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Posted by FenrirWolf at Aug 16, 2005 2:29:54 AM
Flags Seeking Crews
Demeter wrote: 

Royalty of the flag (after consulting with the other royalty!) should post the relevant information here; including aims, contacts, any entry requirements, and the method(s) of contact which interested crews should use.

Any responses to this topic will be deleted - questions should be asked from the named contacts in game or via PM/e-mail as advised in the post.

Edit Poseidon:
This thread will be edited to keep a rolling window of around 2 months of posts based on the posting date to ensure that the list is uptodate. Old posts will be split out and sent to the Davy Jones' Locker forum in a thread with a similar name.

One for Viridian. (please sticky)
Fenrir , the one with a crappy signature.

The Eye - Former King
Odin's Demise - Former Captain

Posted by FenrirWolf at Aug 16, 2005 2:38:29 AM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews

Greetings from the Requiem flag. We are looking to bolster the numbers of the greatest warrior flag of Viridian. Though people seldom return our war declarations, we've never turned down a declaration of war on us. So far, no blockade we've participated in has been lost. Aye, in part I boast because I am proud of my flag's accomplishments. In truth though, the main reason for stating our history in wars is that any crew who decides to join our flag must know they should be prepared for many wars. We can not promise victory in all our future wars, but we can certainly promise lots of action. We can promise a flag that does not hesitate to fight and does not debate the merits of a truce.

But, we are not invincible. Our numbers are few. If we are ever to bring the ocean to its knees, we must grow. If your crew has navvers that enjoy PvP, if the thought of sinking ships makes your mouth water, if you look at every island as land that should belong to you, come meet with the leaders of our flag.

Contact Maharet, Casanova, Calais, Fenrir or Kittie to discuss the possibility of joining our flag.
Fenrir , the one with a crappy signature.

The Eye - Former King
Odin's Demise - Former Captain

Posted by scupperer at Aug 22, 2005 12:07:46 AM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
Scuppering Seven Seas!

We're here to have fun! Sure, we're hated by many; but we're always loved for our insanity and spontaneity!

All Captains and whoever they recommend get titled spots. We don't do royalty, so we can react fast to the stream of politics.

We do discussion and strategy on our own forums: Each crew gets their own private forum section! We will also place an alt into new crews without large ships, with a WB or WF with a starting stock.

We also do flag-wide contests, so there's always something to win, and we blockade frequently, mostly for the fun!

PM me or catch me in game!
I believe that we are all, openly or secretly, struggling against one or another kind of nihilism. - Ellen Willis

Posted by starrarose at Aug 28, 2005 12:46:53 AM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
ok. I'll bite on this one

Children of Chaos is looking for intelligent, non leet speaking crews to join their ranks.

A few things:

We don't do island owning in the long term - Flag founders have been there and done that and decided there has to be a different "end game"

We don't do Royalty - if you're looking for that "Prince/ss" title, this flag is not for you. Titles go to Captains and Senior Officers however. We like the fast war decs *grin*

We *do* have rules about how to chat on /flagofficer and we do enforce them stringently - you have officers that constantly mess up on them - we'll boot your crew.

We do hire ourselves out for blockades, events and other fun things like that on occasion - we just don't do alliances past Monday.

If you think this is the flag for you, there are two ways to get hold of us. Find a Flag Titled member in game or drop us a line at our flag forums and we'll get word to you as fast as we can.

And please - Make sure all of your officers agree with this - as we've had a number of people ask to join the flag, then when we've asked someone else in the crew at the same rank - they've said something totally different
Phoenix - Black Plague to the core, Flag may change randomly.

Prometheus wrote: 
TheRack wrote: 

I think the OM's suck and are cheats.

no u


Posted by mizelf at Sep 6, 2005 10:05:44 AM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
Dreaded Dream Makers is seeking new crews...

There are plenty of great flags you can join on the Viridian, and we hope you will consider us. Currently we are a Top 10 flag and hold an outpost island.

We do not enter into wars or blockades lightly, but fortune has thrust us into the fray many times. We consider it a high honor to defend the holdings of our allies, as if they were our own.

