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Posted by SimpleD at Oct 17, 2003 10:12:54 AM
New midnight flag Nyx's Scions
In the ocean of Midnight a new flag called Nyx's Scions will be made. This flag will be created by the Black Death and ARR crew's. Unlike other flags Nyx's Scions will be kept a selective group. Decision making will be shared by all members of the royalty and not controlled by one or two selective members or crews. This is because the aim of our flag is to build and keep strong relationships with the flag's other crews, with cross jobbing to build crew relations, and teamwork being the most important.

Advancement in the Flag will not be bought with poe, and will instead be based on ability and general commitment to the flag and its crews. Currently we are looking for Captains interested in joining our flag, and they should either get in touch with Rifkind or Complicated in game. Crew size is not a determining factor, we will ofcourse be taking larger crews, but we are also interested in helping newer crews with good potential.

Look forward to seeing you on Midnight!


Posted by muffy at Oct 17, 2003 10:18:00 AM
Re: New midnight flag Nyx's Scions
Can't add too much what Complicated said right now. As time goes on, we'll post about crews who have joined us. Each crew will be represented in the royalty exactly once, so all crews have an equal voice in flag decisions. I'm looking forward to the new challenge of Midnight!
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Posted by t0tal at Oct 20, 2003 1:15:28 AM
Re: New midnight flag Nyx's Scions
i stand corrected..pretty dope name

Posted by Aur at Oct 20, 2003 1:19:12 AM
Re: New midnight flag Nyx's Scions
I LOVE the name. Do some research and it gets even better.

I have to say I am very excited about this whole endeavor.
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Posted by muffy at Oct 20, 2003 4:46:01 AM
New forums up!
We have a flag forum up now; it's still somewhat under development, but if ye're interested in the flag, check it out.
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