticed a faint aroma of gun powder. Becoming increasingly alarmed, and expecting to see my oldest child, Blakdog, in the tow of the neighborhood policeman, my eyes flew open, only to behold the sight of Vivian, sitting with her noseless face hovering inches above mine.

    "`Bout time ye got yer lazy arse outta bed, me hearty," she said cheerily. "I was beginning to wonder if I was gonna hafta roust ye out with me dagger!" She was, indeed, wielding a very pointy looking dagger, with a skull for the hilt.

    I quickly sat up and threw my legs over the edge of the bed. Not that I was worried, mind you, but one can never be too sure what a Puzzle Pirate might get it into her head to do. "Put that thing away, will you? And what are you doing here, anyway?" I said to my alter ego. "You know I can't come and play right now, I have to take care of the kids and do housework today. I told you that last night, remember?"

    "`Course, I remember, I just got bored waitin' for ye, and thought I'd see what ye do when yer not on Puzzle Pirates."

    "This could be quite an adventure," I thought to myself. "If I put her to work, maybe I can log onto PP sooner!" Aloud, I piped, "Why not? Come on then, let's get to work."

    Her brow creased with a worried frown. "Work? Not so sure I like the sound o' that," I heard her mutter under her breath.

    Hiding my amused smile, I led Viv into the kitchen, where the kids were already eating their breakfast. After some alarmed looks from the boys and a terrified scream from my daughter, I explained to them that Vivian would be spending the day with us, learning what we do when we aren't playing Puzzle Pirates. While this interchange was taking place between my children and me, Viv began searching curiously through the cereal boxes strewn across the kitchen table. As she ran across the Lucky Charms, a greedy grin lit up her face. "Why there's little pots o' gold in here!" she exclaimed, and began rummaging through the box, spilling cereal onto the carpet, much to the delight of the family dog. My children politely explained that the little pots of gold were actually marshmallows, and that they are very tasty to eat. They poured a bowl for our guest, and she promptly devoured the remainder of the box.

    After breakfast, it was time to gather up the laundry for washing. This phenomenon was very puzzling to our pirate friend. She just could not grasp the idea that our clothes do not dust instantaneously the moment we awake on any random day. I gave up trying to explain to her that we wash our clothes, and that they last us more than a month (and hinted that hers might smell a bit sweeter if she did the same, to which she replied, "I don't smell anything amiss." I suppose that there are benefits to not having a nose.) We headed to the laundry room and I showed her the ropes. She was fascinated as I poured the laundry soap into the dispenser and bubbles began to form while the water agitated. I left her there to watch, as it was clear she was going to be no good for anything else while she stared at water that actually moves, and I went to start the breakfast dishes. Moments later, I heard an evil, yet delighted laugh coming from the laundry room. I ran in to see Viv pouring the entire contents of the detergent bottle into to the washing machine. Bubbles were already cascading over the side and onto the floor. Vivian was dancing joyfully through the foamy mess, up to her knees in a sea of soap.

    Several hours and dozens of towels later, Vivian decided she wanted to help cook dinner. I set her to peeling potatoes, which she undertook with wild abandon using her skull dagger. (I made sure to wash them extra well when she was finished.) After handing her a spatula to scrape the potato peelings off my ceiling, I began to teach her the fine art of making...meatloaf. I showed her how to add the seasonings to the meat, mix it all together, and form it into a loaf. As I set the table, she worked her magic, and soon we had a lovely, cannonball-shaped meatloaf baking in the oven. Unbeknownst to me, however, Viv had decided to add some spices of her own to the concoction and, as the dish began to sizzle, smoke started pouring out of the oven door. Suddenly, there was an enormous "BANG!!" as the oven flew open and the meatloaf cannonball came flying across the room. Fortunately, the only injury was sustained by my china cabinet. As we all stood around in shock, watching the still smoking projectile sitting amidst the shattered remnants of my wedding crystal, Viv whooped and hollered, screaming at the top of her lungs, "Did ye hear the cannon shots last night?" I should have known better than to let a pirate with access to gun powder into my kitchen.

    As the smoke and dust settled, I lovingly sent Vivian back to her world of motionless waves, pixel stoves and cartoon cannonballs, vowing to never again allow any pirate into the relative safety of my home.

    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach OctopusNaval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    (Contest) A day in school (Only 14 years) Word Count 797 :)
    By: Clawers-Sage Ocean

    On this fine day, it was 6:30 am and my noisy alarm just had beeped and I was in my bloody shirt because I was fighting at school and someone hit me in the stomach and I had a bruise their and It wasn?t healed yet so it was bleeding and I ran home as fast as I can and slept in my room hiding under my blanket. Then I saw this octopus hiding below my bed. He asked me if I want to be the owner of him and I said Sure why not you seem friendly.

    So As I was changing my cloths bloody cloths, I heard this loud bang in the kitchen and I was running to it and I saw the octopus me cooking breakfast for me. He made me a French toast with a sweet Vanilla dip and a sweet Banana and Mango smoothie which was awesome but left a big mess in the kitchen.

    So it was about 7:00 am and I was on the Laptop trying to find my homework for my science assignment, I was searching in my disk drives and in the folders and folders but still none, until I found this file called ?Homework English? and I click their? and it was in their. I was so happy and I was jumping up and down? but I forgot my memory stick at school.

