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Posted by Weaver at Jul 21, 2003 7:27:18 AM
Rank Identification in Chat
One thing that would be really nice is that in the vessel/crew chat that the rank icons could be displayed beside peoples messages.

I know it's probably up to the captain to maintain disipline, but I find that often if I'm jobbing on the big ships it can be hard to know who I should be listening to, and who I should be ignoring when everyones ordering everyone else about.

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Posted by stevoid at Jul 21, 2003 9:44:20 AM
Re: Rank Identification in Chat
A nice idea - people can get overkeen in battle & there's often a lot of good and bad advice, and cheering-on of crewmates; makes it confusing. Maybe in vessel chat it could be prefixed for Captain and Officer of the relevant crew - e.g. Captain Cleaver says "Arr! Kill Hairy Mary next".

Posted by Jaffee at Jul 21, 2003 1:18:45 PM
Re: Rank Identification in Chat
Aye. There was a former cabin boy in my crew (now pirate, which I was much against) that really loved to shout out orders on my voyages. Despite me being the only ranking officer on the ship. It was very irritating, particularily since he loves screaming out horrible orders. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that this guy has cost us many a sea battle.

A feature like that would be handy to help against pirates like that. If at the very least, to let the crew know who's got authority.

Posted by Nemo at Jul 21, 2003 1:24:59 PM
Re: Rank Identification in Chat
There is a handy feature for preventing disruptive pirates from booching your plans:

The Plank.

The rank identification may be nice. It has problems like taking up more space and potentially not being noticed anyway, but it seems not too difficult.

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Posted by Penndalla at Jul 21, 2003 1:40:55 PM
Re: Rank Identification in Chat
Arr, jest put the cap'n and officer hats before the messages. Much easier to spot, me thinks. I thank that be the jist of the first post...

Or make the text of officers a flashy neon. =P

I still thank ye need to put an alert in that makes folks jump out of they seats when the cap'n wants to get they attention. Arr, let me force particular dots into chat window so they notice me rant, maybe. Or have the cap'n avatar run neked across the bottom of the sword puzzle...

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Posted by Gotagota at Jul 21, 2003 3:49:35 PM
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For vanity purposes only I'd like to have all Fronsac's normal speaking text be in seventeen point helvetica font, bright blue on an orange background that's spiky like the shout bubble. Also there should be an airhorn sound whenever he speaks. And his clothes should flash in different colors. And he should have an aura of purple. And shoot laser beams from his eyeballs that make annoying people lose at swordfights! And some sort of mystical drunkenness power that makes other pirates see double!*

Yeah, that's the ticket. That'd be pretty cool indeed.

Actually, I agree with Penn. Just the little hat icon would be plenty. Would Fronsac come up as jobber or captain when he's jobbing, I wonder...?

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