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Vargas's insanity

hunter ocean
Vargas the mad

Vargas sat at his couch pondering about his father. He left earlier without saying where he was going or when he'd come back. The rain outside soothed him. He was meant to be at sea. But that was his fathers job.
Vargas started to feel tired. He lied down. His eyes began to feel heavier and heavier until they eventualy closed.
Vargas woke up in the middle of the night. His head was pounding. A strange noise filled the mansion. He heard a chariot arrive outside and rushed to the window. Two men came out. One he knew. It was one of his butlers. The other was blured out by the rain.
The two men both got on the same side. The beating rain Splattered on the windows harder and the two men sheilded their eyes from the water. One of the men started to pull something out.
"Easy there Finius, you don't want to drop it again," said the butler.
"I'm sorry, but webbed hands aren't meant for carrying things like this," said a now apearently fish-like creature.
"What about the kid? What will you do about him?" Said the butler.
"Samuel, he's very well asleep. He won't see a thing," replied Finius.
They brought the "whatever they were carrying" to the third story lounge. Vargas followed them in silence. When they reached the room, they unwrapped it.
Inside the bag was a body. Not just any body, but the body of Barnabas Gordier, Varnas's father.
Finius took a dagger, and jammed it deep into Barnabas's neck, then stuck a paper into his pocket.
"Father!" Vargas couldn't help but screech.
"The boy! Kill him Finius! Kill him!" Yelled Samuel.
"Hang on..." replied Finius. He took the paper out of Barnabas's pocket and opened it. It read:

I Barnabas Gardier, opun my death, leave my
riches, ship, home, son, and belongings in the
hands of my most trusted butler, Samuel Drake.

Barnabas Gardier
"I'm sorry, but it would seem there was a spelling error," said Samuel pulling out a pistol.
Before Samuel could shoot, Finius had cut him down with the same dagger that was in Barnabas's neck.
"AND YOU BOY!" He charged at Vargas.
Vargas ran as fast as he could into his room. He closed and locked the doors and hid behind the couch. He closed his eyes.
There were sounds, a door being busted down, then the sound of a sword slicing skin. Was he dead? Was he going to see his father?
The sound of glass breaking shattered these thoughts. Vargas opened his eyes. The window next to his couch was broken, and a tall ghostly figure stood by him. It was his father.
"Son, Finius tried to kill you, and suceeded in killing me. I shall take my ship and sail after him. As for you, I need you to find a ship, buy it for the price of the shopkeepers head still being on his shoulders, and get a crew. We must kill Finius," said Barnabas.
"But isn't he dead?" asked Vargas.
"No, look out the window."
Vargas did as he was told. All that he could see was the ground, Finius's body was gone.
"Where did he go?" Asked Vargas in a paniced voice.
"He cannot die in the water. When I stabbed him, he jumped out the window to the rain. He's alive, and he'll be back, and you'll be ready," replied Barnabas.
Barnabas's spirit withered away with a cold breeze, and left Vargas shivering in what once felt like home.


Vargas did do as he was told and got a ship and crew, but seeing his father alive, dead, mutilated, and undead drove him completely insane. His crew overlooked this because of his past and piracy skills. He is seaching for Finius as you read this.
Barnabas also searched for Finius. But still like a true pirate didn't hesitate to attack other ships, even his son's crew's.
Finius still hasn't been caught, but he managed to get some of the riches being Barnabas's "closest friend".
Look at the ocean and realize that everyone has a place in this world. Some places happen to be more important than others. Because of this, even in death, they don't leave it.
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Long ago, in the lush, tropical isles of the Caribbean sat a small fishing village called Manchioneal. Machioneal was so small it could not even be found on any map, not that maps were very reliable. The people moved slow and quietly, as did life. For one small boy, this life was not for him. He dreamed of daring deeds, fierce battles and beautiful women. He dreamed of this but, knew it could never be. His future was already set in stone, he would fish in the deep blue water, marry a lonely island maiden, and die and old man. If only our young man had never dreamed those dreams, today he would be with his wife and children, fishing on an old wooden dock, watching the waves break along the shore in the moonlight.

Late one night, when the moon was full and the sky clear as a diamond, there came upon the sleepy little village a ferocious band of pirates. Their ship was dark as the deeps of the ocean, with only white sails shining through the night. The ship had but one flag, red as blood with a large golden circle on the center, signifying it as the ship of the Circle of Madness. Every last one of these cursed pirates had no hair, and they were led by one known as Brutus. Brutus had eyed this village from afar, and knew there must be treasure in this utopia. The pirates slipped through the darkness, and began to slay every man, woman, and child. The villager fought back with all they had, but as a peaceful society they had never needed any weapons until now. The pirates ransacked the village until dawn’s first light, when from the edge of the jungle came one man.

During the night, he had been on the coast far from all the others, but he heard their bloodcurdling screams: the men, the women, and even little babies in their beds. He vowed to make whoever did this pay. Some say he only wanted revenge, others say he simply went mad, but he knew what to do. He found the one leading them all, the one who was dressed in fine, black cloth and shiny black boots with gold buttons. The one called Brutus, was the only one in this motley crew with any hair at all. He thought to himself, “Yes, he must be the leader of those who brought terror on my village, my family, my life.”

As the sun began to rise, our villager emerges from the jungle, his brow dripping with sweat and his colossal muscles glistening in the light. He went to Brutus and began to rumble with him, using his brass rings and fury to beat this mighty man. The crew was shocked and could only stare, as their leader was pounded into the white sand. Once the Brutus had been beaten beyond belief, the crew knew not what to do, should they fight this man who killed their leader, or should they embrace him as their new chief? And for our villager, would he kill those who ruined his life or make them pay forever as his slaves on the ocean?

In the end, the crew followed the new chief. They became known as the circle of madness, and he is known henceforth as Vargas the Mad. Vargas sails the oceans, wild with madness, increasing his treasure and terrorizing islands in all the oceans.
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Speechifyin' is thirsty work

"Were you there at Ghar-al-Milh, Red?"

"Aye, lad," said Redhose the Thirsty, leaning way back in his chair.

His stories about Captain Goldfang were the best, and the entire crew in the galley of the ship "Money for Nothin'" quieted down when he spoke.

He spun his mug toward a deck-hand, because "speechifyin' was thirsty work!"

"The cap'n was fearsome, those days. If yer deck wasn't polished clean or yer powder was too close to the winder, she'd tear your throat out with her sharp gold teeth sooner'n look at ye!"

He squinted around for effect, noting a few guilty expressions with satisfaction.

"Oh, those days we couldn'a travel a half-league without hitting half-a-dozen fat merchant ships, ripe for the pickin'!" he crowed.

Now the boys drooled at the thought of all that gold, and he could have told them the sun set in the east, and they'd believe him.

Redhose took his job very seriously; the day Gretchen Goldfang hired him as her Commanding Officer, she made clear that he was to keep the crew hungry for gold, and thoroughly afraid of their Captain.

"We were on our way back to Ghar-al-Milh, home of the meanest, savviest pirates you've ever seen." A cheer went up for that, and he had to bellow before they'd be silenced again. "We were heavy with recently plundered loot, and just before we took that final turn into the cove, we came upon the backs of a navy fleet!"

He kicked his wooden leg up onto the table, giving them a good long look at the risks of battle. Well, as far as they knew, anyway - point of fact, a rusty nail did that leg in when he was just ten. They didn't want to hear about the dangers of infection, though, so he adjusted his turban and went on.

"Now I thought the noble pirate thing would be to run away with our loot, right? The cap'n, well she just flashed those gleaming gold teeth, and you don't argue with that!"

They all laughed, as the captain sent them into the very jaws of death about once a fort-night.

Redhose took a long swig of grog, and dodged the moldy fruit flung at him for taking his sweet time.

"There was gold on that land, our money that we'd stolen fair and square." He glowered, thinking of his own personal fortune, probably still sitting under the loose floorboard under his bed.

He stood, a little unsteadily, as this was his favorite part, and he wanted the Captain to hear him from her cabin.

He shouted, "So what if there were ten of them and our one ship! We had the wind with us! The navy is fulla green children, not salted sea men!" The pirates growled and gnashed their teeth, snapping the bones of their meals at the thought of such a pitched battle.

"We took down seven of their ships 'afore they caught us crossways, and the cap'n sacrificed our ship to ram them straight to Davy Jones himself!" Redhose was furious now, snapping his fingers as he danced about the galley.

"They came to our home! They took our gold!" The men pounded their feet on the planking at this, ready to tear the world apart.

Before he could continue, they heard the shout of the man on watch - "LAND AHEAD!"

The thought of gold sobered Redhose instantly, and he roared, "And we aim to take it back! BATTLE STATIONS!" and his men roared back as they leapt to the stairs.

He savored the moment before following, as he thought of the fat bonus he'll earn, if he lives to ask for it.
Skennedy of Sage, at yer service
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Pirate: Metrio
Ocean: Virdian
BK: Gretchen Goldfang
Word count: 572

There was a bang! then a crash. Georgina Silvertooth shot down the last Navy commander and was plundering their pockets for riches and PoE. She Thought she killed them all, that she thought.
While she was kneeling by a dead officer, a wounded cabin boy staggered across, a broken stool leg in hand, ready to try and kill this evil woman, knowing he had a slim chance of winning the battle. Then as the Cabin boy stood on some broken glass, making it crack (on acciedent), Georgina sprung to her feet. The Cabin boy had noticed he made the sound so he charged towards Georgina and swung the stool leg just to get Georgina in the jaw, breaking all her teeth and flinging Georgina into a table.
Seeing the blood on her hands and tasting the bitter taste of blood, she aimed the Pistol right at the cabin boy, and fired the last bullet.

Georgina grabbed her teeth and shoved them into a pocket. As Georgina left the messed-up sloop, she noticed a "wanted" poster with her face.The reward, 1,000,000 (one million) PoE.
Seeing all the crimes she'd done, she ripped the poster off and tore it to pieces, using it like a napkin, then heading towards the Dragon Nest inn. Georgina was famous for the bright white teeth she had.

Sitting in the inn, Georgina heard murmurs and comments on having no teeth. Georgina got enraged, threw her Bottle 'o' Rum at the wall and stormed out heading towards the Nearest Iron mongers. Standing by the iron mongers door, she kicked it right off, leaving no more than splinters and shards to remain.
Georgina walked and walked, searching for the finest Iron monger to make some gold teeth, not stopping until she found what she was looking for. Then she found who she was looking for.

Metrio was the finest Iron monger in all the Seven seas! Word was around that he could make the Sharpest sword and inscript the finest details. Metrio was hard at work, hammering some Ember- coloured steel pieces together forming one.
Georgina sat down on a stool and said,
"Can you make me some gold teeth?"
Metrio turned around looking puzzled and said,"i don't know how to"
Then Straight after Metrio had said that, she threw down a large sack fulled with poe and jewels then placing down her bloody teeth. At the sight of all the gold, Metrio Snagged the sack and the teeth, took down some small gold chips and begain to hammer away. Georgina left him in peace.