    So it was now about 7:30 am and school starts in one hour, so I rushed to my school on a bus which was slow? it was 8:00 am when I got their I had this friend waiting for me and I didn?t know him but apparently he was my friend, he had black eyes, a black captains hat, smelly captains jacket and he had a beard up to his neck. So I asked him what his name was and he said ?Clawers the all Mighty? and I was like hey that?s my pirate name on Puzzle Pirates? so I was confused after and saying to myself ?how did you get here?? so I finally found it was Friday the 13th and it only happened this day.

    So when we went to my first class which was science and I was sitting beside my best friend (Brenden Real life Friend) he said ?Hello what?s the smell is that you or that your friend??
    I replied ?Umm ahh yea? that?s not my friend he?s someone from a game I play?

    So our teacher comes in and takes attendance and then asked me ?Hey Ben who is that beside you?? I answer back in a smooth voice and said ?umm it?s my pirate friend yea? after five minute the class started because the teacher forgot his coffee and was sleepy. After he said ?Please hand in your Science assignments it was due today!? and I was raised my hand up and said ?umm teacher I had a bit of bad things happen to the story, 1.) My first page was in my pocket and I put in the washer and washed it, 2.) An octopus came from the bottom of the sink and did his poisoned Ink on it. So the teacher said ?stop making excuses you had 2 weeks to work on it, I?m sending you down to the office.

    So I was at the office and called my mom which was apparently was the octopus who gave me permission to go home. So I walked home because the bus only came at 3:30 pm and it was only 2:30 pm and as I was walking home and suddenly my pirate just disappeared, So I ran home and slept for the rest of the day until my octopus kept slapping me to wake up because it was my birthday and all my friend were waiting outside of my house trying to get in, so I ran to the door opened the door and all the friend were their with birthday presents. My teacher was even their.

    Then my pirate reappeared and saw the birthday cake and he said ?arr what arr you going to do with this big cake of yours mate?? so I gave him a slice of cake and then he loved it and he gave me pirate food and I loved it so we both got equal share.
    Prize order:

    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
    Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mouse pad
    Kias---- Sage Ocean
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Kissycat of Midnight Ocean :)
    My name is Lauren ^_^

    [WORD COUNT:: 934 ]

    Lauren rolls onto her left side to open her eyes to a very asleep Kissycat.
    "Argh! Ye will never knock me out! I can rumble like no other!" Kissycat mumbled.
    "So that's what woke me up...." Lauren thinks to herself, "I know I talk in my sleep, but man!"
    Kissycat darts out of the bed with a force to be reckoned with. "AHAHAHAHA!!! I GOTCHA YE LANDLUBBER!" After she completely startled Lauren, she looked around the room, "This not be me room.....Where am I?"
    I shook my head to get rid of the shock that just flew threw my head. "You are in my room, Kissy, how did you get here?!"
    "I dunno mate, but if ye figure it out, tell me." She hopped out of the bed and started ransacking my book case, which happens to be filled with the many animes I have collected. "What ARE these silly things? And that!" She pointed to the bed, "what be that? That not be a bedroll of any sort!"
    "KISSY! Kissy! Calm down!" I flung the covers off myself and sprinted to where she had strown my beautiful books around the room to pick them up, when something hit me in the head. "STOP THAT!!" I shouted.
    Kissy walked up to the door and started looking around, frantic. "Where be the arrow? How do ye get out of here, Lauren?" She questioned, searching the door from the henge to the handle.
    "You..." I blinked hard, was this really happening? "You turn the handle."
    Kissy grabbed what she had guessed the handle as and opened the door. A swirl of black, white, and brown flew into the room. "SHIVER ME TIMBERS!! What be those???" My cats, Bo, Harvey, and Queenie had dashed into the room and were jumping onto my bed as Kissy screamed.
    "Okay, okay, I get it. They be 3 big cats. Come along, mate. I guess I'm going to have to take you to school with me today." I took her hand and dragged her to the closet, pulling out a white and black tank top and a white skirt. "Here, Kissy, put this on."
    Lifting up the shirt she asked, "What condition be this in?"
    "It's new, it won't crumble whilst you're wearing it." I turned around to grab some jeans and a purple shirt I had just bought and headed to the bathroom. "KISSY, KISSY, NO!!"
    She had taken scissors to my new white skirt and had managed to make it into a rag skirt.
    I sighed, giving up. "Come on," I said as I grabbed her arm and led her outside.
    ".....What be that?" Kissy asked in total confusion staring at the white Saturn Astra.
    "You have got to not talk like that, just for today. I don't want to be shanked when I get to school." I claimed in sarcasm.
    "School? What be school?"
    "Stop," I shifted my eyes toward her and told her to get in the car, no questions asked.
    "What be a car?"
    By the time they had gotten to the school, Kissy had pushed every single button in the entire car.
    AND she had opened the door while I was driving. This was going to be hard.
    "What in the seven seas?" Kissy questioned loudy as I was pulling her out of my car.
    "Stop talking like that, people here don't talk like that. Period." I explained.
    She questioned every single person we passed, asking them to join her crew or when the next blockade was or what type of familiar their backpacks were.
    "I ain't seen one of those since the banks closed, dog!" she said when we arrived at my locker.
    "Kissy. I live in Alabama, we say ain't, yes, but we do not say 'dog' after everything because we live modern." I glared at her as I open my locker. "This is a locker, and yes, it's kind of like the old banks. I'll show you one of our banks later. We'll be late for math."
    "What's 'math'?"
    I threw my hand against my forehead and sighed.
    "It's almost over, thank God," I mumbled to myself. She had met most of my friends and all the trouble she got me into didn't even amount to the embarrassment. In band, she hit the guy with a tuba because he "stole her golden prize from Alantis". And in geography, she started flicking stuff around the room because she "wanted to do a puzzle" and my teacher wouldn't let her. She threw a book at my english teacher because he "corrected her piratey word". This had been a long day.
    "Lauren, how in the seven seas do you DO this every day?" Kissy exhalted a sigh and was walking slower than she was when she got there, less excitement. "You have to WALK to class, you have to turn a handle instead of walking across a floor arrow! You don't have any boats anywhere, just these ugly like "vrrrroooommmmmm" things called "cars", and your cats wonder around by them selves all around the house! They should stay in one room when they roam! You use words like "beast", "awesome", "boss", and "ain't"." She waved at some random kids outside the band room, "What be up, DOG?"
    I swatted her hand down. "Stop talking like that, as well. Let's go home Kissy, I can't take much more."
    "You do know it's 'Take Yer Pirate To Work Day'? That's why I'm here!" She explained as I helped her in the car.
    "NOW you tell me?!" I slightly shouted as I got in the car, myself.