We award one royalty to the Captain of each crew, and a title to the first mate.

Who to contact to join:
Yezzey (our ambassador), Amislanders (a regent), Mommahawk (a regent), or lastly Hawkins (the elf king who ignores 90% of all messages, so please try the others first).
Fortune favors the bold.

Hawkins - Viridian

Posted by danyellw at Sep 25, 2005 7:49:41 PM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
Imperial Coalition

If you are looking for a flag that:

1. Has crews that get along well and support eachother.

2. Flag Officers have a say in Flag matters.

3. A flag that wants to be blockade active.

Then Imperial Coalition may be the flag for you.

To inquire on how to join us. Please talk to any royalty members. We are on ALL the time.


co-founder - Imperial Coalition
co-founder - Midnight Aurora

Posted by Karrotz at Dec 12, 2005 7:12:26 PM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
Ahoy! I have started a new flag "PAGANS".

We are to be a peaceful and fun-loving flag wishing to get together with like minded crews to share pillages with, get support with recruitment, etc.

New crews are welcome as long as you are at least Rumored in fame as required by the game to join a crew.

We have only ONE rule: That flag members behave appropriately as befitting our flag as your behaviour will reflect on us.

Check our public statement for more information.

To join our flag, please PM me here and I will send you an invite or catch me in game.
Captain of Marauding Sea Hawks
Queen of PAGANS
Viridian Ocean

Posted by Skarfy at Jan 6, 2006 5:58:36 PM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews

Antheas is looking to grow as a flag.
We are very keen about blockading islands. Blockades are fun.
We are looking for crews that will be loyal and have fun.

If ye are interested in joining a flag that will be taking islands, please send a tell in game to Skarfy or Rubee.
Hanser, Malachite
Skarfy of Carpe Diem, Viridian

Posted by moler22190 at Jan 16, 2006 1:19:15 PM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
Bump action!

Hoy Mates!

For some, the end game is successfully captaining an Eminent or above crew. Others, its to be the governor of a large island. Finally, some are content with being royals in various Top 10 flags. Well we have accomplished that. So myself, and my mates Bonecaya, Captainjake, Redjean, and Redspitfire decided now was the opportune time to start a flag. The final frontier for us. So we left our respective positions and launched the flag...

Serpients Del Mar

We are a new flag founded by an experianced and skilled (we hope) group of pirates. We are currently looking for new crews and possible mergers. Who knows, with your help in joining our flag we may even put our fleet of frigs and brigs to use!

For possible alliance, or membership information please contact myself, Molerman, Bonecaya, Redspitfire, Captianjake, or Redjean. We will answer any questions you happen to have gladly.

Fair Winds,
Don't pave me, please!
For real this time wrote: 
but I shall no longer take any active part in the game, on any ocean.

Join the local PPA - Puzzle Pirates Anonymous, coming to a town near you!

Posted by Chavez187 at Feb 19, 2006 12:41:40 AM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
Hoy! The flag Revelation be looking for crews. we are a newly started flag with high ambition. We be welcoming any crews who want to join in hopes of becoming the greatest flag in Viridian. If you want to join send a tell in game to me, Chaveztwo, Dopefish our Monarch, or Kcaz of our Royalty. YARR!
Zeight of Obsidian
Formerly Chavezxtwo of Viridian

Posted by kris008 at Mar 2, 2006 10:18:29 AM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
Ahoy, 'Out of the Ordinary' are looking for crews, this flag was made recently after IDLD split and were hoping to become a big and successfull flag.
we are currently planning a blockade on a small island and our crew 'Chaos Legion' have ordered ALOT of frigates. and we hope to become bigger and eventually try and blockade some larger islands.
We are also looking to do many other flag events and below is a picture of out last flag party with local tornies with prizes adding up to over 65k.

if you would like to join our flag please contact'CaptainKris','Sharline','Thunder', or any of the royalties.

your crew will be allowed 1 royal and 3 titled members if it has less than 40 members or 2 royals and 3 titled members if more than 40 members.
hope to see you all soon!! :)
viridian - captain of chaos legion
King of the flag Out of the Ordinary

Posted by sibr39 at Mar 17, 2006 4:27:58 AM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
When the topgallants of your enemy peep over the horizon it is time to Beat to Quarters.