Three days later, Georgina came back for her teeth but only to see a small brown sack and named Georgina. Georgina took the sack, opened it up and found 16 golden teeth, exacly the right size.
When Georgina had finished putting the new teeth in, she left Metrio's Stall, went to the nearest "wanted" poster, scribbled out her name and wrote, Gretchen Goldfang.

After she had renamed herself, Gretchen rounded up the most fierce and most cunning pirates around to join her crew called the Evil Eye and Her Armada.
Now she roams all the oceans, seeking more and more PoE to add to her Booty! Now she has found some more Pirates like her and has teamed up with them, calling themselfs Brigand kings and Queens!

Arr! that be me story to tell! Fair winds to ye all!

Infernox on Viridian.
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

ahoy, i be yutomoneka on the cobalt ocean. me BK is Barnabas the pale and i used the word counter on microsoft word.

my entry be at this link here

if that link for whatever reason does not work then type

C:\Documents and Settings\Bernie\My Documents\pete's work\other\The tale of the one who be pale.doc

into the URL bar to find my story
Yutomoneka ~ Thespian of Cobalt...

" There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way"

" Don't criticise what you can't understand " - Bob Dylan
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Re: Speechifyin' is thirsty work

Ugh, major booch, I wrote my descriptive info out, but must have pasted over it. My apologies!

Pirate: Skennedy
Ocean: Sage
BQ: Gretchen Goldfang
Words: 613
Favorite Color: Red -- no blue! Aaaagh!
Skennedy of Sage, at yer service
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Pirate name: Sweetramona
Ocean: Viridian
Brigand King: Vargas the Mad
Word count: 822 (MS Works Word Processor word counter used)

The Rise and Rise of Vargas the Smelly

Long long ago, when men were men, and so were some women, each village had its own Village Idiot. The particular village where our story begins, called Duckweed-Upon-Toast, was renowned for their Village Idiot, who was accomplished in the arts of Idiocy, Foolishness, Goggly Eyes, and Incomprehensible Babble. This young man was known as Vargas the Smelly, due to his habit of rolling in pigswill. He had a natural talent for knocking heads together, and a lust for all things shiny. Vargas was born quite mad, yet through the benevolence of a local clergyman he was able to afford training at the exclusive Bunt's School of Nuttery to hone his skills.

For some years, Vargas was quite content in his position of Village Idiot. He excelled at his daily duties of Pole Climbing, Pigeon Licking, and Raspberry Blowing, and enjoyed the perks of the job, such as getting to keep anything that was thrown at him. However, one warm afternoon Duckweed-Upon-Toast was visited by a band of travelling minstrels. Vargas was so enchanted by their tales of the lands they had travelled through, and by the many shiny things which they carried with them, that he resolved to leave his hometown and travel the world.

Gathering a few belongings together and bidding his home goodbye, Vargas the Smelly boarded a small dinghy and proceeded to sail down the Toast River, and within a day was in the open sea. Unfortunately, navigation was not one of the subjects taught at Bunt's School of Nuttery, and before long Vargas found himself to be quite lost. In every direction he looked was ocean, ocean, and more ocean. Determined not to give in to the ravages of boredom, the young lad set about completing the five thousand piece jigsaw puzzle he had brought with him. In no time at all he was so engrossed in sorting the edge bits from the blue bits from the bits with grass, that he did not notice the sloop that was fast approaching his little dinghy.

A sudden crash startled Vargas, and he looked up from his jigsaw to see some bald heads peering over the side of a ship at him. Vargas grinned and waved, and made some extra special goggly eyes at them. The bald headed crew grinned back, and threw down a rope. Once aboard, Vargas introduced himself to the crew, then proceeded to astound them with the greatest display of idiocy they had ever been witness to. He was in the middle of blowing a long and complicated raspberry, when all of a sudden a dark shadow fell over the deck. Vargas and the bald headed crew had been intercepted by the cutter of the Dread Pirate Rottensocks. Before there was even time to load the cannons, they had been grappled by Rottensocks and his nasty crew.

Now this was where Vargas the Smelly came into his own. The bald headed crew were experienced fighters, yet even they trembled in their boots at the sight of the dreaded Rottensocks. Yet Vargas leapt up, feeling no fear, and with a blood curdling "Yaaarghle!" threw himself in the direction of the oncoming pirates. The first one he met he knocked out in a single blow, the next he pounded and pounded til the sorry fellow jumped overboard to escape. He grabbed them by their necks, knocking their heads together, snapping bones, crushing teeth, and causing more than one to soil themselves.

"Avast men! Flee! Flee for yer sorry lives!" Yelled Rottensocks, as he jumped back aboard his cutter and prepared to sail.
"Harr!" Vargas cried after them, sticking his tongue out and goggling his eyes round and round fiercely. "Run away, ye silly little pirates! Harr!"

A cheer rose up from the crowd of baldies standing behind Vargas. So impressed were they with his head-knocking prowess that they begged him to become their captain and lead them on pillages and rampages and the like, in search of shiny treasures. Vargas gladly accepted, with an enthusiastic goggling of eyes.
"Harr! From now on I shall be known as Vargas the Smelly, Captain of this crew of baldies which I shall hereby name Circle of Smelliness!" he proclaimed. One of the smaller baldies raised her hand, and when Vargas bent down to hear what she had to say, whispered a suggestion in his ear.
"Ahem! Harrrrrr!!" He spluttered. "From now on, I shall be known as Vargas the Mad, Captain of the crew Circle of Madness! And I shall strike fear into the hearts of men and take all of their shiny things!"

And so Vargas the Smelly came to be known as Vargas the Mad. His fame grew, and so did his collection of shiny things plundered from those who encountered him. In time his wealth and power grew so much that he managed to wangle the position of King of the flag The Enlightened...however, that is another story.

The End
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

I am so sorry if there are any boxes.

Pirate name ~ Argyris
Ocean ~ Cobalt
BK ~ Barnabas the Pale
Word count ~ 757
Word counter ~ Microsoft word 2003


As I have heard from my great, great (x20) Grandfathers notes and stories that have been passed down through the ages,
this is what happened on the year 784 AD.
There once was an orphaned pirate named Joseph Carter Barnabas. Everyday this young boy would sit outside on the doorstep of the Inn of Kirin asking all who passed for a coin or a drop of anything to drink or a bite of anything to eat. I (My great, great x20 grandfather) was walking passed the Inn to go to my little shack and I felt so badly for the young boy (as always) so today I decided to grab out a few coins and a piece of bread for the boy. I handed them to him and said “Here have this it is some of what little I have.” The boy was shocked, He then replied. “Are you sure sir? I mean. Well…” “Yes I’m sure. I see something in you that I never seen before.” I said. Joseph Barnabas said “Thank you and also what do you see in me?” I paused and then said, “I can see in your eyes that you have great courage and never give up. I also see that the colour of your eyes, that deep dark blue is the colour of the seas that hundreds of thousands of prates have sailed on through time.” The Joseph stood up and said to me, “Well thankyou I shall be courageous, I shall never fall and not get up and I shall sail the high seas past the time that I pass away. I shall lead a crew with you being my second in charge, my first mate and my best man. I shall not just lead this crew but I shall also lead it into victory of all kind. Glory, fame, riches will be ours!”

Ever since Joseph carter Barnabas said those words to me, we have used a really little sloop and slowly gathering crew to pillage the high seas. After time we gathered riches to buy ships going from a sloop all the way to a war brig to a war frigate to grand frigate then to a fleet with all of them. We have both been going out strong and coming in rich we could afford almost anything we wanted.

One day the unbelievable happened. We were in a long harsh battle when Barnabas was struck hard through his chest. He had fallen, but not long after, he raised his sword rose up through the masts and up to the crows nest. Floating there eyes shut the words he heard where ones he had never heard before or will never hear again.
The voice said, “You have fallen but it is not now that you shall be defeated. You will stand for thousands of years. Your flesh will rot, your bones will show, your blood will run dry, you will not feel the cold, only the splash of the ocean. You will forever be cursed Barnabas, from this day on.” (The voice slowly faded) “Unless you find the two sapphires, not any old sapphires, but the Heart of the ocean. Then you may be freed from the curse.”
Joseph Barnabas fell from floating as high as the crows nest all the way down to hit the deck.
I woke after being slashed in the leg and hit in the head. “What happened?” I said. Joseph then said, “I uggh I am cursed.” “You’re what!?” I said. “Is this a harsh curse?” Joseph then replied, “I’m afraid so.” I then yawned and said, “Let’s get some rest and then work out how to get rid of this curse.” We both fell into a deep, deep, deep sleep.

A Year later we woke. I felt that I had just had a quick nap, but it had been the longest sleep anyone could ever have. Barnabas was turning pale. He woke and looked at me. I said, “Barnabas you are turning pale.” Barnabas then said, “The heart of the ocean. The two dark blue sapphires are what can cleanse my soul from the curse.”

Without thinking of anything like where in the world it could be, I jumped up and said, “Let us go and find the heart of the ocean. What do you say, Barnabas the Pale!?” “AYE!” Barnabas yelled!

From that day on Barnabas and his crew have been sailing the seas in search of the heart of the ocean. Still today he has not found even one of the sapphires.

Hope you liked it! =)
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

sory fer double posting but since the edit aint workin there is no other way. in the chance that either of the links in my previous post don't work either this one should
or type "cooney75.googlepages.com/home" into the URL bar

Yutomoneka ~ Thespian of Cobalt...

" There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way"

" Don't criticise what you can't understand " - Bob Dylan
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Midnight- AnnieBoyd
Gretchen Goldfang
Words: 1000 Exactly!

Wind blowing around her small, torn body, she slowly made her way across the docks. Her feet were throbbing, pain shooing through her legs and up into her chest; every step was agonizing. Where is he? Her mind screamed out against the crash of the waves. Why hasn’t he comes for me? Her mind reeled with scenario after deadly scenario as to why her beloved wasn’t waiting for her as he’d promised 5 months ago. She clutched her swollen belly as a flash of lightening peeled across the night sky. I’ll die out here, and so will our daughter. Where is he? Large waves threatened to take the supports right out from under the precarious walkway above where she stood. Why hasn’t he come for me? He lied to me… that bastard lied to me! She had no choice but to begin the arduous journey back to the inn, two miles from where she stood, wet, alone, cold, and very pregnant.

