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Posted by Fuma at Oct 21, 2003 10:16:47 PM
I was just wondering about a few questions that I felt I didn't find answers for:

1. When is this gonna be a "paying game"?

2. Can one still play if one doesn't pay?

3. If yes to #2, are there limitations?

I ask this because I am a poor bum (oh alright high school student) with no job. This has been a form of entertainment for me for a little while, so I hope I vcan still play....I guess I should just go talk with my girlfriend....or do some homework.....

Posted by Dorel at Oct 21, 2003 10:37:34 PM
Re: Curious
Look in the announcements forum for the answer to the last two questions. As for the first one, the devs aren't telling, but it'll be very very soon.
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Posted by keyla at Oct 22, 2003 1:17:23 AM
Re: Curious
this doesnt really belong in this forum, and the answers can be easily found...

BUT in the interests of possibly stopping yet another confused soul making a post, i'll tell you what i know! :)

1. When is this gonna be a "paying game"?
it seems likely that midnight will start in the week of the 27th... but you wont actually be charged until we hit full release (which will likely be at the end of november or there abouts). its best to pay sooner so you dont miss out on any beta specials.

2. Can one still play if one doesn't pay?
one can play for a trial period; not forever.

3. If yes to #2, are there limitations?
the limitations i have heard are..
- you cannot wear fancy clothes
- you cannot hold a rank higher than cabin person
there would probably be a few more things, though. limitations like owning shops and such would be prudent.
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