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Posted by garf at Jul 14, 2003 11:41:58 PM
sharing booty
when being on the ringers grand frigate, it occured to me that sharing booty will be rather difficult on these large ships.

considering that if you take such a large ship out, it will likely be a long trip with players coming and leaving all the time. which captain will be able to track who worked his butt off for the whole three hours and who came on, chatted a bit for a league and left again? in very large crews where the officers dont know every pirate, maybe even not a significiant part of them, this could even be exploited deliberately.

so i suggest a tracking mechanism, possibly based on leagues and/or battles. the dividing officer could then be presented with the duration, maybe even activity (active leagues, idle leagues, battles?) in the booty division screen to make a fairer sharing possible.

maybe even the standard proposition for the share should/could take this into account.

obviously, this wont be much of an issue now (even though i have already seen people get full shares that came aboard two minutes before dividing), but it surely will become later on.
- Randal

[size=9]also Garf, Silvain and a few others

Posted by Nemo at Jul 15, 2003 1:16:06 AM
Re: sharing booty
Ship logs have been on The List forever and should include most of this information.
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