I am Sibrseadog, King of Beat to Quarters and Captain of Los Perros de Mar.

If you are a crew, looking to join a team of people whose aim is to play the game with integrity, then we may be the flag for you.

We are not interested in convoluted politics. We don't say what we don't mean. We don't promise what we cannot deliver.

We do enjoy pillaging and blockades. We do make straight deals. Yes, we are pirates and we play the game with spirit and vigour, but not intentionally at the expense of others.

Our aim is to play all apects of the game without losing sight of the fact that the point of playing is to have fun. We understand that people bring different playing styles to the game, whether as black hearted scoundrels or as white knights of the waves. That is each person's choice. We play to win, fairly, and if we lose in a fair fight, then congratulations to the victor and we will learn from our mistakes and try again.

Royalty are Caydine, Welly and myself. The senior team in the flag are in their 20's, 30's and 40's so, yes, we do expect you to use /fo sensibly and to construct meaningful sentences. We are not snobs about it, a lot of the flag have English as their second language, it is the trying that counts.

If you would like to discuss joining, PM or mail me, or catch any of the royals in game.

Lord of Sea Change

Ozymandias said:
Look upon my works ye Mighty and despair.

Posted by swordfish101 at Mar 25, 2006 1:36:42 PM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
The flag Avengance be looking for flagless crews to join. We pla to blockade soon, so we need people and ships, mostly WB andf a few GF. Each crew joining gets one royalty and one titled plus another titled every time they get 30 more people. Join and ye won't be sorry. Contact Ypp or any other royalty in the game to join.
Senior Officer of "terror of the seven seas"

Posted by solumic at Apr 11, 2006 5:51:10 AM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
Black warriors

We are looking for crews to join.....
we are ranked currently 18th in flag fame...

Monarch Solumic
Captian of legion of chaos

Have fun events
pilllage alot
many many many events
help out with all allies's blockade
if we are allied with them we are loyal to them we will always be there to help out our friends and allies. so if u join you will be expected to help out with them....
did i mention many events

we attempt to do 3-4 preset war frig runs a week
we have a sloop races going send a tell to solumic to join

system of royalty
2 titled automaticly 1-49 memebrs
3 titled 50-99 members
4 titled 100-149 members
5 titled 150-199 members

please send a tell to
wesboney (royalty captain fo golden bladers)
solumic (monarch captain of legion of chaos)
danny (royalty captain of dead promise)

Posted by TheBeaver at Apr 21, 2006 8:25:46 PM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
Avatar by SJ

Posted by black_beard7 at Apr 24, 2006 11:55:30 AM
Riddlemakers, we need you!

As most flags our ultimate aim is to control and hold an island. We promote pillaging within the flag. We also like to help allies at blockades. A current aim that we have reached is being within the top five flags and also having illustrious rating. We can also help crews within the flag by putting war brigs and frigs on alts into their crew for no charge.

If you are interested in joining please speak to any royal online or if there is none online ye can always leave me a PM.

Any entry requirements:

We ask that officers can be respectful on /fo chat. We also expect to see people getting along and not starting fights.

So come along and join one of Viridian's most longest running flag.
On all oceans, but mainly Viridian.
Captain of Trigonometry. Lord and former royal of RiddleMakers.

Posted by moler22190 at Apr 26, 2006 6:02:54 PM
Re: SdM yo!

Come one, come all, and join Serpientes Del Mar. Come join the flag labelled as a "serious force to be dealt with". Be apart of a flag that is to be "advised against attacking".*

We are a serious blockade flag that isn't so serious. Come join SdM, a flag that is ran by "no-namers". Come join your fellow pirates in a casual atmosphere. There are no familar toting rockstars in our flag, we are a flag for the common pirate. We are a flag for the common pirate that can offer them the "elitist" benifits.