    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
    Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein

    This was insanely fun!!?
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Midnight Ocean
    Prize preference:
    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein

    wordcount: 993 or, um 957 if I go by the other counter...either way, under 1000

    I know me basics: aye before ye when sailing the sea, me three R's: riggin', rum 'n' roustaboutin', 'n' I can whip up a fine whiskin' potion quick as ye please.
    Most consider me an educated pirate.
    Ye could even say that I like learnin'.
    So I guess it weren't too peculiar when I grew bored of hangin' about the docks of Lagniappe (I'm startin' to get fleas from all the mongrels that crowd ye down there). I think Rayvynroze was a bit surprised when I asked to go with her to that place she goes every day. She calls it "work" but I calls it more time that I'm forced to fend off Sheepish Jaina.
    Anyway, as I said, I'm an educated pirate so I guess Rayvyn wasn't too worried about takin' me to work. She even let me bring me duffel so I would feel more at home.

    The first part of the voyage was simple. We climbed aboard a car, which was a shiny silver wagon with soft chairs. There was music that Rayvyn called a CD player. I have a name fer invisible music too: witchcraft.
    But I tell ye, them cars are fast! We arrived at "work" faster than a full-manned sloop set to evade.

    Once we ported, me gut began a'twitterin'. See, Rayvyn works in a place called a "daycare" where she wrangles a small herd of things called children. Rayvyn told me that children are very small people who haven't been in the world very long...they chatter endlessly, ask questions all the time and rarely behave - sort of like greenies.
    Three years is a long time to be a greenie, if ye ask me, but Rayvyn says that age is different for landlubbers. I've never heard of or seen these children creatures before 'n' me nerves weren't feeling too steely as we walked through the doors to the daycare.

    Rayvyn stepped into a small room near the entry and quickly pushed some buttons on a small plank in front of a flashin' box. At first I thought she had second thoughts and was loggin' me off but she smiled and told me that she had to do this "clocking in" to earn her PoE every day. I guess that's how landlubbers get on the divvy list.

    We walked down a clean, bright hallway and into a room on the right, 'bout the size of a shack... and that's when I thought I'd lose me marbles.

    The noise! The complete 'n' utter chaos! It was like bein' mobbed by knee-high cursed cultists in the middle of a roarin' gale at sea. Before I could take another step several of the little beasties were upon me, askin' me name, defacin' me peg leg with colored sticks of wax, diggin' their bitsy fingers into the top of me duffel. I opened me mouth, hopin' to scare 'em off with a battle cry but Rayvyn pushed through the rabble and said,
    "Snack time everyone!"

    She handed me some small cups and asked me if I could pour drinks for the children. I wanted to help so I pulled me rum jug from me duffel and started fillin' the cups. Rayvyn looked up from slicin' fruit and her mouth fell open.

    "Alethia," she whispered, "they can't have that!"
    "No worries" I said, "It ain't swill, it's fine rum."
    "Kids don't drink rum. They drink water!" And she pointed at a sink on the other side of the room.

    After the snack the children went outside to run around. Rayvyn called it playing but it looked a lot like yer run of the mill savagery to me.

    While everyone was outside, one of the children came up and tugged on me sash.

    "Miss Pirate?"


    "I have to go potty."

    "What do ye mean," I asked the rugrat as she began dancin' around strangely 'n' crossin' her wee legs.

    "I need to peepee!" she squeaked.

    Ah-hah! Finally I understood somethin' around here! I walked over to a sandpit where some of the children were playing and found an empty chamber pot. I was helpin' the whippersnapper with her britches when Rayvyn came runnin' over.

    "Alethia! Geez! We have indoor plumbing here! The toilet is in the building," she sighed and took the girl inside.

    By then it was lunchtime and I was afeared of doin' somethin' wrong so I sat by meself and ate me hardtack while the children and other adults ate together 'round some tables.

