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Pirate auction being hosted by Legally Drunk

Ever thought about buying a pirate, to help ye move from yer cottage to yer estate, or to try and blockade a small isle that most have forgotten about? well now's yer chance!

Legally drunk will be hosting a "Pirate auction", selling off pirates to do your hard work! be it bilgin' to swordfighting yer sworn nemesis.

Time: Saturday, December 6th, when broadsider's blockade is done
Place: Lawgirl's Estate on Epsilon isle, you can either get there through the announcement on the notice board, or send lawgirl or badducky a tell

Rules: if you bid on a pirate and win, you may NOT have that pirate break TOS (terms of service) for you, nor may you break TOS (terms of service) yourself in association with that pirate.

you may not talk dirty or have that pirate talk dirty to you against the other pirate's wishes(this rule in place for the safety of all parties involved) unless both pirates agree upon dirty talk.

if you bid on a pirate and win, you have 1 week to contact that pirate (or that pirate may contact you) to set up a time for that pirate to do your bidding.

Pirates who are being auctioned off do not have to be present, however pirates who are doing the bidding must be present.

the pirate who bids on another, and wins, can have that pirate for up to 2 hours (1k to 10k gets 1 hour with the pirate, 10k and up gets 2 hours)

Proceeds will be going to legally drunk, for purchacing ships, ship stock towards seamonster hunts/flotillas/blockade's, ocean wide parties, and other large ocean wide events

All winning bids must be paid the day of the auction, PoE will be placed into the hold of the ship, for vessel logs to keep track

Pirates who have signed up to be sold are:

Zingaer, sold to Ladyweed 1.5k
Madmaddiemae, sold to Johnathan 5.5k
Sigilwen, sold to Dixxee 3k
Spearhalk, sold to Alvida 7k
Midnightkid, sold to Camalama 3k
Tzz, sold to Dixxee 8k
Swtbrwneyes, sold to johnathan 6k
Trmntr, sold to Lawgirl 6k
Christianne, sold to camalama 11k
Werddog, sold to dixxee 6k
Kaeoss, sold to Isabeaux 15.5k
Thankeesai, sold to LadyWeed 6.5k
Badducky, sold to Sacha 13k
Foobar, sold to Dixxee 5.5k
Redrums, sold to Sacha 15.5k
Jels, sold to Johnathan 5k
Smilingnan, sold to belannaroxan 16k
Scarletohara, sold to camalama 6k
Seroled, sold to kaeoss 10k
Camelama, sold to sandwitch 12k
Piroxy, sold to Piratemagic 10k
Bigmacattack, sold to Firelizard 15k
Pitta, sold to Badducky 3k
Belannaraxan, sold to Starzan 20k
Piratemagic, sold to Sandwitch 30k
Affiliated, sold to Lawgirl 3k
Deathdog, sold to flamestart 12k
Breenyc, sold to Lawgirl 10k
Ellianna, sold to Dixxee 3k
Naughtyducky, sold to Lawgirl 3k
Tawnee, sold to Belannaroxan 6k
Allitara, sold to Lawgirl 3k
Elleshanndri, sold to Firelizard 5k
Daisydahling, sold to Belannaroxan 8k
Jamespheonix, sold to Lawgirl 5k
Nuemenor, sold to Kaeoss 6k
Vampcat, sold to Lawgirl 2k
Dprten, sold to Lawgirl 2k
Sacha, sold to Badducky 10k
Rhyanne, sold to Lawgirl 6k
Aauradana, sold to Lawgirl 4k
Dixxee, sold to Lawgirl 3k
Ladyweed, sold to Fearlessfox 6k
Johnathan, sold to Lawgirl 5k
Benvious, sold to Lawgirl 7k
Delly, sold to Poess 21k
Mysticbaby, sold to Jayboy 6k
Fearlessfox, sold to Lawgirl 15k
Napalm, sold to sacha 45k
Lawgirl, sold to Belannaroxan 130k

if you wish to be sold in the auction (which will be tons of fun!) contact Badducky in game, or reply here stating you wish to also be sold in the auction.

edit: a whole bunch to add names, the edit number I'm sure will keep growing, so please don't mind it
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