--- 18 years later ---

Gretchen’s hands shot out in front of her with the speed and grace of a hummingbird. In a matter of seconds the sheep bladder she’d filled with stones had completely disintegrated, leaving underneath a pile of rubble and blood. She looked over the destruction with satisfaction. The people around her were silent… a mixture of awe and fear at the girl who could destroy such a strong vessel and leave the fray unscathed. But she didn’t care about all of the attention. She only cared about one person in the crowd, and all she needed was for him to take notice of her. She was a thin and sickly looking girl, no one that anyone would think a threat, and it worked to her advantage. With her dirty tangled hair bundled up behind her head, her yellow stained teeth, a tight bodice tha had seen better days, and her thin frail legs draped inside red pantaloons that looked 4 sizes too large, she looked more like an innocent child than a fearsome woman.

As the crowd dispersed Gretchen began to gather up her belongings. She had with her a meager sword, some bread for the day ahead, her bed roll, and tied around her waist, accentuating the smallness of it, was a blue scarf, the same blue scarf her mother would wear every day; the only things she’d taken with her after her mother’s death. If anything would grab the attention of the man in the crowd, it would be that scarf. The fabric, though dirty, had an almost magical glean to it. Certainly he would remember.

As the man made his way through the crowd, Gretchen tensed. Her whole life had been in preparation for this moment, and it seemed as though all of her hard work was about to pay off.

“Excuse me ma’am. I couldn’t help but notice your skill in rumbling. It was truly magnificent…” the man trailed off.

“Thank you, sire. It is nothing, honestly.” She knew that in order to entice him, she would have to be a woman of few words.

“It is hardly nothing madam. Please, allow me to escort you back to your inn, and along the way do regail me with how you came upon such an extraordinary talent, especially for a woman.” His eyes lingered on the scarf for a second, as though ghosts of his past were tempting him with visions of the future.

“I am sorry sire, I am not staying at an inn. I wander the ocean with my bedroll, and sleep where I can. As for my ‘talent’ as you say, it is merely nothing.” She could tell that she had him, and that the next few hours her destiny would be only a few feet away.


“Is there anything I can get for you Gretchen?” The man asked as he led her up the stairs to his sitting room.

“No, thank you sire. I have all that I need.” She replied with a cryptic smile out of the side of her cheek. She had to be careful, she reminded herself.

As the man reached the top of the stairs he turned to open the door for her. Inside was a beautiful room. The walls were painted a stunning shade of blue, and all around were tapestries of boats and the sea. In the corner of the room were many globes and charts which gave away the fact that this man was very familiar with the ocean. Gretchen took a seat at one end of a blue and white striped sofa, the man at the other. They looked at each other silently for a few awkward seconds. Gretchen’s eyes eventually became fixed on the carpet below her.

“I’m sorry Gretchen, but I must tell you. I have asked you here to inquire about your scarf… the one that is tied around your waist. I have only ever seen one other. Where ever did you come across such a beautiful piece of fabric?”

She knew her time was now.

“It was my mother’s.”

The man inhaled sharply for a second.

“She led a very poor, very sad life. I was her only child. We lived on Byrne.”

The man’s eyes darted around the room nervously, while Gretchen continued to stare at the carpet on the floor.

“She raised me by herself; the pig of a man who got her with child was no where to be found after he’d promised her his love and a life of adventure. She raised me knowing that no man was to be trusted, and so she encouraged me to make sure that I could fight back should any man try to have his way with me.”

At this, the man stood and began to pace the floor.

“When she died, she finally let go of all the hate and malice that was stored inside of her. All of that poison that she held onto throughout her life. And gave it to me.”
~Annie Boyd~
Queen of The Unknown
Captain of The Unwanted
Midnight Ocean
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

My name is reaperlime from Cobalt Ocean, and my story features Barnabas the Pale. The word count is 389.

Barnabas the Pale commanded that those in the Cobalt Ocean to do as he commanded.
He ruled with an iron fist and left nothing in his wake for those who disobeyed him, and those
who obeyed him were left standing.

A breeze rolled across the Cobalt Ocean, the eerie silene that had over come the ship it
was amazing. The ship seemed like a ghost ship but it was more, it was a Brigand King ship; it
was the ship of Barnabas the Pale. He was approaching Dragon’s Nest, that island that he
planned to take over. The other Brigand Kings had taken over more islands than him, and he was
sick of it. He wanted to be the leader of the Brigand Kings, even if it was an impossible goal. As
her reached Dragon’s Nest, he spotted a entire port full of ships what luck! Most Island ports he
had gone to were mostly empty, but not this time.
As the ship landed in port, he notice that most all the ships were empty. Taking over
Dragon’s Nest would be a lot more fun it seemed. He strode off the ship, and onto the dock.
Most every one was right plain sight it seemed. Challenging each other to drinking games, sword
fighting contests, and rumbles.
“Challenge any one you can,” said Barnabas.
“What about those who are in buildings sir?” asked a crew member of Eldritch Abyss, the
name of Barnabas’s crew.
“After you are done, you will go into the buildings and challenge them,” said Barnabas.
“Now fan out and challenge people.”
“Sir, we all lost, and now they are coming after use.” said a crew member who looked
like he might pass out from fatigue.
“Then lets run back to the docks, and set sail!” said Barnabas who was annoyed for losing
another island.
“Aye aye, captain!” As Barnabas’s crew started to run, in the distance were pirates
following them.
“Run!” screamed a crew member.
“Agreed!” roared Barnabas. Just as they reached the dock, the pirate hoard stopped. The
crew jumped on the ship without noticing what the pirates had done, and set sail.

As Barnabas was left alone on deck again, he cursed that he had lost to another island.
As the “ghost” ship sailed away in silence, a breeze swept across the Cobalt Ocean.
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Viridian Ocean
Admiral Finius
383 words

Admiral Finius
This is the story of the brigand king Admiral Finius, a dear loved fish from his family who was torn out from love and hope and forced from civilization by his own heart…..
Admiral Finius was born near corona reef in 1847 as a tuna-fish. He always loved his dear ol’ ma and pa- Sarlissa and Loony. By the age of five he started to like learning. From then on he was learning something new almost every day. Bye the age of seven he even built a ship- Just the size for every pirate loving fish out there. At the age of ten he even started school- ( For fish that was a very early age of his kind) he learned reading, writing, social studies, math, history, science, physical education, and for an added bonus- archeology. None of the other fish liked him because he was too smart compared to them, so one day he got transferred to a human school. Finius really liked school until one day in science class he accidentally (which was sort of on purpose since he was bullied here too.) had a chemical switched with a sub-explosive solution which caused a big
From then on Finius’ faced had a sort of fat lip which made it very hard for poor Finius to make friends but very easy to make enemies- which is what he did until graduation day. (By then Finius hated all things to do with man-kind so he wanted revenge) But since finius had a whole lot of skill since he was top marks in his class, he decided to join a crew of piracy for funding against man-kind. He eventually gained enough PoE to make a crew, which eventually becomes greatness, so he learned of the Brigand navy- which he joined to send fear against pirates everywhere. As he got bigger and better marks, he forgot who he loved, what he loved to do, and why he loved to learn it- all of it was learning. Eventually after a long time he was not only a brigand, but a brigand KING. Eventually the kings came out and made blockades, but that didn’t matter- he was scarred and torn, corrupted and evil.
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Me: Baldo
Ocean: Midnight
Brigand King or Queen: Admiral Finius
Word count: 943 words

The greatest hero ever to sail within the ranks of the Epsilon Navy was a man named Commodore Gillius. He spent his life bravely fighting to defend the shores of that glorious emerald isle. At a critical point later in his career, Gillius found himself facing a most troublesome foe. An unknown pirate with a moderate-sized fleet was skirmishing with both merchants and navy patrols in the waters nearby. To put a stop to this menace, Gillius gathered his bravest sailors and ventured out to confront him. The two fleets met several leagues from shore. The navy was quickly outmaneuvered and peppered with cannon shots before they could escape to port and regroup. That night, reports came in that the pirate was assembling his fleet into a flotilla just one league from port, a sign of most certain invasion. Gillius decided that it would be best to attack rather than defend and engage this menace away from the shores of Epsilon. As he prepared to leave, Gillius finally admitted to himself that he was afraid and perhaps, for the first time ever, was outmatched. His young son Finius, who knew of his father’s despair, worried that he would never see him again. After his father said goodbye, Finius ran secretly to the dock and snuck aboard the flagship.

The navy left port and approached the flotilla. They maneuvered into position and prepared to engage what they perceived as an unsuspecting foe. Suddenly, countless enemy ships appeared from the rocky crags that dotted the battlefield. Gillius’ fleet was caught by surprise and quickly overwhelmed. As his fleet was being ripped to shreds and sent to the bottom with unimaginable haste, the pirate leader grappled and boarded the flagship. He knocked Gillius to the deck and offered him the opportunity to beg for his life. Gillius said, "If I am to lose to the likes of pirates, then let me die as well! For death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily..." The pirate chuckled and, just as he was about to run Gillius through, young Finius darted out and shielded his father’s defenseless body. The pirate roared with amusement. He picked Finius up with one hand, struck him over the head with the hilt of his sword, and threw his unconscious body into the water.

Finius awoke to find himself still underwater, resting in a nest of coral. He panicked until he realized that he was not breathless at all. In fact, he was breathing quite comfortably. Finius looked down and was shocked to see that he now had the body of a tiny fish. As he stared in disbelief, a group of larger fish swam up to him. Although they were not speaking in the traditional sense, he could hear their words in his mind. It was explained that an elder of their fish community used an ancient potion of mysterious origin to transmute Finius from human into a baby fish, thus saving his life. They went on to tell him that the pirate had in fact killed his father. Finius was enraged and could only speak of revenge, but they convinced him to stay until he became strong enough to safely leave. He could have enjoyed his time underwater, but Finius’ obsession with revenge consumed him daily. He drank tea and ate anchovies with the other fish, but only spoke of hatred for the evil pirates who caused his father so much trouble and ultimately took his life.

As soon as he was old enough to leave, Finius prepared for his journey back to the world above. The elder gave him another potion to return his human features. To everyone's surprise, the potion only partially worked and Finius regained his arms, legs, and most of his human organs, but he retained the outward form of a fish. The elder expressed his sentiment, but without his gills Finius was running out of air and had to get to the surface. Before he departed, Finius was given the elder’s fish eye lens monocle, Finius’ personal teacup, some anchovies, and a baby picture from Finius’ first day with the fish as mementos of his time underwater. With that he shot to the surface and swam back to land while the fish prayed to their fishy gods that he could one day find peace.

When Finius reached the shores of Epsilon, the citizens pointed and laughed at his unusual appearance. Rage surged through his veins and Finius grabbed one of them, threw the man across the dock, and through the bulkhead of a distant cutter. He quickly realized that he now possessed great strength, somehow acquired either from the potion or during his time underwater. Finius provoked and intimidated the residents until he amassed a Scottish bonnet-wearing crew of fearful followers and a great ship to carry him on his quest for revenge. They left Epsilon and sailed from port to port, crisscrossing the ocean, while engaging and destroying any show of force in their path. One day, after overcoming particularly unfavorable odds, Finius went so far as to bestow upon himself the rank of Admiral and pinned upon his own chest a Prestigious Naval Medal that he created.