    Once the room was tidy it was time for somethin' called "nap." Nap is sort of like a reboot. The lights go off and all of the children lay on mats and close their eyes. The adults have a CD player with quiet music and the best part?
    The room is quiet.
    Now, mind ye, I've fought in many a blockade, surrounded by cannon fire and I've crossed steel with many a pirate in melee. I thought me ears could handle anythin'. But the blessed hush that fell over the room durin' nap? Never in all me years has silence sounded sweeter.

    The rest of the work went by quickly after nap. When the children woke up Rayvyn read them all a story called "The Hungry Catepillar" and then everyone got some colored paper and more of those wax sticks to draw their own caterpillars. I packed up me duffel and grabbed Rayvyn's coat as the little ones sat down for another snack and then it was time to go.

    We both waved goodbye and walked back out to the car.

    "So," I said as Rayvyn drove us home, "that's what ye do all day, eh?"

    "Yup. I love it. What'd you think of it?"

    I tried to think of a classy answer. I consider meself an educated pirate, after all.

    I watched the sun as it sunk in the sky and started softly singin'.
    "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me."
    Alethia on Midnight
    Senior Officer
    Tyr's Own

    Avatar: Chezlin

    "One might say that there are occasions in which barrelstoppery is best combatted with bigger and better barrelstoppery."
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Bricko of Viridian
    Word Count : 952

    Help!! Help!! That was the innocent Mc Donald's employee who told Captain Bricko that he can't drink his rum with coke in the restaurant. A huge mistake of "Ordering" Captain to do something. Next second that Mc Donald's employee was hanging upside down right next to menu on wall, shivering and trying unsuccessfully to avoid looking at Captain Bricko's sharp sword. A flick of wrist by the Captain and that guys pants became shorts. Another move of wrist and shoes were now sandals. I am sure another flick would have given that guy much needed hair cut but I guess Bricko liked his hair.

    It all started this morning. Everyday I asked my pirate to leave before 2:00 AM and I slept for sometime before getting ready for office but today he stayed with me and I knew this day would be a "Blast". By 9:00 AM he was all ready in his new tricorn hat, long coat, knee breeches and buckled shoes and ordered me to sail the ship.

    " It is not a ship, its a car" I replied

    "Yarr!!" Captain said " If ye don't move it in a minute, it will be a sailing or sinking in the pond nearby and then you decide it is a ship, a car or a submarine"

    "You cannot come inside my office, you are not office type" I told him while I was driving to office.

    I cannot forget what happened next for all my life.

    " Hop on to crow's nest" Captain ordered . The next thing I know I was standing on car's roof while he drove on the wrong side of road honking and cursing other drivers.

    I knew I was in trouble. By the time we reached office, I had ice popsicles hanging from my hairs and beard and my body was so stiff from cold, I knew I would have to soak up one full day in boiling hot water to warm up.

    Ding!! The elevator door opened. We both and another guy went in.

    "10th floor please" , the other guy requested.

    "Request" word does not exist in Captain's dictionary. And ordering Captain, a big mistake that by default results in planking.

    " YOU are going DOWN" captain said and pressed basement's "B" button. I am still not sure if he pressed "B" to go to basement or because his name starts with "B". Anyway the guy now had to walk up 11 floors after he got planked from elevator and thrown in the basement.

    I was typing an e-mail when something flied by over my cubicle.

    Swoosh!! And then another one, Swoosh!!. Then I saw two colleagues running and shouting "CannonBal..." . They could not say the last "L" and I saw them falling on ground.

    " What's going o . ?" asked my manager as he came out of his room. The last "N" just stayed inside his mouth as the ball made of rubber bands entered his open mouth.

    "Perfect score, incredible, I still am the best gunner ever" Captain Bricko shouted from one of those cubicle.

    I was wondering why so many phones were ringing in my office and so many people talking on phone.

    Tring!! Tring!! That was the phone ringing in neighboring cubicle and I overheard when my colleague put phone on speaker.

    " Hello" my colleague said.

    "Ahoy, Captain Bricko here" said Captain from other side. " Would you like to join my crew? "

    My colleague was confused and thinking that it was an offer for a job, asked " What position and how much would be my salary?"

    " Well for your kind of experience, I would say you can be cabin boy so like 4-5 pounds of gold for every pillaging trip" Captain replied.

    Next thing I heard ninety nine out of hundred employees in my company resigned.

    Anyway the office cafeteria served Rum with fish sticks in lunch that day. I still wonder to this day who made cafeteria change the menu from "Pasta and Pizza" to " Rum on rocks with fish sticks" and why they charged in gold rings, gold chains, watches etc.? I hope one day I would know what happened in cafeteria management office that day and I won't have to take this question to my grave.

    Everything went very well after that till evening except for those cannon balls flying over the cubicles, few drunks trying to walk on walls, my manager still trying to take out that rubber band ball out of his mouth, none of colleagues telling each other that they found a new job which pays in gold, a guy jumping from top floor etc.

    I still wonder to this day if Captain Bricko planked that guy from top floor.

    It was almost 5:00 PM. " Yarr, get up, time to go to inn" ordered Captain Bricko from behind me.

    I complied. During way back home we stopped at Mc Donald's to eat something. Do I remember what happened there? Oh yeah and I am sure you remember it too now.

    After Mc Donald, I took Captain Pirate to an inn and before I even parked came a big punch on my face, then on my head and then ... I can't remember, I fainted for few minutes.

