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Joined: May 27, 2005
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Pirate Apprecaition Day #3

Hiya mates!

This month, I am running a bit late in posting. Been planning my first vacation in a few years, but as the days wind down and all the crap ya gotta do before you go on vacation is done, I found some free time to post this idea.

I would like to Appreciate for the Month of Feburary two folks, Prosperity and Hizzo.

The event/contest for this month is to decorate a room in any house (home) in a Valentine's theme. Dark and goth, light and airy, you decide!

Prizes will be picked by the winners with the top winner getting first choice at one of the prizes.


50k cash PoEs
A sloop
A sleeping piglet
Hair color tonic or hair changing tonic, I forget which TBH cause it is wrapped up on a ship so the skellies/zombies cant take it.


If you can get an OM in the room, no photoshop stuffs, you will get a special furniture Bonus if yours is one of the winning rooms, If you are not one of the winning rooms and are the only one with an OM in your room who enters, Then you will receive the prize!
15k bonus if you manage to make it funny! (in a clean way, no naughtyhotchat)


3 entries per pirate!
The entries must include the name/theme of the room, the name of the pirate and must be located on the Cobalt ocean.
You will post the pic in this thread, if you are one of the possible winners, I will ask to view they room by the 14th of Feb!
Only two pets allowed.

Can't wait to see the entries!

Dcyborg on Cerulean, Jade, Opal.. etc etc
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Joined: May 10, 2006
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Re: Pirate Apprecaition Day #3

This is over? If not i have a couple entries...
Ilya on most of the oceans,
Russian on Midnight.

Hypnos tells ye, "i burn u"

Avatars by Silverransom, Domokun, Shortyjack and Tilinka!
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