From that day forward, Finius continued his quest of pirate slaughter. He would never learn exactly who the murderer of his father was, but that only drove his madness of striking down any pirate who crossed his path. The very last thing most of them heard was, "Victory is mine! It was futile from the beginning, no mere pirate could take on the greatest naval genius ever to grace the emerald infinity!"
now retired
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

The story of the widow queen

It was a dark and stormy night and on the high seas , a family of merchants were moving commodities
From Remora island to Papaya island . Mary Ann Snodgrass, William Snodgrass, and there son where the owners of a shipyard in Papaya . They were about half way into there journey when out of the darkness they spot a ship, it was a pirate ship . The crew of the merchant ship ready for battle .as the pirate ship came along side firing cannons disabling the galleon , as the grappling hooks came over the side of the ship Mary Ann and her son hid down below. They heard all the killing during the sword fight then as all the screaming came to a stop a lantern shined into the hold , it was the pirates they found Mary Ann and her son . Scared as they took her son from her arms the san thrust forward toward the captain with a sword , the son lied there silently t, the pirate took Mary Ann and bordered there ship all of the hold commodities , then they burned the ship .

Mary Ann was taken bye the pirates and forced to do there bidding . The pirates forced Mary Ann to do things she was not proud of driving her insane . Over the years she spent with the pirates she was numbed about all the killing and pillaging they do , some of the men on the ship felt bad for Mary Ann and brought extra food and rum . One evening the captain ordered Mary Ann to get some rum from his cabin , while searching thru the cabin Mary Ann found a locket her son gave to her then and there her mind was thrust into the past and she became angry , Marry Ann learned a lot from her captures she learned the lay of the sea Marry Ann wooing her friend she had on the ship decided she was going to cause a mutiny against t the captain and take the ship for her own . She gathered swords and men from the ship one evening when the captain was finished with her he slept she killed him in his sleep and her and the men took over the ship .

Mary Ann had herself a ship and a crew of some of the most feared pirates on the sea she promised to kill all pirates on the seas the crew renamed her to the widow queen captain of the most feared pirates in the sea and until this day the widow queen and her pirates sails the seas looking for unexpected pirates killing and taking there Poe and commodities for her self and her crew .

SO of the crew gone shooting
On the midnight ocean
506 words
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Name: Mountainking
Ocean: Sage
Brigand King: Barnabas the Pale
Word Count : 987

With a thundering crash he found himself below the salty ocean's surface being pulled down farther and farther into the dark abyss. His arms screamed to thrust themselves upward but did not bulge from the cold and heavy metal chains. His legs squirmed, unable to move. They were too securely tied to the large cannonball, which he sent skittering across the deck of a ship to kill his admiral and then jam itself deeply into the mast, and to the sack of gold that made him do it.

"Traitors!" He tried to shout yet salt water filled his lungs. His chest felt like it would explode from underneath his decorated yet dishonored captain's jacket.

I was the best in the fleet! He thought, How could those fools not see it my way?

Yet the voice of the military tribune echoed in his head, "Captain Barnabas Black, you the court here-by finds you guilty on all counts of murder, treason, and conspiracy against your admiral and the United Federation of Islands."

Traitors! Fools! His mind raged, The United Federation of Islands is dead! Freebooters, buccaneers, brigands, and loosely affiliated alliances of pirate crews were bringing down the corrupt regime of pundits and glory seekers that it has become. Freedom was the answer!

"Barnabas Black, in this war to suppress this insurrection you have been caught in taking a bribe from the rebels and turning your ship's guns against a commanding officer in a crucial naval battle that might now alter the course of this war."

I asked him to reconsider! To realize that the Federation was failing, to see the future, to understand freedom, to switch to the winning side. Yet he did not listen to me. To me! The best ship captain in the entire Federation!

"You are here-by sentenced to be taken ten leagues out into open sea and be thrown overboard with the cannon ball that killed your admiral and the money with which you have been bribed. Take him away!"


He was now well beneath the ocean's surface, his movements stopped, his clothes, the cannon ball, and the sack of gold felt heavier than ever. His chest was full with water. He quit breathing, there was nothing to breathe. He looked up, into the last faint glimmers of the ocean's surface, convinced that he will never see them again, and waited for unconsciousness and death to over take him.

My only regret is that I won't have vengeance on the surface world that doomed me to this watery abyss...

He sunk deeper, the ebb and flow on the deep ocean's currents massaged him. His head lobbed over to one side and his saw nothing but darkness. A strange tingling sensation came through him, like millions of little ants running up and down his veins and arteries. Then it passed and he hit the ocean's depth.

He looked around, for some reason he could see in the pitch darkness. A great battle took place above him; the sea floor was strewed with pieces of old war vessels and rusting cannons. Some way's away a mast stuck out with remnants of a torn sail flopping slowly in the silent ocean. He felt a peculiar hollowness in his chest. It was then that it hit him – he was conscious. He could see, he could feel, he could hear, so he was not dead! But how can it? He remembered himself passing out and his breath failing him... He could not breathe! That meant...

His limbs felt a surge of energy and the chains around his hands and legs broke and drifted softly down. He took one firm step unto the ocean floor and the dull thud let the sand rise up in a little swirling cloud.

I am dead but I'm still living! He grinned menacingly. My wish has been granted.

Suddenly, the ground under his feet began to shake, the ocean's depths rumbled for leagues around as far as he could tell. The fish scattered. The old ship splinters rose slowly upwards and the sand began to swirl. He raised his arms upwards, his body and the air around him thundering with a new, strange form of dark energy, so powerful that the shamans on distant and isolated islands could only dream of. He laughed and his voice crackled through the depths.

"Davy Jones and the demons of the sea!" He shouted, his voice coming from a deeper source, no longer restrained by the water. "Grant me a crew of the best men who ever lived and yet were betrayed in the name of greed and corruption so that we may wage sweet vengeance upon the surface dwellers!"

The ground trembled even more and around him bones began to appear that glowed with a strange blue color of the ocean's depths. The bones began to skitter across the surface and Barnabas laughed even more maniacally still. They began to wiz and swirl around his head, finding other bones to join up with. Whole torsos and legs assembled. Skeletal palms skittered across the surface. Arms attached to shoulder blades. The arms searched under the sand and pulled out skulls that they attached to their bodies and the eye sockets glowed with piercing blue eyes. The skeletons drew their swords. Then, as quickly as it had begun, the ground stopped shacking and around Barnabas stood a horde of blue, glowing skeletons. All eagerly looking at him.

His wish was granted.

He looked around smiling and gave his first order in this new life: "Murderers, traitors, and cutthroats – scavenge the area! Assemble us a ghost ship from what we can find in these ocean depths. It's time to bring chaos to the life-treasuring world."

Barnabas the Pale was born.
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

This narration is the original work of Oujou, pirate on the Sage Sea. It tells the sad story of Gretchen Goldfang and her rise to Brigand Queendom. It contains exactly 1000 words, if you use this counter.

The story is as follows:

Erin Cooper was a woman of meager means, but she had married into one of the greatest families of her time – the Bergers. Her husband, Maxwell Berger, was the youngest son of this illustrious family and a notorious fighter (over half of his teeth had been knocked out in barroom Rumbles and had had to be replaced. In traditional Berger family style, they had all been replaced with 24 karat gold.) Erin loved him despite his flaws; he was never cruel with her and gave the best care all his money could buy.

As time went by, it became quite clear that Erin was pregnant. Seven months after her grand wedding to Maxwell, Erin gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter, whom she named Gretchen, after her own mother. Gretchen lived the life of a princess; maids waited on her hand and foot, and anything she wanted was immediately purchased. On Gretchen’s eighth birthday, however, her entire idyllic world was shattered.

* * *

It had been a normal day, and the entire family was, along with a select few of Gretchen’s young friends, celebrating the youngest Berger’s birthday. The first explosion sounded in the distance. The second, coming right on its heels, was much closer. The adults rushed the children into the house and down a set of stairs that Maxwell revealed behind a bookcase. Screams were now issuing from the streets – the pirate attack was getting closer. With everyone safely downstairs in the secret room, Maxwell closed off the secret passageway but remained at the top of the stairs to watch through a peephole, that he might later file a report with the Navy.

But the men who entered his house were not pirates, but Navy men! The swords they brandished were drenched in blood, and Maxwell was sure it wasn’t pirate blood.

“We’re here for Maxwell Berger!” One shouted, “He’s under arrest for suspicion of piracy on the high seas and the murder of innocent civilians!” Maxwell nearly gasped, but caught himself in time. “If Mister Berger does not present himself within five minutes, we will have no recourse but to burn this place to the ground!”

Maxwell ran down the stairs as fast as he could. He pulled his wife aside, but didn’t notice his young daughter listening intently to their conversation.

“They’re going to burn this place down,” he said as quietly as he could. “If I don’t give myself over to them, they’ll burn this place down.”

“But isn’t this chamber fire-proof?” asked Erin nervously, “Can’t we just wait out this pirate attack? I mean, they’ll have to leave before the house in burnt, to avoid the Navy.”

“That’s the problem, dear. They aren’t pirates. They’re Navy men! So they have all the time they want. I fear, if I don’t give myself up, they’ll kill us all!” Erin started to protest, but Maxwell quickly cut her off. “I’m sorry, but there’s not much time. Listen carefully. The Navy’s going to take the whole family down for this. Don’t associate yourself with the Berger name. Get off this island and find yourself a safe place.”

“But dear, without the family, we have no money!”

“I don’t have any money on me,” he replied, thinking quickly, “but this will have to do.” Without hesitation, he reached up into his mouth and, with a ripping sound, tore free one of his golden teeth. The horrified look on Erin Berger’s face was nothing compared to that of her daughter, who had witnessed all this in terrified silence. One by one, the golden replacements came out of Maxwell Berger’s mouth, until his wife held in her hand a bloody pile of precious metal.

“I bub you.” He said quietly. (It’s somewhat difficult to talk with almost no teeth.) “Pake goob keah ub Gueppen.”

And Maxwell ran across the room, ascending the flight of stairs that lead to the other way out of the secret room. With Erin still in shock, Gretchen ran up the first flight of stairs and watched as her father confronted the Navy men who had been counting down the time her father had left to surrender. He appeared behind them, walking through the front door as if it were the most normal thing.

“Hewwo Benpemem! Ib berr emmi—” but before he could finish his last poorly annunciated sentence, a cutlass had slashed a gaping hole in his trachea. He fell silently and, in his onlooking daughter’s eyes, gallantly.

Gretchen’s eyes burned with rage.

The Navy men, contented with their kill, picked up Maxwell Berger’s body and hauled it out of the house.