    "I know you are rumble champion but you did not have to practice on me" I moaned while trying to keep distance from Captain Bricko.

    " Wrong Inn Matey" said Captain Bricko and practiced another punch on my already swollen nose as if it was not already broken.

    I then remembered where we both enjoyed most, our favorite Lima Inn. I turned my car towards home sweet home.

    I and my pirate lived happily ever after. I just made sure I planked him out of my home everyday, latest by 2:00 AM.

    Prize preference:
    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
    Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Bricko of Viridian
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Come here and get me that 2000 Pieces of eight!

    Not right now Pirateskip... i gotta go to the aquiarium to feed the octipus,shark,stingray, and the the king krabs.
    ill be back this afternoon.

    Dont make me Slit ye throught and take your booty!

    Then you dont get your Pieces of eight.

    How bout ye take me to the aquiarium.

    Fine but no fishin.


    Remember dont touch ANYTHING got it.

    I be a pirate ye know i cant do that.

    *sigh* just leave the other people alone.

    *Drives to the aquarium*

    Oi What be in that Giant fish bowl?

    Thats a Sunfish.

    It looks mighty tasty!

    Well its not food now hurry up to the octupus so we can feed it!

    Ye be a cruel pirate

    I'm not a pirate

    Arrr well ye still be cruel

    ok hand be that bottle

    Here ye go

    This is Booze!

    so thats what octupuses eat right?



    hand me the bottle of crab, not the booze.

    why is the crab in a bottle?

    Becuse it makes it a challage for the octopus.

    Well that be as right as a boat movin in the sky.

    Nevermind lets go feed the sharks.
    *takes a barrel of fish*

    Arr so ye be feeding the sharks rum but not the octopus?

    Its not rum its fish.

    This is boreing as stareing at a drying wall

    Then just go back the the hunter sea ok?


    Ill take ya back after i feed the sharks

    *Drops the fish into the shark tank.*

    Ok lets go back.

    ***THE END***

    prize list

    Peach octopus
    Awesome Jobfish
    Pirate flag
    Salad bowl
    Peach comb
    Peach daisies
    Furniture package

    Pirates name



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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    I just want to say that this is an awesome event, and I had tons of fun writing my entry! Thanks for motivating me to start writing again! <3

    I'm Darknova on the Cobalt Ocean, and yes, I do have Axemaniac's permission to use him in my story.

    Nova woke up to the sound of furious banging on her balcony door. She jumped out of bed and ran to throw open the curtains, then leaped back in shock. She recognized the rain-soaked noseless man standing outside as her twin brother's pirate, Axemaniac. Once she'd realized this, she saw almost immediately how he'd gotten there -- his sloop, the Heartless Halibut, was actually moored in the stream behind her house (although she had no idea how he'd managed to get a ship that size up a creek so tiny) and there were splinters of wood stuck to his hook. It was clear that because of the rain, or maybe just because of his utter lack of skill, he'd booched duty navigation so badly that he'd ended up in Nova's backyard, then used his hook to climb up the side of her house to try to get in out of the rain.

    "Wench!" he shouted, startling her out of her speculations. "Open yer blasted door! Lemme in, or I'll smash th' glass wi' me hook!" Well. How could she resist such a charming request? Nova let him in.

    But what would she do with him? There was no way she could force him back out into the rain to make him sail home; he couldn't stay in her house while she was at school, or her mother would find him and call the police on him; and she certainly couldn't let him loose anywhere else without supervision... there was only one possible solution: he would have to come to school with her as a "foreign visitor" so she could keep an eye on him.

    But there was a problem with this, too: Nova's school was female-only. She explained the other part of her plan to Axemaniac as she rummaged through her closet looking for a spare uniform. He was very reluctant to comply at first, but through a mixture of threatening, cajoling, and bribing, he gave in. While she went to work making him look as feminine as possible by shoving a wig on him, dressing him in the long navy skirt and button-down blue shirt, and applying copious amounts of her mother's makeup, she explained in advance all the things he would probably see that day that he would be unfamiliar with -- being ignorant of anything considered "everyday" could ruin his cover.

    "We'll go there in a car," Nova told him, waving a tube of lipstick in a vaguely menacing way as he tried half-heartedly to make a break for it. "It's like a sleek carriage (you know those things, right? Pulled by horses and all, yeah?), except with invisible horses. Try not to think about it." She continued describing every modern invention she could think of that he might run into, from mechanical pencils to telephones to water fountains. She realized, as she spoke, that this would be nearly impossible to pull off, but it was her only choice. She had to try to make this work.

    When they arrived at school, the first thing Nova did was find the school's principal. "This is, uh, Axemina, my, um, cousin, from, er, Kalamazoo," she told him, inventing wildly. "Her old school, um, burned down, so... so she's thinking of going to school here! But, uh, she decided to surprise me and didn't tell me she was coming, so I just brought her. I hope that's okay..."
    The principal assured her that it was fine, as long as she made sure it never happened again, and so Nova set off with "Axemina" towards the lockers.

    Luckily for Nova, all of the AM classes were cancelled because of a major assembly. The vice-principal droned on endlessly, and Nova and Axemina used the time to hold a whispered discussion on the merits of falchions versus cleavers in swordfighting. By the time they'd reached an agreement, the speech was wrapping up and it was time for lunch.