We currently hold Viridis island, where flag members can buy some of the cheapest ships on the ocean. Also, every week, a new flaggie is chosen to be Governor. So, join up with us and that next Gov. could be you!

If this appeals to you, contact Molerman or Captainjake to join. We do not offer Royalty at the moment, but we do offer Titled Members. We do all our voting in flag meetings, so Royalty isn't a necessity for representation.

*Source list coming soon
Don't pave me, please!
For real this time wrote: 
but I shall no longer take any active part in the game, on any ocean.

Join the local PPA - Puzzle Pirates Anonymous, coming to a town near you!

Posted by Fatherjack at May 1, 2006 10:54:53 AM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews
The Flag of New Caledonia are seeking new crews who would like to join an established, well run flag.

We are a sensible mature flag and we always welcome mature sensible crews to join in the fun.

We organise regular flag event and have our own profesionally designed website with various web facilities including email, games, and very active forums.

The flag is present at almost every blockade on the ocean although members crews are never asked to enter their own ships into sinking blockades, or pay anything for the flag fleet.

If you are an established crew, a brand new crew or somewhere in between and would like to find out more about our Flag feel free to send an ingame tell to Frejja or Fatherjack or email me at

Our flag statement is as follows:-

We are commited to assisting sensible established flag's achieve and maintain island governerships as we see this as being in the best interests of the economy on the island concerned and the economy across the whole ocean. However, we have absolutely NO interest in war. If you have similar interests and you wish to join the flag or become an ally just ask. if ye wish to declare war, read our articles again. declarations of war are futile, they will NEVER be returned and will simply be ignored. Lets just have fun.

Posted by catzubmsve at May 1, 2006 9:35:21 PM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews
The Newly Revamped Flag Paradise is seeking crews

As you all know Paradise had put in place new royalty and a new monarch and seeks crews to join the flag.

We are a family type of flag meaning we are a tight unit of pirates seeking fun,pillaging and crews to act as a cohesive unit for the flag goal.

What is our goal you ask?? Good the moment we are in a state of rebirth and in time we will when we have the right resources,allies and ships blockade an island that we can eventually call our home.

A few paramaters we require:

1) Be willing to pitch in if a call goes out for pillaging crews within the flag
2) Be willing to help us recruit other crews into the flag
3) Be willing to help our allies with blockades and also to be willing to help us float ships to a location where we might bloackde

We do not offer royalty to join the flag but are willing to offer titled status to a Captain who proves their loyalty to the flag.

Please contact Arielmac or Redbrdterry for further details or with your desire to join Paradise....we hope to grow and be in the top 5 flags on Viridian....are you the right crew for Paradise? Just ask...we are open to all crews.
Redbrdterry (on all oceans)
Senior Officer of the crew Mermaids Typhoon
Lord of the flag Puzzleholics Anonymous
Avatar by Scapegoat <3

Posted by Ademisk at May 3, 2006 4:16:19 PM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews
The Pirate Kings seek crews. Ambition and Drive, the two key factors in our flag. We're small, but that only means more room at the top. Join while it still matters.

Posted by johnnywind at May 25, 2006 11:04:02 AM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews

dont be fooled by these other flags (they are very good) but thats not the point right now, the real point is to join the Navy Gods n reak havic there all the archieligos,comon now, i mean how lucky r u to be joining this great flag, how can u not join, !!!, unlike all these diffrent flags, $@@@WE R NOT STRICK@@@$, YES, THATS RIGHT, WELL IFF YOUR INTRESTED GIMI A CALL WHILE IM ON THE GAME, OR GIMI A p,m, PEACE

Navyseals- capt of crew Navyseals
-Flag-Navy Gods (a.k.a best dam funest flag ever!)
Navyseals(a.k.a) (best darn CRazyest dude on Virdan)
Navys-SO/Lieutenant of Infernal Armada

Posted by TheBeaver at May 25, 2006 4:59:25 PM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews

That's good to know.
Avatar by SJ

Posted by pianoman7692 at Jun 5, 2006 4:51:44 PM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews
Ahoy mates!