* * *

Erin secured passage on a brig leaving the island the next day by bartering her and her daughter’s service as crew members. It was on that journey that Gretchen discovered her aptitude for the arts of sailing. Within days of landing on an island many miles away, Gretchen sought employment on one of the many ships that docked there. The rage she felt for the Navy or anyone who worked with them to persecute pirates burned deep within her, but she needed experience to one day get her ultimate revenge. She received much ridicule, but finally, she found one captain who was willing to give her a chance.

She didn’t disappoint.

Erin tried to sell Maxwell’s teeth, but just setting foot inside a pawn shop caused her to fall into an illness from which she wouldn’t recover.

After her mother’s death, Gretchen was often teased and baited by her male counterparts, but she had inherited something of her father’s fighting skill, and sent all of them home crying. She did, however, lose quite a few of her own teeth in the process. When she turned eighteen, she had her father’s golden teeth fashioned into a set of golden fangs that would fit her smaller mouth, bought a sloop, and sailed away from the island forever.

To this day, Gretchen Goldfang, as she soon became known, and her empire of pirates hunt down those who prey on pirates to repay the brutality visited upon her poor father.
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Gwiddon on Sage

Story featuring The Widow Queen
Word Count: 681

Something woke me, and my husband was gone. I thought perhaps he had gone downstairs to read, as he so often did when he couldn't sleep.

He was a banker, my Charles. We'd been married a few years and still took picnics down on the shore, strolls among the shoppes. I could not have imagined a better man to share my life with.

Slipping on my dressing gown, I went to check on him. As I approached the parlor, though, I saw no light under the door.
Curious, I thought--normally he would build up the fire, or at least light a candle. Pushing open the door, I could see nothing. Heavy curtains cast the room into complete darkness. As I fumbled on the bookshelf for a match, a sound from the kitchen startled me, and I dropped the candle I had picked up. "Charles?" I called. More thumping and banging had me wondering what he could be doing, when the door opened and a strange man was staring at me. A torch flickered in his hand, and I only had time to wonder if he might set the house on fire before another man grabbed me from behind. I struggled and started to scream, but his hand clamped down over my mouth, his grip tightening, my arms pinned to my sides.

A third man entered from the kitchen, wearing my necklaces and jewelry as though he were to be presented at a ragamuffin court. He chuckled as he took in the scene, and I struggled again against my captor. Though there were no distinguishing characteristics about him, this man was clearly the leader. He ambled across the room and the others turned to watch him. I was forced to turn as well, and my cry was stifled as the rest of the room came into view.

Charles was dead. Slumped in his armchair, a book overturned on the floor...there was so much blood. These bandits...these...
monsters had murdered Charles. And now they were going to murder me...they were going to murder me and take our valuables, and there was nothing I could do to stop them. I went limp with the shock of the realization.

The man with my jewelry--the leader--stooped to pick up the dropped book. As he rifled through the pages, I felt an anger fill me. This man had no right to be touching my husband's things. It seems a frivolous concern, given the situation, but it was all I could think. The man holding me had loosened his grip, and now he released me at a nod from the third man, pushing me to the side of the room. I fell and the first two men laughed. The one holding the torch leered at me, and they both began inspecting the room, looking for more prizes worth collecting.

My mind was racing. I had to stop them. I had to. Looking around frantically, my eye fell on the fire poker. I had never yielded a weapon before, never thought to strike another human being, but the cold iron filled my mind. I watched the men move around the room, their attention distracted as though I were just another trinket they were going to snatch later. Without even meaning to, I felt my hand wrap around the handle of the poker...

I awoke with a start. That blasted dream again, it is always haunting me. That was years ago...the men are dead. Sometimes I still feel the impact of the iron against their skulls...

But it hardly matters now. I sought out other women--widows and maidens--whose loved ones had been stolen from them. I took to the sea, teaching manners to those vile creatures who dare attack us. It is a glorious life. We are free from the reign of men. No shoppe owners, no gamblers...no bankers...none...

Gwiddon d'Sage - Making her own avatars since 2005

Is yer sword a foil?
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Viridian Ocean
The Widow Queen
883 words

I felt the touch of the soft skin of her fingertips on my chin, lifting my head and turning it to face her. I pushed her hand away, getting up, and walking across the room. I clasped my hands behind my back and gazed out the window. I had never known what words to say around her and now, it was even worse.

I loved her and knew she loved me too, but I was scared. Friends kept telling me she was too "wild" to tame, and that she would never settle down to be with me. She had gained a reputation as a "Widow Queen" and sucked the life out of any man who dared fall for her. It was finally time to face my "Widow Queen" and end it before I became her next victim.

I was debating on what to say when her shoulder brushed against me as she came to stand by me. I found myself lost in her touch as she gently took my hand in hers. Taking a deep breath, I decided to finally tell her everything.

"My dear, you know how I love you. I would do anything for you, but I think it's time for us to go our separate ways."

Tears filled her eyes as she turned away from me and said "This is because of my reputation and what people are telling you, isnt it?"

I nodded because I couldnt lie to her. I loved her too much and I was already hurting by doing this. She suddenly turned to me, but her tears were gone and she seemed different. She walked to the door, turned back a moment and said "You will regret the day you crossed the Widow Queen!"

A few days later, I received word that she had acquired a ship and crew, and set sail for any place far away from me. No one heard anything from her for a long time until one day a huge fleet showed up a league away from our port. There were rumors that it was the Widow Queen back for revenge on all men. It was time to gather our fleet and set sail to meet her for a huge sea battle. We gathered every sailor we could find and looked for the best navigators around to face this unknown fleet.

As we sailed out to meet this new enemy, the biggest ship caught my eye. We were still too far to out for me to see who was at the helm, but I had the eerie feeling that it was my Widow Queen. As we approached the ships, we heard the call sound out "Watch your back! The devilishly beautiful Widow Queen and her crew of lady pirates have spotted you!"

Instantly I knew it was her. So this is what became of my love, a once incredibly beautiful lady, now a fierce pillager of the ocean. Once again, I could smell her Rose Goddess Perfume, the best and most expensive in the whole archipelago.

"Load the guns, fill the sails, I need everyone working NOW!" yelled the captain on my ship as we prepared for battle.

This was the first battle our fleet had been in for a long time, but we were prepared to fight our hardest. The Admiral sounded the attack call and the ships gained speed to attack. Soon there were shots firing from every side of the battle. The ships moved around trying to surround us, then I saw her again. The Widow Queen had come to the ship I was on, and she was prepared to board us. We were grappled and instantly drew our swords because we knew this would be a very tough battle.

As they boarded our ship for battle, the Widow Queen said, "Easy now, this won't hurt a bit... it will hurt a lot. Draw your blades ladies, let us destroy the swine that dare challenge a sea goddess!"

The battle seemed to go on for hours and we were losing men left and right. Once again, I came face to face with the woman I had loved and driven to this. She had changed so much over the years but she was still beautiful. I gazed upon her lovely face now changed by the rough winds of the seas and the new eyepatch I assumed was from a battle like this.

Our eyes met for an instant, and she walked over to me seemingly untouched by the battle going on around us and handed me a red silk handkerchief. Her touch had gone cold, not like what I had remembered from so long ago. She looked right at me and said "If I had known we would meet again, I would have laced that with arsenic. Mark my words, we will meet again."

The great Widow Queen turned away from me, and boarded her ship again with her followers and disappeared into the mist. That was the last time I saw my beloved. Maybe someone defeated her, or she finally found somewhere to rest. I hope we never see her again...
Ashlynne of Meridian
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Pirate name-Linh
Ocean- Midnight
Brigand King (or Queen) that you are featuring-Admiral Finius
Word count-650

Admiral Finius was not always a mean fish that hated all pirates with plan to destroy us all. He was not even a fish to begin with. Every since he was small boy he always wanted to be a pirate and sail the seven seas. He was a small boy and lived in a very wealthy family. His father was into politics so he wasn’t able to see him much. His mother had died when he was two so he was use to being alone. At home he played pretend pirates with his friends that rarely come to his house. He was use to playing alone as well. Even though Admiral Finius wanted to become a pirate his dad had other plans.

His dad wanted Finius to be successful. Of course he didn’t know about his son dream of becoming what he hated most of, a pirate. His father always talked about education and his future. Because he grew up in a wealthy and mannerly family he listened and obeyed what was said. He went to school like any other boy and did very well in school. Well enough that his father thought he should get into politics. His father taught him everything that he knew about politics and Finius listened. He really hated it, but he wanted to make his father happy.

When he got older and got out of school his father wanted to take him to one of his public announcement about politics. He wanted Finius to make a speech as well. He thought that if his son were able to do a public speech then he would die in peace. Before the trip Finius’s father found out about his pirate dream and threw away all of his pirate collection. Finius was very sad. He knew that his father hates pirates because when his father was young a ship of pirates destroyed his town and burned it to the ground. Finius knew not all pirates was that cruel. After his father crushed his dream it was time to go make that public speech to people.

As he found out, the speech was in another island and he had to go by ship. On a navy ship that is. It was a long way to the next island so he had time to smell in the salty water of the sea that he will never sail on.

Halfway there, there was a ship going toward them. All of a sudden it started to rain. Pouring down from out of nowhere. Pirate ship, and they didn’t look friendly. With tremendous speed they made there way onto the navy ship a killed everyone in their way. He felt someone pushed him into the water and saw it was his father. His father was fighting off the pirates and pushed him into the water to save him. He saw his father died.

He knew he was about to die too. The waves were going back and forth and he couldn’t swim in the direction he wanted. He was sinking deeper and deeper. Before he let out his last breath he saw a light, almost like an angel, asking him a question.

“Do you want to live?”

All he could do was nod.

“Then you must do me a favor. You must sail the seven seas with my people and give them a will to live. You will have to be a pirate.”

Again he nodded. So it was done. When he woke up he found out that he was a fish. As he looked into the horizon he saw a ship and pirates on there. They shouted “Admiral Finius”,”Admiral Finius”. He didn’t care. All he could think about was the death off his father. He knew what he must do; he would have to avenge his father death. He must get rid of pirates. He will be known as Admiral Finius.


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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Okay, here's my attempt. It sits at 826 words, so it's a bit of a read, but I think you'll enjoy it. Okay so here goes...

Barnabas the Pale
by Daggerpoint of the Midnight Ocean

The man known as Barnabas the Pale was little more than a stowaway in one of the Navies (which Navy has been left uncertain; depending on who tells the story, it can be any major island in any archipelago, although it is almost exclusively a capital island). He was also an accomplished swordsman, able to defeat even the Captain of the navy vessels he worked on (although they weren't very many). However, he felt that only he could command a crew well enough, and that the Navy and Crew captains were little more than lacklustre.

One night, while he was jobbing for a navy crew, as many of the crew and the captain slept, Barnabas crept into the captain's room, removed his uniform from its hanger in the closet, and dressed himself in the clothes.

