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Posted by Anonymous at May 13, 2003 10:07:13 AM
Slow Screen Load Time
Ahoy! Realizin' that this may well be the fault o' my video card, I'm askin' whether any others experience a bit o' lagggggggg time when moving from screen to screen in a town? The most frus-ter-atin' part of this is when I be below decks pumping bilge (me favorite puzzle!) and the ship pulls into port. By the time I get back on deck, the ship has sailed again. Ah well, perhaps I'll just become the cham-peen bilge pumper!

Fairs winds to ye,


(OOC: I've got a P4 with a fast CPU but I think it's time for an even more powerful video card! One'a them Nvidia GeForce with ultra power pack!)

Posted by Guybrusha at May 14, 2003 3:34:13 AM
Yes, I've been experiencing this lag too.
Also, sometimes when I move from one screen to another (like from a boat to the dock) I only see a blue screen in the main window and the panel on the right. If I click on the island display in the panel I get an enlarged map of the island in my main window, but after clicking again I get the blue screen again. *sigh*
The only solution I found to this problem was to log off and then back on again.. the only problem with this is that if I'm not on Alpha I'll log back on in Alpha and will have to wait for a ship again.
So, anyone has any idea how to solve this problem?

Posted by Nemo at May 14, 2003 4:38:21 AM
There are two different situations that look exactly the same:

When first opening a large scene (namely, Alpha Island) the game temporarily puts a blue background up over your scene view. This will drop once all the data is loaded and you'll be able to play. Slower machines may take a bit of a while to load everything. The blue screen is a temporary measure and will be replaced with something like the map of the island with its name and information.

The other situation is the blue screen that never goes away. For the impatient, it is hard to tell these two situations apart. The never-ending blue is a known bug that is being worked on. If you get it, you'll have to log off (and perhaps restart your machine) and come back.

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Posted by Stormdancer at May 14, 2003 10:08:09 PM
Re: Slow Screen Load Time
Question for ye designer folke - what video card do you recommend?

Champeen Bilge Pumper

Posted by stevoid at May 14, 2003 11:23:08 PM
Turtle bluescreens most
I've found that Turtle for some reason is particularly bad at blue-screening and nearly every time I go there I have to shut down and restart my client...ended up yesterday having to hire a cheap npp to sit on the ship so that we could get back there again when 2 of us did it in a row!

Don't know what it is about Turtle that makes it so bad though...doesn't matter how many players are on it, it can be totally deserted apart from me, and although it happened a couple of times when I was in the bank, it can just as easily happen when I'm walking around outside; yesterday I walked right off my own screen and then blued out. Not had a problem anywhere else that caused me to shut down & restart yet.

Posted by bakamedic at May 15, 2003 12:19:09 AM
i recommend:
a nividia geforce4 ti 4800-SB-8x with 128megs of onboard ram!

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