    After they ate, Nova and Axemina headed to their first afternoon class. Luckily, the teacher wasn't in school that day, so class was just a wild free-for-all. Axemina fit right in with all the chaos, although his squeaky falsetto drew some weird looks from Nova's classmates.

    Their second class was much the same -- there was a teacher this time, but since she wasn't actually much older than her students, she couldn't control the class. Near the end of the period, "Axemina" began showing off his hook. This, although he didn't seem to realize it, was an exceptionally bad idea. One of Nova's classmates asked Axemina how he'd gotten the hook, and he was on the verge of telling her he'd lost his hand sinking in a sea monster hunt, when Nova stomped hard on his foot and loudly informed the girl, "She was in a car accident, and it had to be amputated. Since the hospitals and stuff in, um, Kalamazoo weren't very good, she got this hook instead of, like, a prosthetic hand or something."
    After that, the remaining few minutes of class were nearly silent.

    Glancing out the window on her way out of the classroom, Nova noticed that the rain had finally cleared up. Axemaniac could go home now! She grabbed his arm and dragged him to the nurse's office, hissing, "Axe, we're going home now, but first you have to help me trick the nurse! When we get to her office, pretend... pretend you've been hit by the mist from the Cursed Isles, because if the nurse thinks you're sick, I can send you home!"
    Axemaniac, it turned out, was extremely good at faking illness. The nurse took one look at him staggering around, bumping into things, and groaning, then ordered Nova to take him home.

    As soon as she got home, she drew Axemaniac a map and sent him home. It had been quite the adventure, but, Nova decided, she really didn't want it to ever happen again. She would really have to teach him how to navigate.

    Word count: 996

    Preferred prize order:
    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
    Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein
    Darknova. Cobalt.

    As always, trading Axemaniac for a familiar. He's very nice and squishy and huggable, honest!
    Send me a tell, we can negotiate.
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Gillz – Midnight Ocean

    Word Count: 999

    “Arr,” I moaned me head spinning. The comforting, familiar smell of saltwater filled me nostrils as I took a tentative breath. “Ahhh, the sweet smell of the sea.” This smell and the gentle swaying to be felt had to mean I had made me way back to me grand, beloved Aggressive Mackerel after the drinking tourney. Feeling more confident, I thrust open me eyes to behold me darling.

    “Billions of blue blistering barnacles!” I cried, jumping to me feet. A ship I was on to be sure, but it was not me sloop. Me precious was made of wood and painted grey and blue, while this vessel had strange metal rods around her blindingly white deck. Me hand gripped the rods as I recovered from the shock. The metal was cool and shiny much akin to the steel of the rapier fastened to me belt.

    “Who’s up there?” a voice called. The face that appeared around the galley shook me to me core, why it could be me double! If ye chop me hair short, force me into a tight one piece outfit and remove me rum it may have been me own reflection standing there. Her face was as puzzled as me very own brain was, and we observed each other ‘cross the deck.

    “I be Gillz, senior officer of the White Rose. This not be me Aggressive Mackerel, where be I?” I said, pulling meself straight and confident.

    “No.. no it’s not,” she said, an eyebrow raising at me. “This is the RV Research Diver.”

    “Research Diver? That not be a proper ship name, come now what island mightin’ we be near? What ocean we upon? Who be ye?”

    “This is the Atlantic Ocean, Key Largo is to the east of us. I’m Dawn Richards, my team and I work here.”

    “And what sorts of things do ye pillage here in this Atlantic Ocean?” I inquired, my curiosity getting the better of me. Team must mean her crew or perhaps her hearties, I wondered where they might be. I rested me hand on the handle of me rapier in case.

    “Pillage?” she chuckled a little. “We don’t pillage anything.” She turned and beckoned me to follow her to the aft deck. Passin’ the large porthole the bridge of her vessel was visible. The vastness of the knobs and buttons plus the large metal wheel caught me off guard, such magic I had never been beholdin’.

    “Barnacles! Where be ye sails?!” Just a flat deck surrounded us, strange metal cylinders strapped to the starboard side.

    “We don’t have sails,” the wench laughed at me again. “The motor is down below, much faster and more reliable than the wind.”

    Me eyes must have grown to the size of saucers at such a ridiculous statement. The only thing more reliable than the wind were the stars in the heavens. Before I could tell her, a splash behind the boat caught me attention. “YARRR!!!” Ripping out me rapier I ran for the edge expecting Zombies, Skellies or Dragoons to slice.

    “Woah!” Dawn’s startled cry filled the air as a hand grabbed the edge of me Captain’s Jacket trying to pull me from the edge.

    “Avast ye scurvy wench! There be sea monster’s acomin’!” I shouted desperately as these horrid heads cut through the water. Round rope like things or pe’haps t’was arms wrapping around the heads and attached to the mouth while large rectangular eyes peered at me, chilling me soul.

    “It’s not sea monster’s you lunatic! That’s my team!” Dawn shouted back, quite a good grip the wench had. Before a witty remark I could conjure, me eyes were astonished to behold she spoke the truth. The rectangles were pulled away to reveal normal eyes and mouths were below the menacing round disks.

    “By the powers! What magic allows ye to inhabit Davey Jones Locker?!”

    Once again the wench had the nerve to laugh at me. “SCUBA, take air down with us. Now put that thing away and help me get them on board. If you’re here you have to work.”