The crew were sharply woken by a loud and bombastic voice, screaming, "To your stations, men! There be brigands sailing tonight, and we shall find them and strike them down! Man them sails! Work that bilge! Load them cannons!"

The loud screams Barnabas produced also woke the Captain of the Navy crew, who immediately found his uniform to be missing, and assumed that whoever was making the noise had also taken it--a theory later proven to be true, as he stumbled out to find Barnabas at the wheel, while the other members of the crew were busily (or as busily as they could be while being half-asleep) tending to their stations. This infuriated him to no end. "Every crewman to his bed immediately!" came the yell of the captain to his crew. He then looked up at Barnabas. "You," he yelled, pointing his finger at him, "I shall plank come the morning. Pray you have a spare set of clothes."

He didn't; he had thrown them overboard when he had gotten himself changed into the captain's uniform. As a result, the captain had no choice but to plank him in the uniform.

"Any last words?" the Captain asked Barnabas at swordpoint.

"That I shall have my vengence on you," was Barnabas' reply, who then fell into the ocean. He floated for three days until, malnourished and worn, he found himself on a small island (again, which island is up for debate, as no-one is entirely certain of where he ended up). On the island, he began to build up a crew--the Eldritch Abyss--and his own flag, the Chtholic Horde. However, not a single crew would side with him, for they knew of his reputation to sink anything that crossed his path, and did'nt want to be associated with it.

The formation of this crew gave him the opportunity to seek revenge on his navy captain. As luck would have it, the navy Captain was also a highly-ranked member of a pirate crew (a Senior Officer or a Fleet Officer, nobody is sure which), and their paths would eventually cross on the oceans, as Barnabas finally intercepted the his ship. The Captain, however, had other plans for Barnabas: "Sink him!"

While life had finished with him, death had not, and three months later another ship, a war brig, flying the same flag, appeared within the Captain's sight. However, as the ship approached, the air filled with dead cries. The Captain's own ship, and many of its crew, were frozen in fear, as the Destructive Trout came rushing towards them, manned by nearly twenty skellies, and at its helm the ghostly image of Barnabas the Pale, believed long since dead.

"You lot take the crew," Barnabas was heard to say, in his deathly tone. "I'll take care of my old Captain myself."

The grapple was almost immedate, and the melee start just as immediately. The Captain barely had enough time to pull out his falchion, when it was met by Barnabas' skull dagger. Crew member after crew member began to fall, however Barnabas and the Captain still remained locked in a fierce and unrelenting fight, until eventually Barnabas gained the upper hand, pinning the Captain to the deck. He had won.

"Loot the ship, and kill any man who stands in your way." Five skellies quickly ran towards the hold, and fished out everything they could. Barnabas looked away for a moment as he observed his prize being carried onto his ship. This gave the Captain the opportunity, as he plunged his falchion into his chest. He quickly removed it as Barnabas slowly staggered back onto his ship, gasping as if desperate for air. "You mere mortal, tried to kill a dead man," he gasped. "I declare this: while there are still mortals on this ocean, I shall set my vengeance against them." The hook set free, and Barnabas and his ship drifted backwards into the ocean.

Since then, he has kept his pledge, avenging against any pirate ship that dare cross his path, on a ship manned by skellies, the long dead ghosts of fallen pirates.

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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Sorry about the re-post, i forgot my word counts, and had to cut down.

Pirate Name - Clafairy
Ocean - Cobalt
Brigand King - Barnabus the Pale
Word count - 1000

The wind hissed and the sea waves crashed upon the cold grey rocks.

A lone sailor frantically sheltered in the helm of his ship praying the storm would blow over soon and his life would be saved.
His sloop thrown around as the waves played games.
He felt a sudden bump and the ship began the shudder finally silence fell and all seemed calm. Still shaking from his experience he peered out from the hold seeing nothing but blue. Slowly creeping out he ran to the side of his sloop to look over and check the water was calm.
His eyes suddenly widened and butterflies formed in the pit of his stomach. For as he looked down he realised he was no longer in the sea, slowly turning to the side he realised the blue shape holding his ship and a large eye meet his ghostly white face.

So who is this monster?

An orphan child was once found, dumped by the sea. Or so it seemed. A couple from a small village had found this bundle of joy crying. This couple we're Elsie and Joe. A respected pair for their input into village events and well known by most. They never asked for much from others and tried their hardest to ensure happiness.
"I can't believe someone would just abandon this child" Elsie said clutching the bundle, "I refuse to leave him for adoption Joe, he's been through enough, he's only young". Joe looked into the baby’s eyes and looked into Elsie's longing eyes, "Well I guess we can give him the home he needs." Elsie smiled and cradles the baby in her arms, "Barnabus, he shall be called Barnabus".

The couple strived to give Barnabus the best child hood they could. They just wanted to be the best parents they possibly could be.

Soon enough Barnabus turned 14, a friendly child with high hopes for the future.
One of his most prominent hobbies was going into the sea and swimming, he had always been a good swimmer and would go into the sea during any of his spare time.
Elsie and Joe couldn't be more proud of him.
One morning the family woke up to a stormy day. The wind was howling and the sea on the horizon crashing.
"Barnabus!" Elsie called, "Barnabus where are you, I need help shutting all the windows". No reply. The house fell silent as Joe walked in, "I can't find Barnabus anywhere, he's not in his room and I can't see him anywhere else".
Frantically they searched the house hoping and praying he hadn't gone into the storm. But no such luck, coming to the conclusion he must have gone out they dressed in their rain clothes ready to brave the storm in search for their son.

"Where would he go" Elsie cried, asking at houses no one had seen him, the village was deserted in the storm. Joe looked over at the crashing sea. "Elsie go home, let me search, you could get ill out here, and someone needs to be home in case he returns". Elsie agreed and ran home, shutting herself in.

Mean while Joe ran to the dock and jumped into the first sloop he found. Worry filled his head as he imagined Barnabus being swept out to sea. As he rushed to pull the anchor up a local fisherman shouted out his seaside window, "Joe, are you crazy! Don't brave the seas in this storm it's suicide! I've been looking out and those waves are of odd colours, it's dangerous!"
Joe ignored and pushed the boat out, waves crashed as he tried to steer into the clearer areas. "Barnabus!" he cried, "Barnabus!".

He looked into the skies to see the colour turn a red, the waves grew and a groan could be heard in the distance. Joe jumped into the hold to shelter.
That's when it happened, the hissing wind quietened, the waves resided and the rain weakened. Coming out the hold and looking over the side he realised. The butterflies formed, and his face was ghostly. An eye met his and he took a large gulp. Silence fell.
The scene was motionless for a while, nothing seemed to move, time had stood still.
Joe stood back, an icy chill befalled him, he felt glued to the spot as his eyes fixated on this creature.
Minutes passed, a crash of thunder roared. The ship began to fall, the speed growing until the ship was pulled under the water. Still in the clutches of the creature Joe frantically held his breath. But he could no longer. As he sank down to the bottom a small object floated past him, with what little energy he had left he grabbed it only to see Barnabus's locket.

Back in the village all had fallen quiet. The storm had ended and people gradually creped out their homes. Elsie thought that perhaps by the time she had tidied his room he and Joe together would come home and they could continue their peaceful lives. She lifted up his pillow as a letter fell out from the case.
It had her name on it but not Joes. She sat down, opened it up and read,

"Dear Elsie,

Thank you for taking in my son. You wouldn't know me, and never will. I'm not the sort of person I expect you think I am. I had no choice.
I'm not a normal person like you, I have secrets, many secrets about myself. I don't live like you.
But now I have him back where he truly belongs. Although this will sound as strange as it will but I can tell you we live down under, where you wouldn't think of looking. We thrive on others in a literal way.
As for Joe. Well. Let's just say he, down under.

Thank you Elsie!

Elsie's face turned pale and tears poured down. Little did she know her son was a The Brigand King!
Barnabus the Pale!
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Pirate name - Pixiepuff
Ocean - Midnight
Brigand King - The Widow Queen
Word count - 799

The Widow Queen

As the sun came up over the ocean, the great queen of Black Veil rose to greet a new day as she began he walk down the magnificent hall of her castle. As she passed the piles and piles of gold given to her by her crew and followers the queen couldn't help but sigh... "I have all the riches in the world, but still my one love, the only one who is for me, has forsaken me. So now I have no point for this gold, what good are all the riches and fame if I have no one to share it with." The queen said with a heavy heart. As she continued walking down the grand hall of the castle her crew of Sirens greeted her one by one graciously bowing as their queen approached. However this particular day the queen noticed something different about her crew, there was one less member then the previous day. "Why is there one less crew member now? The little stubborn one with the freckles?" The queen asked impatiently. She waited for a reply but the room was completely silent. "Well? Someone speak or I'll throw you all in the dungeon!" She yelled growing more impatient and angered. There was still silence until a senior Siren down the end of the line spoke up to her queen. "She has left the crew your highness. She fell in love." Said a senior Siren. The Widow Queen was shocked, how could a Siren fall in love? It was a Sirens duty to draw in young pirates and then break their heart... how could this be? This isn't supposed to happen... no one leaves the widow queen without a fight! Suddenly the widow queen stormed off to her large office at the very top of the tower in the castle. It was her sanctuary, the one place she went that could almost make her forget about her past. But she was there for a different reason this time; she was there to plan out her attack on the lovers. "I must have the perfect plan, they will not get away with forsaking their queen this easily! No one ever will!" Thought the queen to herself as she rummaged through the desk draw. All of a sudden... she stopped, she had found a old piece of parchment given to her long ago. She sat down and began to read the note with a tear in her eye... "My dearest love, times have become hard and hope is as weak as ever. Know that the time I spent with you were the best days of my life and I will always remember them. I will always love you my dear queen. Please keep yourself safe in this wicked time upon our lands. I will return to you soon my love, keep hope. Eternally yours, Barnabas. However, Barnabas never returned, he perished in the great battle for the sea. After reading this the queen could not speak all she could do was sit there and weep for her lost love. But the widow queen knew she could not show weakness in front of her crew so she got up and walked back to the great hall where her Sirens' waited for her decision. "I have decided to be lenient and let them pass. But if the lovers ever show their faces in my parts, they will not be shown the same courtesy." Said the widow queen in a strong voice holding back her sorrow. The crew all looked at each other in bewilderment, what had just happened... why was their queen acting this way? "My queen, what has happened to change your mind?" Said one of the newer Sirens of the crew. "Do not question my ways!" The queen spat as she began to walk toward back balcony of the castle. The sun was already setting back over the sea, as it had once come up, it was more beautiful then ever. Sparkling colors of purple, orange, gold and all shades of pink and red filled the sky. "What a beautiful sunset." Sighed the queen. As she continued to look out into the sunset she noticed a large half transparent ship sitting just over the horizon and as she looked closer... she saw him. It was Barnabas, only he had tattered clothes and no longer had a sweet, kind smile on his face. He looked as cold as ice and as pale as a ghost. But the queen would not give up; she would wait for him, just as she had promised so many years ago. As the widow queen watched the ship sail away into the darkness of the night sky, you could just see Barnabas, as a tear rolled down his cheek.
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

pirate name - Capinlucy
ocean - Cobalt
Brigand Queen.
Word Count - 723 (i think) hope you like i :D

The autumn air was crisp, clean and fresh. There was something about the chill that made the scent of the forest sharper, more intense, almost palatable. The scent of the sap dropping in the oaks, maples, and gum filled the air. Odor of their coming dormancy filled the air and cloaked all who entered the wood. The brightly colored fallen leaves, dew drenched and underfoot added a musty, woody aroma to the mix. Passing into sleep, the trees freed their leaves. The leaves final color choice, a fleeting blaze of passion, a testament to the one they loved and had to leave. The leaves in turn gave of themselves so that they would turn into the very lifeblood that gave their trees verve.