La Dolce Vita is looking for only the best crews on the ocean, who have their wits about them, as well as a wee bit 'o skill! We also believe in people earning their titles. If you want to be handed a big title right away, don't even contact me.

To join our flag, you must have all of the following:
- Established Rating
- Over 50 mates in the crew
- At least one blockade-type ship (War Brig or War Frig)

If you are interested in joining us, please send me a PM with your crew name, or just contact me in-game.
Hawkinsjr - Viridian
Senior Officer - La Vida Loca
Flag - La Dolce Vita
Free Blockade XO for hire! Contact me in-game if you want a mate with 70+ ships of blockade XO experience!

Posted by Ivanovsky at Jun 17, 2006 8:59:46 AM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews

dont be fooled by these other flags (they are very good) but thats not the point right now, the real point is to join the Navy Gods n reak havic there all the archieligos,comon now, i mean how lucky r u to be joining this great flag, how can u not join, !!!, unlike all these diffrent flags, $@@@WE R NOT STRICK@@@$, YES, THATS RIGHT, WELL IFF YOUR INTRESTED GIMI A CALL WHILE IM ON THE GAME, OR GIMI A p,m, PEACE

Navyseals- capt of crew Navyseals
-Flag-Navy Gods (a.k.a best dam funest flag ever!)
Navyseals(a.k.a) (best darn CRazyest dude on Virdan)

Don't wanna be an ass but are you serious?
Ivanovsky, semi-retired pirate
Former Captain of Scourges of Seven Seas
Former Prince of New World Order
Former Prince of Dragon Lords
Proud pirate of the Viridian Ocean

Posted by Headstrong15 at Jun 20, 2006 9:46:39 AM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews
I hope not...
Jebus on Viridian
King of Equilibrium
Captain of Lava Twilight.

Hypnos wrote:

I'm so bored I could smite the OM that sent this thread into my domain.

Posted by Pharaoh01 at Jul 3, 2006 8:18:16 AM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews

It is time for your FINAL RETRIBUTION!

Do you seek retribution for your crew? Is your crew in a flag and nobody notices you. We are a growing Flag under the king SummitSuper the Kind. We have about 200 people in our flag. We are always searching for new crews that can help us in blockades. We pillage the Viridian and trade a bit too. We are not a greedy bunch and we are always ready to help our crews out.
If your crew joins you will be givin 1 royalty position to the Captain of the crew aswell as 2 Titled positions for Senior Officers.
So seek out your Revenge and Retribution and join Final Retribution today!

Contact King SummitSuper or Contact:
Pieguy- SO

See our CREW info at
Captain of Retribution
King of Final Retribution

Posted by lila12 at Jul 7, 2006 3:04:43 AM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews
im looking for crews to join pardise we were eminet and 8th place in the elader board
and are also lookin for allies plz send nikaa or snakey a tell ingame to arange a meeting
Snakey Senior Officer of Dragon's Clan
King of the flag Paradise

Posted by EliteWierdo at Jul 23, 2006 10:37:37 AM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews
Ahoy there mates!!!

The flag Honorable Pirates is currently looking for crews to join! We are an active and friendly flag so do not be afraid to join. Please contact The flag monarch IKylel (spelled ikyleL) or any of the flag royalty if you would like to join.

Have fun and remeber, a true pirate is a Honorable one!
"Since light travels faster than sound, is that why some people appear bright until you hear you hear them speak?"


Posted by jwd10 at Jul 25, 2006 4:47:35 AM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
are seeking new crews to join there flag if you want a flag that has fun , quite new but hoping to have an island soon , already has a few crews. well thsi is the crew for you we are very active so send jwdalton or jackofetty a tell in game and we will hope to see your crew very soon flying the greast flag ever!!!

Posted by OneArmKevin at Aug 2, 2006 7:58:54 PM
Re: [Viridian] Flags Seeking Crews
The Salty Janitors are looking for crews to join them and help them clean up the ocean. Our flag is small, but that means new crews will have a bigger part in what goes on in the flag.
Onearm-Viridian Ocean

Enemy of the direction that puzzle pirates is going.

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