    “Aye,” I agreed, having the same rule. “Lazers be walking the plank. Yer crew be hauling in a good bit o’ booty?”

    “I hope so,” Dawn said, as she leaned over the side and passed a collection of clear slippery bags into me hand.

    “Why this be coral! Just mere trinkets! Where is the poe, the doubloons?!?”

    “This coral is worth more than any of that. Our research will show us how to save all the coral reefs on the planet.”

    “Save it for what?! Making more trinkets?”

    “Just throw it in that cooler!”

    I looked about and spotted this cooler, a sloppy trinket chest if ye ask me. I shoved the bags of measly coral in as instructed.

    “Look!” I shouted pointing at the horizon as her crewmates climbed aboard. “That vessel looks big and expensive, we should plunder her hold! Come now mates, grab ye swords or perhaps a bludgeon, did ye grab a fish from the depths?”

    “Who is she and what is she talking about?” her crewmate asked in disbelief.

    “This is Gillz. She was on the bow so I put her to work,” Dawn shrugged. “We don’t pillage and plunder other ships. We’re a research vessel and our interest is in saving the coral reefs so that everyone can enjoy them forever.”

    “Pathetic pirates ye make Dawn. How I wish to return to me beloved Midnight Ocean and leave yer trinket prizing Atlantic behind,” I lamented until an idea hatched upon me brain. “Avast! We shall take yer ship and find the way back!! A quick trip to Atlantis and I could fill yer chest with trinkets and me pockets with poe. What say ye?”

    “Well,” Dawn said and paused, then I saw the spark and twinkle in her eyes. “I always did want to be a pirate.”

    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
    Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
    Gillz of the Midnight Ocean
    Senior Officer of the crew White Rose
    Lady of the flag Blood and Roses
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    Medeiroz on Hunter Ocean.
    About 740 words.

    -Are ye finally loggin'on? - Asked me my pirate from the Hunter Ocean.
    -No, Medeiroz, I got work to do.- I answered.- A lot of work in fact.
    -Arrh, I bet that's just an excuse, ye don' wan'to log on! Ye don' wan'to be with me...
    -I want to log on, but I got tons of work to do... - And suddenly I had a really crazy idea. - What about you coming with me tomorrow to school?
    -Ok, mate! Jus' download me to yer world!
    -Medeiroz, I can't download you...
    -Then how am I supposed to be with ye tomorrow?
    -Well, don't know.- I didn?t think about it, and it sounded impossible, but my timetable was saying the exact opposite thing: I had computers science on the first lesson the following day.- Wait, I know what to do!
    -And what is that?
    -I'm going to cut-paste you on my Pen-Drive, and cut-paste you again on my computer in the computers room of the school. What do you say?
    -What's a Pen-Drive?
    -Pen-Drive is an hardware that may transport software as you.
    -What's a hardware and software?
    -Forget it... You'll be on the computer of my school, soon.
    -What's a computer?
    -It's where you are at this moment...
    -Hunter Ocean is a Computer?
    -Pretend it is.
    -I accept but If ye forget me there in yer school, I'll spend all yer pieces of eight on clothing!
    The next day, while I was packing my stuff I remembered to bring my video camera and tape all my day so then when I got back home I could show my pirate how's real life. And so I left home, unlucky me, I got to walk to my school every single day, so I had a great opportunity to tape some stuff until school.
    Once I got school, the bell rang? Time to enter! And time to cut-paste Medeiroz to the computer on the computers room.
    -Finally! It's really hot in yer "Pen-Drive", ye've got a lot of... ladies... here, it's really full...-Medeiroz said once he "got out" of the Pen-Drive.
    -Well it's only 4 Gigabytes of memory... -I answered.
    -What's a Gigabyte?
    -I'll explain later. Now stop talking, my teacher is going to speak... I'll put my earphones on the computer so you can listen too.
    -What are you going to put on Hunter Ocean?
    -Today you're going to make a research of today's society, and it will count for your final note. You better start working.
    Great! The perfect theme to show my pirate how's real life.
    -Medeiroz, you might get surprised by what you're going to see right now. This is the real society, and, this might hurt but you're virtual, you don't actually "live"... - I warned.
    What most surprised me was Medeiroz having feelings: he started crying.
    -Sorry... - I continued.
    -No. it's OK, I understand... So no one logs on with ye on yer Ocean?
    When he calmed down, I started my project and he seemed very interested, I listened to questions like: "What?s that so big?" and affirmations as:"Billions of blues blistering barnacles! A monster with such bright eyes!"
    At the end of the Computers Science Class I had to cut-paste him back on the Pen-Drive, thing that I almost forgot... And I didn?t want to waste all my Pieces of Eight on clothing!
    A few hours passed and school had finished, and so I was extremely anxious to get back home to be with my Pirate.
    When I got home I turned on the computer and cut-pasted my pirate to where he belonged.
    He was sweating all over the places.
    -Is everything alright with you? Because of that... earlier today. - I asked.
    -It's just fine. And ye are going to explain me what?s a computer, earphones, software, hardware... etc... Ok?
    And so I explained him, what were all those things, and more! Also told him that there are no longer those War Frigates, he's used to see, and the world had to advance.
    -Can ye log on on the Hunter Ocean now? I got some friends to meet. - He asked me.
    I smiled and then answer:
    -Yes I may, friends are the best thing we can ever have.
    Prize Preference:
    Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
    Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
    Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
    Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
    Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
    Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
    Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
    Bartender's Prize - peach stein
    Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
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    Re: Take your Pirate to Work Day - Entry Thread (Deadline June 27)

