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Posted by muffy at Jul 15, 2003 7:29:22 AM
Market pay
I see no reason for the vast majority of players to ever take market jobs on uncolonized islands. Since their pay is essentially stuck on the island until/unless they can persuade an officer of a crew to take them to the island and back home again, during which time they have a good chance of losing that pay to pillage anyway, why would they ever choose to do it?
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Posted by stevoid at Jul 15, 2003 9:10:09 AM
Re: Market pay
Unless you trade of course - I'm quite happy to trade someone money on a market island and bury it, then give it back to them on Alpha, Turtle or Guava....saves me carrying extra money around, or being short when there's a fantastic find ;-)

But I think that the vast majority of players would prefer their wages to go into their home bank account instead; I have found people saying they've been waiting for ages for a player ship to go to Winter Solstice or Papaya so that they could get their pillaging gains home! If anyone's stuck like that, send any of my alts a /tell and I'll sort it for you as quick as I can.

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