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Posted by Sparkk at Mar 16, 2003 12:29:38 PM
Gambling Pool
I am Going to start up a gambling pool, Im planning it for every Sunday around noon pst (seems like many can make it at that time)

The point is we will hold 3 fights

We will take entrants for fights atleast 3 days in advance
YOu must include your rating in sword fighting so we can match up similar skills, we will also ask around to find a good match for yer

Each fight will have different contenders
1st fight will be a low stakes 100 poe entry
2nd fight is Mid Stakes 200 poe entry
3rd is high stakes 500poe entry

Yer will bet either Lubber A or Swabby B

All who bet on yer winning pirate will have the "pool" divided among them!

So say 10 of yer lubber give up 500 poe for the high stakes

8 of yer go for A, 2 fer B
-B wins those two each get 2500
-A wins those eight each get 625

Yar a bit might be shaved of the top fer... *cough* operational purposes
Yar anybody interested in helping this get going yar can talk to me (Tyar) in game! yar leave me a message

Posted by Rengor at Mar 16, 2003 2:11:45 PM
Re: Gambling Pool
Good idea matey.

Im not much of a gambling fella, so forgive me my puny questions.

You need exactly 6 fighters to split them into the 3 different fights based on ranking right?

Only problem with that is that ranking isn't necessarily representative of players skill. Take Yarmalady for instance, undoubtedly one of the best swordfighters but she doesn't have a great ranking these days.
So if you put up Yarmalady vs JoeNewbie I know where all the bets will be going ;)

Solution? hmm well no good solutions, but if you list your fighters here Im sure some of us are able to split them into those 3 groups fairly correctly.

I'll be happy to enlist myself, my current ranking is Respected.

Good luck with it!
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Posted by muffy at Mar 19, 2003 3:31:36 AM
gambling, bookies, and handicapping
An excellent idea, this gambling. I was just wishing for something new!

If I understand the way most betting works, it isn't just a "win or lose" proposition - you balance the bets vs. the payoff by the expected result. Thus, I might get 10-to-1 on an experienced player against a newbie, so that if I bet on the newbie, I don't risk as much, but I win more if I'm right. Whereas in an even fight, it's 1-to-1.

If we can appropriately handicap each fight, it doesn't matter as much about ratings. Anyone want to set up as a bookie? Also, if it's done tourney-style, with elimination, you can bet on which level a particular fighter will reach, so we have, essentially, win, place, and show.

I'd be interested in competing in other betting events: races, sea battles, etc., just like in the tourney. Also skelly fights. You could, for example, bet on how many rounds a given team will have to go with the skellies before they win.
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Posted by Nemo at Mar 19, 2003 3:49:22 AM
Also skelly fights. You could, for example, bet on how many rounds a given team will have to go with the skellies before they win.

Or, you could just fight the skellies yourself and take all the goodies.

The other, multi-tiered, W/P/S betting you were talking about requires large numbers of betters to work properly. With the scale of wagering you're looking at, it'd be much better to just bet W/L with a unilateral wager.
The handicapping is just a complicated guess at what the eventual number of bets would be (or already are) on each possible outcome. If everyone is made to bet the same amount, the handicapping becomes much easier (especially with the small pool).


5 people bet the same amount on the same fight
The fight looks to be a bit one-sided (an experienced handicapper might even call it 4 to 1, A wins), so 4 of 5 bet on player A
The remaining guy crosses his fingers and bets on the underdog B
The handicap is now 4 to 1 that A will beat B.
If A wins, the winning betters get a minimal payoff commensurate with their minimal risk (They're up 1/4 of what they wagered).
If B wins, the risky gambler who bet on him now has 5 times his original cash.

The possible troubles come in when there is an organizer who takes a share. With large scale betting, the bookie's cut is largely unnoticed by the winner. But at the scale here, any worthwhile skimming would seriously depreciate the value of safe betting. With no one betting safely, the risky bets have no payoff... so nobody bets at all.

Just some thoughts. I hope you can get something going. It'd be interesting...


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Posted by AshDarkness at Mar 19, 2003 3:53:05 AM
Re: Gambling Pool
Might throw in a high-stakes drinking game for after the sword fighting. Doesnt have to be a tournament, just whomever wants to play uses the barrel(s).
- Ashlen

Posted by muffy at Mar 19, 2003 3:59:31 AM
skelly fights and sports announcers
A slight digression, but all this betting would be much more exciting if we could see the fight (I realize this has already been nixed in another thread). During a skelly fight the other night, there were too many of us, so we were taking turns sitting out, but we were frustrated at not being able to see the progress of the fight. I got knocked out in the middle of one, so I took it on to announce the fight, something on the order of:

Skelly Gwench is on the ropes.
Johnnysalt is in trouble.
Johnnysalt has cleared half his screen.
Skelly Pierre is more than half full.


This is something that might go "on the list" - while it may be hard to display the entire fight to everyone watching, it might not be so bad to allow people to "tune in" to a text description of the status of the fighters?
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Posted by Sparkk at Mar 19, 2003 6:10:07 AM
Yar har
Yar that bit about taking a little off the top was littel mroe than a joke, It could cause some problems with yar math and such...
Maybe we could be going with The gambling having a set time

Yer give up 100 poe and then yer can start betting
yar maybe less than 100poe but yer getting my idea just to give the organisers a reason to be doing it! maybe to be paying the compedators?

Posted by homullus at Mar 19, 2003 10:04:33 AM
Re: Gambling Pool
For "tuning in" just SHOUT the play-by-play . . . anyone on the same screen will see it. Or, job all the spectators and use crew chat.

Posted by muffy at Mar 19, 2003 1:12:07 PM
skelly fights and sports announcers
Sure, but it's difficult if ye're still fighting!
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