    ~Solaera of the Midnight Ocean~

    My fiancee's voice sounded panicked. Pulling on the second sleeve of my white work shirt as fast as possible and buttoning it up as I ran down the stairs, I rounded the corner and burst into the living room.
    "Matt!? Are you-?"
    I stopped dead. The room had been torn apart, the furniture was wrecked, everything was on the floor... and some tall red-headed girl in a weird hat was standing right up close to my fiancee with a sword at his neck. She turned to peer at me and stepped sideways a little, and I gaped at her.
    Everything went fuzzy and I hit the floor, vaguely through the mist I heard a decidedly pirate voice address Matt.
    "She be a hearty 'o yers? Bit green ain't she?"


    When I came around I very nearly passed out again. The living incarnation of my pirate avatar was stood leaning against a wall with my tub of werthers originals, watching me get fussed over by my worried man. "S-Solaera?" I asked meekly, and she nodded. "B-but..." I glanced at the overturned computer desk with a face as white as a sheet.
    "Kaz, I don't know whats happening, but you're going to be late. -She- can't stay here by herself and I have to go too." Matt frowned, his own face was ghostly white.
    "Ok... ok. I'll take her with me."
    I stood shakily, grabbing the hand of my decidedly more confident alter-ego - thinking fast. "We've got to go. My... my crew needs me. Yeah."
    Solaera's face showed true amusement. "You sayin' yer a captain? Thats gotta be worth a look-see!"
    I blushed deeply and strode for the door with her in tow.


    "Wouldya need a gunner on this vessel, mate?"
    Solaera pulled a typical show-off pose and my eyes went from the thoroughly confused bus driver to the two very scared looking old ladies sat in the seats before giving them all highly apologetic looks. My face couldn't have got hotter, not only was she acting odd but the outfit she was wearing... It looked fine in the game, but in real life it was revealing and just plain rediculous!
    "Erm, sorry Miss but we don't allow guns on our buses." The driver sounded uncertain wether to ignore it or throw her off. I stepped forwards, keeping my voice as steady as possible. "Two return tickets for the City Centre. Sit down Sol."
    The pirate grumbled to herself, something about not liking to laze around, and stalked over to a seat to sit down. I reassured myself, even as the two old ladies left the bus to catch the next one, that at least she didn't do what I thought she would have and tried to attack the bus. It had however taken alot of quick talking to make her understand that it was a form of vessel and not a new type of sea monster.


    "This is where I work Sol, just act normal, ok?" It struck me that that was probably the wrong thing to say, but what else -could- I say? I decided to add, "please?"
    She was gazing up at the building with eyes as large as nav wheels and a hand on her hat to keep it from falling off. It was four storeys tall and fairly wide, a department store selling just about anything a person could want and calling it a bargain to boot. She mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like 'barnacle'.
    I thought fast again. "Its... a giant stall. A furnishing stall. My crew sells curtains." Ok so it sounded stupid but it got the point across. "Come on."
    Solaera didn't move. "Its like a palace! You must be in good wi' the gov'nor here. What flag owns this place?"
    "It erm... doesn't have a flag." I had a sinking feeling about this conversation. "But... this isn't the Midnight Ocean and Blood and Roses isn't here, so its not up for blockading either. Don't you get any ideas!"
    Solaera grinned evilly and shrugged, striding through the doors like she already owned the place. "I'll be an angel, don' get yer knicks in a knot."


    "Who's your crazy friend!?" One of the staff in the department I manage had come running over at the first chance she got, and she stood staring at Solaera in her red and black midriff top, flared pants, big fancy boots and feathered hat as though she was the best thing in the world. It was hardly surprising, Linzi wasn't really normal herself with her dyed hot pink hair and countless piercings.
    "She's erm, a friend of mine. A little special if you get my meaning... she thinks she's a pirate."
    "I can see that!" Linzi was laughing. I followed her gaze to where i'd left my alter-ego, to discover that she'd pinned a customer to one of the racks with the tip of her sword.
    "NO!" I tripped over my feet in my haste to save the poor young man and wound up tackling Solaera around knee-height, we both merged into a tangled ball of anger on the floor and the customer sidestepped away before powerwalking for the exit.
    Solaera blinked at me from her sprawled position on the floor. "Billions of blue blistering barnacles! What do ye think yer doing?!"
    "Saving that poor innocent customer from you! Thats what!"
    She flicked her hat, laughing at me and picking up her sword where it had fallen. "I was bored, and so was he! I were only challenging him to a fight!"
    I nearly snapped, but before I could a determined shopper tentatively approached. "Erm... do you work here?"
    I sat up bolt upright and gave a loud fake laugh, attracting far more attention from other shoppers than I would have hoped. "Y-yeah. Don't mind us. Its... its 'Take your Pirate to Work Day'. Right... Solaera...?"
    Solaera nodded confusedly, rearranging her clothes and resheathing her sword. "Aye, so it be."

    Word count - 994

    Prizes in order of Preference -

    Peach Octo
    Awesome Jobfish Sloop
    Salad bowl
    Peach daisies
    Peach comb
    Furniture package
    Flag Furniture
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