All around the signs of fall could not be missed. Flowers that came only to life when the air chilled had come into bloom. Burnt orange, rusty red, and muted purples peaked out from under bush and leaf fall. Colors melded in some forest wide grand mural that only the squirrels and chipmunks could properly maintain. Fruits came to ripe upon branch and vine. Nuts fell upon the think carpet provided by their brethren the leaves. Everywhere throughout the forest, color and life clashed in one final collage in the time before winter.

This evening the golden rays of sunset splashed across the tops of the trees. Only shafts of light made it through the not yet fallen brotherhood of the leaves. The yellow-gold light touched flowers and emboldened leaves and helped them burst into new grander magnificent colors yet unknown and unnamed. The cool breeze helped the branches of the trees dance. Leaves took their final flight in golden radiance. Drowsy trees smiled as they noted their departure. Sunlight dappled all in fleeting motion as it snuck through the new openings. The symphony of color, light, movement, sound and scent had almost been overwhelming.

All to soon the light faded over hill and the shadows lengthened. The day creatures of the wood made their last dashes about in hurried efforts. Night watchers came awake and aware. The call of the owl could be heard through the gentle soft rustle of leaves. Wing beats could be heard if you listened close enough. As the light raced onward to illuminate its other stages, color became faded, muted. The once festive riot of painted leaves and flowers faded to shades of gray. The chill deepened and the scents grew heavier.

Seeing all and yet disturbing nothing, one of the wood stood unnoticed behind a huge double trunk red oak. All around her is serenity in the twilight. The trees continue forth with their yearly ritual. Deer gently pass in the dusk, browsing on the feast of acorns provided by their benefactors. A screech owl lets out a paralyzing call and a field mouse stops and listens in fear and awe. The forest moves forward as it always has, as it always shall.

Early evening thermals had brought the scent that he knew would come. The stench was overpowering and repulsive when it assaulted her. The contrast in aroma brought shallow tears to her eye. But it passed with a shift in wind. Through the wood the intruders came. In one fluid motion, born of a lifetime of watching the swaying branches of the willow, as silent as the movement of the flower in the breeze, the Brigand Queen raised her Sword. The only sound made was the blistering of the sharpened sword being drawn over the polished metal of her sword she made earlier the day. It was only then that she was reminded of her nearby brethren, faint almost undetectable sounds of hundreds of her kind following her lead. The sound of swords being drawn over the elegant wood, heard by only those most attuned, became the symphony of a war far greater than there has ever been before.
CapinLucy To rule the world.
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Brigandqueen: The Widow Queen
Ocean: Hunter
Pirate name/account: Shanghaislim
Less then 300.

The Cruel Web

The Silken Sirens, terrifying enchantresses of the great ocean. From all walks of life come her crew, the damsels, the wives, the daughters of governors. Singing of lost love and the malice for all mankind, these are the crew of The Widow Queen.

The Widow Queen began her life in piracy much the same as her crew, filled with jealousy and spite. While her (former) husband sailed the ocean, she remained at home, bored and listless, jealous that her husband should enjoy his time away, sailing the great expanse of distant archipelagos. Upon his last return, he found his wife waiting.
Arms stretched for an overdue embrace and a fine goblet of the best quality rum. The subtle metallic taste of arsenic was a cruel reminder of how long he had been absent.
Her first victim would set the course.

Gathering around her the wives of both noble sailors and wretched pirates, she has amassed a crew, beautiful and deadly, impatient to exact their revenge against those sailing freely. Every island is a potential target, anywhere their former husbands and lovers may have once found enjoyment. The sea-goddess and her devotees show no remorse. Their only remaining love is for battle and the blaze of cannons.

A single red hourglass serves as a reminder for how little time is left, The Widow Queen is coming.
Beauty can sink fleets, and indeed it may.
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

kmf, Midnight Ocean
The Widow Queen
Word count: 657

"I hear tell that she has pillaged so much gold that if it was all placed in the hold of a frigate, the vessel would sink like a rock!"

The group of men gathered around the old salt who was speaking all nodded their heads in agreement before sipping on their ales. It was a warm summer evening and the knot of men were taking their ease outside an inn, relaxing after a day of hard work. They were not quite in their cups, but good ale had loosened their tongues to speak of tall tales and legendary brigands.

A figure enveloped in a cloak paused to listen to the sailors' banter.

"Beautiful, she is," said another, "Tis said that if you catch a glimpse of her you'll lose both yer heart and yer will to fight."

Again heads nodded before another spoke.

"Her crew is supposed to be one of just lasses; can that be true?"

The one who asked the question was a young lad, clutching a half pint of ale. An older man ruffled the boy's hair affectionately.

"Aye, son, 'tis true," he confirmed. "Tis told that each lass is almost, but not quite, as beautiful as their Queen. Each and every one of them has been abandoned by a lover and so they turned to the sea for their revenge."

An old sailor missing both an eye and a hand rubbed his white bearded chin with his hook.

"A woman scorned is a dangerous creature and one to be a'feared of," he said sagely, "Fighting a whole crew of 'em would be enough to turn even the bravest of men's blood to water!"

"And what of her?" the boy asked eagerly, "Is she really a widowed Queen?"

"Who knows, lad, who knows!" the old man replied, "But I wouldn't be adverse to marrying her! A little bit of solace would be a fair trade for all her riches!" He winked lewdly.

Laughter erupted around the table as bawdy comments followed. The cloaked figure shook her head in disgust and moved on walking briskly along the still busy streets.
Turning off the main road, she hurried up a cobbled alleyway before heading down another street where she met up with a dozen or so more figures all swathed in cloaks.

Pulling down her hood, she nodded to the others while she smoothed back her red hair.

"Ladies," she acknowledged with a small smile and turned to open the door of the establishment they stood outside of.

Inside, the proprietor grinned broadly to see them and all but rubbed her hands together in delight.

"M'dears! How wonderful to see you all again!" she gushed, "The usual?"

"Aye," the Widow Queen nodded, removing her cloak and passing it to the servant lass who wove her way through the crew collecting their travelling garments.

"Facials! Manicures! Hair treatments!" the proprietor bellowed, ordering her staff like a captain on a ship and expecting them to move quickly to their stations.

The Widow Queen took a hefty bag of gold from her waist and tossed it to the proprietor, before heading off for her own well deserved treatment. She smiled as she went mulling over the words of the drunken men as she went. Enough gold to sink a frigate, eh? Hardly! It cost a small fortune to keep her and her crew looking lovely; the salty sea air was harsh to skin and hair. In fact, her coffers were so low at the moment that she would have to do an extra pillage to get enough gold to pay for the next shipment of rum.

If those men were after a wealthy widow to woo, they would be out of luck chasing her. Her beautician would be a much safer bet! But, she thought as she sniffed in the wonderful scents of the aromatherapy treatments they would be indulging in today, she wouldn't have it any other way.
Looterati, Midnight Ocean
Painting Midnight purple, one ship at a time...
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Viridian Ocean
Azarbad the Great
Word count 995
computed by the online one Apollo linked

Many decades ago, in a coastal village on the Aribethian peninsula, a young boy watched the
ships sailing by, some occasionally porting, most heading north and east laden with treasure. He
could never understand why his village had to be so poor when so many riches passed by daily. Fine
linen, rich foods, precious gems and metals. His village of huts with a shared well was all he had
ever known. A diet of fish, goats milk and figs was his daily meals. By the time his father
disappeared when he was twelve, Arbad knew he was going to be changing that.
Sneaking aboard one of the ships that stopped at his village was easy. It wasn't carrying any
rich cargo, merely some cannon-balls and a few casks of cheap liquor. It was late the next evening,
when a strange sailor reported for the evening bell that the captain had any clue that he was
sailing with one extra. "Are you willing to pull those ropes until your hands bleed, whelp?" the
captain demanded. "Anything to eat something other than figs everyday." he replied. "Good, we can
always use one more to help us board the ships." That was the first time Arbad knew what kind of men
he had cast his lot with.
Over the next weeks and months, young Arbad grew in stature, both physically and in his new family.
He learned how to pull the sail to catch all of the wind. He learned the best way to
work the bilge was to move the pump handle in steady, even motions, with a pause in between so all
the water exited the hoses. He learned not to waste the wood set aside for carpentry, but instead to
pick through the piles and find the best fit. He learned the stars would always guide him if he was
patient enough to use them. He learned that a dirty cannon would never hit it's mark. He learned to
wait for his moment to thrust his scimitar home.. And finally he learned
to guide the boat through the currents and reefs, and to park on the stern of his victim to deal the
fatal blow before boarding their ship and making off with the riches contained therein.
Many years and many raids later, Arbad commanded a crew and a fleet of his own. He was master of all
the seas near the Aribethian. Only one dared to defy him at sea. That was Mecholach the Red, master of
The Eternal Flame ruby, said to have been passed to him Sinbad himself upon the occasion of Mecholach's
defeat of him in a legendary single combat sea battle. The only course of action Arbad could see as a
way to gain total domination was to challenge Mecholach to the same kind of battle Mecholach had used to
defeat the legendary Sinbad. Mecholach warily accepted the challenge, but only on one stipulation. The
winner would control not only the Eternal Flame ruby, but also the combined fleets of both men. With
these combined fleets they would sail west to find and conquer the legendary Green Oceans.
The day of the battle dawned blood red. Both men hand picked three of their
finest to work the various tasks of the boat as the gunned and navigated for themselves. After a shared
breakfast, the eight men walked to the docks together to board the sloops they would use to settle their
differences. Both ships eased a short distance off shore and sailed a short distance apart. Then, as a
cannon fired on shore, turned their boats to face each other.
The opening salvos fired from each boat as the sailors of the combined fleets cheered and scuffled
on shore. Each of the great Captains scored a hit, but took a hit in the opening few manuevers. On the
battle raged, with neither man willing to give an inch to the other. As the manuevers started to
dwindle, it became apparent that Arbad had the upper hand. Easing in on the stern of Mecholach's fine
sloop, Arbad sank the final cannon shots home, threw the grapple and boomed out to his men "Almost
done, let's keep working as a team!"
Much like the sea battle, each man scored a hit, but took one in the early going. And much like the
sea battle, it became apparent that the skills or Arbad would carry the day. As men dropped off on both
sides Arbad came closer to the victory he felt was ordained for him. When only Mecholach remained, Arbad
sent his two remaining men back to his sloop. "Only the two of us should be here for this." Arbad turned
to face an injured Mecholach, but still a proud and dangerous man none-the-less. As the parries and thrusts
raged back and forth, dawning and remembrance came over Mecholach's face. The words he heard so long ago.
"You but hold this for my son, who will claim it as his own some day" Knowing his fate was sealed, Mecholach
dropped his sword and walked to the edge. He then spoke to Arbad. "Your father did not die when you thought
he did." "He wanted you to earn all your knowledge, much like he did, so he never told you he was a
stowaway, just as you were" "And he also wanted you to earn this, which you have." With that, Mecholach
removed his turban with the Eternal Flame on it, and turned to Arbad. "You shall now be known as Az-Arbad
the Great" he boomed, "and I go to your father Sinbad to watch your progress." With that, he stepped over the
side to join Sinbad in the afterlife.
Az-Arbad slowly crossed back to sloop and ordered it to port. As the combined fleets now stopped their
scuffling, Az-Arbad gave his first orders to them. "Make merry tonight and rejoice. For now we are one."
"Tomorrow, we sail west."
Tomasco on the Meridian.
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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Before I get to the story myself, I'd like to give a nod of appreciation to one Hempline. Quite a long time ago, I stumbled across this post of his. Had I never seen it, the end product that I am about to recount would not have been quite the same. I applaud his enthusiasm, as without it, our community would be less imaginative and artistic.

Pirate name: Feegle
Ocean: Midnight
Brigand King: Vargas the Mad
Word count: 971, according to Microsoft Word.


The young sailor's voice wavered as it echoed eerily down the crumbling passageway. The darkness within the mouth of the ruins, tangible in its depth, spilled forth and battled the midday sun.

"Professor?" Samson tried again, but while his voice rang, it seemed somehow dampened - it twisted and turned while it struggled down the tunnel. The youth gulped. The rest of his crew waited half a league offshore; nothing - not even this mysterious professor's seemingly-bottomless purse - could convince them to set foot on the shores of Uxmal. Samson was only here because he'd drawn the short straw.


The voice that responded from within the tunnel was high-pitched and confident - undeniably that of the genteel Professor his crew had taken aboard on Beta. Samson sighed in relief.

"Professor, you've been down there more than an hour," Samson called back, enunciating clearly. He wanted to make sure that his voice carried; he'd no desire to delve into the darkness himself. "Have you found what you're looking for?"

"Not yet," came the Professor's voice. "Join me, won't you?"

Samson swallowed hard, his parched throat scraping against itself as he did. He picked up the lantern at his feet, lighting it from the nearby campfire. Holding the lantern in front of him like a protective talisman, the young sailor stepped into the void.

The oppressive darkness smothered Samson from all sides. He walked for several minutes, seeing nothing but the worn and ancient stones directly before - the lantern was simply failed to penetrate more than a few feet of the inky blackness. The sailor shuddered involuntarily.

Gradually, he made out a dull glow in the distance. As Samson approached, he spotted a second lantern, and in its muted light stood the Professor, all his attention focused on one of the walls.

The Professor's thin white hair sat atop a wrinkled face, and a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles perched in front of a pair of piercing black eyes. He was simply but immaculately dressed in a red and blue waistcoat and breeches; his jacket lay forgotten on the ground beside him, alongside a satchel full of parchment rolls.

"Ah, there you are, Samson," he said. "Tell me, does it seem odd that there are no spiders about?"

"S- sorry?" Samson quavered.

"Spiders, my boy. There are no spiders about. Every other ruin I've examined is simply festooned with the critters. Here, nothing - not even empty webs."

"Um..." Samson began.

"Never mind, never mind," said the Professor. "Take a look at this. What do you make of it?"

"This" proved to be a massive wall carved from a single piece of stone and etched with countless hieroglyphs. The top of the wall extended beyond the lanterns' muffled light, but side-to-side, it stretched at least fifteen feet.

"Um..." Samson repeated.

"It's engravings from the Uxmal Elders," the Professor whispered with reverence. "I just can't translate them all."

"T- translate?" Samson swallowed, finally finding his voice.

"The Elders were on Midnight long before any human sailors found this place," explained the Professor. "In many places, their ruins can be found, always with the same type of hieroglyphs. I've been translating them using stones from Eta and Luthien - but there are many symbols here that I don't understand..." His voice trailed off into the rapturous look common to the faces of those learned men who immerse themselves in their passions. Samson stood silently, waiting and shivering.

"Look here." The professor indicated a group of characters. "Power.... and this one here, knowledge." He continued, pointing at different areas of the wall. To Samson's eyes, the alien glyphs writhed and squirmed, as if trying to escape his gaze. "This one for leadership. Here, a portal. But these, down here - I've no idea what they mean."

Samson reached out, strangely drawn to the stone. He tentatively touched his index finger to a large spiral - one of the symbols the professor couldn't translate.

A deep rumbling emanated from the wall. The professor jumped back. "What have you done?" he shouted.

Samson's mouth moved wordlessly as chunks of stone crumbled off of the surrounding walls. Why had he touched the stone? The place was collapsing; they'd be buried under tons of rock!

A moment later the quaking stopped, and the Professor looked around, unsure if it was truly over. Samson could only hold his quaking hands to his face, tears of fear squeezing through his fingers.

A small doorway had appeared behind them. "An opening!" the Professor exclaimed, picking up his lantern and stepping eagerly through.

Samson stood frozen, rooted to the spot for several minutes. He heard the Professor's laugh of delight. "The book!" came the cry; Samson heard the heavy thud of a massive leather-bound cover being opened. Moments later, an eldritch green light came spilling out of the doorway. The oppressive darkness in the hallway dissipated, and an eerie glow lit the whole ruin.

Suddenly, a gargantuan figure stepped through the door. He was seven feet tall and naked to the waist with a muscled body that might have been chiseled from obsidian. His stringy black hair framed a face twisted in an insane rictus grin.

"Samson," he boomed, in a voice that was strikingly familiar, if no longer quite so Professorial, "get the book."

"Professor?" Samson essayed. "Professor Vargas?"

"We're heading back to the ship," said the creature.

As the monstrosity headed up the glowing tunnel toward the surface, Samson stepped gingerly through the doorway. The massive leather tome lay upon a dais, open to the last page. On it were inscribed several of the squirming glyphs. He felt his mind unhinge, and though he couldn't read them, he somehow knew their meaning:


"Come, Samson," called Vargas from down the hall. "We have an empire to build."
- Feegs

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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

Name: Tasukete
Ocean: Sage
Brigand King/Queen: Vargas the Mad
Word Count: 279 (short and sweet)

"But darling, I love you..."

Vargas had awoken from his sleep, remembering that faithful day. He remembered what beautiful hair she had. How beautiful she herself was. Remembering this triggered a scar in his heart. He began to cry. Then started laughing. That faithful day made him mad...

~~~~~ Ten Years Ago ~~~~~

"Anna, Where have you been?! It's almost time for our wedding!" Vargas exclaimed.

Her eyes watered, it pained her to say it... but she had to.

"Vargas..." she stuttered, " I... I can't marry you"

"Honey, this is no time for jokes, we're about to get married!" Vargas said half-heartedly.

"You don't understand!!!" Anna cried, "I... well... a pirate had captured my father... The only way I can ensure his safety is that I give him the only valuable thing I possess, my human form..."

"I can help though!" Vargas blurted out without thinking.

"What can you do?! You're just a sailor! He has a fleet of barbaric pirates at his control!" Saying such words made her realize there was no hope. This made her cry even harder.

"But.." Vargas was interrupted before he could finish.

"I'm sorry Vargas. I must leave now. He's waiting for me at the docks."

She left without turning back, but he could see the tears in her eyes.

As she left, the only thing he could manage to whisper was...

"But darling, I love you..."

Over the years he turned mad. He made a deal with the devil. The devil would give him a fleet, but in return he would have to roam the seven seas for eternity. He would roam the seas destroying all pirates in his way... Hoping to find the one who took his beloved away from him... His darling... Anna.

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Re: Write A Brigand King! ENTRY THREAD

-- Pirate name- Chibi
-- Ocean- Sage
-- Brigand King (or Queen) that you are featuring- Barnabas the Pale
-- Word count- 471

Barnabas the Pale

An orange glow slowly faded on the horizon. A wedding vessel sailed steadily toward the dimming light. Aboard the vessel were Barnabas and Rosalie, newly weds.

“Barnabas, I always wanted to get married on a vessel and sail the seas forever with you.”

He took her hand and placed into it a silver locket, which he wore on himself a matching one. Both lockets glistened as the last rays of the sun disappeared.

“It contains the tears of the sea goddess, and my undying love for you.”

As he whispered this in her ear rain clouds began to form. They were unknowingly sailing toward the abyss. Fog rolled in concealing everything. They hugged each other closer as the fog and darkness completely covered everything. Eerie glowing sails were visible through the thick fog. Wailing could be heard from the fog, cries from the thousands of people lost at sea. Barnabas dashed below deck and brought out the cannons. He heard a shriek from above deck then a sound like swords unsheathing.


He ran desperately on deck only to see his one true love being slaughtered. Her locket broke and hit the deck with a loud clang at the same time Barnabas heart broke. In a rage of fury and sadness he charged through and killed every last person mercilessly. The ones still on the other ship cannoned them till they were sinking into the dark abyss. Barnabas ran over to her side. He stroked her face feeling the last bit of warmth on her cheek. Soon they were under water. He closed his eyes for he didn’t want to live if she didn’t. Then he spotted her locket. Barnabas grabbed it and yanked off his own. He put them together. Light glowed for a short moment. The lockets turned into a single sword. Scrawled in blood that strangely did not wash away in the water was: Do you give up mortality and accept immortality to avenge your true love? For it was pirates who killed your love. Will you do my bidding and get rid of all the pirates in the world?

“I will…”

Barnabas stabbed his heart. Then a thunderous cackle followed. He started to feel unnaturally cold. His flesh turned ghostly pale. Then that he realized he would be immortal and would never get to die and be with his love.

“The abyss will be our special place whoever tries to cross it I will kill them without warning!”

With that he raised a ship from the depths and all the bones from the dead to be his crew. The only sword he ever fights with is the sword that took away his life. Barnabas forever sailed around the abyss searching for his love hoping to bring her back and killing anyone in his way.
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